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William Hague’s Hypocrisy On Sexual Violence Condemned: Sri Lanka Campaign

The Sri Lanka Campaign for Peace and Justice has condemned British Foreign Secretary William Hague‘s hypocrisy on the issue of sexual violence, saying his public campaign on the subject and his continued support of the Commonwealth summit in Colombo was at odds.

William Hague

The rights group said Sri Lanka was a country whose military is accused of the systemic rape of Tamil detainees.

Fred Carver, Campaign Director of the Sri Lanka Campaign for Peace and Justice, said many Tamil men and women have been raped by Sri Lankan Security forces. “Many multiple times. Many as recently as a few months ago. In all probability many are suffering this ordeal right now. This is an outrage and it must stop,” Carver said.

“Mr Hague is going to the Commonwealth Summit in Sri Lanka, against the advice of many who feel that in doing so he is helping to whitewash the crimes of the Sri Lankan regime. He must countermand the unhelpful signals this attendance is sending by taking a tough stand on sexual violence. To do otherwise would be hypocrisy.” he said.

The Sri Lanka Campaign has called on Hague to campaign to prevent Sri Lanka from taking on the Chairmanship of the Commonwealth, publicly condemn sexual violence by the Sri Lankan army and deploy his team of experts on preventing sexual violence to Sri Lanka.

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