13 April, 2024


Why Better Circumstances Evaded President’s First Official Visit To China?

By Bandu de Silva

Bandu de Silva

Bandu de Silva

The Chinese government will certainly stretch full red carpet treatment to the new Sri Lankan President when he arrives in Beijing on his first state visit to China tomorrow which spreads over five days which in itself is a rarity as far as state visits go. The anticipated warmth of the reception has more to do with the long standing cordial relations which existed between the two countries since the entering into effect the Trade and Payments Agreement of 1952. Though that agreement came about under circumstances which were present at the time rather than due to any voluntary endeavor on the part of both countries, it forged a link between the two countries which were to stand in good stead and develop into a firm friendship full of warmth as time lapsed.

To state briefly, Sri Lanka ‘s rubber industry which supported the Allied war effort during World War II was in grave danger of collapsing resulting, on one hand, from injury caused by exhausting over-tapping to feed the demands of the war machine when other natural rubber producing countries progressively went out of control of British, French and Dutch hands; and on the other hand, the prospects of release of war stock piles by US to be followed by UK which depressed international market price.

MaithriIn this situation, the willingness on the part of China to purchase our rubber at a premium price was something that fell from the skies. At the same time, the drop in world production of rice in traditional supply markets, created a big problem for Sri Lanka to sustain its subsidized programme of rice sales to the consumers. China had the ability to supply the entire need of Sri Lanka not because she had a surplus of grain but because she had contracted to procure the entire Burmese rice crop for five years to come through an arms – for – rice deal. What stands out to mark Sri Lanka’s offer of what was called strategic goods against the treat of application of sanctions by US, which actually did take place, as a sacrificial gesture on the part of the small nation, is a memory that the Chinese would not easily forget.

Since then Sino-Sri Lankan have grown very much under the foreign policy followed by Prime Minister SWARD Bandaranaike who took steps to open diplomatic relations with China in the Spring of 1957. Premier Zou en Lai’s official visit to Sri Lanka in 1956. I was privileged to be associated with that visit and to be in that first diplomatic mission to China and witness the developments which followed.

The successful implementation of the first agreement led to a second such agreement in 1957 at which I was present and Sri Lanka-China trade progressing smoothly for years to come. That year, the Chinese agreed to provide foreign aid assistance to upgrade Sri Lanka’s railway system in place of the premium paid on rubber. I still recall how in their modesty then China reluctantly stepped into this aid programme which is a big contrast from today.

A number of other Chines e support programmes were discussed but only the railway modernization project came to be implemented. Mrs Sirima Bandaranaike’s ascendancy as successor to her husband, and as a leading figure in the Non-Alignment Movement saw Sri Lanka playing a new role in China’s dispute over the border which saw an armed conflict between the two giant neighbours. Mrs Banadaranaike received a rousing welcome during her visit to Beijing with a call for a cease-fire and amicable solution to that dispute. In Sri Lanka’s internal problem caused by the JVP insurrection of 1970, China was, however, not among the countries to which Mrs.Bandaranaike appealed for military assistance. China responded by sending a very high powered delegation to reassure support for the Sri Lankan government with an offer of an aid package.
Later, during the northern insurgency it was China which came to assist Sri Lanka in the supply of arms and aircraft. This was followed by China becoming the number one partner in foreign aided investment during the post-war period in Sri Lanka.

After the emergence of Maithripala Sirisena as new President of Sri Lanka and the installation of a new government, and with the changed outlook of India towards the new government, the agenda followed by the new government has given rise to belief that the country’s foreign policy has tilted towards India at the expense of good relations with China. The somewhat abrasive manner in which the new government has been looking at Chinese investments in the island has provided succor to this belief. Dominant among them is the way the Colombo Port City Development project for which a leading Chinese company offered assistance after other foreign entrepreneurs showed no interest. The remonstrations by the Chinese company and the noises made by official spokespersons of the Chinese government including the new Chinese Ambassador to Sri Lanka are clear indications that the Chinese government views Sri Lanka’s actions – especially the abrasive manner of dealing with details of Chinese investment – with displeasure and threatening future cooperation.

It is in this context that I say that better circumstances evade Sri Lankan President’s first official visit to China. Though it is customary to evade discussion of contentious issues during state visit at head of the State level, the prospects are that such issues would engage the two sides during this visit. The big question is will President Sirisena carry an important message which will neutralize fears of an overt pro-Indian attitude on the part of his government which would have adverse repercussions on Sino-Sri Lankan relations. No such indication has come from the Sri Lankan side so far. Nor has China indicated what would consist of the agenda of discussions during the Sri Lankan President’s visit. Of course, the new Chinese ambassador in Colombo has laid emphasis on the “new strategic relationship” which existed between the two countries. How he sees this strategic relationship is not disclosed. Those are very words which send ripples through the Indian administration. The outcome of the discussions in Beijing during this visit should show how the new Sri Lankan government will indulge in the tight rope walking balancing relations with New Delhi and Beijing.

