13 April, 2024


UN Human Rights Chief Wants Sri Lanka To Investigate Cluster Bombs Used In War, Underscores Need For International Judges

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein has called on the Sri Lankan government investigate the use of cluster munitions by the military during the final stages of the war against the LTTE, which also resulted in civilian deaths.

Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein - The UN HR Chief

Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein – The UN HR Chief

“In light of recent reports on new evidence that has emerged on the use of cluster munitions towards the end of the conflict, following similar allegations in the OHCHR investigation report, the High Commissioner calls for an independent and impartial investigation to be carried out,” Zeid said in his annual report, which was submitted at the 32nd session of the Human Rights Council on June 28, 2016.

While emphasizing upon the need for the Sri Lankan Government to quickly build public and international confidence in its determination to pursue accountability, and to meet its obligations under international human rights law, Zeid also underscored the need to bring in international judges, prosecutors, investigators and lawyers into the judicial mechanism to probe war crimes.

“The High Commissioner remains convinced that international participation in the accountability mechanisms would be a necessary guarantee for the independence and impartiality of the process in the eyes of victims, as Sri Lanka’s judicial institutions currently lack the credibility needed to gain their trust,” he said in the report.

Zeid also expressed his discontent over the slow progress made in several crucial murder investigations, even thought they were initially fast tracked during the first few months the Government was in office.

“During its first months in office, there were a number of high profile breakthroughs and arrests made in a number of prominent cases, for instance the disappearance of journalist Prageeth Eknaligoda, the killings of newspaper editor Lasantha Wickrematunge and Tamil MPs Joseph Pararajasingham and Nadarajah Raviraj, and the murder of rugby player Wasim Thajudeen, but progress has since slowed, he said.

Zeid said that the early momentum established in investigating emblematic cases must be sustained, as early successful prosecutions would mark a turning point from the impunity of the past. “Continuing allegations of arbitrary arrest, torture and sexual violence, as well as more general military surveillance and harassment, must be swiftly addressed, and the structures and institutional culture that promoted those practices be dismantled, to show there will be no tolerance for practices of the past,” he said in his report.

The High Commissioner also strongly urged the Government to review and amend the Assistance to and Protection of Victims of Crime and Witnesses Act of 2015 in order to incorporate better safeguards for the independence and effectiveness of the victim and witness protection program in line with international standards.

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    UNHRC Chief directly indicates for the first time that ‘WAR CRIMES’ were committed considering the Magnitude & Complexity involved.

    The High Commissioner remains convinced that international participation in the accountability mechanisms would be a necessary guarantee for the independence and impartiality of the process in the eyes of victims, as Sri Lanka’s judicial institutions currently lack the credibility needed to gain their trust.

    In his update, the UNHRC Chief has also given a deadline of finishing constitutional reforms that will grant ‘Devolution’ before Dec 2016.

    Current UNHRC Chief Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein seems to be much more tougher than the former UNHRC Chief Navi Pillai.

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      Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein – The UN HR Chief

      RE:UN Human Rights Chief Wants Sri Lanka To Investigate Cluster Bombs Used In War, Underscores Need For International Judges.

      So, you want Sri Lanka to investigate the use of cluster bombs? Very Good, but you have the wrong target. Sri Lanka and LTTE committed numerous War crimes and Atrocities, yes, but compared to the scale committed by the Western Hegemonic Powers, it is marginal, but nevertheless must be investigated.

      Do you know who supplied them? Who got commissions on them? Who got killed?

      What about the Weapons of Mass Destruction and the Destruction of Iraq? Were cluster bombs used? Afganistan? What about Syria, Libya?

      Why double standards? Why is that you are not investigating the US and Britain for their atrocities in Iraq, Libya. Afganistan and Syria?

      George W. Bush owns this mess: Iraq, Afghanistan and the history we’re doomed to repeat

      This piece originally appeared on TomDispatch.

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        Britain has acknowledged the atrocities committed in Iraq and the troops were convicted. US troops were also convicted for various crimes in Iraq. Unfortunately Sri Lanka did not convict any troops yet.

        There is no double standard: He is merely telling that people who are responsible for atrocities in Sri Lanka should be brought to justice. He is not saying, its ok for US or UK to commit crimes. To the contrary, he always voiced against the US atrocities, particularly in Palestine, and Syria. The former UN Human rights commissioner also voiced concern against US action against Palestine and Libya. Get your facts straight. Don not blame the west for crimes committed in your backyard.

