21 July, 2024


What Options If There Is No Common Candidate: Is Ranil Hell-Bent On Wrecking SI-CC?

By Kumar David

Prof. Kumar David

Prof. Kumar David

Recent reports leaking from more than one source indicate that Ranil is bent on contesting the Executive Presidency. That is to say, he will NOT present himself as a Single Issue (SI) candidate for the express purpose of abolishing the Executive Presidency (EP) through constitutional amendment, enacting a parliamentary alternative, stepping down (obviously since EP would have evaporated) and holding fresh parliamentary elections immediately afterwards. Instead, if this information is correct, Ranil does not wish to abolish the Executive Presidency at all, rather he desires to occupy it for six years. If he has his way, the Executive Presidency that many including this writer believe lies at the root of the disintegration of democracy in Lanka, will continue. Ranil does not want to abolish EP, deep in his heart he probably never did, rather he desires to bask in it. Instead of Mahinda wielding and abusing autocratic powers another person will usurp the same horrific powers and the slide to dictatorship will persist. If the reports are true this must be denounced, rejected and exposed for what it is, an attempt to wreck the Single Issue Common Candidate (SI-CC) strategy, which is the only way EP can be abolished.

If Ranil were to go ahead with this reckless scheme, it will be a cakewalk for Mahinda Rajapakse. Nobody except the UNP hardcore will vote for Ranil for a 6-year full executive term. The JVP and the TNA will not support an Executive Presidential bid; others will denounce it as sabotage of the opposition plank. Frankly, in this event, I will conclude that he has been put up to it by the Rajapakses as a way of letting Mahinda Rajapskse secure another term. His plight will be pathetic in a straight Mahinda-Ranil fight if everybody else goes in other directions. Sans the blaze of a common opposition platform neither Ranil nor anyone else can mobilise the fire needed to defeat Mahinda.

Only the three on the top row can defeat Mahinda; and that ONLY as a single-issue common candidate

Only the three on the top row can defeat Mahinda;
and that ONLY as a single-issue common candidate

Common Candidacy is feasible if and only if it is for the sole purpose of abolishing EP and then quickly holding new parliamentary elections. Will the JVP support Ranil for a substantive presidency to implement the policies that the UNP stands for? Certainly not, the social and economic programmes and ideology of the UNP and JVP are poles apart.

Will the UNP or the Tamils back Anura Kumara for a six year term? It is absurd even to ask; the UNP cannot accept the socialist and Marxist orientation of the JVP, nor should Tamils trust the JVP given its anti-Tamil track record? What about the TNA, does it want an Executive Presidency led by the UNP or JVP? No, the TNA now stands for the abolition of EP. True, Hakeem and the SLMC will raise their hands for anything, even the Eighteenth Amendment or unconstitutional impeachment, to line their pockets. Dead Left leaders are the same on these counts; though they do not line their pockets they are opportunist political eunuchs. Recently, the Dead Left leaders did make some muffled groans about getting rid of EP; but don’t hold your breadth, soon they will find good reason for slithering back into Mahinda’s toe-jam.

A Common Candidate (CC) of the opposition, with or without the SLMC and Dead Left, is possible if and only if it is for a unique objective that all can support; that is abolishing the Executive Presidency. Therefore, everybody will support even a broomstick for a limited period for this express, explicit and unique purpose. In these circumstances the views of the candidate on other substantive matters are irrelevant. If it is for a unique short-term objective, who cares about socialism, capitalism, inclination on 13A, devolution etc? These are matters for the next, post-EP, parliament.

Let there not be a shadow of doubt that common candidacy is possible, if and only if it is temporary, and for this unique purpose, and with no other hidden motives. The CC strategy and the SI concept are inseparable. Ranil is a fool if he hankers after a common candidacy for a full-term presidency. If the information in these leaks is false, then it up to him to deny it, loud and clear.

What if Ranil offers himself as an SI-CC candidate? That is, what if he says “OK I will contest in the first instance to abolish EP, change the constitution and then step-down. Subsequently I will lead the UNP in the parliamentary elections with the intention of becoming prime minister”? In principle, if this is sincere, it is acceptable and he should be considered alongside other potential SI-CC nominees – currently, Sobitha and Chandrika are the credible front runners. But Ranil has mentioned no such intention; nowhere has he identified himself with the SI concept, nor unambiguously declared that he wishes abolish EP. The obvious conclusion is that he hankers after it. If not, let him explain himself.

