27 May, 2022


What Intolerant Buddhist Monks Are Doing To Sri Lanka

By Kapil Komireddi –

Kapil Komireddi

Sri Lanka insists that all its inhabitants are equal citizens of the state. The government does not discriminate.

Mahinda Rajapaksa, the president of Sri Lanka, is easily incensed by campaigns for political autonomy on the basis of ethnic self-determination. Rejecting “different administrations based on ethnicity,” he recently asserted: “The solution is to live together in this country with equal rights for all communities.”

It’s an admirable sentiment, contradicted only by the fact that, since his election in 2005, Sri Lanka has transformed into a rancid ethnocracy: a country where Tamils, after being pulverised in a ferociously asymmetrical civil war, are offered humiliation instead of consolation; where the enforcers of the law have become volitional abettors of vicious ethnic chauvinists; and where saffron-robed Buddhist monks, having designated themselves the defenders of the Sinhala majority, sniff the air each morning for the scent of fresh offence—and follow it to one minority community or another.

In April last year, Buddhist bhikshus stormed a mosque in central Sri Lanka, and, claiming that it had been built on territory sacred to Buddhists, demanded its immediate closure. Police officers who showed up at the scene, rather than hauling the aspiring hagiocrats into prison cells, deferentially cleared the path for them to walk about freely. When news of this assault reached the government in Colombo, the prime minister reacted by ordering the Muslims to move their mosque. Such a swift decision by the government to side with Buddhist chauvinists who had so openly terrorised Muslims rather took the blush off the claim that it’s the guardian of all Sri Lankans.

Emboldened by the example of this effortless early triumph, some Buddhist monks started selecting other targets for “civil policing.” Earlier this year, a group calling itself the “Buddhist Strength Force” (Bodu Bala Sena) staged rallies in Colombo against the halal system of meat certification. As the BBC reported, thousands of men and women gathered in the capital to hear the nationalist rhetoric of the BBS monks. “Our country is a Sinhalese one and we are its unofficial police,” one monk announced. A few weeks later the monks laid siege to a Muslim-owned abattoir in Colombo to halt the slaughter of cattle. To their great disappointment, they did not find any cows on the premises: there has been a legal prohibition against the slaughter of cows within Colombo since at least May 2012. The abattoir was being used as a distribution plant for the meat of cattle slaughtered outside the city. Facing the possibility of a quiet retreat, the monks reframed their charges and started making noises about hygiene. The police who arrived at the scene helped the monks inspect the facility.

Even if the monks were driven, as some of them claim, by a genuine concern for the condition of animals, their programme of intimidation wholly violated the central precept handed down by the Buddha: nonviolence. In the Indian subcontinent, and in its eastern neighbours, the extension of human compassion to animals was accomplished through patient debate and discussion, not through bullying and ultimatums. It was the sermons of the monk Zhiwen that prompted many Chinese citizens to free their animals and burn their fishing nets. And it was Emperor Ahoka’s own personal conduct that made kind treatment of animals an entrenched part of our ethical debates. When Sri Lankan Buddhists proclaim that Muslims are uniquely cruel towards animals, they expose their ignorance: the most eloquent champion of animals in India since Ashoka was the Mughal emperor Mohammed Akbar.

In any event, many of the Muslim-owned businesses that export meat employ thousands of Buddhists. Despite this, and too keen to placate the monks, the Muslim body responsible for the classification of foods decided to withdraw the halal label “in the interest of peace and harmony.” In return, Muslims have been subjected to even more chilling acts of terror. In the last month, Buddhist monks have attacked Muslim teachers at a law college, accusing them of favouring their own kind, and called for the abolition of the abaya, the niqab and the hijab. “We will fight until this attire is banned from this country, so that there is no chance to unofficially enforce the Islamic Sharia Law in Sri Lanka,” one monk, as if ventriloquising the principal obsession of overzealous European liberals, declared.

And ever since overhauling the raiment of Muslim women replaced the protection of animals as the BBS’s most pressing priority, one Muslim woman was spat at by a passerby on the streets of Colombo and at least four niqab-clad women were attacked at a railway station by a pack of feral men.

For nearly a century now, Buddhist demagogues have tried to suffuse the minds of ordinary Sinhalese with sinister myths about a virtuous Sinhala majority defiled and victimised by alien minorities. “This bright, beautiful island was made into a Paradise by the… Sinhalese before its destruction was brought about by the barbaric vandals,” wrote Anagarika Dharmapala at the turn of the 20th century. “Christianity and [Hindu] polytheism are responsible for the vulgar practices of killing animals, stealing, prostitution, lying and drunkenness.”

In reality: Christians never truly presented much of a threat to Sinhalese Buddhist dominance in post-independence Sri Lanka, and the (largely Hindu) Tamils who attempted to disrupt Sinhalese rule were ruthlessly routed in 2009. But an insecure majority constantly seeks confirmation of its own superiority by searching for inferiorities in others.

What is now happening is a kind of political consolidation by the Rajapaksas, who have distributed the most powerful jobs in the government to members within their family. Sinhala nationalists form their power base, and they must be fed. Muslims, who have been at the receiving end of communal rioting in the past, are now playing the role vacated by the Tamils. This explains why, even as the president talks about “tolerance and compassion,” his younger brother, secretary to the ministry of defence  Gotabhaya, courts the reactionary Buddhist monks of the BBS. Appearing recently at a BBS ceremony, he praised its members as defenders of “our country, religion and race.” “No one,” he continued, “should doubt these clergy. We’re here to give you encouragement.”

There are many Sinhalese Buddhists who are mortified by the turn their country has taken under the Rajapaksas. But they, like the Tamils and the Muslims, have no voice in today’s Sri Lanka.

*Kapil Komireddi, an Indian journalist. A Version of this article is first appeared in The Daily Beast.