        • 0

          AN ARDENT APPEAL TO EVERYONE INCLUDING THE PRESIDENT SIRISENA and PM Ranil to check on this and SAVE THE LIVES OF MILLIONS of Sri Lankans and the World Population………

          And in the meantime,
          the UN / WHO which is the Jewish controlled and the enslavement of the world population is going about planning to MASS MURDER the world population which is non-Jewish.

          VACCINES are loaded with poisonous substances with THIMEROSAL(MERCURY) being the most poisonous one in it……

          WHO along with the CRIMINAL BILL GATES have poisoned many African, Indian and Philippine children that costed their lives in thousands.

          The main reason all those children’s death is due to the corrupt Politicians whom were bribed by these powerful Jewish individuals and organisations to go ahead with the VACCINATION programs that is marketed under “SAFE” label which is a blatant lie.

          The JEWS (ISRAELI/US/UK/EU) have a open Secret Agenda to DE-POPULATE the world of the NON-JEWS. The WARS and conflicts are part of that same plan.

          THE LATEST IS that the WHO have a secret plan to do a MASS VACCINATION program to harm everyone in the THIRD WORLD Countries.

          (Vaccines: Mass Sterilization in Progress – Dr. Ngare Comes Under Fire for Telling the Truth

          Sri Lankan conflict between the Tamils and Sinhalese is one of them and now the same WESTERN evil powers are funding for BBS and other RACIST groups to inflict more damages by inciting racial violence to cause more death and ABOVE ALL to keep the population totally blind about these CRIMINALS evil plans.

          BBS and the almost all the racist groups have high level contacts with the JEWS in the US/ISRAEL/UK/EU administrations. Do you remember JHU/BBS and all travelled to ISRAEL and the US many frequent times on fake Technical training sessions.

          Well they went on MOSSAD/CIA/MI6covert training on launching of WAR ON ISLAM. That’s what they did after coming back from these countries. Mahinda, Gota, Basil are all agents belonging to these covert operations. That’s why nobody can do anything to these guys even by the LAW of the land to fix them on their many, many crimes.

          BBS pig Headed dumbo Gnanasara said once in the media, that if the Maligawatte (Muslims) is Gaza, then we (BBS) is ISRAEL… That’s the hint he gave all of us about the MOSSAD connection and the WAR ON ISLAM project that the Rajapakses unleashed.

          No one knows for what reason that he uttered those words without any connection to any situation or context. He just wanted to say it in a hurry to please the ISRAELI/US Jews of his allegiance to their cause to get more support from the western Jewry and the Zionist systems.

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          • Sodium chloride: Raises blood pressure and inhibits muscle contraction and growth.

          • Egg protein: Vaccines are prepared in eggs (certainly not organic). May contain growth hormones, antibiotics, and salmonella bacteria.

          • Thimerosal: A neurotoxic mercury which causes autism: There are 25 mcg in one average flu vaccine, and the EPA safety limit is 5 micrograms, so children who are vaccinated simultaneously with multiple* vaccines receive over 10 times the safety limit of mercury in one day.

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          • MSG (monosodium glutamate): When injected becomes a neurotoxin, causing CNS disorders and brain damage in children.

          1. Health Basics: The 11 most toxic vaccine ingredients and their side effects
          Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/035431_vaccine_ingredients_side_effects_MSG.html#ixzz4D2EI7vND

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          3. India Holds Bill Gates Accountable For His Vaccine Crimes

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          //”So, you want Sri Lanka to investigate the use of cluster bombs? Very Good, but you have the wrong target. Sri Lanka and LTTE committed numerous War crimes and Atrocities, yes”//

          Apologizing for the Western War Crimes?

          Amarasiri did NOT say, do not investigate, just put put that in the context of the war crimes committed by Sri Lanka, LTTE, USA, Britain and others, on a relative basis.

          So, what happens? War Crimes and Crimes are committed, and the prevailing part, Sri Lanka, USA, etc get a slap in the wrist.

          The Cardinal of Boston, USA abuses and cover up all the sex scandals, and is “Promoted ” to the Vatican.

          BBS Ganasara, MaRa, Gota and his cronies commit crimes and are Scot free.

          Yes, UN should investigate all the War crimes and other crimes in Sri Lanka with Foreign Judges.

          • 2

            The High Commissioner gives several speeches. This is not the only speech he gave in his life. Each speech has its own theme. This speech was focused on Sri Lanka and he is is supposed to give a speech as per 2015 HR resolution which was sponsored by Sri Lanka. He is not going to talk about US, UK or Vatican in a speech which focuses on Sri Lanka. He always called war crimes committed by BOTH the LTTE and the army should be investigated. He never said in any speech war cries committed by the LTTE should not be investigated.

