27 June, 2022


Yes We Can. But Will We?

By Tisaranee Gunasekara

“Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered.” – Paine (The American Crisis)

Hopefully it is a fabrication, made in Medamulana, like the ‘news’ of America softening its stance towards Sri Lanka or Premier Modi wanting the TNA to participate in the latest All Parties Conference.

ranill-anura- colombotelegraphAccording to Irida Divaina, the JVP has decided to boycott the Presidential election, if Mahinda Rajapaksa is a candidate[i]. The logic is that President Rajapaksa cannot contest for the third time and if he does so it will be an illegal act which in turn will transform the election into an illegal exercise. The JVP, it is being reported, will neither field a candidate in such an illegal election, nor take part in a joint oppositional alliance. Instead the JVP will conduct a national campaign, educating the voters about the illegal nature of the election.

In other words, the JVP will (implicitly or explicitly) advocate an election boycott. It will confuse, confound and demoralise the anti-Rajapaksa camp and deprive the opposition of tens of thousands of much needed votes. That such an outcome will benefit none but the Rajapaksas is obvious and certain.

This may be the JVP’s way out of its own political conundrum. Anura Kumara Dissanayake is a marvellous speaker, factual, logical and forceful. But his leadership is not enough to make an adequate turnaround in the JVP’s electoral fortunes. The Uva elections indicated, as did previous provincial polls, that the JVP will fare extremely badly if it contests the presidency separately. The JVP is obviously reluctant to support a UNP candidate. Since between them, Sajith Premadasa and Ranil Wickremesinghe, seemed to have killed the prospect of a joint oppositional platform, the JVP is trying to find a face-saving formula.

Did the Rajapaksas – or their allies – have something to do with the JVP’s surreally stupid decision? After all, the Rajapaksas reportedly bribed the LTTE for imposing an election boycott on Tamil voters in 2005. Vellupillai Pirapaharan would have made the decision because he was rearing to unleash the Final Eelam War, but he clearly did not mind making some financial gains, on the side. Mr. Pirapaharan was not a Rajapaksa stooge; he was not in cahoots with the Rajapaksas. He was, or thought he was, being diabolically clever. He was going to help Mahinda Rajapaksa into power, take Rajapaksa money and use it to defeat the Rajapaksa government in the battlefield. We know how that plan ended.

If the boycott-story is accurate, the JVP is remaking Vellupillai Pirapaharan’s deadly mistake. The Rajapaksas will use the JVP boycott to win the election and then, having secured familial rule by appointing a Rajapaksa as PM, will hammer the opposition into submission, including the JVP. Just as ordinary Tigers and ordinary Tamils paid the price of Vellupillai Pirapaharan’s colossal inanity, ordinary JVPers and their families will have to pay the price of JVP leaders’ hara-kiri logic.

Hopefully sense will prevail, and the JVP will abandon this suicidal-homicidal decision. But the very fact that such an inane idea has been mooted, plus the divisive and destructive conduct of Sajith Premadasa and his cohorts, indicates that the Uva Promise can well become a mirage, another tragic might-have-been. (Sajith Premadasa conduct is the opposite of his father’s. Ranasinghe Premadasa worked, harder than everyone else, for the party sans conditions. His attitude was “First we will canvass the entire country and then ask for our due place”[ii].)

The outburst of post-election violence in Uva (which reached unprecedented levels) is another signal of coming events. The Rajapaksas are not going to go, lawfully and democratically. They will do everything they can, from trickery to thuggary, to stay.

“Better to destroy than to make free,” Schiller’s Grand Inquisitor tells a wavering King Philip in Don Carols. That would be the Rajapaksa attitude, as Siblings, Sons and Nephews ready themselves to face a suddenly not-so-certain future.

The Plague of Tyranny

Jean-Claude Duvalier, ‘Baby Doc’, died yesterday of natural causes. At 19 years he inherited the presidency from his father and ruled supreme for the next 14 years. Francois ‘Papa Doc’ Duvalier came to power electorally and transformed Haiti into a tyranny and himself into its president-for-life. Over the next several decades, the Duvaliers made Haiti into a byword for repression and murder, poverty and backwardness.

The still ongoing plight of Haiti indicates that getting rid of a tyrant might turn out to be the easy part. Recovering from tyranny is a far arduous task. Restoring to health institutions and human habits undermined by tyranny often proves to be beyond the frail capacities of newly liberated lands and their newly free people. The longer a tyranny lasts, the harder it is to build a democracy on its ruins. This is particularly so where tyrants have undermined and destroyed all countervailing powers and institutions, turning countries into their personal/familial preserves.

Mahinda Vatican PopeThe inclusion of de facto Chief Justice Mohan Pieris in the presidential delegation to Vatican demonstrates (again) the degradation of one of the most fundamental pillars of the state. Today the upper judiciary is a mere appendage of the Ruling Family. If the Rajapaksas can be evicted next year, it may still be possible to repair the damage and restore the judiciary to health. But if Rajapaksa rule continues for many more years, the virus of subservience will infect the entirety of that august institution and even the memory of judiciary as an independent pillar of state will vanish. The next generation, including the next generation of judges and lawyers, will think it natural and normal for the judiciary to act as an instrument of Rajapaksa power.

As Joachim Fest pointed out, “At first the countless violations of the law by our new rulers still caused a degree of disquiet…. soon life went on as if such crimes were the most natural thing in the world”[iii].

Rulers set trends. We learnt to drink tea from the British. The Sinhala-Buddhist morality espoused by Anagarika Dharmapala and his ideological descendents is more akin to English Puritanism, German Calvinism and Victorian values. The colourful costume worn by the Kandyan kings and aristocracy (which goes by the misnomer, ‘Mul Anduma’, original dress) was obviously copied from the European fashions of the 15th/16th century, brought to Lanka by the Portuguese. These days the kurrakkan shawl of the Rajapaksas has become a fashion accessory among the new elite and those aspiring to that status. Rank nepotism, abuse, impunity and intolerance are some of the Rajapaksa values which are percolating into larger society. Five more years of this contamination, and even the ousting of the Rajapaksas will not suffice to bring Lanka back to health and sense.

