21 May, 2022


Wilpattu Myth; BBS Gnanasara Vs JBS Vijitha

By Latheef Farook

Latheef Farook

Latheef Farook

BBS unleash mayhem at Media briefing; However Ven Watareka Thera vowed to unite the nation

A small minority of Muslim families were living peacefully for centuries in the Marichchikattui village in the Musali division in Mannar district.

They were involved in paddy cultivation and other such works .In keeping with their religious requirement they built their own mosque there. To help continue with their cultivation works the government has even built a dam before 1970.

Life was simple but they remained contented lot.

In 1990 when the Tamil tiger terrorists ethnic cleansed the Muslims in the north, these Muslim families in the Marichchikati village too were driven out. They too lost all their belongings and ended up with empty hands in refugee camps in Puttalam where, like other refugees, languished in poverty besides facing numerous other problems.

They were all happy when the government forces defeated the LTTE in May 2009 in the hope that they too could return to their own soil and rebuild their lives.

With the situation improving after the war they started returning to their ancestral village of Marichchikatti only to realize that the entire village has become jungle as they were neglected for almost two decades.

Yet they did not lose hope. All what they wanted was to clear the jungle and live in their own soil. Pinning their hope on Allah they jointly and individually cleared the jungle which was no easy task. They did so with the support of the government and the divisional secretary.

They were all poor and did not possess the money to rebuild proper houses. However they built mud wall houses covered with palm eves and settled down there. A nongovernmental organization helped them put up these huts.

Today there are around 150 families and about 500 people.

This has nothing to do with Wilpattu sanctuary. However the Bodu Bala Sena which is spearheading a fierce anti Muslim campaign, tearing apart communities and pushing the country towards a disastrous path, began a vicious campaign stating that the Marichchikatti is located in wilpattu and Industries Minister Rishard Bathiudeen is colonizing Wilpattu sanctuary with Muslims.

This was malicious campaign as the Marichichikattu village belongs to Musali division in Mannar district while wilpattu, according to survey department geographical map, is in Puttalam and Anuradhapura district.

With the BBS campaign intensifying a group of eight Buddhist monks led by Jathika Bala Sena secretarty Ven Watareka Vijitha Thera visited Marichchikatti village on a study tour while so called Muslim parliamentarians who have sold their souls for positions and perks were busy watching cricket match.

Contrary to BBS propaganda they found that Muslims were living in their own village in Marichchikatti and not inside the Wilpattu sanctuary.

These Muslims have also produced deeds and all other relevant documents for their lands. They had also shown evidence of an old mosque there before they were evicted. This mosque is now under Navy control.

People in the area also pointed out that there is a village called Pookkulam which is purely a Sinhalese village inside Wilpattu.However BBS raised no question about this.

On their return to Colombo the Jathika Bala Sena team led by Rev Watareka Thera, who is also UPFA Mahiyangana Pradesiya Sabha member and keen on maintaining centuries old communal harmony and peace between Sinhalese and Muslims, organized a press conference at Nippon Hotel, Slave Island, Colombo on Wednesday April 9.

The media briefing, which was also the inaugural conference of the JBS- an organization by its definition professing values antithetical to the BBS.

In this regard Ceylon Today report of 10 April 2014 had this to state;

While Buddhist monks, Moulavis and several Muslim civil society representatives had also attended the JBS media briefing, it is reported that the BB’s request to participate in the press conference was refused by the JBS precipitating the shouting match that ensued.

The BBS which was accusing Minister Rishard Bathiudeen of illegally settling Muslim colonies inside Wilpattu National Park requested that their revelations be logically challenged and refuted immediately in open view of the media representatives. At the alleged failure to do so the BBS had then allegedly proceeded to chase out the Muslim leaders or Moulavis of the JBS from the premises.

In order to ascertain whether the remaining priests of the JBS were indeed Buddhist monks or mere men in robes Ven Galagoda Aththe Gnanasara Thera   posed some questions to the group about the sasana(monkhood) which the group had miserably failed to answer satisfactorily.

Several young samanera monks who had come with the BBS had shown signs of distress and been shook up during the incident.

