22 June, 2024


US Presidential Election 2016 & The Fate Of The Agenda Of The Corporate Capital

By Sanka Chandima Abayawardena

Sanka Chandima Abayawarden

Sanka Chandima Abayawarden

US presidential election results are around the corner. Two years of hard campaigning from 4 political parties running for election as well as countless liberal propaganda agents would fall finally silent, giving a much needed break to the minds and ears of people across the world. Having a logical viewpoint on what is important to the human population is vital to the survival of the global desire to resist the Anglo-Saxon world order that has enslaved the entire world on behalf of big money.

Progressives worldwide have for a long time worked for and talked about a system change. From climate change to issues like globalization, governance and economy we demand a total shift of the dominant paradigm and a system change. The US have been slowly but steadily losing its super power status. Those who hold power in the Judeo-Christian supremacist global power structure over life and death of all the other earth citizens have been busy laying out the groundwork for the next stage in transforming their ways and means to keep their power base.

Today global capitalism is busy moving away from using governments to do their bid to a point where they gain more and more a direct role in governance by taking over the roles of the states. This is as the states has the potential to be control by the people they are elected by and has the risk of becoming impediments to the unrestricted flow of capital. Therefore big corporations needs to have deregulated global political environment where they can manage upcoming challenges. This is one of the primary goals behind TPP, TTIP or even CETA. In Sri Lankas case India Sri Lanka free trade deal called ECTA that is design to fulfill the needs of the capital in South Asia. This fulfills the important need of the US hegemony in the next phase of its corporate induced evolution, removal of accountability to gain full control over the global population. The United States have been bombing, killing, raping and torturing its way to keep the imperial agenda intact for decades. Now in an increasingly multipolar world, the US is facing its natural demise as a super power. Therefore, it is imperative for its political elites and their corporate masters to transform the global power structure into a tool of global capitalism, ensuring the ultimate level of uninterrupted movement of capital. This capital is no longer loyal to the American people. It has have moved away from the point of serving America towards serving the capital itself. The importance of the US presidential elections should be assessed in the context of this bigger picture.

*Green voice, Dr. Jill Stein- The only real pro woman candidate running

In the United States of America the corporate capitalism is busy taking over the political domain and ensuring more and more of their agenda is taken up by the political leadership. It is very difficult to find a better politician than Hillary Clinton to represent the needs of the capital itself in world politics today. This is in many ways the tipping point of the transformation. However, 2016 is the first major shift in this work towards having their own agent taking over the political leadership from a point where they hijack a natural political leader to do their bidding.

The most shocking revelation in this regards was published by Wikileaks showing Mrs. Clinton telling a group of Brazilian bankers that she intended to build a borderless trade regime in greater Americas, bypassing and violating the national sovereignty of Latin American people. This means she wanted to replace the people’s monopoly on governance and policy with big corporations in the US. The Clintons have been known for their unprecedented support to corrupt crony capitalists. They masterminded one of the most important milestones in this regard known as “the North American Free Trade Agreement” in 1994. They have been playing an instrumental role in converting the US political and military structure into a puppet of their corporate masters. The Controversial Transpacific Partnership (TPP) and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) are two ongoing efforts to give US corporations more gains and more control over the populations around the world, bypassing elected governments. US governments driven by the corporate agenda are busy making new plans to prevent Asia from gaining economic and political independence to continue the economic enslavement of its people. The level of co-operation between India and USA, and the extreme levels of joint militarization are clear evidence of this.

In general, the question who becomes president of the United States of America, the leading corporate hegemony, has little relevance to the world population enslaved by the Anglo-Saxon world order. In 2008 when most of the educated upper middle class was infected with the Obama syndrome for pretended change, it was clear that the US corporate agenda just got the best PR face it could hope for to intensify their crony capitalist plunder. How Obama became a black face for the white agenda became clear from the way the City group of bank executives came up with 31 US cabinet ministerial positions in 2008, one month before the Election Day. Now the same group who ran the corporate mega operation for Obama is running the campaign for the most corrupt and dangerous US presidential candidate in recent history, Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton. Reading who John podesta is and who else is involved in managing democratic nominees campaign would clear the slightest doubt one might have on the real dark nature of the Clinton campaign.