The Opposition has been buoyed by Uva. But Uva represents a potential, a chance, an opportunity and not a certainty. The Rajapaksas will do everything in their power to prevent the opposition from capitalising on Uva. The unresolved crisis in the UNP and the JVP’s decision to boycott elections are merely the first stumbling blocks in the opposition’s possible path to victory.

Uva opened a trapdoor. It can be widened into an exit for the Rajapaksas.

It can be done. But will we do it?

[i] JVP issues statement about presidential elections: If Mahinda Comes We won’t – Irida Divayina – 5.10.2014

[ii] Quoted in ‘President Premadasa and I: Our Story’ – B Sirisena Cooray

[iii] Not Me: Memories of a German Childhood

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    Under the Executive President system cabinet meetings with president by the cabinet compose an important feature. National Desicion Making process is happening here. Ministers representing both bodies play the vehicle role taking national questions, decisions and proposals etc to discuss, explain and as necessary, to subject them for debates likewise pass as a bill or or as an order. Right? This process then begins to from parliament to trickles down to lower layers of administration and finally reaches the people to believe as truth.

    But in the case with State Secretary John Kerry’s ‘softening stance’ being but a blatant lie created by MR to mislead the Cabinet. He purposely told this lie at the Cabinet likewise then the parliament and to cheat the whole country. Thankfully, however, the US government readily stepped in and clarified this issue for once and for all on their part. US government will never tell lies so much so that they will maintain the respect in them not point the finger at another leader, even if he is a liar, to call him a liar on diplomatic grounds. It is the people of SL who have to understand who is governing their country. Lying is a criminal offense! The depth of the lying game by MR now has reached such level in which he don’t care even if it involves Secretary John Kerry or President Obama to lie about in the real world situation. Do you believe that SL will receive respect from the International Community. They just don’t look at this situation from MR angle alone. They might as well think that, such a damn-liar being sent to power, the whole country has to be a lying nation. That’s why they don’t give regard to us as a country anymore. So, my appeal to you is, to stand up and show that its not us, it is ‘this illegal man’ who destroys everyone in the country.

    We have to be grateful to US Gov for help trying to open eyes that our ruler is a damn-liar, and do something about it. That’s their message of goodness to SL people.

    Thank you

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      “After all, the Rajapaksas reportedly bribed the LTTE for imposing an election boycott on Tamil voters in 2005. Vellupillai Pirapaharan would have made the decision because he was rearing to unleash the Final Eelam War, but he clearly did not mind making some financial gains, on the side. Mr. Pirapaharan was not a Rajapaksa stooge; he was not in cahoots with the Rajapaksas.”

      The aboe statement proves that the [Edited out] lives in complete delusion and he has lost it totally.

      [Edited out]

    • 1

      Tisaranee Gunasekara –

      “The Opposition has been buoyed by Uva. But Uva represents a potential, a chance, an opportunity and not a certainty. The Rajapaksas will do everything in their power to prevent the opposition from capitalising on Uva. The unresolved crisis in the UNP and the JVP’s decision to boycott elections are merely the first stumbling blocks in the opposition’s possible path to victory.”

      Raja-pakas will go for their self-interest.

      Well, who would write and distribute the Common Sense Pamphlet like the one done by Thomas Paine in 1776 for the American revolution? Tisssaranee, would you take the lead?

      Common Sense (pamphlet)


      Common Sense[1] is a pamphlet written by Thomas Paine in 1775–76 that inspired people in the Thirteen Colonies to declare and fight for independence from Great Britain in the summer of 1776. In clear, simple language it explained the advantages of and the need for immediate independence. It was published anonymously on January 10, 1776, at the beginning of the American Revolution and became an immediate sensation.

      Video: Presidential election is worthless for masses


      The presidential election, which has become the talk of many these days, is a worthless subject except for a few say President’s Counsel Dr. Jayampathy Wickramaratne.

      He says President Mahinda Rajapaksa has no authority to come forward for a third time and it is illegal to do so.

    • 2

      Tisaranee Gunasekara –

      You ask: Yes We Can. But Will We?

      Do the average Sri Lankans posses the adequate IQ and Intelligence to see through an end to the Rajapaksa Dynasty?

      The IQ is sufficient, provided the message is got across to them… and that is why the Common sense Pamphlet is so critical…, and learn from Thomas Paine’s Pamphlet..

      28 Sri Lanka IQ 79

      For Sri Lanka GMAT score, 492-477 vs. Singapore 593-605

      National IQ Scores – Country Rankings


      Countries are ranked highest to lowest national IQ score.

