26 June, 2022


U.N. War Crimes Report To Foil Rajapaksa Comeback

“Sri Lanka’s August elections have been timed to stop a comeback by war-time president Mahinda Rajapaksa, who remarkably may see his popularity rise in coming months if criticized for war crimes in a U.N report, said government sources.” Reuters reports.

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Mahinda April 12 2015

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    That’s a Master stroke by whoever who decided on that.Otherwise the gullible ill informed masses would have been hijacked by the ACE ROGUE to his advantage.

    We all know how manipulative and shrewd this rogue is to get into the veins of poor rural folks.

    Hopes are still rife on the credibility of MY3 despite the nomination to TSUNAMI HORA MARA by Susil. Hope and pray that it stays that way and nothing untoward happens to tarnish his image in the eyes of 6.2 Million voters who propped him to power.

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      ‘criticized for war crimes in a U.N report’??

      I thought these reports were socalled ment to be In secret and confident.. How would CMB Telegraph know the contents of the report prior??? Ahhh I see Its a UN report (more like a open letter) Rather Political than Accurate. Ok then every person know the outcome of this bogue Investigation..

      Just Like the Gaza conflict’ S

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      MaRa MaRa Amana MaRa Chatu MaRa is Getting Caught…

      Mara is ;like Cow dung spoilingthe Milk.

      • 6

        Amarasiri, you are giving Cow Dung a bad name by liking it to MaRa. If the International Courts don’t get him, his own conscience surely will, for the evil he directed or sponsored upon innocent people. Remember Milosevic was imprisoned but apparently that wasn’t enough, he did not last long.

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          Amarasiri, indeed you are giving cow dung a bad name by associating it with MaRa.

          Sylvia Haik, to thinkthis guy has conscience is the height of folly!

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      People of all kind should get together to go against Rajapaksh tyranial politics. Once experienced and it wont be even worst, if he would be given a chance again. People of this country should see it right at this election. Else, we will be end up

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        it will be even worst.. if the bugger would be reelected in the next.

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    U.N. War Crimes Report will not all Foil Rajapaksa Comeback. His return is a foregone one and is unstoppable.

    I am praying for his victory all the time. This is only to boost up a good majority for him.

    • 47

      You must be running low on funds you robbed. Keep praying to the devil nothing to loose.

    • 53

      If the loser is so confident of winning, he should have launched his own party and contested with his corrupt brothers, idiotic son and the rogue MPs. Why is the bugger begging from Maithri for nominations ?

      Not only he is shameless, the bloody rogue is a coward just like his brothers who ran away to the US at different times.

      He is waiting for the big fall ! Karma will catch up with them on August 17th !!

      • 38

        Point of View

        “He is waiting for the big fall ! Karma will catch up with them on August 17th !!”

        On the other hand Kama will catch up with the stupid people who vote for the clan and cronies if MR wins the elections.

        It could be a poetic justice for stupidity of the people.

        • 5

          Native Vedda

          You have lost your nativeness in your thinking.

          Mahinda represents the native ordinary masses who are not being corrupted like you.

          Even the Vedda’s will vote for Mahinda in the election.

          You Native Vedda have to shave your head and settle in Kailash or even Adams Peak to cool down your tempo.

          • 5


            “Even the Vedda’s will vote for Mahinda in the election.”

            You haven’t grown up yet, have you. Read what happened when Somawansa met Veddah chief last year. Since stupid is as stupid says, please learn before indulging in matters that is beyond you:

            No honey blandishments for Veddah Chief
            By Don Manu

            Sunday Times

            Sunday, June 15, 2014

            There is a lot to learn from Lanka’s first citizens, the Veddahs.

            Though the Sinhalese decry the discriminations practised and the deprivations inflicted upon the aborigines of Australia, Canada and the United States and hold it as prime examples of human rights violations in those countries, they conveniently look askance when it comes to the aborigines of their own land, recognising their presence only to make them objects of ridicule. Some do not even bother to spare them a gift when asking for a favour believing perhaps it’s an honour they are casting upon them.

