26 June, 2022


Wiggie Made A Well Researched Case; Keep Digging And Release The Report: Tamil Diaspora Tells Zeid

Tamil diaspora organisations worldwide have urged the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to release the OISL report in March 2015 as originally mandated.

Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein

Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein

Issuing a statement today, 15 major Tamil diaspora organisations said; “Our organizations representing the 1-million strong Tamil Diaspora forced out of Sri Lanka due to the conflict, and having lost tens of thousands of relatives, fully endorse the call by the Northern Provincial Council, and urge you to release the OISL report in March 2015 as originally mandated.”

The Northern Provincial Council on February 10th unanimously adopted a resolution brought by its Chief Minister, Justice C.V. Wigneswaran making a well researched case that the Tamils in Sri Lanka have been subjected to genocide by successive Sri Lanka governments. The Resolution urged the OISL to investigate the charge of genocide against Tamils, and unequivocally called for the timely release of the OISL report and further OHCHR mandated actions including referral to the ICC.

We publish below the statement in full;

The Honorable Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein – United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) Palais Wilson, 52 rue des Pâquis

CH-1201 Geneva, Switzerland

Dear High Commissioner Zeid:

On behalf of a network of Tamil organizations around the world, we write to you in regards to the OHCHR Investigation on Sri Lanka (OISL). We are grateful to you for your strong leadership pursuing accountability for past atrocities in Sri Lanka and ending ongoing human rights abuses against the Tamil community. We respectfully urge you to continue this principled and strong leadership.

The Human Rights Council’s (HRC) dedication to the universality of human rights was very clear when it established the OHCHR investigation. The work of the OISL is tremendously important in bringing accountability for past atrocities, setting a benchmark for the issues that need to be addressed, and giving hope to the victims who have waited years for the truth to be validated.

The largely free, fair and peaceful election of President Sirisena on 8 January 2015 was an important step for Sri Lanka’s democratic development. While we welcome any efforts that improve the democratic development of the island, we feel strongly that this does not negate or change the need for an internationally-led accountability process. The mass atrocities that transpired in 2009 were not a singular event, but rather an especially heinous manifestation of the decades-long oppression Tamils have suffered. Our community has been and continues to be systemically disadvantaged by Sri Lankan institutions of power. The OISL investigation and timely release of a strong and credible report are critical steps towards addressing this deeply rooted injustice. We have heard repeated promises of internal accountability measures, but to date there have been no credible domestic investigations. We do not think President Sirisena’s mention of a domestic process is sufficient to believe this would change. While President Sirisena’s election was a step toward democracy and he has made some initial strides in this area, the fact that he was the acting Defense Minister during a portion of the period in which the atrocities were committed leaves the victims with no hope or trust on any domestic mechanism to seek accountability and justice.

Some have pointed to President Sirisena’s mention of a domestic accountability process as sufficient reason to postpone or even cancel the OISL’s work. The apparent call for a postponement became clear following Senior Advisor Jayantha Dhanapala’s meeting with you in Geneva on 29 January 2015, and from statements by Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera in Washington and New York. This is extremely troubling, as any change in the OISL’s work would be a major blow to justice and accountability, and would bring into question the neutrality of the OHCHR.

The Northern Provincial Council on February 10th unanimously adopted a resolution brought by its Chief Minister, Justice C.V. Wigneswaran making a well researched case that the Tamils in Sri Lanka have been subjected to genocide by successive Sri Lanka governments. The Resolution urged the OISL to investigate the charge of genocide against Tamils, and unequivocally called for the timely release of the OISL report and further OHCHR mandated actions including referral to the ICC. Our organizations representing the 1-million strong Tamil Diaspora forced out of Sri Lanka due to the conflict, and having lost tens of thousands of relatives, fully endorse the call by the Northern Provincial Council, and urge you to release the OISL report in March 2015 as originally mandated. President Sirisena’s election and short tenure do not negate the need for a timely release. The UN stands as the standard bearer of human rights. Therefore, any recommendations within the OISL report should serve as the baseline and driving force to guide a credible accountability process.

