18 August, 2022


What’s The Difference Between A Dictator, An Autocrat, A Despot And So On?

By Kumar David

Prof. Kumar David

What’s the difference between a dictator, an autocrat, a despot and so on? – In Support of Terminological Accuracy

What’s the difference between a dictator, a despot, an autocrat, an authoritarian and a tyrant? The thesaurus gives you more choices irrelevant to the emerging conjuncture in Sri Lanka, and in any case it’s not what the dictionary says but different flavours emerging in our domestic scenario that matters. If as now seems likely the Gota regime goes in this direction does it matter which word we choose? Yes it does. In theoretical discourse we must call a spade a spade, neither a spoon nor a bloody shovel, and more important, in real life we must understand exactly what we are dealing with. A dictator has longevity and has uncontested authority over institutions (state, army, party) while a despot’s power is less universally distributed and the incumbent may be temporary. Stalin, Mugabe and Pinochet were a dictators, despot is a better word for Bismarck though he was not temporary; those who don’t like Lee Kwan Yue say he was despotic in the way he did things. People use despot and dictator interchangeably. Despite the dictionary says I don’t think interchangeable use is appropriate in our times. JR was despotic on occasion but he was not literally a dictator.       

Authoritarian and autocrat are not interchangeable in theoretically finicky discourse and certainly not the same as dictator. Broadly, an authoritarian imposes his will by authority through institutional structures; authoritarian is the right word for Lee Kwan Yue. An autocrat is inclined to personal exercise of power more than an authoritarian. Mao was an autocrat not an authoritarian, while Xi Jinping whose power derives from the CCP and the State and does not enjoy Mao’s prestige is more the latter. Xi can be removed, only the Great Reaper could remove Mao. Please don’t ask me to include loonies in this line-up; I rule Trump and Caligula offside.   

A tyrant is cruel and hateful. He could well be a head of state, a rebel or a military chief; Saddam Hussein or Vlad the Impaler. Two terms used in similar contexts but immaterial to current discourse are bonapartism and fascism. The classic Bonaparte is when in a period of social upheaval and chaos, such as in the late 1790s and early 1800s in France, an imposing figure rises to the helm to balance the contending classes (the bourgeoisie who held the key to economic progress on the one side, and city sans-culottes and peasantry aroused to rebellion on the other). Napoleon restored order at home and the bayonets of his army carried the message of the French Revolution across Europe irreversibly transforming the continent. Though the classic specimen Napoleon was not the first bonapartist; it was Emperor Qin Shi Huang (d. 210 BC) who terminated the Warring States Period. 

The other term is fascism. There is no threat of fascism, in its interwar form in Lanak. (I have no grouse with Bahu abusing Gota as a fascist for propaganda). The pulverisation of free institutions, learned and civil society and even the churches, and subsuming all under a monolithic state, this is real classic fascism, and is unthinkable in Sri Lanka even in a worst case scenario. There is a more persuasive version as Hugh Trevor-Roper remarked: “Here is in England, as in other countries, (there exists) a fascist world; a world of lower-middle-class conservatives who have no intelligence but a deep belief in violence as a sign of self-importance and who hate foreigners (or communities) if they come from ‘inferior’ races”.

At the same time it is imprudent to minimise disturbing trends or overlook that Gota comes with reputational baggage and in tow with military henchmen and racist monks in his entourage. Furthermore Sinhala-Buddhist psychology has been hardening since the end of the war. There is a national swing to a nativist-statist-rightist trajectory. The drift to anti-liberalism and ethnic or religious zealotry is global. The slide in Sri Lanka will be by insidious institutional changes. The recipe for authoritarianism is an all-powerful presidential mandate, a regimented bureaucracy, a fragile parliament and repeal of 19A. You cannot miss that I am moving towards authoritarianism in preference to dictatorship or autocracy as an accurate descriptor of the emerging state in Sri Lanka. 

I am strengthened in this view by the “National Policy Framework Vistas of Prosperity & Splendour” (NPFVPS) released by the Ministry of Finance on14 December. The quotes below only relate to points that relate to trends to authoritarianism that capitalise on the anxiety at work in society. These statements may be harmless in a normal environment but are of concern given the acquired reputation of GR and MR. The two paragraphs below are from the document. Quote:

“Chapter 2: An efficient Country Free from Corruption

“Reviews the executive presidency, mixed electoral system, the provincial council and strengthen the independence of the judiciary. It emphasises a well-disciplined political environment. Dealt with (sic!) in terms of the law on unruly, undisciplined and ill-mannered people’s representatives”.

