28 June, 2022


University Teachers Reject Government’s Sunrise/Sunset Solution To SAITM Issue

A group of 74 university lecturers have expressed disappointment over the latest proposals of the Government regarding the SAITM issue. They have in a media statement argued that the Government has failed to address concerns relating to privatizing education, overlooked the reality that the education system already privileges the wealthy, proposed, and enabled those with means to obtain the much coveted medical degree with less qualifications than those who would enter state institutions.

The lecturers, while pooh-poohing the claim that the latest proposal was a win-win solution benefiting all Sri Lankans, claim that it promotes the siphoning of public funds earmarked for education while subsidizing education for the wealthy, and that it doe not address the many problems affecting the public education system at all levels.

The full statement is as follows:

Concerned University Teachers say no to Presidential Committee’s ‘Sunrise Institution’ to replace SAITM and call for Public Commission on Education

We, the undersigned, are deeply disappointed by the latest proposals made by the Government to resolve the SAITM issue. In a statement released by the Department of Information on January 4, 2018, the Government outlined plans to ‘abolish’ SAITM by setting up a ‘sunset institution’ to cater to current SAITM students and concurrently establish a ‘sunrise institution’ that is to enroll medical students beginning in 2019. While both new institutions are to be affiliates of the Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology (SLIIT), we are told that they will comply with the recently legislated Minimum Standards on Medical Education and Training.

The ‘sunset institution’ is to conclude operations when the last batch of current SAITM students graduate. On the other hand, the ‘sunrise institution,’ as its name suggests, will be scaled up to pave the way for privatization of medical education. According to the Government, any surplus revenue generated by the new ‘non-profit’ institution will not go to shareholders, but will instead be directed toward development, research and scholarships at the fee-levying medical college. The statement ends by preemptively suggesting that any opposition to the proposals will be driven by narrow political agendas rather than the best interests of Sri Lankans in this so-called win-win situation.

By co-opting some of the demands made by critics of SAITM, the Government employs words like ‘abolish,’ ‘minimum standards’ and ‘non-profit’ to mislead the public into believing that what is proposed is different from the SAITM that existed in 2017. Instead of halting privatization of medical education by abolishing SAITM once and for all – a move that had the support of academics, students, doctors, and other interest groups – the latest solution, that is the ‘sunrise institution,’ will be a further step towards dismantling ‘free’ higher education. Moreover, establishing this fee-levying institution will be a clear violation of the agreement reached by Dr. Harsha de Silva and the students of state medical faculties together with their parents, who called off their boycott and fast, respectively, believing there would be an end to SAITM and private medical education.

The details of the MoU signed by the Government, SAITM and SLIIT remain undisclosed to the public. Along with SLIIT, the new fee-levying medical college will be recognized as a degree-awarding institution by the University Grants Commission. While the statement says little about the nature of the relationship between the government and the new fee-levying medical college, in reality, the government will create a legitimate means through which the state can use public resources to bolster private medical education.

We, as a poor country, do not have students who can pay for higher education. Such a privatized system of higher education can only be sustained with state subsidies, student loans, and other ‘public-private partnerships.’ Although these initiatives have failed elsewhere, the Government supports such outdated policies, including the current set of proposals on SAITM, to appease private interests. The Government is also desperately looking to generate elusive foreign exchange by attracting international students. Should these narrow interests drive the development of our education system?

The creation of a new fee-levying medical degree awarding institution will allow students, who would otherwise not be able to pursue a degree in medicine in Sri Lanka, to do so by paying for this privilege. As with earlier statements by the Government, the crux of the problem that SAITM represents remains unaddressed. Specifically, the Government:

  • Fails to address concerns relating to privatizing education; in fact, the proposed ‘solution’ legitimizes privatization as government policy.
  • Overlooks the reality that the education system already privileges the wealthy; the proposals will allow those with means to obtain the much coveted medical degree with less qualifications than those who would enter state institutions. In other words, the latest proposal is not by any means a win-win ‘solution’ that will benefit all Sri Lankans.
  • Promotes siphoning of public funds earmarked for education toward subsidizing education for the wealthy.
  • Does not address the many problems affecting the public education system at all levels.