            But though the Veddah tribe may live in the Vanni isolated from the rest of society, it is clear they keep in touch with the times and are in tune with evolving trends.

            Though not highly publicised as audiences granted by the senior monks to political leaders to present their proposals and receive their instant approval and blessings, apparently Uruwarige Wanniyala-Attho the chief of the Wanniyala-Attho Veddah Chapter, as distinct from the Coastal Veddah Sect and the Anuradhapura Veddah Sect, also grants personal audiences to political leaders who seek their approval and blessings too and demands a certain protocol to be followed when the privilege is bestowed.

            So be warned. Transgress age old customs at your peril. You cannot simply go empty handed to meet the high priest of the Veddahs as ex- JVP leader Somawansa Amarasinghe found to his chagrin recently when he called on the Veddah Chief Wanniyala Attho of the Wanniyala-Aetto Veddah Chapter to present the new JVP manifesto titled ‘Our Vision’.

            Mr. Amarasinghe’s gaffe was that he went, as they say in the vernacular, atha-wana-wana, without even a sheaf of betel, carrying with him instead a sheaf of papers containing mumbo-jumbo how the JVP planned to change the old order with their new vision. He was given short shrift by the Veddah chief. He was lucky to have escaped the chief’s wrath without being flayed alive like a wild hog for gross lack of respect and ignorance of the traditional order of things and was sent home packing with the clear message: “If you want to meet me, Mister, Come the proper way.”

            As the Veddah Nayake’s Chief Spokesman Wimalaratna Attho, speaking on behalf of his chief Uruwarige Wanniyala-Aetto said on Tuesday, the senior JVP leader and former JVP chieftain Somawanssa Amarasinghe had recently sought and was granted an audience with the Wanniyala Attho to present the new JVP manifesto titled ‘Our Vision’ and receive his approval and blessings.

            “He just presented a sheaf of papers to the Chief. Various people come to meet our Chief who grants an audience to them. The Chief does not differentiate these visitors on their political or ideological differences. Welcoming these visitors also does not mean we subscribe to their policies.”

            But neither do the chief monks differentiate those who visit them for advice and blessing on the grounds of political or religious ideology or race but one cannot expect a lay member, though a king to his tribe, to exercise altruism when he has to feed his clan and count his honeycombs. And thus shouldn’t the ex-JVP boss have realised that he should have taken some meaningful tangible goodwill in the form of pure honey, for example, to offer to the Veddah chief in the self same manner he would have done had he be paying a call on a more exalted personage and seeking blessings? He should have known nothing is gratis, even in Veddahland; and that throughout the country even benedictions come with a price tag.

            So instead of receiving the customary good wishes, in the manner bestowed by the Chief Priests the Chief Veddha, however, called a spade a spade. He had given short shrift to Mr. Somawansa and his manifesto and had told him bluntly: “your vision is not our vision”.
            As Chief Veddah Spokesman Wimalaratna Attho said, “many people had visited the Veddha Chief and presented papers similar to the manifesto of the JVP. These pieces of paper have no value. There would be value only if they could put the content into practice. We cannot comment on the content of the manifesto.”

            If the papers Mr. Somawansa submitted had only been laced with the customary honey, or better still, if it had contained colourful illustrations of the Veddahs favourite bird, the peacock, how much more value would have been placed on the JVP manifesto for then it would have been established beyond question that their vision embraces today’s reality and that they are indeed translating their vision into practice. Why then, even the customary photograph would have been issued to the media, and plastered on Facebook with blessings tweeted

            But at least some good has emerged from Mr. Somawansa’s lack of blandishments to influence the Veddah Chief to do the needful. For once it has enabled a leader of a community to give his honest opinion. He has been able without obligation to his visitor to spell out his own home truths and call a spade a spade and describe the JVP manifesto as a load of garbage. Had it been otherwise, the Veddah Chief too would have, like others in the same blessing business, been bound to issue streams of saccharine laced statements, adopt stances and express opinions solely based on the number of flotillas carrying milk cups and honey pots to his cave dwelling.

