21 May, 2022


Why Sri Lanka Needs Racism

By V. Kanthaiya

First of all, I was thinking whether I should write this at all, because I was not sure whether you would like to read it. The problem is this; most of us are embarrassed to accept openly that we are racist. Let me explain. This is because you live in an area where other ethnic groups also live, and you work in a hi-fi office with wi-fi, where the toilets doesn’t have water, instead a roll of paper is kept, and you talk to your colleagues in pure English with lots of “Machang”. I tell you; you are a civilized social animal. That’s the exact reason.

BBSComing back to the embarrassment part, every country, if I say specifically, people in every country have something to be embarrassed with. This is a global phenomenon, not unique to Sri Lanka. For instance, a survey which I don’t have much information about, states that the young adults in western countries are embarrassed to acknowledge that they are virgin, because they believe only the losers remain virgin when they reach 18 years old. This made me think for a week and an additional two days that the world famous former adult entertainer and the present Bollywood star Sunny Leone is a loser, because recently she has publicly announced that She “is” a virgin.

At this point, you would feel that this piece of writing is really worth reading. I apologize for disappointing you. To your greatest dismay, this article is not about Sunny Leone or about virginity in general. This is about racism. I recently discovered that we Sri Lankans can’t live without racism. Why? Because racism is cool, racism is fun and it gives you the sense of intoxication, exactly like when you smoke a “joint”.

Let me elaborate on this. Have you ever thought about the scientific nature of being “doped”? There are various forms of intoxication. I take cocaine for an example. Wikipedia, the source most of the intellectuals obtain the knowledge from, states cocaine increases alertness, feelings of well-being and euphoria, energy and motor activity, feelings of competence and sexuality. Common effects also include anxiety, increased temperature, paranoia, restlessness and tooth grinding. This is exactly the same thing you would feel when you listen to Venerable Galagoda Atte gnanasara Thero’s Speech, provided you believe that the concept fed into your mind is true and accurate. The terminologies such as international conspiracy, Diaspora, Eelam, Our mother land, betrayal, and traitor are identified to the effective “dope” catalysts.

All the racial hate speeches have the same elements. You would be told that you are under attack. Your women are being harassed. Your businesses are being destroyed. Your lands are being taken; your religion is being humiliated. Your places of worship are being destroyed and the cattle (not chicken) are being massacred. Once you hear them, your body will automatically turn to defence or attack mode. You would be able to feel the adrenaline rush in your veins. You would be able to hear your own heart beat. You would feel that you are more powerful that what you think about yourself, and also feel anxiety, increased temperature, paranoia, restlessness and tooth grinding. I would like to bring to your attention that these are the same effects that cocaine gives.

I like to state my view clearly. My humble opinion is that Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) is a non-violent movement, emerged to protect both Cattle and Buddhist rights. However, the western imperialistic force (whose view is that being a virgin after you pass your teenage is an embarrassment) has depicted BBS as a Buddhist Jihad. I strongly believe that venerable Galagoda Atte gnanasara Thero’s speeches, which are rich in racial hatred purely due to coincidence and not because the Thero hates the minority communities. It gives entertainment to the masses that are fed up in their life due to its monotonous, tedious, uninteresting, unexciting, mind-numbing, mechanical, uniform and self-destroying nature. The BBS goes out and tell these devastated people that they are special, they are invincible, they are born to rule, they are above the law and they are the chosen ones to protect the cattle from being slaughtered.

This is completely acceptable from an objective point of view as motivating someone and giving a purpose to his/her life is something incredible. But there is a niche segment in the masses that gets very “high” out of the racist preaching. Once they get very “high” they forget themselves and let them on the loose. They attack the minorities, burn their businesses, burn their houses and make the entire country an utter chaos.

I have used the BBS as example. But this special intoxication is not limited to BBS or Sinhalese at all. The minorities are also privileged to experience this intoxication from the so called Tamil nationalism and the Muslim communalism. But the problem is even if they get very “high” out of their own racism; they can’t let them loose and make a mess in public, as the ruling government will always be willing to ensure the law and order in that case.