What if SI-CC does not materialise?

I was the first to propose and systematically developed SI-CC in a series of newspaper and web essays from about two years ago; hence I have an interest in continuing the discourse. (Of course I have no special rights; the process must go where it will). Public interest has widened and the Rajapakses have panicked that an avalanche is gathering against them. New names are added to the list, some hilarious like Sajith; others because kite-flyers wish to appear politically correct – those who proposed Anura Kumara and Justice Wigneswaran for example. There are only three candidates who as SI-CC challengers can defeat Mahinda; Sobitha and Chandrika for sure and perhaps Ranil, but he is the weakest. Sobitha has no ambitions beyond the Single Issue and Chandrika, were she to agree to be an SI candidate, can be bound hand and foot to honour the pledge this time despite her false promises, twice, previously.

Ranil, unlike the other two, has enduring political ambitions into the future. If he desires to abolish EP he should NOT stand in their way, instead he should help sponsor a common candidate to carry through the change. Only after that does it make sense for him to bid to be prime minister. It is his refusal to take this approach that strengthens my suspicion that he is after a full six-year Executive term or is gaming on behalf of Mahinda. Were he to launch yarns in the next period about doing away with EP but continuing, uninterrupted, as Executive Prime Minister, don’t believe a word of it; it is a sham.

If nevertheless, and much to my chagrin, no credible SI-CC challenger were to materialise, it is necessary to ponder alternatives. Who are likely to challenge Mahinda for the Executive Presidency? The two obvious non-SI-CC contenders are Ranil and a JVP candidate, probably Anura Kumara. There will be minor players in the pack; a pack without jokers is no fun! There is also the possibility that Sobitha, or someone else, may advance without UNP support as a weak common candidate on an abolish-EP ticket. (General Fonseka is ineligible, and Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake and Justice Wigneswaran won’t be interested). In this scenario, I still say, support the weakened common candidate, whoever it be. And in the absence of even a weak SI-CC option, I say vote against Mahinda and Ranil. While I am confident an SI-CC candidate with UNP, TNA and JVP support can defeat Mahinda, in the absence of this grouping the incumbent may win a third term. There are many months to go; things will change when international war-crimes investigations commence, or India toughens its stance, or monks and military run amok and push Lanka into deepening instability. Hence it’s too early to make irrevocable choices.

Parliamentary elections

In the scenario where a strong SI-CC challenge cannot be mounted, that is to say a scenario where Mahinda Rajapakse is re-elected, the opposition’s attention must shift to the parliamentary elections that will follow. In the presidential poll the objective must be to weaken Mahinda Rajapakse; even push him to a run-off poll as will happen if he secures less than 50% in the first round – I need to find out the legal position if no one secures 50% in the first round. Irrespective of the outcome in the runoff, if Mahinda polls les than 50% in the first round, it will have monumental implications. He will be a weak president and an energised public can better limit abuses of power, financial venality, bad governance and the orgy of family banditry.

Less than 50% in presidential round-one will also have resounding implications for the ensuing parliamentary elections and provide a launching pad to defeat the UPFA. It would be damned fine thing for Sri Lankan democracy if power is split and president and parliamentary majority are from different alliances. Given that rogues proliferate on both sides, the best choice in the public interest is to break up these two monopoly-consortia of miscreants, mercenaries and scoundrels.

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  • 4

    Kumar David,

    RE: What Options If There Is No Common Candidate: Is Ranil Hell-Bent On Wrecking SI-CC?

    1. “Recent reports leaking from more than one source indicate that Ranil is bent on contesting the Executive Presidency.”

    MR will win then. Who would want to vote for this Para-Vegetable?

    2.. “If Ranil were to go ahead with this reckless scheme, it will be a cakewalk for Mahinda Rajapakse. Nobody except the UNP hardcore will vote for Ranil for a 6-year full executive term. “

    Unfortunately, no white Van will take this idiot RW out.

    3. “In the scenario where a strong SI-CC challenge cannot be mounted, that is to say a scenario where Mahinda Rajapakse is re-elected, the opposition’s attention must shift to the parliamentary elections that will follow. In the presidential poll the objective must be to weaken Mahinda Rajapakse; “

    Sarth Fonseka is perhaps the best Common candidate. This idiot, RW, likely to give an additional 6 year term to MR.

