1 March, 2024


WikiLeaks: JR Asks US About Foreign Interests In The North

“Possible foreign power interest in north? President raised with me the question of whether a major foreign power could be behind the Tamil extremists.” the US Ambassador Dr. William Howard Wriggins Colombo informed Washington.

“I said I did not know; the Libyans occasionally dabbled in such situation. He dismissed this with the observation, ‘I am not afraid of money or training from them.’ he thinks tamil extremists do find sanctuary in south india which is annoying but not really worrysome. He wonders whether Soviet Union does not have sufficient interest in gaining a strategic position in northern ceylon, including Trincomalee,to tempt them to fish in these troubled waters. I did not contradict this view although I said we had no evidence to confirm it. He acknowledged he had no evidence wither although ‘soviet personnel have been active with many visits to the North’ and are being watched.” the ambassador further wrote.JR Jayewardene

The Colombo Telegraph found the related leaked US diplomatic cable from the WikiLeaks database dated May 16, 1978 . The cable is classified as “Secret” and written by then US Ambassador to Colombo Dr. William Howard Wriggins.

According to the cable, the Ambassador had requested an appointment with President JR Jayewardene. President responded with invitation to lunch. On may 15 in a two hour relaxed luncheon with the President and his wife Elina Jayewardene, Ambassador and his wife Sally Hovey Wriggins had an easy discussion on many subjects.

This cable summarizes discussion on Tamil-Sinhalese problems.

The ambassador wrote; “Over past several weeks, militant group of young Tamil separatists (liberation tigers) are alleged to have assassinated five police officers. President has ordered all-out effort by police and military to track them down. His most intense worry is his fear that should the Tamil Tigers kill only one Sinhalese, the country could eroup in a communal explosion, as angry Sinhalese would take revenge. That is why the army is on special alert (this will be covered in septel), why special effort is being applied to pursuing Tamil extremists, and why police are being given special authority to pick up suspects.”

“The communal situation is so incendiary that he is seeking special powers to ensure that the press does not publicize any incidents where a Sinhalese is killed, though he will avoid anything that smacks of ‘emergency powers.’

“Although Mrs. Bandaranaike believes the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) and the tamil tigers work closely together, president believes they are not connected. I speculated on the virtues and liabilities of a search-and-destroy policy that policy and military have been instructed to carry out, pointing out that it could backfire. He argued government had this well under control.

“He hopes that the establishment of district Ministers and the consequent decentrilization of Administration wit local mp’s having more responsibility for development will ease Tamil anxieties. For many years the tamil federal party agitated for regional autonomy and the district ministry reform will inconspicuously bring that about.”

Placing a comment Dr. Wriggins wrote; “while in our view this reform is likely to satisfy the bulk of the Tamil community, it will not be sufficient to pull the teeth of the Tamil Tigers.”

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  • 9


    black July.

    Tamils asked for it and they got it.

    • 12

      To: Jim Softly.

      You seem to be hell bent on revenge in all ways.
      Only God in his great wisdom knows how pea sized, under developed, frankensteins like you survive. You were born in the wrong era and to the wrong ethnic community. You should have been born in Germany during the Nazi era and would have done well in Hitler’s SS as a concentration camp exterminator.
      If not that, then you would have done well, very well, in the killing fields of Cambodia as a butcher to Polpot the mad man.
      Either ! you should have joined Velupillai Prabhakaran because he to was a mad man hell bent on destroying the tamil community just like you.
      It is ugly buggers like you who are a stumbling block to peace in your beautifull country.
      We hope that one day soon you will be at the receiving end of all the evil things you say for thats the only way you will learn your damn lesson.
      You must be a atheist because good god fearing people be it sinhalese, tamils, muslims etc will not make such rascist statements.

      Take a bath you smelly man, groom yourself, have a good meal, dress well, look at your ugliness in a mirror, take it away in forgiveness, go out and smile at the world and the world will smile at you.

      Get out of your dark, smelly, hole that you dwell in and live in the light of God, forgiveness and peace.
      You are just like your fat, ugly, smelly, corrupt, rascist, lusty, greedy, pea brained politicians who leak rascism and corruption from every orifice in their bodies.