Racism is a fully fledged industry in Sri Lanka. It was first started in 1956 by SWRD Bandaranaike with the Sinhala only Act. Presently political parties are not the only stakeholders/ beneficiaries of this business. There comes the nationalist media which keep on brainwashing the masses that minorities are carrying out a conspiracy to divide the country. Another important stakeholder of this industry the so called political scientists and political commentators who portray themselves as the intellectual warriors who incessantly fight against the western imperialistic forces, especially against the UNHCR to protect the country. On the other hand, from the side of minorities, there are various media institutions which spread racial hatred in the name of demanding justice for the atrocities committed against them. It can be proved beyond doubt that there are so many people who make fabulous living out of the racism business.

Presently the President Maithripala Sirisena’s government has come to power using the concept of good governance, rule of law and harmony. The masses might have found these concepts amusing as the Rajapaksa government was using the same international conspiracy stories for ten years. My question is how long the masses will find these concepts of good governance, rule of law and religious harmony entertaining them. I would like to note about the previous Ranil wickramasinghe era of 2002- 2004 which was also based on the same concepts, especially the ethnic harmony and peace. But what happened? After two years, the masses found the so called “peace” to be boring and wanted the “kick” out of the intentional conspiracy stories. Then came comrade Wimal Weerawansa, Jathika Hela Urumaya and finally Mahinda Rajapaksa & Co. who gave unlimited supply of racism “dope”.

Under these circumstances, I doubt how long Sri Lankans will allow President Maithripala Sirisena to continue his ethnic harmony and reconciliation. Masses would again find it to be boring like what happened in 2004 and would want comrade Wimal Weerawansa and the other so called guardians of the mother land to the stage to entertain them with their international conspiracy, Diaspora and Eelam stories.

Our political activists may ask that how the western nations which have banned the racial hatred through their constitution, exist without racism. Well! The western or the developed countries eradicated racism through the public consensus and still they have racism on limited scale. And they have enough supply of real dopes and other entertainments which gives them the same adrenaline rush (which are banned in Sri Lanka as a threat to our social values).

Presently, with the winning of Maithripala Sirisena, Sri Lanka may seem to have got rid of racism. But it is only an illusion. Sri Lankans have become too addicted to its intoxication. Even if the masses find an alternative source to get the intoxication, the racism industry players such as the political parties and the media will not allow them recover. So racism is an integrated element in our politics and thus in our day to day life.

Long live Sri Lanka… Long live Sri Lankans… and Long live racism….

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    Why not legalise cannabis, and ditch racism

    • 5

      V. Kanthaiya –

      RE:Why Sri Lanka Needs Racism

      How are the Sinhala “Buddhists” going to practice their “Sinhala Buddhism” without Racism? The Monk Mahanama writings and Mahawansa requires that.

      However, please note that Lanka is the Land of Native Veddah Aethho, People.

      The Vedda Tribe


      Tamil-speaking Veddas of Vaharai await war recovery support


    • 7


      “Why not legalise cannabis, and ditch racism”

      A very good idea. Why didn’t I think this before?

      My Elders tell me the state used to provide free rice to the entire population in the 1970s.

      Instead successive governments should have supplied free opium, cannabis, etc in order to keep people in a state of permanent bliss.

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    Cute!…….,V. Kanthaiya, your essay is…… so Cool!

    Truth is, the masses (SB), is not like the Americans. Oh No! SB’s are Sinhala Buddhists. That means, unlike the Europeans, any kicks they are after, are subdued in meditation and mindfulness. Their mode of life, viz. e.g. driving scooter-cabs, is very invigorating (have you been in one?). Battling the elements and compounds of daily life is fulfilling and exhausting enough. Even ploughing the paddy-field is very fulfilling and uplifting, because that is how nature intended fulfillment in man. But in America, most of nature had been destroyed, and it is mostly an unfulfilling corporate world. Hence the need for stimulants to equalize the psyche.

