22 June, 2024


UNP Nomination Crisis: The Last Conspiracy By Counter Revolutionary Forces To Defeat Yahapalana Government

By Shyamon Jayasinghe

Shyamon Jayasinghe

“I only want to question why a man who has ambitions to change the country for the better should gun for the post of president after 19 A.”

Myriad Faces of a  Counter Revolution

It is the historical experience of all revolutionary movements to generate counter-revolutionary action. Revolution and counter revolution  go hand in hand. Vested interests threatened by revolution initiate counter revolution. The latter gang up in unimaginable ways.

One of the well-known ways that the threatened operate is by sneaking into the enemy camp and enlisting to their aid the recalcitrant leaders therein-those individuals who are waiting and hungry for quick power, those disaffected by decisions and ways of ruling of the leader and so on. The apparently unthreatened outside interests who want to have their way also often operate behind these ‘new friends,’ from the enemy camp.


Three no-confidence motions (NCM) came in succession against the Prime Minister and the yahapalanaya government. Basil Rajapaksa, the foxy brain of the Rajapaksa clan, came on media and said that although the NCMs were defeated, there are ‘other ways and means’ available. He successfully won over President Sirisena and with the latter’s cooperation a shocking episode of constitution violation took place where the Prime Minister and government were ingloriously dismissed in that moonlight night and a fake Prime Minister and fake government was installed  and allowed to hold sway for 52 days. That move was defeated by parliament and a battle for supremacy between parliament and Executive President blew out in the open. For yahapalanaya to win, parliament must win this battle and the peoples’ sovereignty that parliament represents must be made supreme. Government must be solely accountable to parliament and parliament alone.

Sajith Premadasa in the Net?

The fox of the counter revolution did not give up. My imagination suggests  that the fox rounded up Sajith Premadasa via the President. The fox knew that Sajith had been the weak point in the yahapalanaya government link. Sajith has always worked with a hunch on his shoulders, namely that “being the son of Premadasa,” he has not been given adequate attention. Clearly, Sajith was observed avoiding the Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe on many occasions. He had got into his cosy corner down South and he focused on building houses. As I have pointed out  before, this is a poor project. The treasury money allocated for housing could have been better and more productively used if youth were given capital to undertake businesses. This is what the Prime Minister’s pet project “Enterprise Sri Lanka,” is all about. In contrast, housing is a cheap and populous dole project. Doles never work just like free rice didn’t work.

President Sirisena and Sajith Premadasa

President Sirisena kept on grooming Sajith Premadasa. The two were often seen together and Sajith addresses the former as “Athi Garu Shreemath with hands in worship mode. This honeymoon took place while Sirisena was repeatedly trying to undermine the Prime Minister, Ranil Wickremesinghe. In reciprocation for this supplication, President Sirisena once asked Sajith, ‘why do you work so hard?’ This took place for media coverage.

When President Sirisena announced he was starting Duterte-style executions firstly  by trying to bring back the hangman and drag some of the prison inmates found guilty of drug pedalling into the hangman’s noose there was a hue and cry throughout a world that is made conscious of human rights violations. The ruling UNP government opposed capital punishment and a bill had been sent up as a private member’s motion in parliament. Yet, Sajith Premadasa put his hands up for hanging. Can you beat that?  One would expect younger generation politicians to oppose regressive moves like this; but Sajith did not. Maitripala Sirisena was elated beyond words at this solitary support from his enemy camp.

Sajith Premadasa’s visit at Gota’s almsgiving was another  case of going over the line. Discerning people were watching all these with dismay. It seems the linkage was developing. The question occurs to us: are these events part of a growing conspiracy? A counter revolution with the aid of the revolutionaries? By definition, conspiracies cannot be spotted in advance and so one cannot write with certainty.

However, the string of events in succession do suggest a sinister nexus.

The Final Counter Revolutionary Ploy?

The grooming is now over and it is time to act since two decisive elections are coming up. The Rajapaksian fox got into action. Sensing an opportunity, he has probably seen a glorious chance chance of splitting up the UNP at last. The plan could be to bring yet another NCM and oust the government on the understanding that there will now be numbers due to defection so that General Elections are held before target and before the Presidential elections.

It was only a week or so ago that Maitripala Sirisena , with a smirk on his countenance, predicted that General Elections will be held before Presidential elections.  

The second step in this hypothetical plan is to disable the party’s campaign for President. 

