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1815 And 2015

By Tisaranee Gunasekara

“One must always say what one sees. But especially – and this is the hard part – one must always see what one sees.” – Charles Péguy[i]

Paranoids live in their own world, uncluttered by facts and unrestrained by reality.

In the paranoid’s world nothing is impossible. Robert H Welch Jr, retired-candy manufacturer-turned-politician, believed that John Foster Dulles and Dwight Eisenhower were dedicated communist agents[ii]. His psycho-ideological heirs accuse President Obama of being a closet-Muslim and the Affordable Health Care Act of enabling the mass-euthanizing of the aged.

Mahinda LionIn Sri Lanka diehard Rajapaksa-supporters see 2015 as 1815. In their paranoid eyes, what happened on January 8th was not a democratic defeat but an evil conspiracy masterminded by foreigners and implemented by locals. In 1815 Lanka lost its independence; this lost independence was really regained not in 1948 or even in 1972 but in 2009, with the defeat of the LTTE. Just five years later, another bunch of unpatriotic Lankans, following in the treacherous footsteps of their 1815 forefathers, betrayed the country again and turned it into a de facto colony.

Forget reality. Forget that under Rajapaksa rule, the second and third most powerful people were American-citizens. Forget how desperately eager Mahinda Rajapaksa was to host the Commonwealth, that politically insignificant emblem of a dead-and-gone British empire. Forget how close we came to becoming a neo-colony of the emerging imperial power, China (Chinese officials reportedly prevented the flying to the Lankan flag in the Colombo South Port on Independence Day[iii]).

‘We want a king, not a puppet,’ is a popular slogan on placards at the ‘Bring back Mahinda’ rallies. The Mahinda-faithful attending these political spectacles rail against the ‘2015 Conspiracy’, seethe with anger at ‘national enemies’ and yearn for the return of the rightful king. They may turn up in hired buses, but they come not for money but out of commitment. Commitment is value-neutral and the Mahinda-faithful are filled with the sort of ‘passionate intensity’ which is lacking in their opponents.

Last week, a group of Mahinda-faithful invaded the Dalada Maligawa, removed the national flag and tried to replace it with what they called the ‘Sinhale Flag’[iv]. This Kandy ‘protest’ is reportedly the first in a series of events being planned by the Mahinda-camp to commemorate the 200th anniversary of 1815. The next step is a politically-charged religious commemoration in Katharagama, which Mahinda Rajapaksa is expected to attend.

The aim of all these activities is to draw a comparison between the Kandyan Convention of 1815 and the Presidential Election of 2015. The plan is to befuddle Sinhala minds with minority phobia, create a wave of Sinhala-Buddhist supremacism and to ride that wave back to power.

Racism as Patriotism

There is something far more dangerous than forgetting the past; that is remembering the past selectively. Such selective remembrance is at the root of the ‘Bring Back Mahinda’ project. The pre-Colonial past the Mahinda-faithful want to restore never really existed. The nation-state they worship is a made-in-Europe construct imported by the British imperialists they claim to hate (Just as quite a large chunk of ethics and morality they venerate is Victorian in origin!).

Those Mahinda-faithful who clamour for the restoration of the ‘Sinhale flag’ either do not know or deliberately forget that that flag belonged not to a unitary Sri Lanka but to a truncated city-state.

Lanka was a geographic island divided into several small kingdoms when the first Europeans reached here. And the last rulers of independent ‘Lanka’ were not Sinhalese but Tamil-speaking Nayaks of South Indian origin. One of the greatest kings of Kandy, Kirthi Sri Rajasinghe (who restored Higher Ordination in Lanka), was the second member of this Nayak dynasty.

A similar sleight-in-hand is evident in the reading of the historical relationship between ancient Lanka and South India. It is being depicted as a straightforwardly and permanently inimical one, even though in reality it was a complex process containing both adversarial and cooperative aspects. Armies did come from South India to invade and pillage. But armies also came as mercenaries, hired by this or that king of this or that city-state. Since Buddhism flourished in Southern India for centuries, that religious-commonality functioned as another positive link. South India provided non-theistic Buddhism with many an indispensable god. And many an ancient Lankan king looked to South India when forming marriage plans.

