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Yester-Years: The Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna & The Cuban Revolution

By Lionel Bopage

Dr Lionel Bopage

Dr Lionel Bopage

In the 1950s, Cuban revolutionaries launched their July 26 Movement (Movement) to get rid of foreign domination and economic injustice. In 1952, Fulgencio Batista launched a coup d’etat, which made the Cuban people lose their democratic rights. They had become indignant and resented the dictatorial regime. For the United States, the Batista dictatorship provided full protection for their business interest in Cuba. So naturally the US regime provided strong political and military backing to the Batista regime.

Fidel Castro took power on New Year’s Day 1959, and promised to share his nation’s wealth with its poorest citizens, who had suffered under the corrupt quarter-century dictatorship of Batista. At the start, the Movement gained vast political support from the Cuban people, as it represented a national democratic movement that underpinned the genuine aspirations of the Cuban people including the restoration of the constitution of 1940.

The new Cuban government took initiatives to implement agrarian reforms, which was essential and necessary for economic development, the US demanded compensation for the land that would be nationalised. The US resisted Cuba’s willingness to pay the land values declared in the last tax returns, asked for more, and threatened to cut the sugar quotas the US purchased The Soviet Union promised to buy whatever sugar that the US did not buy and pay by supplying crude oil at a preferential price. Yet, the Americans owned Cuba’s refineries, and refused to process Soviet crude oil.fidel

In retaliation, Cuba nationalized U.S.-owned oil refineries. In 1962, Cuba declared itself a socialist state. Despite the setbacks at the early stages of the revolution, education, health care and employment made clear improvements. Cuba was committed to internationalism with their strong support for Latin American, Vietnamese and several African revolutionary movements.

However, with the forging of links between Cuba and the Soviet Union, the influence of the Popular Socialist Party (Partido Socialista Popular – PSP) grew strong. PSP was a Communist Party in Cuba, before the 1959 revolution. Even closer to the final stages of Batista’s defeat, the PSP declared that the struggle the ‘Movement’ had launched was adventurist. They even went to the extent of betraying several leaders of the student movement that supported the Movement. Despite the conflicts between the Movement and the PSP leadership led by Anibal Escalante, the Communist Party of the Soviet Union reinstated the status quo of the PSP and placed PSP leaders in charge.

I recollect, when the leaders of the Movement, particularly led by Che, attempted diversification of the Cuban economy, the leaders of the PSP and the USSR favoured the sugar based one crop dependent economy. Even under Cuba’s leader of independence, Jose Marti, reliance on sugar was considered as “committing suicide”. One of the main reasons for Cuba’s dismal economic state was its increasing dependency on sugar for its export earnings – not helped one iota by the crippling immoral US economic embargo.

Fidel’s plans failed, and food rationing began in 1961. From my point of view, Fidel Castro could not be distinguished from the pro-Soviet policy positions adopted by the previous PSP leaders. Cuba’s foreign policy was Soviet foreign policy. And so was the foreign policies of the Communist parties all over the world, including that of Sri Lanka. Due to the worsening economic situation in Cuba, tens of thousands workers and peasants, including a significant number of Afro-Cubans fled the country for an uncertain future in the U.S. This was different from the situation in the early 1960s’ where those who fled were from the upper echelons of the society.

In the pre-1970 period, in Sri Lanka, the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (the JVP) was known as “The Movement”. The JVP unambiguously has its ideological roots to Marxism/Leninism, Maoism and the Cuban revolution. We in the Movement, noted that like Cuba, we were a plantation economy, we were under American imperialism, had a comprador bourgeoisie, a complacent left and a large, neglected and exploited peasantry. What united Communists and other activists of the left was the spectre of the American empire in the form of its aggressive foreign policy and its rapacious search for raw materials and markets. Young progressive leftists all over the world took note of the Cuban revolution.