            I am not sure why are you bringing priest abusing children in this matter. His speech was focused on sri Lanka. It is unfortunate thousands of children are abused and continued to be abused. The pope Benedict has shown blind eye to this matter. But the current pope, Francis, has taken drastic measures to curb, including firing series of priests, change in administrative order on how to report such abuses etc.

      • 5

        Couple of major issues your missing on are:

        UNHRC mandate is to investigate war crimes and crimes against humanity in Sri Lanka and no where else. He is working within the mandate given.

        If Sri Lanka can bring in a resolution and get the support of other countries to investigate USA or UK it should do so, if it cannot then there is no point in talking about it.

        Crimes committed in Iraq etc. were not state sponsored but its different in SL. Foot solders only carried orders from assassinations to war crimes.

    • 16

      “”Current UNHRC Chief Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein seems to be much more tougher than the former UNHRC Chief Navi Pillai. “”

      Idiots blow trumpet but can’t think straight- the world has always been ruled by passion and there is very little rationality. Rationality is for ants and fatty VP, Hitler.

      You are foolish man to not know how the UN functions. 22% of its funds come from USA and 20 others while the rest are there for free.
      Recently Banki Moon was lamenting that he had to go back on his words regarding Saudi cruelty to children because Saudi (main ME funder) promised to stop all funding to UN in the middle east.
      In another USA twisted UN arm instead of israel.
      UN is like a charity shop that needs funding and the funders carry the clout.
      Remember US has earmarked SL forces for UN peacekeeping missions.
      It depends how Lanka plays its cards now that Obama hussain is to leave 20 january 2017 (Nov is the election)
      He talks about cluster because its chinese supply ( Chinese can wriggle UN arm because it is a big paymaster)but once the Indians are implicated then you can
      have Honest sergeant kandiaha type foreign judges.

      • 8

        Don’t Blabber Nonsense which is understood only by bafoons like you…

        Beside, beggars can’t be choosers…

        The Sinhalese are getting agitated & the ‘Blame Game’ Starts now…

        The Matter of Fact is UNHRC Chief’s actions will be enforcing ‘Right to Protect’ the SL Tamils from Sinhala Criminals for Decades…

        If the Sinhalese thought that they can hide Sinhala racism under ‘Yahapalanaya’, they were SLAPPED to reality by the civilized world…

        UNHRC Chief Slams the Sri Lankan Judiciary & Calls for International Judges to investigate War Crimes of the Sinhalese…

        Sri Lanka will have to face the music for protecting the Sinhala war Criminals all these years…

        • 12

          Prasad ,
          Village baboon go jump in the fire or explode. The army is there to stay as long as it takes because they are recognised as UN peacekeepers.

          “Beside, beggars can’t be choosers…”

          that is your stupid village heritage totakatu living under trees.
          So the Chinese did not offer you toilets but Mittal offered you beach huts? Very nice

          “The Matter of Fact is UNHRC Chief’s actions will be enforcing ‘Right to Protect’ the SL Tamils from Sinhala Criminals for Decades…”

          The north must be cleared of terrorist tamils and that is exactly what Samanta P is doing. The UN is USA and it would be Trump my man never yours because `you are still animal in the past- low class mentality`

          It was attack of Colombo that was planned by invertebrates Jaffna Tamils like you. over 50% of Tamils live in harmony in the island until imbeciles from Jaffna spread their excreta. What have Demalas achieved in life?? drug smugglers, suicide bombers, inside traders, con artist, confidence tricksters- so you want your language Go sleep at Tamil nadu with porriki Vaiko.

          You are just another terrorist trying to hoodwink the people that there is a bright future for a terrorist minority of 5%

          “If the Sinhalese thought that they can hide Sinhala racism under ‘Yahapalanaya’, they were SLAPPED to reality by the civilized world…2”

          Hoooo, that is the reason Jaffna Tamils on all fours voted for BodhiSira without him even requesting. Ha ha ha- call your self intelligent stupid vermin who killed at will.

          In the west we are not gullible but you are from a past of portuguese dutch tobacco plantation slavery and can’t think beyond your – odiyal

          “UNHRC Chief Slams the Sri Lankan Judiciary & Calls for International Judges to investigate War Crimes of the Sinhalese…”

          Do you ever find Indian tamils living in the north speaking in Tamil? No and they are doing well. they will never associate with village JT’s again. Try making one move and you would be hounded in the west and you would lose most of your business built on drug/arms, money laundering (currency exchange) smuggling rackets. Wherever there is a JT or chinese business in the west there is a racket.

