27 May, 2022


What Is This Sinha Le?

By Ranga Kalansooriya

Dr Ranga Kalansooriya

Dr Ranga Kalansooriya

What is this movement Sinha Le? Who is behind it? Who are the leaders? These questions had been within the society until a few weeks ago a group of its leaders who emerged from nowhere made a scene in front of the Dalada Maligawa in Mahanuwara.

In fact the creatively designed Sinha Le logo started appearing on vehicles since late November last year. Many started wondering about this newly emerging possibly ultra-nationalistic movement. Most importantly the minorities started worrying whether the sigh of relief they were enjoying following the end of Rajapaksa regime has come to an end.

In fact the emergence of Sinha Le (Lion Blood) was as far back as 2010 when a primarily designed web site appeared on internet, but with less or no attention. The owner-designer of the website was from Kurunegala but was trying hard to get the branding popular among the Sinhala–Buddhist populace with no success.

The competition for ultra-nationalist leadership of Sinhala Buddhist during that time was bit high – mainly as it was just after the end of war. The vociferous Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) was gaining momentum under the ‘unsung’ state patronage, thus new movements like Sinha Le was not picking up, even within the cyber space.

Though repeatedly denied, BBS had an undeclared honeymoon with the then Rajapaksa regime. At least the mere silence by the state when non-Buddhist establishments – predominantly Muslims – were attacked in several cities of the country was a clear sign for this undisclosed marriage. No arrests were made, no action was taken against these unlawful acts of BBS. In contrary social media was full of pictures of BBS leadership with the former Defence Secretary and the movement had a free hand to do anything as it wished.

Nevertheless, one could argue the fact that movement went out of spiral and government lost the control over it. The foul-mouthed leadership started criticizing the regime in public and sometimes went on to challenge it. At the end, it boomeranged against the government. Minorities voted en masse’ against Rajapakse and took a brave step in changing the regime. Even some Muslim sects those are normally do not cast their vote as a religious practice went to the polling station. Not only the minorities, majority Sinhalese who do not tolerate ethnic tension were mobilizing against the authoritarian and ultra-nationalistic regime.

The phenomenon of ultra-nationalist movements gaining political ground is nothing new in Sri Lanka. We have seen several such movements during the recent past, but never became a major challenge to the ethnic harmony of the country to this extent, as BBS. The point of departure of these movements in the recent history could be Dr. Nalin de Silva’s university centric Jathika Chinthanaya and Sinhala Bala Mandalaya of Sobhitha Thera et al that emerged in 80s but never was a solid political ground as Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU) or formerly Sihala Urumaya did. This was the ultimate result of the social mobilization by the late Gangodawila Soma Thera who was engaging in a process of converting religious mobilization into a political ideology on an ultra-nationalistic foundation. His last speech in Kandy was a classic example for his political ambitions.

It could easily be argued on the fact that Soma Thera’s untimely demise was a blessing in disguise for JHU who gained immense political momentum and paved the way for the controversial entry of Buddhist monks into Parliament in dozens. In fact JHU was not the first political party to get monks into the House, but it got big numbers in MPs in yellow robes. Apart from the politico-religious engagement, JHU was successful in convincing Rajapakse for a fully-fledged war that commenced from Mavil-Aru conflict, as its front-liner Minister Champika Ranawaka claims.

However, JHU had been one of the most dynamic ultra-nationalistic movements that adopted to the needs of the hour, one could claim. Its contemporary policy framework is not designed based on ultra-nationalism but democracy, good governance and human rights. It is no more battling for the rights of the Sinhala – Buddhist, but against corruption, nepotism and authoritarianism. The Champika – Rathana Thera duo were leading this paradigm shift for the past six years with a clear strategic direction.

BBS lacked this strategic thinking, but acted in a bull-in-a-china-shop style. Its platforms were full of hate speech and no decent and cultured behavior was noticed at any if its events. It never correctly assessed its political base and popularity status, thus tested through contesting the previous polls. Following the shocking –electrifying results, it decided to go silent – probably for a temporary period. No wonder it understood the real meaning of the popular saying “Majority is Silent.” In other words, BBS went onto a powerful silence with the assumption of Yahapalana regime. Similar movements like Ravana Balaya (backed by a powerful former UPFA Minister), Sinhala Ravaya, too went silent.