Sajith’s Real Interest

Nominated MP- Ministers, who should have been grateful to Ranil for making something out of them, have come up to propose Sajith for nomination at a parliamentary group meeting. It is not my intention to comment on the suitability or otherwise of the proposal to install Sajith Premadasa. I only want to question  why a man who has ambitions to change the country for the better should gun for the post of president after 19 A. The latter legislation simply erodes the sting of the president’s ability to activate anything. Even the present incumbent’s operative ministries will automatically go off after Sirisena, relivably, leaves the post. If the new parliament gets a 2/3 backing, the draft constitution can be passed and the position of president will become  ornamental and ceremonial. How come Sajith Premadasa is interested in this?

I could, pardon me, only visualise one reason and that is to get into a position of the machinery and eventually act to oust the leader Ranil Wickremesinghe. Sajith will, presumably, have the clout to get round the other ministers of his own party and edge out Ranil. Being the head of the government and belonging to the same party president Sajith gets a leverage to do so.


And why are these ministers pressing for Sajith? These are ministers have no voter base whatsoever and it is hard to see their advice as being of  any high priority.We would like to have a record of what these ministers have done in the last four and half years other than talking and writing. It is rumoured that Mallik Samarawickrama had been pulled up by the Prime Minister for making exaggerated forecasts relating to investment projects. Was the  infamous Volkswagen promise done at Mallik’s behest? How about the Trincomalee iron & steel factory?

Basically, the ministers should have known that a serious decision like nominating a Presidential candidate should not be taken at an ad hoc parliamentary group meeting in Diyawannawe. They should have known that the Working Committee of the party must be consulted? It didn’t seem honest on the part of these ministers to have subjected their leader to an ambush like this. The issue and the Leader deserves more respect than that, surely?

I want to emphasise that I am not taking sides on a crucial decision like picking a party nomination for president. That would be cheeky on my part. I only want to point out that such a decision must be taken with the great care and deliberation that it deserves. Factional power pushing and canvassing monks etc are dysfunctional.

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Latest comments

  • 12

    “They should have known that the Working Committee of the party must be consulted? “

    working committee has been packed with ranil’s nominees.Nobody cares for it anymore.harin has said he will resign an go home if sajith is not nominated.I think he got more than 80 percnt of the votes that were cast for the UNP in his electorate.Sajit too got the highest per centage in all of the UNP electorates,that too in a stronghold of the rajapashe’s.Shyamon does not seem to know the ground situation in sri lanka when he says these guys don’t have any support of the masses.

    • 5

      Shimone; time has come for the Younger Generation to take over – Sajith, Dayasirir, Sunil Handunetting , AKD. and lead Lanka.

      Don’t you get it? The people and YOUTH are fed up of this corrupt and doddering current generation of politicians – Ranil, Rajapakas, Karu , Sira to get out!

      Ranil is a UNP dictator and Mahinda Jarapassa the SLFP dictator and BOTH protect each other and both must get out!
      Ranil should have been impeached for the Bondscam and now for enabling US Special Operations Forces (SOF) to stage the Easter Carnage. Does he not understand that signing SOFA and MCC is like committing suicide after what the US SOF did on Easter Sunday to pass SOFA to turn Lanka into a US military base on the pretext of fighting IS which it owns and operates in the first instance?!!

      Time for the Yough

      • 3

        Yes, a new generation of leaders is overdue to lead this long suffering country

        Ranil, Mangala and the butterflies must go and so too the US citizen Rajapaksa brothers who have all banded together and looted the country- on the bidding of their foreign masters.

  • 6

    Ranil is not fit to come president at all..
    UNP has not option except Karu or Sajith .
    Now; they have to make up mind otherwise so many foxes out there for power

    • 1


      “Ranil is not fit to come president at all..”

      Why not?

      • 2

        RW has been a dictator to his UNP party for the last 25 year. But he wants Sri Lanka to be democratic. Hilarious!!!
        Vote GR!

    • 3

      All major parties are like damaged vinyl records. Going round and round – gone crazy and driving the country crazy too. We need to throw the whole lot, including the player – out of the window.

      It is in this backdrop Nagananda seems to be playing a new kind of music – Rage Music (or Outrage Music). Naga rocks down South. Naga will rock all over- soon.

  • 3

    Presidential hopefuls in Srilanka have skeletons in their cupboard. Sajith Premadasa lied with respect to his London School of Economics degree.How could he change the country?
    As for Gota, the onetime Colonel in the Army, who is now avoiding his corruption cases with the help of the Supreme court he has real SKELETONS in the cupboard!
    Only in Srilanka, a land like no other, anyone can aspire to high office even though it is not that high after the 19th Amendment!