          You idiot your language is dying like Latin and your stupid village culture would be no more but the island would be Sinhala Buddhist state of India. Ask your former LTTE front man Dr S. Swamy.
          Only languages with no academia will survive as Shakespeare wanted.

          You attack us and we will expose your community until you undress and run in the nude as you folk have done and yet get deported or die in the hands of the public.

          “Sri Lanka will have to face the music for protecting the Sinhala war Criminals all these years… “

          Read his statement. Not much credence is given to Nandikadal because it was a Fallujah that repeats. however importance is given to mediocre non tamils because tamil terrorist vermin exist.

          There will be peace and prosperity without northern toddy tappers.
          Your journo paris/geneve made it clear noting is going to happen.

          Truth is the daughter of time not authority.F.B. and US is the authority so it sponsored it but TGTE has hydrocele (vaddukoddai) from concept stage. Talking to an FBI couple (English and French) based at Vancouver They tell me FBI never goes back once it says `the most dangerous terrorist outfit in the world.
          You never stop so the best is you men do Sati.

          • 4

            take_that bafoon,

            You are agitating like a monkey whose tail is on fire…

            “The army is there to stay as long as it takes because they are recognized as UN peacekeepers.”

            That was long before 2009, after 2009 they are recognized as war criminals you stupid…

            “village heritage totakatu living under trees”

            You are confused between upcountry estate Tamils and SL Tamils, learn some general knowledge about SL you ignorant fool…

            “you are still animal in the past- low class mentality”

            Ha, ha, ha…
            A dirty black pot calling a clean kettle black…LOL!
            Have you forgotten that you descend from an animal? I mean bestiality, incest, patricide and profligacy…
            Go and learn about your progenitor…

            “What have Demalas achieved in life??”

            They have created a World Tamil Diaspora and converted the internal domestic SL issue into a global issue. They have globalized/internationalized the issue where Uncle Sam and the Western powers are influenced by the Tamil Diaspora to interfere. That is why just after the war ended, America gave enough hard time to the Rajapakshe government at Geneva and finally made sure that they lose the election.
            It is just a Matter of time, you wait and see until you get screwed in squares… LOL!

            “Jaffna Tamils on all fours voted for BodhiSira”

            Jaffna Tamils voted for Sirisena to get rid of that mega war criminal MR you stupid scumbag… Hak Hak!

            In the west we are much better off but you are from a past Portuguese Dutch Cinnamon plantation slavery and can’t think beyond your – Konda Kavum. Remember what the Portuguese said about you modayass…

            “Try making one move and you would be hounded in the west and you would lose most of your business”

            Ha, ha, ha…
            Looks like you are either hallucinating or blabbering in pain and jealousy…

            “You idiot your language is dying”

            Your imbecilic race itself is dying and that is why you are agitating like a monkey…

            “You attack us and we will expose your community”

            Attacking you is not new you idiot, we have done that enough times for the last 30 years, we have even attacked your most important Dalada Maligawa, what else is more than that you moron…

            “Read his statement”

            You better read it at least about ten times until your pea brain can comprehend what he is saying…
            Coming Colors No Good for Sinhala War Criminals…LMAO!
            You Dumbo has to GROW UP to really understand all these…

            All what you have written here is nothing but gibberish… this is what happens when the monkey’s tail is on fire… …LMAO!

            • 4


              take_that is not a Sinhalese, he is that nut case, the old Javi who has escaped from mental asylum.

              Do not respond to him.

              • 5

                Joseph kalla thoni,

                neither a sinhala speaking demala or demala speaking demala.

                We make truth great.

            • 8

              Prasad the porriki from the pits of nandikadal.

              “take_that bafoon, You are agitating like a monkey whose tail is on fire…”
              so demalas of north are selling their bodies?? better burn at Nandikadal 2
              toddy tappers with no home first check your hydrocele.
              Sambar vaddi preek preek- The land belongs to sinhalese buddhist you are kalla thoni and must be shut in kennels
              Northern Wiggie has no budget because there are no citizens

              “They have created a World Tamil Diaspora “
              You mean Tampons or Ward X?
              Even ruling Anglo Saxons don’t create the lie. You are just a couple of thousands of bin lardens knickers- still finger licking.

              Go to bed with sloth of your black culture.

              Guarantee you will never get what maniac vermin VP did not achieve.
              Because its a world renown fact all JT’s are terrorist.- source Vaiko!