Thus, the ousting of Rajapakse regime and the silence of BBS created a vacuum within the Sinhala – Buddhist ultra-nationalist platform, at least for a year. Though Rajapakse camp attempted to create ethno – nationalistic tension through media gimmicks it did not gain desired momentum. In this backdrop, the Paris attack took place in November last year and there was a Facebook campaign where the French Flag was creatively used on users profile pictures of the FB in an expression of solidarity.

This unique FB profiling of the French flag provided new thoughts to the above said Sinha Le web designer from Kurunegala and his colleague from Badulla, who were inspired by this French style FB campaign. Thus, the Sinha Le brand appeared on Facebook and it received more than 25,000 hits within half-a-day. Thus, it was started just as a brand – not a political movement, said an investigating officer. “In some instances, several Muslims traders were selling Sinha Le stickers for Rs 500,” he said.

One common factor of these duos and their followers has been that they were radical followers of Rajapakse camp, it is said.

The Sinha Le brand managers were attempting to add political identity to it and they had unsuccessful discussions with BBS, according to some media reports. However, several monks got together under the brand – former Sinhala Ravaya Chief Medille Pannaseeha and Yakkalamulle Pawara Theras getting leadership along with three other monks. The web-designing duos became the lay leaders. By mid-January the brand was gaining its momentum at a considerable pace. Some say Udaya Gammanpila is behind this, but as I understand he is trying to gain mileage out of it.

When BBS saw the fast-spreading momentum of the Sinha Le brand, its bull-in-a-china-shop style emerged at Homagama Magistrate Courts in a bid to get into competition with this emerging group. The entire strategy of Gnanasara Thera was a misfire as the magistrate stood firm to protect the honour of judiciary. His fellow monks who created an ugly scene at the courts, too, are facing the heat now.

Sinha Le is still a brand without a coherent political momentum – but with a dangerous ideological setting. Nonetheless, any ultra-nationalistic movement could bring disaster to this land and destroy its ethnic harmony. We had enough blood shed on this soil for the past 30 years – thus, no need of any Lion or any blood as a brand. In any case this is not the time to brand ourselves with blood – the priorities and challenges are different now.

As they so far are not violating any law of the country, the government is helpless, one could say. But that is why we need hate speech laws that could protect ethnic and religious harmony of the country.

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  • 7

    Absolutely we need to ” Ban Hate Speech ” publicly or in news media. This is a multi ethnic country , any hate speeches can stimulate hatredness and riots.
    Do we still need to visit the past?
    Which is most important for a country to progress ?? Progressive thinking and understanding should be made aware among citizens.
    The half baked and created rules of law to suit the majority is the Road to destruction. This country is only made for Crooked Politicians with the help of SELFISH MahaSanghas will continue to lead the path of NOT LORD BUDDHA’S PATH BUT SELF DESTRUCTIVE PATH.

    • 4

      Let us begin to unravel the mystery behind the endless Sinhala Buddhist violence on humanity (the population of Sri Lanka) engineered solely by the seasoned politicians (Blood suckers) who eat from the public money and drop lumps of blackened, sticky and smelly shit on the very hand that feed them.

      The British bastards (Evil Jewish Bankrolled empire)started their World Wide mass murder and outright robbery about 250 years back with the intention of bringing about the present day death and destructive Zionism into full power to establish the New World Order.

      According to the Masonic Jew/ the evil bastard whose statues are erected in many parts in the evil empires of the US and UK to commemorate his contributions in programming and drawing the master plans of the future mass murder of the NON-JEWISH world population.

      First and foremost they needed large scale invasions and colonisations to wipe out the people from its territories and then stealing their wealth and resources including their lands. They invaded almost all the places of this planet destroying the native people’s eco-friendly pro-humanistic systems and replacing it with the Zionist Jewish usury based robbery banking system.

      They even destroyed the age tested ruling systems prevalent at that time by introducing feuds and conflicts among the local populations on the lnes of race, religion, caste and creed. Its divide and rule system of the BLOODY JEWS.

