6 December, 2022


What Victory For Whom?

By Emil van der Poorten –

Emil van der Poorten

Emil van der Poorten

As I write this, I am informed that the price of large (“Bombay”) onions, a staple for all the “rice-and-curry eaters” has doubled in price in the local market.   I am also told that rice has jumped in price.  Coupled with an increase in bus ticket prices and several other essentials inside and outside the categories of food, clothing and shelter, these are all costs that are disproportionately borne by the poor and middle class in a country where there is no progressive income tax structure and where, to add to the misery, a relatively miniscule part of the population pays any taxes at all, while the “stinking rich” get off scot-free thanks to “incentives” of various kinds that obviate the services of some slippery ‘tax consultant’ to ensure avoidance.  And, please note, I have not so much as mentioned the contribution of the “kudu mudalalis,” extortionists and other practitioners of the truly ugly arts!

Yet, it seems with the additional provocation of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (attended by less than half of those “heads,” it appears), one’s auditory (if not olfactory!) senses are being assailed by the “peace dividend” that we are allegedly harvesting at this point of time.  Maybe, the more affluent and city dwellers of the upper and middle-classes are enjoying life a great deal more than they did during the times of the lurking Prabhakaran monsters.  However, those who lived and continue to do so in the hinterland have seen a significant reduction in what little they might have had as disposable income.  Whatever food substitution was possible by virtue of living in rural circumstances has been increasingly reduced by the growth in numbers of vermin that compete more than successfully for what food the human inhabitatnts might have been able to grow above or below the ground.  Suffice it to say that the numbers of wild pigs, porcupines, giant squirrels and that ultimate curse of rural Sri Lanka outside the forest areas, the macaque monkeys, seem to have grown exponentially.  What (illegal) means of control this part of our population had via snares, trap guns and the like have been cracked down upon by the “guardians of the law,” while absolutely no attempt has been made to provide an alternative for those unwilling to surrender the fruits of their labours to their porcine, simian or rodent competitors.  And PLEASE don’t give me that “the animals were here first” because that wasn’t true within the last couple of hundred years at least and if you seek to carry such patently fictitious statements forward, not God himself can convince you otherwise!

In the matter of law and order, need a great deal be said when a man who tries to molest a child cuts up the child’s grandmother when she seeks to protect the little one is still roaming free.  You want more icing on that particular cake?  The sexual molester repeats the attempt on another woman while out on bail and, for reasons, best known to those concerned, is still not in a crowbar hotel.   Of course, one must remember that this guy’s relative immunity could well be on account of his being classified as a “war hero” because he has had formal weapons training at a military establishment.  I hate to cast aspersions, but I do share the suspicions of some in our neighbourhood that this individual could also be the one who, more recently, attempted to sexually assault, in the early hours of one morning, a woman old enough to be his grandmother.  A further indication of the state of peace and tranquility in the neighbourhood, not to mention implicit faith in the rule of law, is that this old lady is not prepared to name whom she might even suspect in this connection!

I cannot resist a little diversion here in the matter of weapons possession.

From all media reports Mr Herman Gunaratne was “packing heat” which he did or did not discharge at that now-famous Matara altercation where several of his enemies sustained gunshot injuries.  In any event, several people were hit with bullets from a sidearm one of which Mr. G. appeared to be in possession of quite legitimately.  As one who was refused a licence to purchase a single-barrelled shotgun for crop protection by virtue of being a “senior citizen” some years ago, I find this quite puzzling.  Mr. G certainly fits in the same age category as I do, unless the Presidential soothsayer has succeeded in turning back that particular clock, and it might be interesting to know how and why an exception was made to an age barrier which, I was informed at the time, was specifically brought in by the Secretary of Defence.  “Diff’rent strokes for different folks?”  Also, I suppose, the usual apologists for this horde will rush in to say that Mr. G, being a Presidential Advisor was entitled to a semi-automatic weapon intended to be used against human beings while I had no right to an SBBL which I might discharge at a wild pig or a monkey!  I wonder whether the establishment of this principle can be described as yet another improvement to the quality of life in the Debacle of Asia?