  • 7

    Sinhala Buddhists by far are politically mature today than you lot think. They all have TVs, read papers and learn about what’s going on in other countries. Besides, the government has regular programs on ongoing fights and poverty in most countries.

    People in our villages know that the JVP and UNP tried to stifle MR’s war effort. If not for the presidency UNP and the JVP would have defeated his government at 2007 budget. If that had happened, they know their children would be fighting the Eelam war even to date. Believe me very very few Sinhala Buddhists suffer from absentmindedness. Most are grateful to MR for ending the war and maintaining peace.

    And that’s only one of the reason for MR to be popular than you think. Today, most people enjoy luxuries they couldn’t even dream few years back. In spite of what UNP says, absolute poverty is minimal today. Just go to a tea boutique and see the que to buy aappe in the evening and also the arak que. I have seen worse poverty in Spain recently.

    To test whether I am telling the truth or gauge MR’s popularity, go observe the welcome he gets whenever he visits to open a newly built village fair or a school technology centre or stops unexpectedly at a town on his way somewhere as he had done in Padukka on his way to a Buddhist temple. They rush in hordes and clamor to shake his hand or touch him when people hear his coming. You’ll get the shock of your life if you see the reception he gets. I have never seen another person getting such a welcome in Sri Lanka.

    So, if you want to defeat MR, your aim should be to prevent such a popular man getting 50% in the first round. What better way achieve it than getting all those six jokers to contest against MR together. That way, disheartened SLFPers may vote for Chandrika. Old Buddhist folks may vote for Ven Sobitha. All racist Tamils will vote for Viggi. Evangelical Christians UNPers will vote for Ranil. All Buddhist UNP diehards will vote for Karu. Marxists like you could vote for Anura. Who cares about the single issue, many candidates with many issues the better for each one can expect his vote bank to be bigger in the first round.

    Win or lose all six and hangers on too can have a fat bank balance at the end of the election. And that’s an added bonus. Think about it.

    • 0

      I think you have a point there banda.It may be best to let everyone contest with the main objective of keeping MR below 50%.You have missed an important person Fonseka.I would suggest to put sajith in too.

      This will at least show out of all the opposition candidates who is the most popular.I think wignesvaran should not contest because we must see out of the sinhala candidates who draws the most of the minority votes.

      So if the first objective of having a second runoff as what is happenning in afghanistan is achieved,then Mahinda will have to contest with the person who has got the second highest votes and all the opposition should get behind that candidate because he or she has become the common presidential candidate fair and square.

      I agree with you that abolishing of the presidency may not be the top priority of the masses though intelligent people can see the danger.

    • 1

      Absolutely Banda unlike what these tamils , and burgers some muslims and the lone idiotic veddha thinaks Sinhala munia is not a modaya . They should remember what happenned to the ones who thought so . They payed with their lives and got wiped out . keep coming Try us . see if you or your cronies will get thing .



    • 0

      There is logic in what you say in the fifth paragraph . What you suggest is to split the national vote on the lines of the fissures that underlie Sri Lankan society. It may be a good tactic, but would it be good for the country. Where would it lead?

      You highlight MR’s popularity in terms of the crowds that gather, baby hugging and other gimmicks. You have however failed to mention the bus loads who are brought and the incentives and threats that make them come. When big crowds cannot be mobilised large grounds are abandoned in favour of smaller grounds that can be easily filled. This creates the illusion that large crowds had filled every space available!

      VP was a master at creating illusions. MR has surpassed him in creating his own illusions. We are being taken for a ride, as never before.

      Dr. Rajasingham Narendran.

  • 0

    Could someone give Prof.David some medicine to help him get over his SINGLE-ISSUE candidate hang-up.

    I cannot understand what makes him so confident that anyone who pretends(today) to be only concerned about the welfare of Sri Lanka and Sri Lankans even exists. To contest a Presidential election, win it and then to say…thank you, but no thank you, is a little too much to expect from ANY SRI LANKAN breathing on their own! Leave aside, thinking on their own!

    • 1

      But it does mean he believes in democracy, unlike the newly elected CM of the Northern Province.

      • 2

        Care to give some examples with proof where the new CM is shown NOT to believe in democracy?

        • 0

          Of what interest could that be to a ” Burgher, “English ” Fitzpatrick”.?

  • 1

    Ranil must be the common candidate.

