4 June, 2023


UPFA Crisis: Two Separate National List Nominees; MR Faction To Go To Courts

The United Peoples Freedom Alliance (UPFA) is set to handover two separate national list nominees to the elections commissioner shortly, according to party sources.

Mahinda Rajapaksa

Mahinda Rajapaksa

A senior UPFA member and a staunch loyalist of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa said that Susil Premajayanth, the sacked UPFA Secretary will hand over a list containing UPFA nominees for the national list slots in Parliament to the elections commissioner.

Meanwhile Prof. Wisva Warnapala who was appointed by the President Maithripala Sirisena as the new acting General Secretary of the UPFA is planning to submit a separate list of national list nominees.

Both Warnapala and Premajayanth on Tuesday had met the Commissioner of Elections Mahinda Deshapriya to discuss the matter.

Prof. Warnapala, when he arrived at the election secretariat on Tuesday had said that he will be dealing with all election related issues including the naming of the national list. The UPFA secured 12 national list slots at Monday’s polls.

Colombo district court issued an interim injunction effective until August 28, allowing Warnapala to carryout functions as the acting General Secretary of the UPFA.

However, election secretariat sources said that the Commissioner was yet to receive the court order.

Meanwhile the senior UPFA politician said that the Rajapaksa faction in the UPFA will go to courts over the sacking of Premajayanth.

He said that the removal of Premajayanth was both against the UPFA constitution and also polls laws.

He said that the UPFA Executive Council throughout had maintained that the sacking of Premajayanth was illegal.

In an effort to wrest control of the party President Sirisena who is both leader of the SLFP and UPFA removed 13 central committee members of the SLFP.

Earlier he had removed both Premajayanth and Anura Yapa who held the SLFP General Secretary’s post.

At the time Rajapaksa faction accused that this was done with the aim of taking control in appointing nominees to the national list.

The expelled SLFP CC members were Susil Premajayantha, Anura Priyadarshana Yapa, DM Jayaratne, Ratnasiri Wickremanayake, Janaka Bandara Tennakoon, Pavithra Wanniarachchi, John Seneviratne, Nirmala Kothalawala, Dilan Perera, Rohitha Abeygunawardhana, Dullas Alahapperuma, Prof GL Peiris and Kamala Ranatunga.

The President had appointed 13 new members who are loyal to him to replace the expelled members, and the newly appointed SLFP General Secretary Duminda Dissanayake had signed the appointment letters of the new members.

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  • 82

    Surely, MS would have obtained prior legal advice.

    Looks like these idiot don’t know when to give up !

    • 35

      I have emphasized many times before….the problem could be solved for the UPFA and to the country as a whole if Maithree team had used a one single bullet before the ballot. The same bullet Mahinda would have been used on Maithree had he been the PM.

      Just bump off the cobra…..all things will come to its place in peaceful order.

      Send off MR to the other world…at least now.

      • 0

        @Desert Storm, I wouldn’t put it that harshly but I see your point. MaRa MaRa, what a thief, murderer, killer………..the list goes on!!!!!

    • 26

      Surely this is ya@apalanaya as good as it can get…

      • 2

        Even #yahapalanaya has a ugly face, it can efford to showup. Just like even the world beuty queens has a ugly face in the early mornings after a good nights slumber.


    • 11

      RE: UPFA Crisis: Two Separate National List Nominees; MR Faction To Go To Courts

      “Surely, MS would have obtained prior legal advice. ”

      Let’s hope so.

      Are MaRa MaRa Chati MaRa and his cronies bumbling and fumbling?

      “The expelled SLFP CC members were Susil Premajayantha, Anura Priyadarshana Yapa, DM Jayaratne, Ratnasiri Wickremanayake, Janaka Bandara Tennakoon, Pavithra Wanniarachchi, John Seneviratne, Nirmala Kothalawala, Dilan Perera, Rohitha Abeygunawardena, Dullas Alahapperuma, Prof GL Peiris and Kamala Ranatunga.”

      Good to get rid oh these MaRa MaRa Chatu MaRa cronies.

      President Sirisena, well done.