The CHOGM has had the official Sri Lankan message, already repeated ad nauseam, that the right to life supersedes all other human rights.  And you will get NO argument from me on that score.  However, when the protection of life is deemed to make UNNECESSARY all other human rights, I’m afraid that we have, at best, to agree to disagree.  And that is the burden of the song that is being repeated ad nauseam at this farce of a CHOGM, which if truth be told, doesn’t qualify for the words signified by its three middle initials!  It is not without significance that the one-person Hallelujah chorus for this refrain is the absolutely reprehensible Tony Abbott of Australia who will soon have a bit of explaining to do in the matter of his Coast Guard deliberately abandoning a boat load of asylum seekers to a watery grave.

What has Tony Abbott to do with the predicament of people increasingly deprived of their right to law and order in the hinterland of Sri Lanka?  Suffice it to say that he is symptomatic of the privileged few who believe that the right, as the US Constitution famously put it, to “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” are living in cloud cuckoo land and they should consider themselves fortunate that even the first right in that list counts any longer.  What is very conveniently ignored is that if you ditch the second and third of those precepts, the first is not worth the paper on which it is written!

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    Now, now Mr Poorten, You had a go at Tony abbott for siding with Sri Lanka but you did n’t pay compliments to the ‘long nosed’ David Cameron who is made in the same mould as Winston Churchill.

    Cameron should be applauded for working tirelessly to strengthen and maintain the tribal rule under deception and he needs all the support from the ‘fifth columns’ in all former colonies to achieve that. Don’t you know?

    Cameron came to Sri Lanka via India after meetings with Sonia Gandhi and now he is the leader of South Asia, not the turbaned guy who is warming up the PM’s seat in India. Didn’t you see Khurshid crying about it?

    So know which side your bread is curried pal.

    If the tribe maintains control you can prevent another Holocaust or they will avenge all the crimes of Colombus, to Cook to Torres to Churchill. So get your act together Pooten. Worship Cameron.

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      Correct! Cameron AND other British politicians still have to explain why they turned a blind eye to the arms and intelligence supplied by Britain to to the GOSL….not forgetting the opportunities for training at Sandhurst, Dartmouth etc. This is not the first time; in 1971 they rushed emergency help to Sirima to help her crush the JVP, and again they gave Premadasa the same in the late eighties.

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    Mr van der Poorten, these are difficult times much like the Sirima years of the 70’s. Unlike then, today’s action pictures are going out live in real time and the watching world is seeing another side of our blessed isle far removed from the beaches and bathing elephants. Enough of the fourth estate have descended on our shores and there are rich pickings for good copy. The message is seeping out; of the denials, the lawlessness, the impunity and the countless other transgressions that are making life an hell on earth for the common man in this, our self-styled miracle of Asia. Alas, no one will see the miserable reality of our everyday rural life that you describe; and no one will watch Biso Hamine negotiating with grim determination at the pola this morning to buy a tomato, two carrots and a coconut.
    Antipodean Tony is our new best friend. The current flavour of the year has opted to reward his dinky-dai aussie voters (rather than their smaller Tamil community) and to carry out his promise he requires the GOSL to help him. Laughable! given the lucrative people trade that enjoys the involvement of at least two of our own presidents’ commissioned officers. Someone’s making a monkey of Our Tony but he doesn’t know it. So very Sri Lankan.

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    Mr. Emil Vander Pooten:

    How is your mother Land Denmark doing ?

    Your article is just bad blood and it is a soup.

    So, we can not make one comment and address your concerns.

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      Is your own motherland Birmingham mr JS? Or are you F’ing in the mouth as usual?

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        No Dayan,

        Jim Sooty is in the Rag Trade and he lives in the East End of London and often sells his dodgy ( most of it stolen ) stuff at Sunday Markets.

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      Jim you are asking Emil his Dutch connection. At least he can be proud of it. Jim from where are your ancestors? The Shoe Bhurgers from Baticoloa. The Kalu Sapaththu Lansi clan? Jima, Jima umbata giya kala.

      Aney palayang pako yanda.

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    If you are alive, do you have a right to live? We must ask this question from the thousands who died in the last stages of the war, the inhabitants of the Matale graves, Lasantha Wickrematunge, Pradeep Ekneligoda, Raviraj, Students at Trinco, The mercy workers at Mutur etc. Also the the thousands of civilians killed in LTTE suicide bombings, the monks at Arantalawa, those killed in the Central bank blast etc etc.

