10 August, 2022


With UNP’s New Alliance Partner: “What Do You Have To Say?” – Harsha Asks

Posting a picture on his Facebook page, the UNP Deputy Minister Harsha De Silva said; “Just now… with our new alliance partner! What do you have to say?”

Harsha Champika

The United National Party has decided to contest the Parliamentary election as the United National Front to accommodate Champika Ranawaka and other ex-UPFA MPs contesting under the party ticket. According to the sources, Dr. Rajitha Senaratne, M.K.D.S. Gunawardana, Arjuna Ranatunga, Dr. Sarath Amunugama, Hirunika Premachandra, Champika Ranawaka, Ven. Athuraliye Rathana, S.B. Dissanayake, Reginald Cooray, Piyasena Gamage and Dr. Sudarshini Fernandopully would join the new front.

The UNP Convention today approved the name “United National Front for Good Governance”, the new alliance to contest at the forthcoming General Elections under the elephant symbol.

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said the alliance would be registered after the general elections.

Political observers say President Maithripala Sirisena will be compelled to support the good governance front at the Parliamentary election as all his close supporters have aligned themselves with the UNP-led alliance.

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    RE: With UNP’s New Alliance Partner: “What Do You Have To Say?” – Harsha Asks

    “Posting a picture on his Facebook page, the UNP Deputy Minister Harsha De Silva said;”Just now… with our new alliance partner! What do you have to say?”

    Not see the Forest for the Trees?

    To pay too much attention to details and not understand the general situation not see the wood for the trees.

    What is the Goal? To beat the Mahinda Rajapaksa- Maitripal Sirisena Axis Forces, and Save Lanka, the Land of Native Vedddah Aethho.

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      Poor Harsha!

      He doesn’t realize that he is way down on the totem pole to become a Colombo district MP before all these MP’s joining the UNF. That will make it impossible for him to become a MP and Minister again.

      He was also the Deputy Minister who was in charge of the Central Bank and Governor Arjuna Mahendran with Ranil being the Minister, who is very busy as the PM. Harsha has failed as a Deputy Minister and has become silent regarding the stock market, Finance companies and handling of EPF funds by the Central Bank.

      Sadly, the Hambantota projects, Chinese Colombo Port City, the Matara-Hambantota highway (Another White Elephant project) Mihin Air, Mattala Airport all goes on.

      Here are the last Colombo district elections results in 2010.
      District results:


      UPFA (10)
      1. Wimal Weeravansa – 280,672
      2. Duminda Silva – 146,336
      3. Patali Champika Ranawaka – 120,333
      4. Dinesh Gunawardene – 116,860
      5. Bandula Gunawardene – 64,654
      6. Thilanga Sumathipala – 60,848
      7. Susil Premajayantha – 54,702
      8. A.H.M. Fowzie – 51,641
      9. Jeewan Kumaratung – 51,080
      10. Gamini Lokuge – 49,750

      UNP (7)
      1. Ranil Wickramasingha – 230,957
      2. Ravi Karunanayaka – 70,328
      3. Mohan Lal Greru – 68,008
      4. Bernadine Rose Senanayaka – 66,357
      5. Wijedasa Rajapaksa – 60,030
      6. Sujeewa Senasinghe – 52,559
      7. Wishwa Prabha Ganeshan – 42,851

      DNA (2)
      1. (Retired) Gen. Sarath Fonseka – 98,456
      2. Sunil Hadunhetti – 78126

      It is not only Harsha De Silva. But there will be others who are in danger of being left out from the Parliament when one considers the 2 Tamil MP’s who will be elected under the TPA/UNF. All the Sinhala UNP MP’s will be fighting hard for the 3rd preferential Tamil vote in the district. Ranil will get the majority of that vote.

      There are also formidable Tamil speaking Muslim Candidates. #2-12 UNP contestants received 40-70,000 votes and they all will be fighting tooth and nail for their victories, since the minority votes are pretty much locked in as well as shared with the PM. There are also the Christian votes which are also very partisan by both races.

      Donald Gnanakone
      Tamils For Justice.