The problems in education and higher education that need urgent attention are many. These include, geographical and national/provincial disparities in schools, lack of opportunities for the poor to achieve their educational aspirations, lack of support for children and their parents experiencing social problems that may disrupt education (including the unacceptable number of children with disabilities who remain out of school), a curriculum that does not reflect the plurality of our communities, an underpaid and under supported (school) teaching cadre, undemocratic educational spaces, politicization of education, and so many more.

We raise the need for a public commission that systematically explores the problems that people face with education. We do not refer to those problems (and solutions) articulated by the World Bank, the pundits or experts, but those identified by parents, students, teachers and ordinary people. We do not mean only those problems affecting privileged groups in Colombo and other urban areas, but also those experienced by people in the remotest regions, the urban poor, and others, problems articulated in Sinhala, in Tamil and also in sign language. It is by engaging people that our education system can be democratized. And it is by engaging people that we can protect ‘free education.’

‘Free education’ is the heart and soul of this country. It has allowed us to hope for a better future for our children, our families and our communities. It has allowed us to look to the future with less fear. Over the last few decades state educational institutions have been weakened by misguided politicians and ad hoc processes of policy making and budgeting undertaken with little or no public consultation. You, as a government representing the people of this country, have the mandate to support and strengthen a public education system that is democratic and just. Yet, instead of strengthening ‘free education,’ you are the first government to openly advocate privatization as education policy. At this critical juncture, we ask that you reconsider and change course. Specifically, we ask that you:

  • Abandon ad hoc plans to establish the ‘sun rise institution’ that is to replace SAITM;
  • Halt other initiatives that seek to privatize education and higher education; and
  • Set up a public commission on education to engage seriously with people’s demands and address the crisis of education in the country.

Signed by:

  1. Chandane Abeyratne, University of Kelaniya
  2. M. K. Abeyratne, University of Ruhuna
  3. Chaminda Abeysinghe, University of Kelaniya
  4. Liyanage Amarakeerthi, University of Peradeniya
  5. Harini Amarasuriya, Open University of Sri Lanka
  6. Dayananda Ambalangoda, University of Sri Jayewardenepura
  7. Wijendra Bandara, Rajarata University
  8. Ajith De Mel, University of Ruhuna
  9. Nimal Ranjith Dewasiri, University of Colombo
  10. Kanchuka Dharmasiri, University of Peradeniya
  11. Supun Dissanayake, University of the Visual and Performing Arts
  12. Anil Jayantha Fernando, University of Sri Jayewardenepura
  13. Primal Fernando, University of Peradeniya
  14. Wijith Rohan Fernando, University of Kelaniya
  15. Nilakshi Galahitiyawe, University of Sri Jayewardenepura
  16. Sujani Gamage, University of Peradeniya
  17. Uditha Gunasekere, University of Kelaniya
  18. Shyamani Hettiarachchi, University of Kelaniya
  19. Jinasena Hewage, University of Ruhuna
  20. Leslie Jayasekera, University of Ruhuna
  21. K. M. G. Gehan Jayasuriya, University of Peradeniya
  22. W. K. Jayathissa, University of Kelaniya
  23. Priyabhani Jayatillake, University of Peradeniya
  24. Barana Jayawardana, University of Peradeniya
  25. Anupa Jayawardane, University of Kelaniya
  26. Dhammika Jayawardene, University of Sri Jayewardenepura
  27. Nishani Jayaweera, University of Peradeniya
  28. Niyanthini Kadirgamar, Open University of Sri Lanka
  29. Maduranga Kalugampitiya, University of Peradeniya
  30. D. D. K. S. Karunanayake, University of Peradeniya
  31. A. K. Karunarathna, University of Peradeniya
  32. Indika Karunthilake, University of Colombo
  33. G. A. Karunathilake, University of Kelaniya
  34. Pathum Kodikara, University of Sri Jayewardenepura
  35. Rasika Kotakadeniya, University of Peradeniya
  36. Emerit. Nimal Savitri Kumar, University of Peradeniya
  37. Ramya Kumar, University of Jaffna
  38. Shamala Kumar, University of Peradeniya
  39. Emerit. Vijaya Kumar, University of Peradeniya
  40. Samantha Kumara, University of Ruhuna
  41. Prabha Manuratne, University of Kelaniya
  42. Lal Medawattegedara, Open University of Sri Lanka
  43. Deva Michael, University of Ruhuna
  44. Kethakie Nagahawatte, University of Colombo
  45. Upali Pannila, University of Ruhuna
  46. Jayantha Pasdunkorale, University of Ruhuna
  47. Nicola Perera, University of Colombo
  48. Ramindu Perera, Open University of Sri Lanka
  49. Anuruddha Pradeep, University of Sri Jayewardenepura
  50. B. D. R. Prasantha, University of Peradeniya
  51. Wimalasiri Punchihewa, University of Ruhuna
  52. Neil Pushpakumara, University of Kelaniya
  53. Dharma Rajapaksha, University of Ruhuna
  54. Kalpa Rajapaksha, University of Peradeniya
  55. Harshana Rambukwelle, Open University of Sri Lanka
  56. Chinthaka Ranasinghe, University of Kelaniya
  57. Asela Rangadeva, University of the Visual and Performing Arts
  58. A. J. Ruhunuhewa, University of Ruhuna
  59. Athulasiri Samarakoon, Open University of Sri Lanka
  60. Chinthaka Sanath, University of Ruhuna
  61. Prajna Seneviratne, Open University of Sri Lanka
  62. H. M. A. Sominanda, University of Peradeniya
  63. Anura Srinath, University of the Visual and Performing Arts
  64. Sivamohan Sumathy, University of Peradeniya
  65. Esther Surenthiraraj, University of Colombo
  66. Mahendran Thiruvarangan, University of Peradeniya
  67. Nelum Uttamadasa, Open University of Sri Lanka
  68. Ramya Vithanage, University of Peradeniya
  69. Sarath Vitharane, University of Kelaniya
  70. Thiyagaraja Waradas, University of Colombo
  71. Pabodha Weththasingha, University of Peradeniya
  72. Dileepa Witharana, Open University of Sri Lanka
  73. Nalayini Francis Xavier, Open University of Sri Lanka
  74. Gayani Yapa, Open University of Sri Lanka
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Latest comments

