20 April, 2024


Video: How SLT Blocking Colombo Telegraph At The OTS Building

The video below shows how we placed requests to a domain name server inside Sri Lanka Telecom network to resolve a few domain names.Many other SLT nameservers we tested have the same behaviour, so it is clear it’s not this specific one. This video only shows one of them.

Telecom chairman - Kumarasinghe Sirisena

Telecom chairman – Kumarasinghe Sirisena



The domain name server with IP address is hosted in the Government network and shows how it resolves correctly the google.lk and bbc.co.uk domains but fails to resolve colombotelegraph.com.

The bogus responses (IP address when requesting colombotelegraph.com or www.colombotelegraph.com is a common response when implementing domain name filtering. Many other SLT DNS servers have the same behaviour, in the video, only 1 of them is shown.

We have created this video so others can reproduce the test to verify our claims.

Not all SLT users are affected because:

1) Maybe not all the SLT nameservers have this behaviour (many of those we tested send the bogus responses).
2) Some SLT users do not use the SLT nameservers (knowingly or not, for example if their computer or some equipment in their network use other DNS like Opendns).

Click here to watch the video if you cannot view it

Click here to read the history of blocking Colombo Telegraph

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  • 4

    Anything more to add from the Srisena fan club?

  • 6

    Nice story. So some smart fish escape your barracuda eh?

    This is what happens when we have a first family.

    Time for the nepots to be kicked out.

  • 10

    Okay… First of all who is Desmond and where does this PC named Phantom resides? I have been never assigned to the DNS server you have given. Are you sure it is still one of the actively used/assigned DNS server? Can you please post a video from the same machine using the default server for nslookup rather than using the particular name server? The video proves nothing unless you show evidence that the nsserver is being actively assigned to users.

  • 9

    Tested with around 10 of my friends… Primary and secondary DNS servers assigned for us does not include… Attached a screenshot with the auto assigned DNS servers by SLT


    • 0

      They fixed it early today..

  • 3

    It has been nearly a month since King Mahinda was deposed and yet ColomboTelegraph is still being blocked. There is no excuse.

    Props to CT for not shying away from criticizing Sirisena just because he deposed MaRa regime.

    All who infringe on Freedom of Press and Speech must be exposed.

  • 0

    Here is WHY CT or that matter any decent Journalist should be BLOCKED,
    during the 9 yrs of MR rule, as revealed today:-

    [Edited out]

  • 0

    Is it going to end as “the same old wine in new bottle”?

    That is likely going to be the scenario! We see the same faces. They are so used to doing the MR way!! They did as they were told for more than a decade without a whimper and must have shared some of the loot also!!

  • 0

    Being blocked by whatecer Govt is in power is a great way of becoming popular. If they have unblocked it – bad luck! My advice to CT: keep quiet. Your popularity will increase. For those who want to access CT, there is more than one way of skinning a cat.

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