Immediately after the insurrection of April 5, 1971 the Government had made an appeal to the rest of the world to give it arms, and these were provided by capitalist, socialist and non-aligned governments, as politically diverse as Singapore, India, the United States, the Soviet Union, China and Pakistan. Once the insurrection was crushed the government had around 15,000 of the JVP’s cadres in detention. Some had been seized while fighting the armed forces; some had been picked up under the emergency regulations, while others had given themselves up; believing the government’s promise of amnesty. All were imprisoned in overcrowded dank conditions. Some were shot dead, allegedly while attempting to escape.

Despite the human rights abuses committed by the then regime, Cuba expressed solidarity with the coalition regime, though it did not provide material support, except allowing Mr Anura Bandaranaike to stay in Cuba with Fidel Castro until the dust settled down in Sri Lanka. From my point of view, this attitude of Cuba would have been due to the influence of the Soviet Communist Party and the Ceylon Communist Party (Moscow wing). In 1978, Cuba sent troops against the Eritrean Liberation Front, and argued it was for protecting Ethiopian territorial integrity from Eritrean separatists. Cuba praised the tyranny of Mengistu Mariam in Ethiopia as a genuine progressive force. Cuba was willing to change its tune at the whim of the Soviets.
After 1977, in line with the aim of developing more fraternal relationships with progressive forces abroad, the JVP developed ties and offered solidarity with the Vietnamese, Cuban, Palestinian, FRETLIN and other progressive liberation movements. Most left-wing parties and progressive people across the globe supported these struggles politically. In the late 1970s we still had issues with the Cuban Communist Party. According to my memory, it would have been 1979, when the JVP was invited to send a delegation to the World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY) Festival held in Havana.

Comrade Rohana Wijeweera was to lead the JVP delegation. As he was visiting Havana, we wished him to have a meeting with Fidel, as the leader of the Cuban Communist Party. This was conveyed to the Cuban Communist Party through the Cuban Embassy in Colombo. However, the Cubans refused the repeated requests of the JVP. Rohana decided to boycott the Festival altogether. This was conveyed to the embassy, and ultimately, the meeting was sanctioned by the Cubans, if my memory is correct. Subsequently, we came to know that the Communist Party of Sri Lanka had exerted undue influence for preventing this meeting from taking place.

Despite the many human rights abuses committed by the parties during the conflicts in Sri Lanka, during the April 1971 insurrection, during the 1988-89 insurrection and the war between 1983-2009 of the Tamil militants, Cuba has consistently supported the Sri Lanka government. Cuba strongly opposed holding an international investigation into any crimes committed during the war. There have been other international situations, where Cubans have sided with repressive regimes.

The argument put by countries like Cuba and their supporters is that the revolutionary spread of socialism is uneven around the globe. Thus, over a period of time compromises are required in dealing with the imperialist world. As one apologist convolutedly put it in the seventies, it was a fact that:

socialist states will therefore have to survive for considerable periods in co–existence with an imperialist world itself riven by shifting internal contradictions; and that therefore socialist governments will be faced with a relatively autonomous arena of socialist struggle at the diplomatic level. ( Brewster, B. (1971). Communication on Ceylon and China. In New Left Review, December issue.)

This was the sort of political detente which the JVP rejected when Rohana and his other comrades formed the JVP. They wanted to form an indigenous radical socialist party independent of the dictates of the Soviet Union, China or Cuba. Even though the party respected the gains and influence of these socialist blocs in the world theatre, they had seen the reactionary influence of their paid acolytes on the politics of the island.

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  • 1

    Lionel Bopage is wrong in many of the things he says here. For instance, no scholarly work supports the view that Fidel’s foreign policy was soviet foreign policy or merely pro-Soviet foreign policy. There are many research studies nd scholarly books to the contrary.

    However, it must be admitted that Mr. Bopage is completely correct when he point out that the line of Fidel and the Cubans was quite different from that of Wijeweera and the JVP! I recall that I had a public exchange on the contradictions between the JVP’s line and that of Fidel and Che, at the New Town Hall, Colombo in 1979, which was later reproduced by me in the Lanka Guardian.