Moreover, the victims and perpetrators are looking to the report as the first – and only – credible accounting for what happened during the final period of the war. To amend that will crush the hope and expectations for justice, as well as play into the hands of the perpetrators who will see this as an opportunity to evade justice.

The failure of the UNHCR to release its report in March would set a terrible precedent for the United Nations. The 2012 UN Internal Review Panel, chaired by Charles Petrie, concluded that, “the events in Sri Lanka mark a grave failure on the UN to adequately respond to early warnings and to the evolving situation during the final stages of the conflict and its aftermath, to the detriment of hundreds of thousands of civilians and in contradiction with the principles and responsibilities of the UN.” Since the report, the UN has made strides to address its grave failure. A postponement of the report would be a treacherous step backwards for the organization.

The global Tamil community welcomes President Sirisena’s progress on replacing military leadership with civilian leaders in the North, welcoming back some exiled activists and journalists, and offering to resettle internally displaced persons. However, Tamils still await the demilitarization of the North and East, the return of Tamil land acquired by the government, constitutional protections for Tamil language and culture in their traditional homeland in the NorthEast, empowering of the Tamil provincial bodies to serve its people without barriers from the Colombo government, and, most vitally, the attainment of a fair political settlement. We encourage you and other global leaders to welcome President Sirisena by both commending the steps he has taken and at the same time also outlining past challenges and ongoing abuses, setting assertive and credible benchmarks for domestic progress, and providing assistance and oversight to ensure these benchmarks are met. Sri Lanka cannot develop as a pluralistic, democratic and stable country if one – or any – of its communities live with substandard access to democratic institutions and without full protection of the law.

After decades of subjugation, the Tamil community needs international leaders to ensure that Sri Lanka is truly starting a new chapter of governance, justice and truth. The timely release of the OISL report is a clear step towards both accountability and reconciliation in Sri Lanka.

We, the global Tamil community, stand in partnership with you and all who fight for human rights to bring justice, honorable peace and prosperity to Sri Lanka.


Dr. Karunyan Arulanantham – President – US Tamil Political Action Council (USTPAC)

The following o- rganizations endorsed this joint letter to High Commissioner Zeid:

Australian Tamil Congress (ATC) -Reginald Jeganathan, Chairman

British Tamil Conservatives (BTC) – Dr. Arjuna Sivanathan, President

British Tamil Forum (BTF) – V. Ravi Kumar, General Secretary

Centre for War Victims and Human Rights (Canada) – Anton Philip, Chairman

Federation of Tamil Sangams of North America (USA) –  Naanjil Peter, President

Global Tamil Forum (GTF) – Dr. Rev. S.J. Emmanuel, President

Ilankai Tamil Sangam (ITS, USA) Dr. Rajaram Kandasamy, President

New Zealand Tamil Society (NZTS) Dr. Siva Vasanthan, President

People for Equality and Relief in Lanka (USA) Tasha Manoranjan, JD, Executive Director

South African Tamil Federation Karthigasen Moothsamy, President

Swedish Tamil Forum (STF) G. Jeganmohan, President

Tamils Against Genocide (TAG, UK/USA) Janani Jananayagam, Director

Tamils For Labour (United Kingdom) Sen Kandiah, Chairman

United States Tamil Political Action Council Dr. Karunyan Arulanantham, President

World Thamil Organization (WTO, USA) Thillai Kumaran, President

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Latest comments

  • 8

    “1-million strong Tamil Diaspora forced out of Sri Lanka due to the conflict,”. The number “1-million” is huge compared to the total population of 22m. True?

    • 12

      when they TGTE carried out voting across the globe they from Norway confirmed it was close to 300k equivalent to the voting in the north-
      they all massage numbers- all men lie.

      • 2


    • 2

      You should ask the Bishop of Mannar.

    • 0

      1 million out of 4 million Tamils in 1983 which is 25%

    • 1

      They have been leaving since ”Sinhala Only”1956.

  • 6

    Who would have thought that Wigggles and NPC would be MR’s biggest ally and election asset!