Meanwhile Ven Wateraka Thera said that the “press conference was summoned to launch his barely a week old organization JBS under the theme “national and religious unity and reconciliation”. Within minutes after arriving at the venue Ven Gnanasara Thera,Ven Nandea Thera and 25 to 30 others pushed past even the police and surrounded me. They pinched me, assaulted me, and pulled my robe.Ven Gnanasara Thera then told his group to go and get a sarong and skull cap which Muslims wear for me to wear. They stole five files of me which contained very important documents”.

The monk continuing his ordeal said; Then Ven Gnanasara Thera threatened me and asked me to make a statement which he had prepared to the effect of me apologizing and begging forgiveness for disgracing the sangha and Buddhists in front of Muslims. I was asked to disown my organization-the JBS. Because I feared for my life and I was under duress I went ahead and said what he wanted me to say.

Soon after other police personnel came and I was taken to the Slave Island Police Station where I made a complaint. Even if one dies after another, until my last breath I will fight for national and religious reconciliation. I will unite this nation.

The reason why the BBS did this is because I have a compact disc containing footage of a party that the BBS had on 10 September 2010 inside the Wilpattu National Park where they drank over 25 bottles of arrack,   drove vehicles and played cricket.They were afraid that I was going to place this incriminating evidence in the public domain. Since my life is under threat we will have a press conference at a much more safer and secretive location. They left us saying that if I ever make a statement to the media I would be cut into pieces and thrown in the river.”

Meanwhile Police Media Spokesman SSP Ajith Rohana had said that “although nothing had happened and no arrests were made Ven Galagoda Aththe had attempted to remove Ven Watareka Thera’s robe”.

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Latest comments

  • 25

    It is all dirty works of Gotabaya and his thugs: you do not need to be a rack scientist to know this. We will have the curse of 1:6 billions Muslims and he will dies as Praba died: injustice is injustice whether it is done by Praba or Giata . It is what you seed come back to you. Wait and see how long Gota is dancing like this

    • 1

      Rajapakses, you can rule the country with thuggary. and do whatever you want as you wish.
      but one day karma will come and haunt you.
      you just wait !!

    • 4

      Wilpattu is NOT a Myth; BBS Gnanasara Thero was right.

      The UPFA provincial councillor from Mannaar Rifghan Badurdeen along with his brother and SL minister Rishard Badurdeen have established an illegal colony in the Wilpattu area.


  • 8

    While you are right that Gota is targeting the muslims, you state

    living peacefully ..for centuries

    Last time you wt=rote something you stated something along the lines that muslims have been living for thousands of years..

    I highly doubt that anyone else claims thousands of years and in this case, maybe a century from other sources and not centuries as you state.

    • 14

      Try answer these simple questions:
      Muslims have been living peacefully all over the world. (right/ wrong)
      Muslims have been spreading their religion peacefully throughout history. (right/ wrong)
      Muslims treat everyone and all religions fairly and equally. (right/ wrong)
      Muslims respect democratic values. (right/ wrong)
      Muslims have never forced their religion on others. (right/ wrong)
      Muslims have never promoted violence on minority. (right/ wrong)
      Muslims have never condemned unbelievers as worse than animals. (right/ wrong)
      Muslims have never never degraded unbelievers as fakirs. (right/ wrong)
      Muslims have never charged jizya (religious tax) on fakirs. (right/ wrong)
      Muslims have never killed anyone for leaving Islam. (right/ wrong)

      • 4

        Cut your crap. Don’t divert the readers from the topic. We have a serious problem in the country and you talk cock.

        I presume that BBS’ next target going to be Vasudeva Nana.
        Vasudeva told BBC that BBS is upto no good.

  • 17

    JHU / BBS is very quiet about the eviction of people in Colombo by the Govt. Even the Wanathamulla incident where the majority is Sinhalese did not evoke any reaction from them. Now Gandasara says that Muslims or even Sinhalese have no right to occupy land which belong to animals. This Goonda in robes is now more worried about animals than human beings. Refugees evicted from their homes by the LTTE want to return and are being victimised by this madman and his gang of thugs.

    If their is an allegation that this is part of the Wilpattu National Park it can easily be cleared by reference to survey plans and land registration. There is no need for Goonda Gnanasara to play the role of Policeman and Saviour of the Nation. It is a real shame that the Govt and Police are allowing this rogue to dance the Baila and simply watching as he destroys any semblance of National Unity. One can only arrive at the conclusion that the Govt is being run by these thugs in robes.

