5 March, 2024


Video: Is Sri Lanka’s Mahinda Rajapaksa In Trouble?

“Sri Lanka’s President Mahinda Rajapaksa may have expected to easily secure a third term in office.But now he faces a real and unprecedented challenge, after his former health minister, Mithripala Sirisena, decided to run against him in Thursday’s vote. Rajapaksa also stands accused of corruption, nepotism and human rights violations during his country’s long civil war. So, will Sri Lankans still give him a third term in office?” Al Jazeera reports.

mahindaPresenter: Sami Zeidan


CA Chandraprema – Political Correspondent for The Island newspaper.

Alan Keenen – Sri Lanka Project Director at the International Crisis Group.

Rajiva Wijesinha – Member of Parliament and former Head of the Peace Secretariat.

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    Thadi Priyantha – you are a shame for a Sri Lankan journalist seriously.

    Its not easier to defend a dictatorship than killing innocent university students that you were famous for.

    You were out of sorts here and try to read a bit more once you get the well deserved rest in the Seyshells. (not sure you have a internet access in Seyshells mate)

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    There is no dictatorship in SRi lanka

    • 28

      It depend on what you eat !

    • 6


      “There is no dictatorship in SRi lanka”

      Its a kingdom I suppose where the kings, his family and their cronies own the state and the plebs toil for the upkeep of their luxury life style.

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    Really he is a journalist? I expected him to give a balanced opinion with a slight edge to one or they other candidate from a neutral position but from the first second he spoke it looked like he was Rajapakse’s campaign spokesperson and a member of the UPFA ………

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    In this conversation the most important issues that were raised, most relevant and needing attention are – restoring the balance of power, restoring democratic institutions to ensure checks and balances, restoring the independence of the judiciary, recognising that minority community members are full fledged citizens of Sri Lanka and the so called economic growth failing to reach the common man. Hopefully we will be able to bring about good change with a vote for Sirisena. A vote for the incumbent is to cede more power to the one family rule and furthering misrule on all fronts.

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    Whilst upholding that every citizen has the right to express his opinion, I am appalled that this journalist C. A Chandraprema – Political Correspondent for The Island newspaper, is so uniformed and disconnected with the current realities of the country. As a journalist he has to report and present the true sentiments and facts of the people and not express his own personal opinion. Frankly, I have no issue with him trying to market his opinion in favour of the incumbent as he has the right to do so as C.A Chandraprema a citizen of Sri Lanka. A conflict of interest arises no sooner he is introduced as the “Political Correspondent for The Island newspaper” as he has to express the true sentiments of the public and not his own.

    This is the depth that the country has fallen to. All these journalists have been put into positions by the government who have unethically provided various handouts like computers and interest free loans to buy cars (which are in violation of the principles of journalism) to say what the Government wants said. How can he say that the elections will be free and fair when journalists have been given these handouts by the Government as reported in CT.

    I have one thing to tell this Mr. Chandraprema – Don’t think that the handouts in the forms of clocks, watches, motorbikes given to the public by your President will sway them on the 8th of Jan as it swayed you to subservience. Just because you caved in to that pressure don’t even assume the public will fall for it. If tomorrow is free fair your President is history!!!

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    The Island’s Political corespondent casts a serious shadow on its credibility as an unbiased newspaper and its true grasp of the current happenings in the country. Unless he knows something we are all not aware of yet.

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    This morning i watched Aljazeera program. Rajiva was very fluent as usual and within the topic and very atractive to listen but the other guy from the Island news was struggling to talk and blufing and talked nonsence. Greate shame to Island news a the country- even if you lie, it should not be obvious to the listeners.

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      Rajiva W, in trying to eat the cake and have the cake does himself a disservice. In his present avatar he is anti-Rajapakse – and so be it. But he makes a fool of himself while criticising the regime he
      (2) vehemently disputes the number of Tamils held in “Concentration” camps during the 5/2009 period. He underplays the numbers drastically. (2) His insisting the regime is quite capable of holding an internal Inquiry into alleged HR and War Crimes incidents is a joke – laughed at by the world. (3) Worst is his defence the LLRC is adequate for the country’s problems, will have few takers outside the Rajapakses loop. It is not surprising why he take these positions. The man was
      Polishing Rajapakses shoes in different capacities during those years
      but since Mahinda R had no more use of the professor’s “brilliant
      wisdom” the poker-faced academic sings a different tune to get into
      Sirisena’s good books. But with his cousin Ranil, playing a prominent role there, the argumentative scholar is on the streets, as it were – once more.

      R. Varathan

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    We have one more day for this election. I am sure most of the voters have already made their minds. It is not surprise “The Island” news reporter supporting Mahinda and Rajiva supporting Maithri. The outcome is Mahinda winning or Maithiri Winning. If the outcome is in favour of Mahinda, there will be no more election and the nation will become similar to that of Myanmar (Burma) where a military style rule will continue for several decades. Those who worked for opposition including Maithiri, Chandrika, Ranil, Hela urumaya leaders, Muslim leaders and TNA leaders will have to face Gota style Encounter or Mahinda style jail terms. The international community turn against Srilanka and there is a possibility of economic sanction which inturn most of the citizens will have to suffer from poverty.
    The people have only one choice between dictatorship and democracy.

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      Not only do they one choice but they have only one day to change the course of our future.

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      Not only do they one choice but they have only one day to change the course of our future.

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    Chandraprema works for the Island Newspaper, a newspaper which was once independent but is now owned and run by Mr Kumar Welgama, the Minister of Public Transport.

    Mr Chandraprema is only pandering to his employers, I doubt he himself believes the drivel he was spewing here.

    All of us in Sri Lanka are feeling the warm winds of change…..I just cast my vote this morning….I do hope it will eventually end up being counted!

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    Chandraprema’s comment on violence is agreeable but not the rest. There are clear evidence that the opposition candidate would heading towards a win.

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