    • 6

      Bedrock Barney

      “Who would have thought that Wigggles and NPC would be MR’s biggest ally and election asset! “

      There are two types of Tamils

      Tamils with Common sense, and they prevailed in 2015 elections and voted for Mr. Maithripala Sirisena.

      Then there are Tamil Mootals, Foolsமூடல்ஸ் who listed to the LTTE., the Diaspora etc and boycotted.

      Are the Wigggles and NPC controlled bu ther Tamil Mootals மூடல்ஸ்again?

      • 3

        Amarasiri, the greatest intelligent monkey on earth, when are you going to come down from your trees and walk like a “person”?

        • 7

          go back to the zoo; there you could find your scratching partner.
          Maybe then the 2 would become scientist- till then KYBMS.

        • 4

          To the signatories of the Statement,

          Not a WORD about the 100,000 Child Soldiers, while all the while the murderess against whom copious amounts of evidence is available is living right under your noses in the UK!!!

          The Nudity of the call is apparent.
          This is not about Human Rights if the Children’s and their parents rights are of no concern.

          The Petrie report builds on the UNSG’s Darusman Report and that builds upon the attempted “authentication” of the CH4 fabrication “Killing Fields” by UN Special Rapporteur Prof Philippe Alston.

          Alston’s Expert witnesses were Perjurers and Charlatans. One perjured himself in US courts. The other was censured by a Canadian Commission of inquiry which said he had no expertise in the field he was pretending to be an expert of.

          The UNSG’s POE, (Mr. Darusman, Ms. Yasmin Sooka and Mr. Steven Ratner) made a very dubious statement in their report. They say “… these actions did not, in law, amount to the use of human shields insofar as it did not find credible evidence of the LTTE deliberately moving civilians towards military targets to protect the latter from attacks as is required by the customary definition of that war crime” (POE report 237)

          The ICC Statute does not say anywhere, that movement, is required and is the Sine Qua Non for proving that the War Crime of employing a Human Shield has been committed.

          Rule 156. Definition of War Crimes

          Rule 156. Serious violations of international humanitarian law constitute war crimes.

          (xxiii) Utilizing the presence of a civilian or other protected person to render certain points, areas or military forces immune from military operations;

          Thus the requirement is the use of the PRESENCE of a CIVILIAN NOT MOVEMENT.

          Thus clearly the UNSG’s POE has had a VERY STRONG INCENTIVE to MISINTERPRET the ICC Statute.

          Were you involved in providing that incentive?

          Kind Regards,

        • 1


          What is your IQ? 79? That Explains.

          Most Mootals முட்டல்ல்ஸ் have low IQ.


          28 Guatemala 79
          28 Sri Lanka 77

  • 9

    High Commissioner Zeid is aware that UNHCR is an organisation that credibility only with countries that funds it in a major manner, the organisation so far is a toothless organisation under the umbrella of the UN under Ban ki Moon, who has no leadership qualities or ability There is not episode that UNHCR has helped the refugees in any part of the world, the best example is Ruwanda during the slaughtering period by one ethnic community against the other, UN hid behind the major funders doing nothing. Interestingly out of all the signatories of the letter by commissioner Zeid, all are LTTE puppets who has funded Velupunde Prabahkaran in his murderous pursuits, conspicuously absent is the architect of the US LTTE organisation Rudrakumaran, he has had his free publicity for his lifetime as the ‘honorary murderer, that his children will pay for his sins inflicted on Tamils in Sri Lanka

    • 4

      Glad that you are so bitter. Go with MR to UK again to protect him from the law if you can. So your love and sincerity to a butcher.

    • 3

      ” UN under Ban ki Moon, who has no leadership qualities or ability “

      The very reason why the US wanted him in that post.

  • 12

    “We, the global Tamil community, stand in partnership with you and all who fight for human rights,- Biscuit_Boofers..

    As inhuman as the other Hyena.
    The fascists jaguar tiger Urunde.

    If the call is for a report on both the massacres of Sihala JVP
    and Tamils in general not just JT’s the cause for blood letting.

    Sense will prevail but then the Hyena is a natural hermaphrodite.

    Authority is the Truth in practice.

