8 August, 2022


Why President Mahinda Rajapaksa Should Have Heeded The Island 

By Dayan Jayatilleka

Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka

Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka

“To be engaged and yet above the fray, to lead the reader quietly, and to trust the people, your ultimate judge and jury.” ~ (Mervyn de Silva, ‘No island is an island’, 5th Anniversary message, The Island, Saturday, Oct 4th 1986)

“You’re just like your father– nothing was more important to him than the appearance of his articles!” was the gruffly nostalgic remonstrance of Gamini Weerakoon, at the time the Editor of The Island, at the German Reunification Day reception the year my father died, when I asked why my same-day response on Antonio Gramsci (to Malinda Seneviratne) had not appeared the day after I’d sent it. My father Mervyn de Silva, founder-President of the Editors’ Guild of Sri Lanka, in whose honour the apex award “Journalist of The Year” has been named by the Publishers Society and the Editors’ Guild, had been the best known columnist of The Island since its inception right up to the day of his death thirteen years later, as a regular commentator on International Affairs (he reported on the Reagan re-election in ’84) and as Kautilya (“Men & Matters”). His last column appeared in its regular slot while the paper’s front page ran the story of his abrupt passing.

I began writing, but not with regularity, for the paper from 1998 but became a regular contributor after my parents died. In the tradition of Albert Camus’ newspaper Combat, published during the French Resistance against Nazi fascism and in opposition to the collaborationism of the Vichy regime of Marshal Petain, The Island was the paper that led the battle of public opinion in the English language, against Tiger terrorism and defeatism.

I was privileged to have been quoted in a front page editorial during the dark days of year 2000 when Elephant Pass was almost overrun and liberated Jaffna stood threatened with re-conquest by the separatist fascist army. I was to appear a few more times in its front page editorials later, during my stint in Geneva.

The Island battled against appeasement during those disgraceful years of the CFA and the PTOMS which Maj. Gen. Kamal Gunaratne has described as far more humiliating than the bloodiest battlefield defeats. Writing frequently, I was a guerrilla –a sniper–in this “battle of ideas” (to use Jose Marti’s phrase globalized by Fidel). Somewhere in the Island archives is an article by me, improbably but utterly confidently entitled “Why Prabhakaran Will Lose”, dated Oct 17th 2004, well before Mahinda Rajapaksa was elected President, Gotabhaya appointed Secretary/Defense and Sarath Fonseka made army chief.

The Island was a newspaper that stood for certain values. The stance that The Island adopted, as it had to “suffer and survive the agonies of these times, its frenzied passions, cruelties, deceits and lunacies” (Mervyn de Silva, 5th anniversary message) is best described as a “critical patriotism” or what Prof Robert Reich recommended in an op-ed in the Financial Times (London) as “responsible nationalism”.

Front page editorials are rare and are only used when a paper decides the coincidence of the moment and the contents call for it. When things were in the balance and the UNHRC vote on Sri Lanka was due, The Island had run a front page editorial captioned “HR as a Weapon”, observing that:

…This kind of stinking human rights record of the countries that have joined forces against Sri Lanka in Geneva may have prompted Ambassador Dayan Jayatilleka to lash out at “colonizers” at Friday’s meeting on the Swiss-EU draft resolution on Sri Lanka…Dayan was spot on when he said there was no need for a special session as the conflict was now over and nobody was dying. The outcome of yesterday’s Hang Sri Lanka campaign was not known at the time this comment was written….” (‘HR as a weapon’, The Island, Editorial, Wednesday 27th May 2009, p 1)

After Sri Lanka’s resolution at the Human Rights Council won a majority of votes at its special session The Island wrote a front page editorial entitled “Victory over Diplomatic Terrorism”.

