25 May, 2024


Video: Geneva 2013 By Dr. Nimalka Fernando

Platform for Freedom (Nidahase Wedikawa) conducted a Press Briefing on the forthcoming Human Rights Council Sessions in Geneva, which will be held in March 2013, on the 20th of February 2013 from 3:00 p.m onwards at the CEPA Auditorium
No. 29, Gregory’s Road, Colombo 7.

M.A. Sumanthiran Member of Parliament for the Tamil National Alliance, Dr. Nimalka Fernando of the International Movement Against All Forms of Discrimination and Racism, Attorney at law Sudarshana Gunawardana of Rights Now – Collective for Democracy, Brito Fernando of the Families of the Disappeared, Herman Kumara of the National Fisheries Solidarity Movement (NAFSO) are addressed this press briefing.


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Video: Geneva 2013 By M.A. Sumanthiran MP – | English | Sinhala | Tamil

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    Nimalka, there is only one question.

    How is it possible to fight against injsutice and human rights with TNA? A group that was licking VP’s jackboot. And was dancing to VP’s tune for 30 years.

    TNA was the proxy of the LTTE. They were silent during all LTTE atrocities. Jsutified all bombings and masscres. Did nothing to stop child soldier recruitment. TNA even recognized the LTTE as the sole reps of Tamils.

    TNA is now hoping and praying Sri Lanka will fail in post-war reconciliation efforts. TNA needs that failed Sri Lankan state. They need that platform to re-start Ealam war V.

    What is tragic is that corrupt and incompetent Rajapassa clan is about to hand it over to TNA, on a platter, on the international stage.

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      Ben Hurling,

      your comment is wrong. Infact it was TNA that suffered most and it’s members got killed by VP duting the EELAM war.

      Lakshman Kadiragamar and other noble TNA politicians would have survived if they had followed VP doctrine. But they were following a moderate path……and your coment on licking VP’s jackboot is wrong.

      Now it is not only TNA but we all Sri lankan Sinhalese and other minority communities are looking for Justice, freedom, and human rights from MR dictator regime. If MR cannot deliver them…..then he should leave his position and give it to some one else to manage.

      There’s only two choice available for MR now.

      Either accomodate everybody including moderate TNA, and deliver justice, freedom, democracy and human rights to all people……..or wait until a bigger International terror outfit to attack Sri Lanka with bigger vengence, so nobody including MR will survive.

      Country is already sinking both economically, politically, racially and among religion groups and already half submerged.

      The choice is upto MR and his blind buffalo goons to decide.

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        Well said my frend.

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    Hi Ben
    Do you want to keep Tamils as slaves for ever? Please consider them also as citizens of Sri Lanka who are entitle for all rights enjoyed by the Majority Sinhaleese.Time has come for all forces to join to defeat MARAs corrupted regime and establish a country in which all citizens are living with dignity.

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      Can you tell us why you say that Tamils are treated like slaves? Are you living in Sri Lanka or somewhere else. I know that all of us have common problems but being a Tamil What are the additional problems you have? Please tell us as we don’t know? We have many Tamils friends who lead a more comfortable life than most Sinhalese. Also tell us what do the Sinhalese enjoy which is not available to the Tamils? We all suffer under this regime equally!!!

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    It is nice to see this full on Sinhala lady going full bore to thrash the Govt ,using the same line of allegations heaped on Srilanka by the TNA and the Diaspora.

    It is good that she has Mr Sumanathiran next to her to indicate that she is fairdinkum.

    Now she wants the the Govt not only to bend over to Ms Navai Pillay ,but bend over really good.

    Because our Govt has done terrible things during and after the war to the people of the North and the East.

    Now the inhabitants who listen her plea here may wonder, whether she should have a little sympathy for the poor Sinhalese, Muslims and even Tamils who were subjected to terrible things during the War?.

    Also they may ask whether those terrible things are low on her scale?.

    Did this lady look at the Human Rights situation in Iraq , Libya and Afganistan after their liberations?.

    Did she check whether this august body under the capable leader Ms Navai Pillay has passed any resolutions such as the one we are hammered with to investigate , and punish violations in those countries?.

    Don’t they need some sort of Bench Marking to borrow from new Business terminology?.

    Shouldn’t this Lady address the press in her mother tongue too, for the great majority of inhabitants wouldn’t have a clue what she is on about, when they are are ones who ultimately have to decide whether to punish the Govt for these horrible allegations ?.

    And isn’t that the ultimate punishment or rather shall we say the main event. these good doctors are aiming for, and Geneva and Diaspora British Parliament Confabs are just the warm ups?