          • 3

            As per your government statistics 70% of the Indigenous Eelam Tamils live in the north and east and 52% of the entire Tamil population in the island ( this includes the Indian origin estate Tamils and name sake Tamils who migrated from South India a few centuries ago, like the Colombo Chetty, Baratha, Negombo/Chilaw Tamils) live in the North and East. SO where are you getting this statistic that 50% of the Jaffna Tamils live in Colombo? From your posterior or from some Sinhalese extremist website like Lankaweb or Spur that is patronised largely by recently Sinhalised low caste Indian Tamil imports spewing all sorts of lies against the island’s Tamils?
            The north must be cleaned of terrorists. Yes I agree as the only terrorists there are the Sinhalese Sri Lankan armed forces police and illegal Sinhalese and Muslims settlers.

            • 3

              “From your posterior or from some Sinhalese extremist website like Lankaweb or Spur that is patronised largely by recently Sinhalised low caste Indian Tamil imports spewing all sorts of lies against the island’s Tamils? “”

              “your posterior”
              piri piri preek paul.!!
              If you are a logician become a buddhist monk drink wine and eat fried pork.
              no wonder there has never been a sewer line for your culture of the north ; no different from dubai city.?

              The world as much as it spins have mobile life.
              bharath people travelled and they are civilised before odiyal kelagu.
              nadu is south east just a portion of bharatha
              Bharatha moved with myth of mahabharatha.
              colombo 7 was woodland and woodcutter before portugese but not populated by northern dry zone mulagathanni. JT’s are no nomads but just recently, by accident, refugee of the world.- a frog in a well eating dirt in arrogance.

              “The north must be cleaned of terrorists. Yes I agree as the only terrorists there are the Sinhalese Sri Lankan armed forces police and illegal Sinhalese and Muslims settlers. “

              It would be outrageous `to not` ethnically restructure the terror ghetto north east.!.
              from a practical point of view `lankan security forces` are the proxy UN peacekeepers because there are no Lankan citizens but naxalites.
              The majority can’t have immediate harmony with greedy buffons.
              Ah, homeward bound I go.!

              • 1

                The only greedy racist buffoon is you. The Tamil lands in the north and east are not a ghetto. They are larger in area than more than many countries in the world including Palestine Israel EtC and produce a large portion of country’s aeven a

              • 1

                Only buffoon here is you. Look at all your rantings and ravings, What a nut case.
                I can picture you posting this reply to me frothing and foaming from your mouth in anger Did you escape the mental asylum? You cannot properly reply to any of my statements so resort to ranting and raving about ethnically cleansing Tamil areas with Sinhalese terrorists and Muslim Opportunists
                ” Homeward I go”. SO you do not live in the island but in some rundown western ghetto and will be returning to another rundown Ghetto in the island and have the audacity to call the Tamil north and east as Ghettos.
                They are not Ghettos but are very much larger than many so called nations including Israel and Palestine. They also produce a very large percentage of the island’s agricultural and fisheries products, despite most of their land being in the arid dry zone. This is why the Sinhalese racists and Muslims opportunists want to steal their lands.
                Slave Island, Maradana Kattakudi ETC are ghettos where most of your community live. Most probably you fled to the west and claimed asylum stating that you are Tamil Muslim fleeing Sinhalese persecution, like many members of your community do in the west.
                Occupying racist Sinhalese armed forces are proxy UN peace keepers but the UN wants them to leave the north and east and have called them war criminals, responsible for most of the war crimes committed in the island, meaning it is they who are the terrorists.

    • 0

      It looks UNHRC is the authority of sovereign Sri lanka.

      So, why people have to vote when UNHRC is there?

  • 5

    Hmmm…This puts the government between a rock and a hard place. Champion FM told the public that it’s all under control and UN is ready to listen. We have friends at high places, i.e. the West. Oh…BTW, my uncle, a keen YP supporter, told me that UN will throw away the Resolution once a UNP government is elected. I wonder what he would say…

  • 8

    The president and the PM say they don’t want international judges, etc. Zeid says he wants international presence. Where does this end up?

    Are Zeid and the UNHRC going to be worn out and give in to Sri Lanka?

    Can somebody enlighten me on this?