David sent Goliath reeling in Geneva on Wednesday. Little Lanka preening herself on defeating terrorism on home soil, scored an impressive victory over ‘diplomatic terrorism’ in a hostile terrain. At the UNHRC special session, her resolution to counter an attempt to confer pariah status on her was carried with a majority of 17 votes- 29 for, 12 against, and 6 abstaining. Nobody expected her to crush terrorism. Similarly not many thought it would be able to floor the powerful western bloc…Ambassador Dayan Jayatilleka has drawn heavy flak for what his critic’s term ‘megaphone diplomacy’. But his pugilistic pugnacity, lateral thinking and intellectual restlessness helped rally several nations on Wednesday…Dayan, as well as many others including Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe, needs to be commended for their excellent performance”. (The Island, Editorial, ‘Victory over Diplomatic Terrorism’ Friday May 29th 2009)

CA Chandraprema followed this up in his regular ‘Politics’ column writing about Sri Lanka’s “epic victory” and its larger implications for the world order:

The talk of the town last week was Sri Lanka’s epic victory at the UN Human Rights Council. …With this abortive session of the UNHRC, the world has moved an inch closer to becoming multi polar and little Sri Lanka has been able to do its part to fashion the new world order. Western countries accustomed to using human rights issues for political purposes will henceforth have to think twice before using international fora, to wage war by other means…The counter proposal was a brainchild of our intrepid Ambassador to the UN, Dayan Jayatilleka…Ambassador Jayatilleka should be commended for being able to do what would have been considered impossible by lesser men…” (The Island, Political Watch, May 30th 2009)

When there was an attempt in Colombo to remove me from Geneva in Feb-March 2009, before the war had been won and before the Western resolution was moved, the Island published pieces throughout February and March arguing against such removal. On Thursday March 17th 2009, it featured a pix of me on the paper’s masthead to accompany a story captioned “Let’s Not Lose Our Best People’, which shows the vicious pressures from the home base under which we had to battle at the Geneva frontlines.

Fortunately President Rajapaksa (temporarily) resisted this crass folly or conspiracy. The Island’s Shamindra Ferdinando called it right in a front page news story:

President Mahinda Rajapaksa has ended a simmering controversy over the move to recall Sri Lankan Ambassador in Geneva Dayan Jayatilleka on the completion of his two-year term by extending it by another year. Political sources said that the President had informed Jayatilleka of his decision on Monday (March 30) in recognition of his significant contribution to Sri Lanka’s successful effort at last month’s Human Rights Council sessions in Geneva…Paying a glowing tribute to Ambassador Jayatilleka, Human Rights Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe yesterday said the Ambassador had played a critical role in thwarting an attempt to target Sri Lanka at the Geneva sessions.” (‘Anti-Lanka move thwarted in Geneva,
Dayan’s term extended’, Shamindra Ferdinando, The Island, Wednesday, April 1st 2009, p1)

Had the coup succeeded, Sri Lanka would not have had me in place when US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s cabled instruction of May 4th 2009 came in, the coalition that had been built over two years in Geneva would have been confused, and whoever the new Ambassador/PR who came in would have not had time to find his or her feet when the West’s resolution hit us. Worse still, a pro-Miliband collaborationist Ambassador who enjoyed the favor of the ruling clan and was serving in a nearby capital (and had already boasted that in 2008 that she would replace me, which she later did) might have been moved to Geneva before the Western offensive thrust.

We can only conclude that whether they knew it or not, highly placed and responsible elements in Colombo, and/or based in foreign capitals while purportedly representing Colombo, were working against Sri Lanka’s wartime interests and in the interests of the Western move. A highly placed pro-Israeli lobby in the Sri Lankan state was played for suckers, believing that Tel Aviv would use the Jewish lobby to turn Washington around on Sri Lanka’s war-crimes issue. They should have read Mervyn de Silva’s analyses in the Island of the strong ties and indeed identification between Israel/the Zionist lobby and Tamil nationalism dating back to 1958.

It was in The Island the very next day after our diplomatic victory in Geneva on May 27th 2009 that I posed the question in my opening sentence: “Was Geneva the last battle of the Thirty Years (hot) war, the first battle of the next war – a global Cold War against Sri Lanka — or was it a combination?” (“With a Little Help from Our Friends”, The Island, May 28th 2009).

It was also in this paper that Malinda Seneviratne and I debated the 13th amendment, a debate in which I upheld the officially stated—at the highest levels—position and commitments of the Government of Sri Lanka, a stand I not only agreed with and had long held, but thought imperative to maintain the equation with India which helped us balance off the West and its call for wartime accountability, and also amounted to the cheapest price to pay, stopping devolution qualitatively short of federalism. Reneging would cause our wartime global coalition to unravel, rendering us vulnerable to Western pressure especially with the US and India drawing closer, I argued.