    In the latter case the perpetrators VP & Co had to themselves give up their right to live. In the former the perpetrators still roam free. If you take an innocent life, you yourself forego your right to live.

    If you manage to live, are you entitled to your human rights? We must ask the people who are held in detention without charge, those abducted in white vans, the people in Jaffna whose lands are confiscated, the numerous journalist who have fled our shores.

    If you ask the defacto chief justice, he would probably say, “only God knows?”. If you ask the defence secretary, he says, “Terrorists have no human rights”. Is every Tamil a terrorist? Is Karuna a terrorist? Is KP a terrorist? Once a terrorist, always a terrorist? Are the killers of Lasantha terrorist?

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    only god and you know what you are writing about . .correction may be just god(?). now that you are the zorro of the hinterland , standing up for the poor villager you should take a few math and English lessons .

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      What can Emil do for your inability and ignorance to understand English? You must blame your parents, that is if you had any, because you fit the street well, an off shoot, God knows of whose?

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        you do fit the toilets of Scarborough well . stay there .

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          Goth- abhaya,

          At least he will have a Job earning a wage doing an honest job. Whereas your boss Gotha will soon be cleaning the prison Toilets for nothing after the Greatest Power on Earth China has abandoned you lot. But you are safe in Detroit.

          China asks Lanka to protect and promote human rights
          Nov 18 (PTI) In a surprise move, China today asked Sri Lanka to “make efforts to protect and promote human rights”, backing calls by India, Britain and other countries at the CHOGM summit in Colombo to address allegations of rights abuses against the country’s minority Tamils. “Due to the differences in the economic and social development of different countries, there could be differences on human rights protection,” more.

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      Abhaya Premawardena [ Chicago Jack Ass];.

      Did you read The Mr Emil’s article fully,
      You did not understand Either or You just ignore and hurry to Give a comment of displeasure,.
      Because, it is explaining the neglecting of governance for the peasants and you hate to accept that as you are a supporter of Misgovernance of Dahja Jarapassa and clan.

      As per your comments, you show bumping above as an English professor in the USA to Chicagoans.
      It is very admirable and a feather on the caps of Sri Lankan Diasporas in States, that you are Professing English to the Native English Americans and Red Indians.
      We Are in Sri Lanka and As lower middle class people,We Know what problems, we are Facing.
      For 30 + years All the Governing parties And Oppositions went Piggy back on Killer Pirabahran’s and INJUN’S war.
      Now We facing another war of Dahja Jajarapassa’s and Clan’s looting and show off War.
      Like SHOWGON carnivals.
      Not bothering about Farmers, Fishermen’s, worker’s, and Peasants’ Chores.
      Even these Governing Shit eating pigs and Diyavanna oya Baffolos do not care and donot know they havo to put demarcating Buoys in the north Maritime boundary line to help Sri Lankan Fisher folks to fish in our Territory.
      But Making big noises about wining of a war for 5 years and letting loose some sex maniacs and Scoundrels like themselves from the Security forces to the Society.
      Those Shit eating pigs of Mada Mukalana forgot that PEOPLE OF SRI LANKA Shed THE Sweat And BLOOD FOR WAR AND PEACE OF THIS COUNTRY.
      PEOPLE OF SRI LANKA Sacrificed from their lives for the Sovereignty of this country.
      But Jarapassa clan are Scraping the country for Their own Luxury and pilfering the country’s Coffers.
      You should Know that, If the Overseas workers did not send their remittances to Sri Lanka,
      This Dahja Jarapassa and his goons clan like Hothambaya, Kudu Merviya, Kudu Dimiya and other Shit eating Pigs, Have to Wear Loin cloths and Jump into the GOLU MUHUDA.
      But Never as These Shit eating Pigs Have looted money of Sri Lankan people’s.
      So Chicago J A, Do not sit on your brain,
      Think what is Good deeds And Bad.
      and Chose the one, Good and fair.

      • 0

        its not the job of the Govt of Sri Lanka to feed pinguttara middle class losers like you . Its up to them to provide the means and for you and your pinguttara family members to use them . If you dont know how to there is no power on earth that can help you ! .