“Chapter 3: A Safe and a Secure Country for all

“Top priority for National Security: Strengthen the intelligence services of armed forces and the police. Establishing a post of National Chief of Intelligence with adequate power to coordinate all relevant agencies. Re-Building the moral of Forces. Ensuring the legal protection enabling the forces to perform duties fearlessly and with dignity, without any political interference. Dismantling all the structures supporting terrorism and extremism”.  

End Quotes.

NPFVPS overall is an ambitious plan; it will help national development if implemented fairly. This column has said before that a new president should be given a chance to achieve his goals before he is censured though some of my friends on the left do not comprehend measured tones. However, the last month have been ominous. Militarisation of the State is proceeding apace. Ex-Admiral Colombage has been appointed Additional Presidential Secretary for Foreign Relations, ex-General Chandrasiri Airport & Aviation Services Chairman, Chandana Wickramasinghe Director of Media and Military Spokesman.  

Champika Ranawaka’s former driver’s wife and child have been virtually abducted by the police (“The claim that the victims got into a police vehicle at midnight to come to Battaramulla police station cannot be accepted” declared UNP MP Range Bandara). The former minister himself has been arrested. The Swiss Embassy and Foreign Ministry have stated that they are not satisfied with the investigations carried out by the CID regarding the abduction of an employee. The President has shot his mouth off and declared there was no abduction, though the matter is still before the courts. Amazing! If somebody drew a thin red line in the sand, well Gota stands with one leg on either side as institutional authoritarianism tightens its grip. More authoritarian than autocratic; more institutional than individual.

The Twenty-first century assault on democracy on every continent is blended with toxic racism (generic includes religious extremism etc.) Modi’s Citizenship Amendment Act for example destroys the secular basis of the Indian Constitution, the anchor of the Republic for 72 years. The fear in Lanka in the light of the Sinhala-Buddhist electoral upsurge and changes to follow next year is that Sinhala-Buddhism (SB) will track a similar path. Why is the SB mass incensed with UNP and minorities and loth to extend marginal support to the JVP? Upwelling anger has been ripening since the end of the war; Gota is only manifestation. There is resentment that the rewards of victory “have been fritted away”; the problem was not “fixed” once and for all. Tamil elites and businessmen strut as though their side did not lose the war, the TNA lords it in parliament and claims Leadership of the Opposition, Tamils talk devolution. To make matters worse the Moors get richer and multiply faster. (My suggestion that their men are more virile and women more comely nearly cost me Sinhalese friends!). From Ellalan, to Sangili, to Prabaharan, the Tamils lost all their wars consistently, but still weaselled their way to come out on top. How dare!  

The coup de grace coup was the human rights commission in Geneva. It is incomprehensible to the Sinhalese mind that its State is accused of human rights violations when all it did, in their eyes, was stamp out terrorism. The military is indicted for bombing and shelling civilians and “great warriors and brave war heroes” are now exposed to trial before international war-crimes tribunals. This decoction of fritting away the ‘opportunity to fix the Tamils after victory’ and conspiracy against war heroes fermented a Sinhalese landslide like never before. Lee Kwan Yue’s uncompromising hostility to communalism and paramount commitment to civilian supremacy were Singapore’s saving graces but in the Gota’s version of authoritarianism I don’t see how he can avoid bowing before racial and military lobbies he is beholden to. 

People expect the past to repeat and look for danger up the wrong street; eyes are alert for white vans, abductions, assassinations, intimidation of journalists, baiting Muslims and targeting Tamil youth. Some of this may recur but history will not repeat itself in so parallel a way. Sri Lanka may slide into authoritarianism, not autocracy a la Mahinda. It will be by insidious institutional changes. Such as what? “Reform” of the legal system and Courts, putting rights on a tight leash and nasty legislation. Stable authoritarianism needs reorganisation of the state; both state institutions and the corporate sector – electricity, petroleum, banks, and ports. In an insidious process starting at the top and filtering down to the work force, loyalists will need to be posted and ‘report’ back. It is likely to be personalised in consonance with the cherished ethos of our Fair Isle and start as nepotism, favouritism (personal or political) and cronyism. It is when this evolves to the next stage of subversive redesign of institutional structures to blend into a greater purpose and conform to a controlling of strategy that it becomes deadly. It is the potential longevity of a Rajapaksa-clan-regime that puts this option on the table.

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  • 7

    The much-esteemed author has hit many a nail on one shot.
    He has correctly analyzed with precision informed the masses of the sad sorry island what’s to be expected and like a very accurately predicting soothsayer said what the despot, his family, and the corrupt imbeciles will run the already bankrupt cesspit to ruination from which it will never see the light of day.
    I thank all the gods for getting us out this man-made curse many a moon ago and we are not living in nirvana.
    Cheers, R. J.

