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WikiLeaks: Solheim Presented Five Points Plan To Present To The GoSL And Tigers

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“Solheim summarized five points that the Co-Chairs agreed to present to the government and Tigers: – There is no international support for war in Sri Lanka. The conflict cannot be won through military means. – Human rights abuses must stop now. There are no acceptable excuses. As long as human rights abuses continue, all those working in Sri Lanka (aid groups, journalists, businesspeople, etc.) will continue to be afraid. – Both parties must give uninhibited humanitarian access, even if the war continues. – If the government wants to restart talks, it must establish contact with the Tigers, at least through Norway. The government cannot be advised by the Norwegian facilitators if the latter have no contact with the Tigers. Preparations for potential talks should begin immediately. – The All Parties process should be completed, and a credible devolution package for resolving the conflict presented. (FYI: On this point, Solheim thought not much progress will result from the All Parties process. Even if there is a devolution proposal, he believes it is unlikely to be of interest to the Tamil Tigers.)” the US Embassy Oslo informed Washington.

A Leaked “CONFIDENTIAL” US diplomatic cable, dated July 24, 2007, recounts the details of a meeting the representatives of the Sri Lanka Co-Chairs (United States, European Union, Japan, and Norway) has had in Oslo on June 29,2007 to discuss the  developments in Sri Lanka.The Colombo Telegraph found the related leaked cable from the WikiLeaks database which is classified by DCM Kevin M. Johnson.

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