  • 19

    “….where they drank over 25 bottles of arrack, drove vehicles and played cricket…” ?????

    Our friend Adigana Galaboddthe Gnanasira Thero is having the time of his life. He brings little credit to the Codes of Conduct enunciated
    by the Prince of Peace. He disgraces many millions of pious Buddhists in the country who watch this degenerate take Buddhism down the drain.

    It is fortunate no enraged Muslim sent a knife through this mad man at Slave Island that day.


    • 2

      How ironic that this shit-stirring Thero did this latest bit of shit-stirring at the Nippon Hotel where they served me and a visiting foreigner gin and tonic in a tea cup one poya day sometime ago, and also a plate of devilled beef for taste.

    • 1

      The eunuch will end his days soon in pieces by courtesy of the same Gotabagaya.

      “After the kernel is eaten, who doth not fling away the shell” _ Donne

  • 15

    This man Gnasara was released from courts for attacking a church at Talahena, which we personnaly know is true, The talk is that he needs pork for his dinner. There is no doubt that Gota is behind all this. Unless you control these goons now, there will be another backlash soon. Why don’t someone files a case for violating the fundamental rights of another citizen in this country. Can some one a humanrights organisation do this please

    • 6

      We dont need to talk more, this is the reason why “§23 UNHRC member voted against SRILANKA while § only 12 supported UN resolution”.
      This entire world would hail to be fair the manner that Rajapaskeh administration deliberately keeps away from taking people friendly actions (regardless of the race of the folks).
      People dont ask more than the freedom to live without being harmed.. Ballah in power twisting the minds of poor folks – abuse them to core to stay in power.

      I have no doubt, that UNHRC office has already collected more evidences supporting their accussations why foreign investigations would be mandatory. Many incl. us would say yes to that – because we need a country free from Rajapaskhe administration.

      Give us any reasons, a state leader to be away from the due in compliance with prevailing laws while the majoriy of folks are dissatisfied with their behaivours… using all the media in favour of them. We must be grateful to the pvt media we have in the country that have made the people very clear – the current incident in which the a monk was highly abused by the other monk in a public place.

      Number one – human right violation – Ghanasara should be brought before the COURTS in order to handle the issue within the justice system.

    • 2

      you could be right about him eating pork; He certainly doesnt look like a vegetarian – I am a Christian but am ashamed at this “man who brings discredit to those of the Buddhist faith who sincerely believe in the Dhamma, Ahimsa, and Karuna.
      Interestingly he called for his Ipad — isnt that also “attachment with worldly things???

      • 1

        This is wrong by all facts and figures available to this day.
        There are vegetarians or even vegans that bear overweights. Not only fat accumulations but several other parameters play a role individual becoming fat.

        • 1

          Ok, if its objectionable then it switch it to Buffalo meat. Sincho, assume that this discredited Gorilla will eat anything but a chair.

      • 4

        yes, today, Ipad has become an another show piece specially for that kind of thakkdiyas to show off. Did not you notice the way he yelled
        ” shut up, shut up”. Ghanasara is one another example to have been brought up by wrong parents, teachers and now CRIME friendly Rajapakshe administration.
        Where on the earth one would see – buddhist monks behave like high crime prisoners with higher aggression potentionals – srilanken sanga earned a great voice world wide, were popular to be very gentle, kind, well read, educated, calm and quiet, wise by all means. But placing thugs to represent entire buddhist monks of the beautiful island will be a threat for its image.

  • 2

    Mr Farook may be you should bring this to the notice of Muslim countries like Pakistan and Saudi Arabia who voted against the US resolution and in favour of the Rajapkse Regime. You have so many Muslim countries like Bangladesh
    Pakistan,UAE, Iran,Irag, Indonesia, Qatar and Saudi Arabia who can put a stop to the ill treatment of the Muslims in Sri Lanka. Should you not seriously consider this?.

  • 6

    Both Mara and Gota maintain and feed BBS Balu sena very well by giving them Money, Buildings, super luxury vehicles, foreign trips and also feed them well and unleashing them whenever required.

    The latest wilpattu incident is a mere drama played by BBS to satisfy Maha Rajas.

    Watch the BBS with their secrte service unit entouraj and other supporters.


    How come when MR distroyed over 5000 acres in Hambanthota Thick Jungle and animal habitat to build Mattala Airport, Suriyawewa Cricket stadium and the Harbour. Where was BBS then…..

