9 August, 2022


Young Political Leaders Denounce BBS Hate Speech

The Young Political Leaders Forum of Sri Lanka (YPLF) has denounced hate speech propagated through media while expressing their concern over the clashes that erupted in Southern province of the island nation last week.

bbs022013The YPLF in a statement has deplored hate speeches that are propagated through social media and media pointing out such actions would only lead to irreversible outcomes that are often guided by rage and anger.

The YPLF consists of six parliamentarians representing several political parties to which includes UPFA MP Vasantha Senanayake, UNP MPs Harin Fernando and Niroshan Perera, ACMC MP Hunais Farook, SLFP MP Shehan Semasinghe and TNA representative Raghu Balachandran.

While condemning the violence that erupted in Aluthgama and Beruwela areas, the young parliamentarians in their statement have also called on the public to resort to the laws of the country so that safety for all citizens can be guaranteed as well as to act in restraint and remain calm despite the recent circumstances.

Emphasizing the importance of nurturing values such as respect, mutual understanding and co-existence the YPLF has also urged relevant authorities to restore normalcy within the country as well as to take necessary measures to prevent further escalation of the recent tensions.

The YPLF statement also calls upon all communities to work together in solidarity so that trust, respect and harmony among all can be strengthened irrelevant of their beliefs.

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  • 6

    The YPLF appear to be a lone voice in the wilderness of the political jungle.
    It is necessary for Law Enforcers,firstly, as well as the Public,to “resort to the laws of the country”.
    In this,they need the assistance of the minor judiciary.
    The YPLF will do well to firstly enable citizens to vote for candidates of their choice,without coercion,
    intimidation, bribery, thuggery, impersonation & misuse of state resources.

  • 8

    Harin fernando is a young active UNP politician. I like the way he argues. These can be the futrue of future srilanka. I hope MANY UNPers would come forward to denounce BBS hate speeches.

    • 1

      Right at the moment, I see very good young politicians in UNP than in the ruling coalition filled with numbers of seniors that would never open their both ends, even if they have to go through all the torments being unable to see what the MATTA of the nation – MR behaves in front of them.

      Seniors are in slumber mode. Unfortuantely good educated seniors in UNP have been killed by the war. But I am certain UNP will succeed their fight soon – Ajith Perera, Gehan wickramaratne, Dr. Silva and several others I notice are very active and uncorrupted. All their arguments go with the educated communities not only in the country but also every where.

  • 0

    old is no more gold it is tin (thagarng). you number has to be increased, our nation is in need of young, strong and well educated and dedicated leaders. educate yourself. read good books on srilankan political and economic development. refresh your knowledge. have trust in life long learning. our people will support you.

  • 1

    Good on you guys, keep the pressure up and do not give into the temptation of divisive politics that our so called long term seasoned politicians engage in.

  • 1

    I hope we have a bright future if they go on like this calling a spade a spade.May God protect you from being currupted but united with understanding the truth and be honest. If it happens Sri lanka will definitely a paradise. Good luck

  • 1

    Bravo! young Parliamentarians! Raise your voice on behalf of justice and fair play. Don’t allow the Crown Prince to hijack your Forum.

  • 2

    The future of this country lies in the hands of young men such as these and the likes of Mr Vimukthi Kumaratunga and other educated young men. As with any business there comes a time where the elders step down and hand over to the younger generation. I think that time is fast approaching. I just hope that educated gentlemen will not be too afraid to step up and take leading roles. May God bless this country and may the people support the next generation in building a corrupt free society which is safe and prosperous for generations to come.

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