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UNP & SLFP Miserably Failed The Country: Inevitable Need For Third Political Force

By Latheef Farook

Latheef Farook

Latheef Farook

People in general are fed up and disgusted at government’s refusal to fulfil its pledge to bring those involved in crime, corruption, amassed wealth illegally, plundered the country, waste and other such activities during the previous regime to book.

On 8 January 2015 they voted with great enthusiasm in the hope that both President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe would be sincere in their election slogans to punish all who plundered country’s wealth.

However, dashing all hopes the government, instead of fulfilling its promises, is being accused of same evils such as widespread corruption and waste while crooks, criminals and others accused of various crimes remain free and even travel abroad.

Mood in the country is “Gloom”. Civil society organisations even discuss the possibility of a third political force as both United National Party and the Sri Lanka Freedom Party, ruled alternatively since independence, had turned the country into one of the most mismanaged in the world. They realise that the short sighted racist politics of these two parties had brought nothing but disaster.Sirisena-Ranil-

For example Sri Lanka, during the time of independence, was one of most stable countries, often described as role model, in the entire Third world. There was political and economic stability, sufficient foreign reserve, health care and education system, communal harmony and peace.

Those were the days one could walk from Matara to Jaffna without the fear of being waylaid. Instead one may have been treated for a free cup of tea or a meal as human values were cherished

Rights and privileges of all were enshrined in the constitution. People respected one another’s religious and cultural values. Politicians, professionals, intellectuals and all others were respected by the society. Corruption and crime were relatively unknown.

There was an independent judiciary and police. Thus the country was blessed with everything required to move ahead to ensure a better future for all. However it failed to produce a visionary leader from the majority community who could think above communal politics and guide the country.

As a result, almost seven decades after independence today, Sri Lanka remains as one of the most mismanaged countries in the world.

Who is responsible? Isn’t it the destructive racist politics of UNP and SLFP which turned the island into Asia’s worst killing field? Racist politics began as early as 1930s when some politicians began to promote the interest of the Sinhalese for their own selfish political interest.

For example during the State Council days in the 1930s it was D.S. Senanayake as Minister of Lands and Lands Settlement initiated the colonisation of Sinhalese in Polonnaruwa, Padaviya and Inginiyagala in the East which were claimed by Tamils and Muslims as their traditional home .Thus began the conflict between communities which is raging to date and torn asunder peace and harmony in the country.

Adding fuel to fire politicians also started claiming that this is a Sinhala Buddhist country and dismissed minorities. Minorities who do not want to be second class citizens demanded equal rights and equal role in the affairs of the country and in deciding their own destinies.

Thus they sowed seeds of communal disharmony. Here lies the crux of the ethnic crisis.

Realising the racist mind-set of politicians, the British colonial government, enshrined in the Soulbury constitution a special provision, section 29A ,as a security valve in the hope of protecting minority rights. However after independence successive governments promoted and protected the interest of the majority community, dismissing the rights of minorities.

Some of the Sinhalese leaders, before and after the independence, were quite open in continuing to whip up communalism .They openly equated and, continued to equate Sinhalese nationalism with Sri Lankan nationalism and Buddhism, and began implementing their communal agendas ruthlessly, not realizing that they were plunging the country into a bloodbath.

Exploiting the mood of the Sinhalese the Legislative Council Member S.W.R.D. Bandaranaike formed the “Sinhala Maha Sabha” which segregated the Sinhalese from the mainstream political scene.

J.R.Jayewardene moved in the United National Party annual convention the Sinhala only resolution. S.W.R.D.Bandaranaike called for “Sinhala Only within 24 Hours” and faced elections on communal slogans to gain power. Politicians also encouraged the rise of Sinhala chauvinism with frequent violent attacks on Tamils causing death and destruction.

However Mr Bandaranaike was quick to realise the consequences of his communal politics and took damage control measures such as Bandaranaike Chelvanayagm Pact, BC Pact. Even at that stage, did the politicians do some stock taking of the consequences of their racist politics? They were not bothered.

Instead almost all governments with their eyes firmly fixed on elections, either to win or to retain power, aggressively continued to woo the majority community as the most effective vote caching strategy.

This unfortunate trend continued not realising the consequences. In 1970 Prime Minister Mrs Srimavo Bandaranaike removed Section No 29A of the soulbury constitution in her Republican Constitution and made Buddhism the state religion. This led to all Tamil political parties uniting under the umbrella of Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) which demanded equal rights.