    Can we start it all over again if you love them?

    Posse_Cat: whats new pussy cat ??

    (::()::) (::()::) (::()::)


    …<")))))-<..Hora_oru; Kallathoni, illicit immigrants.<")))))-<…

  • 10

    Mr. Zeid
    United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

    You should ignore the above Jaffna-style petition as it is not endorsed by the only Tamil organization that matters and legitimate – The TransRational Government of Tamil Eelam. TGTE is the only organization that is democratically elected by the citizens of the Chola Republic of Tamil Eelam spread over Euro-America, South Africa, South India, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand and Kondavil. As such only the legally constituted TGTE expresses the sovereignty of the Tamil Eelam people, and can therefore represent the will of the said people.

    We hope you will take this salient fact into consideration and allocate the above scandalous petition to its rightful place in your waste basket.

    Your and other Westerners’ obedient servant

    TGTE – TransRational Government of Tamil Eelam

  • 5

    The disappointment here is, over and above our strong opposition, GTF secretary and and president released statements supporting TNA statement and said that the New King coming to power will enable to investigate the old King on war crimes.

    We never bought that story. We predicted exactly which direction the events will turn. At least now, instead baffling to BBC like international medias, GTF has signed to this statement. This problem was created by TNA. TNA issued a false statement claiming that they had an agreement with the new King. TNA has sacrificed Sampanthar’s MP post in Trinco by this foolish action. This is going to put the existent of the TNA in to question. But now, TNA is taking the lead to fix it. Lets go together. All diaspora organisations, please, without conditions, support TNA. TGTE and TNPF has welcome the resolution already. Mano Ganesan has called on the South to respect CV’s position as he is the one will be going to the vote of the Northern Tamils.

    If the international Community want to hand over over the responsibility of investigation to Lanka, it has be given to the NPC-EPC has to investigate. Not Lankave! To be that can happen, before they make any decision, they have to make sure that EPC and NPC will be merged and they the judicial power will be given too that as per the 13th A.

    • 3

      why did Wiggie after lambasting sirisena in the resolution report went to Sirisena’s feet and sugar coated him the next day?

  • 5

    This is the best plug our President Sira has received from any quarter.

    And it is just on what the Diaspora have heard on little things like putting a civilian as the Governor.

    Just imagine if they had heard that our Reserve Bank is now run by a member of the Tamil Diaspora in London.

    Our Chief Justice is a full on Vellala from Cinnamon Gardens.

    And the geriatric Jaffna Vellala who is coming over to drive the Prime Minister’s agenda.

    And all this in just 30 days.

    And Ranil hasn’t got even any Exec Powers let alone the vote of the inhabitants.

    Just imagine what it would look like in 300 days and beyond.

    Good times will roll on for the Diaspora big time. And it is evident in the tone of the communique from the 1 Million members.

    No mention of separate Homeland for Vellala to administer from Wella Gardens. which is a plus to start with.

    One sticking point is the word NE .

    How can Ranil dislodge Hakeem, when Bathudeen and Assath Sally are around?.

    May I suggest our Dalits even should consider giving Duals to this One Million Diasporians ASAP, charging only a nominal fee,

    I mean the GTF blokes alone pump 20 Billion Pounds in to Pommy Economy every year.

    With the other 29 here, and it would a colossal amount of Dosh.

    Even one percent of that wealth will be enough to make all Dalits in the North in to Elite overnight, at least in Dosh.

    And our Dalits from the South can go there and earn a few crumbs, doing labouring jobs in new money Households in the North.

    One question which comes to mind is are these 30 organizations on a collision… course with the inhabitant Vellalas in Colombo after the Vellala CM’s diatribe against the Sinhala nation.

    • 6

      hey crook, dont just throw the words you know. do you know any meaning of the words you use? or are you insane?