The day after the polemic in the pages of the Island ended, I was fired. Today when the federalization project is within our gates and Special courts are lurking outside them, the reader is free to judge whether I was right.

Once again, The Island, in a courageous and prophetic editorial, warned against the larger, long-term consequences to the country of my removal:

…Dayan was posted to Geneva to do a job for this country and he has done it in style. Neocolonial powers, having laid ‘siege’ to Sri Lanka were all out to scuttle her war on terror when Dayan was sent to that diplomatic outpost to hold those sinister forces at bay. When the going gets tough, it is said, the tough get going. So naturally Dayan got going in Geneva and facilitated this country’s successful military campaign to eliminate terrorism. His performance a few weeks ago at the UNHRC special session in Geneva, where an attempt was made to press war crimes charges against Sri Lanka, was sterling. He was instrumental in helping her turn tables on Western powers smarting from their failure to save Prabhakaran and his killers. Dayan the diplomat has always defended the national interest with the tenacity of a bulldog.

It may be argued that since the LTTE is a thing of the past, President Rajapaksa and a cabal of hangers-on are of the view that they could now run the show without being overshadowed by those who were instrumental in defeating terrorism. Dayan has also become the target of some hyenas trailing brave lions and looking for easy prey to keep themselves going. If they think the country is free from threats and it is plain sailing for the mediocre, they are sadly mistaken. Sri Lanka needs Argus-eyed capable men of Dayan’s caliber to defend her for long years to come. President Rajapaksa should reconsider his ill-advised decision to recall Dayan…Why guillotine brilliant patriots who have done the country proud?” (‘A Patriot Guillotined!’ Monday July 20th 2009, p 8)

It was ignored in the mood of hubris. The protective outer wall of the Sri Lankan military victory and of the Sri Lankan state was breached at its furthest periphery, Geneva.

Whenever this newspaper’s impassioned call, urging or warning went unnoticed or unheeded by the rulers, national and state interests suffered a grave setback. Those who were responsible for those sins of omission are still paying the price, as are the military, the nation and the country.

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  • 11

    [Edited out]

    But I am telling you this:

    Why President Mahinda Rajapaksa Should Have Heeded The Island – is just becasue DJ or the other abusive men to be posted back to destroy this nation.

    • 6

      This damn Fool will never work for betterment of the country nor for a prosperous future for our nation SL.
      Why don’t you and you cronies get lost and leave the country to live in peace.

      There’s no future for your likes, I really think you as a learned man had lost all the grey matter in the thick skull after eating MRs Punnakku.

      Your generation of Facist should bow down gracefully rather than waiting for a show down.
      Is there a future for you and your Punnakku Mudalali whose skull too got SCREWS LOOSE.!!

  • 10

    Birds of a feather flock together:
    Rabblerousers get together. Else, I cant know why an academic would commend leaders like MR.

    You would never be able to please Mr. Sirisena, Mr Wickramasinghe neither Premadasa Junior.[Edited out]

  • 5

    Dayan is also paying the price.

  • 7

    [Edited out]DJ should stop crying for him.

  • 18

    Self-glorification – Exaltation of oneself and one’s abilities.

    How low can this man stoop?

  • 14

    Oh DJ,

    It churns my guts to see you so praising yourself in this article. I don’t think that you have an iota of humility in you. How sad.

    Begging MR to reinstate you, who for one reason or another removed you from your lucrative job in Geneva, heaping slavish praise on that Mafia Don is utterly humiliating. [Edited out]

    • 6

      I wonder why MR did not appoint the man -DJ to any high positions after he was recalled from Geneva in 2009 ? There had also been times, MR himself added to press – that DJ is working for NGO – powerful NGO man. Nevertheless this man to go after MR was public secret. He even bend his crooked head 180 degrees each time DJ was invited to occassions where also MR was present. All these are studied by healthy people of this country.
      Just becase I would hate my rivals, I would not want to hang on an another monster, who could harm more – is what I reminded when thinking and reading DJ s articles on MR praises.
      As if we dont have any othe rmen in in live srilanka, we should go after MR why ?
      He is the defeated president ? or not ?

      Why DJ or any academics need to fall to this cheap levels ?