  • 6

    The teachers are correct.
    SAITM was a business enterprise by Neville Fernando, for rich unqualified students to attain a medical degree with minimum standards.
    He cleverly substituted ‘medicine’ for ‘management’ aided by S.B.Dissanayake.
    This was not corrected as some politicians wanted it for their children who could not obtain sufficient marks at A Level.
    Rest is history.
    The state could aid the SAITM “graduates” to go abroad and qualify – they already have some knowledge. Neville Fernando should offer his ill gotten money for this.

    • 4

      I fully agree. Siphoning public assets to private sector through grants, this and that through their old mates ministers. Nepotism that is the mechanism. If the government has money to subsidise private sector, then use that money to build more state universities, to give more students a better chance to improve themselves through lowering the thresholds which is not really a measure of a students potential.

  • 7

    Isn’t there a single problem that this government could solve….?

    What bunch of incompetent idiots….?

  • 0

    Enough of Commissions and their reports, never acted on. Both President and PM know sunset and sunrise for SAITM are unrealistic, unworkable and just plain stupid idiotic trapping of the students to maintain the institute for business though called ‘non profit’ Whole purpose of education is the student, not the institute. The lifespan of this round of private medicine is over. PM is insane about money policy and drove Prez to shout “abolish SAITM” He said all SAITM will complete education. THEN DO IT PL., NOT JUST TALK IT ONLY We are sick of the talk without the walk.
    Prez. Premadasa’s wisdom and common sense without PhD did to NCMC doctors is what Prez. MS should do now to SAITM and stop the chaos. It is so simple to get robbed scam money and absorb SAITM into state uni. Eg Moratuwa with Kalutara hospital, Sabaragamuwa with Ratnapura hospital or Wayamba with Kuunegala hospital just like Vavuniya campus of Jaffna hospital. Why such difficulty to do such a simple thing with available previous pattern of NCMC. Need new mindset.