      Coming to Ceylon/Sri Lanka the British bastards before giving the “independence” they almost set the system to function in the line of the future Zionist NWO implementable client slave state system.

      DS, Banda and all those so called leaders were given western names, western clothes and western political training and mind controls before they were being put into the garbage called the Political profession of Ceylon/Sri Lanka.

      At the very first levels they introduced nothing but racist policies that led to the country to bleed ever since towards the present days in the year 2016.

      Almost all the leaders did belong to some kind of an elite band of political prostitution wit the Zionist west.

      Anagarika Dharmapala was venerated and hailed as a Hero by all the leaders who held the top power/position in the state. No one found Anagarika (The spooky faced evil bastard) to be racist or an alien. He is in fact an alien due to the mysterious connections he had with the secret society of then late 1800’s funded and propagated by the evil JEWS.

      The occultists Olcott and Blavatsky was sent to Sri Lanka by the Jews of the US/UK evil empire to prepare the minds of the majority population of the Ceylon to begin the self destructive racist path. Theosophical Society is an evil entity that bears all the hallmark of the Jewish encroachment into other religions and systems to corrupt the from within and then converting them into a pro-Jewish mass murdering entities.

      Sri Lanka became one the most early Islamophobic/Muslim hating oligarch controlled political system that contributed to the then world wide launched British backed WAR ON ISLAM = WAR ON TERROR…. 1915 is a small sample of that adventure.

      Gammanpila once stated publicly during the Mahinda bastard’s rule that its unstoppable to prevent the happening of the 1915 anti-Muslim pogrom from repeating once again.

      The JEWS are masters in deception. They are the once who are doing the killing in millions with their World Wars, Marxism, Socialism, Bolshevism, Communism etc. etc.

      All those revolutions were planned, funded and conducted by the JEWS. Carl Marx, Lenin, and almost all the Bolsheviks high commands 90% were bloody JEWS.
      Even Hitler has a Jewish lineage through his mother. He killed many of the so called European Jews on contract from his financiers in New York – Jewish bankers….for the European Jews refused to accepting Zionism and then to moving themselves to the British stolen Palestine.

      At present, the Zionist West US/UK needs the Sri Lanka to always be in conflicts to stunt its growth if its allowed to unite as nation between its populace and then become a successful nation.

      Remember, the LTTE and the Sri Lankan state borrowed money and backing fro the very same Zionist entities who are famous for inventing lies between peoples and then creating the problems by indoctrinating them with racial supremacy and religious bigotry.

      All they want is to maximise the death of the NON-JEWS are 07 billion strong and could become a threat to the evil Jewish bastards who are less 1% of the world population.

      They invaded and destroyed nations, bombed Japan, drugged China and put their Pedophile Mao in China to mass murder millions the New York Jewish Bankers funded communism. Mao was in New York many times before his Communist adventure in China that costed millions of peasant’s lives.

      The JEWS have put their Men and Women to do their murder and their bidding to destroy the NON-JEWS from within.

      The newly made enemy is the ISLAM. So, they have trained the Anti-Muslim groups of psychopaths who are made to appear with their money backing plus training given in ISRAEL and the US/UK. Dictators and Racist leaders are given invitations to the US/ISRAEL under guise of technical training to train them on how to attack ISLAM. JHU & BBS were highly trained proxies of the JEWS. Isn’t that’s why they don;t identify the JEWS even after the facts are known.

      Even now, at this moment, the Sri Lankan state is very reluctant to touch these scumbags for their mass crimes.

      The Jewish IMF/World Bank will prevent any action taking against these racist groups as they can create the ideal climate for the destruction of the nation. Once its destroyed, the rebuilding needs money. IMF will give that money again because, our Political system is 500% corrupt and anti-population.

      I bet, Maithree and Ranil take a note on the points I made above.

      To learn how the JEWS destroy nations….you must watch this beautiful piece…..:


      To summarize, almost all the world conflicts that costed millions of innocent human lives lost leads to a rabbit hole where powerful JEWS re hiding.

      VACCINATION is another weapon they use against the NON-JEWISH masses to weaken them and [ut them in slow death sentence. Because, big Pharmaceutical companies are owned and run by bloody JEWS

      Zika Outbreak Epicenter in Same Location Where GM Mosquitoes Were Released in 2015

      • 2

        Desert Storm;
        My sentiments exactly!