When the last Sinhala king of Kandy died without a legitimate heir, his brother-in-law, a scion of South India’s Nayak dynasty, was invited to mount the throne. The dead king had two sons from ‘lesser queens’ but these sons, though Sinhalese, were not considered legitimate enough or royal enough to wear the crown. The first Nayak king, Sri Vijaya Rajasinghe was a Hindu; even so his choice was endorsed by monks, aristocrats and people. In those times before the nation-state, the most important criterion for kingship was neither race nor even religion but royal lineage.

The multifaceted relationship between South India and Lanka was interpreted and depicted as a uniformly antagonistic one by Anagarika Dharmapala and his fellow religious-nationalists. Long before Samuel Huntington, they came up with a ‘clash of civilisations’ theory. They claimed that Lanka, the only haven of the true-faith, and Sinhala-Buddhists, its sole chosen people, are perennially threatened by the far more powerful Christian/Catholic, Islamic and Hindu worlds – and their local agents, the minorities. In their eyes the real struggle was not against British colonialists but against the minorities. Their main criticism of the British was not political but religio-cultural. Their rather lukewarm political-opposition to the British stemmed not from anti-imperialism but from their belief that the British backed the minorities.

From this crucible emerged a patriotism which considers Sinhala-Buddhists as sole owners of the country and all minorities as guests, without inalienable rights. According to this patriotism minorities, as born-aliens, have no true love for Lanka; they live and thrive here, but their hearts are in Tamilnadu or Middle East or Europe. This patriotism, misinformed by a fabricated history and based on a longing for a past which never really existed, has made a deadly contribution to modern Lanka’s inability to maintain civil peace. After all, if minorities are born-aliens, if they are inherently incapable of considering Sri Lanka as their real motherland, if they are at best creatures of divided loyalties, then they cannot be trusted with anything, not power, not land, not even the vote. And any concession to them, however minute, endangers national security. The only way to manage them is to keep them quiescent through political and military power. Peace flows through the barrel of a gun held by a Sinhala soldier under the command of true Sinhala-Buddhist leader (such as Mahinda Rajapaksa).

This was the basis on which every attempt to resolve the language issue was opposed, long before the LTTE was born, when Vellupillai Pirapaharan was but an adolescent, playing truant from school and killing birds with his catapult. This is the basis on which devolution was, is and will be opposed. And this is the basis on which the resounding victory of Maithripala Sirisena is being derided as illegitimate – to be the ‘real’ president of Lanka, what is necessary is not the support of a majority of Lankans but the support of a majority of Sinhalese. This is universal franchise with an ethnic bias, where a Sinhala vote is worth more than a Tamil or a Muslim vote.

President Ranasinghe Premadasa once said, “We stand for a Sri Lanka in which every ethnic group and every religious denomination are equal partners with one another. We are determined to break away from the past and cut through years of prejudice and suspicion. We are ready to make the necessary accommodation and compromise. There is no other road towards a united Sri Lanka. Foreign forces came to the North and the East because of our disunity.”[v] That was the path we should have travelled post-war, and did not. Only the timely defeat of the Rajapaksas prevented the total alienation of every single ethnic and religious minority.

Mahinda Chinthanaya is the Real Danger

Any universe of an ethnic/religious/caste/caste/gender supremacist is an unequal and hierarchical one by definition. There is a superior group and subordinate group/s. It is not the duty of the superior group to win the trust and confidence of the subordinate groups. It is the unfailing duty and unavoidable responsibility of the subordinate groups to win and retain the goodwill of the superior group by willing and constant subjugation.

This was the Rajapaksa notion of nation-building.

So under Rajapaksa rule, even non-political commemoration of the Tamil war-dead became an act of anti-patriotism. Asking for justice for civilian Tamils killed in the war became anti-patriotism. Ordinary human feelings, such as sympathy, kindness and pity and universal human yearnings such as freedom and justice were criminalised. Merciless triumphalism triumphed over compassion, justice and good sense.

The Rajapaksas dehumanised their victims, and in doing so, they dehumanised themselves, made reconciliation impossible and created conditions for new conflicts.