    Mr. Bopage is pathetically, laughably, wrong when he thinks and implies that Fidel was wrong and Wijeweera and the JVP were right, or that the latter were more correct than the former!

    By the way, if Wijeweera finally got the appointment with Fidel in 1979, may we please see the photographs?

    • 5

      Good to see you DJ too have woken up from your slumber. [Edited out]

      Yes, you guys see them subjective to you. JVPrs and all other facist elements just abused Fidel s ideologies harming own folks.

      You have been doing it even today, not being able to see it right what y ve been doing.

    • 2

      Thank you Bopage for writing this. I do not think Bopage is trying to say Wijeweera is right over Fidel. He is merely stating the facts as how it happened.

      Cuban policies were greatly influenced by the Moscow. No sane person would want to bring Nuclear missile to their own country to challenge America!

      It would be a great importance that revolutionaries of 70s and post independent communist activists (real and haute bourgeoisie) both right their accounts to understand what really happened and how soviet and Chinese foreign policies influenced the situation in Sri Lanka,

      This wisdom might influence current followers of the great but bound to fail social equality not to end up in rivers and tires in Sri Lanka!

      It is unforgivable how irresponsible the JVP has been in leading innocent youth to destruction and at the same time how UNP govt used the policy of tire pyres to control the uprising.
      Sickening is how hey are mates now to overthrow Mahinda!

      Who is laughing from their graves?

      Equally pathetic is the pseudo commies who goes to parliament selling the socialism to poor masses and enjoy their evening cocktail in their middle class watering holes.

      It is also good to know who used their influence to obtain free scholarships to send their kids to universities in Russia, East Germany and etc! Called them commies!

      • 4


        “It is unforgivable how irresponsible the JVP has been in leading innocent youth to destruction and at the same time how UNP govt used the policy of tire pyres to control the uprising.”

        Tell me who actually killed those tens of thousands of innocent youth?

        Where are those killers now?

        Did anyone ever charge these psychopathic killers or found guilty at the court of law?

        Did anyone record the body count?

        Where were you when all these firing and tyre burning pyres were taking place in the island. Were you hiding behind your grandma, wife, sister, mother, daughter, granddaughter, …. or were you actually killing and burning the bodies?

    • 0

      “I recall that I had a public exchange on the contradictions between the JVP’s line and that of Fidel and Che, at the New Town Hall, Colombo in 1979, which was later reproduced by me in the Lanka Guardian.”

      Just to get the timeline correct, was that before your participation in the activities of the EPRLF?

  • 3

    Dr Lionel Bopage

    RE: Yester-Years: The Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna & The Cuban Revolution

    1, “In the 1950s, Cuban revolutionaries launched their July 26 Movement (Movement) to get rid of foreign domination and economic injustice. In 1952, Fulgencio Batista launched a coup d’etat, which made the Cuban people lose their democratic rights. They had become indignant and resented the dictatorial regime. For the United States, the Batista dictatorship provided full protection for their business interest in Cuba. So naturally the US regime provided strong political and military backing to the Batista regime.”

    Self-interest of the Big US Business, and the needs of the populace was secondary.

    2. “Fidel Castro took power on New Year’s Day 1959, and promised to share his nation’s wealth with its poorest citizens, who had suffered under the corrupt quarter-century dictatorship of Batista. “

    Maitripala Sirisena and Ranil Wickramasinghe took power on January 9, 2025, and promised to share the nation’s wealth with its citizens, reduce the corruption of the Rajapaksas and theit cronies, who had suffered under the corrupt ten-year -dictatorship of Mahinda Rajapaksa and cronies, who fleeced the populace and accumulated the stolen wealth.

    What did the populace get?

    A “President” who turned out to be a Turncoat, a Traitor, a Gona, and a Mala-Perethaya for the 62 lakhs who voted for him and to those who were killed, and currently roaming the World of Avtar seeking justice and punishment for the killers.