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        How could leave Champaka ( ‘the Sinhalese Prabhakaran’ ) out, Donald?
        There is no way … Not only Harsha but also whole UNP will go with Sinhala Prabha …

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        Forget what you just read. Never mind what DJG says, you will definitely be elected back into the Parliament. But this time around please don’t drag your collective feet. Mete out justice not only to the man who played out rupees ten thousand but also to the billion dollar cheats. We all know what happened on the night of 8th January. Tantamount to treason. But the perpetrators are contesting again. Forgive me for not laughing.
        When a small time crook is caught he is sent to prison, but the big timers end up at Merchant’s Ward.
        Enough is enough. Voting UNP but Ranil isn’t getting a preference vote mainly for his choice of Governor for Central Bank.

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        Agree with uncle Donald.

        Harsha has a tough battle. Eran made a wiser move and i think he moved to Moratuwa.

        Can you believe 280 000 idiots in Colombo district voted for Gonwansa. Not to mention Kudu Duminda.

        Thanks for posting uncle Donald. Though depressing.


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    Great! New Gov. under elephant symbol. No thieves! No rapists!No former street dogs!

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    Ben Hurling

    Does it matter whether the public racist Champika is with UNP or against it as long as he wins the election by riding on the back of other bigger party?

    By now you would have witnessed and learnt that by massaging electoral political process alone is not sufficient and would not help people to change the corrupt system.

    Champika would not hesitate to jump ships in the middle of journey.

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      Pick your battles wisely. One should not open too many fronts.

      This one is about sealing nation’s enemy number one Ali Baba’s fate for good.

      We shall deal with Champuka, any other racists or religious extremists (Sinhalese, Tamil or Muslim) at a more opportune moment.


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      Looking at the manner he reacted lately, I dont think he would jump ships in the middele of Journey. That was done by Gommanpila – the most known political teenager who would do anything to revenge anyone to be attractive to Rajapakshes. Even if the man is said to be drinking simmered water – he is worst than Thunmulle Wimale

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    A good alliance capable of gaining much votes. BUT the people of this country will have faith in this president when the robbers of the State coffers are brought to book and put away for good politically and stripped off their illegal possession of the wealth of the innocent Sri Lankan citizens.

    We are watching your progress. Is this an alliance of convenience? Only time will tell.

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    Dear Doc’ (Hon0 Harsha
    first and foremost congratulations,and am extremely filled with joy to see Hon.Champika with your alliance ,honestly what would have made me even happier as a Citizen at this crucial moments where the whole world is in Economic chaos ,is to have seen Our Ex-Presidents (MR & CBK) forged in one alliance and agreed to be Mentor members bringing both the major parties together and embracing the minor parties and promoting a strong national government and putting aside ego and petty Politics and giving the best they can to the Country and people ,what we need it most today.

    However I sincerely hope the forthcoming election will usher a new hope for unity, peace and of-cause prosperity though genuine developments .

    We need a real change of mindset and a new Sri lanka , not a repetition of the doldrums since independence .

    Wishing you all the best doctor, for a new comer I must admit you have worked very hard,keeping believing in yourself ,you will see your fruits one day for sure.

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    Same formula might not work for the second time, Mr. Harsha.;)

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      UNP should campaign on the slogan ” WE NEED A CHANGE” emphasising the fact that the SLFP has held power for decades and now the public should give the UNP a chance.
      A change is essential otherwise we will go back to square one. Yes we all need a change

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    The parties should give their election promises in fridge magnets or in stickers so that the voter can check list until the next election. The election commissioner should insist on this instead of big posters and banners.

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    The United National Front like a powerful magnet should attract and hold in its fold, JHU, SLMC, Mano Ganeshan’s alliance, SF’s DP, SLFP’s 14, and a handful of last moment deciders.

    Very important as tactic and strategy is to think well and work out a strategy to enable TNA to get 20 seats and never the two to come close from July 13, but only after August 17.

    The professional long jumper from the hill country should be strongly repelled. He will get only a seat or two.

    Dr.S A as the finest needle is pointing towards UNF as the victor.