    Therefore, racism in Sri Lanka is not the same as racism in America. In Sri Lanka, it is more about preserving a way of life without foreign stimulants vs. bringing in American stimulants to combat a new unfulfilling way of life via minority lifesfyles.

    • 8

      What a hypocrite!
      Take oath and become a citizen of America by dumping the mother land and then do the opposite (criticize them and praise the other).

      The Sinhala-Buddhist is still a primitive race/tribe and needs many more centuries to change their primitive animalistic attitude and come to a level of human standards. Buddha’s teachings (meditation and mindfulness) is never understood or practised by the Sinhala-Buddhists but only used as a tool to fool others. For the Sinhala-Buddhists, meditation and mindfulness it is the American equivalent to biting fingernails or chewing gum.

      ramona therese Fernando is one of the best examples of Sinhala-Buddhist racist primitive mind-set.

      • 3

        Not at all. That’s too simplistic a way at looking at different livelihoods people unwittingly choose. Once awareness is gained, there is great desire to preserve what is environmentally and humanly superior viz. the need to preserve ancient lands and heritage for the health of the planet.

        When you speak of Sinhala Buddhists as a primitive race, it shows the level of understanding of your Thamil people towards the Sinhala people. Your lack of caring for their precious and delicate culture and structure, and your people’s crass way of treating the rest of the country caused the violence and bloodshed for so many decades – the horror they have been through for decades might have caused any seeming depravity on their part. Although I am not a Sinhalese, I yet understand the vital need to care for and understand the majority race, and for minorities to interact with them,first and foremost, with their needs and aspirations in mind.

        • 0

          Perhaps the reason Mr Kumar made several unflattering comments to you is because you misunderstood and was patronizing about a clever article Ms Fernando. The article uses satire to look at racism in SL and it may not be perfect, but it definitely is not “cute.” Racism is totally ridiculous, so it’s good to see that and laugh about it.

          And it’s the duty of the majority race to care for the minority one and not the other way around Ms Fernando; because the minority race has less bargaining power. So it’s up to us to make sure minorities have the same rights that we have. That’s the human way to live. And if you live in a foreign country like the US; the reason you have the freedom and rights you enjoy is because a majority of white people decided to give you that freedom and those rights decades ago. I hope you don’t want to be a bully Ms Fernando. Because trying to bully people and races has not got SL very far as a nation; has it? I hope you can evolve in your thinking!

          Mr Kumar, FYI not all Sinhalese would react in the way Ms Fernando did. So please be fair and more polite in your endeavors to generalize!

          • 4

            ! Nope not me……never misunderstood or patronized the article……used the word ‘cute’ because it was a bit ‘off-color,’ and didn’t want to think too much on it. But still it was so American, that it was cool(if one likes Americana humor).

            Yes, racism is ridiculous – I experienced it a few times from the Sinhalese myself. I have also experienced it from other races. But that’s beside the point. In issues like country honor and sustenance, one has to go beyond the personal issue and see country value in the greater context.

            When one is a minority in a country, one has to respect and integrate with majority culture. And Sinhalese, compared to so many other races, are a very amiable people.

            Sri Lanka is not America. Here in America, the White people are the de facto rulers, and are of the highest income-levels. As per their history, they know that they are a nation of immigrants, and will get in more immigrants when they are needed. So it is a very different scenario from Sri Lanka with Sri Lanka’s ancient history and Sinhala-Buddhist heritage, and hardly any modern-day immigrants. However, it is good if SL learns some lessons from the US on protocol for dealing with minorities.

