5 July, 2022


Wigneswaran’s Proposed Political Marriage To Jayalalithaa Spells Betrayal Of Scholarship!

By Vishwamithra1984

We judge ourselves by what we feel capable of doing, while others judge us by what we have already done.” ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

C V Wigneswaran, the Chief Minister of Northern Province, is a retired Supreme Court Judge. As much as his judiciary judgments would one day be called for ultimate arbitration by history, one would also expect his political judgments shall stand the test of time and history. A man who was catapulted into politics on the backs of a defeated people, a scholar of no mean criteria, this Northern pundit seems to have unfortunately bartered his scholarship with the squalor of Tamil Nadu politics.C.V. Wigneswaran

Firstly, Jayalalithaa, the Chief Minister (CM) of Tamil Nadu was no ‘political prisoner’.Jayalalitha became the first Chief Minister in India to lose the post due to a conviction while in office. She became the first Member of Legislative Assembly from the state of Tamil Nadu, third Member of all Assemblies in India and the seventh politician who lost his or her post after the July 2013 Supreme Court judgment on Representation of the People Act, which prevents members of the State Legislative Assemblies and Members of Parliament from holding the post after conviction. She was convicted for the third time overall and was forced to step down from the Chief Minister’s office for the second time. Jayalalithaa is among six former Chief Ministers of different States in India to have been charged and jailed in various corruption cases.

Indian State politics is riddled with corruption. Its deep entrenchment in the sordid affairs of Indian Mafioso-schemes is chronicled in the media, both in India and abroad. Widespread Poverty and an engrained propensity for personality cult built around celluloid heroes have dominated Indian politics and their avaricious path towards power and glory has paid an awful price. With all that corruption and gangster-dominated politics, especially in South India, with her gullibility to short-term election pledges and natural susceptibility towards caste-ridden violence, the fact that India has sustained a modern, robust democracy has dumbfounded many a western mind. But none of those stupendously positive feats could justify the rampant corruption and violence that has enwrapped the life of state-politics of India. That India still remains as a leader in the modern world and in particular, her assured place in the close conclaves of the world’s ‘nuclear club’ alone speaks volumes for her advancement as a global economic and political leader.

Yet she has produced such political dregs like Jayalalithaa, a proven chauvinistic Tamil leader whose singular qualification is her onetime affiliation to the late M G Ramachandran (MGR), a Dravidian superstar of yesteryear. Courting Indian leaders of the caliber of Gandhi, Nehru, Shasthri and Desai is different. Some of our own leaders in the past have not been all that reluctant to do so either. But what would perplex most is when one of our democratically elected Chief Ministers makes it more than palpable to depend on a discredited politico in Tamil Nadu for the buttressing of his position at home. One has to grant the popularity of Jayalalithaa as onetime silver screen heroin. Yet to court her friendship and support for a cause that has been seen as a losing agenda in Sri Lanka would further extend the gulf that yawns between the two communities in Sri Lanka.

Complete and comprehensive implementation of the Thirteenth Amendment, (13th) is desired by many enlightened Sri Lankan politicians. Since the defeat of the Rajapaksas, triumphalism and its dangerously destructive properties seem to have regressed to a corner. Although the groups that reside on the fringes of the political spectrum in Sri Lanka, led by some Buddhist monks who in fact are political mobsters clad in yellow robes, might every now and then attempt to rekindle the racial flames among a people whose memories are utterly short-lived, a reasonable number of majority of reasonable men and women would outright reject a return to vengeance-ridden politics. If Chief Minister Wigneswaran, the savant he is, is as keen to keep his hopes and aspirations to lead a vigorous and open-minded community to the wonders of the Twenty First Century as he is to maintain a harmonious balance among his provincial colleagues, then he must be reminded that keeping his own image and reputation would do him good by rejecting the dregs of South Indian politics. Embracing the ‘puritan’ kind might be tough but it has its unsurprisingly long-lasting benefits, both to the Chief Minister and his community.

Representing a community that once was the pride of education, learnedness, hard work and the cream of public service, Wigneswaran should realize that when one calls for Federalism, it would not only be in relation to the North and East, it shall also apply to the rest of the provinces. The Provincial Council system that was introduced via the 13th did not restrict the Constitution from extending the Provincial decentralization to the rest of the country. Within the context of proposed Federalism, these provincial governments would constitute themselves as provinces which are quasi-independent of the Center. It will be unbelievable that any Sinhalese-dominated government, at present or in the future, would consent to decentralize administrative and political power to the provinces beyond what has already been granted by the 13th. Such a system would spell acute fragility at the center and vast inefficiencies and confusion in the provinces. Political instability which such an arrangement would engender would eventually defeat the very purpose of decentralization of political, administrative and economic power. Presiding over a diverse group of Chief Ministers and other provincial administrations run by the same political party has already proven to be too cumbersome for our ‘center-oriented’ politicians who have shown amazing naiveté and incapacity in multi-tasking. They have not learnt to walk and chew gum at the same time!

This woeful lack of understanding of the macro picture and failure to relate to it has been the constant flaw in Sri Lanka’s Tamil political leadership. Time after time this facet of their thought cum action process has failed the country, not to forget their own community. While not failing to acknowledge the serious setbacks and discriminatory treatment the Tamil community in Sri Lanka has endured at the hands of the Sinhalese-led leadership, the writer feels strongly that the approach that is being seemingly adopted by the present leadership of our brethren in the North is not likely to be successful. As much as it plays a pivotal role in the rest of the country, economic development in the North and East is the critical factor that would determine future politics in these two provinces. There is no acceptable substitute for economic enhancement of a people. Cultural, ethnic and other nuanced aspects of life recede in the presence of empty stomachs. Dwelling in cultural and ethnic politics would only increase the tensions and stress between the two ethnic groups and contribute more to the destruction of a harmonious equilibrium that the leaderships of the two communities attempt to sustain.