*Bandu de Silva – Sri Lanka’s pioneering diplomat in China

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    SL “tilted towards India at the expense of good relations with China
    SL government annual income is about US$9 billion, it is one of hungriest nation of the world. For example, US Apple company annual income is US$180 billion. Most of Apple hardware is manufactured in China, so Apple company alone must be paying much more than US$9b to China for manufacturing services. India is not US, but SL is economically tiny country compared to India… Practically, what is tiny Sri Lanka to China compared to India!! Important thing is present world is driven by economic factors, but not by the fear of World War IV as lot of SL pundits think…

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    Mr. de Silva,

    Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and some historical reminders with us!

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    1957 China and 2015 China is totally different in politically and economically.
    1950s They wanted to propagate Mao’s Communism and get more countries to follow their foot path.
    Singapore, Malayasiaya, Thailand, pillipine,, Rejected it and became developed countries.
    Sri lanka, Vietnam, Burma, Laos,got in to the trap and now begging for investmants.
    With some reforms CHINA got what they wanted, And NOW GIVE LOANS to Catch Smaller nation.
    NOT ANY Difference from western countries.

    SO you are telling Sri Lankans to Fall in to the Commission paid To Jaraapassa TRAP????????????????????????

    • 1

      As your name suggests, you’re a very stupid man Julampitiya Amarayaman indeed.

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    China indulges SL for its vote in global forums, and for the opportunities to indulge in some very favourable lending. However, China takes a dismally low percentage of SL exports, and has no intention of hosting a vibrant Sri Lankan diaspora. I do not see any rush by our people to educate their offspring in Chinese. Still, our politicians get a flattering welcome, and the banquets are impressive.

    • 2

      ” I do not see any rush by our people to educate their offspring in Chinese.”
      Spring you are mistaken on foreign matters.
      No nation is up to it to stop China having a surplus- their education is different so they will always be the workshop.
      They don’t easily make German staff redundant when they buy over German brand.
      Germans take pride in what they do.
      MG was taken away by China for Brown to bribe TATA to take it to Chery Auto (75% of TATA income is via Rover as at present.)

      You have not traveled to china alone and attended an auction site.
      To know what it means to know a bit of mandarin.
      Facebook Mark lives it and Bill Gates regrets it like Red Ken.

      Now that is what we call Lazy bones of the plastic currency vs the workshop oif the world that produces strictly only to buyers specs (very Chinese even at Singapore or Malayasia so they never lose)
      China’s Top Import Partners
      FEBRUARY 27, 2015
      Although officially nicknamed The Middle Kingdom, China could easily be called the Land of Big Exporting.

      The world’s largest exporter, China shipped US$2.2 trillion worth of products around the globe in 2013. That figure represents 12.2% of overall global exports estimated at $18.06 trillion.
      China’s Top Import Partners
      Below is a list of China’s top 15 trade partners that imported the most Chinese shipments by dollar value during 2013. Also shown is each import countries percentage of total Chinese exports.
      Hong Kong: $384,854,022,000 (17.4% of China’s total exports)
      United States: $369,111,212,000 (16.7%)
      Japan: $150,388,804,000 (6.8%)
      South Korea: $91,196,702,000 (4.1%)
      Germany: $67,364,998,000 (3%)
      Netherlands: $60,328,824,000 (2.7%)
      United Kingdom: $50,957,385,000 (2.3%)
      Russia: $49,601,249,000 (2.2%)
      Vietnam: $48,594,333,000 (2.2%)
      India: $48,449,347,000 (2.2%)
      Malaysia: $45,931,114,000 (2.1%)
      Singapore: $45,879,931,000 (2.1%)
      Taiwan: $40,664,980,000 (1.8%)
      Australia: $37,563,451,000 (1.7%)
      Indonesia: $36,948,166,000 (1.7%)
      Over two-thirds (69.1%) of Chinese exports in 2013 were delivered to the above 15 trade partners.

      Every country on the list increased its imports from China from 2009 to 2013. Our studies showed a minimum gain of 34.9% for Germany up to 198.1% for Vietnam.
      China’s Top 10 Exports
      China’s flag
      by Flagpictures.org
      In 2014, China’s top 10 exports accounted for 66.9% of the overall value of its global shipments. Exports from the People’s Republic of China amounted to US$2.343 trillion, up 48.5% since 2010.