    To this injustice, Walks Anura Kumara Dissanayaka.

    Can he deliver Justice like Fidel Castro did in 1959?

  • 4

    Mr Bopage finally got round to the obvious.

    We have been preoccupied with our own colonial master (and their Yankee cousins) and conveniently ignored the colonial empires in South America. South America is overwhelmingly controlled by its white Iberian immigrants (Black, Zambo and Asians form a miniscule part of the population). Cuba is 65% white, blacks are less than 8%.

    The Cuban party had already wisely decided that the JVP were a bunch of losers, no-hopers and trouble-makers. They knew that they would have to deal with one of the established (Bauddha-Sinhala) for the foreseeable future, and that it was the elected government that would deliver support (vote) in the international arena.

    Anyway, choosing political affiliation because of bad career choices is never the way. People will see through it.

    In the progressive future that beckons Sri Lanka, our people will finally find the secret to everyday happiness. As we go kicking and screaming to the new utopia, they will eschew Hyde Park rallies, long country wide marches that annoy and disrupt daily life, and those who will divide the nation. There must be no room for them and us. No ‘workers’ and ‘masters’; we must ALL be workers. WE, the burgeoning liberal class will demand good healthcare, good education, opportunity for all. WE will demand that EVERY child is given the chance to shine to his or her best abilities. WE will chose swanky cars, and a road system fit for purpose. Nice homes in clean neighbourhoods. WE will learn to help ourselves and not go about begging for aid and charity.

    AND, if the politicians we have cannot deliver these things, WE will find a new and capable breed.

    AND, the JVP and ilk, will be so yesterday; just a footnote in our history.

  • 6

    Hi Guys,
    The truth of the matter is JVP wanted to emulate Cuban revolution, but did not follow the principles behind the Cuban revolution. That does not mean that Rohana Wijayaweera was not a Socialist. He was only trying to modify the Cuban revolution to suit the Sri Lankan political situation. He may be wrong in his approach and lost several young Sinhala youths in the process. Lionel Bopage is a true socialist and accusations against him is unwarranted. I am not sure why Dayan Jayathillake is telling that Castro was not following Russian foreign policy. Why did CIA was after Castro. He was targeted several times for murder because he was a supporter of Russia and their foreign policy. I am really confused with Dayan’s statements.

  • 2

    What Bopagae’s contemptible breed practiced was class envious jealous politics of violent hate. How this man got away and hid abroad boggles one’s mind. Fidel had ZERO democracy in Cuba. Wijeweera the ugly class envious beast who was jealous of Vijaya Kumaranatunge etc would have been another PolPot. Bopage, STFU. You bloody murderers destroyed so many lives.

  • 1

    The damned North Koreans were caught helping the JVP and were kicked out of SL in 48 hours. Bopage STFU. You guys were all so called deprived or low caste Sinhalese who were JEALOUS of Sinhala entrepreneurs and the upper classes. You all wanted to get there and be the same that you professed to hate; look at some of your comrades now. All of you are whores to money and you want to pontificate a system of governance that DOES NOT EXIST anywhere successfully. PROVE that there are socialist successful nations. You are like the Kim Jong Uns of the world. All you did was hate hate hate. Look at Uyangoda now; a true capitalist making money. So STFU. We lost relatives to your murderous ways in 1971 and again in 1989. A cousin was burnt alive in a car for being a government servant who raised the national flag on Feb 4th. So STFU. I am glad the JVP leaders were wiped out just as the LTTE leaders. I am sad you and Somawanse types escaped justice.

    • 0

      Thank you at last for exposing the fact that Sinhalese Buddhists have a caste system.
      I always thought onlySL Tamils carried that burden.
      Is that why W. Dahanayake became a stop gap PM in 1959 instead of C.P. de Silva?
      Anyway why did Ranil permit MARa to go and beg for aid In China if it is not a successful Socialist country?
      Did Sira beat him by contacting Trump for getting the UN off his back over human rights issues?
      Do you realise late President Premadasa did a big favour to the UNP by using the JVP in getting rid of Vijay Kumaratunge.
      Why not ask Ranil how Somawanse was allowed to escape to UK via India, and what is the mystery to comment using a name relied on by British Imperialism to truncate the neighbouring sub- continent?