            Groups like BBS certainly needs to be arrested and dismantled (I’ve said it before in comments in other articles). I’ve also questioned the SB’s on their honoring of persons like Anagarika Dharamapala who was notorious for his hatred for the Muslims and Tamils, and fueled up the SB’s to use any superiority they might feel, to inflict damage on minorities. However, after the Aluthgama riots, Rajapaksa rebuilt the homes and businesses of those affected. These riots did not happen again (maybe a few isolated incidents). As per the Tamils, a lot of infrastructure has been built up in the N&E, and now it’s time to take it to the next step viz. greater incorporation of the people into the newly set up industries. But No! it seems that the Northerners prefer to integrate with Channai, and do not like the climate set up by the previous government, and working too much with the South!

            The word ‘bullying” can have different contexts. For if one is a minority, and has more money and power, then one then has a far greater bargaining tool than the masses.

            So, it is a crying shame that at times, minorities in Sri Lanka, disrespecting the Sinhala-Buddhist masses, go on their own merry way – totally cutting themselves off from the masses, not wishing to understand them, and yet have their livelihoods secured within the Sinhala Buddhist framework of governing and support structure.

            So in the end it is a reverse racism and bullying for the poor Sinhala Buddhist masses. And I, as a minority, can only look on and see the mistakes that time and time again occur, and know that Country Heritage is first and foremost. I know Masses of the Heritage have to be given utmost respect and honor, and a learning from minorities on how to deal with, and integrate into.
            (Believe me – this does not make me popular with any)

            • 1

              Actually the articles is not at all American, it’s a very Sri Lankan article written by Sri Lankan writer. It addresses our concerns by helping us understand them and laugh. I’m confused as to why you though it was “indecent or “in poor taste” as those are the words that define the the words you used to describe the article; which was “off color.” You language was patronizing.

              Yes exactly, racism is ridiculous.

              The problem has not been them disrespecting us, it’s us disrespecting them.

              If you’re referring to history, let’s stick with the last 100 years please, shall we? Anything earlier than that has little bearing on modern society. However if that is a topic that interests you and you do some research; you will find that most modern civilizations originated from nomadic tribes that emigrated and settled. As for Sri Lankan history, we are migrants. There were tribes already living here when we migrated from India. Yes, the US and their civil rights movement is something we should learn from. We should learn that we can build a powerful country by enacting legislation and building a culture that protects minorities.

              Yes the BBS should be dismantled. Yes you are right to question AD, he was a racist. If the previous government had been even remotely interested in good governance; BBS would have been shut down and Aluthgama would not have happened. Similarly, where the Tamil people are concerned the previous government has done cosmetic repairs only and has not shown any interest in treating them as equal citizens. I’m not sure who your source is for your statement that the majority of Tamil people want to integrate with Chennai. Your source is inaccurate.

              You’re assuming that all people from minorities have more money that translates into power, than the majority race. You have no proof of this. Therefore, your assumption is flawed, and your flawed assumption helps you to excuse your misconduct in omitting to speak or act on behalf of the minorities. You’re kidding yourself if you think our fellow citizens in the North and East have power.

              You seem to think that the minorities owe us for living in this country. You are incorrect. We are all equal stakeholders in this country.

              A country is nothing without its people. Its united people. You do not understand this, that is obvious. However, I hope you try to understand this in the future!

              • 1

                *Actually the article is not at all American, it’s a very Sri Lankan article written by Sri Lankan writer.

              • 2

                Nah…..definitely American. It’s a bit like “The Interview” movie (on Kim Jong Un) ……..full of sleazy jokes making the Americans look dumb, and they come out “Yeah right!” and very smugly powerful at the end…….(hey, I think this is the newest American strategy to wield their power(sex and American psychology)……….But I LOVE America , and they/we would not use these tactics if others only understood the precarious global financial balance, and worked with them accordingly).


                Lanka,…….. for every one rich minority, there are 20 poor mass-people. Even the minority in the N&E is richer than the majority in proportionate no. Only reason the Thamils in the North act poor is because they selfishly refuse to work with the rest of the country.

                You say we should stick to the last 100 years of history, but you yet speak of 2,500 years ago when most were immigrants (possibly trying to make out that we are the same as America). We are not duped!