    • 6


      He also talks bollocks, and says his father gave one group in the LTTE weapons in order to try and create a split in the LTTE. He also say his father gave weapons to an LTTE click led by Mahattaya (colombogazette.com/2013/05/20). He knows the people are so stupid he can say anything and get away unscathed.

      Unlike his father Sajith is a closet racist or an opportunist. He once advocated Bumiputera mode of governance in this island, prioritise needs, opportunities, …. of the Sinhala/Buddhists over “OTHERS”.

      He can become the president of this country but he will never make a leader of this island.

      • 1


        If Premadasa jnr said that his old man armed one group of the LTTE to create a split, I wonder if the LTTE gave their solemn oath that the same weapons will not be used against the SL armed forces. If we are expected to believe him, then he is stupid as his old man to come up with an excuse like that & that says a lot about him. Obviously, Premadasa Snr, was an opportunist but if my memory is correct, arming the LTTE was to fight the Indian forces & his short term strategy was nothing short of treachery than stupidity.
        Premadasa jnr may claim his educational credentials from LSE & his apprenticeship at the Whitehouse but to me, he has not proved his integrity & suitability to run for Presidency. There are a lot of controversies surrounding the Premadasa family. Premadasa Snr was in Kili Maharaja’s pocket way back from the time when he was PM, then there is the story that the old lady tried to flog a painting from the Govt. House at Sotherby’s in London through the S-I-L & if my memory is correct, there was an incident when the daughter was caught trying to dispose counterfeit money. There is also a little known story publicised by the British press as to what happened to a gem (apparently the size of a small rock) which was to be displayed during the Independence celebrations at the Commonwealth Secretariat in London in the early 80s. The gem was not insured but Premadasa had faith in the cobra in the display cabinet to guard the gem but when morning came, the cobra was there but not the gem. Of course these rumours maybe unfounded but the Premadasa family cupboard maybe full of skeletons & Premadasa jnr. has, so far, not distanced him self from all the dirt.

  • 7


    Your incessant glorification of RW is quite boring . The man has clearly been an abject failure as a leader , with no tangible contribution to Sri Lanka in his forty years of politics. On the flip side , he has lived a life of absolute luxury for four decades at the poor tax payers expense. A gentleman of your intellect should be above paying pooja to
    inept Sri Lankan politicians who have done nothing for this country or its’ people .

  • 5

    I spoke to few Colombo Elite who rare Catholics,,
    They said they would vote for Keselwatta Kid and not Dr Ranil for sure..
    They will tear the Ballot Paper if they were forced by Srikotha by appointing Dr Ranil as the Candidate.

    The Kid has won the whole Dalit Sinhala Catholic vote by backing our Brother Cardinal in Colombo.
    Now this Elite Colombo Catholics who only go to English Medium Mass..

    I will put another thou on the Kid with my Bombay Bookie..

    • 2

      KASmaalam K.A. Sumanasekera

      “I spoke to few Colombo Elite who rare Catholics,,
      They said they would vote for Keselwatta Kid and not Dr Ranil for sure..”

      Why do you assume they are telling you the truth?
      Why should they tell you what exactly they are going to do?

      Are these Catholics in their halfway house on their way to becoming Sinhala/Buddhists?

      • 1

        Dear Native.

        Our Brother Cardinal has recognized that they are all brothers and sister of the same mother and father.

        Unlike when the Foreign Preachers and their Golayas who told their followers that they are not Sinhalese but Catholics after Baptism , the new generation of the Church Hierarchy who come from good Sinhala Stock know that the post Pira generation in particular in Lankawe do not have those docile mind sets.

        They know that the great majority of the Catholics if not most of them are Sinhala People .
        They also know that that is where their growth is.
        Last but not least, the new generation of Catholics have uncles, aunts , cousins and even siblings who are Buddhists.
        So there is no need for halfway houses .

        You will see those bonds between the Sinhala Buddhists and Sinhala Catholics grow even stronger after the next two Elections.
        That is a definite positive to keep Lankawe in one piece without dividing it into separate Homelands.

        • 1

          KASmaalam K.A. Sumanasekera

          I know you have Sinhala/Buddhists, Sinhala/Christians, Sinhala/Catholics, lately Sinhala/Muslims, Sinhala/Hindus (always the case), Protestant/Buddhists, … however do you have Buddhists among Sinhalese?