    • 0

      Jinnah, In your haste to get even with JVP leadership you have let the cat slip out. The so called low caste Sinhalese were jealous of Sinhala upper castes. So, It is just not Tamil politics, Sinhalese politics is also caste driven. Let us keep this for record. By the way, you sound a low caste. Why do you want to let your brethren down?

  • 5

    Enough of this damn ideological brouhaha.

    I’ve listened to people put forward mighty fancy theories to run the entire world like clockwork, who, in their own lives can’t run a viable family-unit. The wife is playing around and the kids have gone totally feral.

    For the simple plebeians out here the proof of the cake is in the eating.

    Which way are the boats heading?

    If the boats are heading to Cuba then Cuba is good. If the boats are heading away from Cuba then Cuba is no good. And that applies to all the countries.

    Can any of you pristine revolutionaries who have forsaken imperialist-capitalistica and taken residence in a revolutionary utopia counter that, eh?

    If you live in any of the imperialist, capitalist, neo-colonialist countries you can’t even say hmm, cause you have already voted with your feet.

    Can a true revolutionary who live what he preaches stand up?

    Man does not live by empty intellectual discourse alone; there should be a little space for intellectual-honesty too.

    • 2

      Beautiful Nimal. This is the truth of the whole matter. Stench of hypocrisy all round is unbearable. I like the way you have put it and saved it in my folder for good comments.

      In the contest for hypocrisy only Islamists can beat the revolutionaries.

      All these philosophies, theories and isms are humbug. Life is based on four pillars: Nutritious food, sex , physical exercise and relaxation. If you get your nutrition from delicious sweets and fruits you are blessed. If you get your sex with love you are blessed, if you get your physical exercise in pleasurable sports and nature walks you are blessed and if you get your relaxation through music and art you are blessed.

      Only worthy pursuits are music, art and scientific research.

      Take your children and run even to the bosom of your enemy.


      • 2


        “Stench of hypocrisy all round is unbearable.”

        It is bit rich isn’t it especially coming from you the ghetto builder.

        “In the contest for hypocrisy only Islamists can beat the revolutionaries.”

        Are you sure?

        Now you are insulting your fellow Sinhala/Buddhists.

        ” If you get your sex with love you are blessed,”

        If you don’t get your sex with love you convert to Sinhala/Buddhism and being baptized as Sinhala/Buddhist.

        ” Nutritious food”

        If one doesn’t get enough of it one turns into moron. For example look at jim softy the dimwit, somass, sach, max the moron, sirinath.gunaratnam, …..

        For obvious reasons you have omitted out the most important pillar, wisdom. Being a Sinhala/Buddhist you have nothing to do with wisdom, which is understandable.

        “Only worthy pursuits are music, art and scientific research.”

        You surprise me.

        When did you become a music, art, and science hipster?

        By the way, scientific research is based on rationalism.

        • 2

          “By the way, scientific research is based on rationalism.”

          Which is the weak point of all Tamil racist donkeys.


          • 1


            “Which is the weak point of all Tamil racist donkeys.”

            You are proving my point as science also found conclusive prove of genetic affinity between Sinhalese and Tamils.

            • 1


              Not me, it is your Sambandan aiya who says “Tamils must be recognised as a distinct ethnic entity” Either way it is irrelevant to me who protest against ethnic and religious enclaves.


          • 3


            “Which is the weak point of all Tamil racist donkeys.”

            You are proving my point as science also found conclusive prof of genetic affinity between Sinhalese and Tamils.

    • 2

      nimal fernando

      “Can any of you pristine revolutionaries who have forsaken imperialist-capitalistica and taken residence in a revolutionary utopia counter that, eh?”