                Minorities do not owe us for living in Sri Lanka. No indeed! But it seems that the masses are incumbent upon the minority economic system to live within their heritage. In fact, when the minorities live within the Heritage-of-the-Masses system will all be equal stakeholders of the country.

                • 1

                  If you and I are referring to the same article Ms Fernando, and you think the article is “sleazy” and “smugly powerful at the end,” I’m not sure if there is any point in explaining anything to you in your current state of mind. But I’m going to try anyway!

                  I think part of the problem maybe your limited understanding of the English language. This is not a big deal at all, you truly can overcome this!

                  For example, you gave me a link to an article to validate your views on the Chennai connection, thank you. It was an interesting article. But at no point did the writer; directly or by implication say that he wants to integrate with Chennai. He really did not say it. Seriously.

                  Also, I’ve used the word “however” at the beginning of the sentence in which I referred to ancient history. “However” is an adverb. It is used to introduce a statement that contrasts with or seems to contradict something that has been said previously. I was trying to relate to your interest in ancient history, and was telling you that if you did your own research; you would find all these interesting facts out for yourself. I simply gave you a few examples. And I was not trying to show that the origins of SL and the US are similar due to their immigrant founders. If the facts are accurate; I don’t have to try to make that connection.

                  Ms Fernando, you’re really inhuman when you talk about minorities, do you know that? I mean why would any human being want to “act poor” if they are not destitute? How do you know they are pretending? What a callous thing to say. Are you unaware that we don’t have legislation that protects and empowers our minorities? Your ignorance is inexcusable.

                  Frankly I don’t see the point of any country being limited by “heritage” its people have inherited. I mean what happens when you outgrow it? Look at France for example, it did not start off the way it is now, it has evolved with the evolution of its people. It had a monarchy, a revolution, then it had religion and now its secular. People are more important than “heritage.” But if you strongly believe that we must be true to our heritage; let’s go back to the beginning and be true to our immigrant heritage.

                  Please don’t get angry because you don’t like what I’m saying to you. I’m really sorry for you for the way you think right now. But I hope that instead of replying to my comments; if you just started thinking about what I have said and found things out for yourself; that could be a big step in the right direction. Please do reply if you want to. Even if I don’t reply, I shall definitely read and think about anything you have to say. Good luck!

                  • 0

                    No, I said that the film, “the Interview” was sleazy and smugly powerful in the end, and not the article. I found the article cute and cool. The article shows a progress towards that new American form of modern expression (quite unlike Sri Lankan expression, but Lankans are quickly learning).

                    Then in the lack of debating spirit, you go off into abuses to demean me a bit. Never mind.

                    In the article on Channai, the author’s shows implications of hankering after Chennai style development. Mr. S. Sivathasan gives the aspiration of many Thamils, in building up Jaffna to be in coalition with Channai. Rather than being grateful that the former Gosl built up much infrastructure especially in the hotel industry which will incorporate the North to the South, Thamils in the end want the what would be Colombo Port project to take its place in Jaffna. Former Gosl was going to develop the Port city in C’mb. They were therefore to be in coalition with Chinese commerce and trading with this. However, with a hope of Jaffna being the new Port city, it will be Channi we will form the trading alliances with.

                    You reminding me of Sri Lankans having some migrant population in ancient times has no bearing on what we were speaking about in terms of Sri Lankan history and heritage being quite different from American history and heritage. So you thought you would put in a false cause to distort the fact, did you?

                    No, I’m not at all inhumane in what I say about minorities. All I ask is for minorities is to move with the aspirations and desires of the majority Sinhalese, as minorities in other countries do with their majorities – Sinhalese being comparatively kindly , tolerant, and amiable people. For example, if Thamil people take up hotel industry jobs, they would be much happier and have more money. But No! Fellows all want to be doctors and engineers and other professionals, but there are just a limited number of such jobs anywhere in Sri Lanka to suit the landscape of Sri Lanka -exactly which started the civil war. Then they scream “foul” and act like there are poor and then become prone to terrorism. Or they want to liaison with TN and build up jobs that way, screwing up the rest of the country with their unfair selfishness.