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    Well said. The Govt and President are abdicating their responsibility with respect to the people of this country. They are unable to even speak against these happenings which casts the entire country in a poor light internationally.

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      We Buddhists who are the great silent majority are to blame for having been silent for so long as Mahinda Rajapakse and his brothers turned a NONVIOLENT religion into a militant fundamentalism to hide and legitimse their power grab and consolidation of the CORRUPT and CRIMINAL Rajapakse MILITARY DICTATORSHIP in Sri Lanka.

      The Buddhist flag and saffron robe is what the Rajapassa brothers hide behind while committing the most vicious crimes and corruption. All Buddhist monks who are non-corrupt should boycott the Rajapassa brothers and shun them – instead of running behind them for perks.

      In the context, the moderate Sihalas should support the National Movement for a just society led by Ven. Maduluwawve Soobith Thero and Rev. Duleep Chickera need to put Sri Lanka on the right course.
      All the current, corrupt politicians are useless and the politicians lining up to be Presidentail candidates have blood on their hand – Ranil Wickramasinghe – JVP and Batalanda and Matale Mass grave, Rajapassa brothers and sons and Sarath Fonseka are murderous thugs.
      Buddhism in Lanka must be rescued and liberated from the Balu Sena and the Buddhist flag and saffron clocked military Rajapassa military dictatorship. The Balu Sena is distorting and destroying Buddhism, just as their patrons Rajapassa Brothers are destroying democratic governance and turning Lanka into a corrupt and criminal military dictatorship wrapped in the Buddhist flag and the saffron- which is the NEW CAMOUFLAGE of the Rajapakse led military mob – a strategy to NORMALIZE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

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        Foreign journalist , perhaps Indian should know the best country for Muslims in the non-muslim world is none but Sri Lanka. if he knows what happens to Muslims in India ( having second largest muslim population in the world , after Indonesia)he should at least commit suicide.

        The number of Mosques for muslim minority represents less than 9% (9/100) of total population of Lanka after 1948 independence far exceeds Buddhist temples built for Majority Sinhala Buddhists.

        Writer talks about Central Lanka Mosque “destroyed” by Buddhists, that it self gives lesser knowledge he has about Lanka. This Dambulla make shift prayer room (Mosque?) could not do prayers only one friday, when there was a protest by Monks & their supporters but continued prayers from next friday up until todate.
        The real issue was the Politician of the area ( Sinhala Buddhist) , the Land Minister of Sri lanka Govt. had acquired over 300 acres of Temple land by using powers vested in him, purportedly for Dambulla Town development & handed dozens of acres to Muslim businessmen in the area for free, who had given him Rs. hundreds of millions (bribery ?)
        for his election work.Muslims & sinhalese had no problem at all for thousands of years & even now.
        As far as Halal issue is concerned, some 91 % of non muslims in Lanka cannot be forced to eat Halal, because if companies producing Halal , they cannot practically produce non – Halal Chicken/Meat etc for great majority of non muslims in this country. On the other hand people of this country never heard Halal some 25 years ago & never saw Muslim women covering whole body with Black dress & men wearing arabic clothing & sporting beard ( only some communists & Maoist JVP ers had beard), it’s amazing how Muslims changed themselves during last 02 deacdes . who lived in La nka for more than 500 years peacefully, under the protection of Sinhala Buddhist Kings & Sinhala people.

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          Dood Jo, don’t be so narrow minded!
          Unlike you and your equally half educated paymaster Rajapassa, this foreign journalist writes and speaks good English and I suppose you are jealous.. since he also clearly understands the curse on Lanka far better than your small brain can!

          • 1

            Rather than calling names , you better reply to comments made , if you don’t agree & be decent.

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            Mutt, why should i be jealous ? don’t show uoyr are a lunatic.

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          What you say before 25 years there was no Abaya and Beards among Muslims? You know before 25 years there were less number of Muslims praying 5 times a day. This does not mean this is not obligatory on Muslims. Now people of all faiths have better knowledge about their religion and thank God, most of them want to live according to their religious teachings. If everyone follows his / her religion honestly, then this world would be a better place to live in as all religions preach universal love and no religions promote hatred, jealousy,harming the fellow human beings and so on. Your comments only show that you are not practicing any religion.

          • 1

            World would be a better place , if people do not show their religion in public, only Muslims are showing this in Sri Lanka. Can you identify any Christian/Buddhist/Hindu on the streets by looking at them ? religion is a private affair, better keep it at home & religious place of worship.

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              World would also be a better place if Yellow robes are not be seen in public. They should be in Jungles doing meditation and not near Fashion Bug stores or No Limit stores. No limit to throw stones at Muslin Stores.

              Better be changed to shirt and sarong and do some productive work.

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          Hey John dude, you got your amudai in a twist. BBS destroyed the Dambulla mosque! Don’t be a apologist for Boru Balu Sena.

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            Was there a Mosque in Dambulla to be so destroyed? if so, where about ? you call “Takaran Maduwa” a Mosque ? Go to hell man.

        • 0

          John, there should be a limit to your stupidity and blindness.

          • 0

            Like John the Baptist, I am here to enlighten you guys , who are in total blindness

            • 0

              John the Baptist ate Grasshoppers with Honey.

              Also John the Baptist was beheaded.

              So be prepared.

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      Good piece! Buddhism is is great moral and SPIRITUAL DECLINE in Sri Lanka today and has been emptied of its true spirit and substance.