The significant difference between the 2016 US elections and previous elections is clear. Clinton faced an unprecedented challenge from a self-proclaimed social democrat called Bernie Sanders, who she prevented from getting the nomination by outrightly stealing the victory away from him. It was truly shocking how clinton and there associates in media and democratic national committee worked together with many of the super delegates. The Great Old Party, aka Republican Party this time nominated a total outsider who threatens to bring the Washington system down. It is more accurate to say the Republican establishment was forced by millions of disgruntled Americans to give the nomination to Donald John Trump. Virtually every establishment of the Anglo-Saxon world order has joined the corrupt democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, against Trump. Name it and they all are in her camp. From the military industrial complex and the big banks to the pharmaceutical industry, everyone is backing her. From those who want to go to war against China and Russia, to those who want to destroy farming communities around the world to allow its GMO producing corporations taking over, they are all there.

There has been no other point of recent US history that we know of where every elitist master has joined hands so nakedly to get their agent elected. Even the Republican Party’s old guard, who is responsible for millions of deaths worldwide, for plunder and enslavement of the masses, abandoned the candidate nominated by their own party. This is the first time in my life that such a grand establishment coalition has been formed.

Everyone at the top is with Hillary, to a point where you lower your own social class if you say that you don’t vote for her. Fake arguments about the feminist vote, anti-racism, sexism and social justice to saving the world from fascism are branded as truth only to to force fear and to make people accept her. They are fake because they have little or no relevance in the final picture. Personal character matter little. In any case for those who want to elect the best person with character and political line possible, voting Dr. Stein is the only option. This is why recently some political philosophers come out and started to say that Hillary Clinton is the real danger to the world.

The US media have taken the other two major candidates away from the public spotlight and are busy telling the population which issues are important and whom they should vote for. The only feminist progressive candidate in the race, Mrs. Dr. Gill Stein, is nowhere to be found in any of the mainstream media in the US. She is from the only anti imperialistic Green Party (not the green left) in the western world that condemns and demands a total reset to everything that is wrong about the USA. However, not only do they hide Dr. Stein, they also deny the American public the important discussion of Clinton’s thirst for blood and war worldwide.

It is a very difficult task for people to penetrate the media bombardment and see the bigger picture. The best way to see things clearly is obviously to find out what these candidates represent, who is behind their campaigns. This is why Donald J. Trump got the support of the angry American lower classes that felt disenfranchisement for decades. Like others who understood the gravity of his candidacy and saw him winning the nomination, I was laughed at by pandits who lived in their own world. Throughout the democratic primary I was eagerly watching the campaign of Bernie Sanders. Like others I was convinced that if he would win the nomination, there would be a possibility for a political discussion around the world, particularly in the US, that would recognize the negative impact of the US imperial agenda. My hope was that such an uprising of a public driven political dialogue would help us to envision the dismemberment of the capitalist hegemony that drives the Anglo-Saxon world order. However, the nomination was shamelessly robbed from him and now he is part of the same system he sought to fight by supporting the one candidate who represents corporate America more than anyone else in history.

Unlike Clinton, who appointed a corrupt corporate lobbyist famous for his workings to support the corporate American agenda, Trump has appointed Kellyanne Conwaya as his campaign manager a person who represents the angry Americans and a true anti establishment symbol. However, despite the nature of Trump’s campaign and his communication savviness, there is still a risk that he either loses or will be made to lose. Even if he wins, his non-interventionist foreign policy might not be implemented in a worst-case scenario where it is still easier compared to his main opponent to mobilize support against. However, defeating Clinton by voting Green or Republican would defeat the corporate agenda for the moment. It will lower the risk of increased militarization of the Indian Ocean, the South China Sea and Eastern Europe.

The most important outcome of making Hillary Clinton the runner-up of the 2016 election is to deny the US hegemony its smiling PR face and delay its corporate driven transformation, which would give substantial breathing space for those who want to fight for and create a just world – a world where people’s needs are taken forward, not the needs of the capital. Even if Trump becomes the worst ever president, it would be easier to build alliances against the US hegemony thanks to the way he is perceived around the world and among the ruling elites in the west. However, people who have their heads filled with the propaganda from Clinton camp may still find it difficult to vote for him. If you don’t like any one of the democratic or republican candidates, then don’t vote for them. Vote for the true voice of progressive social development in this year’s US presidential election. Vote for Dr. Stein. If you choose to vote for Clinton, do it, but don’t claim to be pro social justice and progressive, and be ready to take the full responsibility of the blood she would shed, the disability she would trigger, exploitation and enslavement she would push for.