    Let SLIIT or any other, start afresh according to SLMC. But let go SAITM students injustice. SAITM doctors can have 2 year internship in 4 finals without student clerking battling with GMOA. SLMC deans and VCs do not understand GMOA controlled hospital training they need is only for “state” SAITM went with security and paid up receipts of Rs.50,000/- each to Avissawela hospital and MOH

  • 2

    I hope that more will join in to rally public support.
    Best wishes.

  • 2

    SAITM issue was allowed to drag on since SAITM changed the M from Management to Medicine.
    It has reached the stage of a cowboy riding into the sunset.
    What will happen to SAITM graduates? Read CT of 21 January
    “Rajitha Senaratne Trumps Sajith Premadasa, Gets Cabinet Approval For Unsolicited Contract For Brother’s Company”
    Where are the fly-by-night Patriotic University Teachers?

  • 3

    It looks lot of politics, sabotage. I heard, Poorer Bangladesh has a private medical college and Bangladesh is doing better economically than Sri lanka. What is wrong with Sri lanka. All are destructive, want more and freedom for doing nothing and they want others sabotaged. Govt is no second to that.

    • 0

      Nump head jimpo
      Hope u r domestics must be in middle east….u live in cool life…bull a lot defending all modayas….what a damn idiot man…get a job…

    • 3

      Jim you are right.Heard of Malcolm Naki, the gardner who performed the first heart transplant operation? Heard of our own Padmal de Silva who entered in the Arts stream- Sinhala, Pali and sanskrit, who ended up as a Clinical Psychiatrist.Heard of Patch Adams – what nonsense is this. I would expect something better from this crowd.

      These people are mad.I respect people like Prof Amarakeerthi and Dr. Deavsiri, Harini Amarasuriya, for the public stands thay have taken in the past.Profs Mr and Mrs kumar, why did they join this most undemocratic movement.

      Funny thing when the teachers at SAITM teach at a Govt University, they are good, when they teach at SAITM they are bad. The GMOA had done enough and more damage to the health system in this country – where are the Apothecaries who manned the outstaion health units, they objected to the Auyvedha students being taught Pharmacology, they objected to the course at Peradeniya Science faculty.They [prevented the SAITM students from furthering their studies.

      Recently I met a Colombo Medical faculty graduate – said to be a consultant outside Sri lanka – who insisted that Formaline penetrated a dead body on application on the dead skin.He/she argued that formalin is not pumped into the dead
      More private Medical colleges should come up for profit or otherwise. This limitation in restrictions to entry to a govt University had caused many a frustration.

      After passing out at summa cost from a Govt university, are they fair by the people who paid for their studies. They disrupt treatment to poor patients. it is high time that those who enter the Universities are made to repay the cost of the education- pre or post graduation.

      Also the students should be admitted on the marks gained and not on any district quota, which is being publicly abused.

    • 1

      Jim, again, if as they say the students are unable to pay for their education at entry tom the University, why do not they pay after graduation? Are the poor people of this country to bear the cost of all the parasites produced by the Govt owned Med faculties. How many of the Sri lankan Medical graduates who work abroad paid the cost of their studies.Recently I came across a parent who said that his son vamoosed abroad at the first opportunity after graduation- did he pay the cost of the education the people of this country had to bear- NO.

      One thing is why does not the govt stop providing houses – a room near the hospital would do, why give them preferance in educating their children, they should go through the normal mill as any other citizen, why provide them with duty free cars – let them purchase the cars in the same manner as any ordinary citizen.Many graduated had to do it, why not the Medical graduates from the Govt owned faculties.

      • 0

        I don’t think after graduation works. That is a stupid idea.Only thing is Those who oppose SAITM can ask to raise the minimum standard. govt has a right to open private universities and stop money flowing outside, give employment to capable lecturers, professors and to develop the country. what you are saying is jealousy. you do not consider the market needs. today, there is a glut of engineers, information technology graduates of some fields resulting unemployment for them. . there are some doctors too who can not find employment overseas. but, the market demand for Doctors is high. so, it is important to give them a car permit. Only problem is GMOA is too political, too selfish. they are not good people. they are using, manipulating and exploiting stupid politicians and the patients.