      I have no answers, if you have please add yours..over to you CT commentators

  • 15

    Never have I see a more self opinionated writer than Dayan Jayatilaka, who places himself well above his station, time and time again.

    This alone makes me run a mile when I see his name in print. Curiosity got the better of me on this occasion, but he has stayed true to form.

    Quote: “My father Mervyn de Silva, founder-President of the Editors’ Guild of Sri Lanka, in whose honour the apex award “Journalist of The Year” has been named by the Publishers Society and the Editors’ Guild, had been the best known columnist of The Island since its inception right up to the day of his death thirteen years later….”

    Then he goes on to sing the praise of his own tail in what has become his chief characteristic.

    Great writers nor political commentators do not need to sing their own praise. The fact that this boring fellow needs to do that often, says a lot about him.

    Coining himself with THE ISLAND does the Island no proud. Its exactly the reverse, actually.

    • 7


      He always needs to share about his father – to earn respect today.

      Unfortunately, had his father been aware the manenr the son sits with dogs today, he would have awaken from his grab to help him.

      MERVIN DE SILVA had an association that entire world praised.

      DAYAN DE SILVA AKA JAYATHILAKA has an association to similar to those of Most known Rabble rouser – Wimal Buruwanse.

    • 5

      Be happy he has no offsprings.

      The next generations would not face it the way we did it. I hate this man and his mouth piece – always has been no second to Wimal Weerawanses.

      Wimal weerawanse is a product by uneducated folks – and for uneducated folks. He has always been a vocal representing all the low level social scum.

      Lately, the entire world could see, how a house of the leftist looked like … all this bugger has been showing is not his mirror image, but hypocrasy and his inferior complex. He attacks anyone who would share the views in other langauges just because he has no knowledge to reach the levels.

      Alone shouts could not help – what he has not done interms of putting down Mr Sirisena, but shamelss bugger even today faces it the very same people.

      Are these all – punnakku eaters ? I think Wimal WEERAWANSE should be jailed for rest of his life – SO should be anyone behaving so.

  • 8

    DJ is a born & bred SriLankan. So is Thisuri. But , during this post civil war period how DJ and Thisuri are differ in their moral stand. The age of Thisuri is nearly 2/ 3rd of DJ.
    When it comes to political wisdom Thisuri has proved that her political wisdom is almost 100% higher than DJs.
    DJ has conveniently forgetten about his stand on PLO & Cuba and celebrated Trumps victory.

    Without shame DJ says ” Those who were responsible for those sins of omission are still paying the price, as are the military, the nation and the country”.

    But he failed to provide the composition of :
    1. Those who were responsible
    2. The military or the armed forces
    3. The people in the nation and the country based on his smart patriot claim.

    • 6

      Non PhD;

      I cant agree with you more.

      These young candidates have proved it they must not play malicious and devious manner to express themselves while old men of the DJ nature – being Ziamesian twin of Mahindapala from Ausie, see it different. Older men and women seem to be rotten in lanken rotten politics while new candidates see it being unbiased but bieng alert to acceptable agendas.

      I still believe, if even Thisuri and we all would want highly corrupted, devious men to be away from lanken politics – average masses are still far away from our thoughts. Meaning even a small rice packet can please them if their votes to be cheated. This Basil Rajapakshe knows very well. So I believe,so long media men woudl not do their job properly in terms of making aware of the people across the country with unbiased thoughts, the masses woudl stay so vulnerable as have been sofar.

      More votes are the focus of Rajapakshes above anything else.

      See, incumbent president dares to say, after former president visited Mangalaramaya, only that Mad Monk from Batticalo became that abusive.
      These are facts. The first citizen of the country makes it very clear.

  • 4

    Thero de Silva is an utter dump to keep arguing he won UNHRC following up on Lankawe’s war crime.

    Whether he was there or not fooling the west of the 145,000 murders as zero is only a dream. Thero fooled a few on one occasion. Claiming he would have done that for the entire history of Lankawe is show what kind of petty he is and how accidental his victory at UNHRC on that day. He keep forgetting that the Old King had accepted in may 2009 the UNSG’s request to take responsibility and accountability. UNSG put such a request only because he did know of what happened. Do you file a case when there is no theft at your house? UNSG filed a case against Old King in May 2009 because he saw a theft.