      ——– Country
      ———————– %
      1 Singapore 108
      2 South Korea 106
      3 Japan 105
      4 Italy 102
      5 Iceland 101
      5 Mongolia 101
      6 Switzerland 101
      7 Austria 100
      7 China 100
      7 Luxembourg 100
      7 Netherlands 100
      7 Norway 100
      7 United Kingdom 100
      8 Belgium 99
      8 Canada 99
      8 Estonia 99
      8 Finland 99
      8 Germany 99
      8 New Zealand 99
      8 Poland 99
      8 Sweden 99
      9 Andorra 98
      9 Australia 98
      9 Czech Republic 98
      9 Denmark 98
      9 France 98
      9 Hungary 98
      9 Latvia 98
      9 Spain 98
      9 United States 98
      10 Belarus 97
      10 Malta 97
      10 Russia 97
      10 Ukraine 97
      11 Moldova 96
      11 Slovakia 96
      11 Slovenia 96
      11 Uruguay 96
      12 Israel 95
      12 Portugal 95
      13 Armenia 94
      13 Georgia 94
      13 Kazakhstan 94
      13 Romania 94
      13 Vietnam 94
      14 Argentina 93
      14 Bulgaria 93
      15 Greece 92
      15 Ireland 92
      15 Malaysia 92
      16 Brunei 91
      16 Cambodia 91
      16 Cyprus 91
      16 FYROM 91
      16 Lithuania 91
      16 Sierra Leone 91
      16 Thailand 91
      17 Albania 90
      17 Bosnia and Herzegovina 90
      17 Chile 90
      17 Croatia 90
      17 Kyrgyzstan 90
      17 Turkey 90
      18 Cook Islands 89
      18 Costa Rica 89
      18 Laos 89
      18 Mauritius 89
      18 Serbia 89
      18 Suriname 89
      19 Ecuador 88
      19 Mexico 88
      19 Samoa 88
      20 Azerbaijan 87
      20 Bolivia 87
      20 Brazil 87
      20 Guyana 87
      20 Indonesia 87
      20 Iraq 87
      20 Myanmar (Burma) 87
      20 Tajikistan 87
      20 Turkmenistan 87
      20 Uzbekistan 87
      21 Kuwait 86
      21 Philippines 86
      21 Seychelles 86
      21 Tonga 86
      22 Cuba 85
      22 Eritrea 85
      22 Fiji 85
      22 Kiribati 85
      22 Peru 85
      22 Trinidad and Tobago 85
      22 Yemen 85
      23 Afghanistan 84
      23 Bahamas, The 84
      23 Belize 84
      23 Colombia 84
      23 Iran 84
      23 Jordan 84
      23 Marshall Islands 84
      23 Micronesia, Federated States of 84
      23 Morocco 84
      23 Nigeria 84
      23 Pakistan 84
      23 Panama 84
      23 Paraguay 84
      23 Saudi Arabia 84
      23 Solomon Islands 84
      23 Uganda 84
      23 United Arab Emirates 84
      23 Vanuatu 84
      23 Venezuela 84
      24 Algeria 83
      24 Bahrain 83
      24 Libya 83
      24 Oman 83
      24 Papua New Guinea 83
      24 Syria 83
      24 Tunisia 83
      25 Bangladesh 82
      25 Dominican Republic 82
      25 India 82
      25 Lebanon 82
      25 Madagascar 82
      25 Zimbabwe 82
      26 Egypt 81
      26 Honduras 81
      26 Maldives 81
      26 Nicaragua 81
      27 Barbados 80
      27 Bhutan 80
      27 El Salvador 80
      27 Kenya 80
      28 Guatemala 79
      28 Sri Lanka 79
      28 Zambia 79
      29 Congo, Democratic Republic of the 78
      29 Nepal 78
      29 Qatar 78
      30 Comoros 77
      30 South Africa 77
      31 Cape Verde 76
      31 Congo, Republic of the 76
      31 Mauritania 76
      31 Senegal 76
      32 Mali 74
      32 Namibia 74
      33 Ghana 73
      34 Tanzania 72
      35 Central African Republic 71
      35 Grenada 71
      35 Jamaica 71
      35 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 71
      35 Sudan 71
      36 Antigua and Barbuda 70
      36 Benin 70
      36 Botswana 70
      36 Rwanda 70
      36 Togo 70
      37 Burundi 69
      37 Cote d’Ivoire 69
      37 Ethiopia 69
      37 Malawi 69
      37 Niger 69
      38 Angola 68
      38 Burkina Faso 68
      38 Chad 68
      38 Djibouti 68
      38 Somalia 68
      38 Swaziland 68
      39 Dominica 67
      39 Guinea 67
      39 Guinea-Bissau 67
      39 Haiti 67
      39 Lesotho 67
      39 Liberia 67
      39 Saint Kitts and Nevis 67
      39 Sao Tome and Principe 67
      40 Gambia, The 66
      41 Cameroon 64
      41 Gabon 64
      41 Mozambique 64
      42 Saint Lucia 62
      43 Equatorial Guinea 59
      North Korea N/A

      • 2

        IQ List is a nonsense …Israeli’s at 95, 12th position. Not consistent with what they do and what they are capable of doing.

        IQ of Sri Lankan’s 90, at 28th place. This must be the test taken by all our President, all the ministers, MPs, Local Provincial MPs, and Chairmen and Directors of our national industries and corporations, the posts filled by Rajapkasha and Mrs Rajapaksha’s family.

        IQ of average Sri Lankans, probably nearer 1000, they are crafty as hell. They will go through your one year and comes out through the other without you realizing it. One has to work with them to find out.

        Voting in Sri Lanka, has nothing to do with IQ. It is and has always been a question of survival, and whose strong branch they want to cling to. SLK has a feudal society even today, 200-years after the end of the last Sri Lankan King. That’s why one politician described Sri Lankan electorate as “bath gotto”

    • 4

      let’s see what has our “Adambarakara Thaththa ” brought to SL after his very successful NY tour ,

      1) Ban ki Moon meeting – reminded him about the Aluthgama Debacle

      2)John Kerry Meeting – US Refutes Claims That It Has Softened Stance On Sri Lanka

      3)PM Mody’s meeting – reminding him the importance of having a dialogue with TNA

      4) HC Cris Nonis High Drama – Sajin assaulting HC before the live audience

      all the above episodes have one striking similarity ,MR led Spin doctors has tried to tell the exact opposite of each story for the grass eating populace , luckily this time round every single lie has been exposed by the respective entities !

  • 9

    Yes, they can, the Mara junta will come back to power for sure.

    This is the evolution of Appe Aanduwa in 66 years and the worst is still to come: Tighten your seat belts and be patient; don’t panic, life will go on never the less.

    • 3

      Yes Thiru, “Appe” anduwa must be good with a bit of Kitul hakuru and pol kiri, right?

  • 8

    Rajapakse will win.
    When that happens the people to be blamed are (1) Ranil Wickramasinghe (2) Sajith Premadasa.

    Ranil usurped the leadership of the biggest party in SL.He played the party out.When leadership was required he abandoned the people. Throwing people out of their houses in Colombo – all UNP votes-,when CJ 43 was removed, when 18th amendement was brought up there are many such instances.If he had leadership qualities Sajith will be crawling to him.He brought that fool back.When the Tamils Muslims and Christians were attacked he kept silent.The common man believes that he played out Sarath Fonseka.

    Worst of all when there was a proposal to put up a common candidate, he broke rank and declared himself the candidate.
    Harin Fdo did an excellent job.Ranil is now out to ruin him – petty jealousy.After Uva he should be planning his next move not going to the UK for the Conservative parties conference.

    When Harin and them were thrashed by thugs Ranil kept mum.