Instead of broadcasting seeds of tension, the leadership of both communities must get busy opening up information and communications technology (ICT) centers, training centers for vocations that the emerging markets need and demand. Wealth and material prosperity might not be the be–all and end–all, but its validity in a fast-growing global economy cannot be underestimated or denied. The great Stupas and tremendous works of art consummated by our ancestors were obviously not built on empty stomachs. Granaries must have been overflowing as much as those life-enriching waters from the massive reservoirs they constructed in the olden days that have quenched the thirst of the dry zone soil.Transformation from a conflict-torn environment and time may not be smooth, but in order to make any advance in a thriving society, to be an economic force that the global marketplace recognizes, one has to let go of the past and hug the present so that the future might mean something more than a Palmyra tree. The sweet memories of hiding behind a Palmyra tree may remain justthat- a memory in the past. That proverbial Palmyra curtain is not only broken, it’s scorched and seared. Weapons of war have ravaged the ground but have not extinguished the spirit of a determined people. The typically arid planes in the North are gradually turning its red rich soil many times over and reinvigorating the region’s past as one inhabited by a hardworking people, enriched by their labors. As the saying goes, “Surround yourself with people who are only going to lift you higher”.

The Chief Minister of the Northern Province is a learned man; his prowess as a legal luminary is undisputed. But his political skills are being tested today. In an unwise haste to score political points among his not-so-erudite voter bloc, Wigneswaran may have decided to cuddle with a yesteryear’s screen heroin-turned-politician in Tamilnadu. But to the Chief Minister of the Northern Province, modern day politics could be much more exacting than reading a lengthy legal brief. Exchanging scholarship for squalor is not only bad politics, it’s a gross betrayal of common sense.

The writer can be contacted at vishwamithra1984@gmail.com

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  • 11

    Don’t bother visvamithra !! We Tamils are erudite !! Well civilized!! Well cultured !! Even though the Srilankan state burned our library!! We didn’t !! Dont !! Vote for cheap politics !! Unlike the people in the parts of the country!! As they voted for paripu !! Two measures of rise !! Eight measures of grains !!

    • 12

      Dear Vishvamitra,
      You appear to look like a frog in the well in relation to internatinal ramification of ethnic problem in Srilanka and an ostrich with the head buried in the ground to deny legitimate grievances of Tamils.

      Your attack on Jayalalitha is purely because she is the chief minister of Tamil Nadu who has fearlessly aired the rights of Tamils as well as atrocities of Sinhalese. It is well known that she is financially corrupt, but she is spending the ill gotten wealth on poor people, and not hoarding it for her future progeny. This is the reason why people are re-electing her over and over. She was convicted because the judiciary in India is fiercely independant and absolutely fair. But subsequently she was exhonerated on appeal on a legal point, which fact you are conveniently hiding, showing your bias. You are saying that she has no credentials other than being a leading actress. Please remember that in democracy anyone can be elected if people want them.

      Compare this in Srilanka. Corruption is rampant at political level, with wealth stacked away for the benefit of progeny. Was DS & Dudley Senanayakes, Mrs Bandaranayake, Premadasa and Chandrika Kumaranatunga educated enough to be elected as heads of state. In Srilanka those in power can commit crime and get away with as the judiciary is both corrupt and suppressed. Premadasa had committed several murders before being elected as President and continued to commit many more while in office. Rajapakse had committed at least three murders before being elected, for none of which he faced trial and continued to commit more murders while in office during both terms. Chandrika Kumaratunga is also being accused of few offences. All these are guilty of financial misappropriatian which have been swept under the carpet. So please put your house in order before worrying about a neighbour.

      Your criticism about whom Tamils should meet amounts to racism as why should Tamils take orders from Sinhalese to do what they want which is beneficial to their community. Are you denying that state terrorism and racial discrimination of Tamils is still continuing. Will Tamils ever get justice under a Sinhala regime. There is an attempt to cheat international community in covering up of war crimes on Tamils. Just because Sinhalese are refusing to grant the legitimate rights of Tamils to rule themselves and live in safety and dignity, should the Tamils continue to suffer. In order to satisfy the racist mindset and atavistic fears of Sinhalese, is it fair to force down the throats of Tamils something that no self respecting person will accept.

      World has changed since 13th amendment was promulgated. Several new states have appeared due to liberation from suppression. Rajapakse promised to go beyond 13th amendment to grant justice, but he did not. The present government has promised the same and is dodging. Do you say that promises given by Maitripala Sirisena, Ranil Wickremasinghe and Chandrika Kumaranatunga to Tamils prior to Presidential election that they will grant a federal solution to a merged north-east is a lie. If you do not like a federal solution to the entire country, why not grant it to a merged north-east only. Tamils want peace with justice and not any rubbish which Sinhalese are prepared to throw. Stop your racist attitude and go ahead with a solution which is a norm in international circles. Do not blame Tamils if you fail to do so.

      • 2

        Do not blame Tamils if you fail to do so.

        You guys were fighting for the Dalit quota if you were in Tamil nadu.

        In Sri lanka big talk while it is money from south that made you educated.

        • 5

          “”She was convicted for the third time overall and was forced to step down from the Chief Minister’s office for the second time. J”2
          porriki, buru_mitra,

          seen it before at India- when the low calass cant win their reservation caste vote they go for the minority high class by the sheer strength smell of their F**T.

          19 chief minister J. Jayalalithaa 19 May 2016[4] Incumbent 5th AIADMK 2016 State assembly election

          3rd June: Only ill-gotten assets a crime, observes SC judge.
          Jaya has none but you have many small holes and they are showing.

        • 7

          “2In Sri lanka big talk while it is money from south that made you educated. “2

          that is good for pin padde pedo eggheads in government schools and university. Now the left governments specialize in Haerem supply fro redhi hatte south sinhala for Medieval Middle East.

          Yet for the last 200 years the mainstay of islands economy comes from the tea estate worked on by Indian Tamils of the hills.
          you are jealous but there is nothing you can do in taking over those jobs- ratwatte tried and failed miserably now you try and die digging grave.
          its hard work in the break of dawn cold not selling your body to the next Arab queue.