                    In France, everybody speaks, thinks, and acts the French way. When offensive cartoons were drawn of the Prophet (PBUH) (terrible thing indeed), and people killed as a result, the whole of Europe, leaders and all, came to protest for French rights of free expression saying that France’s traditional heritage rights had been violated. French don’t want the Burkah either. They have limited foreign restaurants in France compared to other places in Europe, and even their food takes precedence over all other food.

                    When you say yet again, ” But if you strongly believe that we must be true to our heritage; let’s go back to the beginning and be true to our immigrant heritage,” this means you actually want to compare SL’s comparative equitable 2,500 old history with US’s 400 year old history of putting Native Indians into reservations and Blacks in ghettos. That gives sure proof of your bluff.

  • 10

    Good one.Yes we are racist.Our cultute is and our thinking is.We are in a primitive state of mind.That is obious to every one except our selves.

    But now the great masses understand the cost of racism.Death distruction and pain majing us a nation of suppliers of maids to the middle east.

  • 5

    Sri Lanka needs racism or else people like Wimal, JHU, MR, Gota, BBS and the likes will not be able to survive .

    • 2

      You’ve left out the ‘Federal Party’ which predates all others.

  • 6

    The minorities have always been a plaything for politicians from the majority kind. In political language, ethnic issues are stoked by the politicians to incite fear in the majority of the minorities, to advance their agendas. Like someone once said that “the majority in Sri Lanka suffer from a minority complex”. Sri Lanka needs racism or else people like Wimal, JHU, MR, Gota, BBS and the likes will not be able to survive . In the aftermath of an election defeat the first thing that MR does is incite racial thoughts in his own village. What a looser…

  • 6

    Absolutely a good piece and a great discovery, to say the least. Wonderful, undeniable and surely a satirical analysis Mr.Kanthaiya. I totally agree that every one has some kind of ‘racism’ in their blood. The only thing is that it has different degrees and percentages in individuals, which we have plenty in our peaceful nation, irrespective of their ethnicity, culture or education.

    Galagoda Aththe Gananasara is a peace loving, animal loving, harmless, Buddhist clergy. He’s just trying to keep some devotees in “high” spiritual spirits with no harm intended.

    Love your article…just go on writing harmless, hate-less,racism-less and seriously fun full pieces.

  • 3

    “” (BBS) is a non-violent movement…I strongly believe that venerable Galagoda Atte gnanasara Thero’s speeches, which are rich in racial hatred purely due to coincidence and not because the Thero hates the minority communities.””

    Coincidence?? my Arse. you are still intoxicated.. grow up child.

  • 2

    Well, what ever you have discovered about (BBS) end of the day did he bring peace and unity among fellow sri lankans? as what load Buddah has preached and if every monks follow his foot steps could there be peace in this world ? we live in this world for a very short period of time and many be just once, it worth to spend every min for the sake of peace than distraction.

  • 6

    Yes, you got it right Kanthaiya. Minority bashing is in vogue in SL. As long as they (those affected) remain calm, subdued and non-reactionary it is fine. Otherwise it is like playing with a tinderbox close to fuel dump. Giving someone a high at the expense of another’s low is always a recipe for disaster. There are some who thrive on those ‘highs’ and are just plain and absolutely nothing without it. In fact BBS as an Organization was first mandated to look into Buddhist internal issues, for which it became extremely unpopular amongst their own kind. But when they switched their focus to promoting racism and racial politics, this opened new vistas for them that took them to far flung places and brought them new found respect. So much that they even thought they could even ‘make’ or ‘break’ governments and install new leadership favorable to their cause. But now in hindsight we know it was just empty threats, as they got flushed out with the sewage, and are now left in the lurch with no financial backer nor moral support to push their racist agenda. Thankfully their high flying journey has come to an end with them licking their paws in defeat. Our country can do well without the heady ‘highs’ and ‘lows’ intoxication of racist politics and its addictive fallout.

