10 June, 2023


Why Sri Lankans Fear India

By Rajeewa Jayaweera

Rajeewa Jayaweera

Rajeewa Jayaweera

News of the recently held India – Sri Lanka Joint Commission trickling into the public domain appears to be grim and very unfavourable to Sri Lanka. The single most important bilateral issue between Si Lanka and India, namely poaching by Indian fishermen in Sri Lankan territorial waters has supposedly received a one line mention in the Minutes of the meeting.

The Minutes of the meeting, supposedly has been prepared in Delhi and sent to Colombo for comments, rather than being prepared by the host nation and sent to the visitors for comments. The Minutes, covering a gamut of issues consisting of around four dozen paragraphs, supposedly devotes one sentence to the poaching issue. It is understood that words such as ‘Bottom Trawling’ ‘Poaching’ and ‘illegal fishing’ necessary to describe this important issue have been scrupulously avoided in the Minutes prepared in Delhi. If this be the case, it can only be assumed, the Sri Lankan delegation led by our Foreign Minister has once again failed to impress upon the Indians of the importance of this particular issue from a Sri Lankan perspective. It has been a repetition of previous instances since 08 January 2015 during visits by Foreign Secretaries, Foreign Ministers, Prime Ministers and our President to each other’s countries. Sri Lanka today, has not moved a single step forward from status quo which prevailed at the commencement of the Sirisena Presidency. In the absence of joint Press Conferences and/or Joint Communiques after important visits, the public has no choice but to assume that all discussions held in both countries were stage managed by India with little or no input from Sri Lanka. There is a definite danger of the manner Sri Lanka and especially our Foreign Ministry have handled this issue since January 2015.

A similar conflict prevailed between UK, a super power similar to super power aspirant India and Iceland, a small nation similar to Sri Lanka from 1958 to 1976. British fishing trawlers were found poaching in waters claimed by Iceland but not recognized by UK. The dispute erupted three times during the eighteen year period and was referred to as Cold War 1, 2 and 3. During the first cold war, 37 Royal Navy ships and 7,000 sailors were deployed against six Icelandic gunboats and 100 coast guards. Cutting of British fishing nets, firing at British fishing vessels by Icelandic coast guard vessels and ramming of at least one Icelandic coast guard vessel took place during the three cold wars. The issue was sorted out at the United Nations under the aegis of the Law of the Seas Conference. During the conflict, Iceland, on several occasions threatened to leave NATO. Though never openly stated, the US – Iceland Defence Agreement too could have been in jeopardy. Iceland achieved its overall aims to the detriment of the already declining British fisheries industry, severely affecting the economies of northern fishing ports in the United Kingdom.

What is relevant to Sri Lanka is while regular stand offs were taking place, vigorous diplomatic negotiations continued followed by Iceland placing the issue before the United Nations. How much longer is Sri Lanka prepared to wait before placing this travesty before the United Nations and other international forums? The importance of properly documented efforts to resolve issue bilaterally becomes relevant when placing our case before the international community even under a different dispensation. One liner Minutes of Joint Commission meetings will not serve towards this end.

Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera, addressing the India – Sri Lanka Society recently is on record stating Sri Lankans, particularly the majority Sinhala community should not get ‘paranoid’ over unfounded fears of Indians ‘swarming’ their country. He has termed those having concerns as ‘neo-fascists’. He has advised opponents of CEPA/ETCA with India to shed their ‘minority complex’. He warmly referred to “my dear friend and counterpart, the Hon. Sushma Swaraj” making a third visit in a year. She did not reciprocate his warmth by failing to pay a customary courtesy call on our Foreign Minister during her visit, as required by diplomatic protocol. Yet another breech of protocol took place during Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj’s courtesy call on Prime Minister Wickramasinghe at his hotel during his recent official visit to India. Seating arrangements accorded her a chair in a location meant for a Prime Minister and not a Foreign Minister. Our Foreign Minister and his team need take full responsibility for the omission. Prime Minister Wickremesinghe recently decided to appoint a ‘Global Affairs Committee’ to supervise the Foreign Ministry on the basis ‘the Foreign Ministry has done little or nothing in the past one year’. Though not an ideal situation, under the circumstances, it is perfectly understandable.