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      Adey Sumanay, why don’t to get sensible and see the terrible injustice that is being perpetrated against the people of Sri Lanka instead of engaging in a ‘blanket’ rubbishing of all viewpoints asking for accountability and good governance? What is the relevance of bringing in Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan into the picture here, and what is the rationale for this honourable lady to engage in speaking for their people when she has a major uphill battle to engage in right here where she belongs in Sri Lanka? I also think you are unfairly denigrating Mr Sumanthiran…. whatever the historic failings of the TNA, he is right here in the present trying his best (again, bravely and against the odds) to speak for good governance and to persuade the powers that be to institute the steps necessary to reverse the rotten trend of the recent past.

      For God’s sake man, Sri Lanka needs these right-thinking people, so I wish them more strength and success on behalf of all Lanka’s citizenry.

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    @Jayantha, we won’t be able to edit your comments in future if continuously violate our comment policy – CT

    This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.For more detail see our Comment policy

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      Dear CT Editors,

      Thank you for letting me know about your Comment Policy.

      You still have my full authority to delete whatever you feel are Controversial against your Comment policy………and DELETE THEM AND PUBLISH THE REST.


      THANK YOU.

      @Jayantha, please follow the comment policy, we won’t be able to edit your comments. – CT

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    Jayantha…. Those that remain in the TNA are the ones who followed VP’s doctrine and survived.All over the world countries are sinking econimically and let us sink with them.Its called quantitative easing.

    Sonlight _ I did not see any tamil Slaves in either Wellawatte, Kotahena or in Jaffna. They looked prosperous. In the case of Sampanthan, I even do not see a neckline as fat similar to a pig have got accumilated.

    K.A.Sumana — Sinhala Dr lady in full bore to lick TNA shoes.

    Pothey -gura – Nobody dispute the fact that terrible injustices take place in Sri Lanka. Its happening for over 1000s of years inside the RC Church and still continuing.

    Jayantha a bit muddled up onhearing Maj. Gen. Shavendra just addressed the US Marines in Virginia & was seen photographed together with US Justice Scalia & Nimalka os busy collecting her [Edited out]

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      Dicky Bird,

      I see three choices available….. and to select one.

      1)To go down with the sinking ship.

      2)All the passengers get together and push the Captain overboard…..take over the ship and sail it to a safe journey.

      3)Wear a life jacket and swim to the nearest shore.

      I think the option 2 is the best……as you rescue all the passengers with you.

      Re. TNA it’s still a moderate party and not a terror organization. It came to power with citizens vote and voicing for their rights.

      Re.Gen. Shavendra……Yes he addressed US M. in VA….but now there are questions about it. There’s a difference between winning the battle and loosing the war……which we are facing today.

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    The war was won and I for one do not question HOW ! Since it was won what has the Government done with regard to reconcilliation ?

    This is why the British people in their wisdom elected someone other than the PM who won the war for them, Churchill, to govern the peace.

    We have continued the “war mindset” 3 years into the peace and the patience of those who may have been willing to turn a blind eye on the methods used to win the war, is running out.

    Why can’t these moron Rajapaksas’ work that out ?

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    TNA priority of political agenda is must effectively recognized,that People’s Sovereignty and Territorial Intergrity and Independence power of governs exercise by elected Govt of Sri Lanka.
    The People of Sri lanka all nationalities having every right exercise supreme power of foundation democratic have been denied by TNA, as its past politics, as well as pratice by TULF,FP and ACTC. Such grave political error of Tamil Leaders visionless policies had been that lead to undermine Tamil Human-Rights and Democratic-privileged enjoy by Tamils race the in island.
    Needless to say abandonded from such policies(TNA) from that Tamil people struggle for democracy and sovergnity and unity of all nationlities have been undermine that has slip into hands of Tamil terrorist.Indeed such new struggle have begun emerge into Terrorism in new form of anarchism north again.
    TNA political task,is not simply to resist these processes but to reorganized them and redirect them toward new policies ends of sovereginty of People of Island.Indeed such new struggle may more like them the multitude will have to invent NEW democratic forms and New constituent power that will one day take us through and beyond Democracy.
    I believe that these region are exclusive or privileged sources of new policies historical innovation,but simply because this was the dominant democratic development of capitalism path along which the concepts and practices that Sri lanka development in step.
    Will an open path unified path of capitalist production.The logic of rule of certain originated in Sri lanka now invest practices of domination democracy throughout Island of Sri Lanka.The realm of production of capitalism is where social INEQUALITIES are clearly revealed and more,where the most effective resistance and alternative people power of democracy will arise.

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      Leave alone TNA, how can we citizens trust a government which came into power by fradulant means, jailed the army commander who helped win the LTTE war.

      Who killed the LTTE fighters and civilians who carried white flags to surrender and who kicked a legitimate Chief Justice……


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