        • 0

          Jim, it is the manipulations of the Medical grdutes that built the market.The market falls if there are more private medicl faculties.

        • 1

          GMOA is anti social, selfish idiots.

        • 0

          Jim, Market demand is something that the GMOA built up by suppressing others in the healing trade.Some time ago they wanted to suppress the Auyvedic students, which the Auyrvedic students had forgotten.

          The demand can be thinned by training more doctors – by the state and private universities.

          From 1956 on wards, the GMOA and the Safron wearing groups had attempted and succeeded in determining state policy. It must stop. Our politicians must be in a position tell these people where to get off.Gen Ne Win of Burma, handled the safron wearing jokers well so did GeN ramos of Philippines where the safron brigade was replaced by the white coated -logu- brigade.

          The govt must develop the backbone to act for justice and not for the vocal minority. For a start they can clear the A26 road, the road in front of the Temple at kandy.If they want to go further they can dump the Asgiriya committee in a 40ft sealed container and open diesel exhausts into it.

  • 2

    No more falsely paid committees. What SAITM needs is one average brain inside one skull to take a pragmatic practical step that one who has authority will naturally do, to undo the chaos created by unruly elements with varied agendas. Contrary to published false propaganda, all of SAITM have more than basic requirements as interviewed by UGC at entry, completed all semester exams. and had excellent staff and professors. MBBS external examiners were from other uni. NFTHospital being private did not fill up fast like govt. but deficiencies were covered up by students paid clinicals being done in 5 different private hospitals as well as Avissawella and MOH Kotte. SLMC Inspection could only be done in NFTH and was disadvantaged with no flooded patients, though situation after govt take over is promising. IQ of students has nothing to do with riches as SAITM students are school colleagues of “state” who were cut off by lack of places. Why this jealousy to brand them as brainless after 8 years of GMOA obstructed study. Why only now?

    Govt. having unjustly interrupted these UGC govt approved medicos who paid full fees and have constitutional rights, the responsibility is on the govt to provide the completion to practice as doctors. This is govt. accountability of continuity of education irrespective of party politics or which govt. is in power. SAITM STUDENTS must be affiliated to one of the newly established state medical faculties so they have access to govt. hospitals without obstruction by GMOA in it. Govt must take over if these students rights to complete MBBS are to be met. Deans ignorant of this.

  • 6

    This is the result of FREE EDUCATION (let the stupid lecturers understand that there is nothing called free education – the tax payers are paying for it).

    Look at the standard of education in Sri Lanka, standard of government health care, etc. It sucks.

    Let the free market determine education, health care, etc. with safeguards against people who cannot pay.


    • 1

      A bastardly comment by Goraka. Yes the tax payers are paying for education because they earn money from the resources of the country and can afford it. Freeeducation is education that is free for the student who otherwise will be climbing coconut tree to earn a living. What do you want. An educated population or an uneducated lot who could be readily exploited by those who were born into wealth. Yes there are problems with the present system but they need to be sorted out in cooperation with students,parents, educationists,planners and policy makers. It is very easy but very dumb to say that education is the prerogative of the rich.Go and educate yourself Goraka before making stupid comments.

      • 3

        Percy – What education are you talking about.This country had been ruined mostly by the so called educated. Had any of these so called University academics got the guts to identify the lies that are taught to us as History,- Except Dr Devasiri- some of the falsehood introduced by the safron wearing men.

        Why do these socalled academics touch the feet of the safron wearing guys and worship. What is the difference, all are born with an “empty” brain. The brain get filled over the years, it is so in the case of medical Graduates, Enginnering Graduates, Arts graduates, Vet graduates, Agric, graduates and the safron robed gentry.The difference is that the safron robed gentry learn by rote some pali verses, the medical graduate and the engineering graduate and others learn from books and experience.

        So why should anybody touch the feet of the safron robed gentry, vice versa why does not the safron robed gentry touch the feet of the medical graduates, the engineers, the agriculturist, the Vets, the Arts graduates etc.

        Bloody nonsense.