          • 0

            yes we are extremely jelous of our tea pluckers :D…

            • 2

              I don’t drink Ceylon tea as it is tasteless from the tea we had when we grew it.
              Nothing like the original black Darjeeling or green Chinese tea.

              The point here is sinhala burqas live off slaving women folk from toiling to selling them for sex. Vote a few more women presidents and PM’s and say we have the most number of women politicos.
              Shameless pricks.

    • 1

      Your sense of humour is appreciated….Lots Of Laughs

    • 5


      Why do you so alarmed by Wig. conveying congratulatory message to Jeya, who not only won the heart and minds of Tamil Nadu people but made to the Assembly for the sixth times?. Do not you think maintaining a good relationship with TN might pave a way for all of us who still remain in SL to migrate and live in there peace in case if you attempt to embark on an another humanitarian rescue operation, leaving you guys in a permanent peace as most your extremists suggest; why don’t you look at that way rather than being so paranoid that India would force into the implementation of 13th or 13A.

      When you ridicule India saying six of its state CMs jailed, I feel bad yet one of the positives I saw is at the least India’s judiciary seems to have been doing its job, not corrupted. If proven, yes corruption in states level might be a problem for India, and I hope she will get rid of it soon with the media in recent times becomes a force to reckon with, and it will expose the culprits. Ironically, SL in comparison is not state, but a sovereign and is robbed by politicians collaborating at international level, see what the judiciary does?. They do not want be out of steps with not only the Executive but with the Ex Executive, and always trying hard to keep them feel happy. The legislators, made of all kinds of criminals are yet other pathetic mobs, and some were able to be held on to their positions despite people taught them a lesson. Such was the situation we in SL have been enjoying. Lets put our house in order before we point our finger at our neighbor. She was alleged in some offences that goes back to 1985 or so but was cleared.

  • 19

    The writer needs to understand, even after the war ended 7 years ago, there is no option on the table for the Tamils to consider, but continued subjugation, colonisation, Buddishism and Sinhalanisation, under the jackboot of the army, and in the name of development.

    The writer also knows that a home grown solution will never ever be delivered, for the Tamils to live in peace, security and with dignity, and worried that Sri Lanka will have no choice but be forced to accept a permanent political solution in the NE.

    He is right to say that Weapons of war have ravaged the ground but have not extinguished the spirit of a determined people. Basically, what the Tamils in the NE are saying is, leave us alone, and leave our homeland. Check it out with a referendum, why worry !

    • 8


      You are the type of Tamil racist decent Tamil people could do without.

      The 2012 All Island Census shows nearly 50% of Sri Lankan Tamils live in Sinhalese areas with hundreds of Hindu schools and hundreds of Hindu temples. If you add the Tea estate Tamils the majority of Tamils clearly live in the Sinhalese areas.

      The total Sri Lankan Tamil population is about 11% of the total population of Sri Lanka. So about 5.5% of all the Tamils live in the NP and EP. For them (or TNA) to ask for 33% (NP & EP) of Sri Lanka is simply a non starter. It goes against all natural justice. In the Colombo district alone there are 235,000 extremely wealthy, SL Tamils. Only about 2500 Sinhalese live in the Jaffna district. (Prabakaran having ethnically cleansed them).

      Besides the so called Traditional Tamil areas ie NP & EP have been so designated by Indians for their benefit. Sinhalese have been living in Gokanna (aka Trincomalee) for more than 2500 years as Gokanna served as the harbour for the Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa Sinhala Buddhist kingdoms.

      Are you saying all 235,000 Tamils living in Colombo district and about 65,000 Tamils in the Kandy district owning valuable property and businesses are not living in equality and dignity. They are better off than the Sinhalese!!!

      Come on mate get real. Don’t live in fantasy world you know what happens when people live in fantasy world.

      • 5

        “So about 5.5% of all the Tamils live in the NP and EP. For them (or TNA) to ask for 33% (NP & EP) of Sri Lanka is simply a non starter.”

        So what is the right % you will settle for, 1%,2%………. 5%, 10%.15% … 20%, 25%, 30% 35% …. ???????

      • 4

        Dear student,
        ” So about 5.5% of all the Tamils live in the NP and EP. For them (or TNA) to ask for 33% (NP & EP) of Sri Lanka is simply a non starter. It goes against all natural justice.”
        In the real world, it doesn’t work that way.
        Scotland : Population 5.2 million Area 80,000 sq.KM
        England 53 Million Area 130,000 sq.KM
        Tamilnadu coastline length 1076 Km
        Percentage of Tamils in India 7%
        Plenty of other examples.
        Please find another argument.

        • 4

          “”Please find another argument. “”
          International language and Latin.(to look exclusive the Vatican removed it as a subject at school in the 60’s )
          Italians and Spanish graduates from humanities learn English quicker than even the English.
          At Tamil Nadu `per university` one has to pass a compulsory second language (not necessary Tamil)
          The village Tamil Nadu boy very often crosses the Deccan and enrolls himself at university where 50% are locals speaking their language while the medium of instruction is English.The Nadu person who learns the spoken local language and English always shines- in tech, medicine etc.and goes over to USA under H1B skilled worker of Fulbright /East West scholarship etc. We find this at Barcelona and Basque country too.

          Indira Gandhi repeatedly failed at Latin so she could never graduate but like Premadasa Jr she got her degree. then she married an Iranian(Farsi language) Hindiis mix of Sanskrit+Farsi. So the Hindi crusade of extreme left movement.
          Kussi Amma school dropout did never learn Latin so she followed blind saying Sanskrit which she never knew.
          All those rich idiots who study in the west with tax payers money at school do not learn Latin. When they enter university theuy skip it. When they pass as medicos and want to join the NHS Uk which is a labour idea they attend extra English classes there. however they can never get a GP partnership with the English – in today’s world- English alone is not enough for medicine.
          I remember Latin and Greek were electives until the late 70’s at O level.

          Your problem is the extremes of left thinking Naxalite- they only survive when other peoples funding is available.

