6 October, 2022


Why MR, Is He The Only Person Among The 15 Million Voters?

By Thangamuthu Jayasingam

Dr. Thangamuthu Jayasingam

Dr. Thangamuthu Jayasingam

There has been so much in press about Mahinda Rajapaksa contesting the election or not? Little is being discussed on its implication to the political governance of the country. History has many lessons to all even to those who wish to re write history, rules apply.

Simple rule of life suggest ‘never contest for a lower position’ if you lose you lose the recognition for the former position.

Another simple rule suggests ‘one on the hand is worth two in the bush’, you may lose it all

Another rule says ‘do not put all eggs in one basket’. You may lose it all.

MR has to know all these before he really decides to make his bid for the election, and I am not sure that he does.

The moment he submits his nomination he is no more the ‘Past President’ in terms of recognition for benefits and he would tend to lose all the benefits given to the past president, very similar to pensions benefits, when reemployed lose it all. It would be very unethical to be holding the benefits of the former President of Sri Lanka and contest for the parliament election. Once these benefits are removed they could not be granted even if he wins or lose the election.

Mahinda Januray 14 2015If MR is going to be at any electorate under any tag he will have to win the majority of votes in the district and also with a large majority and if doe not then he would lose all the ‘claims’ he and his clans are making at present. If he lose or wins marginally then he buries himself and all those with him for a long time. It is always easier to say many things from the opposition or gallery but being in the ring is entirely another game.

The culture MR had invented and practiced very well is to induce the opponents to change colors and they have learnt it well and all of them are calculating at present. How any or many of them would switch sides is still a mystery but they all want to be with the power. The only assured power at the moment is Maithripala Sirisena, the President.

The only reason I could think why he wants to contest is to be in power to protect himself and all those who had been with him and are being investigated or would be investigated for various malpractices in the country. But what MR does not realize is that the people want them to be investigated, the rationale behind the results of the January 8, 2015. It is perhaps MR saw the return of Putin (Russia) to power and may be hoping for such a trend. Given the climate in the country it seems very unlucky, but may be the ‘horoscope’ says otherwise. The fact that the UPFA had lost numbers of votes even in the southern electorates at the Presidential election from previous years was an indication of the trend of the voters confidence. Given the period under MS it should be very important to judge whether this has increased or decreased. This cannot be judged by the crowds at the rallies but the perception of people, which led to voting pattern on January 8,2015.

If MR wants to really serve the people of the country why cannot he serve being a citizen? All what he had been doing after January 8, 2015 has been to criticize the MS governance. Could all those who wish to serve the country become members of Parliament or the President?

It has become a MYTH in this country that once elected to the parliament they retain the right to be in parliament until death. The further elections are endorsement of the first election and it is why there are so many election violations as the ‘already’ elected members consider that the others are trying to take over their ‘rightful’ positions.

It is in the developing countries that we have the sentiments of this family allegiance, than to the party of the country. May be the spillover from the aristocracy, which needs to be slowly removed from the system. We seek from the west many aspects for development but never ask the correct ones. Perhaps the ABSENCE of FAMILY TREND is politics is one that we may need to learn from them so the allegiance is to the party and country at large away from personalities and families.

Arising from the above argument is ‘WHY SHOULD ANYONE BE IN PARLIAMENT OR PRESIDENCY for MAOR THAN TWO PERIODS IN TOTO’ which should apply to the President too. Don’t we have any other people capable, willing from the 15 million voters in the country. Given the fact that all countries which had long standing ‘rulers’ have ended as military states or failed states under ‘dictatorship’.


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    Dear Thangamuththu,

    Can you give some examples for;
    >> Given the fact that all countries which had long standing ‘rulers’ >>have ended as military states or failed states under ‘dictatorship’.

    So are you implying that all countries having tyrants/dictators have failed?

    All the middle east countries are ruled by a king and ruled by a single family (‘pawul paalanaya’, long lasting)? and seems to be doing well, except for those countries which got messed up by US involvement. As an example, if Sadam & Gadafi was ruling Iraq & Libya, those two countries would have been in a better position than it is now eh? If above example doesn’t count, how about Fidel Castro in Cuba? How long has he ruled & how many Cubans like him? Why CIA tried so many times to assassinate him? Was it to make Cuba a better place than it is now?