Foreign Minister Samaraweera, when referring to Sri Lankan’s fear of India, need be mindful of certain facts. Illicit Immigrants from Tamil Nadu in the 1950s and 1960 and Indian hegemony during 1980s need no elaboration. India’s refusal to respond at a time when Jaffna Garrison was on the verge of falling to LTTE terrorists is not forgotten. In more recent times, the periodic reference to the Indo-Sri Lanka Bridge by senior Indian politicians despite repudiation by our own Prime Minister in Parliament, the ETCA opposed by many professional bodies, the ‘no paper missive’ against purchase of JF-17 fighter aircraft manufactured in Pakistan, opposition to according Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif of Pakistan an opportunity to address our Parliament, India’s refusal to constructively work with Sri Lanka in resolving the poaching issue and our Foreign Ministry agreeing to a one liner reference to the issue in official Minutes are but a few of the contributory factors which gives cause for such fears.

The need for close and friendly relations with India, without acting in a manner detrimental to their security cannot be disputed and is essential for Sri Lanka’s own survival. However, the need to conduct relations with mutual respect without capitulating to Indian suzerainty cannot be overemphasized.

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  • 9

    “Why Sri Lankans Fear India”

    The stupid Sri Lankans

    are a paranoid lot,
    cannot see beyond their nose,
    willing to cut off their nose to spite their face,
    masochists who put up with rent seeking Mudhalalies,
    economic illiterates,
    foolishly believe in self-sufficiency,
    don’t mind low-quality products at higher prices,
    don’t want to modernise their mind, production and distribution,
    do not know how best to benefit from a larger market,
    unable to creatively thing,
    afraid of learning new skills, new ways of doing things, ….

    scared of their own shadow.

    • 3

      Sure, nothing like a high quality Maruti, and isn’t there a FTA already in place and SL do get the high quality Indian goods already (Nadu rice: yum yum), and of course the high quality Indian doctors will be charging in Indian Rupees, and what was the exchange rate again, it will be all good, no, great!

      • 5


        “SL do get the high quality Indian goods already (Nadu rice: yum yum),”

        And without Indian parrippu, the entire country will perish. Without cheap Dosa, Vada, Idly, sambar, not many will survive a week or too. In case if you forgot Demela’s use Indian ingredients cook all the above culinary.

        Indians pay Sri Lankan play for them.

        Indian tourist amounted to 30% of the total tourists who enjoyed cheap hospitality in this island, probably brought the uncivilised culture to this country, defalcating in public.

        Why not ban all those Indian stuff you import and tourist who bring all forms of diseases to this land?

        “The Truth Will Set You Free, But First It Will Piss You Off”

        – Gloria Steinem

        In your case you p**s all over the place in order to hide truth.

  • 2

    well said sir. We need to be mindful of so many things. I fear MR is correct in saying that SL will become an Indian state.

    • 6

      I welcome if Srilanka become part of India because we buddhist Sinhalese are the origins of India. We all can remember how our MR made several visits to Thirupathy Temple during his term igring the Buddhist temples in SriLanka. The double game played by Sinhalese towards India is a genuine threat to Indian security.

      • 0

        I have no issue with SL joining an indian federation, but only as a sinhala state, the whole island

    • 2

      Even Anagarika Dharmapala wanted Kanka to be so!

      Would it happen? Very unlikely.


    • 5


      ” I fear MR is correct in saying that SL will become an Indian state.”

      Hindians believe this island is part of Hindia, whether you like it or not. The Hinians also believe this island is the Sinhala state of Hindia.

      What are you going to do about it?

    • 3

      Dont worry about what Indians believe. It’s the fact that matters.
      I believed that Prabakharan Anna would give me my own country.
      I believed that Mrs. B brought me parippu and sugar from the moon
      I believed that India is the only place where parippu grows.
      But now I am free !

