26 June, 2022


Wiggie To Meet Maithri And Ranil Over Illegal Land Grabbing In North

Chief Minister of the Northern Province C. V. Wigneswaran will meet with President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe in Colombo today to discuss matters pertaining to the land issues in the Northern Province.

C.V. WigneswaranDuring the meeting, Wigneswaran will seek an assurance from both the President and the Prime Minister that the land in the north which belongs to civilians will not be taken by force for various government led development projects.

The meeting comes amidst reports that there are certain instances where land currently held by the military are to be used for development projects, instead of them being returned to the people.

“The land rightfully belongs to the Tamil civilians, but instead of giving them the land back, they are now trying to take the land by force for various development programmes. This land belongs to the people and it should be returned back to them, this is what the government promised,” an official from the Northern Provincial Council said.

In February, foreign minister Mangala Samaraweera told a forum in the United States that the government was working on releasing the land to the civilians which were under military control. By February this year, some 3000 acres of land has been released to the civilians but more than 600 acres continue to be under military control.

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    CVW has been admitted to the Jaffna General Hospital today. There will be no meeting.


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      Dr. RN – While wishing CM.NPC Mr.CVW speedy recovery,one wonders why
      he did not alert TNA leadership to take his place at the meeting, after
      all,in the 1st place it is difficult to get another date for discussion
      as President/PM too are busy and secondly, it was the land grab issue, that was going to be discussed and not about funds for NPC. This is a national issue for the Tamils of N/E and it is Mr.Sampanthan’s responsi
      -bility and not CVW’s, to get this problem sorted out early, as every minute counts for the Tamils.
      Less than four years left for this Govt.to govern and this period will pass in no time and it is any body’s guess as to who will form the next
      Govt.and are the Tamils going to be saddled with this problem for ever.
      Devolution of power to N/E, reduction of armed forces in N/E to a required level, settlement of IDPs in their own lands, employment opp-
      ortunities for the youths are still put on hold, hold,& hold and TNA, the sole reps. of the Tamils of N/E, sleeps in the meantime.

      If the Govt. finds it a difficult task to release the lands to the rightful owners with perfect deeds, can the other Tamils trust the Govt. with their properties and bank accounts from gabbing ?

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    The hidden agenda of the previous Regime appears to continue with the
    connivance of State Officials, or MS/RW have turned a blind eye for their own personal protection of SB Votes?

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    CV should cancel the previous plans and first should demand for the Mannar police’ beastial attack on the family three women, yesterday. One mother and two daughters have been attacked. In similar fashion of Krishanti, the schoolgirl who went to police station to see her mother and her sister, crushed by these ghosts walking with legs and sent to hospital for intensive care. CV is about talk of Army’s recent attacks on Tamils in the North. This has been rebelling action by these Police and army animals to accepting CV for talks.

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    So where did they learn all about land grabs? Surely they did not get lessons from the Israelis who are masters of land grabs and illegal settlements. We do not need squatters in this nation.

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    In addition to issues of lands belonging to the civilians controlled by the state, there should be also serious discussions about civilian lands being illegally grabbed and disposed off by the organised Tamil criminals in the north.

    This is big time money making venture in the North and the NPC is maintaining total silence without even debating the issue.

    Even the lands around the NPC are being illegally grabbed and sold.

    There is no shame in publicly discussing the issue and carrying out a campaign to bring an end to the scandal.

    I heard some Tamil politicians are party to this criminal activities.

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      Good question Raja.

      I heard that many properties taken forcibly from the Muslims when they were evicted by LTTE are being occupied by Tamils. Some of these properties have been bought and sold by criminal elements. Disturbingly both CVW and Sampanthan are mouse like quiet on the issue of Muslim lands.

      Everyone agrees that Tamil land taken over by the military must be handed back. The war is over and there is no need for huge security zones. But the Tamil leadership must also resolve the long standing Muslim land issue. Equity and justice must not be for one community only.

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      Please give names and details to the police.
      You are safe in UK.

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        My articles published in the CT (attached below) will speak volumes on the issue.

        Your comments reflect lack of knowledge of facts. Under the name of justice you are liberal in making unjust (nonsensical) comments.

        Cheap Politics Of TNA Parliamentarian Premachandran …

        Is The EPDP Backing A Land Grab In Navatkuli (Jaffna …

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    Whole Sri lanka Is mythica Tamil homeland.

    Sinhala people are occupying it.

    Sinhala People should India leaving Tamils’ lands intact.

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    some Tamil politicians are party to this criminal activities.

    Tamils talk reconciliation do reconciliation.

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    Thambi wanted a piece of land to himself and took away the future of a generation of Tamils. Viggie with a half beating heart want to have a piece for himself before he meets the maker. 20k soldiers died to send Thambi to hell. So Viggie should know his fake dance to appease the diaspora will not get anywhere.

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    Looks like Wigneswaran got sick in order to avoid the meeting with president and Prime minister.

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