    • 3

      UNHRC High Commissioner, prince, Al Zeid refused to present the OISL report in March 2015. He allowed the Lanakwe’s propagandist, the earth’s greatest liar alive, the Foreign Minister, Mangala Murthi, to entrench more into China’s loan and bribe bunkers and protect the Lankawe government from IC’s perusal. Now the Foreign Judges cannot be brought even by prince Zied or Secretary Kerry. They two were personally responsible of wasting the effort put by OISL and releasing the names of 42 war criminal. Secretary Kerry will be taking with him the one the Obama administration’s biggest mistake of their foreign policy towards Lankawe. Secretary Kerry repeatedly mixed up the Myanmar case with Lankawe to show his repetition of Ambassador Blake’s mistakes. Only difference is when he was leaving Ambassador Blake accepted to Congress he was fooled by Lanakwe’s government. That is not going to come forth with Secretary Kerry. Secretary Kerry was brought in By China and Lankawe using the Libya situation against Susan Rice. Defeating Susane Rice was very big success job of Old King. He hired many US consultancy firm to help him on this. Those firms, like C. Suntharalingam, consulted the enemy and got him the victory.

      Prince Zeid delayed the justice to Tamil and so he has denied the justice to Tamils, now. Soon, when his 4 years over, Mangala Murthi will be supplying him Iddiyappam and Pol Sampol for the greatest help he did to Managala, but not for the humanity. Secretary Kerry and prince Zeid badly under estimated Ranil and Mangala. Until they two are in power Lankawe’s strength is much more than then super power China.

      • 0

        [Edited out]

        • 5

          sachoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo the stupid II

          “[Edited out]”


          Thanks for keeping it brief.

          We didn’t miss you.

          Why haven’t you send Nuisance the Stupid I, sarojini, cassandra, Irathinawalli to … type on this forum?

      • 4

        Mallaiyuran ,

        Like most are you from toddy tapping business that you find yourself short of vocabulary??
        “Susane Rice was very big success job of “Old King.”
        Do you know the meaning of king and elected sh*t pot in real life?
        like hitler you promote tsunami horas as `kings` where but tamil eelam??
        MR is the mother of all step fathers- 90k widows.
        If Ceylon had a king like in countries with one then this problem would never linger. Spain, Belgium problems are solved soon and life becomes bearable for the citizens.The democratic world recognises royalty when in times of trouble.
        Good luck but don’t ever, ever crown politicians because you end up white van.

        “That is not going to come forth with Secretary Kerry. “
        in a world at war and for a former marine to accept that he was fooled would be stupidity. Above all he is married to a billionaire and is very popular in USA. While Blake was the son of government servant/ diplomat and he achieved one step higher than his pop asia/pacific.
        If you read Samanta Power – I am here because Obama hussain is interested not John kerry.So the game of elle with muslims at jaffna.

        What can china do with barely 7.9% of US$3 billion budget while USA pays 22%?
        The following 20 states pay the highest shares in 2016 to the UN’s regular budget:
        Country Rate (%) USD
        1 USA 22.000 – 603,941,382
        2 Japan 9.680 – 241,855,692
        3 China 7.921 – 196,234,498
        4 Germany 6.389 – 159,625,702
        5 France 4.859 – 121,472,420
        6 United Kingdom 4.463 – 111,591,449
        7 Brazil 3.823 – 94,913,044
        8 Italy 3.748 – 93,758,232
        9 Russia 3.088 – 76,695,947
        10 Canada 2.921 – 72,853,238
        11 Spain 2.443 – 61,146,134
        12 Australia 2.337 – 58,146,547
        13 South Korea 2.039 – 50,815,062
        14 Netherlands 1.482 – 37,025,871
        15 Mexico 1.435 – 35,959,841
        16 Saudi Arabia 1.146 – 28,444,589
        17 Switzerland 1.140 – 28,380,050
        18 Turkey 1.018 – 25,519,759
        19 Sweden 0.956 – 23,836,306
        20 Argentina 0.892 – 22,031,891
        Total of 20 countries 83.78 – 2,144,247,654
        Other 173 members of the UN 16.22 – 404,350,104 (SL? $3000)
        Total of all member states 100.000 – 2,548,597,758