  • 3

    Attempts to sneak in private medical education for the rich but dumb students goes against all the educational progresss made by Sri Lanka since the introduction of free education. May I say with apologies to Orcar Wilde that it is a case “of the uneducatable in full pursuit of the unattainable”.

    • 0

      Percy ; How do you explain how a student who has the required marks being left out of the univerities, due the district quota.If the student has over and above the requird marks,but is the sixth in the list for that district, and if the district has only say 5 places, what happens to the student who scores the sixth place but has over the minimum marks.

      This is a dumb scheme for the specifc purpose of politiking and the failure of the govts since 1948 to develop classy, quality schools out stations.

      Dumb politicians.

  • 4

    Higher education beyond A/L should be made private. Unless these students, parents and teachers are made to understand the cost they are considering this a cash cow.
    Look at the time lost out of lectures during the year. But the govt still have to pay all the costs in managing the higher education system.
    Standard of education shows when you see the number of graduates unemployed. Now they are protesting that the govt is not giving them employment. Same thing with the doctors. They have completely forgotten why they got into that profession and directly or indirectly who funded their education.
    Govt should look at student loans and scholarships based on merit this not only will manage the current situation but will give much more the opportunity.

  • 2

    We can argue about the pros and cons till doomsday, but there is only one issue today as a priority and its about justice to 1. SAITM MBBS who got verdict of internship which can be answered by an extended internship for SLMC requirement and 2. SAITM STUDENTS required by SLMC to train in govt. hospitals, terrorized by GMOA working in them. Uni deans warming chairs do not understand this impractical unworkable situation of a battle with GMOA obstruction unless their principle is fulfilled and that is to ‘be a state student’ with access to govt. hospitals. In fact SLMC Terry registrar is collecting false documents from Avissawela trying to prove SAITM had no training when in fact they carry Rs. 50,000/- each receipts of payment. Stupidity of parents too on streets to destroy these young lives is a result of jealousy, insecurity and poverty mentality. Their children get not only free state but scholarships. Why so bitter destroying other’s children.

    Govt. is obliged to put SAITM STUDENTS affiliated to govt. med. faculties and hospitals as per SLMC demands which overlook gross deficiencies in “state” like Rajarata. Malabe campus of any new med. faculty with govt. hospital satisfies requirements compensating govt.injustice to SAITM.

    • 1

      Now who the hell is Avissawella? I thought it was a town in KV.
      So Avissawella is in possession of false documents which are trying to prove that SAITM had no training? And what is poverty mentality? Is it the fate of those who have no wealth? What a terrible snob you are? Little wonder your off spring cannot compete with their peers and the parents want to buy them an education. Of course there are people in SL with money, not only legitimate businessmen and entrepreneurs and professionals,but illegal bookies,drug dealers,gangsters and highway robbers, and bond scammers.Should the rest of society channel more resources to them or to those in genuine need. It is a fundamental question.

      • 1

        Percy, Poverty mentality is not being snobbish, but helping people realise the wealth they gain through free medical education, how rich they are to receive government scholarships, and still have mentality of being poor and be jealous of those who are willing to spend their money on their children’s future, not thinking competition.
        Avissawella hospital was given for training by court order to SAITM for which they pay Rs.50.000/- per student to govt. SLMC registrar creating false documents to win court case and prove SAITM is not trained also in MOH so the ERPM mafia can conduct massive classes and extract more money. Corrupt obstructors stink.

      • 0

        Percy. It people with mentality like yours that had brought about schools offering foreign degrees. With that degree they migrate.Nuts in Sri Lanka through jealousy prevent people development.

        About an year ago an interview was held for a post, at a govt funded institution. There were many applicants – some from Govt owned Universities – the persons selected had degrees from Foreign Universities.It was not a favour to them, the applicants with local degrees failed miscerably to convince the panel of selectors – all locals.

  • 2

    In other news:

    “A key finding of the Sri Lanka Labour Force Survey is that there is a labour demand of nearly half a million in the private sector institutions having more than three employees, says Director General of Census and Statistics, Dr. Amara J. Satharasinghe.

    Indicating the results of the survey the DG added that there is a potential labour force of 210,480 who are not actively seeking employment, but ready work if an opportunity comes.