    May the curse of all devas vist him

  • 1

    Not just the Diaspora, but even the new CM must be pissed off about Ms T’s ridiculous allegation that CM’s Hero Velupulle was on the take from the Sinhala Buddhists…

    Wonder where Ms T pulled this out from?.

    It is as bad as the concoction about the JVP pulling out….

    UNP killed more Sinhala Buddhist civilians in a couple of years more than Velupullai managed to do in 30 years.

    And the current Leader of the UNP was part and parcel of that UNP Govt.

    So how can Anura Kumara use his oratory to deceive and con the poor rural Sinhala Buddhist inhabitants to vote for the UNP.

    Wouldn’t that destroy what ever they got now including the peace and harmony and send them back to the dark ages again ?..

    Wouldn’t that be the real Hara Kiri as far as the great majority of the inhabitant population is concerned ?…

    • 3

      Dear Mr. Sumanasekara

      While I respect your for your ideas I beg upon you to earn a minute from your time to put one thing on the general right track.

      Of course JVP had problems with not only UNP, but with SLFP governments in the past too (71). Yet in forming the governments, later, in 94 and in 04 they played a key role to bring in SLFP led UPFA into power. Then again who brought MR into power 05? JVP spearheaded that campaign more than MR himself. (Mangala S’weera as a single man too) In the same way SLFP and UNP supports too had problems from JVP. With his recent apology made upon the nation JVP leadership displayed their maturity. Therefore, Politics, like everything else, evolving and creative phenomena.

      We too must accept such realities into lives. No nation can develop by dwelling in the past. Instead, must look to future in positive mind-frame forgetting and forgiving for each others old errors. SL can be dignified and honorable country only in that way. To make it happen we must shed aside PETTY POLITICAL AGENDAS.

      Thank you

    • 5

      K.A Sumanasekera

      “So how can Anura Kumara use his oratory to deceive and con the poor rural Sinhala Buddhist inhabitants to vote for the UNP. “

      The Sinhala/Buddhists love it when they are being deceived and conned in fact they enjoy it. Don’t forget their 66 years of history in which they wanted more deception and more con, …..

      • 1

        Native Vedda

        “The Sinhala/Buddhists love it when they are being deceived and conned in fact they enjoy it. Don’t forget their 66 years of history in which they wanted more deception and more con, ….”

        Does it have something to do with the average IQ of 78 and the fact that they are Paras from South and East India?

  • 2

    Papa ‘Doc’ Duvalier gets a partial mention. Left out is the fact that he served well, though not the people of Haiti. The son ‘inherited the role but was deposed BY THE PEOPLE. Fr Aristide was the first democratically elected (67%) President, but was NOT anointed by the US and was deposed, exiled and NOT allowed to return to his motherland for a number of years by the US. Today Haiti is a miserable old place NOT allowed to have it’s own functioning government by the hegemon.

  • 1

    ‘So how can Anura Kumara use his oratory to deceive and con the poor rural Sinhala Buddhist inhabitants to vote for the UNP’.

    How come the same JVP promoted ten of thousands of Sinhala Buddhists to vote for SLFP/PA during CBK time after Sirima regime killed over 10,000 Sinhala Buddhist youth in the 71 uprising?

  • 0

    [Edited out]

  • 7

    In the Western Province 127 Orphanages with 3800 children living in the. Rs. 20 per Child per day = 3800 x 20 = Rs.76,000 (News item on Ceylon Today). The warden wages takes half from that amount?


    One useless man living in an emperor life in the most expensive property free, no light, water, gas, electricity bills costing millions each month in SL with 5 times lavishest food, three helicopters, 1000 super luxury brand new cars, most expensive Scottish, French, Italian, Food and drinks, worlds most expensive clothing, palaces all around the country. Foreign trips each costing Rs.1000 million to the poorest masses in the country, 10,000 security guards. On top of that, Rs. 25 million per day ‘pocket money packet. Only the poorest people are made to pay for this stupidity.

    Guess what? his job is: destroying the country!

    • 4

      this is the curse of the Medamulana, need to send these bastards to China or any other african junta regime after the next election in a Mihin Air plane together with the morons like Sajja Gona, Dayan J, Rajiv W, Jack-Ass Anthony etc etc,

  • 2

    According to the President and based on the impeachment procedure he followed to kick the legitimate Chief Justice out, Parliament is SUPREME. If so, why won’t all the opposition parties in the Parliament demand that the Cheap Justice Mohan appears in front of them for an inquiry re: his alliance with the UPFA and the President rather than being independent? This is a good reason for the impeachment of Cheap Justice Mohan.

  • 1

    Hey My dear SL friends,

    I have to share something that none of you have not known of.

    Remember the police sergeant from Ratnapura? Who was beating up a woman in the middle of the road while putting her on the ground?

    Well he says now that it was a terrible mistake and would make an appropriate apology on the victim soon. Actually what he had thought while the battering was going on at such a severe manner the victim had appeared to his eyes as none but MR to relieve his burning anger for destroying the entire police department.

    Thank you
    Have a great weekend!

  • 0

    Before Anura Kumara Dissanayake undertakes the superfluous exercise of “educating the voters about the illegal nature of the election”, he should take a lesson from Tisaranee’s observation:

    “The Rajapaksas will use the JVP boycott to win the election and then, having secured familial rule by appointing a Rajapaksa as PM, will hammer the opposition into submission, including the JVP. Just as ordinary Tigers and ordinary Tamils paid the price of Vellupillai Pirapaharan’s colossal inanity, ordinary JVPers and their families will have to pay the price of JVP leaders’ hara-kiri logic.”

    AKD, do you like to reconsider your decision to commit suicide?

  • 2

    Look at the picture. The word “STUPID” is written all over the face of that idiot who calls himself “pope”.

    Otherwise, how can he allow himself to be seen publicly with such a bad man like Mahinda Rajapakse?