          There is no point in Sanskrit or Tamil at international level because even In China many universities offer Latin courses.
          Major exports (where the price is best is the west) is not just English but almost all European countries still study Latin and especially the translator.
          Bill Gates studied Latin and Greek but regrets he did not study Mandarin like Mark Z.
          Now Lanka situation is Professors are worse than Politicians and priests- they they and students should have been tabooed from politics.its the future jobless arts that start revolution for a stupid left or right- both parasites.

          In all the 1% village Tamils need to learn the majority lingo and the rest should follow what we had at the time of independence.
          No one has the balls to do it except a military with out religion the curse that is in the very fabric.
          The Tamils must remember that Tamil will never be an important language.
          Look at Delhi walla Dr Raghu, Srinavasan Chandigarh Venki of India may speak it at home but it is dying even faster because the SL Tamils have become the disgrace of Tamils worldwide.
          The Sinhalese must also understand that Sinhala is a local thing conveying your arrival to the island from various parts of the continent – let it remain like pali if the Vatican can do it.
          This is the way forward.But there would never be courage to change for a better future as long as the Buddhist and begging bowl for the lazy is available. The last thing to have is so much political freedom for nit picking linguist and priests,when in a mess- extreme left extreme right.

    • 14

      Vishwamithra1984 should go and climb a tree.
      He is no different from all the other Sinhala racists – they go on chanting the Mahavamsa mantra.

    • 3

      Manicka Vasager

      What’s sad is Tamil people haven’t understood that the whole island is Sri Lankans homeland.(Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim and others and of them, Sinhalese make 75%)

      A referendum will clearly support the majority Sinhalese idea so they aren’t worried about it.
      A referendum can’t be held for a part of the country as it’s a national issue.

      It’s a serious mistake to say there’s a subjugation, colonization, Buddishism and Sinhalization under the jackboot of the army.

      • 4


        “A referendum will clearly support the majority Sinhalese idea so they aren’t worried about it.”

        I wouldn’t bet on it as the affluent diaspora is in a position to import rice from the moon and distribute it among the voters for free. It worked once and will work again.

        “It’s a serious mistake to say there’s a subjugation, colonization, Buddishism and Sinhalization under the jackboot of the army.”

        Why don’t you visit Sri Lanka also from your imagined world?

      • 4

        What you don’t understand is that the island has two ancient nations the Sinhalese nations in the southern seven provinces and the Eelam Tamil nation in the north and east. The whole island is not under the 75% Sinhalese Buddhist majority. The referendum is only for the Tamils and Muslims living in the north and east and the Eelam Tamil diaspora and refuges living India, as most of them were chased from their lands in the north and east. Not for the Sinhalese, especially for the ones living down south.
        Scottish referendum was for the Scots not for the English or others.

      • 0


        “A referendum can’t be held for a part of the country as it’s a national issue”

        The referendum will have to be held if it becomes an ‘International issue’ as it is part of the world and so all the people in the world have to have a say.

    • 2

      The government has done everything for the NE but it is hard to accept the government to bow down to extremists like wiggie . Actually wiggie is lucky we have very weak government with weak men. Had I was on the position of this government i will make this racist tamil politician to commit suicide

    • 4

      “”Basically, what the Tamils in the NE are saying is, leave us alone, and leave our homeland. Check it out with a referendum, why worry ! “”

      As much as the Kashmir land does not belong to the Muslims the North East fell into the hands of central colombo administration.

      There is no turning back from that which Harry Truman the American thought fit.

      Blend with the 99% or keep howling on moon light nights.Po Aiya.

      the island is presently under american jack boot- beware another hunt may be on the cards because you are a disgrace to the high yielding world of Brahman Tamils.

  • 10

    “Wigneswaran’s Proposed Political Marriage To Jayalalithaa Spells Betrayal Of Scholarship!”

    The Reason why Sri Lanka cannot agree to a Separate Tamil Eelam Nation!

  • 5

    Jayalalitha’s history is not comparable with that of many of our politicos. She was elected by popular vote though jailed earlier.
    She is now free of any legal impediments.
    But many of our politicians deserve jail but are free due to corrupt
    law enforcement.

    Economic development can come only if the provincial council can collect taxes and decide how to spend funds; also decide on appointments to public service: have the law enforcement under the chief minister; can ensure all business enterprises are run by citizens and not by the army: can obtain funds from abroad direct to the PC; citizens should be able to live in their homes and lands in peace free from constant harassment; retain original names of places;
    enjoy privacy of family & community events without presence of outsiders; worship without hindrance; erection of buildings including places of worship with permission by the PC;

    All this though allowable as at present, are not permitted.
    If permitted, federalism would not be necessary.

    • 0

      lol giving reasons for lack of ability and lack of will to do anything.
      The NPC has been a disappointment when it comes to doing its operations. More than 80% of the funds the government allocated for NPC has been returned not used and still cry lack of funds.

      Had the north development and NPC went to the hands of a party that supported the central government like EPDP during MR days, north would have seen better days.

      Instead of developing north, the NPC has become a willing tool of the tiger supporters abroad.

  • 6

    Here the Author is stressing on Wigneswaran’s decision to have communicated with Tamil Nadu CM is bad because of her past convictions. Her past is not only known to the Author but also known to the Tamil Nadu voters and definitely to all politicians around the world including the CM of NPC. Usually living for the past is not possible for anybody let alone any politician yielding power for a long time not by ricking votes. When anybody talks about good of Sri Lanka and bad of Tamil Nadu it should be about the progress made to the common people who brought power to these Leaders. You need to compare the relationship between the Leaders and the subjects and to reject a leader due to a past conviction is done by the voters. But we don’t see that happen in Tamil Nadu as the Leader is doing what is good for the State and not what is good for herself. Just compare what she does and what the Sri Lankan Leaders do closing your mind to the ethnic hatred in Sri Lanka. Why do you think the Sri Lankan Leaders from Colombo Government should run down the closest Leader of Tamil Nadu instead of being a friendly neighbor.

    • 4

      President Sirisena was imprisoned at the age of 19 years for being a member of a political party – JVP – and this is not held against him.