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    In my village language, I would say: “MOL GAHA UNATH PATTU VENAVANAM APATA EA ATHI” (Even if the rice pounding pole shoots, that is enough for us). BUT REMEMBER – this time NO HANKY-PANKY. NO HUMBUGGING. Can you give that UNCOMPROMISING PROMISE to us? We ask you this, because we are FED UP with this “Alliances” like the UPFA and the “YAHAPALANAYA” business that rolled within the “100 Day”. We are fed up with (1) the way the Investigations and Inquiries into the major corruption and bribery are being handled and the related court cases that were more or less “facilitated”, (2) the way the 19th Amendment was brought to Parliament and passed (3) the failure to establish Constitutional Council and make appointments to those much awaited Independent Commissions on March 23rd; (4) the visible neglect and failure to bring in the 20A and passed in Parliament(this process should have commenced on January 21st; but waited till the end of Parliament) (5) failure to introduce A Code of Conduct to be observed by the all the Representatives of the people (that should have been introduced on January 22, and approved by February 2nd 2015) (6) the failure to pass the National Audit Bill on March 18th and (7) the failure to pass the Right to Information Act on March 19th. All of these would have “Ushered” in that YAHAPALANAYA and no future leaders or groups would have been able to UNDO any of those.

    Dr. Harsha: Do you accept the above NEGLECT & FAILURES? If NOT, GOOD BYE. If YES, what sort of BINDING AGREEMENT you give to us? We are waiting and it is URGENT to make our DECISIONS. Please respond without any NEGLECT and OVERLOOK. Thank you.

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      Aren’t you contented with what Gota gave you? In your own words you wrote

      “I am willing to say “Thank You” even if a “Devil” does something Good.No doubt, GR along with many others (although some stooges want to say ,it was “Gota’s War”) gave we, Sri Lankans big relief by getting rid of that Megalomaniac who ruined our country for three decades.”

      What Gota gave you is more than enough for you to reminisce for the rest of your life. Please stop badgering UNP and Harsha for they are not in a position to halt country being ruined simply because they did not have majority in the parliament.

      However you shouldn’t caste/waste your vote for UNP instead bring back Gota who can give you the relief as he did with megalomaniac. As you rightly said the devil does something good.


      He also has a track record of giving relief to Southerners. I am sure if and when there is future Southern uprising he will definitely bring relief to the entire nation.

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        Do you want Sri Lanka to end up like Greece? Then bring the Rajapakses back?

        • 2


          “Do you want Sri Lanka to end up like Greece? Then bring the Rajapakses back?”

          I believe your question is aimed at Douglas.

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    I have something to say.

    Harsha, make a major positive decision to join Mahinda.

    I will use my influence to make you the Finance Minister in Mahinda’s new government.

    This is a promise.

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    Harsha, I say better late than never. If there were good strategists in UNP, they should have registered a party under the banner of Good Governance as a fall back strategy, before Champika registered a party. Well done Champika for displaying your forward planning skills, both in politics and the power sector.

    There are far too many construction sector workers unemployed because of the suspension of construction projects. Hasten the approval of suspended projects, including the Port City project, to minimise the loss of votes from the families of unemployed workers.

    This move has tilted the balance of power towards a victory by the ant-Rajapaksa movement, by a margin of one or two percent.

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    All I can say “Blessings of the Triple Gem to Ranawaka” for getting rid of the oldest Elite Political party of the current Christian Faction leader’s Grand Father..the UNP.

    All they have now is the Green Elephant.

    Ven Rathna and Abiththaya Ranawaka have done what two generations of Bandaranayakas couldn’t do.

    To make it even a more significant event, good looking Ms Premachadra is now the pin up girl of the Elite and the Anglicans in Colombo.

    What a beauty..

    And to top it all, now Wanathamulla also in the in the Elite Camp.along side Keselwatta and Kurunduwatta..

    What more reconciliation between the Elite and the Dalits than this beauty..

    Old Daddy must be happy where ever his is and proud of the Daughter’s achievements for the Wanathamulla electors in such a short time..

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    I had a chat with Harsha in a restaurant in Mt’Lavinia before the January 8th election.
    I was and still am impressed with this young politician.
    Unity with the JHU and Others are positive signs.
    I would even go further saying that the TNA should be a partner of a future government.
    Harsha will get my vote. Remain clean young man.

    • 2


      “Harsha will get my vote. Remain clean young man.”