  • 7

    I also hope that UNHRC has developed a program for the benefit of the aggrieved and the belligerents on how to move forward. The LRRC is now defunct – well almost. Suggestions that offenders of human rights confess to their sins and then allowed to go free is a poor idea. These murderers, torturers and rapists will become instant heroes among their respective communities and will wait for the next opportunity to do the same. It is a foregone conclusion that terrible war crimes were committed by all parties, more so by the Sri Lankan government during the concluding days of that war. It is a foregone conclusion that detailed evidence will be presented in the OISL report that war crimes were committed. No matter when this report will be released or how it is released, it is going to inflame a lot of suppressed emotions. I also feel that the UNHRC must present a sound programme to ensure that genocides do not recur and that racism does not re emerge in the Sri Lankan political arena.

  • 6

    What’s the point in digging the past, especially the events that took place in the final stages of the Elam war to wipe out TERRORISM from our soil?

    In any war, military excess is quite normal and its obvious that Sri Lankan Army had few alleged excesses which cannot be over-ruled nor held accountable and as illegal considering the gravity of the ground situation during the last stages of the war in Mulliwaikkal and in Nandikadal.

    And, as you all are aware, the war wasn’t a conventional one where the rules of law can always be followed to the last letter but the fight was against a ruthless guerilla group who never respected any laws nor human values when it came to killing the innocents on both the sides; considering the killing of the innocent civilians from the government side was the worst thing the terrorists had committed against humanity.

  • 7

    Don’t worry fellows, nothing will come of your claims of genocide or your quest for Eelam. You are being used by the US to pull Sri Lanka away from China. Sirisena is doing this anyway. The US are very pleased, just ask Mangala. They expect further democratic developments. Some sort of compromise will be worked out. Maybe s few yakkos sacrificed for the sake of the majority – and even they will be released early. Do you really think the US wants SL back in China’s arms? Realpolitik always wins. Muttals ‘You are pitiful isolated individuals; you are bankrupts; your role is played out. Go where you belong from now on into the dustbin of history!’ (Trotsky)

  • 12

    United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights must release the OISL report in March 2015 as originally mandated.

    We cannot trust Sri Lanka.

    Sri Lankan minister says “Gotabaya Rajapaksa is safe as long as he stays within the jurisdiction of Sri Lanka”

    It proves Sri Lanka’s internal inquiry would not meet the international standard.

  • 10

    As I have repeatedly said the tamil racist in the ranks of TNA and in Tamil Diaspora were the main obstacle for real reconciliation of Tamils with Sinhalese – history of Tamil politics provides many examples where racist tamil politicians saw seeds of extremism among simple minded Tamils – In the recent past Mr. Amirthalingum who was not a violent racist politician , genuinely tried to clear the miss trust created by racist politicians and live together as sons and daughters of mother lanka – However the racist in the ranks of TULF derailed him and secretly encourage extremism among young Tamils – finally those extremist killed Amirthalingum – Under the present Gov. Sampanthan gave up his racist attitude for the grater benefit of normal tamilians and agreed to work with majority government – he proved his genuineness by participating Independence day celebration – I think many fair minded Sinhalese appreciated this development and some warned current Gov. to tread the path carefully as it may be bit too early to completely trust these politician’s – I would say fair because they were the same guys who were demanding a pound of flesh unconditionally during last few years – Anyway CM Wiggi chose to go with racist extremists and drop the bombshell with his absurd resolution. History is repeating – and seeds of extremism are been sawed uninterrupted.

    If we were to remain as one peaceful nation we have to take more focussed steps to uproot tamil racism here in sri lanka and abroad – by effectively exposing the real face of Tamil racism – and by taking all possible steps to prevent the resurgence of extremism.

    Wiggi’s resolution to a certain extent expose the real face of Tamil racism – These guys certainly do not want to reconcile with majority – they want their pound of flesh – I think now the racist are worrying that this Gov. will solve many real issues of tamils like re settlement of war displaced and providing more muscle for Provincial Gov.through implementation of 13 Amendment – and the racist demand for revenge will be permanently forgotten by everybody and their Gov. in exile become irrelevant forever

    • 5

      well said

  • 4

    A couple of days ago in my comments to Dayan Jayatillake’s opinion column on NPC’s resolution on genocide of Tamils, I made the following comments:

    “NPC’s resolution on genocide seems to be a well planned move to stall efforts on the part of the United States to at least temporarily abandon the passing of any resolution against Sri Lanka at the Geneva Human Rights Council meeting next month.”

