3 February, 2023


Who Are Full Of “It?”

By Emil van der Poorten –

Emil van der Poorten

Consequent to my protest at my column not appearing in The Sunday Leader on the 17th of February, I received a response from its editor stating that this was due to space constraints in that issue of the paper resulting from the need to report on the attempted killing of staffer Faraz Shauketaly.  I am accepting this explanation in the context of this being the second instance on which this has happened at The Sunday Leader since the change of editor (and control) at that newspaper and on the assumption that future contributions will be published without any similar untoward interruption!

Last week’s column contained a North American aphorism., a part on the title line and the rest in the opening paragraph.

This week I will again use another (slang) expression from the New World avoiding the temptation to provide a detailed explanation of its content!

However, if any reader’s curiosity is sufficiently roused, I am sure a web search will provide the relevant information!

The most recent example of “it” was the umpteenth repetition of what has become a part of the bana that this regime preaches, the (very) tired “final determination” from our Lords and Masters that “Sri Lanka is a sovereign state and whatever its rulers do within its boundaries is no business of anyone else.” Not even Adolf Hitler, to my recollection, made such a sweeping claim, not even when he was seeking to exterminate the entirety of world Jewry. He then advanced the theory, no matter how spurious, of an Aryan superiority that transcended everything else and which required preservation by what is now referred to as “ethnic cleansing.” I do not recall even that monster of modern history claiming what amounted to blanket impunity, that what happened within Germany – “Greater” or otherwise – was solely the concern of those within its boundaries.

However, this is specifically what those who rule the Debacle of Asia (hereafter referred to as the DoA) insist is their untrammeled right. Incidentally, “DoA” used to be the common acronym for “Dead on Arrival” and this could also be accurately applied to the current state of morality in this country!

Anyway, let me get to the heart of this debate and say, unequivocally, that, no matter how flawed, the practice of the Responsibility to Protect, it is the only means by which any type of justice might prevail in the world, without whole nations being surrendered to every despot who chooses to use the shield of “Territorial Integrity” to practice unspeakable cruelty, torture and violence of every form leading up to plain and simple murder of its citizenry. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, anything resembling the Nurnberg Trial for war criminality would not have taken place if the type of thinking (principle?) proffered by our rulers had prevailed. After all couldn’t those who were arraigned in Germany after World War II have, invoked the principle of “Territorial Integrity” because every place in which those heinous crimes was committed was part of Hitler’s empire?

Every time international fora, such as the United Nations, seeks to so much as inquire about such matters, our self-appointed defenders of Sinhala Buddhist Civilization, begin the chant of “Territorial Integrity,” claiming it takes precedence over any and every requirement of basic justice. The pass to which we’ve come in this country, is evident enough by the rampant lawlessness that is our day-to-day reality where politicians and murderous, thieving thugs – one indistinguishable from the other – rule the roost. In fact, THAT is the need that is met by invoking this fiction of “Territorial Integrity,” protection of the monstrosity that passes for “governance” in the DoA and a justification for its perpetuation.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, what is proposed as an alternative to the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) is total and absolute impunity in the name of “Territorial Integrity,” “National Integrity” or their fellow buzzwords, all of which do little except put murderous thugs beyond the reach of anything resembling investigation, leave alone charges being laid, trials being held and punishments meted out to those found guilty.

One needs to juxtapose these screamed slogans, repeated ad infinitum, against the blatant lies and half truths that have been spouted since the end of Eelam War IV. Then it all begins to make sense. The irrationality, I mean. The initial claims were that there were NO civilian casualties and our war heroes entered battle with the Geneva Convention (or was it the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?) in one hand and alms for the refugees in the other. The doctors serving in the area under siege were taken into custody when the war was over and then released to a “Media Conference” without equal in the history of modern conflict where they recanted every report that they had submitted about bombardment from land, sea and air, civilian casualties and their desperate calls for help. The “field commander,” as it were, for this example of unprincipled behavior was one whose professional oath (that of Hippocrates) opened with the command: “Do no harm!”

As the evidence of civilian casualties began to mount, the tune began to change, the blanket claims were “massaged,” first into an admission that “there could have been civilian casualties because those non-combatants could have been mistaken for Tigers in “civvies.” Then came a grudging admission that there “could have been collateral damage.” Being so full of “it,” our Lords and Masters couldn’t produce a nuanced retreat from a blanket denial to a grudging acceptance of the fact that it was not ALL Tigers who were killed at Nanthikadal. Impunity, after all, doesn’t engender an ability to retreat intelligently from tales that cannot be substantiated. It breeds arrogance and then violent denial of reality bred of fear once the fat’s in the fire!

A couple of years ago, we were told that the next Commonwealth Games were “in the bag” insofar as Sri Lanka’s bid was concerned. Remember? And remember the reality that the Gold Coast (very easily) won the bid, given that it was a foregone conclusion to begin with?

Then slightly further back in time, we were told that “next year, you’ll be pumping Sri Lanka petrol into your cars.” Remember? All the smoke and mirrors and all the sycophantic posturing of minions couldn’t, obviously, bring up crude from under the Gulf of Manner. Or was it, in the first place, a blatant lie uttered with no respect for fact?

As laughable as all of this might seem, rest assured that it is NOT a matter for hilarity because murder and mayhem, even if practiced by those with imbecilic grins on their faces, is just that: murder and mayhem. And death is the final destination, no matter who causes it. All of this adds up to the fact that, just because “They are full of it,” doesn’t mean that they are any less a menace to civilized behavior as we have known it in this country.