  • 3

    66 years culture of the Sinhala Politicians and writers of attacking the Tamils and portraying them as losers to make a point to Sinhala Buddhist is on thrive. This has been allowed to deep foot for more than half a century in the Colombo’s electioneering techniques. This will not be corrected any more. This what DS setup as political path of newly freed Lanka, in 1948. He is, said to be, claimed openly” show me any Tamil; I will buy him with a cup of coffee”. This saying is associated of buying GG’s support to disenfranchise Tamils. That is a true history happened in Lanka. This continued to Chandrika’s’ home aid, Kathirgamar and further now too. Leader Pirapaharan was not bought by a cup of coffee. He did not reject Ranil in 2005 election. But this old resemblance is used by Sinhala writers to fool the Sinhala Buddhist (as referred in their language the Lankan foolish voters) and to secure chairs for their side of the political tyrants, whether they are Ranil or the King. The Sinhala writers are trying hard to build on that to be attractive in behalf of their choice of the Sinhala leaders, but none of the writers ever supported a true leader.
    Ranil did not oppose CJ’s dismissal. He went to New York to meet the UN-GS to safeguard the King & the Company from the worst war crime, after Second World War.
    By doping with LTTE bashing in every line they write to these so called Sinhala Buddhists, is a worthless crowd in their opinion to be educated of the real nature of the democracy, the Sinhala writers struggle to bring their persons as saviors to the problems. This behavior of dressing their Cancer wounds with SJV, LTTE and other Tamil freedom fighters has been good reaping for them. It has been very hard for them, whether knowingly Pirapaharan prevented Tamils from voting in the elections or DS set that path foolishly without knowing the destruction he was doing to the democracy by altering the voting process by disenfranchising the Tamils from voting in elections, to see the truth of that they have been put into a dismay position, that is the rule of a dictator, which they never can get out. The reason Blake tuned fully against LTTE was that its action had permanently turned Lanka away from The West. It is not just Ranil, not even by JR if he comes back, can put Lanka away from the path it is with China. Ranil who the Karuna, Devananda, Pillaiyan… creator, an opportunistic politician, with the policies of “No war crime investigation, No Democratic and Western Allies, No contest on assault on the judicial system” which he selected to winning an election for the shake of capturing the power, has become the best candidate for Sinhalese writers. This perfect Baby Doc is here to follow the legacy of JR. Last time it was not Pirapaharan who saved Sinhalese from this invalid, Baby Doc. It is the entire nature of Tamil-Sinhalese problem saved them. Sinhalese writers try to show to the So Called Sinhala Buddhist that the King was thrown by Pirapaharan, so, if they are honest Sinhala Buddhist (or on the opposite, The Modayas), they have to dethrone the King. In their opinion, this will be a pretty good appeal to the fools Lankan voters to turn away from the King and vote for Ranil.
    Here, let us put aside the War Crime Investigation of the present regime for a point of augment. No Sinhalese can take on that against the Sinhala mass which wanted the Tamils sent out of Lanka from 1948. But, amazingly, these advocates for the democracy, none of them are ready to test at court their theory of Pirapaharan throne the King for the money he got. So far nobody has filed any case in any court to make the election of 2005 to go null and void.

    The real thing happened in that election was obvious to every dick tom and Harry. Pirapaharan did not want to recognize Sinhala authority over Tamil Eelam. He only wanted to boycott the election in that path. In 1972, SJV resigned his MP post he gained by a pervious election to demonstrate that the peoples of Tamil origin in the country rejected the 1971 constitution that forcefully pasted Tamils on the feet of Sinhala Chauvinism. Pirapaharan’ s call for rejection of an upcoming election was not far away from the path SJV selected. In fact, the last time when Tamils agreed to live with Sinhalese was when GG put forward the condition of 50/50. After that Tamils always wanted to rule them on their own.

    So far the people claimed, who handed over the money did not claim with evidence that they had any deal with LTTE leader. The truth was this Sinhala Buddhist Modayas were giving some money he did not ask for. If the Western countries did not pick up the sense of the dangers that had come into their most difficult time of relationship with Lanka, Pirapaharan might have had two mangos he tried fell with one stone, when two fool approached him with money to boycott an election, which he had been disallowing for long time.

    Pirapaharan did not lose the war because he accepted money from two Modayas. King never had acceptance with Western countries who conducted the war for the victory of Lanka. It is one single man, Robert Blake, who sent the SLMM out of Lanka and pressed EU to ban LTTE. Now, this is a campaign created to use to appear that King was thrown by Pirapaharan for the bribe money paid. As all the hopes of propping up of UNP’s Baby Doc Duvalier, Ranil, have gone in the air, as a naïve attempt, they are preaching to their foolish voters, the so called Sinhala Buddhist that the Idiot Pirapaharan brought King to the power, so in this election bring him down. It is not just naïve, it is low grade attempt to deny their own people the truth, which is Tamils fully determined, even if it is their full destruction, they do not want to do anything to do with the elections conducted by Sinhalese Governments. They have been treating that the 1971 constitution has not been binding them. This is a very serious political position. The Sinhalese politicians and writers have to get a true sense of an obligation of elaborate it to laymen words, explain and educate the Sinhalese mass rather than discounting them as Sinhala Buddhists. The nasty electioneering technique of “Sinhala only, a cup of coffee for Tamil Traitors GG or Kathirkamar, The Federal party, The SJV-Rajavarothayam- Rajamanikam Team for Northeast Freedom, The LTTE” has to go from Lankan politics. When TULF wanted a referendum, as early as 1976, for the separation from Sinhala Lanka, the rotten action of doping the Sinhala Buddhist that the “Sinhalese leaders tricked Pirapaharan with bribe money” has must have left the Lankan press even before it started to appear in it.

    After writing for years or more precisely more than a quarter of a century, the Sinhala writers failed to convince the Tamils that they can vote for Ranil in the coming election. I do not know what kind of story they plan to create and float to blame the Tamils in the event Ranil lose on the next election. The current Tamils’ only political party, TNA, without any hankypancky, without any fuss, openly declared that if Ranil contest the election they will not go with him. Absolutely that was not Pirapaharan position in 2005. He did not pick up or select and reject Ranil, the way TNA rejected him for the coming election. The postmortem expert of 2005 election has so far not written anything about TNA taking money from King and rejecting Ranil. They are not taking courage to say that TNA is destroying itself by rejecting Ranil and selecting a SLFPer. All their courage is resting in doing postmortem to the advantage of the candidate of their choice. TNA refused work with Ranil even when Chandrika was on Power. Rather they selected Chandrika and tried to push a constitutional change through her. Those days, Ranil refused to talk TNA. Pirapaharan did not reject Ranil. He signed pacts with his enemy.