    This is extreme petty behaviour Thero claiming that he was not at UN that is why Yahapalanaya is initiating a constitutional change. He has very little capacity to grasp the International Politics. Silly!

    • 1

      Did your father Gamini write this?

      Come clean dude.

      • 0

        No Thero.

        It was written by my Grandpa Thevanampiyatheesan. After all its all were done us? not by you people Thero.

  • 7


    Let’s cut the crap of gilding the lily and wordy-ornamentation and simply look at the facts.

    This great UNCHR “threat” was 2 weeks after the end of the war! Every country and it’s dog was going to give us time. “Defeating” the “threat” was no such monumental feat – sorry to burst the bubble of the greatest achievement of your entire life.

    Countering the UNCHR threat got progressively difficult due to Rajapakse’s deceptions. His stance to the international community and India was, help me first get rid of intransigent Prabakaran and then I’ll give the Tamils 13+ and more. Rajapakse never intended to give anything to the Tamils. That’s pure Rajapkase MO; everything and everyone is fair game to be tricked – sorry to tell you pal, that includes you too Dayan.

    BTW, I think Rajapakse was right in not giving any form of independence to the Tamils. My reasons are practical and ultra-realistic not racial-prejudice. I fear the Tamils like no other. The sheer ingenuity and the talent/capabilities the Tamils have shown for warfare stands in deep contrast to our own incompetence, stupidity and bickering. Open your eyes and see – I’m not making this up – Fonseka, Gota, Gunaratne, Mahinda …….. are now fighting like cats and dogs! Ever wonder how this motley crew ever got together to fight a war? True to form that’s our Sinhalese trait.

    If the Tamils had/have a legal entity where they could/can legally bring in implements of war the borders would keep changing – like Israel/Palestine/Arab-states – we Sinhalese would end up in the sea. If at some future time – relations between countries are always in flux – India decides to overtly/covertly help the Tamils militarily our goose is well and truly cooked.

    Many Tamils – I’ve no animosity towards them – will hate me for writing this but at least acknowledge my candour.

    • 3

      Oh really if your actually Nimal Fernando your ancestors were also Tamils a few generations ago. They did not end up in the sea but crossed the sea from South India and jumped to the island and now their Sinhalised descendants are beating the anti Tamil drum. The author of this article is also one of them. His Tamil ancestors were imported by the Dutch to work on the huge Cinammon estates down south.

      • 10

        Rohan and Real Siva Sankaran Sarma,

        It was an attempt at trolling to bring out Lankans’ impassioned opinions, and I am a little disappointed that only you two took the bait.

        I do not believe in the purity of race. It’s crazy to think that purity of “race” will be maintained when you put hot blooded men and women in a small island – I think of myself as a small speck of humanity floating in a vast universe.

        But one has to admit there are distinct camps/teams (cricket, if you will) that we have picked – some through birth and other by choice – and fight for. All the people in the “Sinhalese” camp/team may not be Sinhalese – Bandaranayakes, Rajapakses ….. – and vice versa with regards to the Tamils.

        As for the demarcation and creeping of the borders, please take another look at the map LTTE marked as their homelands. And let’s be adult about this; how do you think many of the insecure “Sinhalese” feel?

        “Tamils” have a history of going crying to India asking for help and playing the Indians against the “Sinhalese.” The next time this happens there won’t be Prabakaran to save “Sri Lanka.”


        True, standardisation was a blatant shameful act of discrimination against the Tamil students but later on it had an unintended ( by the people who originally devised it) great beneficial effect on every corner of the island.

        As for most of the rest of your post, jealousy etc, it’s just hallucinations in your head; I don’t even want to go there. Give me a break, man.

        The only way Sri Lanka can go forward is, not by everyone going in to their respective corners and fighting for their camp’s/team’s rights but by all citizens getting together and fighting for all the Lankans/citizens rights. It should not be based on race/ethnicity/religion/what-have-you.

        True, I’ve spoken for the “Sinhalese” camp; the real fears about India. I don’t think the Tamils had a great experience with the IPKF/India either!