      But the point is that the Indian Govt. and its Foreign Ministry is also to blame for the POLITICIZATION and TALIBANIZATION of BUDDHISM in Lanka, by playing its Buddhist “soft power” card, and sending all kinds of fake Kapila Vastu relics to boost Mahinda Rajapassa’s Buddhist Raja image in Lanka!
      The gross MILITARIZATION of Buddhism in Sri Lanka today (also to hide huge land grabs in the northeast) is a result of POLITICIZATION of Buddhism, and the greed of monks to have all sorts of luxuries, power and wealth, rather than leading the simple life – according to What the Buddha Taught (Walpola Rahula).
      Buddhism is is great moral decline in Sri Lanka today and has been emptied of its true spirit and substance.

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    Under the blessing of MR his brother GR doing all these stupid things.
    MR didn’t learn from the history that one day he will be the prey of the beast he nurtured.There will be a day sooner rather than later where he will be arrested or even killed by his own brother for the same sinhala buddhist cause

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    This is a barrel view of a foreign journalist who does not understand the situation in ths country.Prez.Rajapaksa wants all communities to live together and not segregated. What is wrong?
    Can’t one see some people are trying to disturb that and want to show that people cannot live together. Besides,one cannot overlook that the rise of a section of Buddhist opinion against some Muslim activities came about on the eve of Geneva 2013 to break the support SL was receiving from Muslim countries. The other objective was to create local opposition to Rajapaksa from the local Muslim community.
    One cannot superficially blame the Sinhalese Buddhists for everything that is going on now. There must be a cause. That is a major tenet that Buddha himself taught. It is after finding out the cause that the problem can be eliminated.Why did BBS rise suddenly at this juncture? Does not one see the external manipulation as I asked.
    Do not think this is the usual conspiracy theory.

    There are no WMDs to go after here as was in Iraq, or nuclear arms scare as in Iran to apply sanctions. Buddhist intolerance is the weapon to be used. It has to be created because Buddhists are in general, a very tolerant people. Who created that intolerance recently among a section in a country known for its religious tolerance, even so recorded by early Muslim writers? Who is at the bottom of it?

    It is none other than one of the greatest destabilsisers in the world, the Norwegians. [Edited out]

    The Norwegians, for some reason shifted emphasis to some Buddhists and temples. They were responsible for setting up the Bodu Bala Sena after an organised visit for six monks and two laymen to Norway, Sweden and France in 2011. (asiatribune.com/node/62223).
    The Internet critics should go deep into this history to understand why all this rumpus is created at this particular time. Isn’t the idea to create confusion all round and prepare ground for an Arab Spring like situation here, a regime change?

    Dear Young Indian Journalist, The situation here is much complicated. It cannot be reduced to superficial assertions as you have done. Journalism requires a broader and balanced view. sorry I have to give you that lesson but take it as I am a much honed regular writer now in the eve of life.

    • 0

      So you mean to say this is conspiracy….I do not believe…. The Police/Govt watching and protecting when the BBS has protest, attacks, meeting while chasing away the peaceful vigil… I confused where is your theory support.

      I am a true patriotic sri Lankan and support every good move of the govt. However, I am against to what is happening now and feel why Govt want to silent… is it a big issue for the Govt comes against BBS, on the other BBS has GR on their side. So who is trying to disturb whom…. Is GR disturb MR?

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    If the Rajapakses could put an end to the practice of Sunni Islam on the island, they would have my full support. But that is not their goal. All they want is to stay in power. Groups like BBS are a distraction while the Rajapakses plunder the wealth of the island. People think the Rajapakses are evil. In fact, the Rajapakses probably don’t even know what most of their goons in the underworld and elsewhere are doing.

    • 1

      Hey Lester, you can never express yourself without making a swipe at the Muslims. Ha, ha. haaa. We think you are a joker, not to be taken seriously. It showa how deep you have got yourself immersed in the juice of Islamophobia. You will only drown yourself in it, if you don’t manage to survive it. Why should you care if it is Sunni or any other Muslim group that should be wiped out, when you proclaim to be an athiest yourself, and therefore have nothing to do with any God nor religion? What difference should it make to you? It shows you are not a true athiest but a Islam basher.

      • 0

        Actually Marwan, atheism is viewed as okay in Hinduism and Buddhism. Only in the Abrahamic religions – Islam, Christianity, Judaism – is atheism viewed as capital murder.

        The joke is that your ridiculous belief in a non-existant creature has created thousands of years of war and exploitation. How many of you fools cried to your “God” before you ran to the battlefield to hack off another fool’s head?

        This is why I still have faith in Buddhist monks. Whatever they say and do, at the end of the day they are thinking for themselves, they are not slaves of an imaginary male chauvinist floating in the sky with ice cream and mermaids.

    • 0

      Islamo’phobia is a curable disease. The obsession is just pure mental disorientation.

      Allah has created Angels with reason but having no desires; animals with desires but no reason, & man with both reason and desires. Therefore, if one’s reason is stronger than his desires, he is like an Angel… while if his desires are stronger than his reason, he is like an animal.

    • 0

      Ur comment suggest that u learned half. There is no shia / sunni islam. This division is created to supress

  • 0

    Good reading and prose by a newer Indian journo. It is time the BBS ilk and Rajapakses learn theirs is not the only version of the country’s present and past history.


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    It is not only Tamils but now all of us Sinhala, Muslim and Burgher communities are under siege by this Rajapakse Crook, dictatorial, moronic and authoritarial crooks and now fighting to liberate our country.

    The moment I saw this Hambanthota Tsunami thief cunning fox visiting Buddhist temples every day giving them endless land deeds, giving them free luxury cars,endless Danas (Dolos Mahe dana given 365 days to those who visit Anuradhapura buddhist temple), building Pansalas,aaramayas, Buddha statutes,Buildings,rest houses,building Buddhist temples in India, painting and renovating all temples and dagobas, sending Buddhist Priests on endless trips across the world with free air tickets, etc,etc,I knew what’s the game this bas….d planning to play.