    Also now MR building the 17th and 18th Airports in Kandy and Nuwara Eliya chopping 2000 acres of catchment area trees and cultivable land. Where is BBS….

    The bottom line is MR lost the Galle district PC polls Badly due to all muslims voting for UNP,JVP and Muslim parties and then Lost Colombo and Kalutara districts due to both Muslims and Tamils votig for UNP,JVP,DP and for other Muslim and Tamil parties.
    None of the Muslims and Tamils voted for MR’s UPFA party, and this made MR furious.

    Therefore unleashing BBS Balu Sena was Mara’s revenge against Muslim and in future against Tamil communities also.

    Await for more Medamulana drama until UNHRC pass the next resolution.


  • 3

    Muslims in Srilanka never had an honest policy. They supported the government when Tamils were being persecuted and mobbed by Sinhalese. They never raised their voice in support of Tamils. Instead they helped to spy on Tamils by serving as army intelligent officers and whistle blowers. In 1972 Badiudin Mohamed(minister of education) brought the infamous legislation that Tamil students must score a higher aggregate mark than Sinhalese to enter the university. But soon it was repealed because all Tamil parties protested. Then a territorial quota was introduced. These Muslim leaders who helped the racist Sinhala-Buddhist goverments, never expected that some day they will turn against Muslims. Even today they cling on to minister posts and are afraid to lend a voice to their Muslim brothers who are slowly being marginalized.

  • 2

    Latheef Farook wrote as Rev Wataraka says; “Even if one dies after another, until my last breath I will fight for national and religious reconciliation.” Again Farook writes as Wataraka says; “Because I feared for my life and I was under duress I went ahead and said what he wanted me to say.” Needless to say these two statements are contradictory. Which one is true is the question.

    As a PS member, politician monk Wataraka ought to know that ruff tactics is not uncommon in Sri Lanka politics. Wataraka should know that ACJU backed Wahabis and Salafis are thugs and ruffians. They have made many an organised attack on Sufi mosques throughout Sri Lanka. Bearded Wahabi Moulavis like the ones who were with monk Wataraka have incited Allah followers to kill three Sufi Muslims in Beruwala. Wahhabi and Salafi jihadi thugs have exhumed dead bodies of Sufi saints and even demolished the minarets of their mosques. They even burned 150 houses belong to a Sufi sect. You can read all the details in the web.

    Now that Wataraka thero said he is prepared to fight for those ACJU Wahhabis and Salafis till his last breath, I have no doubt he has become a true jihadi. So, I am not surprised Gnanasara Thera told his group “to go and get a sarong and skull cap which Muslims wear for me (Wataraka) to wear.” But we haven’t seen Gnanasara assaulting Wataraka in the film clip shown in the TV. If it is there, I bet, Sirasa would have shown it.

    Lying is prohibited for a monk. Hence, if monk Wataraka lied, he should drop the robe and become a follower of Allah for Koran 16:106 says; there are circumstances that can “compel” a Muslim to tell a lie.

  • 3

    Yes, the Muslims in Wilpattu have all the right to live as a Colony after experiencing the famous 1983 Progrom where Sinhala Thugs Looted and robbed Tamil peoples houses and their businesses and many Tamil people were murdered and set their houses, vehicles, businesses and Hotels on fire.

    Similarly the LTTE Terrorists massacared and burned Muslim Villeges in North and East.

    Therefore after these two incidents, it is always safe for any minority community to live together and in a Colony for their own safety.

    Any minority community should not keep faith in the Rajapakses Sri Lankan Government for their Protection and safety. They have to seek their own protection among themselves.

    Also CT should send the above video to International community to show how still the people in Wilpattu still live in Sub human conditions in Sri Lanka.

    Even the Masai Tribes in Africa or the primitive people in Amazon Jungle live in better looking houses than these Muslims live in Wilpattu.

    The animals in our ZOO, and cows have better shelters than these people.

    This is how Rajapakse Thugs who loot our country while making people to live in sub human conditions while calling it the Miracle of Asia.

    Alibabas Keep looting our country to the bone while Driving Lanborghinis.