Added to this President Jayewardene’s draconian 1978 constitution which created a democratically elected all powerful dictator virtually turned minorities voiceless and helpless. In July 1983 his party thugs attacked and killed Tamils besides burning their properties under a very well organised anti Tamil pogrom.

The result was the emergence of the Tamil militancy, later trained, armed and financed by India, which produced some of the deadliest terrorists who virtually paralysed the island besides paving the way for a powerful Tamil Diaspora of Sri Lankan Tamils.

There were death and destruction all over, economy was crippled and people lived in fear. The situation was such that womenfolk at home were not sure whether their husbands who went to work or the children who went to school would return alive. Those were the days when people went about only for essential work as they did not know when and where a bomb would explode.

While people suffered, politicians and their cronies flourished in the form of commissions in weapons purchasing. This dire catastrophe spelt adversity to the helpless people and prosperity to politicians of the two main parties.

The ethnic war also brought in all sorts of players to the island. For example India entered the island’s politics when the Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi forced down the throat of President J.R.Jayewardene the 13th Amendments to the constitution. In the subsequent years India’s interference and dominance in the local politics came to such a ridiculous stage that Sri Lankan politicians visited New Delhi frequently to brief and, perhaps, to get their blessings on local issues.

Most disillusioned people from all communities left the island in search of peaceful life to countries all over the world. Squeezed between Sinhala chauvinists and the Tamil racism and militancy, the Muslim community had its own share of sufferings. Their grievances fell on the deaf ears of almost every government after the independence.

A section of Muslims from the east, launched a separate Muslim party which isolated the Muslim community from both Sinhalese and Tamils. Their sufferings continued even after the war ended due to Rajapaksa government’s hostility towards Muslims.

The military defeat of LTTE provided a golden opportunity for the country to learn lesson from racist politics, take measures for healing wounds, bring communities together and jointly move ahead for a better future for all.

That historic opportunity was squandered once again due to racist politics, unprecedented crime, corruption waste and the virtual collapse of the administration under Mahinda Rajapaksa regime. The regime unleashed violence against Muslims. There were more than 350 attacks on mosques, religious schools, business establishments and the organised pogrom at Aluthgama, Beruwala and Dharga town.

It was under such circumstance that President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe came out with the slogan they would eliminate crime, corruption and pave the way for good governance and communal harmony.

Almost two years after assuming office where do we stand today? Once again allegation of racist politics, widespread corruption, lawlessness, rapid erosion of democracy, wasteful expenditure, extravagance and luxury.

The question is whether the people are once again going to vote for these parties or think of a new political force?

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  • 4

    Latheef Farook

    RE:UNP & SLFP Miserably Failed The Country: Inevitable Need For Third Political Force

    Yes, can agree on that. There was the LSSP and CP, and they sold out to the Racists.

    The best third political force to liberate the country from SLFP and UNP is the National Liberation Front, Jatika Vimukthi Peramuna, JVP.

    See what Sirisena Yahapalanaya had turned out to be. Disgusting!

    The President Sirisena, turned out to be a Turncoat*, Traitor**, Gona*** Mala-Perathaya**** Sirisena, who deceived those voters ands sold himself to the Rajapaksa and his cronies.

    Turncoat*: a person who deserts one party or cause in order to join an opposing one.

    Traitor** a person who betrays a friend, country, principle, etc.

    Gona*** Colloquial Sinhala, a Whore, to the Rajapaksa and his cronies, for the stolen billions.

    Mala-Perathaya**** Somebody who eats off the dead, like Sirisena accepting Santghosams, largesse, from the Rajapaksa killers, on the Mala-Peretha smile.


  • 5

    Mr. Farook,

    You have used the word “Racist(s)” numerous times in this article. So let’s look at the accepted world wide definition of a racist.

    A racist is someone whose actions, practices, or beliefs are guided by the belief that humans are divided into races and that some races are better that the others. For example: the belief that whites are better than blacks.

    So in Sri Lanka geography, DOES SINHALA people think that they are SUPERIOR to minorities based on DNA >>>I DON’ THINK SO.

    DOES SINHALA PEOPLE think that their WORLD VIEW is superior >> Yes MOST PROBABLY. BUT so does the MUSLIMS , HINDUS, Christians …
    So ARE you calling these people Racists ???

    Are the Sinhala people called racists BECAUSE they are the numerical majority. Numerical majority DOES NOT translate to Economic Power.


    Believes in the superiority of one race over another, or acts differently (usually negatively) towards a person or a group of people because of their race.