      Didn’t you know Rohana Wijeyweera attempted to overthrow the ruling party of former USSR and was kicked out of the country?

      Right from the beginning Rohana saw USSR as a Capitalist, Imperial power, and Neo colonial state and mooted revolution in the very country where he went to learn. How brave he was!!

  • 2

    “Cuba’s foreign policy was Soviet foreign policy.”
    This is unfair and very much incorrect. Cuba had differed with the USSR on several issues.
    But it also yielded to Soviet pressure on some key issues (like Cuba toeing the line on the invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968 a few days after the event) owing to its economic reliance on the USSR, in the context of US embargo.
    On the other hand, Cuba defied the USSR to be friendly towards China unlike European allies of the Soviet Union.

    We should not confuse invitation to activities of the World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY) with political recognition by the Cuban government. The former is more of a broad left (with room for even centre-left organizations) forum.

    The JVP was utterly Sinhala nationalist from the outset.
    Wijeweera supported and took part in the notorious anti-Tamil language rights rally in 1966 (led by the SLFP and in which the CP-Moscow & LSSP to their shame took part).
    His suspension from the CP-Peking was based on that and other misdeeds.
    JVP’s “famous” five-lesson crash course in Marxism is an indicator of its Marxist understanding. The lesson on “Indian Expansionism” was really anti-Hill Country Tamil venom.
    The JVP got a Trotskyite licence in 1978– thanks to Bala Tampoe –but it did not take long for the JVP to show its true colours.
    Bopage himself left the JVP partly because he could not stomach the chauvinism of the Wijeweera leadership.

  • 1

    “North Koreans were caught helping the JVP”
    This is untrue. Attempts were made by mischievous right-wing elements to implicate North Korea but the Government rectified its error very soon.
    The panic was such that many left leaders were arrested after April 1971, detained for unduly long and released without charge.

    As for North Korea, its embassy was at the time in the middle of promoting globally “the thoughts of Kim Il Sung” and Premlal Kumarasiri who had parted company with Sanmugathasan in 1968 was working in the N Korean embassy. He undertook to get the writings of Kim Il Sung translated into Sinhala. Some of the work went to his former contacts in CP-Peking who had moved close to the JVP.

    “You guys were all so called deprived or low caste Sinhalese who were JEALOUS of Sinhala entrepreneurs and the upper classes.”

    • 4


      “The panic was such that many left leaders were arrested after April 1971, detained for unduly long and released without charge.”

      Well, the Prime minister was Siri Mao and the cabinet was full of champagne socialists.

      However, though some of them including Vasudeva Nanayakara were released, many innocent Sinhala youth were killed or tortured, all under the socialist government.

      Siri Mao and her colleagues never apologized to the kith and kin of those who were killed in 1971, maybe about 18,000 of them.

  • 1

    I read somewhere about a psychological disorder, ‘a form of cognitive disorder’ called Inference Observation Confusion, which in simpler terms is known as Jumping to Conclusions Bias. Those who suffer from this, usually jump into unwarranted conclusions based on insufficient evidence in a given context.

    With regard to the Foreign Policy of Cuba, facts are self-evident. I have never claimed that all what Soviets and Cubans did were wrong. Yet, as history clearly shows, Cuba followed the Soviet Union into committing certain mistakes.

    I did not try to compare Rohana Wijeweera with either Fidel Castro or Che Guevara, or the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) with the July 26 Movement in Cuba. That would be historically erroneous. What I stated was that the Cuban Revolution and the subsequent Latin American anti-colonial movements inspired the JVP and its cadres.

    I have no recollection of Dayan’s alleged ‘public exchange’ at the New Town Hall, but I cannot claim that it did not occur. Nevertheless, what I clearly remember is the prolonged conversation Dayan had with me in the latter part of 1982. He was consistently arguing that the JVP should recognise and advocate the right to establish a separate state of Eelam. I clearly articulated the JVP position at the time, that the JVP did accept the right to self-determination. The JVP never believed that separation would provide a solution to the national question.