      Based on statistics from the International Monetary Fund’s World Economic Outlook Database, China’s total Gross Domestic Product amounted to $17.632 trillion in 2014.

      Therefore, exports accounted for about 13.3% of China’s total economic output.

      Given China’s population of 1.36 billion people, the total $2.343 trillion in 2014 Chinese exports translates to roughly $1,728 for every person in the country.
      China’s Top 10 Exports
      The following export product groups represent the highest dollar value in Chinese global shipments during 2014. Also shown is the percentage share each export category represents in terms of China’s overall exports.
      Electronic equipment: US$571,045,520,000 (24.4% of total exports)
      Machines, engines, pumps: $400,910,983,000 (17.1%)
      Furniture, lighting, signs: $93,390,874,000 (4.0%)
      Knit or crochet clothing: $92,002,609,000 (3.9%)
      Clothing (not knit or crochet): $81,453,227,000 (3.5%)
      Medical, technical equipment: $74,020,496,000 (3.2%)
      Plastics: $66,816,299,000 (2.9%)
      Vehicles: $64,243,754,000 (2.7%)
      Gems, precious metals, coins: $63,212,400,000 (2.7%)
      Iron or steel products: $60,685,405,000 (2.6%)
      Some of the industries supporting these exports, such as manufacturing electronic equipment and producing clothing, are labor intensive. This may explain why China’s unemployment rate was just 4.1% in 2014 — compared to the estimated 9% global average.

      Please note that the exports listed above are at the 2-digit Harmonized Tariff System code level.
      Top 10 Indian Exports to China

      India’s exports to China amounted to
      $13.4 billion or 4.2% of its overall exports.

      1. Cotton: $2.8 billion
      2. Copper: $2.1 billion
      3. Oil: $1.6 billion
      4. Organic chemicals: $955.3 million
      5. Ores, slag, ash: $805.5 million
      6. Salt, sulphur, stone, cement: $661.6 million
      7. Machines, engines, pumps: $524.2 million
      8. Plastics: $402.9 million
      9. Aircraft, spacecraft: $319.2 million
      10. Electronic equipment: $311.4 million
      Top 10 Indian Imports from China

      China’s exports to India amounted to
      $58.4 billion or 12.6% of its overall imports.

      1. Electronic equipment: $16 billion
      2. Machines, engines, pumps: $9.8 billion
      3. Organic chemicals: $6.3 billion
      4. Fertilizers: $2.7 billion
      5. Iron and steel: $2.3 billion
      6. Plastics: $1.7 billion
      7. Iron or steel products: $1.4 billion
      8. Gems, precious metals, coins: $1.3 billion
      9. Ships, boats: $1.3 billion
      10. Medical, technical equipment: $1.2 billion

      CHINA is the biggest import market for many countries- apart from oil imports.

  • 1

    China^s interest here specially during MRs Regime is kind of give-and-take tactic
    managed by Basil and therefore China planned the thin-end of the wedge to get hold
    of SL under MR for expansionism. The bright idea of they stepping into the Port-City
    Project is obviously the thin-end for control of the sea lanes to China and a possible
    threat to India from the South.
    The attitude of the Chinese firms handling these contracts gives an indication: They
    did not want a SL Flag unfurled in Port-City last February 4th celebrations? The
    Press has questioned the laws pertaining to flight-space over the area they intended
    to hold on lease in Sri Lanka.
    Hope MS will tackle China in a way that this Country does not crumble under another
    up & coming world Power?

  • 2

    “”In this situation, the willingness on the part of China to purchase our rubber at a premium price was something that fell from the skies.””

    Not really as your muslim minister of trade realised- he could not get branding for cinnamon because they eat a pinch of the bark in their stew.

    Mouse_Tes_Tung needed the rubber to keep the stalk away.
    But if you visit any hotel meant for Chinese only or tourist hotel from 5 star to 3 star the condoms are of artificial rubber today- because as in the west they can develop rashes.
    Ansell the worlds no 1 manufacturer makes it at the free trade zone- so there goes your rubber. They also make gloves at Malaysia. Brazil is the largest producer.
    Artificial is more in demand even at hospitals.

    Knowledge needs updating ground up frequently especially after WTO.

    Knowledge alone is not enough but you need imagination.

    Make a trip to China north to south (you would be stunned beyond belief from what you saw first time and what it is today representing bankers at Old Street Uk too or watch live CCTV online to get a better picture of today.

    The rice received from China was generally broken and meant for pudding.
    While we had to get our sambha and if we got caught with more than a kilo then god forbid- the uduran kanna pakshya.

    The five dauys is to give him a good Chinese massage and see that he understands the meaning of WTO treatment and agreements -= to make him toe the previous line or reformed line.