  • 6

    I derive a satisfaction in reading a dissertation on the lexicon by a Professor in Engineering using “Applied English”. Engineers apply Mathematics on physical laws. As I consistently maintained the problem of whether it is Gotabhaya or Sajith they are unable to grapple with a different point of view, particularly if it confronts with their pet ideas. A retired public servant once told me how he was “manhandled” by Sajith in a Parliamentary committee and was so vitriolic and blurting out an irrelevant remark “Matath Upadhiyak Thiyanawa” (I too am a graduate of a University). A leader can be firm but all the words that the Professor prefers to compare and contrast on various leaders in the world apply if he or she cannot have an open mind. I am told that Leonid Brezhnev of the then Soviet Russia had his own eccentricities and ruthless but would humbly listen to the opinion of the “Academicians” (Members of the Academy of Sciences in the then Soviet Russia, equivalent to Fellow of Royal Society of UK). It is premature to comment on the outlook of President Gotabhaya but his success depends on his ability to grapple with different points of view and particularly the “Rugger Tackles” placed by bureaucratic administrators in the “Yes Minister” style.

  • 7

    Interesting article again about politics of our time. The underlying truth hinting by this article is the fact that there was a despot/autocrat, dictator, or a ‘tough guy’ behind the development of many countries ranging from Napolean’s France, to Mao’s China and Lee’s Singapore.
    It happens when the status quo fails to resolve the issues faced by the public and when the public look elsewhere for answers.
    It’s true Gota is a manifestation; but he was probably the only answer left with the voter in 2019.
    What/who else was there for the people to choose out of the remaining 34 solutions/candidates. The writer’s choice was the AKD who could not secure his deposit either. You thought he would garner at least 8 lakhs, but he couldn’t make even half of it. How come you were so wrong?
    Look at the way Swiss authorities act and react? If you follow the entire story you may find fault with the Swiss easily for their naivety and arrogance. e.g. Up until today they have not handed over the cellphone of the lady to the CID to expedite the investigation.
    If you are a small nation and when a section of the so-called powerful countries conspire against you, what would you do?
    Gota has already got India on his side with an unexpected line of credit worth $450 million; he will also get unprecedented financial and tech help from China. He is also careful when he deals with the West (e.g. the Swiss case)!
    Politics of Sri Lanka in the coming decade will be a curious and interesting topic for Prof David to pen another lengthy article probably in 2030.

  • 10

    The Gota Era that has just started will be be one characterised by the certainty that anyone who steps out of order or displeases the President and his proxies will get the whac-a-mole treatment. The sledge hammers are ready and waiting.

  • 4

    In a nutshell, they all are the same; for, all of them, including Marxist paramount goal of “Proletariat Dictatorship”, are non-democratic!

  • 6

    Despot = Gota
    Autocrat = Mahinda
    Dictator = Basil

  • 4

    Re-commence investigations Not trusting past records to arrest Mr. Ranawaka of the closed case from this the world will learn to commence other matters of the past this will accumulate for future the concerned to place someone in a bad position.

  • 7

    At the Presidential election, Sinhala Buddhists gave a clear message to minorities who held the view that they are the ‘King Makers’.

    At the coming general election, Sinhalayo should eliminate all the MPs of Unpatriotic National Party who were just sitting in Parliament and watched how the ‘Royal Gang’:
    • robbed the Central Bank two times
    • sold the assets of this country to foreigners
    • ruined the economy
    • humiliated Buddhist monks
    • tolerated politicians who openly said ‘Sri Lanka is not a Sinhala Buddhist’ country
    • humiliated ‘Ranawiruvo’ who saved the country from Malabar barbarians
    • ruined the Intelligence Service
    • knowingly allowed Wahabi Muslims to carry out terrorist attacks
    • protected politicians who were alleged to had links with terrorists
    • tolerated vandalizing Sinhala Buddhists heritage in the North and East
    • tolerated extremely racist remarks by Malabar Wellala Dravidians
    • tried to sign the MCC agreement and present it to the Parliament
    • allowed Sumanthiram to draft a Constitution with Federal System built into that

    • 5

      Eekel Guy, See the map giving the voting pattern. In the presidential election, Tamils have given a clear message to Sinhala Buddhists who held the view that they own the entire land, where to get off. Do you not see a similarity between this and policies of BJP and Conservatives of their two state solution.

      • 2

        Dr. Gnana Sankaralingam
        Buddy, the Sinhalese do own the whole island, your people do absolutely nothing and try to claim this island even the moors have done more than you people and even they don’t ask for a seperate land, where do you people get off who have been nothing but, useless to this country asking for a part of the island?