    How about Putin? He came back to active politics after his first term as I remember? If not for Putin, Russia would have been an unstable country because of USA’s practice of destabilizing countries.

    What I am trying to say is, if MR can learn from his past mistakes; he has a right to contest. It’s his decision. Public should weigh pros/cons of 150 day government and MR’s government and make their decision.

    On another note;
    This applies to Ranil as well ya? Under his leadership UNP has lost more than 13 elections. He became the prime minister not because he contested on his own, but because of Maitree + the propaganda campaign.

    Somebody quoted;
    “Every country has the government it deserves”, Damn correct

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      Thangamuthu Jayasingam –

      RE: Why MR, Is He The Only Person Among The 15 Million Voters?

      The Spineless Wimp, Coward and Traitor Maitripals Sirisena thinks so. Why, because Maitripala Sirisena is a Spineless Wimp, Coward and Traitor

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      “What I am trying to say is, if MR can learn from his past mistakes; he has a right to contest. It’s his decision. Public should weigh pros/cons of 150 day government and MR’s government and make their decision.”

      The question is: Has MR learnt from past mistakes?
      To answer this question, you should list what mistakes he made in the past and how he is going to correct those mistakes?

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      Some people WANT to be slaves. Even when liberated they want to go back to being exploited.

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    There is no number 2 in SLFP and hence another opportunity given for MR to make a come back.

    When MR and MS moved up it created a vacuum which could not be addressed in the short term.

    This is an ideal position for MR?

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      Jagath Fernando

      “When MR and MS moved up it created a vacuum which could not be addressed in the short term.:

      Everybody is replaceable.

      Mahinda Rajapaksa was replaced by Maitripala Sirisena.

      While it appears there are no replacements in the SLFP, in fact there are many to choose from, even after excluding all the Crooks, Robbers and criminals.

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    Really dumb analysis for yahapalanaya dumbos. MR is wanted by the 5.8mn who voted for him and now a good segment of the 6.2 who voted for a yahapalanaya and got a yamapalanaya. Whole country didn’t vote for MS and neither did people expect UNP to mess up in style and betray the people in every form and manner from economy to national security. MR lost by only 400k. 80% of the majority he got were from north and east whose sole desire was to get a party in with whom they can get achieve their end game and nothing to do with yahapalana. Ranil who lost 29times was good enough for you to vote back and no stigma of hanging on to power ? He was under pressure from groups within to abdicate but hung on, only due to manipulation of UNP constitution. So stop your silly mud slinging through dumb analysis. MR is the choice of people and not other way round.

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      Your advice, ‘ So stop your silly mud slinging through dumb analysis. MR is the choice of people and not other way round’.

      I believe it would be apt for you to do the same, as all who voted out MR will never want nor vote him back, although a few dumb like yourself in the 5.8 mil think so. For your information see how many of the 5.8 who will vote not only MR but his Goons, this time around.

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    Dear All,

    I mean all those who had who had completed 2 terms includes Ranil and everyone.

    The issue what has been raised at present is that of MR contesting election and that is what I had commented on.


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    Why Ranil? Because he is working on his record in losing elections without getting dumped and we MUST somehow get in to the Guinness World Records.

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      Who knows, perhaps MR might beat Ranil’s record for losing, eh?

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    Hi Jayasingam

    It looks like that for a change you have now started writing on SL politics. I have seen a couple of your writings in Colombo Telegraph complaining about your former VC Kobindarajah. You may have been writing against VC Kobindarajah out of spite because he robbed your chance of becoming the VC yourself.

    You are no different from that guy Ratnajeevan Hoole who is still venting out against Mahinda for not offering to him the VC position of the Jaffna University. I heard you tried to become the VC of the Eastern University but was stumped by Mahinda on the urging of Karuna. So, both of you are on the same boat!