          “Our Brother Cardinal has recognized that they are all brothers and sister of the same mother and father.”

          You mean they are the children of Kallathonie converts from South India?
          Is your brother cardinal a secret cross dresser?
          If so do the local laity feed him well as he is not supposed to cook his own meal under Buddhist Vinaya and receive pirikara (gift) from them?

  • 3

    Crisis? There is no crisis. Yahapalana retards have chosen Karu. Because he has proven to his muppeteer master-RW that he can be an obedient muppet to him in the October coup drama. So other muppeteers; TNA, JVP, and Muslim terrorist politicians will support him as well.
    Ranil will never give Sajith the presidential candidacy but to anyone.

  • 2

    What is this bull shit.
    It is not a ‘conspiracy’ that came out the blue. Sajith was acknowledged as a contender for the party top all throughout. His ambition was well known. Though the majority of the party inner circle was always with Ranil , Sajith too had a substantial section behind him. Whether you like him or not , whether you are in the opposite camp or this camp is another matter.
    I for one don’t like the guy at all. I am a Rajapaksa supporter and his anti Rajapaksa venom is nauseating.
    For heaven’s sake why don’t UNPers like Symon J propose RW himself for the candidacy? I don’t think there is a major party anywhere in the world whose members assume that there leader has no majority support on the ground. What a shame.
    Wasn’t there a big big clash between Ranil and Karu Jayasuriya not so long ago? Ranil always won and this time around too his decision will carry the day. Symon J need not worry.


    • 2


      “I am a Rajapaksa supporter and his anti Rajapaksa venom is nauseating.”

      Why do you support Rajapaksa?

      • 1

        Simply because the alternative is UNP who destroyed the country:
        .JR Constitution
        .82 Jaffna library
        .83 Black July
        .Pro West policy which led to Indian involvement which led to Indo-Lanka accord which led to provincial council system.
        .89 Bheesanaya
        .RW-VP pact
        . Making Sirisena president
        .Bond scam
        Further next election is crucial to avoid breaking up of the country into ethnicity/ religion based federal units and control the Wahabi threat.

        (What is negative to me are positive to you and positive to me are negative to you BECAUSE Rajapaksa gave political leadership to destroy LTTE)

        • 1


          I don’t blame you for being a victim of arrested development, it is your inability to see, hear, ….think, what is happening all around you prevents you from rationally approaching issues. I am willing tirelessly to inform you about the events leading up to whatever had happened.

          JR Constitution
          Helped Rajapaksas to run a dictatorship with impunity, … without accountability.

          82 Jaffna library
          In fact it was on 31 May 1981 it was set alight by goons allegedly led by two ministers. However the all powerful presidency has been under SLFP control from 12 November 1994 to date. No investigation has been conducted by SLFP presidents for 25 years to investigate, arrest, punish and retrieve some old ola manuscripts and rare books which were taken away from the library and stored somewhere in the South may be Kurunegala area.
          Why is that you seem to support Mahinda yet never demanded he conducted a transparent investigation into the Jaffna Library arson attack.
          Crocodiles do shed tears.

          83 Black July
          In the past 25 years under all powerful SLFP presidents it never occurred to them or you to seriously set up an investigation to arrest, charge and punish the rioters, rapists, murderers, arsonists,. …………
          Do not give us your usual bull.
          Crocodiles do shed tears

          Pro West policy which led to
          This is another of your patriotic bull s**t.
          The country should have been restructured, decentralised and powers should have been devolved to the smallest units of the state institutions long before the IPKF intervention.
          By the way did it occur to any of the racists (like you) to make Tamil as another official language and English a link language until the Hindians caught JR by his b***s and forced him to sign what he signed?

          • 1


            Pro West policy which led to………
            What were you (racists) doing in the previous 31 years from 1956 to 1987 to change and democratise the island. Perhaps busy making money out of people’s misery.

            By the way did Siri Mao distribute free rice which she was going to import from the MOON? Did Article II of the constitution make this island a better place to live? Crooks, murderers were allowed to have free ride and encourage to thrive in the name of Sinhala/Buddhism, …………..

            89 Bheesanaya

            This is because the centralised state continues to accumulate power over people, which led to 1971, and the 1972 constitution gave more power to the crooks particularly the SLFP …
            You never demanded an investigation into all human right violations, war crimes, crimes against humanity being committed between 5th April 1971 and 8th January 2015, to put a full stop to all future Bheesanaya. I suggested a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to investigate the period between 5th April 1971 and 8th January 2015.