    When LTTE passed Kaithady(2002), it is told, LTTE received warning from Vajpayee that continuing further will attract Indian navy’s involvement. This was prompted by Kathirgamar’ s begging from Vajpayee to Naval assistant to remove the army stuck in the North. Apparently Vajpayee did not want to help the Chandrika in the way she wanted. This had changed Pirapaharan’ s view of how to continue the war. Thereafter, he continued to negotiate with international countries. At the same time he wanted to let to IC to see what a Pariah Clan the Lankan diplomats, specially the Kathirgamar who has been putting mountainous effort of setting the standard of “Lying and Fooling” to the International countries with the name of Diplomatic Dealing.

    Continuation of Kathirgamar’s precedent of using lying as diplomatic tool has taken away all Lankan friends from it. The Current British High Commissioner’s down fall is part of the continuing set back of those old initiations of Kathirgamar. Chris, a western educated medical man, earned a notorious name and became known to public by infamous way of lying and knowingly twisting the truths on CNN because of the constant pressure from a failed government which desperately wanted to stop PM, Cameron, from visiting Jaffna. There is a limit for an average person, though greedy or not, how much crime he could commits to go ahead with the life style he has selected. King, even from his JVP days, has been seeing it as unlimited. He has ways to make FM shiver even when he hears the voice over the phone. He has high level agents like Thumintha, Mervyn, Kudu vase to beat and mold senior officials in the way they want. But for some others the limits had set in rather early.

    As a political party, TNA has its own stand. It understands that the 6th amendment is there. It supported, at the start, Chandrika though they did know she was cheating. It supported the worst tyrant, Fonseka, because of the pressure of Blake. It refused to support Ranil. But, after all these, the Tamils’ actual position is needed not to be the same of TNA, which is representing them. There are every indication that Tamils have not move away from 1976’s Vaddukkoddai convention. In fact there is indication more of them have moved toward for that. So Tamils are not waiting anywhere to support the King or Fonseka or Ranil not even Chandrika. Whether they get money or bullet for their political position, elections are of not for their interest. They want Scotland style referendum.

    The Tamils armed struggle is defeated. But, SJV’s and Pirapaharan’ S path of fighting for freedom is not defeated. Kathirgamar was hoping to become the PM and eventually the EP of the Land. Pirapaharan was looking forward to free the Tamils. Kathirgamar was working for beggar money from the government. Pirapaharan put himself at the equal position with the government and negotiating with it. 2005 election brought their fates for both Pirapaharan and Kathirgamar. But the Royal government did not buy Pirapaharan with a cup of coffee. Preaching in that way to use it to handle the election is a serious damage the Sinhala writers doing to political celerity the Sinhala mass needed to have achieved to stay entangle of IC’s actions, whether they benefit personally out of those writing or they do it just for pleasure obtained that type of writing.

  • 1

    Fantastic article Tisaranee!

    Hope everyone reads this a second time to see how very well said what is going to happen if this silly boycott goes ahead .

  • 1

    Luxury VIP Airbus cabin for President

    This stupid idiot has no bloody ‘shame’, not even seems to have heard of it in terms of a word, in him. So far there were about 15 to 20 trips he made in a year each costing Rs.100 or 1000s of millions to the poorest of the poor when they are going to buy their haal, pol. Miris, thunapaha, seeni and prippu in way of taxes.

    These gadgets that are being installed in every flight at Sri Lankan airlines seems to be his next adventure to live in the space for ever. So far, only Richard Branson is heard of having such dreamy expectation. That too, he is doing and experimenting with his own money as a hard working prodigious business magnet in the world. Is the monkey-donkey, the Sri Lanka POTOSINGHGNO, now trying to beat Branson in his own legendary dream?

    It is perfectly alright if he does this with the money he earns from 2 acre paddy land plot behind his Beliatte dad’s home. Not from sucking blood from the poorest people.


    Maha Nayaka Theros, Sobhitha THero, Relious Leaders + Messrs Ranil + Anura + SF + Karu + Sampanthan + Hakim + Mangala + Nimal + Maithree + Ravi + Tissa + Harin + Sajith ….+++++ of course the former president and many other thousands of true patriotic intellectuals and scholars are joining in hands to protect the people and their future and to chase this idiot into the sea as food for fish in the Indian Ocean.

  • 1

    Tisaranee, you are dead right. If the JVP boycotts the Presidential elections, the odious regime will be in power indefinitely. They will be making the same mistake Velupillai Prabaharan made, resulting in the situation Tamils are in.
    Let’s hope better counsels will,prevail. The JVP should allow its members a free hand to vote whomever they want to, if the JVP does not to contest or support another candidate.

    Otherwise Sri Lanka will be another Haiti in the Indian subcontinent.

  • 1

    TG, your analysis is spot on. JVP are poor decision makers, but very rich in theory. They can discuss and explain Economics and any other subject very fluently but when it come to administer the policy they fail.
    In 2006, Local Government Election JVP demanded 100 councils for the JVP while sitting with the Rajapaksa government. Mahinda offered them 50 councils and to contest from the SLFP coalition.They refused and wanted to leave the government. As I was working in SL at that time in a Voluntary basis, I spoke to Anura Kumara for two hours to explain him to accept the 50 councils without leaving the government as I felt if they leave the government Mahinda will play very rough on every one as there were no hold back power to keep him honest, other than JVP 42 members with him. Anura argued with me that they will get all 100 councils, but I told him they MAY get only Thissamaharama Council only.He argued that one sure council is Ambalangoda, but I told him they will only get one seat in that Council as i am from Ambalangoda and my cousin was their JVP leader. But he insisted that they will win the 100 councils and left the Mahinda government in a hush but WON only Thissamaharama Council and today they are near the end of their political journey.