    I was also told that at Kandy Dalada Maligawa, each day they cook 32 (thirty two) Bushels of rice and four types of vegetables every day to feed the fish in the Kandy Lake when so many poor people go hungry each day. This is how this Ma..d As..s got his longest and most Prestigious name in history from the three Kandy Preletes.

    Just look at today’s news which say that Seven Govt. Corporations alone have accumulated a loss of Staggering 185 Billion rupees Loss during 2012.
    Please see the following web.

    This is after paying super high payroll and other perks to the respective Ministers and their secretaries who manage these corporations. Also It’s we Sri Lankan Consumers who pay the Highest Rates for Electricity, Gasolene and House hold gas out of the whole South East Asian countries.

    Basil Rajapakse wasted Divineguma 85 Billion rupees by giving endless seeds to farmers to grow vegetables at once, but not making arrangements to buy them or store them in cool roomes or even can them and preserve them like other countries, and thereby destroying over 800,000 Kilos of vegetables that farmers over grew and were not able to sell them. This is utter waste og Money and loosing revenue to Growers.

    Each day Mattala looses 22 Million rupees as operation, maintenance, utility and administrative(1400 staff) without any revenue, after destroying 500 acres of Fertile land and soil covering with concrete and animal habitat and bird sanctuary.

    Now GOTA trying to supress people through Killing, harassing and intimidating Reporters, Trade unions, General public and student movements by using BBS,Police Dept, Rakna Lanka special secutity thugs, white van Goons, his special security thugs and Govt.goons.

    Also the biggest illicit and illegal 10,000 Billion rupee Kasippu Business and 5,000 Billion rupee Drug business, 2,000 Billion rupee Casino, Night club, brothel and other illicit businesses are solely Run by Mafia Rajapakse Cartel. I promise all of you that I got a Kasippu bottle from the Policeman working at Thimbirigasyaya Police Headquarters through a friend of mine.
    Also many Policemen at Moratuwa Police station and other stations are drunk after 7.00 PM. Police stations are the new Kasippu Joints under Rajapakse Kingdom.

    It is time to call for foreign help to Kick out these Hambanthota Fu….k croo…k bas…..ds from power even by asking International community to come to our rescue and to liberate our country from these blood sucking leeches, before they ruin the whole country.

    Also call for International community calling for Travel Ban on the whole crook Rajapakse family, it’s cabinet, police department, special forces, Bodu Balu Sena, Rawaya,Sinhala Karumaya, and other Govt,coolies.

    It’s time to rise up against genocide,injustice, corruption, thuggery, looting, robbing and destroying, democracy and freedom of speech.

    • 0

      you say,”It is time to call for foreign help to Kick out these Hambanthota Fu….k croo…k bas…..ds …from these blood sucking leeches, before they ruin the whole country.”
      Don’t you know this country is democratic & enjoying universal franchise from 1931 on wards, even before countries like France got it ? so why do you want a foreign power to to change the govt. elected by people of this country ?
      & if you know the pulse of people that Rajapakse’s regime can never be defeated democratically, at least for next 20 years by people of this country? & most ruthless terror outfit blood sucking VP & his gang of LTTE terrorists were decimated by Rajapakse regime ?
      Are you nuts ?
      Better keep your anger of Rajapases for your self only, the countrymen are far different from you , rational & more intelligent.

      • 1

        Either you are on the Rajapakse’s payroll and a lackey, or totally ignorant living on another planet. MR has got so much power vested in him that it has gone into his head and we all know how absolite power corrupts. Even winning the war, it was someone else who conducted the military campaign, (SF or GR, both claim this accolade), MR was only a civilian Commander-in-Chief. His style of governence has been exposed beyond any reasonable doubt. Keeping the Police and Army under his brother, he is truly behaving like a bull in a China shop. Family bandyism and nepotism. Losses running into billions in State run corporations, wasteful funding on seaports and airports christening them with his name, whilst he is still alive. Added to all of that, pitting and supporting the majority against minority creating communal disharmony to cover up his tracks and deflect the anger people project at his poor leadership, towards each other, and thereby securing his position to continue ruling this country. We need help, and need it soon.

      • 0

        Nice Christian name, John.

        Has the Balu Sena thugs attacked your church yet?

        If they did will you complain to Gota the satan?

      • 1

        Hay John,

        I read your previous comment also regarding Muslims in Sri Lanka.

        Can’t you see at the moment Rajapakse Government is on the path of Ethnic Clensing and a Genocidal path on erasing Minority populations in Sri Lanka similar to what Adolf Hitler did in Germany.

        First to your question on Muslim issue….
        1)Ever since Middle East Labour market opened, our women started going middle east.

        2)In Middle East every woman has to wear Abaya and Hijab and our muslim women who went there brought them to Sri Lanka and started wearing them and now spread among other Sri Lanka muslim women.

        3) Therer is absolutely no chance of a woman wearing Hijab or Abaya to get raped, molested or even robbed compared to a woman wearing skirt and blouse or othere revealing clothes.

        4)When you listen to Radio, TV and Press, you could see how Govt. have completely Monopolised all of these media with Promoting Only Sinhala Buddhist Culture among the Citizen.

        5)From the early morning recital Bana, Pirith and dharma deshana, upto, “Suba Nekatha” auspicious times for the day and Horoscopes, villege folk songs, boring stupid and funny time wasting Tele Dramas, musical and dance shows… and all are crazy shows geared towards promoting only sinhala Buddhist culture leaving others aside.

        6)GOSL knowingly and forcibly supress TV, Radio,Press broafdcast of all other minority Religions, their Culture, their movies,life style tele drama, dance recitals,talk shows, movies,etc. without giving any TV,Radio, press exposure coverage to them.

        7)When GOSL treat the Buddhist clergy giving them full media coverage and all other perks I have mentioned earlier and above while depriving all other minority religions clergies and their media exposure.