  • 5

    Rajeewa Jayaweera

    RE: Why Sri Lankans Fear India

    “The Minutes of the meeting, supposedly has been prepared in Delhi and sent to Colombo for comments, rather than being prepared by the host nation and sent to the visitors for comments. “

    Thanks for the write up. The Indians, being Indians, will exploit Sri Lanka.

    “It is understood that words such as ‘Bottom Trawling’ ‘Poaching’ and ‘illegal fishing’ necessary to describe this important issue have been scrupulously avoided in the Minutes prepared in Delhi”

    I thought that the Sri Lankan Navy was given the order to shoot those bottom trawler fishermen.

    “The need for close and friendly relations with India, without acting in a manner detrimental to their security cannot be disputed and is essential for Sri Lanka’s own survival. However, the need to conduct relations with mutual respect without capitulating to Indian suzerainty cannot be overemphasized.”

    Yes. It should not be capitulation. It should be for mutual benefit.

  • 3

    Foreign minister, even in his personal style, represents only the minority, such as his personal preferences.

    Foreign minister just like CBK wanted Tamils to have their own way and he made one Army General from Jaffna to be transferred because this victoria Lingarie designer knew fat better than those who fought in the battle front and are still fighting in a hidden battle font.

    India is a country which is not capable of taking control over their own domestic issues. Instead, try to control weak neighbours such as Nepal and Sinhale. Modi came to stop corruption, but the result is India fell down along the corruption countries index. Even though Sinhale is blamed for every thing, Sinhale always fair better than indian in every aspect.

    • 7

      To: Jim Softly.

      You are still the stupid pea brain idiot. This has nothing to do with the Foreign Minister. The heading of this Topic is ” Why Sri Lankans fear India”.
      Sri Lankans fear India because your politicians are cowards and plain stupid pea brained idiots. Over time since your independence from the british your crude, vulgar, politicians could not get any votes other than by creating a monster to frighten you people. That monster was big bad india. By using this created monster they came to power and sucked your blood and did buggerall for your country.
      While India progressed from the bullock cart era to a space age hitech era you Sri Lankans went the other way. Now your politicians the sarong johnnies are in big shit, so to cover their looting and robberies they have nothing else to say accept that Sri Lankans are frightened of India.
      Sri Lankans need not be frightened of india. Why should they be ??????
      You forget that your PM Mrs Bandaranaike called in Indian soldiers to guard katunayake airport during the 1971 insurgency.
      Your Sri Lanka navy flagship SLNS “Sayura” is a gift from india.
      India lost more soldiers to the LTTE than any other foreign campaign.
      Who started your first private hospital in Colombo the ” Apollo Hospital” india.
      What do you see on the roads of Sri Lanka. Marutis, Suzukis, Tatas, Bajaj, Ashok Leylands, Hero Hondas, Tvs etc etc.
      If you sri lankans are proud people then you should be driving more BMW’s, Audi’s, Mercs, Jaguars etc etc. Why not!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      You should be frightened of your pea brained politicians who are robbing you left right and centre, lock stock and barrel unless you also have a pea sized brain and not aware of the collosal damage that they are doing to you and your future generations.
      Sri lanka should have been a shining light of progress, prosperity, gentlemanly democracy, powerfull armed forces, bebt free economy, intelligent population, racial harmony, a melting pot of ethnic communities, but alas and sad to say it is nothing.
      Use your vote to bring in educated, humble, intelligent, hardworking, brainy politicians. People like Jawarhalal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Lee Kuan Yew, Mohhamed Mahathir, and experience the difference. Yes! they have their weak points but not as weak as your pea brained politicians the sarong johnnies.

      Mr Jim Softly, get some sleep, then wake up and take a bath. Go out into the world starting with India. Come to india without any fear and see all that India has to offer. Take your time without rushing and maybe if you are good looking and educated you may find a nice indian girl to match you who wil take away your sri lankan fright of india.
      Remember that your Jacqueline Fernandez actress who is SriLankan ( mother malaysian ) is now a big hit in india. See what india has to offer beautifull women. Then tour Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand and see the prosperity & progress. Go back home and kick your bloody politicians up their BUTTS with their sarongs on so hard that they will not ne able to sit down for at least five years.
      At the next elections don’t give your vote unless you are very sure that your vote will contribute to Sri Lanka’s prosperity and repeat, and if you cannot use your vote properly then take it and shove it up with force into the rear of the first yakko politician you come across and after that all will be well.