    It is Legally correct to say that Mahinda is not eligible to contest the 3rd term, as the Legal Draftsmen has purposely drafted the 18th Amendment to bar him from contesting for the 3rd time. What the JVP should do is to support any candidate irrespective of Mahinda contesting as an illegal candidate, and select some one who can reverse the present destruction what Mahinda is doing to the country and mortgaging Sri Lanka to China as a complete package.If Mahinda win JVP boycott will not help and first to get destroyed as Mahinda will destroy them for good. I hope AKD will reconsider this decision even Somawansa is trying to push them to boycott the election as a favor for Mahinda.

    One correction TG, Mahinda didn’t bribe Prabakaran with money but only promised to pay the amount allocated to the LTTE for Tsunami reconstruction work once he comes to power, as at that time the Treasury Funds were under Mrs. CBK. World Bank contributed US $ 720 million and they allocated US $ 210 million for the LTTE to reconstruct the devastated coastline. AS WB Colombo officials was trying to hand over the US $ 210 direct to LTTE, Mrs. CBK stop it after a very long discussion with the WB in Washington. That was how P-TOM came into the agenda, but the defectively drafted P-TOM prevented handing over those funds to LTTE. But after Mahinda won the 2005 Presidential election he appointed Tiran Alles as the Chairperson of the THRU, and created another arm called TAFREN and handed the matter to Tiran Alles. Tiran handed over SLR 152 million to Pulidevan ( who was supposed to be killed with a white flag) as he was the Head of the LTTE THRU, and pocketed the balance money. for that Mahinda put Tiran behind bars.

    Later as TG says Prabakaran didn’t give his life and the other Tamils for that foolish decision of preventing people voting in 2005. But according to my opinion even without this bribe promise Mahinda should have won the 2005 election as Tails should have voted Mahinda not Ranil at that election according to very reliable Army sources commanding jaffna at that time. With General Fonseka as the Army commander Prabakaran was destined to go down as a Terror leader even though Mahinda tried many time to save him and the outfit, even though he say he won the war. Check how the FIRST NO FIRE ZONE commandeered by the LTTE after the area was declared a NO FIRE ZONE by then Army Commander Sarath Fonseka. If you can get the true facts of how the NO FIRE ZONES militarized by LTTE you will get the clear picture what part Mahinda played to stop the Army destroying the LTTE.

    JVP should reverse their decision as each and every Left Political party in SL, LSSP, CP, JVP lost ground with the local people due to their silly mistakes. In 197 I predicted to then LSSP Leader that they will go down due to their policies to keep the poor working class at a distance. Recently this person has admitted that my prediction was correct.

  • 0

    There is a serious fallow in the article as it was in a rush to twist the LTTE’s decision of to not corporate with successively cheated governments on peaceful negotiation tables. If LTTE had supported to UNP, Writer Tisaranee Gunasekara appears to be guaranteeing support for LTTE from international countries, which was the only factor capable of deciding the side of the victory. Blake’s position, those days, clearly indicated that America might have more directly involved in the war, if UNP had won and turned to West. America’s anti LTTE position comes only from the assumption of LTTE was formed by Mrs Gandhi. America would have liked to have its freedom fighters rather than Indira’s fighters. This was clearly understood by LTTE. So it was not easy for LTTE to turn into pro American fighter. The postmortem after King’s victory is pointless.

    When that the case is, Tisaranee Gunasekara’ s inability to find a good example inside the Sinhala community and her searching out in LTTE and twisting fact has seriously damaged the meaning of the analysis. The question is, does Anura Kumara is as dumb as Pirapaharan (If he is), as Tisaranee Gunasekara would like to evaluate he is. If winning votes is the yardstick, 2005 parliamentary election indicates it as not just that Anura Kumara is no dumb, even Weeravansa is not dumb too. It was a time JVP uplifted itself as one of the political parties in the south. But the truth out of these elections is parties like to tell what the people like to hear, not to educate. The arrogant-cy gained in that election by the JVP brought the eventual downfall of the JVP, too. JVP blindly stood to go against the TNA and UNP on that 2006 Budget voting and voted for government. A strong Party even searched and visited by Blake, JVP at that time sought its downfall by not defeating SLFP on the budget and quickly building on the tide of the wave they were having at that time, wrongly worked with SLFP to defeat LTTE and strengthened the SLFP’s hand, made itself to lose to SLFP everything they had gained in the previous election. The King grabbed the opportunity quickly, put his muscles over JVP, split and destroyed it. The reason for JVP’s today situation is directly coming from the mistake they made in the 2006 budget voting. For a writer, to write without any bias, this JVP’s blinder is good example. But the truth of running down Tamils is more effective in gaining audience in Sinhala politics forced Tisaranee Gunasekara to succumb to the Ebola virus, she claimed she working to cure.

    Here Tisaranee Gunasekara failure is a different issue. The actual question is if Anura Kumara decides to boycott the coming election, will he become as dumb as Tamils, as per the Tisaranee Gunasekara’s analysis.

    Rather than elaborating in all direction, we need to quickly assume something, irrelevant of whether those assumptions make sense or no. Tisaranee Gunasekara’s sudden outburst enthusiasm of winning coming election is coming from Uva election. So, here we must make first assumption that Uva is the correct indicator of predicting King’s downfall in the coming election. To proceed with analyzing the main point, we make another assumption right after that, that is the power will be handed over to Ranil as soon as the King is defeated.

    Further to avoid a Sinhala style of analysis in which the LTTE and SJV are main factors, to maintain integrity, we may stay out of actual good-bad analysis of UPFA winning this election. In addition to that, as I am an open supporter of LTTE’s decision to stay in Tamil jurisdiction and discard the Sinhala election under Sinhala Jurisdiction, and as it was cited as the only reason for Ranil to lose elections, and further it is being explained in Lankan analyses that LTTE decided in that way just only to make the Sinhalese suffer from their democratic election that they conducted, we would avoid analysis any benefits that if there will by making the UPFA winning the election. Further we would avoid getting deep into side tracking questions like if the so called educated Sinhalese intellectual want the Tamils to vote on the way they like and bring to the power whom they want, what is difficulty for this educated intellectual to recognize the 50/50, where Tamils will always vote and keep in the power what the Sinhalese intellectual wish and keep out the inferior crowed, Sinhala Buddhist gripping the power. That will save from wasting a lot of time in falling into questions that will not be answered by the Sinhala intellectuals.