        • 2

          Sinhala claim as owners of the whole island is rank racism, when there is evidence based on geology, archaeology and genetics to the contrary. Sinhala people were originally Tamils who mixed with other ethnic groups and developed a separate identity like Malayalees. Saivaism was the first religion to be practiced in the island and not Buddhism. Even Veddhas worshiped Murugan the God of Tamils and not Buddha, shows that they came under Tamil influence. Legend Ramayana depicts Ravana as Dravidian Saivite and not as Sinhala Buddhist. Correctly Sri Lanka is a Dravidian Hindu land where Sinhala Buddhists have become a majority, which is the position taken by BJP. Very soon justice will be meted out to Tamils to restore their lands usurped by Sinhalese, back to them. Fancy another parippu drop?

        • 1

          Mad Sinhalese racist go and creep back into the slimy hole from where you came from. Sinhalese never owned the whole island , in fact it was the opposite , it was the Tamils who owned the whole island and were ruling the Sinhalese. It was European colonisation and them consequently importing hundreds of thousands of low caste Tamil slaves from South India , who eventually converted to Sinhalese , that saved you Sinhalese and made you a majority . Even then you were only confined to the south of the island until the British for their own selfish reasons decided to merge the Tamil and Sinhalese parts of the island in 1833 , that made you the majority in the whole island , especially after the British gave the island the Sinhalese on a platter in 1948. Talk about giving a monkey a garland . This is what the British did .

    • 7

      Eagle Eye,
      Mahinda Family Gang:
      * Robbed the whole country
      * Sold the assets to China
      * Became the richest in Asia
      * defended and promoted those Buddhist monks who involved in drinking drugs and drugs dealing and child abuse.
      * ruined the rule of law, judiciary and civil service.
      * promoted racism
      * protected criminals, murders, abductore and drug dealers.
      * released all the drug dealers and criminals from jail.
      * spread lies, threat and murders.
      * Sold Srilanka for billions commissions.

    • 2

      Eagle Eye

      Don’t you think at least some of your allegations apply to the Rajapakse regime as well? As for the unpatriotic UNP MPs, what about the corrupt Pohottuwa MPs? Not only are they uneducated yobs but blatant thugs & rapists too. Do you prefer them to non patriots (in your understanding of patriotism)?

      Obviously you belong to the gullible SB majority who don’t seem to have the power of mind to see the bigger picture & happy to live in denial, instead of facing reality, which is why SL will never prosper.

  • 0

    Why does Retired Prof. Kumar David discuss {“What’s the difference between a dictator, an autocrat, a despot and so on?”}?
    {” – In Support of Terminological Accuracy”}?
    Not at all. He wants to say that there is NO threat to fascism. Reproduced below is the punch paragraph:
    {“The other term is fascism. There is no threat of fascism, in its interwar form in Lanak. (I have no grouse with Bahu abusing Gota as a fascist for propaganda). The pulverisation of free institutions, learned and civil society and even the churches, and subsuming all under a monolithic state, this is real classic fascism, and is unthinkable in Sri Lanka even in a worst case scenario. There is a more persuasive version as Hugh Trevor-Roper remarked: “Here is in England, as in other countries, (there exists) a fascist world; a world of lower-middle-class conservatives who have no intelligence but a deep belief in violence as a sign of self-importance and who hate foreigners (or communities) if they come from ‘inferior’ races”…”}
    Surely Kumar David cannot expect everyone to accept {“…The pulverisation of free institutions, learned and civil society and even the churches, and subsuming all under a monolithic state, this is real classic fascism, and is unthinkable in Sri Lanka even in a worst case scenario…….”}
    Does Kumar David believe this?
    Kumar David then quotes Hugh Trevor-Roper: {“Here is in England, as in other countries, (there exists) a fascist world; a world of lower-middle-class conservatives who have no intelligence but a deep belief in violence as a sign of self-importance and who hate foreigners (or communities) if they come from ‘inferior’ races”…”}
    Touch your heart and tell us Kumar David: Do we not have Sinhala Buddhists (SBs) who have no intelligence but a deep belief in violence and in Gnanasara Thero (GT) led Bodu Bala Sena (BBS)? By the way who are the Patrons of BBS & GT?
    Kumar David: Your Trevor-Roper quote is a Freudian slip of the tongue.
    Kumar David could not resist the temptation to take a dig at Bahu: {“I have no grouse with Bahu abusing Gota as a fascist for propaganda…”}
    Bahu only said to the effect “The Alliances led by UNP are by SLPP are bad but SLPP is worse”
    Only a few have Bahu-integrity. If you do not agree tell us why Kumar David.