    • 0

      Rajapakses never delayed an election. In fact, elections were held on due dates or before. At every election they are elected to office for there is no viable alternative. Majority do not consider backers of the neo-cons favour one Sri Lanka. Tough luck for Colombians, rump LTTE, NGOs, evangelists who cannot even organise even a protest.

      • 0

        Gamete Leela, you egged up again to manifest your sarcasm over here?

  • 4

    What would be the case

    if any natural forces (physical removals the way Premadasa and several other leaders destined in the past) would REMOVE the following fellows

    a) Gotabaya – that has been the headache to almost everyone to this day – not knowing how unpredicatable his activies have been. I personally believe Ghanasara is a man worked for Gota – having watched the way Gahanaraas attacked and left by a big pajero – raised the question, who funded all these transports and the materials if he continously says that Norway has not given them a cent.

    b) Mahinda Rajapakseh has been the president, minister of defence, minister of finance, minister of very many other areas (as we are compelled to watch on the TV these days), seem to be NOT doing the due for the protection of the general public. He wold not ever bother to utter a single sentence about BBS ´s brutal ities in public arena today.

    I believe, people will then have the chance to see their future.
    Today´s lawless administration should turn to be a lawful one sooner than later, then only we could improve our human rights – in a situation the nation is branded by world bodies (with 23 votes of UNHRC) that we must improve our human rights issues… but the leader of the nation to stay as if he is drunken for 24 hours, not addressing the issue properly, is a great mistake…
    People have been cheated to all levels.

    • 1

      Rule of law takes precedence today. Gopi and two others who tried to revive LTTE were shot dead last night.

      • 0

        really ? i thought that man was only arrested , kept in custody ?

      • 5

        Like those two fabricated fake LTTE cadres one of the most senior SLFP ministers life is also in danger according to another website.
        Your Blood hungry hound Gota would go to any extend to protect their boundaries.
        Fools cannot think wisely until they perish, once you are into shed blood you cannot stop it because if you do so you’re insecure, that’s what exactly happening right now.
        Mara’s end is inevitable.

        By the way mechanic, FYI I have come thru BIA twice. Still waiting for that gadget that you have mentioned to catch me with ganja. Still I am telling you take that same gadget and insert it in your rear. If I get hold of it I will insert it in Gandasara’s rear I promise you.

        • 2

          they broke the record today killing GOPI in so called clashes between LTTE and Army forces.
          Earlier also in UNHRC sessions, their powerful rhetorics were – not a single person was killed or gunned down by anyone since May 2009.

          I believe, Gopi or other two should have been unarmed by the time they were killed by Army forces this morning.
          These are nothing but perpetrated killings similar to what we got to see in Rathupaswala (lost three young men age ranging 20- 35)

          • 2

            Gota thinks that he is Dick Cheney. He can do anything and get away with. Cheney although was a ruthless Yankee yet he was a born millionaire unlike our local Yankee Dick Beggar.

            Gopi episode was predicted by many.
            I have a hunch Gnanasaara will face the same fate one day.
            I only hope that it will materialize soon.

            • 1

              Thats why the fello Gandasara imbibing it so vigorously, Gota’s [Edited out]?

        • 3

          The day we could see Mara´s end would be similar to Premadasa, then only we could have nektar for the sake of nation´s future. Hope not even body reserves would be left behind, when thinking the manner the brutal man behaves publicly today.

      • 1

        Who is going to be next after Gobi……


      • 2


        What a great job well done by our Valiant Soldiers.


        Gobi looks more like a starving beggar or a Nattami in the Manning Market than a Terrorist. Surprise whose liberation he is fighting for. I wonder if Gobi ate anything for the last two weeks.

        Anyway good job to our over 2,000 Proud soldiers who participated in the well planned drama. Missing MBRLs.

        Who is going to be next……….Navvvviiii Pilllllaaaayyyyyy.

        Watch who is coming. Not LTTE.But……

        The Bandit Queen.

        Get ready.