        6)Therefore GOSL is on a clear path on a forced feeding Buddhist Sinhala Culture among other minority communities similar to what Hitler did while depriving all their democratic righta.

        With regarding to your comment as GOSL on a democratic path ……where did you see Rajapakses were ever on a democratic path….

        Ever since Bribing VP in 2005 Presidential election upto buying opposition MPs, upto rigging all the elections and murdering reporters, journalists, human right activists, opposition party supporters forcibly acquiring minority peoples land and property, burning Uthayan newspaper 32 times,etc, etc, how dare you say that Rajapakses are following democratic path., Please don’t talk bull shit to white wash Rajapakses.

        Yes we need foreign govt. support to change Rajapakse corrupt regime because the blood sucking leeches will never leave office under any circumstances.

        We don’t want to see another 1971, 1983, 1989 massacre anymore. That’s why we need a foreign Govt’s help…….at least to put some needed parippu and wisky drop on their hide outs and chase the corrupt fu…..rs, before further ruining our country.

        It is only you and Rajapakses think that they cannot be defeated for the next 20 years.

        This are the jokers and muts like you think and promote.

        Infact, according to my predictions, after considering everything, such as economy…both local and international, political,debt, income and expenditure both local and foreign, Banking and Finance, religion and international affairs, UN,UK,EU,CW,USA,India and all other countries ……

        I predict it will be months than years that will bring down Rajapakses Dynasty.

        Take my word and I have elaborated this on my answer to “Yogi” on the article on ….A Tamil Spring? by Prof. Pandian.

        Please read it and see how Rajapakses will meet their destiny.

        Meanwhile please don’t rely on these fake “Sastharakarayas” Astrologers who ever lie for money and prestige and for busiuness which Rajapakses promote.

        • 0

          Mahela, don’t you know Rajapakses got over 65 % of vote in recetlt concluded NCP/Uva PC elections & in East with partner SLMC got over 75 % votes ? & formed PC governing councils ? Anything wrong with people of this country ?
          In muslim countries , Kings/Sheikhs/ Rulers/Dictators think people are mutts & no any democratically elected govt’s from Saudi to Pak to Indonesia, all total or semi dictatorships but in our country people elect govt’s .
          If you go by your arguments, then there were no any UNP?SLFP govt’s elected by people from 1931 onwards. How logical that is ? If at all a dictatorship runs SL, then it would have been Buddhist one from 1948 onwards ,( like in in Muslim countries) do you happy with that arrangement ?

          I don’t watch local TV channels (very rarely) but only international channels, but do you know more than dozen private channels are operating & over40 Radios are operating in SL ? why can’t they do what you say ?Have you ever watch Christian/Buddhist culture being promoted in Arab ? where dozens of millions non-muslim workers live ?
          Your predictions are wrong , this govt. would run 20 years more easily & most importantly , if there is any anti muslim war in SL , then all the western powers who talk nonsense Human Rights would do a U turn & pour in Billions of US$ to Lanka to fight against Muslims, you know the reason, million muslims were killed in Iraq/Afghan by West/US no any HR talk & tiny Israel is getting 5 billion US$ annually from US/West just to keep attacking innocent muslims in Middle East. Be warned, any anti-muslim war would be a blessing for MR regime.

          • 0


            If you did not read my comment to Yogi, here’s it.

            What you have commented above is the same mindset that Rajapakses have and they think.

            Knowing that 50% of Tamil people live in South among Sinhala majority, both you and Rajapakses think that they could use southern Tamils and their businesses, their lively hood, their children and their future as buffer,scape goats and as a trump card to take foreward Rajapakses political of suppression and ransom agenda similar to 1983 riots. Both you and Rajapakses are mistaken.

            The reasons are follows….

            1)It was this southern Tamil population that Rajapakses were eying as scape goats, ransom and a trump card to get away from implementing LLRC or 13th amemdment.

            2)Rajapakses were thinking by using southern tamils as buffer to intimidate and manupulate Nothern political base and Nothern tamil vote and also to hoodwink international community saying Southern tamil people are living peacefully among sinhala people and therefore no need to implement LLRC or 13th amemdment that they promissed to India is also another blunder they made.

            3)This was why Rajapakses did not bother to implement UNHRC resolution or with India and now GLP saying that GOSL have a home grown sollution, which is anthyer way saying we do whatever and whenever we feel like.

            4)But after the second UNHRC resolution, Rajapakses were in a very tight situation both with US, UN, CW, EU and with India dealing on trade,political and monetary aspects and also on CHOGM in Sri Lanka and also possibility of getting a second “Parippu” dhal drop.

            5)Loosing EU GSP status and not getting IMF loans have put Rajapakses in quandary where at the moment there is a huge trade deficit, balance of payment problems, import export trade, GSP status,CB forex and gold reserve,cash flow problem, Inflation and cost of living.

            6)Rajapakses will never be able to get away from above crucial issues unless it has to follow the UN charter.

            7)Knowing Sri Lanka’s history in 1971, 1983, 1989 and at 2009 Nanthi Kandal, UN,US,India and EU have warned Rajapakses on repercussion if they repeat anothe similar massacre, now been under International Radar.

            8)That’s why Rajapakses introduced BBS, Rawaya, Rawana and Sinhala urumaya as a third and fourth batallion, in case they need their help to supress minority on Patriotic “Jathi aala” Deshapremi adjanda to cover up economic, political and social issues and when the international community comes after Rajapakses.

            9)It is very easy to get Sinhala Buddhist majoritie’s support to instigate violance among minority population (Pepiliyana Fashion Bug riots started after buddhist monks ringing the temple Bells) by Buddhist Clergy to start riots and Rajapakses to hide behind them during an economic bankruptsy or foreign intervention.

            10)Rajapakses governing of Sri Lanka, it’s divide and rule and suppressive politics agenda, it’s economic policies and it’s International relations are all come into surface.