        Assessed contributions paid by the member states are determined by a scale of assessments set by the General Assembly which applies for three years (currently: 2016–18). The basis for determining the scale of assessments is primarily the GDP of the various member states; other factors such as the level of indebtedness are also taken into account. Countries with a below-average per-capita income and those with high debt-service ratios are accorded a lower rate. The contribution rates have a ceiling of 22% (to prevent the UN from becoming financially dependent on any country or countries) and a lower limit of 0.001% for the poorest developing countries. The financing of peacekeeping operations is based on the scale of assessments for contributions applied to the regular budget with the difference that the
        five permanent members of the Security Council pay a higher share, and the least developed countries have a correspondingly lower share to contribute.
        Financing the United Nations
        The activities of the UN are financed through the member states’ assessed (compulsory) and voluntary contributions. Assessed contributions, i.e. those due on the basis of a country’s membership of the UN, are paid annually and to separate budgets within the UN. The level of the contribution paid by each member state is determined by means of a scale of assessments (see section 2).
        The Fifth Committee of the General Assembly (www.un.org/en/ga/fifth) decides the assessed contributions for the following budgets:
        a) The ordinary or regular budget: Operating, personnel and programme costs of the core UN bodies (General Assembly, Security Council, Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)), Secretariat, International Court of Justice). The budget is approved by the General Assembly for
        a two-year period (biennium). For the biennium 2016–17, the budget is approximately USD 5.4 billion.
        b) The budgets of the UN tribunals: Operating and personnel costs of the two temporary tribunals for the Former Yugoslavia and Rwanda as well as the international residual mechanism for the ad hoc criminal tribunals. The total budget for 2016 amounts to USD 63.4 million.
        c) The budgets for peacekeeping operations: Operating costs of 16 peacekeeping missions which are currently deployed with over 123,000 staff. The missions that are decided by the Security Council fluctuate considerably in number and size. The total budget for the current
        budget period (1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016) amounts to USD 8.3 billion.
        d) The budget for the Capital Master Plan: The member states have financed the complete renovation of UN headquarters in New York through annual contributions. The project was largely completed in 2015 at a total cost of USD 2.4 billion. Member states will receive the last invoice for this project in 2016/2017.

    • 2

      Why so confused? Zeid and the UNHRC are the Supreme leaders of Sri Lanka.
      We have to obey them and do what they say!

      • 2

        Nuisance the stupid I

        “We have to obey them and do what they say!”

        Don’t give up. If you can’t, Irathinavalli, crassandra, Double Standard, sach the stupid II, ……… can. Let them deal with him and UNHRC.

    • 4


      “”Are Zeid and the UNHRC going to be worn out and give in to Sri Lanka?””

      UN Arm twisting: The US has done it before for Israel.
      US Judiciary Arm twisting: Obama Hussain/Hillary have interfered with US Justice when MR was to be jailed for war by father of Trinco 5.

      Obama Hussain may twist their arm before he leaves office now that Samanta power played elle with muslims at jaffna since there are no tamils other than tamil speaking muslims.

      please ask the jaffna tamils TGTE to vote for Hillary in November as she would support them;))))

  • 17

    Yes International Independent Judges is the answer. Our Justice system is so corrupt. We need to move on as soon as possible. I hope their would be a Cabinet reshuffle soon and through out most importantly WEEJAYDAASA JARAPAKSA lot stock and barrel.

  • 11

    The governments of SL were like an ostrich for the past 67 years, having their heads buried in sand. They still appear to want to continue with that wrong behaviour.

    BREXIT referendum is something SL must learn from, about resolving Tamil national question.

    Britain was in EU for 40 years. Now, the people have decided to exit and be free and independent.

    Also, 40 years ago, the indigenous Tamils of N&E of SL, captured by Britain, independently of the South SL, resolved and voted “ÿes” to have independence.

    The GSL must make itself aware that the final say or decision to exit from the EU was NOT with EU but with the people of Britain.

    Therefore, the decision for N&E to exit from SL, IS and WILL BE that of the people of NE only, and NOT SL or its government.

    Unless the GSL addresses the Tamil national issue speedily and appropriately, according to the legitimate rights and expressed wishes of the people of N&E, SL will have demands for “NEEXIT” or “TEEXIT” .

    • 2

      Nice fiction story!

      • 4

        Nuisance the stupid I

        “Nice fiction story!”

        Maybe Justin has just finished reading Mahawamsa.

  • 3

    Commissioner of UNHCR has to judged war situations with his past experience like war against kaddish by Saddam Hussein where chemical weaponries used.anybody can imagine how our forces did this without detecting satellite surveillance of super power that were kept eagle eye on our forces movement.second question is how our government was able to procure such mass destruction weapon underacted of intelligence services of super powers.this is bullshit. political vengeance of present leaders against leaders of previous regime.somehow they want to eliminate able political threats from political field. this not country first situation it is their political carrier first situation.as per picture of so called cluster bomb shell said to be found here it can not be more than six old even though war ended six years ago. on top of that boasting of sirisena saying that I won the world become null and void. yet another GG political slogan.

  • 10

    Very well said considering the trend in the truly democratic world.

    Will the majoritarian ‘democracy’ like Sri Lanka listen and take the right action?