    • 4

      Shows what an idiot and an idiotic comment. He does not want Tamils to be granted their just rights and autonomy, as in his opinion they are far more united hard working industrious and militarily astute than the Sinhalese majority, therefore if given a chance, will develop their areas and will leave the Sinhalese far behind resulting in all the Sinhalese to jump into the sea. I cannot see the logic of Sinhalese having to jump into the sea as Tamils have become prosperous! Tamils were prosperous but the Sinhalese never jumped into the sea but only got jealous and killed raped looted ethnically cleansed and committed genocide on them.
      Same argument was given to justify standardisation of marks for university entrance to reduce the number of Tamil students entering higher education.
      Mr. Nihal Fernand, there is ample historical evidence that Tamil migration and invasions from India has never threatened the Sinhalese. On the contrary it greatly advantaged the Sinhalese as they improved the Sinhalese culture/genes. Just look at all the upper caste Kandyans as evidence. All descended from upper caste Indian Tamil/Telugu immigrants. So white and cute aney, especially when lots of British and other European blood got mixed up too. Nearly all of them got assimilated as Sinhalese. This includes your Tamil ancestors.
      In fact the vast majority of the present day Sinhalese are descended from this Tamil migration around 50% from recent immigrants. This Tamil migration from South India doubled and trebled the population of the island’s Sinhalese and I do not see any Sinhalese jumping into the sea. Only unfortunate Tamils and Muslims jumping into the sea to get on boats to flee Sinhalese persecution.
      This is what you call the aggressor and persecutor pretending to be the victim or suffering from a persecution/minority complex to justify their aggression and discrimination. This is very dangerous. You can see the result of what happened in former Yugoslavia and in Israel to the minorities when powerful majorities suffer from a persecution and minority complex. DISASTER

  • 8

    Granted that DJ is a ‘clever’ manipulator, but will this guy never get tired of praising his own tail – even when it is tucked well and truly between his legs and behind his butt???

    The other observation with regard to his character is that in spite of insults and condemnation by his hero, MR, he couldn’t let go of his pandering and bum-sucking.

    And that may well be what prompted the ” with the tenacity of a bulldog” phrase!

  • 5


    Have you heard an age old human wisdom


  • 4

    Do you consider Muslims,Christians, Hindus,Tamils,Burghers, Malays & others in SL as brothers of Sinhalese Buddhists ?

    I dedicate this regge song ” no man is an Island ” for you.

    You are still young to learn about humanity from the above song writer ( a boy at that time ) and Thisuri.

  • 3

    I was always wondered why Mahinda Rajapaske erred removing Dayan.

    I think Dayan should have taken Rajapaske’s into confidence BEFORE he revealed his political plans to the IC.

    Rajapaske had no plans for any political reform. The 18th amendment would have been abolished if he did. That would curtail his powers. The family had longer term plans it seemed.

    They had even registered rajapaske2024 (or similar name) domain name in preparation for even the next election. So Dayan J. was spoiling his family plans.

    Rajapaske was sitting pretty losing UNHCR resolution after resolution. Its as if he did not care. He should have reformed the foreign service, developed a strategic plan involving scholars and academics like Dyan.

    Instead he was using crude methods at international level. He even attempted to buy over British MPs using Sajin Vaas. He was also spending millions with second rate PR firms introduced by his corrupt cousin in USA.

    He was the thug we invited to solve the village dispute. After dispute is over he was planning to hang around. The post-dispute term needed somewhat of a higher of sophistication he had no competence.

    • 2

      Those days, Dayan was selling 13th amendment for the full implementation. Only very recently he changed his mind and brought a new theory. Dayan has forgotten that part.

      Now, he is selling himself and ISland which had been bought by politicians supportive to Rajapakses and their content is promoting Rajapakses. So, Dayan is advertising here.

      • 1

        Well, I read earlier Dayan was simply reflecting promises made to Indians by Rajapaske himself.

        So Dayan thought Rajapaske was serious about 13th and kept selling it there. However, all along Rajapaske had no plans for even for the 13th. He would have gone on until the idea got cold and forgotten about it.

        However, the Tamils were undermining Rajapaske at every instance, spreading hoaxes and misrepresenting everything.

        So Rajapaske had a plan but he did not have people who were capable of engaging people at international level to keep on track.