  • 2

    Chandrika came to power promising that she would stop the war and restart peace negotiation. Unlike in the Gota Chitanta election, where minorities rescued them not bending to this government, in 1994, Sinhalese, Tamils & Muslims all voted overwhelmingly to CBK and she got an amazing 62%, so far nobody has gone near to which landside. But once ascended to power, she declared War for Peace, but no to Negotiation for Peace. Her election talk was only an Aappa Diplomacy talk. Tamils didn’t comprehend it during the election time. She sent out Kathirgamar to get the support of India and Western Countries, claiming she cannot make Peace with LTTE so she needed to annihilate it. Her somersault to international community was if the LTTE can be abolished, Sinhalese will be willing to grant the denied Tamils rights back to them. She kept working until the end of her two terms on annihilating LTTE, while protecting the Rapist Army using Sinhala Only Jury Verdict. That was the one Old Royals adopted and wiped out Tamils, not just LTTE. After the war, I heard Tamils who were pretentious pundits cursed all Tamil leaders, including GG, SJV, Piraba, Sampanthar et al as divisionists, not Peace makers, missed all the opportunities, that is why Sinhalese could not make peace with Tamils. They praised Kathirgamar’s, Douglas’, Karuna’s…… path. They condemned Vatukkottai Convention as the Tamils leaders’ deeds to sacrifice the Tamil youths for their whimsies. Last Five years TNA wasted on Secret Solution, instead advancing Tamils’ case to international jurisdiction. Last 4 years, TNA voted to anti-Tamil Budgets to drench more army in North East. After splitting and stripping TNA to practically Federal Party only & and dissolving the Secret Solution in Mahaweli River, Ranil willingly handed over the government to Royals, one year earlier than his term. So, now the sprayed out Shrapnel of TNA are singing of FP’s past pride of Federal Party.

  • 2

    The day before Yesterday Douglas complained about Sumanthiran that Sumanthiran has no right to ask him to resign from his minister post. Douglas had said he unwillingly accepted his Minister Post as he was not elected. Sumanthiran is accusing Doulas that Douglas has promised of Federal Solution to Tamils, but the King had refused for any solution. Sumanthiran’s argument is Doulas should resign to pass the people Mandate back to them, so people can reuse it for whoever would really bring Federal Solution. We know Douglas’ Para-Military life and surrendering to Ranil and thus being handed over to Old King as a coolie. Now he has got a minister post in the three month Royal Government. Douglas’ talk had two outstanding points, 1). He has not yet got the people’s mandate and he is waiting for the election for it; 2). He feel conflict in discharging his national minister duties while he is still fighting for Tamils rights, its loyal range is mainly limited to North East. Yesterday Old King laughed at Sampanthar that Mr. Sam is only dreaming because there is no way he can get a federal Solution. Sampanthar has advised his MPs not to antagonize this government as he still wants to work with them for the secret Solution, though Ranil washed his hands off, one year earlier. Jan 2012, Old Royal’s Mahinda Chitanta, which was negotiating to grant a 13+ under the pressure of Manmohan Singh’s government, pulled back from negotiations, with a physical threat to Sampanthar. Then a PSC was formed, Nimal presiding, including Doulas as a member, to completely abolish 13A & NPC election in 2013, for which Douglas was looking for CM post. 13 A is still waiting its constitutional clauses of land, Police right for North Easterner implemented and a referendum to merge North East held.

  • 1

    From Jr’s times all government has worked on some kind of federal solution to Tamils. This sentence is leaving behind the abandoned, Banda-Chela and Dudley- Chelva facts which were that time governments had formulated as solutions for Tamils. Neither of those governments was defeated for the reason of making those facts. In 2005, Old King came to power by paying to leader Pirapaharan. It was purely Sinhala votes he got in that election. Then, based on that mandate he received, he set up all party committee meetings to make a new constitution to grant Tamils’ right. Tissa Vitharana committee recommended a federal based solution with the approval of all parties. It was well open to Sinhalese that Old King had given promise to IC and especially to India that he was working on 13+ for Tamils. Old King received a higher majority in the next election. If 13+ had been granted, as promised to Manmohan Singh, North East could send one rep to the upper house too, in addition to the other 7 reps. It was Wimal who divided North East, which was merged under 13A. Old King has agreed to Sampanthar to remerge them as per the court’s recommendations. Wimal action of dismissing Shiranee from CJ was the main incidence Sinhalese started seeing Law and Order deterioration and defeated Old King in 2015. Lemon Puff Weeraya never gained acceptance within Sinhala mass. In 2010 Old King received a higher number only for defeat LTTE and 2019 King got it back to power for Ranil’s Nariya work on ISIS bombings. Other than Chandrika’s call for Sinhalese to make peace with Tamils and receiving highest mandate so far, there is no mandate from Sinhalese against solving Tamils’ problem and making peace.