        • 0

          Chicagoo Jack Ass, HambyaWradhana.

          You know that Your Dhaja Jarapassa ,His family and Hothambaya and his goons like Kudu mafia, BBS and Fleas like you are the Piguthara Nikamos.
          See that Chamal Jarapassa is a Nikama and Basil Is also a nikama like You.
          Up to now they all depend on us to feed them and their families.
          and see that T TREE HOUSE Bumface’s Family also Nikamas, Depending on Government hand outs.
          All of them are eating from PEPOL@S Money, Not from working Sweat and Blood.
          and there are many Family morons in Higher positions Without proper education and Eating from PINATA Like you.

          From east of Sri Lanka, We lived in the Midst of LTTE War zone and defended our country more than 35 years and lost family members to the Indian and Sirilankan politicians propagated war.
          we did not ran away like, so called US passport holding Patriots and we still live there.
          we Were Feeding many generations of yours. and Looter Dahja Jarapassa family also.
          We have done our duty to Mother lanka and Not ran away from Sri lanka Like You and Hothmbaya.
          We have Already paid our Debts to sri lanka and Still helping staying there.
          And We don’t rear Children to be a burden to a country and Living on Doll from some body’s blood like you Pass port holders.
          Because of that Efforts, you have a mother country, and you and Your families are indebted to us.
          Just remember another Education Moron like you told that a Family can live a mare 2500 rs per month, but Pinguththara Jarapassas Spending Millions of Rs Per day from Peoples money.
          Like Other commenting Fleas for the Jarapassa’s
          Are you Still sitting on your Brain,
          Chicagoo Jack ASS.
          There is no Life for Foreign passport holding Jack Asses like You.
          Get life of you own and do not expect to live on Dole.
          and If possible try to share the LTTE loot with Dahja Jarapassa.

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    Paw Da, so many confronting the[Edited out]

    • 0

      Jim Sooty,

      China asks Lanka to protect and promote human rights
      Nov 18 (PTI) In a surprise move, China today asked Sri Lanka to “make efforts to protect and promote human rights”, backing calls by India, Britain and other countries at the CHOGM summit in Colombo to address allegations of rights abuses against the country’s minority Tamils. “Due to the differences in the economic and social development of different countries, there could be differences on human rights protection,” more.

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    Aren’t there any Animal Rights Activists in our poor SriLanka?.

    How can we suppress this unstinting attempts of Mr Poorten to deliver our wild pigs and porcupines to the Dinner Table.

    Our inhabitants know that Poorten’s’ Western buddies who are big on both Human and Animal Rights, allow , Pheasants, Wild Ducks, Wild Pigs and even poor Deer to be slaughtered and sold as as gourmet tucker.

    Can our Sinhala Buddhists do that, although our Burghur buddies still reminisce about Devilled Wild Boar with Malu Miris and Peppery Porcupine Curry, with Gal Arack.
    Has Jayalaitha who is the latest recruit to the Poorten camp put a ban on Naduans selling Mumbai Onions to Sinhala Buddhists?.

    BTW, why do the Mumbaians allow these Naduans to sell their onions?.

    Surely if Mr Poorten cant afford the cost of food, Salvos in Toronto,Melbourne and even in the Vatican can give two decent meals as they do to a heck of a lot of new arrivals.

    And Mr Poorten doesn’t need to worry about Abbot sinking his boat,because he should be able to settle on Cameron’s or Harper’s turf easily as Miss Janz and Miss Ismail Abeywickrema have done.

    • 0

      All he has to do is to arrange a burglary , lol .

  • 0

    Mr. Sumanasekera:
    You are very badly informed. There are nothing called “Mumbai Onions” Just because the city of “Bombay” changed to “Mumbai” you can’t call the Big Onions, what we call “Bombay Onion” as “Mumbai Onions”. No onions are grown in Bombay or Mumbai, but in other parts of India. That shows that you are not even aware of that.