        The Wealth Oriented, Weapons Manufacturing, War Mongering Zionists!

        • 1

          @ Hamlet,
          Yes, rightly said.

          I had missed out certain things above as I was typing in the dark and was sleepy.

          The Masonic bastard whose statues are erected in the US/UK is none other than the Albert Pike. This is the bastard who wrote Morals & Dogma which was about the mass murder of the NON-JEWS in huge numbers.

          Albert Pike and Three World Wars

          The US system is thus a bloody Jew controlled mass murdering war machine that never stops inventing boogeymen and scapegoats to wage endless wars.

          Iraqi war was bankrolled by the Yahoodi Arabia which is also the main cash cow of the US and the Zionist Jews. Saud family hailing from an ancient Jewish lineage did more damage to the religion of Islam and unity of the Muslims more what the British and US did to them.

          Saudi Arabia fully backs and supports the destruction of all the other Arab and Muslim lands being solidly in alliance with the JEWS (US/UK evil alliance). After the British destroyed the Khalifate of the Ottomans, a Mercenary was chosen to lead the most important land to the Muslims….he is none other than the evil Ibn Saud (The Jew in the Muslim garb).

          What you see now in the Middle East just the extension of the WAR on ISLAM in many dimensions. Saudi/Yahoodi Arabia is given the chance to kill the Muslims by their own kind…. So, the JEW is smart in making the NON-JEWS kill each other on invented lies and deception.


          Ha ha,ha…. There you see the technique…. They don’t kill their own kind…..They want you and me fighting each other so that the world is de-populated making it easier for them rule with their evil TAMMUDIC dogmas.

      • 0

        Shame on you CT for entertaining this nonsensical, anti-semitic garbage that could have come out of a speech by Himmler. I am no fan of the Zionists in Gaza but you’d find most Israelis and Jews around the world oppose their actions. There’s no need to create lies to discredit them. As for the “British Bastards” he appears to detest, they were not perfectby all means nor even altruistic, but without their presence we may not have the roads, nor railways nor the cash crops we depend upon to survive.

        • 1

          What LIES?????? Against the JEWS????

          Look, if you don’t know the history of the JEWS, you better learn it from alternative sources. Not from the mainstream media which is owned by them and which is one of the main tool to indoctrinate the world.

          I do not want to write more words on this subject. Because, I am targeting the audience who have some knowledge about the JEWISH History. Or the people who done some home work on them.

          Why do you think the JEWS have been chased away by many of the past civilizations (Babylon, Mesapotamia, Romans, Hitler…etc..etc)????

          There has to be something wrong with these anti-human bunch of criminals. right???? The Orthodox Jews (Some of them) knows what is going on with them. But, they are so wrong footed, they will blend with their herd and just walk into the eternal fire along with their egoistic, arrogant mindset.

          The race of JEWS is a designed race. If you know their history you will join with us condemning them for their 2000 years unbroken history of oppression and bloodshed.

          These European Jews are hailing form Khazaria, the present day Ukraine. That’s why all the US filthy JEWS in the state and private sector are supporting and backing of the retaking of the Ukraine from the Russian rule to go back to claim their ancestral homeland.

          These bastards are barbarians of the first order. They must be now clean shaved and good looking and soft spoken. But, the scumbags are masters in murder, cold blooded.

          The Nuclear bomb, Hidrogen bomb and almost all the chemical, biologoical weapons were invented by the Jews/Scientists. The crackpots wanted maximum people killed with their weapons. Rothschilds, Bilderbergs, Du Pont, Rockerfellas are all evil Jews who have developed mass murder weapons and systems that are still being used world wide.

          Monsanto is a Jewish corporation that developed many poisonous stuffs for mass murder. Agent orange the US Zionist entity used on the NON-Jewish population in Vietnam and Cambodia is their invention.

          They create groups to create the PROBLEM, and then use their Jewish Media to create the REACTION of the populace and then enforce their SOLUTION with invasions/WARS/EMBAROGOS/MASS MURDER…..unlimited.