      Now all of us All Sing Jaya Mangala Gatha,

      MaRa MaRa Chatu MaRa
      MaRa MaRa Amana MaRa
      MaRa MaRa HoRa MaRa
      MaRa MaRa Dhushana MaRa
      MaRa MaRa Pacha MaRa
      MaRa MaRa Mi MaRu MaRa

      • 6

        This is an idiot at the highest level. It shows the caliber of Sirisena supporters – uneducated thrash is the only way to describe them.

      • 2

        Amare you ra emissing these few lines

        MaRa MaRa Ravul Mara
        MaRa MaRa Pansal yana Mara
        MaRa MaRa babbu imbina Mara
        MaRa MaRa kapati Mara
        MaRa MaRa Gonpalana Mara

        • 2


          “Amare you ra emissing these few lines”

          Thanks for helping out.

          Let us all sing Jaya Magala Gatha, in the Original Pali, to Exorcise Pansal MaRa, the way it was done 2,500 years ago.

          Jaya Mangala Gatha-Verses of Auspicious Victory (rare Pali version)-Buddhist Chants.


          Based on the Book of Protection (Paritta Sutta) from the Pali canon, the Jaya Mangala Gatha is sung here in a rare recording by the Mahabodhi Society of India in original Pali. The Jaya Mangala Gatha is a chant recommended by the Buddha to destroy negativity and to generate auspiciousness. It proclaims the 8 major victories of the Buddha which are:

          1) Victory over Mara ( MaRa)
          2) Victory over the demon Alavaka (Wimal)
          3) Victory over the wild elephant Nalagiri (Udu Gamanpila)
          4) Victory over serial killer Angulimala (Gotabaya)
          5) Victory over the evil intentions of Cinca who sought to defame (Pavitra)
          6) Victory over the haughty brahmin Saccaka (Vasudeva)
          7) Victory over the serpent king Nandopananda (Susil)
          8) Victory over the false views of Brahma Baka (Yapa)

          and complete the Jaya Mangala Gatha by Jaya Mangalam over

          MaRa Mara Amana MaRa Chatu MaRa…

    • 1

      Point of View,
      President had not read the law! Remember what he told of the Titanic ? He and his Secretaries must be more efficient. A lawyer from the Attorney General’s office must be present 7-24 for State advice and another panel for Party and Private advice.After all he becomes a laughing stock later.They must go by party rules. For redress they must go to the Supreme Court. That judge had signed after courts closed, when holiday started and…on his way home as the request came from the President.That judge must resign as he did not know the law.However, the Commissioner of Elections did not have a copy of the order formally served on him. Regretfully, another black mark on Yahapalanaya.
      Our innocent President must be told that Dr Vishwa Warnapala humiliated Anagarika Dharmapalathuma at the Felicitation for Dr Colvin R. de Silva( 50 yrs in Politics/75th birth anniversary), at the Navarangahala in or about 1982 by reading a letter written by the Anagarika Dharmapala to the British Govt to avoid arrest. He wanted to show that Colvin was anti Imperialists and Dharmapalathuma was a hypocrite!

      • 22

        Solomon Perera

        “He wanted to show that Colvin was anti Imperialists and Dharmapalathuma was a hypocrite!”

        Anagarika Dharmapala (The Homeless One) was not only a hypocrite but also was a Hitler loving Aryan racist.

        By now you should have known about him.

      • 0

        Are there still people who believe that the great Anagarika was not a racist hypocrite? Just read his writings- not just the selected ones.Its about time he was removed from the list of national heroes.

    • 5

      Surely even regarding CB bond issue president would have got expert legal advice before recommending to the Prime Minister to sack the Governor.

    • 11

      This man will never give up.

      Twice rejected by the country this year he still hasn’t grasped that he has no power whatsoever now.

      The family dynasty is finished.

      He should go and fish…..and the people who voted for him in this election should have to undertake a compulsory course on what has been happening over the last ten years.

      He won the war but lost the peace through his enormous ego.

      Buddhism is all about getting rid of ego…He obviously hasnt grasped that.

      Many thanks to the astrologer for giving the wrong information re the third term election.

      Best wishes to Ranil and Maithri..they will make a great team.

      • 2

        ” Many thanks to the astrologer ” for saving the nation
        from the evil regime.

    • 9

      You bet!! Remember he plays Chess ;) MR plays only checkers :P ..

      MS Would have seen 50 moves ahead of MR’s gangsters..