    Why can’t JVP support Ranil? JP has a problem if it can’t support Ranil.

    We should all support Ranil.

    Ranil the next president of SL.

  • 1

    Mr. Banda, your notion that Sinhala Buddhists are politically mature is absurd….they hv obviously forgotton that karuna gunned down 600 policemen who had surrendered (in 1990) after assurances from the LTTE and that karuna was responsible for the aranthalawa massacare of buddhist monks, and today instead of being punished for his crimes he’s being treated like a king…and you may add KP to that list as well…what makes all this even more ironical is that SF was incarcerated despite his contribution to the war victory that MARA and gota takes sole credit for. True most homes have TVs but are they not dominated by govt propoganda? and yes they do read newspapers but almost all newspapers have imposed self censorship due to threats and intimidation and most villagers do not have access to internet which is probably the only source of providing some form of accurate information, and i’m sure by the time they stand in queues to vote they would have forgotton how the govt unleashed the army on the weliveriya residents who were protesting for clean water.

    • 0

      Whether Karuna was responsible for the loathsome deed or not I do not know, but if he was, this was while he was still an LTTE goon, and before he realised how his wife was being treated in the Prabhakaran household. He has been rehabilitated and forgiven, and now seems to lead a useful life. I am sure you do believe in karma.

      There are 12000 others who have similarly been rehabilitated, and hopefully they all become useful citizens.

    • 1

      alpha romeo,
      Do you know that Angulimala sutta inspire Sinhala Buddhists to forgive even a killer when he gives up violence. Karuna and KP has given up violence and separation. So, why should we haunt them, they are under our protection now. Not just them, of the twelve thousand or so LTTE cadres that were taken prisoner at the end of the war, were set free after rehabilitation except for 500 or so hard-core criminals. We would have treated Velu the same way had he followed suit. SF is a different kettle of fish altogether and enough and more has being written about him.

  • 2

    Dear Banda. You look like an agent of MR family: are you blind in your heart:
    MR and family made fortune out of war: do you how much money Goata made as middle man in purchasing weapon: they have made billions of dollars out of public money : listen speech of Anura Kumara Disanayake: Sinhalese pieople are today educated : they know what exactly happened in the country : they are suffering from poverty : do not tell lies: more than 70%of Lankan people suffer from economic hardship: today more 3 million Lankans work abroad : that is why people managed to live from remsiitence they get not because of generosity of MR and co: they are real thieves and they have looted weath of this nation: you may think that Praba is enemey of Lanka but he tried to carve out N & E and yet , MR family is looting the entire nation and milking the resources of entire nations: if you are blind about this just go younyoutube and listen some of speech of Anura Kumara Disanakayke to know. Now millions Lankans youth Turn to him to save the country from looters of Lanka.
    Consider this :
    MR is uneducated and self filling person at Jeyawardene Univeristy and he has not academic qualifications except a certificate from law college: listen the way he speaks. Late premadasa had more charisma than MR and he is thug: all drug dealers are behind him:
    All murderous people are behind him
    Who killed Lasantha?
    All looters of natural resources are behind behind him?
    Crupption is high and wide spread in SL today
    Judiciary is jeapady and chaos. All jurists are under MR and co family control
    No freedom of thought and expression
    Please wait and see until UN take some actions soon
    Please wait and see Tamil Nadu create another LTTE groups
    Please wait and see how this island is turned one more blood bath
    It is fault of MR and co
    No one else
    It is Sinhalese modakama:
    It has been five years since war finished
    Yet no solution for ethic problems
    It is modakama of MR and co to see what is happening in the subcontinent and international politics
    Lanka would pay a big price for its failure to find solution for this ethnic problems
    How can MR challenge Tamil Nadu?
    How can Lanka live in peace while having problems with Tamil Nadu with 74 millions Tamils
    Think rationally and do not be narrow minded
    You are population of only 13 millions Sinhalese
    You should know how to save your race and country.
    you should live peacefully with all other communities in Lanka otherwise ,’they could create more Eelam wars
    Do not think china will come in support of you when are in trouble
    When IPKF came china could not do any thing
    Think positively to resolve problems of minorities otherswise. It would put the country in blood bath again:
    For long term stability in SL we need full support of Tamil Nadu?
    Suppose India is divided into many parts: Tamils Nadu get some sort of independence what would happend to SL?
    Think with long term strategies about SL: Tamil Nadu could make or break Lanka: only 17 KM from Sea ?
    Never and ever support looters of Nation: MR and co.
    They would be punished soon
    If not by people of Sri Lanka they would get divine punishment from God for looting weath of poor people in SL : public money of poor in SL :
    Do not be in the side of evil doers in SL: they have done more harm to SL than more good.