            Therefore How this Rajapakse BBS,RAwaya, Rawana, Sihala urumaya drama going to end………

            1)Very soon Rajapakses will be subjected to face Economic down turn,politics Human rights violations inbcluding suppressing of minorities could be brought under International scrutiny.

            2)Already almost all our corporations, manufacturing, services and all transport sectors including Mihin Air and Air Lanka are running at OVER BILLION RUPEES A DAY IN LOSSES TO OUR ECONOMY……….which at the moment there is no way to get out from this mess.
            The funny thing is all Rajapaksse ministers are involved in Corporation sector, they all have run into record losses in Sri Lanka’s history. All these corporations have total monopoly and were making record profits during previous governments.
            My Servant say he could run these ministries much better than this corrupt ministerial thug crooks.

            3)Our export sector have collapsed to the bottom with GSP status gone and all industries anr suffering, while no new funding for projects have come through that could jump start our economy.

            4)No GOSL alternatives available to get foreign loans other than small and short term loans obtained at very high interest rates.

            5)No visible GOSL solutions are given to our Health, education, agriculture, Industry, SMAE’s, unemployment and other economic issues while npeoples lives are getting miserable daily.

            6)Cash flow problems at Banking sector with no more incentives given to Businesses, industry and economic development have lead to spiral chain reaction effecting whole community and further deteriorate economy.

            7)Govt. corruption and political infighting will lead to further downgrading our economy, politics and international standing.

            8)Forcing President Rajapakse to dismental BBS, Rawaya and Rawana will lead to Rajapakse Family disputes and Parliament infighting that could eventually lead to dismember of UPFA.

            9) Knowing of the economic down fall, Rajapakses could unleash another communal riot against Muslim, Tamil or Christian population using BBS, Rawaya, Rawana or Sinhala urumaya could eventually lead to Foreign intervention and could divide country on Religion and Racial lines.

            10)Opposition leader Ranil Wickremasinghe’s dreaming of becomming the next President is just another pipe dream.
            At the moment he survives only through President Rajapakse’s protection and the fall of Rajapakses will eventually lead to down fall of RW also.

            11)There could be a breakdown or seperation among Buddhist clergy themselves who will take sides (BBS,RAWAYA,RAVANA, HELA URUMAYA AGAINST OTHERS) and eventually this could lead to a total down fall of Buddhism in Sri Lanka when Buddhist people also taking sides.

            12) There could also be a possibility of Majority becomming Minority in Sri Lanka when many international governments supporting their own Religions and races and by supporting their business partners.

            All these are due to Rakapakses playing pandu to hoodwink both Sri Lankan people and International community people no longer trusting Rajapakses due to deceiving, double play, adverse Political, Economic, Social and International relations and due to rampant corruption.

            To your question of Rajapakses winning PC elections, all I could say is that they were won by fradulent menas and by hoodwinking voters, giving false promises to uneducated villagers through corrupt Rakapakse political cronies who work only for money, kappan and positions.

            As to your question on Rajapakses elected by democratic means, also read history. Read the following web..

            Talk to Emil Kandan to see hyow MARA won his Presidential elections.

            Again your knowledge on politics, both Local and Internation is shown on your comment. You are mixed up trying to mix two different issues on a same footing.

            To your question on Private TV channels, why ordinary people to pay for Private channels when Govt.owned channels are capitalised only to cater majority Sinhala Buddhist sect.

            This is same what Hitler did to Brain wash Germans and to assassianate Jews. This i8s same what Rajapakses does to promote his Racist adjanda. This should be changed.

            As to your question on Arabs broadcasting Christian/ Buddhist programs……yes they are run by Kings and dictators and not by Democratic governments. Sri Lanka follows Democratic governance.

            Also going to ME to work is an outsiders choice and not forced upon them to come over there. At the moment some ME countries have allowed to build Christian churches in their countries. There are churches in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Kwait, Lebanon, Oman and some churches in Compounds run by Americans and Europeans.

            Regarding to your question on western countries coming to help us I could only say …..Did you hear the news that USA have cut aid given to Sri Lanka by 20% this year. Read the following news web.
            If so what make you think that USA will help us if we supress muslim minority. You are talking crazy.
            Infact unless Rajapakses change it’s attitude, very soon he will get the next “Parippu” Dhal drop on it’s door step.

            It is the powerful 2% US Jews community who run the US and world economy. All top world businessmen, economics, scientists and professionals in Europe, USA are Jews. Also Saudi Arabia has close ties with Israel. Therefore giving 5 Billion Dollars is peanuts to Israel is nothing when the Microsoft, face book, apple i phone, I pad, US federal Reserve, all Drug Manufacturing Companies, Areospace industry, stock markets are own and run by Jewish Community.

            You can talk for years on the validity and justice on Jews and Israel, but it’s just a waste of time.

            Infact tell me what our politicians did to our country from Independent…….Did they build a single visible industry in Sri Lanka after Independence……other than ruined the few industries that British gave.

            What authority Rajapakses have to go in Rolls Royce limousines, when he promotes “Ape Kama” “Jathiyathva” Patriotism culture among citizen. Why of his double tongue and double life and double standards, preaching one thin to Citizen and doing the opposite. Infact he should go in “Bakki Karatte” Bullock Cart wearing Amude.

            How about his Drug and Ethenol Kasippu mafia cartel operate while promoting “Matatha Thita” when Sri Lanka is among the Top ten Liquor drinkers in the world.
            Why Rajapakses increass ordinary peoples local liquor prices daily, when cheap and healthy liquors, Gin, wine and Beer could be made with Rice and fruits and King coconut which are available plenty in Sri Lanka.