      • 2

        MS is my Hero

        “You bet!! Remember he plays Chess ;) MR plays only checkers :P .. MS Would have seen 50 moves ahead of MR’s gangsters.”

        Yes, MaRa, the Leader of Modayas, Mootals and Fools, with low IQ who follows astrologers, would be bumbling and Fumbling, as we have seen over the past 9 months.

        However, MaRa still has a following amomng the dwindling Modaya, Mootal and Fool fraction.

        What are the IQs of the best chess Grandmasters like Viswanathan Anand?


        It is a very variable thing, to be honest. Some of the top grandmasters have extraordinarily high IQs, while many others have extraordinarily mediocre ones. I am going to make a small list of IQs of grandmasters I have heard/read over time.

        Garry Kasparov – 190
        Bobby Fischer – 187
        Judit Polgar – 170
        Robert Byrne – 170
        Nigel Short – 130-140

        Somewhere, sometime long back, I heard or read that Vishy Anand has an IQ of 97, but I could find any ready references now; so I do not know how far that is true. One does not need to be a genius to play well at chess; chess is one game usually starting from the same position over and over again, where you can use opening preparations and pattern memorizations to terrific advantage. It need not be that your chess skills display your IQ.

        However, in general, it is believed and research indicates that top grandmasters usually have very high IQs.

        A person with average IQ is expected to reach a maximum rating of about 2000 in chess.

        Strong grandmasters with a rating of around and over 2600 are expected to have an IQ of 160 plus.

        The strongest grandmasters of the day with their ratings hovering around 2800 are expected to have IQs around 180.

        (J. Levitt. Genius in Chess. Batsford, 1997)

    • 0

      It is yamapalanaya/demo-crazy ‘Stalin’ style!…purge….purge….purge.

  • 58

    UPFA nominees for the National List cannot be handed over to the Elections Commissioner by its ex-Secretary as he has been ordered by the district court not to carry out such duties henceforth. The newly appointed party secretary is the person who is competent to do that job.

  • 55

    Be Happy that MY3 is resorting to legal means to sort out party issues rather than sending white vans and death squads.

    Just recall your heydays and killer bro GOTA. You have all the rights to go to courts and get a reasonable judgement contrary to your dark ages when we all had the right to remain silent and be white vanned or killed if challenged.

    Enjoy the Yahapalanaya, till the wheels of justice comes to a grinding halt at Medamulana.

    • 7


      “Just recall your heydays and killer bro GOTA”

      Killer bother Gota is not accepting court summons letters.

      The summons officers are posting the summons on Gota’s House Gate

      Warrant notice on Gota’s gate


      Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, who has been asked to appear before the Special Presidential Investigation Commission but has been avoiding doing so quoting various reasons, has been warranted to be present at the Commission today (18th).

      The officers of Mirihana Police who had gone to Mr. Rajapaksa’s residence to hand over a written notice have been told by the Army Sergeant who was in charge of security had said Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapaksa had instructed him not to accept anything.

      After taking a statement from the Sergeant the officers of Mirihana Police have pasted the warrant notice on the gate of Mr. Rajapaksa’s residence. This has been informed to the Commission by the HQI of Mirihana Police Mr. Jayalath.

      It has been necessary to question Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapaksa on a complaint received in relation to Rakna Lanka Security Service. The initial investigations regarding the complaint have been completed at present.

      The Commission has said it would have to take a decision if Mr. Rajapaksa fails to come before the commission. He had been informed to appear on the 14th. However, he had informed the Commission through the former Secretary General of the party that he would not be able to be present as he was busy with the election campaign.

      • 7

        What the hell is going on….. how can he refuse…

        Hopefully now we have a stong government for the foreseable future all these people who think they are above the law will be well and truly sorted out.

        If they are innocent then they have nothing to to fear.

  • 28

    President I would like you to sack the UPFA MP who won his seat in Ratnapura immediately.
    .Is it Premalal Jayasekera??
    What were you thinking?? Allowing this person on Remand IN Prison to contest the election.

    Where is all the promises of Honesty and integrity??
    So laughable and wrong IMAGE Of our country.

    His win and others in similar situation came to power or voted in by the Idiotic voters should be STRIPPED AND GO FOR RE ELECTION. IMMEDIATELY SIR….

