15 June, 2024


122 Countries Including Sri Lanka Approve First UN Treaty Banning Nuclear Weapons

122 countries including Sri Lanka approved the first-ever treaty to ban nuclear weapons at the United Nations headquarters in New York on Friday

UN meeting was boycotted by nine countries – the U.S., United Kingdom, Russia, China, France, India, Pakistan, North Korea and Israel – known or believed to possess nuclear weapons. Only the Netherlands, which took part in the discussion, despite having US nuclear weapons on its territory, voted against the treaty while Singapore was abstained from voting.


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    Nuclear Ban is key to world peace and stability. Indeed look at Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear disasters has much experiences in 20th century.by USA bombing innocent people of Japan.
    The USA accountability had been not yet address by UNO even after 73 years of functions .
    Sooner or later this Nuclear holocausts need be address by UNO members one day.
    Until that there is no peace can be granted by UNO?
    USA still nuclear-power who want dominated world and suppressed rights of People of world seek world hegemony by using nuclear weapons.
    US is encouraging Israel, South Korean and Japan to holding nuclear weapons.
    USA must stop this political game. We seek world without nuclear weapons.

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      RE: 122 Countries Including Sri Lanka Approve First UN Treaty Banning Nuclear Weapons ————————————————————————————

      Very good, but it it leave out many countries. —————————————-
      Can 122 Countries Including Sri Lanka Approve First UN Treaty Banning Sinhala “Buddhist” Monks running berserk and becoming terrorists and Wahhabi-Salafi Ulama showing their hegemony, and GMOA blackmailing the Populace towards their SELF-INTEREST?

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    The failed League of Nations a US creation.
    The failed Gravy Train United Nations a US creation.
    Any fool knows Iraq and Libya returned to stone age because it had no nuclear weapons deterrent.
    North Korea has to be accepted in the league as Pakistan Israel and India.

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    The nine countries which voted against, possess nuclear weapons – Israel does not say that it has or has not.
    These weapons are a deterrent in the hands of most of these countries, against invasion by others – it is a nuclear ‘stand-off’.

    But USA is worried by North Korea possessing them & developing ICBMs.

    Thus, possession has its pluses and minuses.
    As long as war is prevented, these weapons are necessary.
    We in Lanka, have to worry about economic progress and stability, more than invasion by ‘nuclear’ nations, including our giant neighbour, who is making progress in its economy.

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      You can’t develop your economy without the blessing of the nuclear nations.(a proxy surrogate)
      Saudi has not reinvested in any form other than being dependant on Oil and Gas.
      While Qatar has diversified its investments for when the Oil runs out and this alone is a threat to UAE and Saudi- now watch the fun because Saudi is loaded with new weapons from Obama and The Donald alike.
      Its game making called development with external resources.

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    Sooo 122 nations with their curled tails are prepared to be pigs that can fly and be fattened then drawn to the slaughter house by the powers that hold the nuclear weapons.
    There must be a way out of here as a deterrent more powerful and swifter than the nuke
    eg .
    multiple ebola?

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    Ooh wow! I already feel so safe…. LOL
    All the countries that have no Nukes want it banned! Go figure.

    Sri Lanka should save their diplomatic waste and refrain from useless treaties like this that are meaningless. Instead they should be spending their energy on finding a long term constitutional solution to their minority rights and work on improving the lives of their citizens.

    Oh btw while we are at it, it’s high time to dismantle the UN and save some money. It hasn’t done anything useful in years.

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    Boycotted by US, UK, Russia, China, France, India, Pakistan, North Korea and Israel? Huh? Thats like a wedding without the bride! Actually more like a wedding with both bride and groom!

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    It might be better if srilanka proposes a treaty banning garbage before signing one banning nuclear bombs.The bombs we are having on our streets and dumping sites are more of a nuisance than nuclear bombs.If a survey is done whether you prefer stink bombs or nuclear bombs the answer is we don’t mind nuclear bombs but please ban stink bombs first.

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    SriLankan Politicians with Nuclear Weapons? – imagine how that would end…..

    Probably a good thing Sri Lanka signed.

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    Do mean that Sri Lankan politicians of Mathripala Sirisena , Ranil Wicks and CBK of Tamil federalist of SLFP’s ?
    If they are holding Atomic -power that will be threaten whole Sri Lankan community?
    In case of the Ranil Wicks having such power he will reaped
    1988/89/90 politics massacres of majority Sinhalese-Buddhist community!

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    AS A SINHALA BUDDHIST I, 100% OPPOSE weaponisation of Nuclear Power. It is AGAINST the universe to USE nuclear power to harm life and the planet. It is NOT only humans that DIE as a result of a nuclear weapon. ALL ECOLOGY and environment dies.

    WE can not use NUCLEAR WEAPONS. Those WHO use it , STORE it are eternally cursed by ALL living beings…..

    If you plan to create a weapon then you must also create the ANTI-weapon. Otherwise , DON’T create the weapon in the beginning.


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