Let’s wait and see what will happen in a few hours. The fate of the Washington establishment was never before at this level of risk. This in itself is an interesting phenomenon to watch.

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    Just an empty essay.

    Probably he is showing the popular feeling of the Sinhala Intellectuals’ disappointment of Trump losing after all efforts of Sinhala Intellectuals. This time the game played with Susan Rice’s appoint did not work. Even China did not pay the bill to buy the American PR Firms. China seems to in a secret plot of trying to topple the Yahapalanaya and bring Old Royals back. As long as it is against America, all Sinhala Intellectuals are with China to topple the American friend, Ranil.

    Tump may not just lose, it seems to be a Hillary wave going to sweep thought America tomorrow morning. Probably Senate will be coming back to Democrats. With that Supreme Court too. In 2018, even the House will be winnable. This is going to leave GOP completely lame, not being able to quack for long time. That is the reason that Russia, China, North Korea and others are really very against America on this election.

    The Tea Party has to take the blame for the current situation of GOP. They are the GOP members defeated other candidates in the Primary and brought Trump up. Polls suggested that many others had a very good chance of beating Hillary, but Tea Party did not let them come out within GOP. Tea Party gained strength when GOP was going down by Bush’s arrogance. Supporting Tea party was an attempt of taking a thorn with another thorn. But now both thorns are stuck in the muscle of GOP and causing double pain. Unless GOP go for a surgery and have removed that pain causing muscle completely, America is going to move into one party system.

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    American election usually watched all over the world. This include Lankawe too. But this time there is new trend in that interest.

    Tamil have been protesting not participating in the Sinhala Governments’ election. It was very clear in 2005 by the outcome of what happened in that election. But they were forced against their will in all other subsequent EP and General elections. They wholeheartedly voted in NPC election and treated it as their election.

    In this election, after 2005, Tamils feel like they are free to support whom they want. Many have no feeling of it as only American election. They in one single team, supporting Hillary. The opposite is going in the South, who wanted to oppose Hillary could not fully support Trump, though many just doing it. They have the feeling of Tamils had all these time about Sinhala elections. South is just rejecting this election as it is only American Fascists’ election. They are nervous by the splitting feeling between China capturing their lands in Colombo and Hambantota and by opposing America and having their GSP+ screwed up. So, though this election determines their fate too, South is just on the denial like how Tamils have been refusing to participate in the Sinhala elections, those have been successively crushing more and more of Tamils.

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    Jill Stein might get some protest votes from Bernie supporters and environmental activists. However, the reality is it’s a WASTED VOTE. Hillary is a moderate right of center on business. Too lefty on social policies and is believed to have a Lesbian lovers in Huma. She is projected to win. Tamil Eelam is a ctertainty.

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    This guy is blasting American Imperialist taking hand with Izeth Hussain. But that is usual Lankawe’s Aappa Diplomacy. While this mouth is barking the Tails would be swing in full 360 degrees.

    This American election result is going to boost the price of Chandrika brand soap, Chandrika brand sari, Chandrika brand dinner plates going to be very very expensive. Are there more roads going to be renamed “Chandrika Kumaratunga Bandaranaike Mawatha” too?

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    Hilary is expected to win. Tamil fools who smashed coconuts to pray for her victory will be elated. Expect trouble soon in SL. Trump will not give a shit about you darkies and your darky problems. He will make sure Americans are not taken advantage by third world dumping of goods. He will punish China for unfair trade practices. He will make our penises bigger and make us stronger real men after Metrosexual Obama emasculated white superiority. He will make a stronger military than Putin and China will be scared off. He will bomb the shit out of ISIS MUSLIM Jihadists. With Hillary you get lesbians and Eelam.

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    This essay has absolutely unrealistic expectations and does not account for the fact that despite all shortcomings people relatively are better off than under any socialist scheme. Greening of the economy is hard to sell when Oil is so cheap. Jill Stein also has ludicrous positions like questioning the efficacy of vaccines. Her position on climate change is good but again unrealistic when China and India combine pollute the world more than the USA and they suffer serious air quality problems. Most middle class people live decent lives in the USA.

    We can live on our salaries and do not have to take bribes or do side businesses or cheat on our taxes like a lot of you Sri Lankans and other S.Asians. it is in your genes if you are middle tier government employee to cheat and take bribes. Your cops are corrupt and cruel. Your people steal other people’s land and property given half a chance.