    Don’t forget though you have angered India to the limit.
    China’s exports to India amounted to
    $58.4 billion or 12.6% of its overall imports.
    (this is mainly private sector- Ambani Gujarati is the biggest buyer at $10 billion a piece)

    You have no alternative but toe the line in the new pen given by Modi or face real hardship- neither EU, Israel or Russia would go against India at this moment in time. The Americans prefer you to be cannibals so they train your defences to be offensive and play the cowboy crook game.

  • 2

    When Sirisena went to UK the delegation was around 20. There were several non-essential people even in that delegation like Asada sally. This time it is 33. Why this extravagant expenses? Why did he take Fonseka along? He has absolutely no role here.
    This is like the Gamarala who went to heaven! He is approaching the Rajapakse’s foreign trips and this is an utter waste of public money.

    • 0

      Can’t you see from the way he walks, Sirisena has begun to enjoy his power, privileges and position. Only, the man doesn’t know what’s in the store for him.

      • 3


        “Can’t you see from the way he walks,”

        Is he clanking his b***s?

  • 0

    I am sure Maithripala with his hallmark SIMPLICITY can win over the Chinese to make them comfortable and thence feel favourably disposed towards Sri Lanka.

    I am no diplomat. But commonsense tells me that the Chinese will want to help Sri Lanka with good governance, because I have seen the Chinese Government taking even draconian measures against corrupt officials and commercial enterprises in their own country. If that happens, Maithripala may even be gifted, as a bonus, a copy of the secret kick-back agreement between the Medamulana’s and the Chinese Contractors.

    A good first step is for Maithripala to compile a well documented list, to show the Chinese, of corrupt transactions indulged in by Mahinda Rajapaksa through which he looted the country. Explain to the Chinese the People will no longer tolerate this and that is why the thieves were booted out during the last elections.

    The Chinese Government I am sure will readily agree to reconsider the Port City Project, and if there are grounds to consider it is inimical to the interests of Sri Lanka, the Chinese may even agree to revise the terms even absorbing for their account most of the fallout. If the project can be shown to have been reckless, engineered to enable the Medamulana bandits to make money at the expense of the country, it will not be a surprise to expect the Chinese Government to voluntarily punish the officials of the Chinese Contracting Company. By hook or by crook, the Chinese are going to find out how much of the contract price went / was to go into the pockets of the Medamulana jackals.

    A billion dollars has already been sunk into the water adjacent to the port. The Chinese Government may very well elect to absorb this amount, very very tiny from their perspective, for their account, as a public relation exercise to build on their existing world wide reputation, as a true friend of the smaller nations.

    Go for it Maithri. Just take 10 of the very best from Sri Lanka on your trip. No more. Keep the pompous apes at home. Appear to the Chinese as modest, honest and sincere. You will be victorious.

    • 0

      your analysis is very western. in the west we innovate easily while at China they follow the buyers instructions (it’s their education of collective thinking). The Chinese maker margins can be low if they borrow from their Banks.
      Most of their world no 1 producing companies like eg Toy manufacturer borrow from the Community not from Bank.
      The chinese are business people and you can’t use them to set one administration against other- that is stupidity.
      If you need them then go back to the drawing and give them a comprehensive spec and how much you can afford then you draw respect or you only exhibit that you are the plantation Coconut head like the vie_cong.

      The pendant of the necklace which China wanted is not there and did anticipated it- Cochin. So the silk route train to Madrid from China has done its rounds- perfect- cheaper than sea faster by 2 weeks and 68% less Co2 imprint- line run by Germany Spain Russia. Why get bogged with India, Pakistan Lanka Bangala stupid religious humbugery- the train moves better than ship- its silk all the way.

      From lankan point of view – Port city was to make it another American Subic Bay with casino, women drugs etc etc. Till the soul of lanka sh*t and spit no more like the Philippines, ask japan too or watch it on Chinese TV.
      Don’t forget the Marshall plan for Germany, Japan, UK, Korea with repayable US grants worked because these countries were highly advanced so all they did was worked hard to make it a fresh.
      While Ceylon independence and partition of India was a Roosevelt plot to get at Russia at a later stage- they fight because they love each other and want to get together. So the bomb was dropped on Japan not Germany.

      You are still the agricultural economy after 67 years. Singapore was Clenched fisted knuckle duster Chinese concept as LKY put it but anti communist (yet Chinese only) not police but police state- no one dare write about the man lee- he would take you to the cul du sac-..@@@)
      The Spanish and Portuguese fascist dictators also played the same card- anti communist so men like Reagan did not trouble them.
      Rajapassa was the same anti 9/11 terrorist. Bin larden gone, Musharaff return after exile in the UK not a Muslim word heard in Asia- something is taking is taking place in Asia.