      Jayalalitha was in prison pending completion of trial against her and was found Not Guilty, but this is held against her by the author !!
      If she is among “political dregs”, this did not prevent her voters electing her !!
      There is everything to be gained by having her ask for justice and equality for Sri Lanka Tamils.

      • 0


        “President Sirisena was imprisoned at the age of 19 years for being a member of a political party – JVP – and this is not held against him.”

        Did not know that President MS, was a Former Member of the JVP.

        At the Present Moment, He seems to be a Good Example of the following Quote from Rudyard Kipling:-

        “If You can keep your Head, When All about you, are Losing Theirs and Blaming it on You”

  • 10

    It is a democracy. Since MGR, JJ is the first to have won the election while in power. Respect the decision of the people of TN. CMs of two Tamil majority states/provinces in the world should keep a good working relationship.

  • 10

    What unbelievable hypocrisy! yes, corruption, thuggery and the hero-like worshipping of politicians in Tamil Nadu and other parts of India are endemic. But the Sri Lankan politicians, past or current have a clean sheet??

    Here we are nearly 18 months after the defeat of Rajapaksa, little or nothing has been done to hold anyone accountable for the extreme corruption that was associated with the regime. To make matters worse, many of those corrupt politicians are now part of the current regime. Sri Lankan politics is just as riddled with corruption as Indian politics. Unfortunately, it is a cultural thing in that part of the world. And this author is criticising the Chief Minister Wigneswaran for ‘hitching’ his political wagon to CM Jayalalitha? What do you want the CM to do? to hitch his wagon to the equally corrupt but sometimes brutally anti-Tamil Sri Lankan politicians??

    We know that any moves by CM Wigneswaran to get politically close to CM Jayalalitha is a political one. But in an environment where Tamil people and their representatives are making no headway with the Sri Lankan state with their basic demands of political rights, justice and equality, Tamils of Sri Lanka have little option but to turn to Tamil Nadu for support. Instead of criticising the Chief Minister for turning North for help, the author should be asking the question, what led him to do that.

    • 2

      “Instead of criticising the CM for turning North for help, the author should be asking the question , what led him to do that”. A valid point.
      But will the CM, Wigneswaran also let us have his views about how freebies like mobile phones, scooters, 3/4 grams of gold for brides as part of their dowry, cancelling agricultural loans of farmers as bribes played a large role to help the corrupt, imperious Jeyaram Jeyalalitha to become CM Tamil Nadu before he goes to get her to help the beleaguered Tamils in SL ?

  • 3

    Finally the clear and fair minded Tamil, Vishwamithra1984, speaks most befittingly! It is also heartening to see that Lankan Tamils want no part in that Indian Mafioso politics. However, we hope that development of the north will not be a prelude to the land-bridge deal – Northern Tamils will surely then, lose their unique identity!

    If the Sinhalese were never trusted with the North, even after the 30-year old war, it is because people like Wigneswaran were hankering for a long time after eelamic power, under the aegis of Tamil Nadu.


  • 8

    Many sinhalese feel federalism is not appropriate for a small country like Sri Lanka. This is not correct. Take United Arab Emirates which is slightly bigger than Sri Lanka (85,200 sq Km vs 65,200 sq Km) has seven emirates (Abu Dhabi, Dubai,Al Ain, Sharjah, Ajman, Um Al Qwain etc) which form the federation. It has been very sucessful. So, why can’t Sri Lanka adopt a federal model and keep important functions under the central government in Colombo. This is the only way for unity and protection of individual identity.

    • 2

      The whole lot of ’em are united by Wahhabi Islam!

      • 1

        [The whole lot of ’em are united by Wahhabi Islam!]

        But your w hole is divided by Mahavamsa dregs

  • 8

    Past Presidents , Prime ministers and the current ones marriage to Sinhala Buddhism is the problem.

    5,341 acre land in Thellipalai Divisional Secretariat area under the control Tri-Forces http://tamildiplomat.com/5341-acre-land-thellipalai-divisional-secretariat-area-control-tri-forces/

    The military which razed schools and churches in Vali North http://tamildiplomat.com/military-razed-schools-churches-vali-north/

    Waiting to Return Home: New Report Reveals Continued Plight of IDPs in Post-War Sri Lanka http://www.oaklandinstitute.org/waiting-return-home-new-report-reveals-continued-plight-idps-post-war-sri-lanka

  • 3

    Sri Lankan Tamils started separatist politics after DMK was born in India. But the DMK leaders (Anna,Karunanithi,MGR, Jayalalitha etc;), when they came to power forgot Dravida Nadu politics and focussed on making money!

    Then they trained our boys and created LTTE. But when it came to crunch,India washed their hands off LTTE!

    Now Wigneswaran wants to marry Jayalalitha???Back to square one!

    • 4


      “Now Wigneswaran wants to marry Jayalalitha???”

      Why not?

      Both of them are single, both are chief ministers, she can afford a fat dowry, both are fluent in Tamil and English, both have the support of the people, ……

      They need no permission from you nor their respective governments.

      I wish both of them well.

      • 3

        that is the politician in him When the wind blows he changes tune.

        As soon as he came to power he thought he was Sabse Pyaara Mighty Raju and asked Tamil Nadu to Shut Up.

        He is no iyengar as much as you are not so forget Jayalalitha.
        She is offering citizenship to the IDP’s at Nadu- that solves the problem of stay and work.
        Presently, India is any day better off than any off its neighbors.
        India has already given several western subcontracts to the Sinhalese.
        India does not need to solve your problem but assist Lanka overcome on Indian terms.

        30 years of savagery , boredom by the stupid Tamils of lanka.

    • 0


      I have a better idea.

      Why doesn’t Lanka become another State of Mother India?

      Will the Sri Lankan Tamils Support that?

      • 0

        neither they nor the sinhalese nor muslims.