            Why Rajapakses use Cellphone, Laptops and Face Book to communicate when he can use the glorious native golden Parrots or Pigeons or personnal curia service similar to how ancient kings, to promote Jathikathwa and hela urumaya.

            Why he spend so much time visiting “Pansalas” buddhist temples talking to Buddhist Priets. Is it them who give him Political, economic,communal and Minority decision making advise as to how to govern and run our country and promote Buddhism and Sinhala culture……Is this the reason why people appointed him to run our country the way he wants……If You or anybody could reply.

            Rajapakses are taking the country dangerously Backwards to endorse his own dynasty when the whole world is going Forward.

            I still don’t understand what you say ……..Be warned, any anti-muslim war would be a blessing for MR regime.

            Could you explain this to me.

            Please tell Rajapakses not to waste Peoples time, money and future with these crazy TV programms, bullshit and unwanted time wasting, idiotic programmes. Infact use it to bring more knowledge and communal harmony among all communities.

            These are analysed and forecasted by me using Sri Lanka’s Political, Economic, Social, Religion and International political standings………and not by using “Saasthara” Palmistry, astrology or Horroscope suba nekatha…..or rubbing oil on my head.





            • 0

              I read your comment in full, I agree that some Economic mismanagement by this govt., but never agree that Govt. getting over 65% votes through fraudulent ways, may be 5 % of that. Even all powerful JRJ got only 51% votes in 1977.
              On the other hand tell me all the UNP/SLFP ( only these 02 parties ran this country)govt’s were wrongfully elected ? If not who won ? TULF ? JVP ? SLMC? CWC? LTTE? any other group ?
              Ecomomic down turn affects any govt., only if great majority feels high Cost of Living, this happened in 1970-1977 Mrs. B’s time & JRJ won. If there is any such thing this MR rejime would have been thrown out already, by the people.
              We never got any aids from USA for last 20 years, so talk of cutting any aids is useless talk. (Read Central Bank reports), in fact there has been a net outflow of funds from SL to USA by way of paying old loans by CBSL.
              Our economy was never on sound footing from 1980’s & dependent on very temporary arrangements like some preferential trade, at the cost of country’s sovereignty. India factor is already spent force , only India to loose further favorable trade with lanka , reducing from US$5B to 3.7B from 2011 to 2012 thanks to India’s UNHRC vote against Lanka.

              If you read international politics, will know any Anti-Muslim fundamentalist war will only benefit the SL regime.

            • 0


              You say……”If you read international politics, will know any Anti-Muslim fundamentalist war will only benefit the SL regime.”

              How come you justify your claim when You already know that US embargo on Iran have already effected our economy. Don’t you already know that our main foreign exchange earner is Middle East labour and conflict in ME will effect our Main foreign exchange earner. Therefore I cannot agree with your logic on this.

              People are already fed up with both our governing and opposition political crooks who have ruined our economy and misled us citizens ever since Independence.

              Therefore the day that people will kick all of them from parliament will be numbered.

              I still have a fear that our country could be divided on ethnic lines by the international community to solve the ethnic and economic problem. Signs are clearly visible on the horizon of a divided Sri Lanka. Political crooks are covering and hiding everything under the carpet from public. I am not a Tamil but I see the signs.

              There is no point paying taxes to a corrupt government which waste them. People are fed up and are gearing for a mass uprising on peaceful means to topple corrupt politicians.

              Loosing Daily flights to India by both Mihin and Sri Lankan Air have already started to Bite our Airline Industry costing Billions to our already ailing economy. British Air operations will further deteriorate our Airline industry.

              You are wrong to say that we did not receive US aid. Read the news web…
              where USA have contributed immensly to our economy.

              All I could tell is that you like million other population been duped by Rajapakse Government with false information.

              Therefore my predictions are….coming six months are the most crucial months in Sri Lanka’s politics.

              Rajapakses are already in US Radar and playing Russian Rulette with USA, EU,CW, India will eventually bring downfall of Rajapakse regime and the whole Sri Lanka.

              Days are numbered for a seperate tamil state in north and pave way for a true Sinhala state in South governed by real Patriots, devoid of corrupt politicians who hijacked Sinhala Buddhist masses.

              I don’t know who will govern the new Sri Lanka, but it is coming.

              Let’s see how things are unfolding in coming months.

      • 0

        Ringing in the New Year Getting Cancer! Amigo Juan.

        May be Ringing the Liberty Bell. Cheeee.

  • 0

    Everything must be sweet on this Indian’s home turf.

    Otherwise how can he have so much time research our Sasana and make recommendations!.

    • 1

      at least the indian is living on his own money and not by prostituting the country and the maids to the middle east or giving massage to suddas and what else.

      sri lanka which is a tinpot bannana republic thinks its so much better than india. while living off the tea plucked by Indians who are still used as slave labour because the sihalese like a life of luxury without work and criticize other countries. can understand given the brain power…

      • 0

        Have you been to India? I was in India a few months ago. People are still urinating in public. I had the unfortunate “luck” to take an Indian train. Again, a terrible experience. Our CTB buses, as bad as they are, are superior to “luxury” Indian trains. India has way too many people, most of whom lack much sophistication in the way of hygeine and modern fashion.

  • 0

    We SriLankans are NATO ( No Action Talk only) unless we make some brave sacrifices never will oust this corrupt rogue regime.

  • 0

    BBS/SR are bit players in this farcical political drama.

    There is more to it than meets the eye, and commentators have already dished out their theories. We need only to throw out the chaff and focus on the fundamental, i.e. the primary aim is to strengthen the majority Sinhala-Buddhist Voter Base.

    One has to admit that there are some real and cogent reasons for the emergence of these extremist groups, a la` the emergence of JVP and LTTE during their times.

    And like the latter two organisations the ultra-Buddhist organisations like BBS/SR are tragically going about their agenda in the wrong way, albeit with the apparent backing of strong state political forces.

