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Uncovering The Truth About Sri Lanka’s Civil War: A Painful But Urgent Task

By Emanuel Stoakes –


In May 2009 within a region of Sri Lanka known as the Vanni, government forces finally routed the rebel secessionist militia known as the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), drawing to a close the island nation’s long civil war, an internecine struggle that had claimed 100,000 lives over 26 years.

The last months of the conflict were perhaps the bloodiest of all, during which time it is alleged that terrible expedients were deployed in order to eradicate the LTTE, resulting in what the International Red Cross described at the time as an “unimaginable human catastrophe” for local civilians. The government has long maintained that it behaved honourably, while ethnic minority Tamil representatives have described the events in the Vanni (where Tamil civilians were allegedly killed en masse) as genocidal.

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