      May all Sri Lankans of every caste, creed, and religion be blessed with eternal peace and you too you ugly WANKER and if you do not want peace then may you be damned with your master the devil in HELL.


    • 14

      Jim softy Dim Wit

      “black July. Tamils asked for it and they got it.”

      Non-Tamils didn’t ask for it yet they too got it.

      You know why?

    • 0

      Amazing attempt to revise history.

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    RE: WikiLeaks: JR Asks US About Foreign Interests In The North

    “Placing a comment Dr. Wriggins wrote; “while in our view this reform is likely to satisfy the bulk of the Tamil community, it will not be sufficient to pull the teeth of the Tamil Tigers.”

    Yes. The Train had already left the Station.

    They had ample time from 1948 to 1978.

    You know rest of the story.

    The story continues.

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    It is a real shame that former President JR wasn’t smart enough to unite the country nor had the knowledge to counterattack India. The foreign policy must be the same, no matter who wins the election. But in reality leaders are selling the country to foreign powers to keep their power in order to increase their wealth. Now they are going after Mahinda Rajapaksa as they have clean hands. Former President CBK has a nice house in the UK. Can we probe where she got the money to buy a property in London? The leaders of good governance will also accumulate incredible wealth, if they can pull off one more term. Sri Lankans who have done political and history researches and lived in many countries can’t get a decent job to influence the policy makers. Do you think this kind of leaders will make this country as Singapore? Singapore is a developed country because South Asians are minority in Singapore. Do you get the picture?

    Tamils have been destroyed themselves by eliminating their own leaders. This is what the foreign powers want, in order to implement their interests. I have lived in four continents and traveled to more than 25 countries. And I have read more than 300 books by spending more than 10,000 hours. But how many Tamils value my knowledge? This is a disaster for Tamils. Politically speaking Tamils are father less, nobody is asking Tamil media to publish my writings to enlighten them.

    • 6

      Antany Peter,

      “It is a real shame that former President JR wasn’t smart enough to unite the country nor had the knowledge to counterattack India.”

      Stupidity is a Virtue for Para-Sinhala “Buddhist” Leaders. They infested the Para-Sinhala “Buddhist” populace. Then they infested the Para-Tamil Leaders and the Para-Tamil populace.

      Looks like Stupidity is a Virtue goes all the way to the Paras.

    • 3

      “Now they are going after Mahinda Rajapaksa as they have clean hands.”


      Now they are going after Mahinda Rajapaksa as IF they have clean hands.

  • 4

    Dr Wiggins is right..

    That is why Yahapalana Ranil is going to give all out separation under his new Constitution.

    Will the Dalit MPS who are now sucking Ranil’s bacon bones allow all out Separation?.

    My fear is whether Dr Higgin’s prediction comes true, which is the Tigers getting their new teeth and bite our asses again.

    There are 12 800 of them out there with nothing much to do , except listening to the Vellala CM and Sivagilingam.,

    Yahapalana Government has released or are in the process of releasing another 280 hard core leaders to give them guidance.

    Army Soldiers are living in fear of the White Judges and the Hybrid Court.

    The MPS who are sucking the bones will want to keep sucking them as long as possible, even though they do not like to help separation.

    Another five years of Wages , Allowances, Commissions and other kick backs will nicely add the cream to their retirement cake.

    Will the Vellalas just allow them to milk the Parliament?

    Being a betting, man I back full separation by default, with the help of the UN and the West, before the this Yahapalana Parliament expires.

    • 8

      KASmaalam K.A Sumanasekera

      “Army Soldiers are living in fear of the White Judges and the Hybrid Court.”

      They should have started fearing when they first committed war crimes and crime against humanity.

      You should have started fearing when you first agreed to carry MR’s b***s.

      Knowing Vellalas, they will be the first to defend MR and his clan from full prosecution for war crimes (in 1915 Sir Ponna, Bala Thamboe and other young Tamil Lawyers in 1971 and after, Shirani Banda Tamil firm and Sumanthiran, …. ).