    He added that there is also an unemployed population of 363,000. Thus, there are over half a million people who can be employed. However, to do so they need to be provided with knowledge, skills, and opportunities as identified by the employers in the ELDS reported above. By doing so, enterprises can obtain the human resource they need.”


  • 0

    Free , Free, Free.. that all Sri lankan’s want.. they wont even allow students who are whiling to pay and learn..

  • 1

    An excellent progressive statement by an important collection of academics. Bravo!

    • 0

      You are another product of the sri lankan Universities. I am also one. I place you in the catergory of idiots that came out.That inspite of your PhD.

      You write a lot about subjects connected with politics.Have you ever challenged the falsehood that is being perpetrated as our history and religion.

  • 1

    Do these lecturers who have signed this petition aware that there are number of private universities operating in Sri Lanka .Why are they not opposing to them.?On the other hand do they think that in Sri Lanka there are no qualified lecturers to teach medicine.?If they are saying that this is an oppertunity to give to rich people to learn medicine why they are not against those who are going abroad to learn medicine?.Are they unable to realize the reality.?

  • 1

    None of the Lecturers give their subject area that they teach. For me it looks, it is full 100% Jealousy, hatred, and sabotage. I personally know some of these parents are working parents and they are not rich. They could not make it so some how they push their children to go higher. SAITM has a Minimum Requirement for entry. Medical Faculty Deans have approved. WHAT EVER RULES YOU BRING, YOU WILL NEVER HAVE PERFECT 100% FOOL – PROOF SYSTEM. Even now, there may be doctors who passed simply thanks to the tuition class including some of these lecturers. Even at present most of the students, almost 100%, have some facilities or they are coming because the tuition class is approachable to them or their parents can finance it. So, BY SAYING NO TO PRIVATE MEDICAL EDUCATION (because there are other private university degree programs, which these people say DON’T) YOU WILL NEVER GAIN ANYTHING EXCEPT YOU WIN JEALOUSY, HATRED. There no system in the world that gives 100% efficiency. As educated people these people should understand. I think said enough. On the other hand, govt can not provide free of charge education to everybody. govt should provide the opportunity to those who can afford and get educated themselves. Some may miss the opportunity. Because some miss it, if these people say no you can not be a doctor because your parents paid for it means simple jealousy and hatred. That program may have lot of deficiencies. Yet it should be allowed at least some parents can teach their children without sending overseas. If you want to stop paid education some, if some of these lecturers are teaching tuition classes that should be stopped. Instead of tuition classes, other volunteer programs like working in the hospital free of charge getting some training etc should be included. for me this is politics, jealousy and hatred for those who very determined some how to make it. Rich people doe snot have to go to this university. they can go to Nepal, Bangladesh, china and some such doctors are working in Sri lanka.

    • 0

      Why don’t you support a system where you have, say, ten private medical schools that are accredited by the SLMA and the intake is through the same merit list used by the State Medical schools?
      Please explain.

      • 0

        Eusense, Merit list Z score of Thattil is faulty as it assumes that all fit into Gaussian curve across spectrum of all subjects. High IQ and low IQ are all in same curve.
        SLMC and GMOA are against privatization but use a valid arguing point like standards to win their case. Colombo Faculty admits 3s for medicine for foreign quota and they get MBBS. Liars. So why cant anybody else do the same.
        Money cant be used or resisted by Karl Marx who has immune suppression. Rich have money, so kill the Tsars. Merit list candidates if they pay money are going against the revolution and should be shot. What MR put into SAITM with scholarships have now become the scum of the earth. God does not argue with the devil but sends him into the lake of fire, center of the earth.

      • 0

        Yes, I thought It would happen the way you say. IT should be the same A/L results, but if they want foreign students should be allowed. They can standardize results. I do not know SLMA for money allowed lesser requirements and standards here. Remember, AMP were working in Sri lanka for decades.