          OBAMA is a slave of the Jewish system who MASS MURDERS and then go about publicly CRYING like a baby on children killed (Hoax false flag attacks engineered by the CIA/MIA/MOSSAD)….

          First do some home work….watch these and you will know what we are talking about…..

          SHOCKING TRUTH Jewish Zionists – Communist Bolsheviks

          The Coverup of Zionist Organized Crime!

          The Zionist War on Islam & The Next False Flag In London

          Exposing the Jewish Criminal Genrikh Yagoda

          Exposing the Jewish Criminal Lazar Kaganovich

          Talk to Al Jazeera – Rabbi Dovid Weiss: Zionism has created ‘rivers of blood’

          The Rothschilds, Hitler, Holocaust, Israel & Zionist World Government

          Communism’s Death Toll, and the Jewish Role in Bolshevism

          Agenda 21- David Icke – Blueprint For Global Control

  • 9

    Fortunately this ridiculous “Sinha-Le” is now being ridiculed by some very imaginative people with their “Botha-Le”, “Vinka-Le” and other brilliant takes on the “____ Le” brand.

  • 7

    Very comfortable with the apparent research work and presentation! We miss this kind of ‘journalism’ in Sri Lanka.

  • 3

    They emerge right before important UNHCR events. I starts with anonymous Facebook pages. The target is almost always the Moslems.

    Gnanasara seems to be one of the key elements. For example why did he behave in such a manner a week before UN Human Rights commissioner is due to arrive?

    Almost immediately afterwards world media especially those based on US decry “Sinhala Buddhist Hooligans attack minorities”. The sprats inside BBS are driven by him. Whether they are aligned with Gnanasara agenda is unclear.

  • 6

    Sinha-le is the same Sinhalese-le that organized the following:

    1958 anti-Tamil pogrom,
    1977 anti-Tamil pogrom,
    1983 anti-Tamil pogrom,
    Authgama ant-Muslim pogrom,
    2009 Genocide of Tamils in Vanni,

    And several other lesser ones over the last 68 years.

    All these happened after the Sinhalese took over power.

    What does the history say? You don’t need a crystal ball or rocket research to find it.

    Sinhalese leaders orchestrated them all!

  • 7

    Dr Ranga Kalansooriya:-

    “What Is This Sinha Le?”

    It is an Invention of some Disgruntled supporters of the Previous Regime, to Incite the Poor and Ignorant to Overthrow the all Inclusive Current One, at the next Election!

  • 5

    Sinha Le is a brand owned and operated by Gotabaya and Mahinda Percy Jarapassa. SInhala Le has arrived on the scene of Sri Lanka to DISTRACT the people of Lanka from the CORRUPTION and CRIMINALITY of the Jarapassa family..and to DIVIDE the people of Lanka along ethnic and religious lines.

    Sinha Le is the last resort of the CORRUPT and UNEDUCATED Mahinda Jarapassa family which LOOTED Lanka while distracting the people with RACISM. They are desperately trying to claw their way back to power as the financial corruption investigation net tightens around them.

    Mahinda and Gota have also used and distorted Buddhism which is a great world religion of AHIMSA, KARUNA, METTA, MUDITHA and UPEKA. Sinhala Buddhist Nationalism is a distortion of what the Buddha Taught and an insult to the Sakyamuni Buddha.

    The so called leaders of Sri Lanka – the Sinhala politicians are an uneducated and ignorant lot, who have been looting the public wealth for decades while DIVIDING, DISTRACTING AND RULING the Moda people of Sinha Le!

    Democracy with Jarapassa was really a circus of elections that hid a DEEP STATE military dictatorship operated by Gota the Good and Grease Yaka- elections every 3 months to keep the Sinhale distracted along with sickening RACISM against minorities.
    To distract the Moda Sinhale people and have immunity and impunity, the politicians use RACISM and Sexism.

  • 5

    Sinha-Le = Beast-Blood

  • 3

    A great insight into the evil machinations at work to disrupt the existing co-existence.

