15 August, 2022


US Looks Forward To Partnering With Sri Lankan People: Nisha Biswal

It was a privilege to visit Colombo to witness for myself the sense of excitement and optimism that the Sri Lankan people have ushered in through the historic January 8 election, says U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Nisha Biswal.

Issuing a statement today she said; “In my meetings with government, civil society, private sector, and political parties, I heard a consistent message of hope about translating this promise into a brighter reality for all Sri Lankans.

Nisha Biswal Maithiripala“I had very productive conversations with President Maithripala Sirisena, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera, Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake, Urban Development Minister Rauff Hakeem, and State Minister for Defence Ruwan Wijewardene.

“In my conversation with the TNA leadership I heard their perspective for meaningful progress on reconciliation and political inclusion to ensure a peaceful, prosperous future for their constituents within Sri Lanka.

“I also had a chance to meet with other political, civil society, religious, and business leaders. In all of these meetings I reiterated our desire to see the U.S.-Sri Lanka relationship grow to the benefit of both our nations.

“I congratulated President Sirisena on his victory and expressed the United States’ willingness to work with the new government as it pursues a future for Sri Lanka that is peaceful, inclusive, and prosperous. Clearly, there is a lot of work to be done. The United States looks forward to partnering with the Sri Lankan people to address the challenges and help Sri Lanka realize its true potential.”

Nisha Biswal TNA

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    Will the USA help Sri Lanka emerge as the platform housing the strategic function of the developmental process as it impacts the regions of the IOR-ARC, the SAARC and the BIMSTEC.

    This would mean amongst other things that the island emerges as the regional stock exchange through which investment moves in and out of these regions to finance production bases and the island functions as the entrepot to these regions as well as a platform that showcases their goods and services and markets them to the world.

    This would require amongst other things the considerable sedation of the great kautilyan ego.

    For us on this island no lesser challenge is worth our while. All else is boring. If you are not willing to work with us on the realization of this potential then you may as well stay at home.

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      The Best Speech ever by the New president


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        Not only an excellent beginning of a speech on a historic occasion, but citing of the most potent factor of Ethnic Reconciliation, to commence forward movement.

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      “”This would mean amongst other things that the island emerges as the regional stock exchange”2

      Your oimmagination run crazy- know your strength is less than peanuts.while UK is the financial market because of its might over the EU and that is there to stay therefore the financial and non existance of fiscal policy within EU.

      Can lanka overrun India?? Lanka is already ruled by Hindia and its only getting closer to Nagaland, Sikkim scenario which is good than dogs at war, dogs in the manger. Bhutan just wriggled through but would come back another day to join Hindia.
      Lanka is in the Indian ocean and sold Diego that is an insult to Indian gift. Indians gamble away their black currency in Nepal where no visa is required.

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    This is how they are going to help us
    The summery

    “But the country must make sure that members of the ousted regime do not return to power and that the new government can secure its authority. The United States — and only the United States — can do something to help make that happen”


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    Sure.. Sure..

    We have seen first hand, how you have partnered the Elite , Christians and the Jews to fuq up the Dalits in Egypt, Iraq, Syria, and Libya,

    Wonder what Hakeem was doing there…

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    Ms Biswal, the Indian-American was chosen by Obama administration to entice India to forge a relationship favourable to US, ie anti China. However, Biswal did not receive the welcome she and Obama expected from Indian officials. Sri Lanka trip may provide a boost for her ego but, it won’t be a back door entry to inner circles of power in India, including Mr.Modi. Biswal will have little to show on her return to base except, convince a few colleagues that the Hopper feed in Colombo was sensational!

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    Now US can drop UN investigation, Srilanka can drop China and pay all the money they have invested, but there will be no prosperity without solving internal Tamil’s political ambition. Only Singhalese have to act themselves to resolve this US will not spoon feed us. It is a curse for 3rd world countries to be 3rd world or even worse all the time. Only a hand full of poor people become rich, but most of the poor people stay poor – that is the clever calculation by rich. We are born modias. God help Srilanka.

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    As reported elsewhere it ONLY cost the US, US$50 million to effect a change of government in Sri Lanka. Now they’ve got the ‘right people’ in the right places. Their will be done. The locals be damned.

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    If US wanted to save present government by dropping war crime investigation temporarily- fine . US defeated LTTE and killed many civilians with them – fine. Now they have a duty to get a permanent political solution. Srilanka is a 3th world country, can not even go near to UK to have a referendum like UK had to Scotland.