    On the matter of above MR and his cronies on about they still can’t accept DEFEAT . They have started NUMBER CRUNCHING WITH THEIR POWERLESS CALCULATORS.
    THe sacked General secretaries of the UPFA and the SLFP are wrong to go to courts to get Re instated.

    The President was right in removing them from their positions because of their Mismanagement of the parties and their actions would ENDANGER THE NATION AND THE CITIZENS.

    As The head of the Nation And the president of the country he has the first and the last word /decision making.

    Fools are now running around like HEADLESS CHICKENS finding ways to reverse the decision.

    FOOLS REMEMBER. MAITH3 is not only the leader of the Party he’s the PRESIDENT OF THE COUNTRY ….CALLED SL….
    GET IT.
    The like minded Racists and religious Haters and those who are against Capitalistic/ Western countries they are still in this mentality spreading lies and rumours in the country and from OUTSIDE THE COUNTRY.

    Tey are finding it to stomach the down fall of their beloved CROOK AND MURDEROUS FAMILY .

    They are ready to FAN RACISM /ANTI CAPITALISM /Against white Nations / and Religious intolerance.
    Do they want their country to prosper ??? No No No.

    They will continue to drag the country down most of them are well off in SL / ABROAD but this stupid mentality created in the 40s And 50s still exists among SLANKANS which is ingrained .


  • 14


    Can Chief Justice K Sripavan help MS to break the deadlock if this issue ever went to courts?

    After all he was appointed by Maithiri only a few months ago.

    Aren’t there any past precedent which were established under former chief justices Sarath and Mohan?

    • 7

      For precedents, I think we ought to go to earlier holders of the position, people who were acceptable to the world at large. Of course, I get your point. You haven’t mentioned Dr. Shirani Bandaranayake who was sandwiched between those notorious two.

    • 10

      Maithiri should not intervene with the justice system. People have given a verdict on Mahinda. There is no threat from him for another 5 years. During this period a full investigation should take place for the corruption he & his family involved, crimes he committed including war crimes and the misuse of power including the decisions of forme chief justice Mohan Peries made unlawfully and the law should act accordingly to punish him for his life.

  • 17

    These idiots from UPFA who were sacked didnt know the laws of the country and now are talking about the laws of the party.

    Under SLFP and UPFA laws, the Leader has the power to appoint the Secretary General.

    Also, as leader of the SLFP, he has authority to appoint 13 members as his nominees to the CC which has a total of 25 members. So all he did was remove the 13 that was appointed before by the leader and appoint a new set of 13 which is perfectly legal.

    Further, there does not seem to be any clause which say there is an exception during elections.

    Further, the EC cant say he didnt receive the court order since he held discussions yesterday with both the relevant parties separately to discuss this issue. If he didnt receive the order, he doesnt have to do that.

    • 3

      What law or precedent did the idiots in the UPFA under MR follow when CJ Shirani Bandaranayake was illegally impeached.At that point of time even My3 who is now the President of the country was in the same UPFA as a minister when MR was ruling the roost.That is why the JVP and the TNA should not taint their political reputation but stand aloof,watch the fun and not get involved in the mele and leave the SC to deal with the headache.

  • 22

    Number crunching and horse trading continues to bring back the deposed leader to the throne.
    Election is over the most number wins. Now they want to waste time on these irrelevant Psychosis .

    YAHAPALANAYA should not waste time on these clowns. Who are not interested in the country but themselves and their power.
    Get rid of the Remand prisoners GanJA dealers Murderers and the supporters of these criminals OUT OF THE PARLIAMENT.

    YAHAPALANAYA people spoke and made you to rule the country CLEAN AS CAN BE. PLEASE DONT WASTE TIME ON IRRELEVANT MATTERS.

  • 6

    What is the role played by MR?

    • 7


      “What is the role played by MR? “

      Actually MR won the elections for Ranil and his UNP.

      Don’t you think MR was very generous to his political opponents?

  • 12

    Point of View, you are wrong about them being idiots but right about them not giving up. MR is belongs to the species (Duttaphrynus melanostictus). The further you throw them – the faster they hop back. They never give up. The fact that MR is the King of this species makes things bad.

    Oh by the way (Duttaphrynus melanostictus) is the biological name for the common frog. Now you know why his eyes are like that and why the other members are jumping from here there and there to here so much.

  • 23

    MR and his henchman will be the flies in the soup!