    Or, will they keep doing the wrong things and perish like other failed states in the world?

  • 4

    To put things in perspective Sri Lankan Government should prosecute Sambanthan for war crimes. For aiding and abating LTTE to hold a human shield using innocent Vanni civilians.

    • 2

      Anybody commit ed war crimes should be punished.

      I am just curios how Sampathan, who feared LTTE and did what was ordered by them to do, got into Mullivaikal and and facilitated human shields??? Were you standing behind and taking pictures of this and sending it to Channel 4?

      Do you know how many TNA was shot by the LTTE? I dont think you do know that. Here is a list of TNA MPs shot by thte LTTE:
      1)Chandranehru in 2005,
      2)tharmaingam 1985,
      3) pARARAJASINGAM 2005,
      4)Rasanayagam 2000,
      5)Raviraj 2006,
      6)Shanmuganathan 1998,
      7)Sivamharajah 2006,
      8)Sivanesan 2008, 9)
      9)soundaranayagam 2000,
      10)Thangathurai 1997,
      11)Thiruchelvam 1999,
      12)Yogasangari 1990,
      13)YOgeswaran 1989

      Politician in the south had the privilege of not having to deal with LTTE on a regular basis. TNA had was forced to talk in favor of LTTE or they were shot. This is not a war crimes according to Geneva Convention.

    • 0


      Should you then not strongly promote and support an independent investigation rather than helping block such an investigation DJ the patriot did by so outrageously claiming NO SINGLE CIVILIAN CASUALTY” at the UN?!

  • 8

    Prince Zaid is well aware that the justice system in Sri Lanka is still a joke despite the change of government. An excellent example is the inability or the reluctance of the AG and the courts to bring the corrupt thugs and murderers to justice despite the huge amount of evidence gathered by the various tribunals set up by the government.

    Champion Ranawaka’s RTA case is another good example of how the government will protect the criminals. Man gala can’t fool the UNHRC or the world any more!!

  • 0

    Russia today told the international community to keep its hands off Sri Lanka as the Government looks to address the accountability issue on the war.

    The Russian delegation at the UN Human Rights Council said that Sri Lanka should be allowed to address its domestic affairs without outside interference.

    However several other countries, including the US, Britain, Norway, Ghana and Macedonia said that Sri Lanka must show more progress on its commitments.

    The statements were made after the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein presented an oral update on Sri Lanka to the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) today.

    The United States, in its statement, said it will await the next update on Sri Lanka at the UNHRC in March next year.

    • 1


      Russia supplied cluster bombs to MR and he used in Vavuniya. The left over cases of those bombs had Russian written on them.

      There is recorded photographic evidence available, of the suffering and death caused to Tamil civilians. Thus Russia has committed war crimes.

      Prince Zeid said at current UNHRC sessions that the use of cluster bombs in war in SL should be probed.

      It is for this reason, Russia is barking of “Domestic Affair” of SL, shamelessly, in an International Forum, where the issues of SL have come in, because it is no longer an internal matter of SL but is an international UN matter .

      Russia did also civilian killings and hospital bombings in Syria recently.

      Russia should be punished severely and expelled from UNHRC and the UN

    • 2

      jim softy Dimwit.

      If you lift some news from other sources learn to acknowledge the source.

      You have lifted these paragraphs from “colombogazette.com” which amounts to plagiarism as well as copyright infringement.

  • 2

    Don’t be an idiot . Ninety percent of your list of murders were carried out by Army “intelligent” officers and your favorite ally Karuna Amman.

  • 0

    They are banned under the Convention on Cluster Munitions that took effect in August 2010 (Note: after the war in Sri Lanka) The nations that haven’t adopted the treaty include Sri Lanka, China, Russia, India, Pakistan and the U.S., “which says the bombs are a valid weapon of war when used properly.”

  • 0

    If not for Russia and China , Bedouin Prince’s handlers would have turned the rest of the world in to Libya , Syria and Iraq…

    Thanks Mr Putin for standing up for the vulnerable Nations….

    • 2

      KA Sumanasekera ,

      “If not for Russia and China ,””

      Dalit dictator!

      The birth of dictators, mass murderers and thieves of own people- Stalin and Mao. Idiots like Gaddafi, Saddam, Mara syria iran followed Russia and China but unfortunately there is no Roosevelt to leech onto.
      both russia and china are hurting.- socialism ends when supply of other peoples money ends.

      But you should be drinking kassipu not Scotch.

  • 0

    A Joke………. prince Zaeid or SL Justice systen OR BOTH ???

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