  • 1

    It is under this background, 1). Sampanthar wants to restart the talks; 2). Old Kings is saying is he cannot grant any solutions as Majority opposes it; 3). Sumanthiran is saying it as it is Douglas’s responsibility he needs to resign.
    We are not sure from where Sampanthar is getting this hope of negotiating, instead persuading the IC go for an investigation on the Genocide, which will give IC a legal authorization to interfere in Tamils genocide in Lankawe, instead of Sampanthar dreaming of getting Federal Solution from Old King . Old King during the war promised all countries supported to his war effort that if he can destroyed the LTTE he would be able to grant Tamils’ rights back. But now he is telling it is like sharing the Sinhalese rice plate to Tamils, if give them their right. He seems to be reluctant to accept that it is the UN declared rights so far all what Tamils are asking. Tamils are asking about their ancestral Land. Their talk is about what Chankiliyan lost to Portuguese. Tamil didn’t willingly accepted Soulbury’s yoke to pull the cart of Lankawe for Sinhalese. Tamils are only dreaming to fly in the air of their Tamils Eelam. It is their birth right. Denying that to self-actualization of his ego, Old king is pledging the peace of Sinhalese, in all future to come. He thinks, he fooled the IC and had the won the war on Tamils. Then fooled Ranil and had IC defeated. Then he fooled Modayas and now has defeated Ranil. But his puny brain seems to have no traction to understand that none of these are permanent. He will become one day like Gadhafi, Salam, Pinchot, Hitler…… ….

    • 2

      Tamils are only dreaming to fly in the air of their Tamils Eelam. It is their birth right.

      What right are you talking about? people who were never useful to this country asking for separate land? what right do they have? you people talk about cankili times and talk about the times of jaffna “kingdom” as proof of north and east belonging to them, the person who set up the jaffna “kingdom” was kalinga magha who chased the Sinhalese out of the north by massacre, so technically before kalingha magha the north belonged to Sinhalese not tamils so it is rightfully Sinhalese land, not tamil land, so what right of an ancestral land are you talking about? it’s the Sinhalese who has the right to call the north as there ancestral land. You people want an ancestral land? go back to tamil nadu.

      • 0

        Eranda Jayasuriya,
        We heard those history so many times, in so many places, through so many mediums. CV, the previous CM of NPC have many times offered you people to agree to get UNHRC historians to revise all the corruption took place. You can’t. You have Sinhala Buddhist History only; No Ceylon History. You have Sinhala speaking Jury only verdict; no natural Law; You have Sinhala Only language. Sorry my dear friend. That is not our problem. Lanakwe is a UN member. UN has the R2P responsibility and it missed that during 2009. Now they have to bring an International Inquiry over the 42 Genocide criminals cited in the original OISL report. We talk about the history after IC inquiry.
        Thank you. Bye Bye

      • 2

        Only thing useless is you lying Sinhalese low life racist. If anyone has to return to Tamil Nadu it should be the Sinhalese and not the Sri Lankan Tamils , as most of the present day so called Sinhalese and this includes you , as most of you are descended from largely low caste immigrants from Tamil Nadu , who were imported into the island during the Portuguese and Dutch era. Most of you Sinhalese are a bunch of brainwashed racists. This is why you elect racists , war criminals , thugs and crooks who promise to marginalise the island’s more hardworking and industrious Tamils and Muslims

  • 0

    In Ranil’s Yahapalanaya government, Sumanthiran challenged many times of getting the Secret Solution. One time he said “When it comes (December 10, 2017) we (Tamils) are going to tell Tamil Eelam missing, but they(Sinhalese) are going to tell that Tamil Eelam is given” . Though Sumanthiran gave that kind of hope for Tamils, the real Draft Constitution never came to Parliament. He never apologized to fooling Tamils like that. Then he challenged to resign if that was not done in Yahapalanaya Government. But after the 2018 coup, he conceded it would not happen in this term, but started to give hope for next term. That was meant to tell that the Yahapalanaya Government is coming back and he would resign only if he did not have it done in the next tem of Yahapalanaya. Later (one week ago) he said that he would resign on his own accord if it is not done. For 70 years Federal Party could not bring Federal government. It fooled Tamils saying that they could not get name Federal, but the new constitution would be better than Federal Structure. Now he is asking Douglas to resign because it was only Douglas who has been promising of Federal Government. Sumanthiran was responsible forcing UNHRC to grant additional time in Resolutions 30/1 and 34/1. Neither Sampanthar no Sumanthiran has ever sincerely asked any external governments to take forward the resolution 30/1 as Sinhalese government never really will give back the rights of the Tamils, but only putting forward an argument that as Sinhalese has no other land, Tamils should leave Ceylon voluntarily, otherwise face the wrath of Sinhalese, time to time.

