19 August, 2022


We Are Pleased Navi Pillay Was Able To Witness Sri Lanka’s Reconciliation Process

By Manisha Gunasekera

Manisha Gunasekera

24th session of the Human Rights Council – Agenda Item 3 , Statement at the ID with the SR on Truth, Justice, Reparation and Non-recurrence

Mr. President,

The delegation of Sri Lanka thanks the Special Rapporteur on the Promotion of Truth, Justice, Reparation and Guarantees of Non-Recurrence Mr. Pablo de Grieff for his Report (A/HRC/24/42), and takes note of the range of information presented based on different models of transitional justice.

We note the SR’s assertion that while the past two decades have witnessed a steady increase in the establishment and use of various truth-seeking mechanisms, they, in particular state-sanctioned commissions can be important instruments for the redress of violations when implemented in a comprehensive manner.  The SR also notes that given the significant expansion of the commissions beyond fact finding, they find it increasingly difficult to satisfy growing expectations. We concur that the expansion of commission mandates without coherence, specificity and clarity, does not help in achieving reconciliation.

We welcome the SR’s recommendation that truth commissions adopt a gender-based approach, and his highlighting the funding aspect in the functioning of commissions, the latter being an often overlooked fact.

Mr. President,

As a country that has experienced and emerged from a protracted terrorist conflict which lasted three decades, Sri Lanka has consistently upheld the position that the approach of each state to reconciliation be context-specific, taking into account the particularities of each state and the aspirations of its people.  In this regard, the Government of Sri Lanka has undertaken a harmonious and holistic approach to reconciliation, taking into consideration a range of cross-cutting issues including resettlement, housing, land, rehabilitation and reintegration of ex-combatants including former child soldiers, democratisation, accountability, demilitarisation, demining, infrastructure development, livelihood development, education, vocational training, trauma and psycho-social counselling, support for female-headed households and war widows, the trilingual policy, etc.  These actions initiated shortly after the ending of the terrorist conflict in May 2009 are presently being continued in the context of the National Plan of Action for the implementation of the recommendations of the LLRC, in a time bound manner.  In July 2013 the Government added 53 more recommendations of the LLRC for implementation. 

This reconciliation process is also well integrated into the country’s governance system through the wide network of line Ministries and Agencies.  For example, the implementation of the identified recommendations of the LLRC through the National Plan of Action fall within the purview of over 20 line Ministries ranging from, Defence, Public Administration,  Justice,  Land, Child Development and Women’s Affairs, Education, National Languages and Social Integration, to Culture and Arts and Sports.

Mr. President,

We have briefed the Council on a regular basis on progress in the different facets of the reconciliation process detailed above, including under Item 2 – General Debate of the current session.

We are pleased that the High Commissioner was able to witness first-hand this multi-faceted nature of Sri Lanka’s reconciliation process during her recent visit, and uphold the progress already achieved.

We look forward to the visit of the Special Rapporteur on IDPs in December this year to review progress in resettlement, and to a visit by the SR on Education in the future.  We remain committed to continuing our engagement with the Council, as well as sharing best practices.

In conclusion, Mr. President,

We highlight the need to adopt a pragmatic, context specific approach in addressing issues of transitional justice.

Thank you

*Manisha Gunasekera -Sri Lanka’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN in Geneva  

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    The only thing good about this nonsensical rubbish is that it could have been longer.
    Does this person get a “lolly” from her leader for this crap or is the free trip to Geneva considered enough compensation for opening her mouth and telling a bunch of outright lies?

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    “We Are Pleased Navi Pillay Was Able To Witness Sri Lanka’s Reconciliation Process”:

    So are we, the Tamils of Sri Lanka: At a last an impartial person has visited and found out about the cares that infest Tamil peoples’ minds and the deceitful propaganda of the government.

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      She certainly displayed her ‘neutrality’ and ‘impartiality’ by attempting to place a wreath where the terrorist leader Prabhakaran met his fate.

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        ram Wreath for a Killer got you upset and question the impartiality Pretty Boy Terrorist now Honourable Minister Karuna and his murdering Mob living off Sinhalese tax payer in a lap of luxury and you the tax payer loving it.

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          She had also questioned as to why there was a statue of the Father of the Nation in front of the Old Parliament, because he was Sinhala. It has absolutely nothing to do with her visit to the country.

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            The farter of the nation Don Stephen Senanayake was one of the thuggery class Botale brothers the one felled by Chitra.

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    Dear Manisha Gunesekera,

    Let’s see the reconciliation ptocess.

    They want to block CT. What do they want to hide. Ask. The reconciliation process?

    We need leaders who can stand up to bullies in the top end of town , who never leave the citizen , if they are not to their liking.