  • 0

    Lunacy article against BBS,

    It was reported that by SL government officials in the area that construction were illegal and wildlife official too confirmed to National newspaper “Divaina” that this is illegal but Ministerial powers has used to silent officials…

    Issue is there is daylight Illegal work going nearby wilpathu, and BBS speak out of it.. Now all of discomfiture Muslims (there are rationales too) talking against about BBS’s raised questions regard to this, and their recent visit to Willpathu area . No one talk about damages will occurred to National park if human settlements are in place.. There are places nearby Sinharaja was accrued to Sinharaja forest by forest department relocating some of villages considering importance & wellbeing of Sinharaja forest

    If there construction involve with Muslims it is surely illegal, All of Mosques recently disputed were illegal constructions..
    If those Muslims were IDP that too serious problem as till now where they were lived ?? Were they still under uncounted IDPs

    This mess is same as Halal begrime as few [Edited out] of Muslims community doing filthy work and later blame Sinhalese or BBS to cover up their fault

    • 4

      It looks like there is a spelling mistake in your name “baboon”??

    • 2

      Bebon,…..or Baboon

      Watch the following video


      If you have slightest brains, you will note what the Muslim people saying is that their generations were living at this spot for years before they were kicked out by LTTE in 1990s.

      If so what the hell you are saying that they came from Puttlam to settle down…….Please don’t talk B…S..

      Also if Pres.Rajapakse can build a Massive International airport in the middle of thick Jungle and also an animal Habitat in Mattala, clearing over 2000 acres of Thick Jungle, what happens when these people settle down in a 50 Acre Land.

      Also Pres.Rajapakse sacrificed over 1000 acres of Jungle to build Suriyawewa Cricket stadium and another 2000 acres of Land mass to build a Harbour, now have become a virtual desert.

      Can you justify the two.

      Also these people live in sub human conditions, in these rag tag Cadjan houses. Even more premitive Arican Masai Tribes in Kenya and in Amazon Forests in South America live in better houses than these.

      Please watch some of their homes.

      I think we could get more tourists to Sri Lanka to show how these Muslim Community live in Premitive pre-historic houses and earn Foreign Exchange. It is a tourist attraction. Only thing is dress some of them like Veddas.

      Watch the following to see the ultimate Game plan of Pres.Rajapakse.


      Finally I say that these Poor Muslim community had more guts to give a good fight to BBS than the UNP, when BBS Balu Sena Invaded Sirikotha when the Impotant Ranil,Ravi and Daya apologizing from BBS like Dogs after they invaded Sirikotha.


      Today another MR bought Murali tried to get down 5 UK Controvicial MPs. But failed at the last moment.


      It says………”An all-expenses-paid trip by five UK MPs and their partners, including business-class travel to and from Sri Lanka, is cancelled amid cross-party recriminations – hours before departure”.

      How rich is Murali to get down 5 UK MP’s and their Families with expenses fully Paid by Murali, when his own Tamil community is Starving.

      If Pres.Rajapakse thinks he could buy UK MPs similar to how he bought 62 Opposition UNP party members, he is Mistaken.

      Finally I say to people, It’s time to take the Power to your own hands. Don’t rely on Parliament Bone eating Dog crooks for Justice. People themselves should unite to fight for their rights and justice and not to depend on their Nominated Parliament Crooks.
      Parliament is just another Whore House run by both the Government and opposition.

      Only people with all communities uniting together could bring justice to them. Not the Paraya Dogs in the Parliament.

      • 0

        Does civilian has right to disafforest a national park and build their homes illegally ??? haven’t you seen it,

        how come one race has such provisos?? by law you cant get sand from a small stream without proper permission from AGA in some other areas in Sri Lanka ( i do accept illegally some people doing it )

        so how you going to justify disafforestration in willpathu

        Mattala & sorriyawewa weren’t thick jungles, those were not belongs to any wild park or to a jungle. instead dry zone bush lands.

  • 2


    Top LTTE suspects Kajeepan Ponniah Selvanayagam alias Gopi and Sundaralingam Kajeepan alias Thevian have been confirmed as being among those killed in the clash between armed forces and suspected LTTE operatives last night in Nedunkerny area of Vavuniya.

    UNHRC retaliated! Not enough. MORE the merrier!

  • 3

    All what this proves is that the central Government has failed to implement one law across all citizens. BBS and other thugs in the Government enjoy one law which is not written nor found in the constitution and those who are critical of them have to enjoy prevention of terrorism act and other draconian laws.

    The solution is to fully implement the 13th amendment to the constitution that devolves law enforcement powers. Then, the people in the N&E can show by example how the law should be applied equally across all citizens in their areas. So, Muslims, Tamils, and Sinhalese in the N&E should come together in solidarity to demand for the implementation of 13A more vigorously.