    • 0

      Mally , You are getting sharper after Nandasena’s Election..
      Is my mate , Native V coaching you ,, Mally?.

      Doughie is luckier than a Cat who has only 7 lives.
      Pira’s Boys and even Girls couldn’t get him.

      I saw the last one in Colombo ,
      With all that carnage around him and after the Dust settled , Doughie was still sitting at his Desk, even without a scratch mark..

      I am soooo happy Doughue got a Ministerial Post.
      I hope he gets at a least One million Ruppiah Car Permit , since the days of the 34 Million are gone for good.

      • 0


        There is nothing strange to cackle loud, now. Tamils’ problem is 70 years old. End is not anywhere in nearby viewable horizon. The biggest disappointment is TNA failed to wake up after being cheated by Yahapalanaya for critical five, years. It is well known for Tamils that Sumanthiran worked against on the international investigation. It is accused that he was working for Batalanda Master, against Tamils. Right after the war, Ex American ambassador said TNA wants only solution, no investigation. But he still took the matter to UNHRC; thanks for him. When the first meeting took place to pass resolution on Lankawe, Sritharan went unofficially to Geneva. Suresh went unofficially. But, as a team, TNA back off from going to Geneva. Sumanthiran, for long time has been advocating that taking this matter to Geneva would hurt Tamils than helping as Tamils had carried out an ethnic cleansing in North in 1995, a completely dumbfounded radical argument. That will only set up between Muslims and Tamil, but not will show empathy for the suffered ones or reconciliation the both. If Sumanthiran had said “We did a mistake to Muslims, I apologize to Muslims for the past Mistake”, then even if Muslims were not willing to accept it, It was still a statesman’s statement. When President Trump government came, as per Ranil’s advice, Sumanthiran went to State Department with Father Emmanuel to force US to relax the revolution 30/1 so he can get the Secret Solution from Yahapalanaya. In 2018, Sumanthiran led to grant additional 2 years to Aanduwa to delay any advancement towards investigation. Now Sumanthiran is said to advocating for obtain ministerial position, but demanding Dougie to resign. How is it proper while Dougie is resigning and Sumanthiran accepting Minister Posts? While TNA takes this somersaulting path, average people will look like, impatient, hastening in getting the results.

  • 0

    In histrionically that dictatorship, autocracy and other version having the various opinions in that by terms of Trostkist of which nexus Hegelian dialectic.
    I have no interest for us except in so far as David Kumar illustrate the extravagances of which person are capable. But my a real interest and a serious issues ,if we have keep in mind that as formerly writer mind is liable to be imposed by political illusion of past which ever assuming some new form of so-called “dictatorship or autocracy” that relevant to GR and MR!
    This is voice of Western political agenda of broad base of USA, which is recently initialed by Swiss authorities of ‘new White Van’ one of that periodic eruption.
    What Marx said ” my dialectic method is not only different from Hegelian , but is its direct opposite ” (1873 preface to second edition German to Capital vol 1)

    Yes therefor I have to say pupil ( Kumar D…) of Trostakist that mighty writer and even here and there coquetted with modes of an opinion expression peculiar to Kumar David.
    Indeed David Kumar eager to know the nexus between general principle of ‘dictatorship’ and immediate question that have aroused their passion of USA politics that may be demoralized , by that UNP of Sajith-Ranil, TNA, JVP, MC, JHU and other lost their 2019 Nov 16 mandate of by majority of Island citizens were against them.
    But I am say this is disadvantage or powerless to overcome ,unless it be by forewarning and forearming readers of CT and other public who seriously seek the truth.

  • 0

    Dictator, autocrat and the despot. IT is very fitting to the Ultra Neo-Liberal Yankee pet Ranil. Ranil., Mangala and CBK gang screwed up Muslims,, Zaharan says buddhists did not do any harm to us, Tamil say they did not give us anything, Sinhala Cathlic and buddhists alike , screwed up NGOS – they lost even the national candidate project, west is OK. they say let Mangala, Raajitha and the gang handle everything. Eagle eye has explained it.

  • 2

    Gothabaya Rajapaksa was elected the President at a free election and will remain so, at least till the next elections. So just get used to that. And I think he will do a good job because he is a person with military training and U.S experience. The “diaspora”, the international community who just have to find something to do in order to keep their fat checks coming in should get used to that as well as all those who did not vote for him. If you want to blame someone, blame that fossil Ranil and the royal gay club and of course that useless, brainless nonentity from Polonnaruwa. (IF the Rajapaksas listen to that character, they will also be ruined!)

  • 3

    Eagle you pottey-eyed idiot and apology for an engineer, here’s something that you and your ilk might ponder on:

    I sometimes fear that people think that fascism arrives in fancy dress worn by grotesques and monsters as played out in endless re-runs of the Nazis.