    • 0

      Chinese do two-way business. You bow to them, they bow to you. Not like what took place between the British nona and our nona.

      As for our nona’s husband’s visit to China, don’t expect pigs to fly and perform miracles for unlike the neocons, Chinese do not turn against friends. It’s a fact that the Chinese government do not entertain corruption. They’ll talk, but will not like neocon agents who falsely accuse officials of China government owned company who negotiated ‘the Port City’ project being corrupt and cease its work and belittle their president who inaugurated that work.

      You guys are naive to think Chinese dragon will respect little puppets of those who waged ‘opium wars’ on them and made their country corrupt and beggars. Google ‘David Camaron’s visit to Beijing’ and learn how Chinese welcome him. Read about the opium wars as well.

      • 0

        “You bow to them, they bow to you”.

        No wonder, Mechanics grow leeks, rather than people who don’t bow to anyone and win the World water man award- and he is a Rajput Singh (kings army folk)

        Jacob Zuma Bowed to China and even with all its resources SA had to sell 30% of its largest state bank to China which is the largest of Africa.

        The Chinese would call you monkey fit for making leather a bit different from what Mossad called you sihala if not for the Western guarantee that you receive on the agricultural products, the 600k sihala buddhist you send to medieval sex shops and the garments it imports
        If the west does stop imports from SL you become cannibal Wow.
        You are moral saint of bestiality breed like the mahawamse.

        Most of Africa is reeling and the South Americans have yet to feel the heat of Chinese investment and the Chinese setting up business there after mastering Spanish and English at Europe- it’s well planned business of occupation.
        At the end of the day you don’t have their culture to be loved they prefer the white to the browns or blacks- that is what Mao instilled in them forcefully just like the Japanese.
        The Jewish who took refuge there WW2 understand them the best and live with them too.
        The Russians are reluctantly selling them Gas via pipeline because they see the encroachments on their eastern belt and the only Chinese road names propping up driving the native Russians away. Putin has told them off but they continue- it’s a disease.

        During the cordial Sino-Soviet relations of the 1950s, the USSR engaged in a cooperative technology transfer program with the PRC under which they trained Chinese students and provided the fledgling program with a sample R-2 rocket. But when Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev was denounced as revisionist, with Mao asserting that there had been a counter-revolution in the Soviet Union and that capitalism had been restored, the friendly relationship between the two countries turned to confrontation. As a consequence, all Soviet technological assistance was abruptly withdrawn after the 1960 Sino-Soviet split.-
        This split still exist because it is called Loku Ollu Chino therefore they are not in the development of 5th generation fighter stelth but India 50/50.

        Goo`ta Boo`ts the Madras student of defense studies as Defence Secretary went to India to get advice about the MIG purchases and he got a kick up his arse then came the yellow submarine and he Goo’ta learnt for the first time Tamil Nadu alone is not the south, but DECCAN (Sanskrit it means south) and he got the full Latthi charge- out of office awaiting his best buddy Fonny to hang him hight.- that would be very funny to watch.

        Opium is Chinese fault for getting addicted to over dose of medicine knowingly. In any case it was a deal organised by the Iranians/Parses and transported by them from Bangladesh. This occurred because China did not have enough resources of the tea, silk ceramics in return for the gold being supplied on request.

        any new government can change the projects envisaged to something else that the Chinese can supply because they are flexible.

        Hambantotoa development for water buffaloes was a white elephant from the word go as far as the nation or public was concerned. The same goes with Port city. No one will call except Muslim terrorist from Africa to buy Arms from Floating armory , prostitution, drugs casinos- Gass Gembos of the plantation colony.

      • 2


        “Chinese do not turn against friends.”

        Is it so?

        What did China do to help its all weather friend Pakistan when India created Bangladesh?

        Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi were very close to China. Both were overthrown and subsequently killed. China sat back and did nothing to help its pals.

        China is a piece loving country a piece from each country with which it shares borders or economic zones. China loves a piece from each of the following countries, Burma, Laos, Northern India, Vietnam, Nepal, Bhutan, Thailand, Taiwan, Brunei, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, ndonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Russia, the Ryukyu Islands, 300 islands of the South China, East China and Yellow Seas, as well as Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Taiwan, South Kazakhstan, the Afghan province of Bahdashan, Transbaikalia and the Far East to South Okhotsk.

        Soon China would claim a piece from Colombo Harbour.