    Don’t trust your Muslim members in the central Government. They are scoundrels sitting on money and other perks. And on the other hand, the central Government will always bow down to the racists in the South. It has been the case even in JRJ era and it will be the case in the next millennia.

    I am not asking to do anything unconstitutional. Just demand to implement the constitution with full honesty.

    • 1

      Following up, I don’t know if you have noticed that the job of your Muslim leaders in the central Govt has always been to keep Tamils and Muslims separated. Just by-pass them and start to talk to Tamils directly and reconcile your differences. We the Sinhalese have not felt a deep need to reconcile with neither Tamils nor Muslims as far as you guys voluntarily choose to stay divided. Force the Sinhalese to sit down with honesty by showing your unity. Some Tamils too, are too obsessed with a Tamil only N&E. They don’t realize that they don’t get a crap out of it without accommodating Muslims.

      So, you two must talk and must reconcile first.

      • 1

        The magic word ‘Unity’ is missing in the equation. It is in the best interest or perhaps good business of ‘Dirty Politics’ to keep people disunited.

        Most Politicians rarely serve their electorate. Some have a conscience while others commercialise. It’s futile to blame Politicians rather the blame should be directed to those who elect them. Most People elect Politicians based on their ethnic and religious beliefs. Leaders who can make a difference would rather stay out than get involved in a corrupt system. The system of governance is rigged to the core.

        Citizens should take personal ownership of their affairs rather than entrust to Politicians and political parties.

        “Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance.” — Henry L. Mencken (1880-1956) American Writer

    • 4

      see if even a tiny issue similar to Ghanasara´s incident had occured in the UK, minister of justice or the counterpart would have focused on the matter promptly (like within hours), but srilanka´s minister of justice would never have even raised a question. This he has proved so many times. This incident was related to the muslims, so Minister of justice being of that community could have raised a big voice. But nothing like is seen in that regard.. why ?
      You are dead right here,

      “Don’t trust your Muslim members in the central Government. They are scoundrels sitting on money and other perks. And on the other hand, the central Government will always bow down to the racists in the South. It has been the case even in JRJ era and it will be the case in the next millennia. “

  • 2

    This Gandasara Thero should be removed of his robes. The time is closing up on him, one of these days, the same thing that happened to Mervyn Silva at Rupavahini is going to happen to this Gandasara Thero. Only then he will learn a lesson.

    When this regime changes the IGP should be brought before justice for failing in his duty to maintain law and order. Even when there is plenty of evidence in the form of video clips the Judiciary does not charge this Gandasara Thero. Even the Judges who give judgements should be impeached and kicked out of their seats.

    • 1

      We cannot expect those who robed the radical Bhikkus to disrobe them.

      “Democracy is a device that ensures we shall be governed no better than we deserve.” — George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950) Irish Author, Playwright and Essayist

  • 0

    Islam and democracy can never go together.

    Democratic Islamic Republic of Pakistan is a hellhole. Everyday 100+ Muslim men are killed.

    Dictatorship Saudi is an oasis.

    • 1

      …and Fathima Pukasima fills Sawdiya within the rearest possible.

  • 0

    The way the non-venerable Gnanasara Thero behave implies what his educational and the social backgrounds are. He now calls for debate on the issue. It is my view that what be fell on Late Gangodawila Soma Himi when he argued with Late minister Ashruff, will be fall on Gnasara Thero as well because though the Buddhist believe them as responsible persons, they have proved to be irresponsible by approaching the issues subjectively.

    Leave behind non-venerable Gnanasara the educated people people like its lay- secretary should know how to analyse the issues objectively.

    They should scrutinize the census report or the election department record of pre 1990 and tell the people during that period Muslims have not lived in those areas.without gropping in the dark, then the discerning Sinhala people will at least consider that there is something fishy in the acts of Rishard Badiudeen.

    Now Muslims claim that more than 700 acres of their agri land has been taken over by the Navy which has set up a camp after 2009.

    Has the BBS gone into these issues.?
    Has the Sinhala media (Print) of this country who support the BBS gone through these things.
    What is the social responsibility of the Sinhala media appears to be inciting the Sinhalese.

    Has the Sinhala media forgotten about the INVESTIGATIVE JOUrnalism just for the sake of inciting the communal disharmony just to sell their newspapers

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