        Like Nepal, the cake is in the number of free scholarships then to return to a top position in government. The VVIP passports, foreign embassy stay for family and relatives worldwide. etc. Smuggling via diplomatic channels. Quotas for small nations is big. The multinationals run most of the small nations for this very reason- Clinton’s have a penchant for small places as coached by their multinational bosses. Bangaladesh has the lowest labour rates for garments and Clinton family love them.
        Slavery runs in the veins.
        You have to look beyond your nose when you ask such stupid questions.

  • 2

    Wigneswaran is the prophet that failed. Northern Province needs devolved powers, but there are several questions that the rest of the country keeps on asking.

    1 If power is devolved to a federal system, will there be attempts to separate from the union?

    2. Will Tamil Nadu influence separation?

    3. Will Tamil Nadu and the Indian Government use the Northern Province to interfere, influence, and coerce the Sri Lankan government to follow Indian diktat to the detriment of Sri Lanka’s own development and progress.Past history is self evident.

    4. Will Tamil Nadu cause drug running, and other illegal activity in the Northern Province as a stategic measure to
    crush Sri Lanka’s progress?

    5. Will Indian nationals from Tamil Nadu be freely accommodated in the Northern province and even find livelihood and citizenship there?

    6. Will Sri Lanka’s sovereignty and attempts to be independent of the world’s major power blocks become hampered due to the “power” India will use in the Northern province? Again history is self evident.

    Wignesweran’s overtures to Jayalalitha, a corrupt, pompous, and unscrupulous politician, brings to the limelight these questions yet again. This begs another question. Can Sri Lanka trust an independent Northern province? From all accounts it would seem that it is not in the over all interest of Sri Lanka to grant greater devolution to the Northern Province until trust and loyalties are affirmed. It takes time to build trust. Wignesweran has put a spoke in it.

    • 10


      1 & 2

      You haven’t learnt anything in the last 25 years or so. If Hindians were for pro Eelam they would have separated it in no time. It took less than a year to prepare, fight and divide Pakistan (all weather friend China and the strategic-ally Yankees couldn’t stop the Hindians). Tamil Nadu didn’t stop the slaughter of innocent civilians in the final leg of the war as it knows what is in Hindia’s interest.

      The Hindians believe Sri Lanka is the Sinhala state of Hindia.

      3. If Sri Lanka puts a wrong foot then Hindians have the option of using the North as well as the South, and the Sri Lankan Armed forces (if necessary) to make the stupid politicians do not cross the red line in the sand.

      The only option that this country has is to treat all its people well. If the state doesn’t treat them well strangers and neighbours will grope your women folks. Is it too much to ask?

      4. It is the Southern provinces that you need to guard against and the southern corrupt officials, politicians, the drug dealing politicians should worry you.

      5. In this globalised world, movement of people from country to cannot be and should not be stopped.

      6. “Will Sri Lanka’s sovereignty and attempts to be independent”

      Are you being serious? First please tell us what you mean by Sovereignty and Independence?

      While the scientists are hurriedly developing hybrid driverless cars, discussing colonies in Mars, Nanotechnology, final frontiers, …… Biotech, brain transplant etc …. the little islanders are stuck on the ideas of the 18th century.

      It is likely that soon people of this island are going to die if not already dead, not because of wars but because their brains are already dead.

      Please make an effort to look beyond your nose.

      • 1

        I think Wickramisiri did get the answers to his questions that his questions are very much real and the worse case scenario is very much probably. NV did confirm it

      • 0

        Cannot agree with most of what you say, which is just rhetoric.

        1 & 2. I presume only you have learned anything at all during the past 25 years. Rather pompous and egotistical.

        3. Again rhetoric.

        4. I was writing about the Northern province not the Southern Province.

        5. Your opinion. What the future is going to be is not yet known.

        6.I am serious. We are not in a utopian state. The sovereignty I refer to is what is commonly accepted in discussions of this nature, and not an esoteric view of a perfect world.

        People of this island are not going to die because of what you state. Do you realize that your comments here are merely to insult rather than to contribute meaningfully? Do you want any one to comment at all? It is you who needs to see beyond your nose. There is a cock on every dung hill!

        • 3


          “Do you realize that your comments here are merely to insult rather than to contribute meaningfully?”

          That is the least I can offer to those paranoid smart patriots.

          All constructive criticism and for that matter ideas are being rejected off hand simply because people would not transcend their petty parochial pathetic patriotism and those who refused to make informed choices.

          Hindians forced themselves into this island with some 120,000 members of their armed forces. They could have easily divide the island. They didn’t. Since early 2005 they forced the Sri Lankan state to take on the LTTE and provided everything needed for the war except lethal weapons. They could have reversed the situation and divided the country. They didn’t. Hinidans made sure there would be no more LTTE and its residuals left in the land. Sri Lankan Soldiers were protected by the Hindians at Geneva.

          These are hard facts.

          “Cannot agree with most of what you say, which is just rhetoric.”

          May be may be not.

          However your paranoia is best illustrated by your questions which I see as the ritual of the least informed and less thoughtful.

          Leave the worrying to the Hindians and get on with real issues, how best to build a country where all people can live without state being a drag on their progress and potentials.

          Your line of “thoughts” help the crooks and the corrupt to enrich themselves and abuse power which as people we have witnessed since 1948, including how the hard working people were made stateless over night.

          • 4

            “2Hindians forced themselves into this island with some 120,000 members of their armed forces. They could have easily divide the island. They didn’t. Since early 2005 they forced the Sri Lankan state to take on the LTTE and provided everything needed for the war except lethal weapons. They could have reversed the situation and divided the country. They didn’t. Hinidans made sure there would be no more LTTE and its residuals left in the land. Sri Lankan Soldiers were protected by the Hindians at Geneva. “”

            because men like you thought that porriki Tamil Nadu with 41 seats is soul of India, would resurrect an Annadurai.
            Your problem is more of a caste problem than an ethnic divide.It finally revolves on that with the catholic/christian backing.
            the low class scums who comment have lost it already. ever ready to jump the muslim boat not that the lankan left wing boat has unleashed the maximum on you stupid Marxist folk.

            They are not engaged in multilateral engagements like the west that you are desperately woeing.

            that is hard cheese.!