            Far away in the boonies Uruwarige Wanniyala Attho may be but this ‘with-it’ veddah has, even unknowingly, demonstrated how much respect one earns for one’s opinions, advice and blessings when it is not muddied in a puddle of ill-gotten honey drippings.


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      Pray very hard baby. Go to Kataragama on your knees and make your wish!

    • 3

      I think you are one of them who are wearing Nilbalakaya under garments which were distributed before jan 8th.

    • 2

      NIRMALAn There’s a saying that You can fool some of the people only some of the time. You must be one of them they have succeeded with. You can bury your head in the sand and ignore all the cries of bribery, corruption, abduction, thuggery and even murder committed by the Rajapakse regime but you cannot ignore the charges levied against them now before the courts. They desperately want to re-enter the government, not for the salary, they have plenty of it already embezzled, but to avert the charges and avoid jail. They will postpone the hearings indefinitely until we have forgotten them.

  • 6

    All we can say is . Bring it on.

    And the majority will sky rocket..

    UN Forces will have to come with Cameron’s Special Forces to dislodge the PM.

    Because our brave soldiers in the Sinha Regiment wouldn’t take orders from even Bodhi Sira, let alone the Diaspora mate, Ranil……

    • 12

      who the hell is Camerons special forces when we have Colonel K A Sumanasekera leading the defence here on CT

      • 3

        Col. Sumanasekeram can only fire hot gas from his back side. Then he will end his intelligent comments with the following words;

        vellala, diasporian, Anglican, elite, tamil…….and many other words.

    • 6

      It is time for the International community to attack like they launched against Serbia to bring Milosevic to the Hauge and separate Kosovo. Sinhala politicians and the racist forces will never understand pluralism, democracy, respect of other races and values, it is time for action to bring Rajapakse and his criminal gang to the ICC to deliver justice.

      The only was peace can be achieved by separating the Eelam from merged Sri Lanka like it was prior to colonialism and it will put an end to Sinhala Buddhist racism and state terrorism.

      • 4

        So tell me again how you will bring peace to a place where there is currently no war, by creating a war ?

      • 0

        Mr Shiva, what is solution for the 50+% Tamil speaking people out of your Ealam area. WE DON’T WANT THEM.

    • 3


      “All we can say is . Bring it on”

      No need for others to bring it on. Please read something that is overlooked by those who think might is right forgetting that Natural Justice is a bitch. When it bites you the pain would be felt inside your b***s.

      KARMA – The total effect of a person’s actions and conduct during the successive phases of the person’s existence, regarded as determining the person’s destiny, especially, in his next incarnation.

      In the Dhammapada, kamma is explained in this manner: the mind is the chief (forerunner) of all good and bad states. If you speak or act with a good or bad mind, then happiness or unhappiness follows you just as the wheel follows the hoof of the ox or like your shadow which never leaves you.
      – Venerable K. Sri Dhammananda Maha Thera

      You sow in one season, You reap in another.
      GALATIANS 6: 7-9 (KJV)

      Theedhum nandrum pirar thara vaara

      Bad & Good does not come from others
      – Kannian Poonguntran


      ‘Yavajivampi ce balo Panditham Payirupasati Na so dhammam vijanathi
      dabbi suparasam yatha’

      (Dhammapada’ – 64 – Bala Vagga)

      A fool does not understand the Dhamma just as the spoon does not feel the taste of the curry.

      • 2

        Dear Native, Thanks mate,,

        I like the bit about the spoon. No wonder us Dalits don’t use them.

        I haven.t heard about Dhammapada since I left Sunday School.