    Where in the HISTORY OF MODERN SRI LANKA (1948 –onwards) has there been Racial Superiority displayed…except in numerical numbers. YES. Sinhala and Sinhalese-Buddhist (world view) group is a NUMERICAL MAJORITY……

    “……East which were claimed by Tamils and Muslims as their traditional home…..” So CAN you please verify WHERE ARE the traditional HOMELANDS of SINHALA and BUDDHISTS. (Sinhala-Buddhists is a clarification required after 1505 when Sinhalese and Tamils were converted to Christianity by invading forces and armies…Otherwise , Sinhala (Sinhalese) were Buddhists or NO religion or practicing personnel cults)..

    IS EVERY IN IN the Northern and Eastern province can be OWN by Tamils and Tamil Speakers ???

    Is there a PRIVATE OWNER Tamil I presume for every square meter of territory in the Northern and Eastern Province….????



    YES ! Something needs to be done very soon.

    Beyond, Mahinda Rajapakshe, UNP, SLFP, JVP….and the lot..Beyond your Weerawansa’s , BBS etc..It will come….

  • 5

    Mr Latheef Farook,

    Although one can have a few squabbles with some of the things you have highlighted; It’s a good write-up.

    But I believe that all of Lankan “intelligentsia” is making one crucial mistake – their total disregard of the social evolutionary process.

    It’s impossible for Lankans to completely disentangle themselves from the Lankan situation to rationally dissect the SL “condition” as national, racial, ethnic, religious, ……. pride – in all cases nothing but foolish pride – is involved.


    Let us forget SL and take the case of Nigeria which perhaps we will be able to see clearly/rationally as all of us are far removed from it.

    Do you in your right mind believe that a single man/woman, a visionary-leader, a third political-force, a new constitution, ……….. or what-have-you, can come along and change Nigeria? If I tell you that all what Nigeria needs is a third political-force, you’ll think I’m crazy (perhaps, I’m, trying to get Lankans to understand this. :)) The Nigerian society is not at a stage in the evolutionary process where a modern “democracy” can be installed. We are able to clearly see it because we, emotionally, are far removed from it.

    At one time Nigeria adopted the American constitution word for word; they thought that’s all what they needed to be another America! Many Nigerians believed it and supported it. But most non-Nigerians instinctively knew that it’s never going to work. Nigeria has remained Nigeria. At this point in time that’s the essence of Nigeria. It can’t be anything else.

    But still, you believe, all what SL needs is a third political force!!!

    In this point in time this is us; this is our essence. We can’t be anything else. Most Lankans won’t be able to see it, but ironically there won’t be many Nigerians who won’t see it.

    The writers will write, the priests will preach, politicians will “sincere-rite” from the depths of their souls, artists will sing and dance ………

    But, nothing much’s gonna change. This is us; this is our essence.

    • 3

      Nimal F,
      “But, nothing much’s gonna change. This is us; this is our essence.”
      You have hit the nail on the head. Sri Lankans (all kinds) are just that. They can’t behave in any different fashion. A third force will sink into the same cycle of power-hungry corruption and extravagant election promises paid for with loans. Sri Lankans are South Asians. From my experience, they perform best when they have a foreign boss. Left to themselves, they degenerate into squabbling factions.
      Only education will change this. But then, isn’t it the politicians who decide educational policy? Are they going to risk losing their vote bank by removing all religions and the Mahavamsa from the curriculum? Are they ready to ban astrology ? Will they lock up rabble-rousers no matter what robe they wear? Are they willing to introduce a properly targeted scheme to replace the Samurdhi scam?
      Our Constitution is a very fine one on paper. But does even the Government adhere to it 100%? In spite of all the fine words in it, over 150,000 youth have have been extra-judicially terminated in various insurgencies. Alleged criminals in custody have a strange habit of leading the police to hidden weapons, which they then use to attack the police (while handcuffed). And of course the police shoot back. Does our media comment on this?
      I will believe that things can change, when traffic offenders do not try to bribe the cops.
      I will believe things can change, when monks walk to their destinations.
      I will believe things can change, when politicians vote to cut their salaries, and use public transport.
      I will believe things can change, when a presidential candidate promises to balance the budget, take no loans, cut perks, stop subsidies, provide services at cost.

  • 6

    “UNP & SLFP Miserably Failed The Country: Inevitable Need For Third Political Force”

    Of course there is need for a third force.