      Harsha De Silva also said “I am a proud Southerner and a Sinhala Buddhist.”
      (colombopage.com, 2411/14.)

      What did he mean?

      Does being a proud Southerner and a Sinhala Buddhist make him special?

      This is an explicit racist statement, appealing to the most hardcore Southern racists, an election tactics repeated over the past 60 years which has taken this island to hit the bottom.

      • 1

        Native Vedda, I did not know that he said that. A proud southerner is ok by me, but the ” Singhalese Buddhist” part is concerning. Anyway I still believe that he may learn. Thanks.

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    Doctor your chance of getting selected will more thinner now. My predictions are below –
    1. Ranil
    2. Champika
    3. Ravi
    4. Marikkar
    5. Sannasagala
    5. Sujeewa
    6. Hirunika
    7. Wijedhasa
    8. Mano Ganeshan
    9. Mussamils Wife
    10 SLMP memeber

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    It would have been great if UNP had allowed SLMC and esp. JHU to contest alone. That would have shown their real “strength” !

    Last time too Champika got elected by clinging on to UPFA.

    If they had been elected then they could have come to an agreement. Now both SLMC and JHU will use the UNP resources and votes to come in, then leave when the timing suits them !

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    Well,What can I say? It is rare to see two goats smilling together!!!

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    Probably Harsha is trying to get a section of the sinhala buddhist preferential votes through PCR. Compared to Champika Dr. is relatively new to Sri Lankan politics and would very soon realize who PCR is. Intelligent voters in the Colombo district would like to know what Dr. vision (Apart from GG and the central bank bond issue) is.

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    Native Vedda: Thank you. That “paddy’s” question is not for me. From the time,(after 2010) Rajapkse Regime, including his family, started plundering our National wealth, I wanted to get rid of him, his family and his cronies from managing Government affairs. I have not given up that attempt and will not rest until all of them are appropriately punished for all what the have done. I know, I am not alone in this “struggle”.

    • 1



      Just imagine if MR forms the next government and appoint his either as the next defense secretary or Minister of defense what would happened to those brave this clan and challenged its cronies.

      Only now the people are enjoying a limited democracy which they never had under MR’s rule. Even this limited democratic space would be robbed from them.

      I am only cautiously optimistic and optimistically cautious.

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    Dr. Harsha: In my comment above you would see how I “hinted” that your PM “facilitated” the major culprits to escape from the accusations that were being Investigated by the FCID. You were there when your Leader said, (at Campbell Park)”I will LEGALIZE the FCID”. Is this the “ANSWER” he is going to give when he is summoned before courts in relation to all those FR petitions filed challenging the “Legality” of the FCID?. Was this also the “Undertaking” your Leader gave to Rajapksas, in that early morning hours of 9th January 2015 at Temple Tree? You have to answer this too in addition to 7 questions raised in my comment. Thank you.

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    As a newcomer you have performed very well so far.Keep up the good work.
    Forecasts of electoral results at this stage are not dependable. Do not be discouraged.

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    Native Vedda: I fully agree with your concerns. That is the very reason, I am making every attempt to see that “MR & Co. (Unlimited)” is not brought back to Govern our country. Did you see their “Nomination List”? If by chance this “Regime” is brought back, I feel very sorry for Sri Lanka. If you followed my earlier comments, I also said, if that happens, the PEOPLE will have to take the full RESPONSIBILITY and must also be prepared to suffer the consequences of their own wrong choice.

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    Feeling at ease hob nobbing with a bigot for political expediency, are you Harsha?

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    @ Native Veda.
    Come on veteran of comments,you can do better than that , give the Young Gentleman a break, he is still new to Politics and he is sincerely trying his best, Please do not reprimand for being proud of his race , Village and religion ,what matters is what is meant within the context, he did not go beyond to elaborate racism which most Politicians and even some religious leaders have done in the past.

    He is a clean guy ,no harm in caring and being proud of your own ethnic group ,religion and Village as long as it is not a aluthgama , pepliayna ,panadura etc cheap racist Politics- kill them all and let us live on their blood.

    You should have the mind to think and the skill to build your community without destroying others around you, if you are one who blame everyone else for your incapability and feel destroying the rest is the only way to build your own community,then you need to see a shrink fast.

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