      To end this, Dont be frightened of India because india wont eat you.

      Good luck and all the very best.

      Ps: I have been to Sri Lanka once and enjoyed my holiday particularly in the south and hill counry. Lovely country, people and time.

  • 0

    We remember the days when the Ambalangoda Lion ceased the unceasing waves and the Vellvatithurai Tiger was reared by the Iron Lady

  • 1

    It is worth noting that some islets off Sri Lanka were once Indian territory (belonging to Tamil Nadu)
    And Indhira Gandhi gifted some of this land to Sri Lanka as a ‘gesture of goodwill’
    As if it was her private land to gift to somebody else. And she did not get the consent of the Indian masses before doing this. If anybody dares to suggest today that India should ‘gift’ some of Kashmir to Pakistan, it would create and uproar in India

    • 1

      Kachatheevu was disputed territory. Frankly Sri Lanka could do without it. But why were there no objections at the time? Surely, the DMK was in charge in TN.

      The problem now is that large deep trawling Indian boats rob our fishers of their livelihood. They also attack local fishers and destroy their gear.
      Most importantly, they destroy their future livelihood as well, after having depleted their coast of all fish.

      Traditional fishing rights involved small fishing boats and not an issue. The present situation is daylight banditry by big boats.

      Why cannot the SL Govt win the hearts of the Northern fishers by being firm on its legal rights and detain with heavy penalties all illegal fishing vessels. The Tamil fishers will respond well especially since the Tamil leaders do not care the least about their plight.

      • 3


        “Kachatheevu was disputed territory. Frankly Sri Lanka could do without it. But why were there no objections at the time? Surely, the DMK was in charge in TN.”

        As far as Hindians are concerned it would not matter whether Kachatheevu belongs to Sri Lanka or India, as long as this entire island remains the Sinhala state of the latter.

  • 1

    Rajeewa Jayaweera

    RE:Why Sri Lankans Fear India

    “News of the recently held India – Sri Lanka Joint Commission trickling into the public domain appears to be grim and very unfavourable to Sri Lanka. The single most important bilateral issue between Si Lanka and India, namely poaching by Indian fishermen in Sri Lankan territorial waters has supposedly received a one line mention in the Minutes of the meeting.”

    What is happening Globally. How can we participate without being run over?

    Parag Khanna maps the future of countries

    Many people think the lines on the map no longer matter, but Parag Khanna says they do. Using maps of the past and present, he explains the root causes of border conflicts worldwide and proposes simple yet cunning solutions for each.


  • 4

    our political leaders lack the character and knowledge to conduct a foreign policy that is conducive to sri lanka. Hardly qualified these so called political leaders do not take advise. The media is used to hype their abilities. JRJ who has virtually destroyed this country was called the fox who could manipulate any country , the result is well known. The fashion designer is now portraying him self as the know it all. RW who is supposed to be the leader with a vision has failed to produce any achievement in the 40 years of his political career . He has failed to even democratise the UNP let alone the country.
    These leaders can only survive any a country that practices the AHEI Hamuduruwane mentality. Sir John said it right Lankans are a set of ass lickers only the asses change. This is the same policy practiced by the political leaders in the conduct of the foreign policy. These so called leaders are selling the sovereignty of the country. God Save us.

  • 8

    “The need for close and friendly relations with India, without acting in a manner detrimental to their security cannot be disputed and is essential for Sri Lanka’s own survival. However, the need to conduct relations with mutual respect without capitulating to Indian suzerainty cannot be overemphasized.”

    Couldn’t have said it any better!

  • 5

    We are used to a welfare culture and subsistence living from the time we are born. We have never been taught to be competitive and productive.

    We gave a small population and being competitive was not in our DNA.