It did not stop with Tamils. Within three years of defeating the LTTE it began to assault Muslims. And in between Christians of all sects were targeted. Sinhala opponents of the regime too were subjected to the same treatment, the persecution of the war-winning army commander and his entire family (including the aged grandmother of his son-in-law) being the best case in point.

Post-January 8th, there is a chance to rectify at least some of the past errors, to consciously and seriously undertake the onerous task of building a Lankan nation. For the first time after a long time, the more moderate elements on all sides of the ethno-religious divide are in control. The LTTE is no more; the Southern extremists have been electorally defeated and politically marginalised.

It is perhaps a sign of these (hopefully more sensible) times that neither President Sirisena nor Premier Wickremesinghe overreacted to the puerile genocide resolution of the Northern provincial council. The Southern polity and society followed suit, proving, yet again, that though Sinhala masses are not immune to extremism, extremism turns combustive only when political leaders/parties try to use it as a weapon of power. Had the government reacted the old way, a new and unnecessary political crisis with international ramifications would have come into being. Thanks to the government’s measured response, the resolution has become a dead letter, a matter of importance only to Tiger-loyalists and Rajapaksa-loyalists.

In another hopeful sign, not only was President Sirisena warmly welcomed when he visited the North and the East; the protests against his British visit by hardline elements in the Tamil Diaspora were sparsely attended. TNA parliamentarian MA Sumanthiran in a video message spoke against the planned protests, an act of courage which clearly bore fruit. And instead of visibly fuming or ducking, President Sirisena waved cheerfully at the protestors, in a welcome display of civility and tolerance.

Extremism begets extremism. Adolf Hitler inadvertently helped the cause of Zionism. Without the Holocaust, there may not have been a state of Israel, certainly not in its current form. Without the invasion of Iraq, there would not have been an ISIS. Aggressive nationalism on the part of the majority community cannot but give rise to a reactive and even more aggressive nationalism on the part of the minorities. In Sri Lanka, Sinhala and Tamil extremisms often drew strength and sustenance from each other.

Perhaps now we can replace this vicious cycle with a virtuous one, with moderates of all communities helping, strengthening and sustaining each other. That is the only path to a political solution to the ethnic problem, the only way to a consensual peace, the only road to a Lankan identity. That is also a necessary bulwark against the ragingly disruptive ambitions of Mahinda Rajapaksa and his ragtag band of loyalists.

There are currently three contenders to the non-existent French throne, a Bourbon, an d’Orléans and a Bonaparte. There are Pretenders galore to non-existent thrones everywhere in the world. The Mahinda-faithful, however committed, are too small numerically to mount a successful electoral challenge. Reignited racism can cause much damage, but if the major parties take a stand against it, it would be containable.

The real danger is something else. It is the new government (and the post-Mahinda SLFP) succumbing to Mahinda Chinthanaya in word and deed. Mahinda Chinthanaya is not just the polar opposite of Good Governance. More importantly it is the obverse of intelligent governance, sensible governance and decent governance. It is kleptocracy and impunity, familial politics and familial economics, racism and intolerance, repression, arrogance and ignorance.

In its far from correct handling of the Arjuna Mahendran controversy, the new government is sailing far too close to the noxious winds of Mahinda Chinthanaya. In its inability to translate some of the budgetary measures into real relief for real people, it is making itself vulnerable to the plague bacillus of Mahinda Chinthanaya.

The political and moral distance between the new government and Mahinda Rajapaksa must not be narrowed even by an inch. The greater danger is neither Mahinda Rajapaksa nor Mahinda-faithful, but Mahinda Chinthanaya.

[i] Quoted in http://www.nybooks.com/articles/archives/2015/mar/05/france-on-fire/?insrc=hpss

[ii] http://www.jstor.org/discover/10.2307/41155040?sid=21106110583673&uid=2&uid=4

[iii] http://lankaherald.com/2015/02/28/sri-lankan-flag-not-allowed-in-the-colombo-south-port/

[iv] http://www.gossiplankanews.com/2015/03/lion-mark-only-national-flag-issue.html#more


[v] Address to Parliament – 19.4.1991

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  • 32

    ofcource it was a conspiracy . what else can it be . all the skulduggery and the appointment of a clown figurehead . the [Edited out] and the Ho Ho pulling the strings