    • 1

      It seems you hate MR and his family. Well, that’s your democratic right. As for me, I abhor JRJ for one he couldn’t reduce poverty, and for another his policies upset India and that pushed them to create a megalomaniac terrorist for us. Perhaps Premadasa would have gone some way to eradicate both poverty and Velu had he not being blasted to pieces. It’s a waste of time to talk about the bandit queen and her undemocratic and decaying period.

      How could I be MR’s agent when I have never met him or anyone in his family. I support him for what he has done to this country. In this modern day most politicians and bureaucrats all over the world are known to be corrupt. There were allegations against Kofi Annan and Thatcher and their sons. Which Sri Lanka politician is not accused of being a thief or corrupt in the recent times? Lalith is said to have swallowed ships. Gamini is said to have drank mahaweliya. Sirasa accused Ranil for not accounting millions that were collected for elections. At least we see a massive job of work done under MR. UNPers accuse him for over borrowing. But would Fitch rate BB- and mark stable, if Sri Lanka has over borrowed.

      Tamils tried a Dravidastan separation from India long before Tamils of Sri Lanka asked for Eelam and even Jinnah asked for Pakistan. Separatist Tamils in India stopped demanding separation after India introduced its 16A. Thereafter, they started backing Eelam project Sri Lanka Tamils. Problems with Tamil Nadu is nothing new to us. When Sri Lanka was invaded by Chola, we got help from Pandaya and Chera and visa versa. That’s the way we managed throughout our history. Today, we are friendly with all other states of India except Tamil Nadu. And PM Modi knows all this. So, you may be worried about 74 million Tamils in Tamil Nadu but we don’t.

      I don’t know about you, but I live in a village hamlet for the last so many years. What I say is what I see. And that’s why I say the average villager is far far better off today than in 2005 when MR became the President. Do you not know that Kerala State flourish on its expat remittances. You may not know that women are discouraged to go abroad as housemaids. Already, women with small children are banned from going abroad for employment. In the next five years, Sri Lankan going abroad as housemaids will cease completely.

  • 1

    Why couldn’t the good Dr put at least one Good one among these Bad and the Ugly?

    Ranil must be working OT trying to jig up something to get around the Pillai Police issue in Parliament.

    Wouldn’t a Parliamentary Election , following the Pillai debate is the more pressing need than a Prez Election?.

    No vote to Pillai Police and the Hanging Judge is a sure thing.

    And the smart money definitely would have confirmed it if the Indian Cricket bookies take wagers on Srilankan Politics.

    If the UNP agrees or abstains , the great majority of the population must be informed and asked to cast their votes on whether they want a Pillai Police or not through a General Election.

    That will help to maintain peace and harmony for at least another 5 years.


  • 1

    Who is this Prof. Kumar David think he is? Does he believe he is the Messiah in judging others. He claims, ‘ Ranil does not want to abolish EP, deep in his heart he probably never did, rather he desires to bask in it. Instead of Mahinda wielding and abusing autocratic powers another person will usurp the same horrific powers and the slide to dictatorship will persist.

    By what stretch of imagination does this Mad hatter believe that Ranil will continue with the Dictatorship that MR currently indulge in. Does he believe that Ranil is a fool as himself? For one thing Ranil has no need to rob Public funds for the family as MR has done. Further Ranil will never try to shield the Corrupt and the Murderous in society, but will allow the Judiciary to uphold Law and Order. This Prof. Bugger is either Loony or completely bonkers. Ranil will definitely cleanse the system and the Society that the riff raff will not be able to continue in politics as a money making ruse, but will introduce checks and balances that no future individual will be allowed to usurp powers arrogantly as MR has done for certain. Other than to save this society, Ranil has no personal agenda to perpetuate himself in power. The only thing is that this type of Prof will have no ideology to worship and expect to thrive on the gullible in society for ever and ever.

    • 0

      Even though Ranil is not a robber he cannot win .
      1 He does not know how to win people over to his side. He knows only how to distance people from him.
      2 He is not a charismatic leader.
      3 He has no organizing skills.
      3 The UNP is very weak now.
      4 Non-UNPers will not vote a UNP candidate because the UNPers begin to take revenge on non-UNPers the moment they come to power.

