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WikiLeaks: GoSL Had No Evidence Against Charles Gnanakone

By Colombo Telegraph

“Recent press reports suggest the Australians are taking a closer look at LTTE fundraising. Matthew Hyndes, the Australian Deputy High Commissioner, confirmed to PolChief on December 2 that the police, based on information provided by the Sri Lankan Directorate of Internal Intelligence (DII), is conducting a total of three investigations in Sydney and Melbourne of individuals suspected of raising funds for the LTTE, but he stressed that no arrests had been made. Police confiscated some computer equipment in the course of the raids, Hyndes said, and some arrests could be made later depending upon what, if anything, is found in the computer records. He expressed skepticism that any ‘smoking gun’ would turn up in the computers although there is little doubt, in Hyndes view, that the individuals are linked to the LTTE. He added that under new procedures, pro-LTTE Tamil National Alliance (TNA) MPs who come in for visas will be closely grilled about their agendas while in Australia and asked to sign a sworn statement that they will not engage in any fundraising activities while there.” the US Embassy Colombo informed Washington.

The Colombo Telegraph found the related classified diplomatic cable  from WikiLeaks database, which details LTTE fundraising activities. The “Confidential” cable is classified by then ECONCHIEF US Embassy Colombo Dean R. Thompson on December 19, 2005.

Charles Gnanakone (Center) Photo: Rebecca Hallas

Under the subheading ‘Australian Efforts’ the Embassy wrote  “Hyndes added that the GSL has put increasing pressure on the Australians to do something about LTTE fundraising in Australia but has seldom provided adequate information on which to base an investigation that would stand up in Australian court. He characterized most of the GSL-provided leads as ‘speculation,’ and ‘guesswork’ that is ‘not very helpful.’ He added that the GSL had no evidence against Charles Gnanakone, the Australian citizen with links to the LTTE who had been held for several months on suspicion of involvement in former Foreign Minister Kadirgamar’s August assassination (recently released due to a lack of evidence). In general, Hyndes believes DII provides comparatively more useful and reliable information than the Directorate of Foreign Intelligence (DFI).”

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