11 December, 2023


WikiLeaks: Dudley A Devout Buddhist, At Various Times He Seemed Ready To Retire To Monastery

“Three-time Prime Minister of Ceylon and son of nations founding father, D. S. Seanayake, Dudley senanayake played in and out role in politics. Devout Buddhist, at various times he seemed ready to retire to monastery for meditation but always returned to poltical field.” the US Embassy Colombo informed Washington.

Dudley Senanayake passed away on April 13, 43 years ago.

Read the leaked US diplomatic cable here


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    For Dudley Senanayake Religion was a Private affair.
    He did not make a Public display of it surrounded by his Political supporters!

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    The late Mr. Dudley Senanayake was one of the leaders who was not disliked or hated by the Tamils, Sinhala, Muslims or others. unlike the other leaders especially Mahinda Rajapakdsa, the Racist.

    Even Dudley Senanayakas father, D.S. Senanayaka, disenfranchised the Up-Country Tamils after gaining Independence.

    The late Mr. Dudley Senanayake wanted to be Buddhist and was guided by Buddhas teachings. May he attain Nibbana.

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    Our great leader Malinda rajapaksa liberated the country from Tamil tigers

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    Most probably,for Hon:Dudley Senanayake,Sansara would not have been a long Journey.
    It would have been very short indeed!

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    Tamils consider Buddha as a Hindu reformist and /or an avatar of Krishna. CV, one seen as hindu extremist in south because of following his religion, once said that he had his offerings to Sri Nagavihara and visited there to pray. Buddhism ask few people to start Sanyasam in early ages, Hinduism ask all people, after going through all other three parts of the life – Brahmacharya (student), Grihastha (householder), Vanaprastha (retired) to end their life with Sanyasam (renunciation). If Dudley had ended his life with Sanyasam, it would have been like more of a Hinduism style.

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      Monkey Mallaiyuran is practicing Sunniyasam in zoo.

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    Dudley, was a honest, harmless buffoon….everyone says he was a good person, that is no qualification, we all are good people!

    He was out of his depth, he graduated from Cambridge and became PM thanks to Thaththi’s influence and legacy.

    He never had the depth and acumen to lead this Country (sadly, most of our leaders didn’t), those who did like SWRD and JR were devious vote grabbers who didn’t care for the long term future of the Nation.

    One event personifies Dudley….We had a spot in A.S.E.A.N. handed to us on a platter. The ASEAN meeting was held up for over 3 hours for Dudley to show up, he never did, he was so scared of the L.S.S.P., he squandered a golden opportunity for future Sri Lankan generations.

    Our post independence legacy is a sad one, Dudley not taking robes and not becoming a monk is probably one of them.

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