    Maithri and Ranil have to develop a strategy to keep making their soup, without the flies falling in and spoiling it!

    It is not going to be an easy task to manage the SLFP/UPFA and even parliamentary business, unless the TNA, JVP and the sensible elements within the SLFP who are loyal to Maithri, are brought into a national government, though an agreed agenda.

    It will be wise for the TNA and JVP to accept ministerial positions to gain experience in governance and display their skills at a national level.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  • 2

    In my understanding removing people from positions has a procedure to be followed arbitrarily cannot be removed.

    I think that procedure is not followed in this instance. The decision by the District Court on this issue will be challenged at Supreme Court and arbitrarily removed persons will be restored until proper procedure to be followed for their ultimate removal if any misconduct or mismanagement happened.

    The most surprising situation is that the entire incident is undemocratic under any circumstances and the decision maker is talking democracy and good governance as his main policy.

  • 14

    This national list is a betrayal of the citizens.
    Any lowlife thug can enter the parliament via it,
    if a corrupt leadership so wishes it.
    It should be scrapped.
    The other problem is the frustratingly high
    proportion of the voter base that keeps electing
    thugs who shouldn’t have received nominations in the first
    place. Only in a banana republic! In another country,
    with a more intelligent public, the UPFA would have
    been routed completely, after their track record
    and the appalling levels of corruption and lawlessness
    over the past few years.

  • 8

    TNA should join to form a National Govt. That would be the ideal solution.

  • 5

    It would be unwise for the TNA to be part of the National Govt. They should remain as an independent party and support the Govt on a case by case basis. It would be foolish to take ministerial positions as they will be subject to majority decisions
    under collective responsibility. Their voice will not be heard in a cabinet consisting members of the majority community.

  • 3

    There is no urgency for a national govt in the present situation. We can still develop and stabilize this country with traditional democracy with a strong opposition in parliament. The opposition led by the president’s party can make positive contributions to legislation that are beneficial to the people. This will ensure transparent exchange of ideas and suggestions being debated in parliament for the benefit of all. We cannot trust these politicians when they get together secretly and will forget the people. It is significant to note that most SLFP mp,s who supported the previous MS/Ranil govt failed to enter parliament.

    • 1

      Yes there is! otherwise you can only appoint 30 ministers which is no where near adaquate to accomodate all the aspirants.

  • 16

    The RW government must now take quick action to have Rajapakse investigated for crimes of murder, corruption and abduction and locked up forever or given the death penalty. This thug and his family have to be obliterated completely ASAP so that Sri Lanka can prosper and the citizens of the country enjoy their lives. The motherland phrase that this cursed family uses is only an excuse to ensure that the lands and wealth of this country is under the control and ownership of the first lady Shiranthi, the mother of all rogues.

  • 3

    An executive decision taken by an Executive President.. I think it’s a waste of time taking the matter to courts.. Lol

  • 5

    It is the responsibility of the new UNP govt to fulfill the promises made during the campaign within the next 5 yrs. You don’t need a national govt: for this. Proposals and legislation for the good of the people will be supported by a responsible opposition. We need a good government and a strong responsible opposition for the national questions to be discussed and solutions found in the legislature with active participation of a dynamic combined opposition. National govt is not the need of the hour.

  • 1

    This Champa is exercising his Freedom of speech declared by GG. Never mind we could not have done that during his master’s ruling. We were gagged and terrified of raising our VOICE which would upset his master and the gang.

    Democrasy prevails in YAHAPALANAYA. Enjoy it.

  • 1

    Aiyooo.. What happened to Rosy akki?..

    Even after that crusade with Hirunickers against the cat callers in Colombo and the Virgin layers in the South?.

    Who is now going to stop those 90 second rapes ?.

    Who is going to be the Minister to lift our Village girls and ammes to Poodle Club standards?..

    • 5

      No worries Sumane. Hirunickers and Rosie Akki will continue to raise the Village girls and ammes to the elite class standard. The issue is after they are done, who in the village is to going to spread and receive your adapana shaft. But do not despair, there may be hope yet, for senile Shiranthi may reward you for your past favors. You are good with that?

    • 6

      KASmaalam K.A Sumanasekera

      “Who is now going to stop those 90 second rapes ?.”

      Did she invent these statistics on her own using her creative talents or was it produced by state institutions, just to excite you?