    How about Latheef Farook, HLD Mahindapala, Izeth Hussein, Gnanasara, Somawansa, Wimal Sangili Karuppan Weerawansa, Dayan Jayatilleke, Karuna, KP, Pillayan, …… joining hands to form a new party under the leadership of Gotabhaya?

    • 1

      He will be the worst leader, bloody murderer.

  • 0

    I get your point you are describing, how all our past politicians has exploited racial and religion labels for their own interests but you seems to be receiving some stones from a few readers as if you were accusing the general public as racist. I whole heartedly believe that we are not a racist society but we are a very gullible society that even a 3rd grade politician could easily use even the length of our toe nails to exploit the masses and the masses would swallow it. Reading the responses, I notice that some have even proposed Gotabaya to lead our nation. What we should do to all our past leaders is that we build a monument at Galle Face with their faces and describe how each one screwed our country for their personal gains, so that the next generation would not repeat it like the attempt being made with Gotabaya. Our current elderly generation is a clear write-off and I hope we all can agree on that without fighting among us.

    We will need to have the courage to give prominence to being Sri Lankan above anything else while we outlaw the myth of carving out homelands and outlaw political parties based on race or religion and remove all special privileges based on race or religion as all Sri Lankans should be allowed to live in any area in the country in peace to make all Sri Lankans as he majority.

    These radical ideas should be owned by the general public and the general public should take the reigns and elect leaders under a new constitution with least powers and specific goals to achieve defined short period until we can remove all the con artists with some descent human beings. Yes, this transition may take some time and we may have to reply on a slightly cleaned up JVP. The cleaning up I expect from the old JVP leaders is to ask for their pardon for the past atrocities from the general public and start fresh with a new name other than the JVP. But yet, we the general public should hold the reigns and monitor them running the country until results can be displayed.

    • 1

      Anura De Silva

      I admire your wishes. Hope one day this political system would be cleaned.

      However, the process of cleaning up the state and politics is not that simple, given that post independent country has been built on public racism, and all parties without exception thrived/thrives on racism.

      Every party benefited from landslide majority victory simply being more hardliner than the next. These victories helped the ruling racists to centralise state power and abuse it.

      The people just felt better being fed pure racism.

      The JVP is no exception, speak to its supporters. Their racism is disguised in Marxist gobbledygook.

  • 4

    Nice Comment Mr Farook, Also i may add!
    When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.
    When the government fears the people, there is liberty.

  • 6

    Alright Mr Farook.

    Now your racist group can start preaching after Friday prayers to form a group based on Sharia Law.

    Like your racist group voted as ‘block’ at the last elections, you can steal the government with the gerrimandering your friend Mustapha (straight from Ali Baba) is busy for the last 18 months. The word conspiracy comes to mind.

    Then we can start the next war in this lovely island.

    • 2

      Then they’ll bring Jihad. Did you notice this wahabi lover racist has NEVER condemned Islamic extremists? ISIS is boiling people alive, raping girls as young as 10, beheading people, committing genocide and all this man can do is condemn the sinhala majority and insult them over and over again; all his writings have the same pattern. He hates the sinhala people. He hates buddhists and christians. He is unlike Izeth or Hilmy.
      This man is an outright bigot. Sa

  • 1

    “Who is responsible? Isn’t it the destructive racist politics of UNP and SLFP which turned the island into Asia’s worst killing field? “

    I think you are right and I agree with you.

    I think they crossed the fine line between supporting their community and going against the other communities. Lack of political wisdom and leadership.

    We need leadership in reconcilliation – no one talks about it enough or takes practical measures to ensure it for fear again of losing the vote.

  • 0

    POINT BLANK YOU ARE GOING OFF TRACK WHAT Mr Farook commented is the truth.

    People like Native Veddahs and Point Blanks don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed.

  • 1

    Career politicians have failed this country.Time to bring private sector to for results..not blue chip ceo or funny money types but real proven private sector.

    • 1

      Okkame Ekai,

      You may not like it but let me sill say it.

      What if we call Britain and ask them to run it again? They have their problem nowadays but this should be still a peanut for them. They will send only one person, not 20 million monkeys and donkeys, A Governor General, Queen’s representative. Done it!

      First reverse back to 1948 in five year Austerity Budget. Another five mean budget. Lost Groth covered. Another five flossing budget. Ceylon back on its leadership chair in Asia.

    • 1


      “Career politicians have failed this country.”

      You are right.

      Let us elect Gota as the future president and appoint 225 members of parliament from armed forces. Appoint head of Sangha as co president (ceremonial head).