    Our professionals such as doctors, engineers, lawyers, accountants and IT guys have had it very easy for decades due to non competition.

    Look at our garments industry. They are world class since they compete with global suppliers and competition has taken them to a different level. Nike or Levis will pull out as soon as we falter on quality or timeliness. Why can’t our other industries be like this? Why can’t our professionals take a clue from this?

    Best news for 2016 is the trade Agreement with India.

  • 2

    Jagath Fernando:

    Your praise of Indian economic progress is an admission of why so many in that populous country are unemployed and underemployed. AND….
    Your answer is for Sri Lanka to follow suit?

    Maybe we do not claw tooth and nail to compete as you wish us to… but we are less deceitful and for all the corruption we are accused of, ARE LESS CORRUPT THAN INDIA, AND AS A COUNTRY RATED HIGHER THAN INDIA!
    SRI LANKANS have an altogether better STANDARD OF LIVING accomplished without all the drivel being flung to make the people DISSATISFIED.


    • 8


      Your response to Jagath Fernando sounds very unintelligent.
      Sri Lanka will never ever equal India in terms of economic output and progress. The same applies to all other ways of life in India.
      Sri Lankans cannot bake a decent loaf of bread even after 68 years of independence, God knows what else they can do.
      SRI LANKANS have a better standard of living if they are politically motivated to cheat, rob, plunder, steal, kill, maim, etc etc just like their politicians past, present and furure.
      Even in a 1000 years Sri Lanka will never ever reach the standards of India because Sri Lankans are becoming lazy people.
      Yes! not all Sri Lankans are bad, but the majority are going from bad to worse day by day.
      The recent visit of the Indian navy carrier INS VIKRAMDITYA & INS MYSORE is a veiled warning to the sri lanka bath tub navy and govt to tow the line in all things.
      If you are comparing corruption in Sri Lanka to India then you should be ashamed of yourself because for a country of your size your corruption is beyond imagination. It is people like you with Pea sized brains who allow the ugly Cancer of corruption to spread.
      Maybe you have never visited India but if you have the chance come in and enjoy all that INDIA has to offer and you will be surprised.
      7 out of 10 indians speak very good english which is beyond Sri Lankans

      Stupid statement !!!!! You SRI LANKANS are the slaves in chains to your Corrupt, Greedy, Uneducated, Lusty, Ugly, Filthy, Undiplomatic, Slobbery, Crude, Shameless, VULGAR, One eyed, Pea brained, POLITICIANS.
      It is your POLITICIANS who are shackling you people in CHAINS, chains that you can never break out from except through an act of GOD.

      In reality SRI LANKA should have been a shining example to India in all things but alas ! it is the other way around.

      Anyway to end this ! Sri Lanka is a beautifull country, a land blessed with plenty but sadly people like you with under developed brains together with your under developed politicians are responsible for its sorry mess.

      ” COUNTRY FIRST ” wake up from your slumber, take a good bath, evaluate the mess you are in, have a good meal, look at your self in a good mirror ( not a distorted one ), go out into the world and see all that is good and nice, strenghten yourself to kick your ugly politicians in the BUTT, brighten your attitude, and ask yourself “what can i do to to help myself and my countrymen to a better life.”

      PS: If you have time get to your Computer, go to Youtube and type in “India Hospital” and watch all five episodes carefully over a nice hot cup of good Ceylon Tea. You will see the Compassion , Culture, Good Heartedness, Love, Caring, God fearing, personalities of many a good Indian in these Documentaries. I am sure, very sure, Sri Lanka does not posses these qualities.
      Also check out the following on Youtube. ” KOKILABEN AMBANI HOSPITAl”

      You and your country men will regret as to what you are missing out in life.
      Good Luck & take care of yourself. Bye .

      • 2

        “Sri Lankans cannot bake a decent loaf of bread even after 68 years of independence, God knows what else they can do.”

        Jerry F:-
        Sri Lankans prefer the Sri Lankan way of Baking Bread. Who are You to Tell us what is Decent and what is Not?

        Sri Lankans do not like the machine made sliced bread which has no flavour and no Character!