    Although in theory all Sri Lankans are equal citizens, both Muslims and Christians have to recognise that they have never in reality been on par with the Sinhala Buddhists.

    However, these minorities have to accept that they have, by and large, never been discriminated hitherto, and the only reason for reaction against them now is the perception that some of them have become too big for their boots.

    Muslims are growing in number because they apparently do not practice birth control, although statistically it is a fallacy to assume that they will emerge as the dominant nationality in SL in the next few decades.

    The prowess of Muslims as traders is time-immemorial, and there is perhaps a perception that their current position in SL commerce appears to have grown disproportionate to their numbers vis-a-vis other ethnic groups. It is therefore natural (though perhaps not justifiable)that in times of economic hardship they will become targets of the majority. Hence, for example, the attacks on No Limit and Fashion Bug.

    With the larger growth of their population there arises a need for more Muslim schools and places of worship. This naturally encroaches upon the interests of the majority Sinhalese, and tends to create an atmosphere of animosity.

    As far as the Christian are concerned it appears that there is no real grouse against the established churches.

    However, in recent years there has been a proliferation of “charismatic” churches like the AOG, which has in fact even attracted some senior UNP politicians to its fold.

    These “new” churches appear to prey on the innocent and gullible Sinhala Buddhists. They are said to perform “miracles” to cure the sick, and secure jobs for the unemployed, plus giving other material benefits purely by congregational prayer and appealing for “divine intervention”.

    It is reported in some quarters that these miracle cures are in fact stage-managed, and that the “cells” within these new churches operate like any other political organisation. These cell-members “fix” anything from finding a job, solving government-related issues, and to miraculously finding donors for the needy in their flock.

    These churches also invariably practice the doctrine of “Praise the Lord and pass the Till!” These churches are said to be very rich and are have strong lobbyists for their cause using their network via the cells.

    Unfortunately, it appears that these ‘new’ Christian churches have grown exponentially, especially during the war years. Many Sinhala Buddhists have been converted and are used to ardently drive a vigorous membership campaign to swell the numbers in these churches.

    The Buddhists, therefore, rightfully feel threatened.

    We have a Ministry of Religious Affairs which is the department responsible for the subject. They should monitor closely the activities of all religious organisations and their key members.

    It is high time that this Ministry wakes up from its slumber and now takes on a pro-active role.

    All aggrieved parties could make representations to the Ministry for resolution, which may from to time time appoint Commissions of Inquiry comprising of well-respected citizens from all communities, to consider those issues which are considered critical.

    Until such time the government takes responsibility as suggested above, we will continue to witness this cycle of chaotic behaviour by extremists.

    • 0


      First it is the Sri Lanka Majority Sinhala Buddhist Racists who created and intimidated other minority religions, creating racism.

      Remember in Newton’s Law which say for every action, there is always equal and opposite reaction.

      If you instigate violance, you will get violance. You intimidate minority community and supress them…..and you are been intimidated and supressed by International community. It is happening in front of our eyes. Today you lost 20% cut in USA funding….and next it could be….eco…c bl…de.

      What do you mean by…..”Although in theory all Sri Lankans are equal citizens, both Muslims and Christians have to recognise that they have never in reality been on par with the Sinhala Buddhists”…….what do you mean by above comment……

      It is only these swolen head uneducated and false pride Crazy Sinhala Buddhist Crooks who ruined our country since Independence. These As..s hol….s cannot even give electricity to our house holds after borrowing Billions from China and after Charging highest Rates from the consumers. Same with Gasolene and others Govt. services.


      ALL THE GOVT. CROOK MINISTERS RUN CORPORATIONS ARE LOOSING BILLIONS OF RUPEES LOSSES EVERY DAY. Hope you understand.But crazy, crook and juealours Mahinda Rajapakse and his goons like you do not appreciate Minorities.
      Who are the crooks who run and have monopolised drug,casino, brothel and kasippu business today. Do your own research.

      It is only Tamil, Muslim and Christian community who genuinly contribute to our economy and less burden to government while paying taxes to the government and creating jobs to others. Not the ever loosing govt.owned corporations.

      When you say….. ‘minorities have become too big for their boots.’ it is ony due to your False Pride and Jealoursy towards them.

      It is your Pride and Jealoursy towards other minorities that God has made you to be beggars who borrow money from outside for their survival.

      Muslims have all the right to bare any number of children without been a burden to the society. It is the Majority Buddhists who are languishing in Jails, drug dealers, thieves, crooks and have excess children. Please go to the coastal belt from Colpity upto Galle and see the children languishing in streets besides rail tracks.

      Breaking and vandalising Jathi aala Muslim and Tamil stores are Robbery. When the biggest Tsunami Alibaba in power…..others juniors will follow the crook.

      Muslims will take care of their schools similar to christians. You or your Govt. do not have to worry about them.

      AOG is the true religion who follow one God who created the earth and mankind. Not like your Buddha who left his tooth at Dalada Maligawa and other body parts somewhere else when he died.

      Could you do a DNA test to find Lord Buddha is President Rajapakse’s great, great, great,great,great Grandfather. Better you do it now with the abailable tooth at Dalada Maligawa, so in future people could build Rajapakse statutes and worship them inplace of Lord Buddha..

      Our God who created mankind insist that people should worship only him and not the other idols who have left their body parts in the world while preached only and ideology and a mere philosophy. Blind lead blind won’t take you anywhere.



      Hope you understand.

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    The general perception seems to be that the BBS and related terror groups are fringe elements. It would be interesting to see if there is really a sizeable population who are opposed to these fascist ideologies.

  • 0

    Impeach the President of Sri Lanka.

  • 0

    Those who fail to protect others

    will eventually fail to protect themselves

    example Gaddafi

    mother nature will do this

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