      Appoint members of clergy to state institutions.

      A new constitution should consider the legitimacy of forming a model that combines the essence of both stratocracy and theocracy.

  • 2

    La Theef has strike one more time. In the last article he wanted Sharia imposed all over the island. In other word, he wanted if a Tamil or Sinhala women go near him she has to marry or she has adulterated the La Theef’s Society and has to hundred times whipped in a Mosque and head chopped off.

    La Theef wrote this article because UNP supported Mahanayake Gnanam is having upper hand these days. In the last government SLFP supported Mahanayake Gnanam to enter into Rishad’s minsitry. Now UNP supporting him to do anything he wants. The minorities those, who not heeding the long comments we wrote during the 2015 election staying all the night awake with paining fingers, died with UNP and New King UNP in the last EP election now starting to understand even if the Old Royals had did it, the New royals will not protect any minority, including Muslims. Now,Sumanerate is picking up on Tamils in the east, but any time he can jump on Muslims too. So La Theef is conceding to Mahanayake Gnanam and Sumanaratne. This is after losing eyesight starting to pray the Sun God. La Theef could have done this pray before New Royals come to power. It was the time foreign countries must have been given to understand that coming new force going to debate the minorities with the same mower, plow, and roller again.

    Can La Theef explain why Hakeem cheated TNA to form a provincial government with them if he or other Muslims thinking in the way he wrote here.

    La Theef crying here that 350 Mosques are destroyed.(There are 2750 hindu Temples destroyed by the end of the war). When Dambulla Mosques was designated to be removed Mano Ganesan opposed it. Ashar said, according to Sharia, Mano Ganesan had not done Suneth and have no authority to speak for them. La Theef supported it or went silent but didn’t oppose that comment. Now let me ask him question, Why is he writing this on a public forum? Can those who did not do that procedure comment on the atrocities done to Muslims by the Majority community?

    He is just an opportunistic La Theef. “Kzhukkum Paadi Kanchchikkum Paadi”.That’s all!

  • 2

    Please stop being a racist agitator. You want segregated exclusivity for Muslims and Tamils, but yet you all continue to expand and prosper in Sinhala buddhist areas. Badukka, Galle, Kandy. You built provocative Mosques with Wahabi racist money in Sinhalese areas and you dare say they’re intolerant? How many sinhala people live in your areas with the same freedoms you have in Sinhalese areas. Your racist wahabism is a sick disease. Live and let live . What if like your Eastern province CM Kandyan people or Anuradhapura people or Dambulla people tell you you cannot have mosques so close to our holy areas and you need to remove them? Stop your racism first.islamic theory doesn’t allow tolerance. How many churches and temples do you find in the middle east?

    • 1

      You and your kind are a dying breed. Prosperity is not confined to an ethnicity rather to sound economic policies the leadership adopts. Politicians have and will continue to hoodwink people of your kind to enrich themselves by creating divisions among communities. Sooner you learn their scam the better.

      Sri Lankans should give up on this ridiculous mockery of entrusting their livelihood to politicians and start building their lives on productive efforts. Politicians by their very nature and their very presence distort, destroy, sodomise economic order and they also steal from the unborn and create economic distortions in the future, kind of meddling time travelers, literally the mother of all economic screw ups.

    • 2

      Saudi Bigot

      “You want segregated exclusivity for Muslims and Tamils, but yet you all continue to expand and prosper in Sinhala buddhist areas.”

      It is unreasonable. The Tamils and Muslims should not be allowed to expand into Sinhala/buddhist areas.

      A solution could be found. Give them their separate areas in which they call their habitat.

      Let them do what they want to do in their own habitats and the responsibility of sunning their own affairs lies with them. Sinhala/Buddhists have no need to worry about Tamils/Muslims encroaching their areas nor their businesses, nor spending Sinhala/Buddhists Tax payers money on them.

      Do or die, would be their problem and wouldn’t be yours.

      “islamic theory doesn’t allow tolerance. “

      So does Sinhala/Buddhism.

      “How many churches and temples do you find in the middle east?”

      What do you suggest?

      Are the Muslims of this land running the countries of middle east. If they are, you should be proud of them.

  • 0

    My solution:

    Handover Sri Lanka to UK for 10 years on a management agreement. Let’s decide about renewal after 10 years. UK will make Sri Lanka a Hong Kong. I think the entire 3rd world must be given to UK for management and governance. Otherwise for ever World Bank and IMF will have to feed the 3rd world. This is serious advice and only solution.

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