            “witnessed since 1948, including how the hard working people were made stateless over night. “”

            that is your main worry with the then partitioned India and it still lingers. How about your brothers at Malaysia? I have met several (son’s of daily paid workers) who travel led to Nadu worked hard at their education and became professional doctors. They streetwise lived with humour not history lessons.

            • 2


              What is your point if there is one?

              What is the purpose of your existence if there is one?

              • 3

                Native Vedda ,

                Next year you would see fire works from Trump diehards.
                A reduction of population is a must- the unwanted porrikis.
                You are non exist to start with.
                Thotta kattu??

                comply with the 99% Lankan population or perish.

                porriki, you cant hold a candle to india neither Tamils at Malaysia.- its your political destiny

              • 2

                “”What is the purpose of your existence if there is one? “”

                to force you to commit suicide like your Tamil brothers than talk rubbish off yesterdays newspapers.

                May 2009 with European diaspora and american diaspora support
                Over 100 K protested at UK (most non vellaha who now say they vellaha but it is hard to believe). The London folk were angry that traffic had to be stopped for 3 hours by idiot refugees/terrorist.

                Then came the Presidential election of January 2015 and the Man appointed by a former JVP reactionary Buddhist monkey had purportedly received a few more votes.
                In came the 30-40 min forceful chat by State Dept Kerry and not even Obama Hussein and MR resigned from post immediately. Even Sirima did not do that.
                Now you have the Sinhala/Muslim administration- live with it.
                There is no other language or culture except theirs.

                With who did catholic, Samanta play elle at Jaffna but with Hijabi clad Muslim girls- why so when her hubby is a Jew? It’s part of international business.

                Become non existent and find yourself another job even if it does not pay you the same so that your siblings may know the reality of lanka tamil politics.
                Chandra Hassan knew it by 83 that it was not worth the money.

                its a corrupt world as before- see the red indians its because they revolted.
                The Lankan forces are still trained by USA as much as UK air force of today.
                Remember Gota challenged USA to keep training Lanka forces or he would invite the Chinese – that was his last challenge.
                They always were and especially from 9/11 onwards.
                In the west we are well aware of american bases in our land and do not like it.
                Putin has no avenue, trade, soft power etc but Strike at will without getting involved fully in cold war games which are expensive.
                active agents for the SVR, the foreign spy agency of modern Russia and a successor to the KGB. They are at Europe and Canada for themselves.
                After Tony Blair and Cameron no one want’s to hand over Power to UK- neither US nor EU and labour left is moving close to islam for vote base then finding it difficult to implement what they promised.

  • 6

    What some writers forget is that the Northern province was 99.9 % Tamils prior to 1960. The only Sinhalese were the bakery owners!
    They had to leave the NP and migrate to Colombo because of the massacre of the Tamils by the Sinhalese army.
    The writers seem to lack any knowledge of SL history.
    The Eastern Province was similarly more than 60% Tamil speaking, until the late DS started plundering lands of the Tamils to colonise Sinhalese.

  • 11


    This essay is out of character and a flop.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  • 5

    There again. This guy DR.Rajasingham, as usual, has to put his two cents worth.

  • 5

    Sinhalese racists like Vishwamithra are wittingly or unwittingly giving ammunition to Thamil sceptics who prophesise that Sirisena- Wickremesinghe government also will lead the Thamils down the garden path like their predecessors. His tirade against Jayalalithaa is unfortunate. It is like the kettle calling the pot black! If Jayalalithaa is corrupt so is Rajapaksa brothers. Worse they are murderers as well. It is now accepted that Thajudeen did not die in a vehicle accident as originally claimed by the Police. He was killed and one of the suspects is Namal Rajapaksa.
    In a democracy the will of the people prevails. Jayalalithaa is in active politics since 1982 when she joined the AIADMK at the behest of MGR. She was appointed as the Propaganda Secretary of the AIADMK. She has served as a member of the Rajya Sabha from 1984 -1989.
    She was elected to the Thamil Nadu Legislative Assembly in 1989. In 1991, following the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi days before the elections. The AIADMK alliance with the Congress won 225 out of the 234 seats it contested and won all 39 parliamentary constituencies in the centre. Re-elected to the assembly, she became the first female, and the youngest, chief minister, of Tamil Nadu, to serve a full term from 1991 – 1996. In 1996 elections she lost, but won in 2001. She again lost in 2006 but won back to back in 2011 (203 seats) 2016 (134seats).
    In 2014 elections to Lok Sabha the AIADMK won 37 out of 39 seats and placed the third largest party in parliament.
    Jayalalithaa gave up acting in 1982 but she still enjoys popular support in Thamil Nadu. This is not a mean feat and she is not the only person from the cine world to succeed in politics. MGR, Rama Rau and Donald Regan and few others have done it before. So much for Jayalalithaa.
    Vishwamithra like other racists like Dayan is under the illusion that Thamil people’s political, economic and cultural rights depend on the generosity of the majority Sinhalese! Fundamental Human rights are universal and as a people who historically inhabit a defined territory with a distinct language and culture they are entitled to the right of self-determination.
    No other concept is as powerful, visceral, emotional, unruly, and as steep in creating aspirations and hopes as self-determination.
    Following the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991, 12 states exercised the right of self-determination and became independent. Likewise, the former Yugoslavia broke up into 7 new states under the same principle. In the case of Quebec, Canada’s Supreme Court ruled in 1998 that if the group (Quebec people) is in a situation where the government is rendered useless in the pursuit of the group’s political, economic, social and cultural advancement—that is when internal self-determination is denied—then external self-determination (secession or independence) will be recognized. This principle will apply to Thamil people as well. East Timor, Kosovo, South Sudan are recent examples of people exercising their right of self-determination through the process of a referendum.
    Vishwamithra asserts “It will be unbelievable that any Sinhalese-dominated government, at present or in the future, would consent to decentralize administrative and political power to the provinces beyond what has already been granted by the 13th.” It is not Wigneswaran but Vishwamithra who is displaying amazing naiveté over 13A. Suffice to say there is no need for consent by the Sinhalese dominated government. Of course a friendly divorce is preferable, but not compulsory.
    Unsurprisingly, the write-up is laced with half-truths and lies. He claims the majority of Thamils live outside Northeast. This canard is being repeated ad nauseam. The fact is 70.34% (1,597,276) of Ceylon Thamils live in the Northeast and only 29.65% (673,648) live outside Northeast. Even if the Hill Country Thamils are included, 51.30% of Thamils live in Northeast compared to 48.60 % in all other 7 provinces. Anyway, if this is reason denying autonomy to the Thamil people, the 29.64 % could be shifted to Northeast!
    The views of Chief Minister Wigneswaran should not be dismissed out of hand. He is giving vent to his frustration in administering the Northern Province with an executive unelected and Colonial Governor breathing down his neck. Only last week the Eastern province Chief Minister Nazeer Ahamed was treated shabbily by Austin Fernando a retired bureaucrat appointed as Governor. It is a fine example of the hoax perpetrated by JR Jayewardene in the name of decentralization. Legislative power with the elected Chief Minister, but executive power with an unelected Governor! Under 13A, what he gave with his right hand, he took it out by his left hand! Thamils must be left to manage their own affairs that is maximum autonomy, in an undivided and united Sri Lanka. This is their minimum demand, failing which we go back to square one again.
    If your neighbour kisses his wife, you will turn your face the other way. This is because it is none of your business, but if he beats his wife and she cries for help you will be compelled to intervene to stop the violence.
    If the Sinhalese treat the Thamils the way they treat them now, it is no more a domestic issue. You allow your neighbour, in this case Jayalalithaa, to intervene. Wigneswaran is like the wife abused by the husband crying for help from his neighbour!