        • 1


          Well said…!! I like my bread the way it is.

          My local bakeries Roast Paan and Paan-Bage and Parippu is the best ! No need of this new-fangled rubbish sliced bread which is dry, full of “hulang” and tastes like straw.

          • 1


            “My local bakeries Roast Paan and Paan-Bage and Parippu is the best ! “

            I hate to agree.

            However parrippu and floor are still imported from India and baking bread is western concept.

            I wonder why the talented professionals are reluctant to grow wheat and parrippu in this island?

            By the way, you don’t seem to enjoy Pol Rotti and Kattu Sambol.

  • 4

    The Indian government should establish its bonafides by ordering its coast guard and navy to stop poaching and smuggling by Tamil Nadu fisherman. The following report appeared in the Sunday Times today (21/02/2016):

    “Startling revelation

    By Kumar Chellappan in Chennai
    View(s): 1027

    The Indian Coast Guard has told a Chennai High Court that the Sri Lanka Navy has neither trespassed into Indian waters nor attacked Indian fishermen in Indian waters. From January 2014 to March 2015 as many as 36,865 Indian fishing boats poached in Sri Lankan waters.

    In a startling disclosure through an affidavit filed by K.R. Nautiyal, Deputy Director General (Operations and Coastal Security) of the Indian Coast Guard, the Coast Guard has said the Indian fishermen are not only showing scant regard for international law but are also engaged in smuggling contraband, including narcotics.

    The High Court is hearing a petition filed by a Madurai based lawyer alleging that the Indian Government is not providing security to Tamil Nadu fishermen in the Palk Strait.”

    The Indian government should put an end to the piracy by Tamil Nadu, which also sheds crocodile rears in the name of Tamils in Sri Lanka. Jayalalitha’s bluff must me called. The Chief Minister of the NPC, should on the basis of this report raise the issue of narcotic smuggling and fish poaching with the Sri Lankan government immediately.

    If not, the Sri Lankan government should order its coast guard and navy to shoot the errant Tamil Nadu fisherman as Ranil Wickremasinghe had threatened. Criminal trespass should not tolerated in the name of friendly relations.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

    • 0

      Dr RN,

      First you should know the actual problem. After conceding Katchatheevu islet, the tradtional fishng boundary ( For thousands of years) of Tamils went to srilankan water coupled with 1974 IRMB which worsened further. These fshermen who had been poaching in these waters for generations suddenly face these injustice because madam Indira stupdity. the actual agreement of that time did not deny our tardtional rghts of fishing in these area. Now SL navy comes here and does atrocities. it is illegal for Indian central govt to cede the traditonal boundary of us without our state ratifcation.What you need here is practical approach, if you are stern, we wll push harder indian govt to retrve back the islet which belonged to ramanathapuram district. if India did not listen we can go to any extent, once we retrive it, please mind you loose major area forever if the IRBM is redrawn. You can never set foot what you claim yours.

      • 1


        Have you had time to liberate Jawaharlal Nehru University and Delhi high court from Hindu fascists?

        Please do not hesitate to ask help from China. The Chinese know how best to deal with students.

        • 0

          All over India condemnation pouring man for the student arrest on the fake evidence of sedition.

  • 0

    We are now having a new foreign policy to solve all old problems. Right thinking people should support it.Period.

  • 4


    Why Sri Lankans fear Indians? Good question.

    In actual fact Sri Lankans should fear Sri Lankans in the first place and only Sri Lankans. All others should be embraced with open arms. It is the Sri Lankans who continue to defraud the Sri Lankans. It is the Sri Lankans who have been screwing fellow Sri Lankans ever since independence.

    Whether it is the politicians who lie their way to the parliament who then go on to rob the exchequer, or the policemen who will let you go only with the oiling of his palm, or the peon who stands guard at the entrance to the Kachcheri who will not let you see his boss unless the correct incentive is paid, or the doctor mudalali who need to be paid their ever increasing fee before giving their mostly poorly educated treatment, or the racists who go on the ever so often rampages, I reiterate it is the Sri Lankans the Sri Lankans should fear.