        • 0

          Chinese farmers them all.
          That is what stupid farmers do- govia’s or vellalas who farm.
          The Korean Taiwanese and Japanese call these people- simply `Dirty Dirty Squirts `
          Even today drop in to a mega supermarket in china and have a look at their organic apples where almost all are full of maggots (they think its good for health like sausage) and the polished GM apples of USA by the side.;)

  • 0

    What is Javi ranting about in his second post? Not worth a response.He does not know that the $ 0.05 premium over Singapore base price which China paid for SLankan rubber went to rehabilitate the dying rubber plantations.
    Besides, he calls Chinese broken rice unsuitable except for making puddings!He must be making a mistake for “iti-hal” which came from some source during WW II.I remember that rice very well as we found difficult to swallow it when served in our School hostel.
    Now Hold! You are telling the man who actually negotiated the purchases of Chinese rice both under the 1952 Agreement and 1957 Agreement and supervised actual shipments at Chinese ports of Shanghai, Whampoa and others for over three years what rice we purchased. Our Food Dept asked for 60 per cent broken but China did not have such broken rice. They always provided us better quality than 60 per cent brokens.
    Please do not insult the suppliers who came to our aid when rice was not available in traditional markets of Burma and Thailand.Sir Oliver who went looking for rice came empty handed.(I have heard Sir Oliver relating this to visiting Ambassadors to the Government House many times during prsentation of Credentials.)
    It is in such circumstances that China came to help us.Yes, the western media said China had no rice to supply but when shipments started coming on the dot they fell silent.
    Javi should confine himself to a subject he seems to know i.e, which quality condoms are better!I am speaking with first hand knowledge on rice not only learnt during negotions with the Chinese but also learnt from childhood days when my father and uncles were wholesale importers/merchants of rice. The best imported rice then like Milchar and Mutu Samba before WW II were only 0.08.(Ceylon )cts a Seer (about a Kilo). Later, they went up to about 0.10 cts and stood around 0.12 cts at the commencement of the war.


    • 0

      Don’t try to hide your mistakes thinking only you are the diplomat in town who was a broker.
      You had no comparison(those are your own words) because you went left but never played it from the center being in a cultural revolution like Mouse Tes Tung was upto with Stalin killing the 42 ethinics making it into one god dam ethnic called Hun Chinese and one language called Mandarin, Putonghua while his young wife and old woman wife were dreaming.

      BTW they have 5000 kilo-metres of underground nuclear shelters ready to be wiped out by US.
      Are you the man who also finally negotiated the ¬gulla gahapu PL480??

      Fortunately I did not have to live in a hostel to find out – when you are born and live at cinnamon gardens you know the grape wine for real because we pay our chauffeur not the government..
      We never tried our luck or were interested in government service because these were matters professionals handled very delicately for a fee of course. while your service – looks like a pregnant woman being taken to bed once again for a better one- shame on you lanka man 67 years of bull sh*T sihal buddhist hegamony.

      • 2


        Are you looking for a job as domestic help?

        Bandu is the right employer to contact. He offered me a job in his household many years ago. I am still awaiting for his appointment letter, job description and specification …. and the contract. Make sure you learn Pali as he himself said he spoke very little Tamil (with his domestics).

        Please don’t ever ask him about his Hugh Neville collections as he is the only one who had studied it and wrote about it and reminisces the golden period for having made the first contact with those literary works.

        • 0


          Reminding me of Jeffery Archer (fascist jail bird) do you mean Huge Neville another fiction writer who grew up in the stupid plantations?

          I have not read H.N. though I am stone’s throw from the museum and library right now- I know the present curator because my other Dutch friend worked as an assistant curator
          I never liked Princess Di who served as domestic but I admire Madonna the original video girl as she was always before everyone and today the rest follow her.
          I have not known many a Ceylon diplomat except for 2 but they work for world bodies because I left very young but the world is so small and stupid fiction sites are many. But the best and a super intelligent Dutch I have met at Madrid and lived during summer camp late 90’s he serves presently as diplomat in Africa. (studied international law, history of art and languages majors at same time and scored 97% at Leuven)
          Since you are very interested in SL why don’t you get in touch with the British Museums new curator who served at Madrid. The above Dutch Diplomats batch mate a Dutch guy worked as trainee curator under the present B.M. Italian man.(both blokes come from both parents professional). So get that history checked out quick and now is the best time because one never knows the future. I have not read him though I am stone’s throw from the museum and library right now but it is not my profession so I will not interfere though I have traveled widely and not just seen but touched and also met some great European people, who are very much into culture, languages and serving even today- with traditional Spanish wine discussing all things bright and beautiful till daybreak and play pool after that before going home.
          Let me tell you now after 7/7 (which took place abutting left and right of British Library) some of us from Spain Belgium and a few English UCL professors from Social Sciences met at the library café several times (quite place upstairs) and don’t believe that diversity (the stupid English soup) without caps works because democracy is not for all cultures and makes it a new platform for farcical rule by Dobson himself who is MP (for the area BM and BL.) for life using it with Muslim support that he implanted and the Jewish have followed too creating mosques- power maniacs these politicians.
          You see reasonableness is yet to be defined in the practical sense we live in the England & Wales today- de jure
          ¡Hasta luego,hombre!