    In Sri Lanka.

    We have Mahinda Rajapaksa, a non-leader, a coward, who is afraid of BBS, Sinhala Ravya and other terrorist Monks running Amok in the country, with no-law and order and committing crimes, in the name of Buddhism, the Tipitaka and the Triple Gem.

    What a farce. Call the terrorist Monks running Amok, the 3rd Gem of Buddhism. We might as well LTTE the 3rd Gem.

    The Monks, the “Sangha”, call themselves “Sangha Ratnaya” Monk Gems.

    This is what the Sri Lanka Sinhala Buddhist Laymen fools, called Upasakayas and Upasaka Ammas follow and believe.

    Nobody, yes nobody has ever reached Nirvana, Nibbana, Rebirth, Samsara, Hell or Heaven despite over 3,000 years of chanting and preaching. Why?

    It is all about Monk Hegemony and the Hegemony of the ruling class they want to protect.

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    Manisha, no sane person is going to be hoodwinked by the crap in your statement. You just wait for Ms Pillay’s report which will show the world the brutality, animal behavior and f…. culture that you jokers are proud of- culture that thrives in the sewers and governed by a bunch of thugs.

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    When did the Special Rapporteur on IDPs visit sri lanka?
    The date of the Report is not mentioned.

    Where are the reports of the “state-sanctioned commissions”?
    Why are they buried – even the latest one on the Weliweriya murders, and the one on the Welikada murders of 27 prisoners?

    Who is Manisha – diplomat or mediaperson?

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    Manisha dear,- Thanks for publishing your photo.Beautifull.

    As to your letter,never mind, we know and understand that you are on the other side of the fence to the Tamils who believe in JUSTICE and FAIRPLAY.

    You are an appointee of the SL Government to Geneva.Stay well, and continue to play the same tune on your violin which has been passed on to you by the SL government.Continue scratching the rusted strings,they want you to play the same tune.Do not fail to play it,thus so you can remain in Geneva.
    Good luck and thank you for the effort.

    We patiently await The Report.

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    Also Navil Pillai noticed SL
    O many other things may you forgot to tell at the meeting or intentionally left out

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    Last year
    Tamara Kunanayakam did all the magic and she got kicked out
    Now you (Manisha) are doing the same tune and same dance at the end you will get the same treat

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    Pillay would have found out the Sri Lanka situation was better than that of USA, UK, Her Country, Indiaand all those countries the West had invaded over the past years.

    What dispora failed to address was that all those who collected vast sums of money for the LTTE after the Nandikadal debacle continue to hold on to them instead of handing over to the Organisation. As such they are smarting from the loss and those “podiyan” who held onto the money are having a jolly good time to the detriment to the diaspora who lent vast amount.\
    Yes. In life there are winner and loosers.
    So, re pay your debts in instalment take your anger on Sri Lanka.
    Smarting smart a.s diaspora are responsible for the Lanka predicament.


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      Reading old news papers wont take you any where. Read the new once. You have to buy them though.

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    Readers must attempt to understand that the writer is the official spokesperson representing the Sri Lankan government and hence follows a well-trodden path that career diplomats have used over the years.

    One notices that the narrative is devoid of any short-comings of the various bodies appointed to investigate “the truth” and that itself makes the story much less credible and quite biased.

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    The difference between Ms Gunasekera and Tamara K, is that the former is a senior career diplomat and has to take the good with the bad — unfortunately. She has not been handpicked from outer space or lobbied to go to Geneva.

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      But what matters is the substance her article OR not ?
      If she as many used to be feel that Ms Pillay had the chance to determine by herself the development that the abusive govt has made, I think she is just looking at it on surface only. At the end of the month, Ms Pillay will bring her oral report before the on going UNHRC session. Then the world can make them clear what a rhythmless govt we have have in sl today.
      Even afte her week long tour to lanka – govt s media institutions are on a spread of wrong interpretation about the grave remarks that she made on her leave the country – above all focusing on her ethin heredity to accuse her again and again has been common with uneducated lanken politicians.

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    Hi Thondamannar.
    Phew,that was a biggie.It did not hurt all,because I believe that where the monies are and if itis there ,there will it stay.
    After the war was over – All that the diaspora heard was the SL government asking the Diaspora to send monies to the government for development of the Tamil territories.
    Then quickly they opened a Bank Account trying to prove that they are doing it in a trust worthy manner.Remember this?
    Still NONE.No depositor.

    Then they became nasty to the diaspora.
    Remember the writings?