    Xenophobia is misplaced.

  • 0

    We, Sri Lankan are not fear of Indian hegemony. By the way ,we are still leaning new experiences since 1987 Indo-Sri Lankan accord rectify by UNP-JRJ Neo-colonial pattern of politics which that surrender ours national Sovereignty to India.
    How Indian work and act against our country, nation and people of Sri Lankan.

    Current UNP-leadership of Ranil W…. in processing since 2015 January 9th , that new team that working on surrender ours Economic Sovereignty to Indian by proposed New Trade Agreement with India.

    Up till now UNP-Ranil.W.. anti -China policy that Neo-Colonialist of Comprador bourgeoisie has cherished the “Trade illusion” that Indian Expansionist stood for equal trade with us! UNP leader that used all kinds of anti -democratic methods against us- bribery, political threaten and police power-like FCID.

    Indeed UNP -Ranil W… turned out be side of the Indian powers, whose policy directed against National Democratic forces led by MR and alliances. UNP neo-liberalist first lose their heads give way to panic and spread all sorts rumours about MR leadership ,about Indian gains.

    And now our nation have proved to be Indian-hegemonies are one of chief enemy of freedom and sovereignty of Sri Lankan.
    Well Sri Lankan cannot be and will not be Independent unless
    Sri Lankan political and Economic power consolidated by economy development has taken place in future.

    We must now define democratic political tactics.
    When we are forced to sign proposed Trade Agreement with India, this step seemed from narrow of point of view that betray whole nation cause of Sri Lankan by UNP political move in future.
    We shall have to settle a number of problems and make a number of agreements and technical assignments which other countries who are helping ours nation building since end of War 2009 May.

    We as Nation used of our intellectuals set them definite Economic task and keep an eye on Trade with Indian and check their work.
    We are building our nation out of the anti-democratic and anti sovereignty elements left over by colonial and post-Independence legacy by new that Neo-colonialism of UNP policy strategies…

    Therefore Sri Lankan bourgeoisies led sustsnibility capitalism is developing in the same way as ours in at a faster pace since 2009 May. That has been undermined by UNP-Led “good-governance”. In present case under UNP-Leadership our job is to wage a desperate struggle against Indian, US and UK Imperialism.

    Just because it feels that Sri Lankan sustsnibility development of Capitalism has become a new global forces since 2009 May ,it is trying to throttle us as fast as possible in the hope of dealing first the National Economic Development and then with own path of development in every sphere of life -Sri Lankan.

  • 0

    whatever happen since independence it’s history but whatever happen pre historical era some calls epic some believes some doubts some refuses.

    here immaterial history.

    day to day life India is assumed maximum level greedy and that india want us to be inferior than them.

    there voices for tamils in insurgence and post war IDP status as well as Tamils who were dies or killed by bloody war.

    It’s was Indian major influence to Kill or eradicate or destruct entire Terror pro terror Tamils in North East.

    so it’s clearly a vendetta but No Indian pro with Sinhalese uplifting….. or Buddhist development.

    No Sinhalese refuse Indian Hindi Cinema but No Indian watches Sri Lankan Cinema or Super Tele Drama.

    Indians dramatic crooks…. Sri Lankans whether Prabaharan or Sarath FOnseka both militants once in their life they only knew they had cup of water from Tamil as well as Sinhalese.

    Can any Indian boldly say did they same in Bengali riot Hindu Vs Muslim?
    Kashmir Vs Sri Nagar battles ?

    or Kaveri water for Tamil Nadu…..look at their cruelty meantime value our Sri Lankans humanity….. we have been brainwashed by few politically power greedy leaders native Lankans always extent of their humanity.

    INDIA IS NOT ACCEPTABLE FRIEND TO OUR HOUSE ….YOU CAN INVITE /HOST separate accommodation if you allow indian into your house Indian sleeps in your bedroom.

    that’s internationally proven known thing

    One Example DUBAI and LONDON/////// Keralites and Punjabi’s ////// lot more i don’t want to be a most hatred person…. i Am SRI LANKAN.

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