    We here in the USA eat very cheaply compared to other rich nations. We can get a RibEye steak for less than 10 US dollars and a family of 4 can live on less than $100 dollars a week on food including eating chicken or other animal proteins.

    Petrol prices are so low now too.

    So it will either be Trump or Hillary.

    Wake up and smell the coffee dude. Your ludicrous removed from reality essay is a typical head in the arse academic point of view or the point of view of some decrepit Socialist like Wicramabahu Karunaratne or old Vasudeva who railed against imperialism and US and send his son to US to study and he remains here still making good money. Socialism is dead. Your anti imperialism is bullshit. You write in English and you live in westernized ways and you rail against the greatest nation on earth and ask for aid and beg them to provide you flour and other goodies. Without the US even your corrupt bureaucratic UN will not function properly. We Americans provide bulk of the funds so you third world crooks can get cushy jobs to cushy postings across the world at US tax payer expense. Ask China and Russia to pay the bulk of the UN funds instead.

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    This poll may still be wrong if there is a strong undercurrent and under-reporting of Trump’s support. This is the latest polling by Nate Silver. As you can see Jill Stein does not even poll above Gary Johnson who may be the spoiler for Trump if more Republicans vote for him than before. But Clinton may still lose if Trump carries Colorado, NC and PA. He will win Ohio but he needs to break at least 2 states from Hillary Clinton. His chances are in Florida and Colorado. Black voters and millenials are NOT voting in the same numbers as in 2012. It will be Latino and Women voters who may be the decisive demographics. so Nate Silver got it right the past few election cycles; let us wait and see.


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    “This poll may still be wrong if there is a strong undercurrent and under-reporting of Trump’s support.” Real Sinhala Intellectuals’ and plus Sinhala Buddhists’ comedy. Another explanation like the Jaffna University boys ran through the checkpoint, the angelical police didn’t shoot, but they hit on the wall and died. I always wonder how these people’s bairn only work on this direction and have destroyed the country from 1948.

    Probably the SinhaLE is the one causing it. If you cannot change yourself even after living in the West why don’t you try a blood transfusion with some real democratic blood?

    Undercurrent Support”/ – for these foul interpretation of the realities of these guys the only treatment is take then to New King to be whipped by Thirukkaivaal.

    Have you completed any math class above junior high school, please sir? Did you check the meaning of the word (scientific)poll?

    Our friend Amaro is correct in saying these people IQ is below the wild livings. Shame on you man to write such a foolish thing in a public forum thinking all those who read this rubbish also Modayas.

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    There is chance Trump start to claim tonight the election is rigged. He may refuse to make “concession speech “ like Bush. Then the court may have to decide.

  • 2

    Well Trump has WON, all yr analysis is worth crap.

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    Despite virulent attacks on Trump by the media, corporate America, bigwigs of Banks, Pollsters, revolt within the GOP he won the elections. The white working class or even as petit-bourgeois is angry with the Democratic establishment since their middle-class status threatened by the tough economic conditions.

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    It is sad that even after a sound military and political defeat some idiotic right-wingers can’t get over there racial hatred against the other. This is true for most of the comments to this article.

    How ever what I predicted almost a year ago actually came true. Now there is the opportunity for the democratic party to abundant its neo liberal scum-bags. This is also a good session for the Sri Lankan government to learn that there neo liberal policies don’t work, and if they don’t connect with the people they will also have to go too.

    for the record I would like to put below the paragraph I deleted from the article before sending it to CT without any alternation.

    “I do not intend to address any ignorant and romantic liberal and tell them some thing. Feel free to add the many so called socialists and green leaders in the west who have willingly adopted the imperial line. There glass is so full, nothing gets in no matter what we say or do. The only use of them to this world’s future is as mere tools in bringing down the anglo saxon world order. They will have the same fate as crabs in the hot water pot. Their elitist authority by bulling the rest of the world should be manipulated to embarrass them and motivate the disenfranchised masses. “

    We must use the opportunities to support movements for system change and social development, not to tell people what to do.

    Even though I have seen people dying like flying insects around the world including in my own country in direct and indirect US orchestrated post election violences, regime changes and countless wars, I’m still sad for those who have died and got injured in the post election violence in USA.

    May be/ I hope US government and its liberal elite learn how to have elections without post election violence. :P
    Meanwhile for those who think you have died because that corrupt barbaric war monger lost the damn election, now turn your attention to kick out all neo and normal liberals out of the democratic party and make it firmly progressive and anti interventionist. Take over the party now.

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