    • 13

      So long WimalBuruwanse GENE is part of yours, you guys would call it as always. So this is the greatest problems that we the like developing coutnries face while tackling to introduce better systems for the future of the many that await for peace and civilized culture.
      However, you guys, Abhaya will take more than WImal Weerawanse thelike… to see it beyond, but then the abusers have taken the ground. It is like a metastized cancer, the lanken society is infected by all uncivilized trends. Thanks go to Rajapakashes. Even today, as if he was the best president he has all guts to go and visit .- but the days are numbered. I do believe if the prez of Maldives earned that, why not our man who looted the nation s aassets in the name of war victory. Not only him, but also all the bunch keep doing them even today should be subjected to justice prevailing in the country.
      Diehard supporters of corrupted politicians, best example being Abhaya, will have to live with that, ther will be no more space given to Rajapakshes in srilankan in the future. Now at least social media will start educating the masses not refraining the facts.

      • 17

        Guys & Gals,

        Did you hear the latest: Gota is worried for his life – a white van may be coming for him.

        Or, is it a Black Maria – that is what he deserves for mass killings of both Sinhalese and Tamils?

        Each dog has its day – so they say:

        Now this rabid, blood-thirsty Sinhala racist’s day seems to have arrived!

        Have kiri bath and kata sambol to celebrate.

        • 10

          How ironic if a few grease yakas abduct Gota in a white van and
          torture him to the fullest for a few days. Callum McRae would love
          the ensuing scenario for his next episode.


      • 1

        I saw an article by Premasara Epasinghe writing about some of the cooked up history in Ceylon then and praising Anagarika Dharmapala’s demon masters Henry Steele Olcott to high heaven.

        Henry Steele Olcott, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky were born Christians and later proclaimed to Buddhists although both of them were Satanists and were Crypto Jews.

        If you see Blavatsky’s Theosophical Society’s logo you will find the Star of David – the glorious symbol of Satanic system of Zionism (The arm of Rothschilds family made steal, mass murder and to enslave mankind in its totality).

        Blavatsky and Olcott (Satanists/Freemasons) were sent by the Rothschilds team to train the South Asian part of the world to be kept as a Mass murdering forces against the Moslems.

        Olcott, Blavatsky, Anagarika Dharmapala were all Christians before and you might wondering what made them to change over to Buddhism…They were all satanists…they portray religion for their main hidden cause and agenda of establishing THE ZION.

        This was the period(1900)the British planned to destroy every powerful Moslem nation in the world and bring them under British rule and then destroy Islam and the Muslims to steal the wealth and then steal the land called Palestine to establish the evil entity Israel.

        They did. They also made the South Asian region to start mass scale Islamophobic terror attacks. Anagarika was one of the comrades of the Rothschilds master plan brain washed by the Satanic Olcott and Blavatsky.

        If you see anything that still functioning as Anti-Moslem Sri Lankan State system, the blame must go to Olcott/Blavatsky Psy-Ops in the form of Pseudo Buddhist revivalism.

        A clean un-biased research will bring about all the hidden operations of the Evil British plans in robbing the world and launching wars to destroy nations and peoples.

        The Present day evils by the name Mahinda, Gota, JHU, BBS…et all the results of the Master Plans laid by the Rothschilds.

        Please watch these videos that might help you to understand the points I am trying reveal:

        The Evil Zion King (The Evil British Monarchs who are Crypto Jews)

        The Monetary Axis of Evil – The Federal Reserve, Rothschild, and Vatican Banking Cartels

        The Cover-up of Zionist Organized Crime!

        Satan, the Beast, and the False Prophet – Part 2 – Where Did Blavatsky Get The Secret Doctrine

        The Age Of Evil – Theosophy

        • 1

          Desert Storm,
          What a load of nonsense you’ve written!!! It’s you who’s cooking up the history here. Dharmapala’s preventive measures keep idiots like at bay.

          • 1

            Yo JKM,

            You are still a cleanly dumbed person like many people who have who watch the Zionist media like CNN,FOX,BBC etc…

            According to you Dharmapala was a brilliant guy and whoever questions his dumb racism is an idiot? I say to you..you are a very wise man….