    Even if Fidel and Che objected to bourgeois repression against youth movements in countries like Sri Lanka (which they did not), Dayan and his ilk would not have followed their moral example. His support and contribution to the repressive regimes in Sri Lanka and elsewhere provide ample evidence in this regard.

    Dayan’s request for a photograph is not only laughable and pathetic, as he was one of the contributors to the then UNP regime’s repression in the latter part of the eighties that led to the destruction of almost all historical records of the JVP. I was not part of the JVP by then. My statement in this regard was qualified in the sense that this “meeting was sanctioned by the Cubans, if my memory is correct”. However, having made several enquiries regarding this matter, I can clarify and confirm that this meeting between Rohana Wijeweera and Fidel Castro had not taken place.

    • 0

      Dont get it that serious. May more likely that Dayan s requests were based onthe note passed to him by Wimal Buruwasne. We have lost the faither kept on Dayan on the very day he lied with the dogs to that Nugegoda wedikawa. Since then, he has been sleepwalking not being able to find the way for his own.
      Now, we dont even get to read from him, except that programme in Sirasa. I believe the man is today hard up person being left to be an another used condom. Thanks to the truths but truths.

    • 3

      Lionel Bopage

      Would you please let us have the approximate number of people killed in 1971 and incarcerated after the miserably failed insurrection?

      There have been many figures floated in the media in order to hide the actual number of innocent youth mercilessly killed by the police and armed forces.

      Would you also confirm whether the Siri Mao government bombed caves in Kegalle district where members of JVP were in hiding? I was told the government used fighter planes made in the Soviet Union to evict JVPers.

  • 0

    The Historical necessity of the Cuban Revolution led by Fidel Castro and their core revolutionary group came into being 1959, which 10 years of after the Chinese Revolution was successfully achieved by Comrade Mao Zedong and Communist Party of China in 1949.

    Indeed that China revolution 1949 under leadership Mao and CPC has an open new chapter of human history that New Democratic Revolution; that Revolution of China was Non-capitalist Path by which that the continuation of Russian revolution led in 1917 October Socialist Revolution by Bolsheviks of the CPSU under leadership of Lenin and Stalin.

    In fact 20th century Russian, China and Cuban revolution of People-oriented changes that shifting New Era of New political Order of world against USA led Imperial Hegemony.

    No body can denied 20th century is Era of People’s Revolution led by Marxist- Leninist Political Parties of billions of masses of People has been change the OLD world Order that not by overnight, but the step by step of path of revolutionary .

    Therefor Revolutions may be temporary, conditionally and relatively set backs of People movements in past couples of years. But it will regain world People’s movement by different path and new model of Socialism by new revolutionary path led by Masses of People .
    The Dream of People’s of China is one of that has been visible on the certain features of sings of change of New World order by the Principle of Leninist Internationalism.

    It will restore and review by History soon by Marxist -Leninism Parties and their ideologies is that the only alternatives to Moribund Imperialism – USA led Monopoly of that Capitalist hegemony. USA is become an enemy number ONE of the People of Globe.

    That is an unique turning point of New Epoch that People’s has been challenges of Highest Stage of USA -Imperialism power that leads to weak power of hegemony and by the People movements; the world has been given new break through a Revolution of Russia for the new annals of World History in 1917 October Socialist Revolution.

    The Revolutionary path and Model Russian Socialism was an OPEN by Bolsheviks Party led by Lenin and Stalin in 1917 October Socialist Revolution.

    This changes cannot take BACK by any US led Imperialist forces at their peak of power by their power of Missiles and Power of Giant monopoly of economic of by their high hands .

    The “Democracy” of USA is not that People’s Democracy ,it is hegemony of USA sovereignty by imposing to their domination rule of that USA concord “Good Governances and Rule of Law” by Neo-Con colonization of Hegemony over the other Third world Countries.

    Sri lanka is in line of New set of Example under UNP Ranil W.. CBK and MS by Rule the Police Junta of Governances by since 2015 January 9th.