  • 0

    This one made me laugh, thank you! =D Please translate your article into Sinhala and Tamil if that is possible. Hope you write a series of articles like this.

  • 2


    Perhaps you should look up the definition of the word “racist” and judge for yourself whether you qualify for that title.

  • 1

    Racists of all races will have to smile and shake hands and coexist in a new Sri Lanka.

    Or greet one another with “Ayobowan” which means fellow racist, may you live forever!

    At any cost let there be no violence, fighting words are preferable to actual fighting.

  • 0

    The first bit of utterly Idiotic common sense that I have seen on this site. This Kanthaiya must come and join us here in the Cuckoos nest.

    The only thing he forgot is to add that as a reward for feeding us racism we allow the chief racists to plunder the country.

    This is the pick of the pickle -“Another important stakeholder of this industry the so called political scientists and political commentators who portray themselves as the intellectual warriors who incessantly fight against the western imperialistic forces, especially against the UNHCR to protect the country” – the dancing DOCTOR DJ leaps to mind immediately along with a few smaller wriggling worms.

    I agree that this Siri – Sena government is going to be utterly boring apart from the Siri – Son who will very soon do a stunt or two that will be fun to watch: probably rape or murder or some such thing with the help of the PTSD, may even be a “birthmark killing” or even a dozen or two.

    The only way to make this a bit adrenaling is to bring in a few racists to join the government and the Knorrr Vegans must be consulted on this matter or we can borrow some from the minorities.

  • 0

    I am afraid Mr Kanthaiya is hopelessly confused. The Americans are as racist in their emotional responses to events that relate to “us” versus “them”. We are all evolved from animals and have emotions like animals. But mankind is evolving- not anymore in biological terms but is social and spiritual terms. As Teilhad de Chardin has stated ( as explained to me by retired Professor Valentine Joseph)the next stage of evolution is social and mankind will begin to accept their common inheritance, brotherhood and shared basic nature.
    Religions have over the years preached the brotherhood of mankind, that all mankind are the same and all are equal and deserve to be treated equally without discrimination. Racism is an animal like emotion. Creeds and ideologies that teach differently will I think disappear from human society. Those who practise racism will also disappear. Of course it may not be without a struggle. But the ultimate victory is for the brotherhood of mankind to prevail.

  • 0

    The author is hopelessly confused in this pointless ramble.

    The bad words are:
    Racial discrimination – Discriminating based on race
    Racial violence – Incitement hatred or violence based on race
    The above are illegal in the West.

    In general white people in the west may like other white people more than the coloured people – but that alone does not make them racist. And it is certainly not considered illegal.

  • 0

    All this hatred and animosity is only a knee-jerk reaction by blaming your troubles and fears on those who are different to you. We live on a multi-cultural and ethnically diverse Island and that is what makes it beautiful. Embrace all that these have to offer and move forward as a country (no matter what your background)..we will become one of the happiest and most prosperous small nations on the planet.

    Racism is never the answer..V.Kanthaiya it sounds like you were on a couple of grams of coke when you wrote this. Get off your high horse and realise that you are not part of a superior race!

  • 0

    Looks like some readers failed to understand the sarcasm and the truth between the lines. Racism is a sensitive but thriving subject in Lanka and denying that is like denying the mass killings of Nanthikadal in May 2009.

  • 0

    Please can someone tell me if racism is illegal in Sri Lanka, or if you have an equality act which covers racial and religious discrimination? I am from Plymouth University in the UK and I am conducting research into opinions on mixed-race relationships, and racism in Sri Lanka and the UK. If someone can let me know what the laws are, it will really help my research. If any of you want to take part in the study then email me. Thanks!

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