    Even the singhala writers went so nasty saying- you encouraged the war,you sent so much money now why can’t you send it to uplift your own people.
    OH dear! Are they telling the Diaspora what to do.
    MR and his cohorts failed miserably.They did not get any from the diaspora and what was that again?
    The monies of the LTTE and their groups.

    Even Karuna and KP could not get it for the government.They know if they took that road that is if they knew where it is they will be ?
    Go give your advise to the government if you know where it is then get it for the government.
    Good try Thondamannar.

  • 0

    Hi again Thaondamannar!

    I forgot to address your try –
    ‘Because of the diaspora, Sri Lanka is in this predicament?’
    What a.s is this?

    You mean the government or Rajapakse brothers wanted to live on the Diaspora MONIES? Let them try flying a KYTE with the chinese on Galle face green if there is one.

    Your writings for the GOSL put Sri Lanka in this predicament.

    Truth Hurts and hurts very badly- Thondamannar.
    Nothing personal- just an answer to your query.

  • 0

    Manisha! Fragrant Manisha! Lovely picture.
    Mercifully short report.
    I cannot get over what the most famous whore of the sixties said;
    “Well, they would say that, wouldn’t they?”
    Still, a job is a job and someone has to do the deed.
    Enjoy the joyous fountains of Lake Geneva.

  • 0

    Terrorists and sympathizers are paid to write here. This is evident by the comments. Anyone living in Sri Lanka know these comments are rubbish. Violence is against Sinhalese. You all forget that. You are (bloody Christians) pushing the country into violence. Separation is violence. Kashmir, and everywhere we see this enough. Now stop promoting bogus claims. You (those who comment from overseas, eating luxury food, sitting in a luxury sofa), enjoy the luxuries, we don’t bother about that. But leave innocent Tamil ‘Hindus’ here in Sri Lanka. PC election results only show the separatist mindset cultured by Pirabakaran and his Western friends. Now..stop it. Enough is enough!!!

  • 0

    Dear Manisha,

    You were a lovely child as I remember from our school days where you were my junior. Intelligent and always saying ” the right thing”. I knew you would go places. After all you became a a diplomat who is supposed to lie for his/her country if necessary.

    But I find it disturbing that a person of your intelligence and calibre actually belives in what you are spouting as you sound”sincerely, seriously earnest”. You talk of a protracted “terrorist” conflict as all Sri Lankans with a herd mentality and less than analytical intellect love to say. Pray tell me was terrorism the means or the cause, or was it a means in retaliation to unfair treatment that took a U turn, after the colonials left? The colonists we know divided and ruled and perhaps gave an unfair share to the Tamils. But did not the Tamils perform in those positions? Is it correct to heap vengeance on Tamils, our own people for the ills of the colonial powers? I have worked “on the ground” in the North for the last decade and am convinced of the unfair treatment meted out to all minorities. Terrorism may not be the way and Prabakaran not so altruistic, but tell me was this terrosrism purely out of thin air? his was a hallucination of the Tamils for a utopian state of Eelam? Or is it a genuine cry for equity?

    You talk about the role of 20 Ministries involved in reconciliation. I will be happy to see the Focal Unit in all the related Ministries excluding the Ministry of Mr Vasudeva Nanayakkara, whose sole purpose is integration anyway. So whare are these focal units and where are their work plans and how well resourced are they?

    You make broadly sweeping statements such as “In this regard, the Government of Sri Lanka has undertaken a harmonious???? and holistic???? approach to reconciliation, taking into consideration a range of cross-cutting issues including resettlement, housing, land, rehabilitation and reintegration of ex-combatants including former child soldiers, democratisation, accountability, demilitarisation, demining, infrastructure development, livelihood development, education, vocational training, trauma and psycho-social counselling, support for female-headed households and war widows, the trilingual policy, etc.”

    Do you have the real progress on these issues my dear. I worked for several development agencies from the end of the conflict even to date. We WERE UNABLE TO GET TO THE PEOPLE EVEN TO DO TRAUMA COUNSELLING AS THE ARMY WOULD NOT LET US GET CLOSE TO THE PEOPLE from then to now. I often apologise to the people for whom I work – the community and the Army walks behind listening to everything we have to say. Where and what are the numbers of demilitarisation? Why are so many permanent military complxes being built in the North? There is no mere seed plan for agrculture promotion,sex work is sky rockting the North especally as widows HAVE NO MEANS of livelihood. These are only some of the realities. There are many many more.

    So before you mouth diplomatic jargon and crap and without falling into the ranks of buffoonish non career cowboys, make sure you undertake your owwn studies, see for yourself, discuss with a variety of actors, then right a compromised version of the above. But pl do not lie blatantly as it is not fitting behaviour for someone like you.


    Visakha Akki

    Before you

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