    Your assertion that only Burgher buddies enjoy “Devilled Wild Boar with Malu Miris and Peppery Porcupine Curry, with Gal Arack” shows that you are wrong there too. Almost all non-vegetarian Sinhalese would love to partake such meal. In historical records it is stated that the gourmet of the yester-year Sinhala people have been Peacock or Turkey meat, Kitul toddy and Heenati rice. That is what Andare once asked from the king.

    You doubt that “Mr Poorten can’t afford the cost of food”. What he has stating here is that the average man cannot afford the cost of food, and that is absolutely true. How could a man receiving a salary of 15-20,000 a month feed a family with the present cost of living. No wonder the public servant either rob or accept bribes to keep to make the ends meet. If you don’t know what difficulties people are facing, you are living in a dream world. In the coming months it will become more and more difficult when people will have to bear the cost of CHOGM Tamasha.

    You are wrong again, as Ms. Jansz was not given visas by U.K. or Canada. Actually, those two countries refused to grant her visa.
    For your information, she does not live in either of those countries.

    • 0

      This rational “sinhalaya” sounds suspiciously like a member of the fifth column I referred to above.

      Why not spurt out some bile under the Dutch name?

    • 0

      Mr A. Rational

      Not sure about Peacock, but Turkey meat and Kitul Toddy sound good to me.

      4 Litre of Palm Toddy picked up along the way back from the Buddha land of Nagadeepa , quenched the thirst all the way to Muslim Puttalam and then on to Christian Talawilla.

      Every time we had a “pit stop” the innocent villagers greeted us with broad smiles and offered even their mats to sit in the shade under Palm trees.

      And Cameron reckon we are racists and kill innocents

      He demands that we change and adopt their Mahatma ways.

      Otherwise he will fix us with Miss Pillai.

      20,000 LKR ( USD 180 ?? ) sounds good too in comparison to under a Dollar a Day battlers in Bombay and elsewhere and 500 plus Million of them as I am told.

      And Manmohan wants us to adopt Rajiv’s 13 with all the trimmings.

      Would that increase our ordinary punters’ pay packets?.

      How much extra would they be pulling in?.

      How many times more that would then in place of the current 6 to 1 relative to our ex Relos in Maha Barata?.

      Can our new CM do some Modelling when he gets the Cameron University, and convince our ordinary punters?.

      If you think our folk take bribes, whilst on USD 180, just imagine the temptation of Manmohan’s subjects?.

  • 0

    Little Peeved, Abhaya Premawardena, K. A. Tsunamisekera, Jim Softy (Hope I haven’t missed any of the tribe):
    Is your plummy-voiced mentor paying you some kind of bonus because, despite the claim that you could not comprehend the content of my column, some of you have responded to it twice and one even three times!
    The only thing that can be said about your idiocies is that where they are not downright boring, they can be unintentionally hilarious.
    By the way, I don’t remember which, but one of you compared me to Zorro. Is he the guy who rides around in one of your white vans, “disappearing” people or the guy on the screen looking after the poor?
    While your intellectual over-exercising is liable to cause you serious problems, we’ll keep laughing!

  • 0

    If Emil is Zorro, who is Loita Pulido? Interesting question!

  • 0


    It is unfair for the Racist elements like Jim Sooty to question your Dutch Heritage and that is the problem in Sinhala Lanka.

    Jim himself is half caste from the Name ( half American Negro and Half Sri Lankan ….. )and it is like the pot calling the Kettle black

    But I only want to comment on the following

    1)What has Tony Abbott to do with the predicament of people increasingly deprived of their right to law and order in the hinterland of Sri Lanka? Suffice it to say that he is symptomatic of the privileged few who believe that the right, as the US Constitution famously put it, to “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” are living in cloud cuckoo land and they should consider themselves fortunate that even the first right in that list counts any longer. What is very conveniently ignored is that if you ditch the second and third of those precepts, the first is not worth the paper on which it is written!

    *** CHOGM was a total disaster for MR and he is now living on borrowed time especially after China( A Country gilty of Human Rights Violations ) abandoned MR and HAGUE beckons.

    As for Tony Abbots himself his presence at CHOGM was of no significance. It would have been better had he not turned up. But he leads a Country where the indigenous people have been denied Human Rights so no wonder he identifies himself with MR.
    He is not going to decide the destiny of Sinhala Lanka. It will be decided India Britain and the USA.

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