  • 0

    Wigneswaran, Chief Minister of the Northern Province with a majority Tamilian population praises Jayalalithaa, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, as she continues to encourage Tamil Nadu fishermen to poach in Sri Lankan waters and deprive hard working Tamilian fishermen from Sri Lanka of their livelihoods. With such a man as Wigneswaran, Tamils don’t need enemies, they’ve got one as their very own chief minister!

    • 0

      Well..well..like this, comment really proves you are absolutely live up to your name. Highlighting this flaw in Jeya towards SL Tamils is so candid and flawless.

      This is other way of tackling the same minority complex absorbed paranoia mindset. Poor Viswa should have picked on your brain first before he writes the article to make it more authentic and appealing to general reader but not for those who knew the years long game; it is understandable when I ill-treat my wife, I would be worried if I see her talking to the neighbor of any sorts, if neighbor is her related, I would be panicking and paranoid. Work out a way to sort out the issue within if not, you cannot prevent someone from assisting you as did in the war, to help sort the issue out.

      • 1


        “Work out a way to sort out the issue within if not, you cannot prevent someone from assisting you as did in the war, to help sort the issue out.”

        What is your advice to the wife? In the final analysis are you suggesting the wife eloped with the neighbour?

        What a brilliant idea.

  • 1

    Provincial Councillors are not expected to establish diplomatic relationships with foreign countries. It is not under their authority and strictly under the central government.

    Wiggie clearly shows why power devolution beyond 13 is even unthinkable

    • 2

      idiot foot solider of the army (run by USA) in the begging nation.

      Modi cannot tame Jayalalitha because she is not a Tamil but a Brahmin.

      In 1977 riots 2 big textile factories belonging to non natives were set ablaze.

      promptly SirMao and JR protested but both were asked to step back by ADB(the American bank) and they both were funded They received same funding in 83.

      ex Pres Clinton and black man Patton of state dept were refused entry because Bush himself was not interested in Tsunami deaths as he informed London public.

      Keep the hegel eggheads on your head and become like Saudi till the sky falls on you one day- perhaps a disgruntled tamils nukes you all.

  • 2


    This essay of yours is in the realms of racism.
    You go to the extent of questioning J

  • 2


    This essay of yours is in the realms of racism.
    You go to the extent of questioning Justice Wigneswarans Judgments even before he thought of entering Politics.

  • 2

    It should read as you go to the extent of referring to the Judgments of Justice Wigneswaran even before he thought of entering Politics!

  • 6

    You are spot on. Jayalalitha is not an angel. But what is wrong if Wigneswaran congratulates Jayalalitha?
    Do you remember in mid-May Mahinda Rajapaksa went to Uganda to see his friend President Yoweri Museveni. The duo have similar trends. After two terms, Musaveni altered the constitution enabling him to keep the job as long as he wants. Museveni is grooming his son Brigadier Muhoozi Kainerugaba as his successor. Mahinda tried to take son Yoshita with him but Lankan courts refused permission.
    To cut a long story short “Is Museveni an angel?

    Vishwamitra quotes Henry Wadsworth Longfellow “We judge ourselves by what we feel capable of doing, while others judge us by what we have already done.”
    Unfortunately the international community judge us by what happened to a million Tamils disenfranchised in 1948, Sinhala Only in 1956, pogroms directed against Tamils in 1958, 1977 and Black July 1983 and against Muslims in 2014. In May 2009 about 500,000 Tamil civilians were corralled into a sliver of land and bombed and shelled – about 350,000 survived. The survivors are not allowed to tell.

    Vishwamitra: Prejudiced journalism is not acceptable in civilised society.

  • 0

    “Indian State politics is riddled with corruption.”

    …And so is Sri Lankan politics riddled with worse corruption! Full stop. So what are you trying to tell?

  • 0


    “She was convicted”
    That shows the independence of the judiciary in India

    But in Sri Lanka Rajapakse committed worse crimes and involved in murder and he should have been sent to jail and hung but he was able to strangle the judiciary and that shows the extent of crime and corruption in Sri Lanka.

    Still you did not conveniently complete your sentence when you said “She was convicted…” you should have continued to say later was found ‘not guilty’.

    Do not try to compare India and Sri Lanka and they far far better than us.

    So what are you now trying to portray? You just unintentionally proved India is better country with due independence to their administrative machinery.

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