14 August, 2022


Unregistered Vehicles Roam Free In Uva And The Police Are Too Afraid To Catch Them

Election monitoring bodies have been continuously expressing concern over the use of unregistered vehicles by the UPFA candidates in Uva for their provincial poll campaigning activities and and to transport thugs who have been spreading a climate of fear particularly in the Moneragala district.

Uva electionDespite the repeated complaints, the Police however has been turning a blind eye to these vehicles and they have been used by the UPFA candidates since the commencement of the election campaigning until now. In many occasions, these vehicles have driven past the Police check points that were set up in the Uva province as a remedy to the rampant election law violations and yet not a single vehicle was apprehended or even stopped.

Below is the image of such unregistered vehicle used for election campaigning purposes of UPFA candidate Wadiwel Suresh. This image was taken yesterday evening at about 3.25 pm in the Badulla town.

It was a few minutes afterwards that UPFA MInister S. Thondaman’s vehicle resulted in the death of one man and injured 15 persons during an election rally in Bandarawela last evening. Thondaman had deployed six unregistered vehicles for election campaining but the Police failed to apprehend any one of those vehicles or its drivers.

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    “Sri Lanka Police Department” is the name of the our Police Department. Name of of the Political Party of the Aadambarakara Thatha is also “Sri Lanka Freedom Party”. Therefore Sri Lanka Police Department can be considered as branch of Sri Lanka Freedom Party.

    Apart from that DIG, SSP in that that area and IG and Peththappu also vehemently refused that Unregistered Vehicles are roaming in Uva Provice. Also Shashindra Rajapaksha, Ethanol Nilame has said those Vehicles may be going some other areas through Uva Province and he can’t stop them.

    Or else may be those Defenders belongs to opposition?

    Now “Ralahami” in the picture will be in trouble.

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      Jatika Vimukthi Peramuna, Peoples Liberation Front,

      What are you guys doing about this? They attack mostly JVP.

      You know the Vehicles You know the drivers, You know the politicians< but the Police will not do anything.

      So, You have to do something.

      JVP are Wimps? Are You cowards?

      Pull out the drivers and beat them up. And see what the police does, but be prepared.

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        Chee. Neither you nor any one else who has half a brain cell should condone or encourage violence, even counter-violence against anyone. An eye for an eye will eventually make the whole world blind.

        I think the JVP and other opposition parties are behaving in an exemplary manner in the face of all this blatant election malpractice and they should be commended for that. If their leaders will get on their respective soap boxes and tell the people of why they choose to counter violence with patience and resoluteness (and the adverse consequences of not doing so), they have a better chance of winning them over to their side/s.

        I would expect that all the evidence of these cheap malpractice on the part of the ruling party is being gathered for use and submission in later inquiries, either in the courts of law (did I just hear someone laugh his bollocks off?) or in later commissions to be appointed for the purpose, so as to expose these cheap guttersnipes for what they really are.

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          Puhul Dosi

          “If their leaders will get on their respective soap boxes and tell the people of why they choose to counter violence with patience and resoluteness (and the adverse consequences of not doing so), they have a better chance of winning them over to their side/s.”

          GOOD POINTS. Yes, violence will work only if you have more fire power.

          May be putting to shame those who vote UPFA and MaRa , Mara, mat swing the voters on the fence.

          Is the message getting to the people that, Mara and their cronies are:

          1. Using unregistered Vehicles

          2. The police is not doing anything.

          3. There is violence, rapes and Monks running amok.

          4. bribery and Corruption, everywhere.

          O People, DO YOU want to elect these thugs and liars and bribe takers to be elected? What do they want to hide?

          Please use your common sense.

          Is this message getting across?

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            JVP Activities …

            Massive crowds for JVP rally at Badulla
            TUESDAY, 16 SEPTEMBER 2014 22:50


            A massive crowd was present for the election rally held by the JVP at Walekade area in Badulla today (16th).

            The Leader of the JVP Anura Dissanayaka and several others addressed the rally.

            Saman Saya:

            2014-09-17 01:23
            JVP is the only peoples party in Sri Lanka. JVP is the only party that concern of Poor peoples issues and who talk about Rajapakse corruptions.
            JVP should go global joining with other countries socialist parties and with Sri Lanka diaspora community and should spread their agenda through Internet,youtub e, press, publications, TV and radio.
            I wish JVP all the success in UVA elections

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    What has the police spokes person got to say now? Is he going to say that the policeman in this picture has not reported this incident to the police station?

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    Someone on top (one guess) has given these policemen the order to “turn a blind eye”, just like they did when saffron robed thugs attacked and killed Muslims. Same source.

    They want to win using ALL devious means, and they have the power to do it too.

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    I asked a friend…. Will the UFPA win in Uva. He said ” They will lose, but they will win”.

    It took me a few moments to figure out the gravity of his words….

    So much for governance and democracy.

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    No more Sri Lankan police force. Today we have Rajapakse police dogs. That’s the reason we do not have law and order in Sri Lanka.

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    Wow we are back to the Eighties and the height of UNP power.

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