    I went on to state as follows:

    “Leaving aside the validity of the arguments put forward by the learned former Supreme Court judge, the resolution throws a spanner in the works of the United States that is reportedly planning to help its friendly government in Colombo. As if in cue, in a concerted move, the pro-LTTE Tamil Nadu party leaders have immediately begun using this resolution to tie down the hands of Indian Central government and to prevent New Delhi conceding to the wishes of the United States to protect the Ranil-Sirisena government.”

    Now comes the confirmtion of this grand plan of the LTTE Tamil Diaspoa-TNA combine. This statement made by the LTTE groups based in the western countries in the form of this joint appeal to the UN High Commissioner of Human Rights shows who directs the Sri Lankan Tamils and from where.

    The unpalatable truth here is that decisions on behalf of the Sri Lankan Tamils are not being made in Sri Lanka by the Sri Lankan Tamils living in Sri Lanka but by the LTTE Tamil Diaspora living in western countries. Wigneswaran who only weeks ago prevented Sivajilingam tabling a similar resolution on genocide of the Tamils at the NPC had now presented a detailed resolution and got it passed at the direction of the LTTE Diaspora Tamils. The true authors and movers of the NPC resolution on Tamil genocide are not Wigneswaran and the NPC but the LTTE Diaspora Tamils which includes such colourful LTTE personalities and sympathisers like Father Emmanuel.

    NPC Genocide resolution appears to be a master stroke by the LTTE Tamil Diaspora in their bid to stop US and India coming to the help of Sri Lanka at the Geneva meeting next month. They may as well succeed in their bid much to the chagrin of Uncle Sam’s chief Sri Lankan agent Ranil.

    • 3

      ROFL the LTTE diaspora are going to stop the US

  • 3

    Why do you have a police force? when crime happens in an international dimension the inquiry and the justice system and the ruling should be international

    • 4

      Good if that applies to all but does it?

      Everyone should be equal before the Law for Justice to prevail.

      • 2

        Off Case,

        Which law you mean? International Law or University of Namal low?

        You wrote a funny comment that Kashiyappan Lanka can teach the international community the low? Which one you wanted to teach did you mean by that the Mahanama lows or Anakarika Dharmapala Lows?

        Could you talk in detail so we the common crowd can understand the Namal University proud graduate, the lowyer.

        • 1

          Another aimless Psychotic comment!!!

  • 3

    Sumana and others it is not decent to groom caste system in the society and it is not welcome in the global village. You will be measured from what you say and write

  • 2

    Sometimes I think it is good if we have the report this March because there is no use in postponing.

  • 0

    who is this other Billa ? I’m the original Billa. CT moderator, please check on this imposter. Thank you.

  • 0

    Dr Karuniyan,

    Too little too late by the Tamil diaspora including me, as we were lulled to sleep by the state dept. that they will keep their word.

    Now we are back to the snakes and ladders game starting from the bottom.
    It should be full throttle once again – A La January 1961- Which you recall very well from our St. John’s college days.

    The difference is now the Tamils have 1 million diaspora world wide and better organized.
    The Tamils other than TNA need to be supported and organized under the leadership of Mano Ganeshan and Ministers Digambaram and Radhakrishnan.

    Washington lobbyist also has let us done including the current GOSL/GOI…

    More in person or via phone.

    Donald Gnanakone
    Tamils For Justice

  • 0

    Mr Wigneswaran’s attitude is a classic example of quality of Tamil political leaders in Sri Lanka. They will criticise any resolution proposal to please the narcicistic Tamils who are so racist that they have proposed not to belong to Sri Lankan community. Mr Wigneswaran later visits Mr Sirisena with sugar coated tongue almost licking his feet, contradicting himself. This shows how weak, spineless this man is and should never be taken serious. He is supportive of a Tamil uprising hoping the international community, India will come to their defence. Let him be explained, if a racist war starts in Sri Lanka,by Tamils, they will not survive, whole country will be burned and Tamils will not survive.

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