18 May, 2024


UPFA Refuses To Accept Karu As Speaker: Writes To Speaker Requesting To Halt Publication Of Hansard

Contradicting their own position over the Speaker, nine UPFA MPs wrote to Speaker Karu Jayasuriya asking him to refrain from publishing the Hansard reports on the no-confidence motion on Parliamentarian Mahinda Rajapaksa and the parliamentary vote on the composition of the Committee of Selections.

In a letter to Speaker Karu Jayasuriya, a group of nine UPFA MPs led by Dinesh Gunawardena, requested to refrain from publishing Hansard records from November 14, 15, 16, 19, 21, 23 parliamentary sessions, which validate the no-confidence motion against Rajapaksa and the electronic vote on the committee which solidified the parliamentary majority of the Rajapaksa group.

They made the request on the grounds that the parliamentary sessions on the given dates were not carried out according to parliamentary traditions and standing orders. As a result, they added, the UPFA would not accept the legitimacy of the parliamentary sessions.

The letter, however, came soon after the UPFA declared that they would boycott the parliamentary sessions citing their refusal to accept Karu Jayasuriya as the legitimate Speaker of Parliament due to the latter’s “partial behaviour”. The request was made to the same Speaker whose legitimacy they refused to recognize.

“We will not accept Karu Jayasuriya as the Speaker if he does not accept Mahinda Rajapaksa as the Prime Minister of the country and the UPFA as the ruling party. We will boycott parliamentary sessions until the Speaker recognizes us as the ruling party in Parliament,” Dinesh Gunawardena, the self-appointed Leader of the House of the UPFA, said addressing a press conference in Parliament earlier today.

Addressing the same press conference, MP Nimal Siripala de Silva said it was “absurd” that the Parliament was meeting without a ruling party. “Only the opposition is represented in Parliament and the Speaker is acting like a member of the opposition. That’s why we decided to boycott parliamentary sessions.”

Responding to the UPFA’s allegations, a UNP Parliamentarian said the UPFA was the only “ruling party” in world history to boycott parliament. “Nowhere in the world has a ‘ruling party’ boycotted Parliament. Such methods of protest have always been used by opposition parties. But then again no other Prime Minister in the world has continued to hold office illegally, after losing two consecutive no-confidence motions in Parliament. “

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    We, lay-Lankans, are confused as to the recent ‘happenings’. The lawmakers are as confused . Dinesh takes the cake. Dinesh says ~ “UPFA Refuses To Accept Karu As Speaker”.
    He then “Writes To Speaker Requesting To Halt Publication Of Hansard”.
    Makes no sense! Why write to the Speaker they do not recognise? And Dinesh is the Leader of the House!
    This is no laughing matter. It is ominous. This was expected and almost immediately after the RW-sack, the Government Printing was brought under direct control of the President.

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    JO cannot perform without 113.Thats why they are absconding.Their behavior is tantamount to some husbands going to bed when their wives are fast asleep.

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    He He He
    Modayas have made this Parliament as an International joke.
    Even an underveloped African countries respect Parliment procedure.
    Look how these Sinhala media educated fools living with Mahavamsa mentality behave.
    Where are the Asgiriya,Malwatte,Aranayaka Buddhist Ayotullas?
    Why silent ?’may be living in stone age these Ayotullahs only vomit anti-Tamil venom .
    Soon Punchi Banda and Podi Menikes will sent their daughtes to clean Arab toilets for survivel here.
    Watch for more shows .
    Tamil sit and sip tea and watch TV about modaya Circus.

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      Cholan f*** off without insulting buddhism. Even your messiah RW and his retinue meet maha sangas to give their sides. When that happens idiotic racists like you would not utter a murmur.

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    We know and can feel that we are getting closer by the minute towards an economic crisis.
    Has the self-styled Leader of the House, Dinesh said one word? His only worry is the Hansard.
    ‘They’ thrive on the crisis do they not?

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    I am scratching my head! If the illegal UPFA Government does not recognize the Speaker, how can they write to the Speaker to stop the publication of the Hansard?

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    We will boycott parliamentary sessions until the Speaker recognizes us as the ruling party in Parliament///

    Some people enjoy complaining does not work for strategy almost as much as they enjoy doing nothing about it the president should control whatever strategies he know to win bridge between where you are and where you want to be, Now we can see only motivation for mischievous

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      Bondscam Ranil., Karu J, penthouse Ravi K and hair dresser x finance Minister, Mangy are now waging an Economic war and crashing the Lankan rupee in their greed for power by bringing the country into disrepute.

      These corrupt clowns should get out and stop their games in the Parliament which they turned into Cesspit of Corruption thanks to luxury SUV bribes with Bondscam funds.. Bad enough that Bondscam Ranil looted the Central Bank, and protected Mahinda Jarapassa family for 3 years, but he is now further crashing the economy and the rupee by refusing to get out… Time for Navin Dissanaiyake to take over the UNP as Sajith clearly is moron who failed at LSE and does not know the meaning of leadership in a crisis.

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    Miathri ta galapena kenek prime minitester karanna KApuwo hoyayi.

    This idiot horney bastard of a president wants a guy to sk his tiny dik.
    Country is loosing money rupee is getting more devalued but this honey bastard is not solving the crisis the bastard created.

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