    Once we have assumed these, our clear conclusion is Anura Kumara’s alternate strategies that may fail to seat UNP to the power are certainly dumbfounded as he can become a strong share holder in the coming UNP government, those decisions would make him lose. This is telling Anura Kumara’s inability to stand in the shoes Tisaranee Gunasekara is wearing and seeing the Lanka politics. Tisaranee Gunasekara, who is now envisaging a smooth UNP government running in Colombo after the 2015 election, is certainly seeing the how foolishly he is losing his opportunity. (Or it could be a fact that Anura Kumara might be just a simple coward like Fonseka who still might vividly thinking of Cinnamon Lake Hotel experiences and trying to run away from the election. )

    But, if we blindly assume that Anura Kumara is neither coward nor dumb or any other factor that we missed to look here, Is that a serious issue Anura Kumara looking for an alternate strategy for the coming election?

    We just were watching the Scotland’s referendum passing. When considering only election winning, what we saw in the news that losing Scotland could become a serious drawback to Liberals and would give an edge to Conservatives, creates a confusion of the British parties behaviors on the referendum. . The political parties in Britain both dropped out the electioneering techniques and launched a massive campaign against the referendum. Here their object was to save the Union rather than a party and make sure a continuous future victory, which is the policies the UNP and SLFP being practicing form the time DS, SWRD’s times. That involves essentially showing to Sinhala mass SJV and LTTE, and threatening the weaker, so called Sinhala Buddhist, keeping them as tamed vote cows.

    When this mentality is norm of the freed Lanka from 1948, now somebody loudly crying “Voter Education” can drive a chilling panic in the nerves of the Sinhala intellectuals. At this point we need to skip another question which is “could educate the mass can be so dangerously against the educated intellectuals?” Though it is a very simple question, still no point of analysis it as even if the analysis educated something the foolish (laymen) Sinhala Buddhist, it will not make change on the so artistically twisting Sinhala intellectual’s perception. So we have to assume any attempt to educate the Sinhala mass is simply dangerous.

    Let see who these JVPers are. The history says those who rejected the free rice from the moon and free certificate through standardization, with some extreme smart left philosophies went out to southern jungle to enjoy the youth life as boys and girls, with the hope of creating a Lumumba in Lanka. That may sound smart or stupid, doesn’t matter. It was that time. Now they want to educate people and bring the change they want democratically. If the JVPers are no longer the scary terrorist group, why the Sinhala intellectual getting nervous of their teaching the mass. It might make one to rush to answer, “Isn’t is obvious that they don’t want the UNP lose straight on the 30th the year, as no longer they can hold LTTE as the one who made UNP to lose?” Not so quick! It involves educating the so called Sinhala Buddhist and making them as new category as Sinhala Vellalas(govigama).

    Beyond these, let see what is Aunura Kumara saying? We have seen in these CT’s columns, Particularly from Prof.Laksiri that the third term not moral for the King. We don’t have to recite those arguments here again. In addition to that, former JVP terrorist, the crooked Chief Jester Silva had challenged that he considers bring a law suit as the 18th amendment is illegal. Weather it was illegal or not, the 18th amendment is not up to the Western standard. But it is not the only one; the 6th amendment has been declared by International Jurors as a void amendment and it is against the international human rights and Humanitarian laws. Again we would waste our time if we ask a fruitless question of why JVP never showed interest in educating about the 6th amendment, it is only interested in in the 18th? If we can pass that obstacle too, we can look at if JVP is wrong in attempting to teach people about the 18th amendment.

    What I see is after all odds and even, there is nothing wrong in boycotting the election. JVP is showing only within about 5% of the Sinhala votes. If the boycott becomes very successful, about two percent may not go for voting because of this boycotting. If we go for further one more assumption of, “the people learned and the boycott was success” that is going sent a massive positive campaign wave throughout the country. That will certainly end up as a nightmare to the ruling Royals. The JVPers absent from the UNP collusion will send out a large number of Tamils and Muslims minority voters to vote for UNP. When UNP can prove to minorities that they are free from the association of extremist minorities like JVP, When UNP gain strength to stand alone, minorities will put confidence in it. The Single issue common candidate with Buddhist leadership, which is seen are country falling deep into Buddhist extremism is only to win elections, becomes unwanted. This is the technique Seeman, Vaico and others used in the last Tamil Nadu’s state election. Their winning chances were minimal. They had to associate with parties of not their choice. So they stayed out of election. But they campaigned to educate the people of the atrocities committed by Congress and DMK. This gave an unbelievable victory to Jayalalitha. So why do the so called intellectuals oppose educating the Sinhala mass? Of cause because if somebody pick on real political issue like 18th amendment and bring a result, if the Sinhala mass is really educated, no longer their style of LTTE bashing campaign can work with in the Sinhala mass. That is why!

  • 0

    Global Tamil Forum assistant boss Suren Surendran is in Madras, giving pep talks to Vaiko ,Seeman and Nedu gang and their loyal supporters.

    He even gives Press Interviews to Nadu Broadsheets on Srilankan politics.

    He says that the GTF is totally affiliated with the TNA now, when the reporter asked him whether they miss the leadership of Velupullai..

    TNA is the biggest partner of the UNP alliance and its Prez candidate for the soon to be held Election.

    In fact the TNA which scored 80 % of the Northern Province vote will scoop up the whole lot again plus the South for the UNP and its candidate Ranil.

    Even in UVA the total Vellala vote was delivered to the UNP by the TNA.

    Ms T has somehow missed this important link.

    Is this Anura Kumara bit, a diversion?.

    He may have oratory, but has he got votes?.

    Not going by UVA where he got only 5 %..

    Will the UNP come clean and explain to the inhabitant population what their arrangement or pact with the TNA is?.

    Will Keselwtta Kid at least give a guarantee that a vote for the UNP is not a vote for the GTF and Reverend Emmanuel?.

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