    Idle minds are a devil’s workshop. So are these minds kept occupied as students in the Temple facilities where serious study and practice meditation in the process of learning Buddhism? Of course we all realize the difficulties to manage at their age level, being on the threshold of adulthood, but that is no excuse to let them off lightly? They obviously show signs of neglect and even traits of inferiority complex, thus crave for recognition, acceptance and a sense of ‘Buddhist’ supremacy. Further, they are made to believe they are the undisputed guardians of a 2500 year old Buddhist culture and heritage that has withstood the ravages of time. With that style of temperament, they are primed to believe and behave as though they are a law unto themselves. Could this even be early signs of a JVP style insurrection in the making? If nothing is done to dismantle these institutions by banning them for sowing the seeds of hatred, thereby stalling their progress and growth, we may well see the beginning of the end to this country’s progress to greater heights.

    In any case, minorities will anyway remain so and if not treated right, like being accepted as equals, or as partners in progress, will continue to pick up the bits and pieces thrown at them from time to time, until someday in the future, will get fed up with the system and then we’ll all be back to square one once again. This seems to be our destiny and is exactly what we have been doing all along.

  • 6

    MARA ,GORA, BARA,NARA YORA, RORA. AND THE SERVANTS, are awaiting for Their day to come BACK into power. The result as we all know Release YORA AND GONNARA from Prison and the other plunderers who are languishing in Luxury 5* Srilankan Prison Hotels.
    No 2 priority for them be find SAFER PLACES FOR THE LOOTS , AND UNLEASH RACISM.

    That will be the end of our CT TOO.
    The main line Boring Papers are still praising the THIEVES AND THE MURDERERS.


  • 7

    Recently I happened to be in proximity to Ananda college trapped in a traffic jam, when trying to get home. School was just over and students were streaming out. Suddenly a student broke away from a group when he recognized me and my wife to be Muslim by our attire, came and shouted Sinha-ley into my ear, perhaps trying to intimidate me to get an angry response. His friends too must have been expecting to have some fun. In fact it caught me off-guard but it did not mean anything to me, so I just laughed it off at his stupidity. Actually, this word means nothing to me and it does not affect me at all. It would have been much worse if he had insulted my religion or said something to provoke me for who I am or for something like abusing the memory of my parents, or something akin. But I felt sorry for him, young kid about same age as my son. I thought to myself, how foolish of him to insult himself and he isn’t aware if what he says were true, then he is a product of bestiality, which cannot be right. I wondered he must also be thinking that he was having fun at my expense. Poor chap.

    • 1

      What kind of a college this is?

  • 0

    And you can see Sinha-le on all Sinhala people no harm done , but what about those hate speeches Muslims do in their Mosque and how about that you Muslims not selling your property to Sinhalese , if you do you get punished by the mosque, you never let any of your woman to marry other nationalities , but you marry other nationalities and covert them, that is racism in my eyes ..look at the middle east they all doomed wait till all the oil money to be finished soon days are numbered , then they will kill each other ,look at how they treat out house maids. and you trying to teach Us how to live..you all doomed

    • 2

      Agree. Siin Hale is a natural reaction to the communalism of other communities who shout when a sinhala movement starts but expect the Sinhalese to accept the extremes of the minorities. This will go on until the minorities accept human values not communal values. Unfortunately the politicians who have decided the sinhalese making them a minority by pandering to the minorities for their vote.

    • 3

      Your narrow minded and warped thinking eats the cake.

      Buying and selling property is purely on the criteria of best on offer, and not on any affinity towards any particular ethnicity, race or religion. Buyer always try to buy it cheap, whilst the seller will always want the best price.

      However, you need to answer why Muslims are not allowed to open shop and compete in business in many places in the city, one famous place is Kiribathgoda, what have you got to say about that?

      When Gnanasara opened his big fat mouth in Aluthgama, 4 Muslims paid with their lives, whilst hundreds were made destitute when Muslim homes were looted and gutted to the ground, business houses ransacked and destroyed, vehicles set alight, Masjids were vandalized and you still claim that Muslims are the cause of problems in the country.

      The oil and the problems of the Middle East can stay with them. When their oil runs out, that is their problem. We Muslims living in Sri Lanka get nothing as shares to benefit themselves. You send your women to Mid East and then cry they are getting mistreated and raped. Why send them at all? Say No to them. You will never do that. Instead you will continue sending them and live off their earnings. Drink, gamble and screw other women and bust up their hard earned money, and then blame those Mid Eastern countries for your misery.