    Now you are calling for “No more two terms” for Parliamentarians. Is it because you are now trying to get into TNA’s nomination list for Batticaloa district? I am not sure whether you are the son of the Batticaloa soil or another import from Jaffna. Even if it is the latter, I have no doubt,the idiots from the “Vantharai Vala Vaikum Mattakalappu” will welcome you.

    You talk about “absence of family trend” in the West. Are not the past US Presidents Bush Sr and Bush Jr from the same family? Now another Bush is going for Republican Party’s nomination. What about the Kennedy brothers? What about President Clinton’s wife now seeking nomination from the Democratic Party? In any case what is wrong in the sons or daughters or brothers or wives of Presidents and Prime Ministers trying to become themselves Presidents or Prime Ministers? Don’t you realize that the ultimate judges are the voters? Nehru, Indira and Rajiv did wonders for India as its Prime Ministers. The same can be true of Zulficar Ali Bhutto and his daughter in Pakistan. It was same with Lee Kuan Yew, the father of Singapore, and his son in the case of Singapore.

    Mate, writing political opinions is not like writing research papers in Botany. Next time, do some more research on politics and political history before venturing into the field of writing political opinions.

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    Hello Naga,

    appreciate your comments and thanks for some advice on the article.

    But,it is skewed by your comments on my personality. You have a long way to grow to be objective than subjective. Botany is harder to learn!!!!

    I write direct with my name and views/facts are subject to comments/ corrections. As you had stated I am a VOTER and have a right to my opinion and expression of same.

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    The Presidency is the highest office that any Sri Lankan than aspire to, and other considerations aside, I would imagine that anyone who has once held that office would not wish to run for any lesser office after that. I see that as a matter of maintaining the dignity of the office of President. Of course, I am assuming that someone who becomes President will also have enough self respect and a sense of personal dignity to follow that course. My personal preference is for a President when he or she leaves that office to withdraw from active politics altogether.

    What we have seen in SL is the office of President being debased and devalued by the conduct of those who have held that office. And MR has demonstrated beyond the shadow of a doubt that he is not overly concerned with the niceties of protocol or tradition or good governance and such things. Though physically big, he has not displayed the stature befitting the office of President. Not content with two terms he sought and had the constitution amended to allow him to run for a third term, and despite being rejected at the polls in January, he now seeks to enter parliament as an MP. How very sad! It is clear that all he wants in power, for himself and his family and to try to pave the way for his son to gain the first prize in due course.

    I am amazed at the number of otherwise sane and sensible people who keep saying that MR is the only one who can give proper leadership to the country. What a damning indictment that is of the millions of other Sri Lankans! Is the country so bereft of talent, is SL such a backward, illiterate and stupid land that we have only one man with the capacity to lead?

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    Idiots in the country will vote for this murderer and a thief. If he comes back, then he will start bleeding this country again. Keep voting these buggers into power.

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    Tamil from the north east west south Pakistan

    “If he comes back, then he will start bleeding this country again.”

    Whoever leaves this island last, should remember to switch off the lights, fridges, TVs, radios, ………..

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    Hi Folks

    Do not be in a rush to judge My3. Wait and see what comes next. My3 is not a fool to commit hara kiri.

    Thanks TJ for asking the question. The answer is simple and known to many. He is the only one fully qualified to lead the robber gang, comprising of Rajapakse family and the gang of ministers led by welgamas, alutgamas, gunawardenas, vasus, weerawansa and all that. That is why.

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    Thangamutu[Tamil of recent Indian origin?] attempted to become V.C.Eastern University[several attempts?].Now if Naga says he is attempting to get into the TNA list,then this man has ambition,notwithstanding his Botany!

    Interesting,we have not had Botanists straying into Politics earlier.Anyway,he is streets ahead of that serial killer Karuna!

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    As a citizen of Sri Lanka, Mahinda has aright to contest in elections. If LTTE combatants can contest it should be the same for Rajapaksa. No point blaming Mithree as he followed the democratic way by agreeing to party decision.

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    Thangamuthu Jayasingam

    ‘Why MR, Is He The Only Person Among The 15 Million Voters?’

    Because there is no one else.

    He is the only person.

    It is simple as that.

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