        Nowadays i drop in at Kings Revival …

        Still I believe in Good Karma …

        • 2


          “I haven.t heard about Dhammapada since I left Sunday School.”

          It is not too late to learn about moral precepts that have been established over many millennium. Age does not matter if you really want to learn, give it a try.

          Most good things are free.

          However the way things are soon Basil If MR wins)will charge us a fee for strolling on our beaches, under Mahinda Chintana Development programme.

          “Nowadays i drop in at Kings Revival …”

          I know what you mean.

          When did you convert from a moonie (Unification Church) to a Christian miracle worker? What vaasi did the Kings offer you?

          “I like the bit about the spoon. No wonder us Dalits don’t use them.”

          Soon the Dalits will be forced to use chopsticks as part of Mao’s cultural revolution which takes place in this island through Renminbi (the people’s currency) or Yuan. Forget about spoon.

          While we are on spoon, do you remember your mother hitting you on your head, bum, legs … with a ladle for all sorts of unhygienic and greedy habits?

          “Still I believe in Good Karma …”

          Do you? What a fantabulous news.

          Then why do you carry MR’s b***s all the time? Is it part of your Karma?

          • 1

            Dear Native,

            Don’t get too excited..

            I just drop in to see how our Elite mates are doing under Yahapalanaya.

            And watch how well attired they are and how cool their Wheels are .

            I tell you mate, the Sheilas smell nice too with their Channel 5 and Christian Di’Or fragrances..

            Plus I get a chance see all those miracles performed with American Dollars and American accents.

            It is a nice way to enjoy the Sunday, after a good Strings feed at the old Saraswathie’s Lodge.

            Mind you, it is still all Vegan and good for a change after eating Babath and Pittu a few times a week from that Musso joint behind Williams Grinding Mills.

            May be you should join one day when you are on vacation in Colombo.

            Perhaps we can pool our talents together and do something for the Dalits.

            And that is the good Karma which I am on about.

    • 2

      Sumanasekeram, why won’t you write you dimwit mutt? What can the SAS do against your infinite wisdom, which you fire out through your arse. What a numb scull. An ass in the Vanni jungle has far more intelligence than this clown Sumanaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 6

    You have to understand this, this HR report will make people vote for MR EVEN IF they don’t like him so as to save him
    . Sri labkan a won’t forget someone who stopped the war – whatever happened after that is another story so if these names come ( MR, Goya, sf, sharweendra..) people flock to save them. This was nicely explained by Dharshana bastions on Ft

  • 8

    MARA was a symbol of disgrace to the top post of the
    country.He made people hate the very same presidential
    powers that helped defeat terrorism because he later
    used the same powers to suppress rights and justice just
    out of greed for power to promote family interests.His
    victory over terrorism was completely converted into a
    private family business that wanted to see the elimination
    of other competitive business communities that raised this
    country through businesses to where it is today.People
    ultimately showed him the door!Not even six months yet !
    Not in the history of post-independent politics of Sri
    Lanka any other leader behaved so roguish making it all
    personal than politics.Sirisena made the worst blunder by
    keeping the avenues open for such rogue leaders to make
    Srilankans a power greedy laughing stock in the eyes of
    the outside world. Whether he can win or not is another
    question.Sirisena the president is boasting about his
    49 yrs old political experience, but he let the opposition
    feel he’s scared of the majority in the parliament.Thanks
    to UNP and the JVP, we have an election today to ask the
    people what they want and thanks to Sirisena we have a
    cheap rogue attempting to distract people’s attention
    towards destruction of peace efforts.

  • 5

    Tamils have no choice in this election as long as stupid country side Singhalese are adamant to jump into the deep water(Koovam) knowingly they will definitely suffocate to death – who can save them (kedu kudi sol kelaathu). Tamils have to use their brain to win, what ever happens to MR in the election – If he loose, back to srilanka paradise but if he wins – war crime investigation, sanctions , jail for the criminals – another Pakistan in our country – we can only greet well done modias.