        He kept trusting idiots like Sajin Vaas when the requirements were way over his pay grade. That put country in peril and people decided to remove him.

        Rajapakse not giving anything to Tamils is perfect and spot-on. However, he needed a strong diplomatic cadre like Dayan to sell it diplomatically.

        It behooves one to think Rajapaske and Dayan did not discuss and weren’t on the same page when they should have been.

  • 4

    DJ is good only for kili’s media coolies. DJ one good advise stop playing politics and tell your mango friend MR GR KG to retire gracefully.

  • 5

    Hello, Dayan Jayatilleka, he is no more President.

    Oh, ya, he is the president of Utopia. u lik him.

    Why your Ex-president Mahinda Rajapaksa Should Have Heeded The Island?

    Because the people living there are Hybrid cum racist modayas, morons whose language is just a creole, a non classical and uncivilized.

    got it.

  • 3

    [Dayan was spot on when he said there was no need for a special session as the conflict was now over and nobody was dying.]

    You hybrid liar.


    SRI LANKA has admitted for the first time that civilians were killed by government fire in the final months of the country’s civil war in 2009, but said the deaths were unavoidable.

    The country’s Defence Secretary, Gotabaya Rajapaksa, brother of the President, Mahinda Rajapaksa, released a passionate justification of the military’s controversial action, saying the government ”made every effort to protect civilians in the conflict zone through the creation of safe corridors and no-fire zones”. Nevertheless, ”it was impossible in a battle of this magnitude, against a ruthless opponent actively endangering civilians, for civilian casualties to be avoided’.

    you should be ashamed of yourself.

    face down, jackass.

  • 1

    Dayan has also become the target of some hyenas trailing brave lions and looking for easy prey to keep themselves going.]

    Jackass is needed for Hybrid Bengali Lion in UNHRC

  • 3

    Such bunkem! Dayan I honestly do not know your father and want to believe he was much better than you. Your basking in self-glory, the arrogance … these are the weaknesses Mahinda Rajapakse, the crafty and able politician capitalized yet you continue to march like the mule that still believes there is a stack of books on your back!

    Wake up man and please find something else to do. Stop being like Mahinda and realize, how about a shift from self-glorification to self-realization?

  • 4

    [Once again, The Island, in a courageous and prophetic editorial, warned against the larger, long-term consequences to the country of my removal:

    (‘A Patriot Guillotined!’ Monday July 20th 2009, p 8)]

    Karma is a bitch.

    Here (only) you are well deserved it for your lies that conflict was now over and nobody was dying.

    Thank you very much Karma for ousting these Dayan Jayatilleka and Mahinda Rajapaksa.

  • 6

    Why don’t you consider to contest for Next presidency as a candidate of Joint opposition? You will have the support of White Van murderer & BBS sponsor GR, BBS Monk, Batticaloa Monk, & Weerawanse.

    • 3

      Then, he would have been beheaded by Mahinda Killing forces.

      All kind of devious men andwomen hold the positions in Rajaakahse kalliya

      I believe, DJ has been made a joker among them, since none of them are aware of facts.

      Even Mahinda Rajakashe has publicly made speeches where numbers are far from undrestanding. They always mix millions with billions. These men to have governed the country express everything.

      Even Bandula Gunawardhana s Paripuhaliya wage mouth piece will SOON find no new sinhala term when it goes to attack current rulers.

  • 2

    Aney PAW for DJ. Better do some soul searching or get some advise from sarath N silva, rajeeva wijesinghe

  • 2

    Mama Sinhalam had forgotten who this Dayan Jayatilleke was until he reminded Mama Sinhalum today. Let us hope he keeps reminding Mama Sinhalams like me periodically lest we forget him. His claim to fame is in his progeny and in ensuring that the wicked colonial powers have been kept at bay. Never mind that a new colonial power China is breathing down our collective throats. China has bribed the leader enough for this fact to be forgotten. So, we must be reminded of the exploits of this guy constantly. He is the saviour of our race, no less. The wicked foreigners have been kept at bay through his efforts. Let us not be allowed to forget it. Let the Island, always in praise of Mama Sinhalams, be quoted often in praise of this forgotten man.

  • 0

    This fellow ain’t giving up eh? Hey DJ, Parayapaksa is done. So give up you racist coolie.

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