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    US wanted to drop war crime investigation to support present government – fine. US helped to wipe out tigers together with innocent civilians- fine. But US have a duty now to get us a stable, permanent political solution. Srilanka is a 3rd world country, can’t even imagine to go near UK. So US can’t even imagine that Srilanka will do the same thing what UK did to Scotland even after 1000 years because even after 1000 years Srilanka will not give-up 3rd world country position. Only option is Diaspora tamils have to move forward economically and politically- possible.

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    Nisha Biswal are you trying to whitewash your US crime against Tamil? Brief Introduction into US Complicity [Edited out]

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    As the TNA said, the Americans are looking after their own interests, the Indians the same, and the Sri Lankan state is doing the same. The Tamils have to fend for themselves and the first signs of betrayal of the Tamil people are already showing with attempts to hide the UN investigation. History always repeats in Sri Lanka.

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    Singhalese will never allow us to live peacefully. At this point we desperately need unity and good communication among Diaspora Tamils, North-East Tamils and a good local Politicians. We have to change our speciality of selfishness, competing for false popularity, support only me and my family attitude, jealousy on others, and many more bad habits. Learn from Jews and come up in life. If Jews can establish a very powerful country for them from scratch, what is wrong with us.

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    Warning to all in SL!!!!!!!! USA does not come to SL to hold hands and go for a stroll in the park. They are shrewd just like the dirty scum bags in India and China. American people are very nice as I have had direct interaction with them, but the governments are hopeless.

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      Tattoo to Tooth, says,
      American people are very nice as I have had direct interaction with them, but the governments are hopeless.””

      Wars are armed conflicts between countries or states. Wars are not conflicts between the individual people of warring countries. Wars are conflicts between the governments of countries. All wars are economic in nature- Bush officially confirmed that all USAID is 100% defence related ; so there is continuous training and interference.All wars are instigated by power hungry megalomaniacs, the politicians; managed by professional killers, the military; and fought by the brainwashed members of their respective populations, the canon-fodder.

      Can you see Wiggies posture- he is saying `on. this is gaddhe ke gaand chamche kutta kaam.(a robot post for an arse licking corner shop)
      Thrived at campus on the laurels of brilliant desi with academic interest canvessed from there for John Kerry as president then Obama. Was seconded to post over her experienced senior Punjabi (born USA). Her rise has been pure ambition of buy & sell.
      Hillary was not impressed and could wear that trouser suit but have a hair cut that every mag would love to splash as she once put it.- brains bogged by romantic hubbies extravagance, excesses- became cannon fodder to scum bag PM Rathnasiri Wickramanayake This one goes out with Obama term end. The ball is in Hindian court and they are the power with brilliant men at home and across the Atlantic- same way they got rid of Goo`ta.
      foreign minister Sushima is just a charm and her sec. is a wasted space till Aug. When the going gets tough Gujarati’s stop selling and start listening and that is a good sign of their success.- money money sitting on pot of money like Ambani at shantytown Mumbai worth $1 billion- 4th floor continuous snow making. Yoga baaa etc.

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    All the Tamil politicians in the photograph with Nishal Biswal from USA, Wigneswaran, Sambanthan all they can do is enlarge the photograph burn it and put into a receptacle, like ‘thunnuru’ apply daily on their forehead, when will these ignorant Tamils understand that USA have not got the balls, nor will they do anything to help Tamils, apart from some sweet talking words. Their agenda is India and China not the simple Tamils.

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    See what the Jaffna Chief Minister is saying:
    Just smile, smile, smile
    They Were Only Playing Leapfrog!

    That’s the wrong way to tickle Mary,
    That’s the wrong way to kiss.
    Don’t you know that over here, lad
    They like it best like this.
    Hooray pour Les Français
    Farewell Angleterre.
    We didn’t know how to tickle Mary,
    But we learnt how over there.

    Molly wrote a neat reply
    To Irish Paddy-O,
    Saying “Mike Maloney
    Wants to marry me, and so
    Leave the Strand and Piccadilly
    Or you’ll be to blame,
    For love has fairly drove me silly:
    Hoping you’re the same!”
    It’s a long way to Tipperary,
    It’s a long way to go.
    It’s a long way to Tipperary
    To the sweetest girl I know!
    Goodbye, Piccadilly,
    Farewell, Leicester Square!
    It’s a long long way to Tipperary,
    But my heart’s right there.

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