  • 4

    Leave aside “War Crimes”. Why not we start a very quick and an authentic INQUIRY into the CRIMES committed against the country and the people by the previous regime under the ex President in plundering the National Resources and making us in debt to the tune of nearly Rs. 400,000.00 per person. That is what we needed and called for on 08 January 2015; yet our call has not been answered up to now. Any political party that could deliver and fulfill our cry will be sent to Parliament. We need to recoup
    that lost wealth and severely punish those responsible and accountable. Let the “War Crimes” go to the back stage.

    • 3

      It was the war that held MARA in office until 2014 and it
      was the war crime that ended his office life and again it
      is that same war cry that’s trying to bring him back to
      life. So , you are forced to let the war crime take the
      centre stage and not the “back stage”. MARA has nothing
      else to claim except war and the country has nothing else
      against him other than racism , bribery , corruption ,
      favouritism and nepotism and and and war mongering !

      • 2

        So why does not Ranil W retire. He has lost numerous times. Hardly anybody in UNP supports him, yet he keeps contesting. MR lost the contest for Presidency only once. This is a new election for PM. So he can try, if it is OK for Ranil to try.

        • 0


          Ranil did not make it to the top, let alone remain
          there two terms. We talk about a man who made it to
          the top , remained two terms and made a suicidal
          attempt to remain there forever and was forced down
          by the people pre matured by his own greedy
          initiative ! What you got to ask yourself is
          whether positions are for the people or people are
          for the positions !Ranil could not hold the party
          together because of the power of corrupt politics.
          But nobody managed or wanted to oust him from his
          position and finally he had the last laugh !And
          for Ranil it is from opposition leader to the
          prime minister but for MARA it is from the
          president to the premier ! Can’t you imagine how
          much lower he’s ready to come down for personal
          benefit ? Or who knows their next step after
          having the shoes on ? Just a stone throw to
          the top job by hook or crook ! It’s all about
          “go to hell you the people” philosophy !

    • 1

      Well, PM, Ranil W has created a FCID to explore wrongdoings (exclusively of previous regime, mind you). Operates directly under PM who instructs who should be investigated (and more importantly, who not)

      Current regimes wrongdoings (Bond scam etc) to be ignored.

      So far, no proof of anything against anyone. Either because there is none or because they know that if the elections turn up in favour of the opposite side, they are pretty well cooked.

      Hope you are not saying that we should convict people on the basis of rumor and innuendo, no proof required ?

  • 8

    I am sceptical about the UN actions against MR. He is cunning and has a master stroke under his sleeve. He is capable of skull thuggery of the highest order. He hood winked many countries including India claiming in return of assistance provided for the war he will implement the 13th amendment in full and failed to do so. He knows that there is no where to run and hide his luck is running out. The only place he is safe when the truth comes out including the day light robberies that he and his cohorts conducted during the time of his reign will be up. You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.

    • 0

      Kumar Sandirasegaram is indeed right to be sceptical about the U.N. The harsh reality is that the UN leadership make the FIFA board look honest. The number of resolutions condemning the actions of Israel are beyond counting yet all that occurs is innaction.
      The battle against tyrants is constant and those who wage it shall have their place in history.
      Now I really must get on with trying to bring Tony Blair to trial for his war crimes; where did I put that Chillcott Report….

  • 0

    Only God knows why the president did a summersault, giving no valid answer to millions of people who voted for him to eradicate corruption,
    nepotism, political intimidation of ordinary people and manage good governance and bring back democracy. Contrary to expectations, he did a “U” turn and supported Rajapakse clan and accommodated MR in the nomination list of SLFP/UPFA.