    The People are moving forward , the core of USA Imperialism system of Governances of OLD Order and their power mongering politics are weakling daily basis.

    The ex-JVP leading carder has not yet realized that Cuban revolution has no similarities JVP policies of Anarchism, Adventurism by application Terrorism are that anti-revolution steps 1971 April and 1988/89 that dramatically an opposed model and Line of Fidel Castro led Cuban Revolution.

    Well place documented says Fidel was not Marxists or Leninist that the very inceptions of his cause 1959 of not for socialist revolution.
    He was anti-US and nationalist in place of his struggle against Batista Rule of dictatorships .In 1959 Cuban revolution led by masses struggle by anti-US stand .That is were Fidel stand for the Cuban Revolution. Gradually Fidel turn to Marxist politics, that was progressive role of played by Castro of anti-US Imperialist struggle .

    Fidel seek replace Democracy and sovereignty of politically Economically and socially for the by means of masses base revolution by mode of Guerrilla war and which that allied with People’s movement.

    Fidel is NOT that like JVP line of counter-revolutionaries political trend emerge in 1965 May in Ceylon.

    What was difference between Fidel and JVP?

    The background of JVP was came into being that denied and criticized Old Left Movements of Reformists of Trotskyism of LSSP and CPC of (Moscow wing) Revisionism of CPSU and CPC (Peking wing) Dogmatic Revolution of led by Nagaligam Shamgadasan politics was that anti-Revolution trend of Democratic task.

    The by JVP version was concern that Old Left political are anti-revolutionaries.

    JVP was founded in 1965 and they want be REPLACE Marxists -Leninists political Party for Socialists Revolution by Old Left parties must defeated.
    JVP their original cadres aspiration was founding aim of defeated Old Left Parties.

    Since 1966 January 8th after that very few months JVP leaders and their few ignorant carders has been non Acceptor to Leninists principles.

    Leading core of JVP members who are at that time had been followers of PDN Wijeweera, they were totally lack Marxist knowledge and even though out their bourgeoisie Education so poor,and even their vision of that far from building Marxist political Party.

    JVP has undertaken to fill vacuum of OLD Life political Parties, they were NOT been capable to do so !
    By politics of JVP adventurist was not that solution of ills of Ceylon society

    By time has passed JVP have nothing to do with revolution .
    And their carders line of politics turn into that easy way of gain political power by “overnight revolution” attacked police Stations at once through out the country. That was result of 1971 April insurrection.
    The insurrection was fully an isolated from masses. This has nothing to do with 1953 July Monkoda Attack by Cuban Revolutionaries.

    The writer( Bopaga) join party in 1969 somewhere, time he has no knowledge of Marxism or Leninism at all. By that time he also become lack of Marxism theory & its guidance of by “Revolution in overnight” advocated by PDN Wijaeweera.

    The Bopage get quick promoted by kicking upstarts by PDN W…
    The JVP leaders immerdialey approved by accepts higher position for Bopage leadership by the overnight. He become was leading carder of approved 1971 April “Overnight Revolution”.

    Such political party was line of Anarchism by JVP has NO sufficient political maturated carders to lead the revolution in Ceylon in 1971 April 5th

    The political conditions and dialogues of polemics of Marxism and Leninism debate was top of agenda at that time. JVP was not join such dialogues at all. JVP was not target never join polemics between Marxist elites and Old political left are totally different in nature . JVP of Ceylon leading created political anarchism by vacuum of OLD left Parties betray masses base struggle join SLFP political coalitions.

    Revolution of Overnight by JVP has no relationship with Cuban Revolution led by Fidel Castro.

    Fidel was Marxist he follow the foot path of October Revolution of Russia in 1917.

    JVP was/Is anti-Revolutionary political party of counter-revolution outfit of Sri lanak. Currently JVP playing anti-People’s and anti- Democratic role by supporting Neo-Con politics back by US and Indian monopolies.

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