            RW-VP pact
            I have explained this many times to you and your fellow Mahinda’s b***s carriers. Michael Corleone’s father’s advice to him was “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.” This is too sophisticated a strategy for you. Therefore please don’t waste time trying to understand it.

            Making Sirisena president
            Please go read.
            It was a conspiracy on the part of Hindia and your saviour USA.
            Remember if you don’t treat your family well strangers will grope your women folks. Then don’t blame your family and strangers. Eventually women folks will begin to enjoy stranger’s company.

            Bond scam

            What was the joint opposition doing during the past 4 years, plotting to capture state power in a coup?
            Wish you well

            • 0

              Thanks for the detailed response.
              All what you are saying is you are on the side of the criminal because the crime was not properly investigated


  • 2

    BS. Basil was never in favor of Mahinda becoming the PM. He in fact publicly opposed the idea of ousting Ranil and appointing Mahinda. Basil is a Sirisena hater. His and Namal’s actions caused Sirisena to defect to Yahapalana camp.

    If a fake government was installed on October 26th then same thing did happen on 8th of January 2015, How did Ranil become the PM with just 35 or something MPs in the parliament ? It can be done because president has the authority to pick whoever he wants as the PM. 19A can do nothing about.it,

    • 2

      Andare 2.0

      “It can be done because president has the authority to pick whoever he wants as the PM. “

      Ultimately president has no say in retaining his choice of prime minister else the shameless crook Mahinda could stayed as prime minister.
      If a person does not command the confidence of the house he/she cannot remain as prime minister. On 9th January 2015 Ranil commanded majority and still he does.

      Please stop making your own parliamentary rules as you go along.

      • 0

        Mahinda was the LEGITIMATE PM. His legitimacy was never challenged in the SC whose opinion is the only thing that counts. However Sham no confidence motions presented by Ranil Sumanthiran ,Anura kumara trio aka axis of evil are absolutely illegitimate. Proper procedure to adhere to when tabling a no con motion is mentioned in the parliamentary standing orders. It would take at least a week to properly impeach the PM. They didn’t follow the standing orders hence their fake no confidence motions are null and void.

  • 1

    When was the last time, UNP won a presidential election. Even the last time, when Mahinda Rajapakse, after two elections, were the most unpopular (remember John Kerry said they spend money to change the Rajapakse Regime, They also say Srilanka is the oldest democracy in Asia as it began in 1930), Ranil could win only in 42 electoral districts (because, they are not going for the electorate now).
    See Now TRUMP is being criticized by their media heavily. Even then, there are no formidable candidates from the Democratic party is preparing. They know it is just a waste of money.
    So, why do not UNP just forget forwarding a candidate. They can forward another candidate. but, they have to rob the Central bank. MCC may spend for the general election but not for the Presidential election.
    Ranil stays the same great philanthropist who after 2005, every time he stayed the party leader and just push away the president and get the post.
    I heard Jayantha Dhanapala also want to contest from some party.

  • 1

    If Sajith is contesting, he would be ruining himself. After two terms when UPFA was most unpopular, as any governing party can be, even after USA spendign $ 585 million for Pivot to Asia region elections for the demise of UPFA, Ranil could win only 42 seats. Ranil is very smart. He may push one of his enemies to contest the presidential election under the UNP ticket. Ranil may complete it by kicking him out from UNP once the election is lost. It is stupid ambitions.

  • 0

    “Sajith has a chip on his shoulders.” Shyamon Jayasinghe is spot on. The writer’s forecsast that Mr President Sajith Premadasa will oust Ranil as party leader is also spot on.
    Another incisive analysis on our political situation

  • 1

    I agreed the comment in the article say, those sponsored of SAJITH have no voter Base. One of them is MInister Harin who have pathetic record both in his area politics and work in his present ministry.MS &MR both used the man to destroy the UNP and weaken THE Leader and its organization.Certain Media’s Bach them.Best thing is RW a will be candidate whatever outcome the election.

    • 0

      SAJIT lost 10,000 votes in local governments election
      Ajith p perera lost 20,000 votes in Bulathsinhala electorate
      Harsha D Silva lost 5000 votes his kotte electorate
      Harin Farnando lost 10000 votes his Buddulla
      Eran Wickramanayaka lost 10000 votes his Moratuwa.
      Thalatha, Sriayani Both lost thier seats.
      Please anlyssed performances of so called followers of Deputy leader of UNP.

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