  • 0

    The present Chinese govt is also fighting corruption at home. A stalwart in the Communist party hierarchy was punished recently.


    • 0

      “A stalwart in the Communist party hierarchy was punished recently. “

      this is not news to the British or to the Chinese astronaut families in the west.

      “”Now Hold! You are telling the man who actually negotiated the purchases of Chinese rice both under the 1952 Agreement and 1957 Agreement and supervised actual shipments at Chinese ports of Shanghai, Whampoa and others for over three years what rice we purchased.”

      Aren’t you trying to defend yourself like the minister who imported Sardine just after Chernobyl disaster? I clearly remember the journalist aske “ horage ammagen ahanavada putha hora kiyala. (do you ask a thieves mum if the son is a thief).
      When a garment leaves getting just $ 0.1cent commission on 1000 units is enough for the broker to send his kids to Eaton.
      Did you not learn from the Chinese that life is a paradox- I have been there first time in 61 and continuously from 2003

      We are in the year 2015 and i am communicating on Skype with them on manufacture of industrial items (having supplied them the software for CAD/CAM and seeing it happen at the same time for the past several years.
      What are you doing at your age reminiscing good old days- tell us some Chinese jokes Tao type please sop that folk understand chinese culture than their rice for batth gullos.

      • 6

        “What are you doing at your age reminiscing good old days- tell us some Chinese jokes Tao type “

        Well, here’s one, a Mao type:
        In the 60s when Bathalawathy who worshipped Mao for swimming the Yangste at his ripe age, was on an official visit to China, she asked the man how often he had elections. Batting an eyelid at Bathalwathy who he figured was round and saucy, he replied “Oh, erection? ……evelyday”.

        • 3

          Paisa Must Appah,
          You passed the eggsamination.

          10,000 of the best tea saplings were taken by English botanist to Darjeeling and a few of this was taken to Ceylon.
          The ping pong diplomacy with Chew & Lie ended up with him serving blue tea.
          Did she have Gold?? (both Indian and Chinese always liked to be paid in gold)

          Tao does not reside in the books, and the sutras go no deeper in Tao than it’s looks.
          the essence of Tao consists in a void, clear and cool, but what is this void except being the whole day like a fool?

  • 0

    “Now Hold! You are telling the man. actually negotiated the purchases . 1952`

    so you are older than born in Pakistan Manmohan Singh (1932)

    A top economist who could not stop the Pakistani bombs or graft.

    Roman emperor Carlos 1 or Charles the 5th retired very early having sent 5 ships to discover Philippians Indonesia and later Ceylon.

    “Javi should confine himself to a subject he seems to know i.e, which quality condoms are better!I”

    Somehow or the other like most Spaniards i never liked the idea of using condoms.We just like the real thing and age of consent is 13.

    But as an industrial engineer we do the testing for stress and strains for most items we may use for other aspects.

    • 2

      This Javi cannot either think or write straight.He seems confused.Poor chap.

      • 0

        oi you young pretender,
        We can see better than you dubass – we understand not just scrip but have matured Modi script to our credit.
        (keep on changing your pseudo nymphs from the T Thurai comments.)

  • 0

    The government can request China to provide deails of doubtfull deals on Infrastructral Development.

