19 June, 2024


Video Reveals Cold Blooded Execution Of LTTE Chief’s Son

A gruesome trophy video has emerged which is believed to have been shot by Sri Lankan military personnel during the cold blooded execution of LTTE chief Prabhakaran’s 12-yr-old son Balachandran.



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    Channel 4′s War Pornography – A Review by Indi CA

    By wrapping human suffering so tightly around an agenda (prosecuting Sri Lanka’s top military and government leaders, incidentally the LTTE’s agenda, to prosecute wouldn’t be the word) Channel 4 cheapens and prostitutes the human suffering involved. I think it’s a bad film, but that doesn’t change the fact that the end of the war was plenty bad.
    • No Sri Lankan sources (either people from, or in the country)
    • I repeat ALL WHITE PEOPLE. This just looks bad. There isn’t a single non-white ‘expert’
    • No direct, credible sources (all UN or US reports)
    • Foregone conclusion (Mahinda and Gota should be prosecuted)
    • No questioning how so many civilians ended up in a closed area where they didn’t live (the LTTE herding them)


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    The fact that there was a combat zone, where the people were dragged by gun point by the LTTE which with their heavy weapons and Arms turned this area into a combat zone and Used the civilians there as Human shield to protect them self s as they have used this strategy since the 80’s when the SL Army Launched operations against the LTTE and also the IPKF.. where the LTTE attacked the Army and provoked them to battle and when the forces responded they turned civilian Areas into combat zones. This was the LTTE policy used and approved by the LTTE Diaspora and its International based organizations.. who?s leaders now have changed their insignia to now call themselves Global Tamil Forum, British Tamil Forum, Canadian Tamil Congress, Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam and others.. So why This Particular Strategy ? Well very simple to see the Smoke screens cries from the west with the support of these organizations.. To shout Human Rights, and war crimes. So much for protection and defending the Minority of Northern Tamils. This Clever but Diabolical Strategy was used since the 80 Where Heavy Weapons and small Arms were stored in civilian Areas and Hospitals which then automatically they used and turned these civilians areas into deadly combat zones.. Hence which kept dragging and prolonging the Brutal civil war until 2009.. As we saw this same strategy play out in the final days of the Civil war in 2009.. when during the 3 day cease fire, where the LTTE moved more civilians and weapons to hospitals thus creating a new combat zones and also the NO-Fire zones as well,(A TERRORIST GROUP WHICH VIOLATED neutrality deliberately as they have in the past) For further evidence just Read not the Lankan but the Indian IPKF Accounts and commission on this. No these very Tactics were exported to other Terrorist networks via The western based LTTE Front groups and those other Western based Terrorist cells.. Which then translated to the grounds Of Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel, Colombia, Uganda, etc etc? Where NATO which includes USA and UK forces for killing civilians in their thousands.. where these terrorist networks thanks to LTTE based strategy turned civilian areas to combat zones. So lets us understand this CH4 Drama is methodologically very flawed. The LTTE ruled as a totalitarian Regime over the Minority of Civilians it controlled. For instance in the Past when Journalist visited those areas they could not speak their mind about the LTTE and their totalitarian regime, The Rapes,The torture cells, Child Abductions and Forced Child Prostitution and more, when the reporters left the LTTE would still be there supported by The LTTE Diaspora and its International based organizations such as Global Tamil Forum, British Tamil Forum, Canadian Tamil Congress, Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam and others. The LTTE which created this Internal Terror in the Wanni could not give out the true information, As the LTTE shot all those people who use to go against them and talk against them. Both In the Wanni and Abroad. So when you See pictures supplied by the LTTE via the Diaspora to CH4 From from the combat zone controlled by the LTTE a totalitarian Regime.. how can the picture or a camera say those injuries werent caused by the LTTE.. Instead CH4 smoke screens this aspect and blames the Lankan Forces. CH4 is not naive.. as in their past reports from the LTTE showed the LTTE to Have heavy Weaponry. So how can CH4 claim this is a true peace of work when it could not give a objective prospect. Why because CH4 has only spoken to people who are reprehensive of The LTTE now claiming to be NGos Forums, and Transnational Governments , who all represented a totalitarian Regime.. So how can they say it is free and impartial information. So why has CH4 not looked into the LTTE turning these civilian areas into Combat zones and civilians as human shields.. And the role these organizations which supplied them these information??In a court of Law this information would be called deeply flawed and problematic. And if Ch4 says they get this information from within SL.. this is the same CH4 which said that the information they get from there is not reliable.. I didnt hear CH4 Mention How Sri-Lankan soldiers making a effort to make sure civilians are not caught in cross fire, and soldiers who helped civilians. risking their lives as the LTTE in that face of the war in civilian clothes killing and blowing up soldiers. which is documented by eve the UN and Red cross. Yet Ch4 have seem to smoke scrren these deeds. Now Ch4 says how certain Aid agency were denied access. Are these the very Aid agencies that were calling Western Governments with their contacts of western Based LTTE Outfits now posing as NGOs and Fronts that were falling over each other to save the LTTE High command representives of a Terrorist totalitarian Regime responisble for creating civilian areas to combat zones, Instead of even helping the civilians as they claim thats is what they were there to do. if CH4 as they claim to be Unbiased then it should equally look into with importance LTTE Front organisations how they played a part in the conflict, negatively.

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    thousand of Innocent childs are killed by devil of prabakan in sri lanka.Who are talk about that.where were human rights.

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