  • 1

    Another list of names with different agendas. So what? IUSF marching to prove what? They have no power over medical education. Another group of thuggo parents committing suicide. So what?. Shrieking mothers nothing to do with medicine. Imbeciles outside SLMC shouting minimum standards and with what authority. Who is funding all this chaos? But the latest are the GMOA thuggos trying to get into SLMC to have authority and they used fisticuffs as usual to win elections. One of their kind warded at National hospital few hours ago. Fists seem to be very handy to stay in power mostly seen in GMOA elections.
    What has all this to do with highly intelligent, unfairly cut off from state schools, yet willing to pay for the choice of their medical career trying to achieve their right to education, having well above minimum standards with high IQ and highly motivated. Jealous insane obstructors vanish.

    • 0

      NIM: High ime the parliamnt ammended the SLMC ordinance.At present it is full of medical graduates.That should be chamged. there are other proffessions that should be there to bring about a balance.

      SLMC under Prof Carlo Foseka hit the rock bottom.I used to respect prof Carlo sometime back now I know that he is nothing but thrash.

      Did the SLMC intervene when a Doctor submitted the opened up skull of an accused in a murder case. The SLMC should have intervened in that case and got the courts to check whether the accused was wearing awig, and if there were suture marks on his skull.It did not happen

      About an year ago, there were posters plastered all ovwer Matara accusing the Medical graduates at the Matara hospital of neglect leading to hios on’s death – was that investigated.-

      When that drug peddlar shot at people ( police?) at Piliyandala two children from same familyt succumbed to death. The father accused the Medical graduates of neglect – was that investigated.

      Some quality administration eh

      • 0

        Upali, Karl Marx power resided in the GMOA. Now the GMOA got into SLMC which will function as a Trade Union. TU power also resides in govt. hospitals as doctors too are looked after. Uni. thinking is bankrupt and unrealistic.
        There has to be a strong and fearless govt. to change the current state of affairs. AP is eventually going to get the votes to become President with the other thuggos helping for their own gain. Who knows, we might be better governed by educated, fearless and strong leaders with vision for country rather than these tame party oriented, self preserving parliamentarians of today. Statesmanship is important.

  • 0

    Many life threatening issues and previous govt. is going to prison. People should shout about that and walk, march, run or even commit suicide. But best if you join them imprisoned for life.
    What authority have these jokers about a few hundred medical students paying their own money to study the subject of their choice. Millions the world over are doing it, but our frogs in the well only see the sky above them and not the whole expanse of the universe under right and just govt.
    Don’t these insane weirdos buy food, clothes, cars, health, tuition with money. Same for education.

  • 0

    Can we promote an academic university culture of excellence, cutting off idiotic parents who from birth of their progeny had influence of competitive culture as if to win a race. Yes A/L is competitive because state places are limited and majority are cut off, but these imbecile parents carry it too far to brand other children as brainless and unable to study medicine. Have they tested their IQ, seen what minimum standards are apart from jealously competing A/L, having no experience of true clinical training, imprisoned in their own Angoda when it comes to letting others live their own lives. Sadly, their children will never again live with them. The hierarchy in uni is not the lifestyle with a village headman or temple priest. Students will study what they want even if the suicide parents blow themselves up or float in meditation falling on Prez., God save him

  • 0

    Uni rejects govt. plans. Best is to take over like GMOA into SLMC elections. But wait. Bullet not ballot. They use fisticuffs and warding patients. Why?
    Parliament does it. Police do it. GMOA at elections do it. Bhikkus do it. RJ and IUSF do it. Shrieking mothers and SUICIDAL fathers do it. Gangsters do it. Robbers do it. Now GMOA thuggos trying to get into SLMC have done it yesterday. In future SLMC will do it. Why not?

  • 0

    Medicine is not some special gimmick. Anyone motivated can do it. Some however intelligent don’t like to study or examine sick people. Colombo admits 3s passes to gain paying foreignerss who return home with MBBS. Only for SAITM, GMOA demands 3As. It is assumed that if they have wealth, they have no brains. Is it not because of brains that they got riches. Insecure, fearful state students compete to cut off others.
    President should ban street marches trying to topple it, or take over SAITM to state. Watching damage but spineless to act, does not help

  • 0

    Does the Prez not realise that the time is ripe to nationalize SAITM instead of continuing to create more chaos. Govt. is there to maintain peace and order for its citizens, not simply stand and watch with empty skulls, doing their own principles which are wrong for most mationals.

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