3 March, 2024


Witness Protection Bill Passed

The witness protection bill has been passed unanimously in the parliament today. The much delayed bill was approved by the Cabinet last July. It was first tabled before the parliament in 2008 but was deferred.

The bill was drafted by the Justice Ministry, and thereafter referred to the cabinet sub-committee on legislation for its recommendations before being presented to the parliament.

The call for an Act for Protection of Witnesses has been made for the past few years, particularly during the post-conflict period as it would create help conduct fair trials through striking a balance in the criminal justice system of Sri Lanka between the rights of the accused, the rights and entitlements of victims of crime and the entitlements of witnesses.



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    Hopefully we will have a few more people coming forward to nail the crooks!!!

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      A picture speaks a thousand words and Newsroom CT is generally on.

      See the picture of your new PM Ranil as if he is going for Croquet on
      a hot summer’s day to listen to the sound of Crickets.

      The custom originated with the medieval robber barons and chevaliers,
      who had to lift their visors or take off their steel gauntlets to show
      that they are friendly or peacefully disposed towards other the fellow.

      Of course it is ridiculous in modern days to repeat the same gestures
      when we no longer wearing helmets or gauntlets but survival of
      barbaric customs will always persist as witness, for instance,
      the persistence of duels down to the present day.

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    RE: Witness Protection Bill Passed

    “The witness protection bill has been passed unanimously in the parliament today. The much delayed bill was approved by the Cabinet last July. It was first tabled before the parliament in 2008 but was deferred.:

    Excellent. At least, it will be there in the books.

    Now a crooks, Robbers and murderers prosecution and punishment bill is needed to be Bill Passed.

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    The passage of this bill partially fulfils Item 93 of the 100-point programme promising to ensure justice with regard to war crimes.

    Thank you.

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      It is an `insult` to our `citizens` to question whether they are
      rational beings or not,

      and `blasphemy` against `religion` to suppose it cannot stand
      the test of truth and reason.

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    Post 2009 is not post confliçt period.It is posť waŕ period.If the conflict is post/past why all the bother.

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      Radish get stuffed in salt like your smelly fish.

      Post Modern is the word.
      But when the election showed the same tainted knickers being worn
      it makes us wonder when you folk are going to wash or swim across to Mugabe land.
      Mugabe loves you.

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    Witness protection from Lankave goverment? A sweet from a child kidnapper!

    It might be useful in cases between UNP and SLFP. One has to wait and see of that effectiveness.

    It is of no use for Tamils and nobody will come forward to tell anything to the proposed UN investigators visit depending on this. After all, UN’s game playing on the “internal-external” is more than enough to the Tamils to get alarmed.

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      a child kidnapper!? we are not talking about LTTE

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        Hey sach, you gopnik why did u come back here?

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          to kick your bu++

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            #sach_et has Got a big BUNDY

            BUNDY -But Unfortunately Not Dead Yet.

            He wants the Rat-A-Tat-Tat tatoo to Tooth.

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    The truth of the pudding is in eating it. Similarly, here the truth of this Act will be in its implementation.

    Sengodan. M

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      The truth of a watalappang is in the yoke of an egg. So does you always egged with a faulty mindset.

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    Like almost all laws in SLK, this is just another one to use as window dressing.

    Neither politicians nor corrupt police will uphold or implement this law. They will do it for the side that pays or pulls strings for them. Sri Lankan system is intrinsically corrupt. It is not the law that either silents a witness or makes him give false statements: it is either fear of what if they did not obey the powerful (at home they have to sleep alone), or greed of what they could obtain by giving false evidence.

    The only way to improve law and its implementation in SLK is to launder the politcians first, from President downwards all the way to village vote catchers. Start from the President please!

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      But the President appointed his brother SLT Chairman within two weeks of his victory!

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      “is to launder the politcians first, from President downwards all the way to village vote catchers. Start from the President please! “

      If that were to happen we would have an island devoid of Crocuta’s – where would you hose a 20 million at Kachchativu??

      This would be very interesting for Native Vedda if it would happen.

      Remember noting is permanent in Sihala Buddhist land.

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    Pls pass this to lunatics like DJ who were after MR.

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    Witness protection is provided only for witnesses whose testimony is determined to be essential to the successful prosecution of a criminal case and in which the witness’s life or the life of his family is at risk. The witness’s testimony also must be considered credible an­d certain in coming, meaning that the witness isn’t going to back out of giving that testimony in a C­ourt.

    In managing the Witness Security Program, Marshals must be assigned to provide the necessary service such as security, health, safety of non-incarcerated program participants. The Department of Justice: Office of Enforcement Operations – authorizes the admission into the program of witnesses whose lives are in danger as a result of their testimony against drug traffickers, terrorists, organized crime members or other major criminals, Prisons Dept. will maintain custody of incarcerated witnesses,the Attorney General’s office, which has final word on all witness protection cases, will define specific cases in which witnesses may be gr­anted entry into the Witness Security program, including: Any offense defined in Sections which cover organized crime and racketeering, Any drug trafficking offense or any other serious felony for which a witness may provide testimony that may subject the witness to retaliation by violence or threats of violence. Any State offense that is similar in nature to Certain civil and administrative proceedings in which testimony given by a witness may place the safety of that witness in jeopardy

    It is indeed important to review the steps involved in placing a witness into the Witness Security Program. It is interesting to note that in the US, since its inception in 1970, more than 7,500 witnesses and more than 9,500 witness family members have entered into the program and have been protected, relocated and given new identities by the U.S. Marshals Service. The U.S. Department of Justice erases the old identities of important witnesses and places them in a city where they are not likely to be recognized, with new names and new lives. ­

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    The commencement of a witness protection program of any kind (other than a sham) is a step forward in establishing good governance. I trust it is the same draft bill that is availed on line of the Government Printer that was passed. One cannot expect it to cover all the possibilities that can arise. But it is a step forward and as such it must be commended.

    I must say that challenges to law enforcement is the lawlessness, thuggery and terrorism. It is accentuated if those in power too aids or provides patronage. It directly affects any witness protection. The fulcrum of the Witness protection authority is its Director General. He is likely to receive “Calls” from the powers that may be. He has to think of his survival. WHO PROTECTS HIM?

    We all have passed the situation where officials had to admit that they themselves tied behind a tree when in actual practice the Lord of the area did it and now pretends to be a saint. His power still remains for if not this case should be re-opened by now.

    The problems with the implementation of the act will surface as it time passes. The spirit must remain to correct them.

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    This is enough to fool the United Nation and Western countries for another 10 to 15 years.

    This is one of the best ways to deny the fundamental rights of the Tamils.

    These are advice of Suminthiran whose efige was burned 2 days back in Jaffna.

    Suminthiran sold the Tamil cause to his personel gain – PC President Council.

    Good thinking Suminthiran.

    Tamil were good without Suminthiran in the past.

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