    Fascism arrives as your friend.

    It will restore your honour, make you feel proud, protect your house, give you a job, clean up your neighbourhood, remind you of how great you once were, clear out the venal and the corrupt, remove anything you feel is unlike you…

    It doesn’t walk in saying, “our programme means militias, mass imprisonments, transportations, war and persecution”
    – Michael Rosen (blogger)

    “In my work with the defendants (at the Nuremberg Trials 1945-1949) I was searching for the nature of evil and I now think I have come close to defining it. A lack of empathy. It’s the one characteristic that connects all the defendants, a genuine incapacity to feel with their fellow men.
    Evil, I think, is the absence of empathy.”

    -Captain G. M. Gilbert, the Army psychologist assigned to watching the defendants at the Nuremberg trials.

  • 0

    “TNA Elites Lord it in Kotte.. Ask Devolution. And claims Opposition Leader Gig.
    Moors are multiplying faster and getting richer.”
    These are harsh statements coming from a self claimed Socialist of the 21 Century.

    Has Dr Kumar lost it after his dear mate , one time SB Socialist did the Deposit?.

    Those 7 Million I don’t think will worry about any of those Characters and their characteristics which Dr Kumar has listed and explained in detail…

    They are sooo happy about what they have been promised by their new Leader,

    Unemployment max 4%.
    Local Jobs instead of Samurdhi.
    GDP Per Capita USD 6500 by 2025.
    Average growth 6.5 %
    And National Security through out the country which will enable all inhabitants in the North South East and West to join together and work for the above objectives.

    That sounds pretty cool too me too.
    Because inhabitants wouldn’t then have time to join UNP Rallies in Galle Face or JVP Rallies in Jaffna , or SLMC , Bathudeen Rallies in Batti,
    Unless those outfits bring in that Unemployed 4% because others would not want to lose the money by taking no pay leave.

    BTW I don’t know why a dedicated Socialist worry about Chamapaka’s Accident Prone Driver , when this new Leader has offered so much to the Inhabitants right across the Nation, to lift their Living Standards , without considering any Caste Creed , Religion Ethnic and even Class differences.

    • 1

      Prof. you forgot to add ‘crook’ to accomodate the category of Ranil Wickramasinghe.


  • 3

    There are two sides to every coin. There are several facets to most issues. In a discussion about a matter that has many aspects and accompanying perspectives that differ significantly, it is better to have balance than flog one line of argument, as then it instills credibility in readers. One aspect that seemed to be missing in the author’s analysis is the role of some Western governments during the concluding phase of the separatist war in SL. I believe that there seemed a concerted effort to stop the war and resume “peace” talks, where the objective was not the welfare of the poor civilians caught in the cross-fire but local elections in the Western countries and the impact of migrant votes in their electoral success. These are just some aspects that could also have been discussed to make the arguments more credible. As a commentator quoted, Fascism arrives as your friend, not as a monster with a grotesque face. It promises to restore dignity and pride but conceals the intent of oppression and perpetual reign .

  • 2

    The Rajapaksas cannot even dream of holding a candle to Napolean who was a great intellectual in addition to being a soldier. Bensen Berner

  • 1

    Mr.David, I will provide you with similar scenario and you can pick the right term for that individual. Today Saudi sentenced five to death and three to jail for Khashoggi,s murder. In Lanka many disappeared , murdered and tortured but not one solved. After outright denial for weeks when it became irrefutable Saudi imprisoned (sacrificed) the Consular General to the take the heat off. He was found innocent by the courts and released. Hema and Pujitha are not so lucky. The top aide of crown prince who actually executed the plan was exonerated, but the US knowing the facts as already sanctioned him. These scapegoats gave their lives to save the prince , and their families will be, well rewarded with blood money, by the Animal Kingdom. The crown prince who actually gave the order is absolutely free of any crime. Sounds familiar Mr.David . We have had not one but plenty of such shams. (Easter, Swiss ). To make things worse, our poor Lankan scapegoats do not get rewarded looks like Shaffi will be r tried and labelled as “Dr. Kill”,Swiss lady staff will be labelled as “Mentally Sick” and Pujitha/Hema are to stay for extended time.

  • 0

    As usual we see the Professor has a firm grasp on the unimportant!
    While he debates “What’s the difference between a dictator, an autocrat, a despot and so on?” the country is being systematically being looted by the Politicians. their family members, their Cronies and their Criminal Allies.
    Soon all you will have left are the ashes of a once beautiful land -“What’s the difference between a dictator, an autocrat, a despot and so on?” is the least of your worries!
    Some education:- You are living in a Kleptocracy.

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