Read the Sinhala translation here. Translated by Yahapalanaya Lanka

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    Our guys have the indisputable talent to look you straight in the face and without blinking an eyelid, to lie their teeth out. For instance Cabral said that we dont need any loans form IMF, only to be refuted the next day by IMF that it had declined to give him a loan.

    Then GLP had his day with Kamlesh Sharma and announced that evrything was fixed and her majesty herself was coming to grace CHOGM, only to be refuted the next day by the commonwealth secratariat that there was nothing of the sort.

    So lieing about dead numbers and bodies lying in ones backyard is like mothers milk to our leaders. And our gullible people, ever willing to prostrate themselves at the smelly toes of these patriots are ready to swallow any gulli coated with a little sovereignity and patriotism and accompanied by a little breast beating.

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    Thanks Emil for DoA and debunking the sovereignty myth..
    In many ways it is similar to the myth that the parliament of goons, clowns, fools, criminals, knaves and leftist geriatrics which ran a kangaroo court in the Diya-wenna Oya to impeach the Chief Justice is supreme!
    Good stuff and fun to read.. keep it coming!

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    dear sir,

    IN A household, if the mother father are thieves and liars, what about the children?.


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    Why is Mr Vader Pooten so pissed off with the Sinhala Buddhist Civilization?.

    Didn’t the Dutch Burgher compatriots of his leave voluntarily to make it in the First World?.

    Did Mr Pooten want his First World mates to airlift Prabakaran and his comrades to safety?.

    The great majority of the inhabitant population which happens to be over 75 percent Sinhala Buddhists are well protected from terrorism after Nanthikadal.

    Is this R2P giving protection to poor Iraqis, Libyans, Afganis and their border villagers and now Syrians after their liberation?.

    If your own mates are Full of It, what can us peasant Sinhala Buddhists do about it?.

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      Sumane, in this Shit Lanka, Emil Van de Poorten is doing what all our politicians of the opposition, the proffessionals, the journalists, the Buddist Priests have failed to do. So thank him, touch his feet and worship him.

    • 0

      1.You might take the trouble to check before you make me a “Dutch Burgher!”
      2.I can’t speak for my alleged “compatriots” with regard to “leaving willingly for the 1st world.” However, again, it might help to check the facts before you make such allegations though doing that would make it impossible to justify your racist comments, I suppose.
      3. I can’t speak for my “first world mates,” but suffice it to say that I do happen to have a track record of opposing imperialism and international capitalism that those to whom you obviously owe allegiance certainly don’t.
      4. The problem with “peasant Sinhala Buddhists” is that they have, in spite of their essential decency, had people like your mentors dictating to them and running their lives and this country.
      5. I don’t know know about “airlifting Prabhakaran,” but I certainly didn’t think that giving him vast sums of money to defeat Ranil Wickremesinghe did much more than give him the means of butchering even more “peasant Sinhala Buddhists” whom you seek to so assiduously defend!

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        Emil please ignore this fool sumanasekara and his prejudices…it,s simply not worth it. He obviously doesn’t want to acknowledge the fact the it was the sinhala only act that forced many burgers to leave….

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    Today those expressions “territorial integrity” and “National sovereignty” which are chanted hopefully like mantrams by some of our political pundits seem to have sadly lost their efficacy.For their information I would like to refer them to the following lines qouted from an article written by Mr. Kofi A.Annan:”Javier Perez de Cuellar wrote in 1991,..”It is now increasingly felt that the principal of non-interference with the essential domestic jurisdiction of States cannot be regarded as a protective barrier behind which human rights could be massively or systematically violated with impunity” Boutross Boutross Ghali , in his `An Agenda for peace`1992 report on preventive diplomacy, peace keeping, and post conflict peace building wrote, `the time of absolute and exclusive sovereignty … has passed; its theory was never matched by reality`. Today, I say that the sovereignty of states can constitute an essential bulwark against intimidation or coercion, but it must not be allowed to obstruct effective action to address problems that transcend borders or to secure human dignity” ( Hard Choices edited by Jonathan Moore Page 58).

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      I don’t believe our leaders today are capable of understanding the meaning of territorial integrity. They are too full of “–it”. So they mouth words beyond their limited comprehension.

      It is we the citizens of this country who have a right to say that OUR territorial integrity is being violated by our own leaders and not others.

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    Like a breath of fresh air, Emil ! I will bet a few bucks that “space constraints” was just another excuse for not publishing a great and contraversial article.

    DoA indeed !

    The leader is the loser, as the quality of this piece would have enhanced the readabilty of a tabloid (I do not classify it as a broadsheet anymore)that is fast becoming unreadable.

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    This forum is too small for socisl impact of any significance. Most Sri Lankans cannot get to a computer and the Internet, let alone these pages. The English-speaking community is shrinking rapidly.

    Many Internet users of the mono-lingual kind dabble on FaceBook and also perhaps Google “sex” for whatever its worth. They are too busy leading their lives and making ends meet, to care much about matters that in fact affect their lives directly.

    The Sinhala tabloids and the AV media channels like Rupavahini and ITN are where most Sinhala Buddhists get their daily doses of “news” from. Hence, they remain rather naive and uninformed of wider dimensions of economics, finance and politics.

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