      Just relax.

      If the long arm of the law is coming after you, please contact us here in CT.

  • 12

    This dirty racist rascal was one of the fathers of Sinhala racism in SL. From 1958 he has made trouble for the minorities. We still remember the day when Sir John K told this low life to step back from his protest or he will break his neck. Dirty fox.

    • 8

      When did Sir John say anything like that? He took a back seat after the 1956 fiasco.

      JR led the March to Kandy in 1958 only to be stopped by SD Bandaranayake at Imbuugoda. JR was humiliated.
      The left hailed SD, but the Tamil leaders never appreciated what SD did for the Tamils.
      They ran after JR on every possible occasion and made the Tamils and the country suffer as a result.
      The myth among Tanmils that the SLFP is more communal than the UNP should go.

      • 8

        All that you say is perfectly rational and honest.

        That Sir John Kotelawela may have said something like that in private to JR is also perfectly in keeping with his character – but he is not a guy whom our present politicians should try to emulate either.

        What you imply about S.D. Bandaranayake anf the SLFP is also true. SWRD Bandranaike may have acted as an opportunist leading up to 1956, but he was not a racist. There probably was a very real need to restore some dignity to BOTH the Swabasha languages; that English was neglected for a long time was unfortunate. We must have a major World Language to link to the rest of the world, and for so many reasons it HAS to be English.

        As for foxy J.R. Jayawardena: the man was intelligent, but with cunning being his predominant trait. Nothing that he ever said should be taken at face value. Dear SJ, I greatly appreciate your comment: let us now shed differences and work with each other, to restore this country to the potential it had in the 1950s – and let’s stop this blame game. Let us EVEN forgive Junius Richard!

      • 5


        “JR led the March to Kandy in 1958 only to be stopped by SD Bandaranayake at Imbuugoda.”

        SD Bandaranayake, you mean the father of the doctrine of thuggery, violence and stone-throwing?

        Well he did not prevent the march out of love for the Tamils but for his party (SLFP), its supporters and leader.

        • 5

          What SD did was courageous. For whatever the reason on may imagine, his courage was laudable.
          SD could not have performed satyagraha to stop a procession hell bent on stirring trouble. The racist march had to be stopped and SD did what was appropriate. If JR had public support he could have turned tables on SD.

          Why was it SD and no other SLFP leader?
          SD was among the least communal of all members of nationalist parties, Both Tamil and Sinhala.
          The man never uttered a racist sentence in his political life.

          • 4


            “For whatever the reason on may imagine, his courage was laudable.”

            So courage of LTTE, JVP, ….. and the armed forces are laudable irrespective of their reason for using violence and despite their crimes committed against unarmed civilians.

            Anyone and everyone who uses violence to achieve their ends should be lauded and not charged with crime.

            If someone from somewhere kills you for whatever reason and the only
            witness happened to be me. Are you saying I should applaud the murderer’s courage and reffrain from informing the police?

            I think I might consider that as a very good guiding principle.

            Thanks for you advice.

        • 8

          To: NATIVE VEDDA.

          Your country has earned something valuable in the past five years what the Syrians are yearning for at present. Treasure it and use your pea sized brain to contribute to that lasting peace.
          Instead of finding fault here there and everywhere move your thin butt to work for a lasting peace for all your people.
          The past is past, close the book and use your damn pea sized brain to bring communities together in harmony.
          If there are people who do not want peace then let them rot in HELL, but you buffoon, think of contributing to goodwill and peace.
          Your pariah politicians and some in the guise of the buddhist clergy don’t want peace, why!!!!!!!!!!!! because they cannot survive in peace and harmony. They can only survive in the darkness of war, violence, black magic, corruption, evil, and all that comes from the devil. Similar to the Aids virus, that can only survive within the human body and not outside of it.

          Clean up your outlook in life by taking a bath and grooming yourself. Pray for divine wisdom in bringing about a full reconciliation between all ethnic communities to live in harmony, wear a good strong pair of shoes so that when you come across your pariah, ugly, fat bottomed politicians you can give them a bloody kick up their rear so hard that they will feel the pain for five years, use your vote wisely in your quest for peace and finally you can live your life with a smile on your face to the very end.
          Don’t turn out be a WANKER because you will be a WANKER all your life, but be humble and thoughtfull for humility is power and arrogance is cowardice and weakness.