    • 0

      “The government can request”
      It’s late if it is already done- no postmortems unless the party wants a new Chairman. They are checking corruption now because they are on a 10 year local plan so it is in their interest not because Obama or Cameron said. The waste majority of world class manufactures borrow from the community not the banks for fear of the party. Worlds largest steel is Mittal who borrows from banks but the second is Chinese and he borrows from community.
      (there is a saying a Chinese wife will keep a secret 100 % which no other can do.)
      The Chinese by nature don’t do that because they are the specialist of different prices at least five with different specs you don’t see with your mind – any man importing electronics at duty free shops or Colombo 11 know that well and he will not tell you either. Buying and selling is secret business for a commercial manager of the government service too. If they do tell you then the word goes around and he would lose business. In your case it was handled by Chinese government enterprices so they will never tell you. On top of it you don’t even belong to their culture. They are not the west- `father forgive them for they do not know what they do.` – this is what other cultures misuse in the west or use it in the interest of both sides for a better future.
      Infrastructral Development- when you load it like Premadasa stadium or Indian Commonwealth games it would come down. I seen it in Malaysia around 82 a 2 kilo meters went down with all the vihecles. It happened in Nepal Kathmandu- Pokhara road in 89.
      So the day a mishap like at Nepal occurs in Lanka – It was raining hard there was a land slide and the traffic got congested then suddenly cars Lorries just went down elsewhere. You cant test it like that now – you have to follow the natural principals of compaction not pirith nool – perese coppa fernandos I can write in English and only I know the Chinese. All that coconut head are good at is – pol pittan pol addi like jayasuriya and the 365 day sun and shine loving English commentator would cyr greatest at Croaket. If a name sounds western the BBC gets all excited but when they see he is dark then the treatment is tempered.
      The west US is after them and trying to stop private enterprises from importing cheap Chinese goods which pass the regulation for standards but do not work for long in the environment the user applies it.
      The Chinese never lose at WTO proceedings because they have followed the buyer’s specs. Most buyers copy specs from the west and round it up therefore it is no guarantee that therefore we prefer western brand names irrespective of place of manufacture because the west lives on brand and are concerned so we get refund in full and the manufacture adjusts (same as anti- virus)
      We have manufactured without computer aid and gone into robotics because it is cleaner but our technology has patent rights and they cost in billions because of research and development as in the manufacture of medicine. Talking to old fools is like asking for feathers from a tortoise.

  • 0

    This person Javi looks nuts.In essence what he tells through ranting rigmaroles is that he knows more about China than anyone else.I would not contest if it is about modern China, including the type of condoms now available there as a (soft ware and Rough Rider supplier, of all things, I suppose).But even there I would not let him go away with his pretensions of being knowledgable about China albeit his limited knowledge. That has to be on a different forum and a level field.

    Be it as it may, why feel jealous if someone is still around who could provide some information on our early connections with China.Yes, I am older than Manmohan Singh!I do not have a degree in economics but fortunately, have been gifted with a good memory besides having my Diary notes from China days.

    But on this rice affair, see how he is shifting ground through insult and distortion after telling a deliberate lie about the quality of Chinese rice supplied to Sri Lanka.No one complained at the time because Chinese rice was superior quality than 60 per cent brokens which was what the Food Dept wanted.

    I was no rice broker.I was the appointed negotiator on rice purchases in China in the 1959s.
    To my credit I saved at least Pound Stg 400,000 on each rice deal of 200,000 m/t at a time. As Ambassador Gopallawa informed the govt, I had saved over Stg.1,200,000 over three years through successful negotiation.My last negotiation was two hours before my train left for Kwantung.Even on that occasion I saved stg 2 -0=0 per metric ton.The Chinese officials said it was a concession agreed to take back with me to my country in view of the excellent interaction I had with the Chinese.That is the China I knew.

    These are not mere claims.they have gone into records of the govt.

    What made Javi to say I was born and bred in Colombo 7 where I live now?No! I have always said that I am the grandson of a much respected Gamarala from a very ancient family who owned much paddy land. Yes,That despite my relatives being Town Mudalyars of Colombo in colonial time.I have even worked in grandfather’s paddy fields at sowing /harvesting timesin my younger days. So I know even about rice growing!

    I have no intention to respond anymore on this desultory/wasteful discourse started by Javi.


    • 6

      Oho, Ho!… Bandu is hot and seethingly angry. Javi seems to have poked him in his nice butt – [Edited out]

    • 0

      [Edited out]

  • 1

    The then Opposition in a way was entitled to look hard at the seemingly ever growing Sino-Lanka relations. Kleptocratic motives were the main cause attributed this growth of relationship. It is alleged that this alienated the relationship with the rest of the world.

    Now can the same stance be taken by the then opposition when they are now the responsible government? As members of government they are required to honor all commercial agreements. In such agreements the rights and obligations of each of the parties to it are clearly spelled out. Unless the agreement is so bad where it is advantageous to pay compensation to the other party and abrogate the agreement the only course of action is to carry on with it. In Sinhala “බැඳ ගත්ත බෙරේ ගහන්න වෙනවා”.

    This business of suspending and waiting for sometime can also be attributed to corrupt motives. Now that various scandals that have emerged just within this side of 100 days of Yahapalanaya adds credence to such a hypothesis. “Buddy now we are in power. You gave Jarapassa the Jarawa. Give us also the same for you to be in business” can be the attributed message. Therefore a decision positive or negative has to be taken quickly for the best interest of the Yahapalana Government to which even I voted for.

    The truth of the matter is that if we become bad enemies of China, the west is not going to look after us when we are at the receiving end of China. The sensible thing is the strictest form of non-alignment realizing that we are our own refuge.

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