      Its high time the state issued chastity belt to men with clear instruction that the keys should be stored in a safe place. Mothers,wives, partners, sisters, grandmas, aunts, ……. should be given custody of all such keys.

      In your case no need for such precaution not because you are a honourable man but because you suffer from performance anxiety, impotence, …. and rely on self help. Am I right?

  • 3

    The best solution for the country is to cross off the names that are given in Susil’s list but not appearing in Wishva’s list and cross off the names that are given in Wishva’s list but not appearing in Susil’s list thereby deleting all the names!

  • 4

    Why can’t the public protest MR to leave politics??

    People should educate the poor Sri Lankan people down south about what is democracy and what is dictatorship. I am happy at least people in Colombo are educated enough to see the difference.

    Mahinda Rajapaksa was running a dictatorship: an authoritarian government in which complete power over the people and the state is held by one person or political entity. MR removed the judiciary power and removed the limit on the number of terms a president can run for the country. He was racist by letting certain buddhist monks to start and racist fight against the muslims down south. He also deported tamil people from Wellawatta, Colombo to Jaffna just because they speak in Tamil in 2009 which caused a major human right violation in Sri Lanka and all the countries in the West had a bad impression on MR and yet I don’t understand why people still vote for MR and his family members.

    People are saying My3 is not doing the projects to develop this nation. Does anyone know those projects were very bad investments? The international airport which was built in his home town only generated 15,000Rs in profits per month and my driver’s salary is 25,000Rs. MR’s government lied about Sri Lanka’s debet, at that time they said it was 3 Trillion dollars but the truth is it’s 9.4 Trillion dollars debt to Sri Lanka. Colombo port city, half the land has been sold to China in exchange for China to build the entire Colombo port city. Little they know that if Colombo Port city gets built, 20 miles into the ocean will belong to China as well. That means China can bring submarines, ships etc without permission, but this will definitly cause tension between Sri Lanka, India and USA.

  • 1

    President’s move to introduce a separate NL for UPFA to accommodate losers loyal to him in parliament is not according to good governance objective. This is dictatorship within the party. Hope Maduluawawe Sobitha and good governance people will speak their mind out.

  • 0

    Our N. Vedda is not educated one.. Got foot and mouth disease.

    I am a direct decendent of Anagarika D. and his comment about Aryan was completely distorted and hope others will learn what Aryan means.
    Aryan is part of Vardu civilisation in middle asia that came all the way to india and Sri Lanka. The word Aryan means “knowledgeable one “

  • 0

    Looks like a typical Bull in the China Shop episode. Legal implications seem obvious. But who knows judging by the rule of law by Yahapalanaya thus far????

  • 4

    Time to dissolve the UPFA. SLFP can join the National Govt. Let Mahinda sit with his buddies Modawanse, P…Deva, Gammanpila and Bandula in the opposition.

  • 2

    Point of View: You said: ” Looks like these idiots don’t know when to give up”. Can you tell me at least one instance when an “IDIOT” has acted sensibly knowing when to give up. I do not know of it and that is why they are called “IDIOTS”. So don’t expect them to give up; they will continue with the same behavior. That is why the rest, although a leaner majority has to keep a watchful eye on these idiots and avoid any damage they could do to this country.

  • 2

    When I was born to a family of five siblings, according to my horoscope, I was forecast to be a ‘naughty’ boy, better to be dedicated to the Buddhist Temple to put on robes to be a priest, where all the basic necessities of life; food, clothing, shelter and education are free. The blessing to come my way is, respect, admiration, and my parents will receive highest merit, more than offering of flowers. I believe I would have been a ‘rascal’ in robes. That is if my horoscope was true.
    I saw how some of the Buddhist Priests behaved during the last election going at each other to a point of exchanging blows making me wonder ‘would I have been one of them?
    We have two chetenas, one kusala and the other is akusala. The latter is a sin that has to be paid back in one of the future births. Those priests had anger, strife and murderous facial expressions, it was disgusting sight.
    Is this the Buddha Sasana they were trying to protect? I am not surprised the average intelligent voters, having majority Sinhalese Buddhists, did not elect single one of them. MR was in the Buddhist Temples wooing their influence and distributing sil clothes.
    Sri Lanka has had enough racial hatred to kills thousand fanned by extremists coming as saviors’ to gain personal glory.

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