          Wish you and your country well. Take care.

          PS; Dont contribute to a situation like Bangladesh formerly East Pakistan, where in the end your powerfull neighbour may have to intervene and create a separation. Events like this are a reality and could happen and you will have to live with it for the next 1000 years. Pray it wont happen.

          • 5

            The world needs peace.

            The above rant is addressed to the wrong person.

            Therefore I am returning it to the sender. In case if you don’t want to take possession of your rant, please feel free to chuck it in the bin where it belongs.

            Thanks for wasting your time.

            Whenever you get the urge to type but you do not know where to send please send it to me, I know where to return it.

            Please don’t bother with return address.

      • 0

        It not a myth my dear it is a fact. Even moderate Sinhalese subscribes to that. At last election it proved.

  • 3

    We are suffering from lack of genuine political leadership for the mass Tamils and Sinhalese. The waters will stay troubled as long as the political leaderships are nothing but deal makers for their friends and family not welfair of the people. Power hungry politicians have no shyness over a missinformed raciest mass which suffer from day to day struggle to survive beyond hunger , inequality, freedom, corporate mafia and the international politicikas playing their ball game in SL yard. Unless there is a miracle we will end up like Philippines.

  • 3

    With global commerce rising to unprecedented levels, it is not surprising the vital sea route in and around the island’s waters should engage the keen interest of regional and global powers. This competition will grow with the prediction over 75% of the world’s Container traffic will move through this route in the years to come. The China-India-USA competition can reach alarming levels. Let us hope what happened to Syria is not allowed to occur here through the avarice of scheming and power-hungry politicians.


  • 0

    We will sleepwalk into a Syrian type situation if we allow the politicians use the main religion and so called cultural factors to interfere with the daily lives, which is divisive and negative. We must make the English language as a link language and study and follow the UK set up which is the envy of the world.

  • 2

    It is a known fact Foreign powers (mainly India) are responsible for destroying LTTE. India feared that emergence of Tamil Ellam may become a competitor for Tamil Nadu and India.The root of the problem for LTTE to be born is the repetitive ethnic violence and Singhala only act. Accept the reality.

    • 3

      The LTTE was born as a result of the failure of the FP, TC, TULF etc.
      Tamil political killings started with Duraiapppa. Amirthalingam encouraged it and the ‘Gandhian’ Chelvanayakam kept silent when he should have denounced it.

      The PA government was insensitive in many ways, but the TULF was reckless in its responses.
      India encouraged militancy under Indira Gandhi. There was also other foreign backing until 1983 when India monopolized Tamil militancy.
      The LTTE surged forward by killing off rival leaders and members.
      Sadly for the Tamils they had only the LTTE after 1990.
      But can one endorse LTTE terror against civilians– Tamils, Muslims and Sinhalese?
      The LTTE dug its own grave.

      Protected by the DMK leader, the LTTE killed people on Indian soil. It never came clean on the killing of Rajeev Gandhi.
      It provided India with all the excuses it needed.

  • 0

    The bane of incestuous bestial genes is the undoing of Sinhalas.

    • 2


      You are inordinately fascinated by bestiality it seems ? Do you enjoy it much ?

    • 0

      Indra, this sucks.

  • 1

    JR with his massive political stature was still a dimwit.

    He is partly responsible for the horrors that followed his presidency.

  • 1

    LTTE was given life after 1983, from 80 odd to 5000 recruits.
    This stupidity should never be repeated.
    I blame the short sited leadership and also thugs trying to get a quick buck by looting.The army should have shot the looters, same happend in Aluthgamma small scale,THUGS and Gota.

  • 0

    Why are we pulling out to reignite thoughts of disunity that Mahinda ended’
    Do not listen to any one for the past is a past and each and every one of us were responsible for the anarchy we had.

    Get going looking to the future

  • 1

    CT is digging holy shit.

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