            You guys were programmed to think that everything that comes from the Zionist west is good, Intelligent, Brilliant and progressive. Isn’t that so. The world has moved a long distance from these dumbo philosophies and bloody Zionist doctrines.

            If you know what the bloody Zionists and their masters planned for you and me you will not be talking like the mass murdering Freemasonic demons in the White House (the evil ones with dark souls).

            I would challenge you to watch at least two of the videos I shared. I bet you will become a different man if your brain is functioning normal.

            The British bloody monarchy backed by the ONE EYED demon yet to be revealed planned everything from Evolution, Stupid equation of Buddhism with Satanism by the Blavatsky gangs, World Wars 1/2 and the planned WW3 for you and me.

            The bloody Khazarian Fake Jews planned 150 years ago that everything they launch now…

            To clear your muck filled brain from the years of filthy Zionist propaganda…WATCH THIS VIDEO (If you are so brave to use the word IDIOT to me)

            David Icke Exposing The Rothschild Zionist Agenda

          • 0

            ‘Desert Storm’ is not lying. He’s spot on actually! This truth, that there is a force which behind the scenes influences (misguide) the world in such a way towards conflict and confusion, and through this confusion they render their perspective of ‘order’. Their slogan : “Order out of Chaos”.

            This conspiracy actually goes beyond the Zionist Jews, because the Zionists are merely a medium through which a different force operates. The so called ‘physical’ world is influenced from the spiritual realm, and Satanism & Freemasonry (hidden communities) play a major role in that. Think about it…. that which we call history in our country (Sri Lanka) is provided through the archaeological department, and who founded it? The British Whites of course. So tell me, the very force that tried to conqueror us, would that very force will let us know the truth about history and the influential people who lived in those times? It’s that simple!

    • 12

      Lanken society is infected by Rajaapkshe abusive attitude as it is the the case with soils in lanka and across the world highly affected by Glyphosate of Monsanto. The agrochemical is today ompnipresent – but Monsanto PR machines still do their part to paint the picture much nicer. Germany#s dairy farmers claim to have lost their thousandas of cattle… while each and every one in society is reported to contain the chemical in their bodies… as new reports lately revealed…
      About Rajapakhse affinitiy: For unexplainalbe reasons, significant numbers of the lanken society is seen to be gummed with Rajapakshes. May be they knew it perfectly all the high crimes perpetrated by them would not easily be captured by the legal systems prevailed int eh country unchanged. Getting new amds passed in the lanken parliament were only infavour of Rjaaakshes, but nothing much had they been doing towards the development that during the entire 10 years passed since the man in office.

      • 2

        Quote : “For ‘unexplainable reasons’, significant numbers of the lankan society is seen to be gummed with Rajapakshes.” Unquote.

        What is the big deal? There is no reason to posit ideas when we can perceive it immediately. It is not difficult to understand. The reason that people are gummed with MR, after his defeat is the ‘conscience’. People simply follow the dictates of their conscience.

        • 2


          “People simply follow the dictates of their conscience.”

          Do the people make informed choices. I am curious.

    • 6


      “The aim of all these activities is to draw a comparison between the Kandyan Convention of 1815 and the Presidential Election of 2015. The plan is to befuddle Sinhala minds with minority phobia, create a wave of Sinhala-Buddhist supremacism and to ride that wave back to power.”

      That was the Plan in 2014. and the BBS and the Aluthgama Racism. Their calculation was that, if they get more than 70% of the Sinhala Buddhists voting for Racism and Sinhala Buddhist Chauvinism, 0.7*0.7 = 49%, then they will always stay in power.

      Compare King George to King “Mahinda”. Push Sarath Fonseka in Front.

      The IQ Average IQ if Sri Lanka is 79. Assuming a Standard Deviation of 15, this means IQ of 79+15 = IQ of 94, or less Sinhala Buddhists need to vote for Mahinda.

      So, you need to expose Mahinda, on the Sri Lanka Common Sense Phamplet. Where is it?

      Writing in Colombo Telegraph, while somewhat useful, does not reach the populace.


    • 1

      Tisaranee Gunesekera,

      “Perhaps now we can replace this vicious cycle with a virtuous one, with moderates of all communities helping, strengthening and sustaining each other. That is the only path to a political solution to the ethnic problem, the only way to a consensual peace, the only road to a Lankan identity. That is also a necessary bulwark against the ragingly disruptive ambitions of Mahinda Rajapaksa and his ragtag band of loyalists.”