      • 0

        This is why it is said that little learning is dangerous. You admit Ranil is not a robber but he can not win. Also you claim that Ranil does not know how to win people. Precisely, Ranil is not a person who will try to win people with false promises. It is up to your ilk to understand and decide whether you want to be led by someone Honest, Decent who will maintain Law and Order alike, or to be duped by such as MR and repent thereafter. Ranil is not interested to win for his own sake as MR and others do. It is for the FOOLISH like you to decide whether you want Honest, Decent to lead this Nation. Remember this well, that Ranil is not the looser in the end, but you IDIOTS and this Country.

  • 1

    MARA will accept,forgive and embrace anybody (you’re right, even VP)so long as they dont oppose him. it has nothing to do with biddhist teachings..sadly MARA uses buddhism to cover his nakedness.

  • 1

    true all politicians are corrupt, but what makes MARA unique and the most corrupt is that, he’s got his entire family and extended family involved in the business of plundering the resources of the country…consider the billions that were poured into the h’thota harbour and mattala apt construction,Mihin air(fast turning into white elephants)…and other so called development projects the govt undertakes and the amount of money they make by way of bribes and kickbacks.
    consider the absolute wastage the Govt indulges in, with a humongous cabinet that is living off the tax payers money.over 75% of the national budget is under the president and his brothers..yet we have over 100 ministers…what benefit has the commonwealth summit brought to SL,except to fill the pockets and ego of MARA. the govt doesn’t even have a contingency plan to help the flood victims,education and health sectors are in crisis,and the govt does not have money to pay the pensioners…CoL is spiralling out of control and you seem to think ppl are better off today than in 2005?? the only ones beeter off now than in 2005 are the ones who joined the govt and the ones who left the country

  • 0

    Dear professor!
    I do not think Ranil will contest for presidency.
    As he is not a fool (though power hungry)he knows he cannot win.He knew in 2005 that he could not win so that he supported the General though the UNP was a strong political party at that time. Ranil knows his party is much weaker today than anybody else and he knows very well he will be chased away from the UNP if he contests at the Presidential election and lose.Hence I am sure that he is well aware that it is much advisable for him to continue to remain as the leader of the UNP rather than lose at the presidential election and lose all the perks he now enjoys as the Leader of the Opposition.

    Then why did he announce that he would contest for presidency?
    My belief is he may have thought that his announcement would consolidate his leadership in the UNP and it would lead to strengthen the UNP.
    It is nothing but rank stupidity if one believes that Mahinda can be defeated in the second round in case he gets less than 50% in the first round of the presidential election.There is no doubt provided a number of candidates contests Mahinda will get the highest number votes. In the second round Mahinda will surpass 50% as voters would love to vote the the candidate who secured the highest number of votes in the first round.
    I must add that there will be no second round if we fail to produce an acceptable strong common candidate to challenge the incumbent president at the forthcoming presidential election which probably will be held in March next year.
    Even if we produce a common candidate it will not be easy to to defeat the incumbent president as he is an expert in electioneering.Through the next budget he will present a relief package in order to please the disgruntled sections of the masses in spite of the economic constraints.Further he knows how to utilize the international inquiry into war crimes to his advantage.And don’t underestimate his capability in winning influential figures to his side.he is a master strategist at it.
    If the Opposition really wants to defeat Mahinda it must form a United Front led by the common candidate immediately and present its program to the public and launch its campaign without any delay.Without a well organized strong campaign ,people who still believe in the lies of the government and extremists cannot be won over to the Opposition.Finally I would like to add that the common candidate has to be a dazzling as well as charismatic personality

    • 0

      “the common candidate has to be a dazzling as well as charismatic personali”

      punchi,so who should it be?Chandrika has a dazzling smile,as for charisma i don’t know whether it has worn off by now,like our Bata slippers.

      Fonseka,has a dazzling vocabulary of filthy words.Charisma,yes maybe.

      sajith,has a dazzling foolish look.Charisma maybe.

      ranil,has a dazzling charm when abroad.Charisma,very popular in west.Is hoping to retire in kent one day like sir John.

      Sobitha thero,has a dazzling shiny pate.Charisma,according to kumar david,most popular human being in south asia.

      So who do you want?

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