    We should forget all about his vague promises given on the day of his victory (People’s revolt)on 09 January will be safeguarded at any cost as he will be a powerless President after the elections but he should at least take charge of defence/ Police and minority affairs ministries
    to ensure equal treatment of all communities, netting all involved in corruption, giving the police a free hand to deal with such cases and cripple the criminal activities of the armed militias in N/E, where drug addiction, rape and lawlessness are on the increase, unabated, due to supporters of former regime are still active The recent rape & murder of school girl Vidya in Keyts area is a clear proof and the whole country shed tears.

  • 0

    whywhy: Thank you for addressing me. I think it was my failure to present my case in a little more comprehensive manner that led you to a misunderstanding of my comment. In commenting on the subject, I have PRIORITIZED the issues and brought forward the most urgent and important task of bringing this “Rajapakse Regime” to answer many questions that we have within the country. That “Rajapakse Unlimited Co.” plundered the country’s wealth immediately after winning the war in 2009 and made use of it to capture power in 2010 and established a “MAFIA” style administration in the country. That administration did not even spare the Judiciary. So everyone must understand it was not only the “Rajapakse & Co. (Unlimited) that we wanted to bring down on 08th January 2015, but most importantly that “MAFIA” organizational structure it established in the country. No doubt we have not achieved much as desired; because that “Rajapakse & Co (Unlimited) is making all the attempts to raise its UGLY HEAD. He and his
    clan” are making that “slogan” even into 2015 August elections That is why I said, this “War Crime” cry can take a back stage for a while until we address the prioritized issue of cleaning that “Cancer” from the very body politics of the country. I hope you understood me.

    • 0

      All clear Douglas. Thank you for your concern.

  • 2

    We are all wasting time simply criticising His Excellency Hon M.Rajapaksa

    simply lock the animal up – forget the past president BS.

    This monster robbed the poor even tsunami donations to have a

    lavish life style, murdered people, told blatant lies

    and did not do any damn good for the country.

    What a BASTARD. He should not be executed, he must

    slowly rot in a prison cell until death.

    No easy death on an electric chair. The whole family should suffer and go to HELL,

  • 0

    This fellow mahinda [Edited out] at Weeraketiya junction. So that his sinhalese can measure some facts.

  • 1

    Dear Human Rights Activist,

    Let the government lock him up at Welikada and throw away the keys in the Indian Ocean. But make sure, the government provides him a cow to milk daily and a water bolier to make some tea and coffee to serve the fellow inmates. At least, he will be doing a service to some deserving inmates and also attain Nirvana through his meritorious act. This could also be a therapy for the poor soul that is so corrupted. Good rehab!!

    Remember how his brother rehabilitated the Ex-LTTERs? So why not he go through the same process.

  • 1

    Ranil, MR or a stick at MR’s position, LTTE would have been defeated by other countries but if it was not MR, others could have finished it without killing so many civilians because they are much more intelligent than MR and his phyco brother (stupid family). If Ranil or others took MR way of defeating LTTE, they could have done it long time ago by flattening North or wipe out all the Tamils but they did not do it because of the after effect from the Tamils escaped from srilanka. I think Prabaharan chose MR to trap him into war crime and that Modia fallen into the trap. Today or tomorrow, there is no way out to him and his family for that crime – the karma will follow him and his family for many generations.

  • 1

    War was NOT that started or originated by Mahinda Rajapakses’ political line of policies. It was brain child of Neo-liberal policies of western type of new set up and range of policies had been adopted by Locally UNP leadership politics since 1977 -JRJ leadership.

    MR was compelled fought against such WAR for the shake of national salvation of our nation was attack by enemy of Tamil separatist of LTTE outfit.
    His cause was just that represtanted aspiration of whole nation to safeguard National Independence of our land. MR led defense strategy of war was RIGHT WAR. While threaten to democracy and civil liberties as well as human rights of citizens of country by Tamil terrorist of LTTE.

    No doubt that war was proxies one that launch by Tamil Terrorist was back by US Indian and UK allied forces. It was crucial of domestics security, while more terrorist disasters in whole an Island.

    • 4

      Sirisena Yatawara

      Here we go again.

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