      The religion of Islam is very protective of our women. There are set guidelines on who they can marry in order to keep them within the fold of Islam. But we all know love is blind, and therefore some exceptions to the rule do occur. As for men, they are allowed to marry women of their choice, but must ensure they are converted to Islam before marriage.

      These rules are universal and are not our rules. They were established at the time of the Prophet, which cannot be amended to suit whims and fancies of anyone. These rules have been time tested and have proven to be most effective in safeguarding numbers within the religion. You may think it unfair to women based on your logic, but we think these rules have proved its effectiveness in serving Islam.

      • 0

        so your religion only think about your religion and safe guarding numbers at the cost of rest of the people in the world, set rules for that , that is why all these issues, why would people let you buy in Kiribathgoda when you will never sell back to other nationality and get punished by the mosque for it, so that is what I am talking about,
        you blame that we all take drugs etc. Muslims traders bring them from Pakistan and Afghanistan it is good that your people can produce this to kill people of other religion , is that what your allah said?????

  • 5

    This is RUBBISH.






    • 4

      It will never see the side of democracy .
      You people are a sad lot.

  • 6

    If anyone is interested in claiming they have animal blood it is a big issue. Lion may be the king of the forest, still it is an animal. this may also be extended to say these people claiming they have animal blood may be exhibiting their animal instincts also. It is better to have human blood and have human qualities.

  • 2

    Dr Ranga Kalansooriya

    Nice article. Well explained. Thank You.

    The news I am getting is that there has been a ‘power failure’ at the blood bank, and all the stock of ‘Sinha-Le’ has gone bad. Coagulated!

    Worse still, NOT a LION to be found in this blessed land to get any more.

    Some rowdy buggers are running down the road crying “aiyooo Sinhalaya malla”. True?

  • 0

    so your religion only think about your religion and safe guarding numbers at the cost of rest of the people in the world, set rules for that , that is why all these issues, why would people let you buy in Kiribathgoda when you will never sell back to other nationality and get punished by the mosque for it, so that is what I am talking about, you blame that we all take drugs etc. Muslims traders bring them from Pakistan and Afghanistan it is good that your people can produce this to kill people of other religion , is that what your allah said?????

  • 4

    Shared as received
    A teary eyed Ex-Pres Rajapaksa lamented the failures of the justice system in Sri Lanka and called for an independent bench, including some foreign judges, to adjudicate his son’s case. “I want some truly independent judges like Mohan Peiris and Sarath Silva to oversee this case. And I already sent an e-mail to Navi Pillai asking her to recommend some of these independent foreign judges she used to go on about in the good old days.” In the meantime, the not so venerable Gnanasara is reportedly undergoing several tests at the hospital soon after he was remanded. Gnanasara’s psychiatrist had insisted that he has been ill for years and therefore his stay in hospital is actually legit. Medical practitioners have taken this opportunity to study the blood profile of the ultimate embodiment of the Sinha-Le phenomenon. A doctor revealed to us the initial findings of the tests. >> >> “We found some interesting characteristics of this odd species. Some are prone to underworld activities (Paatha-Le), others to alcohol abuse (Botha-Le), some of them are very violent (Pistho-Le), and others are just waste of state resources (Matta-le). Gnanasara, like many of the political types when they finally get caught, just end up being Ispiritha-Le.

  • 2

    Bravo ! A bloody good one Ceylonese…enjoyed all that many bloody-Le.

  • 2

    Oh well, I am Sinhala (and Buddhist too) but like all these people blindly doing this new fashion Sinha-Le stuff, we can’t live without so many items that were never invented with the Sinha-le brains but by the brains of the Suddhas: We want Facebook and YouTube, and the Internet and email. We want American iPhones, we want other cell phones (all phones are western inventions), and Japanese bikes or cars and Indian three-wheelers, and the sudda’s kalisam (preferably American jeans), baseball caps, Russian vodka, Indian parippu, Hindi movies, and that national mania – cricket, that game invented by the Englishman. Yes, we all want those non-Sinha-le stuff…the whole gamut. But all day long we mouth “Sinha-Le”. No brains, or more aptly, Na-ne Mo-Le

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