      Thanks, Nice and succinct write-up. But what is the solution and action plan? What is JVP saying?

      Is the Message getting to the common man with common sense?

      What about Gam Peraliya?

      Hora Peraliya? Medamlana Peraliya? Pavul Peraliya?

      Why not have a Sri Lanka Common Sense Phamplet? What has happened to all the so-called Sri Lankan Writers?

    • 4

      bla bla blAbhaya

      Are you still testiculating?

  • 10


    What a rubbish is this:

    ““One must always say what one sees. But especially – and this is the hard part – one must always see what one sees.” – Charles Péguy[i]”

    I dare say that this is utter rubbish, whoever said it:

    Whatever we perceive including what we hear, see, touch, taste and smell with our five senses are conditioned by our beliefs, associations and distinctions we have learned in the past about reality or the universe around us. They are not absolute truths.

    Remember in the long lost past everybody saw the Earth flat!

    This is not fantasy but it is modern psychology of perception.

    Just because somebody great said in the past doesn’t mean it is the absolute truth for ever!

    What we see is what we believe, or even what we want if you want a catch phrase or slogan!

    • 2

      Tisaranee Gunasekara –

      RE: 1815 And 2015

      1. “One must always say what one sees. But especially – and this is the hard part – one must always see what one sees.” – Charles Péguy[i]

      TG, you so believe in all these ancient sayings? They said those based on what they knew at that time.

      You can pick quotes from Aristotle, and he saw the Sun rising from the East and setting in the West, and claimed that the Sun goes around a stationary Earth, also supported by the Bible and the Church and Joshua.

      2. “Paranoids live in their own world, uncluttered by facts and unrestrained by reality.”

      Yes. Despite the Copernican revolution Five centuries ago, still 25% of Americans and Europeans, and about 40% of South Asians, do not accept the Heliocentric Model of Copernicus. Include, the Astrologers, into that group.

      3. “In Sri Lanka diehard Rajapaksa-supporters see 2015 as 1815. In their paranoid eyes, what happened on January 8th was not a democratic defeat but an evil conspiracy masterminded by foreigners and implemented by locals. “

      “Forget reality. Forget that under Rajapaksa rule, the second and third most powerful people were American-citizens.”

      TG, you need to expose this. Get the declarations done them, their Allegiance to America, not Sri Lanka, to sell Sri Lanka to America by Fooling the Sri Lankans. They own homes there. Expose and Expose. Say that not all Sri Lankans are filed by the Medamulana MaRa Family, even though there are many people who were misled.

      You are not getting your message across to the Common Sensed Sri Lankans by Quoting “Charles Péguy”. You are better off Quoting Martin Wickramasinghe or some other Sri Lanka writer, where the Sinhala populace is familiar with.

      “The aim of all these activities is to draw a comparison between the Kandyan Convention of 1815 and the Presidential Election of 2015. The plan is to befuddle Sinhala minds with minority phobia, create a wave of Sinhala-Buddhist supremacism and to ride that wave back to power.”


      TG, that is where the Sri Lankan writers SHOULD come in with a Common Sense Phamplet, just like what Thomas Paine Did in 1776 for the Americans towards removing King George. They had a revolution and a revolutionary war.

      Compare King George to “King” Mahinda, and the tyranny.

      I would suggest you translate Thomas Paine’s Common Sense Phamplet into Sinhala, and Have the Modern Sri Lanka Common Sense Pamphlet 2015 in English, Sinhala and Tamil. Focus on the Tyranny of Rajapaksas including what they did to National Hero, Sarath Fonseka.

      Common Sense (pamphlet)


      The pamphlet explained the advantages of and the need for immediate independence in clear, simple language. It was published anonymously on January 10, 1776, at the beginning of the American Revolution and became an immediate sensation. It was sold and distributed widely and read aloud at taverns and meeting places.

    • 2

      [Edited out]

  • 26

    Very well said Tisarane, You are absolutely correct:

    Now over to Dayan, the Sinhala Joseph Goebbels and his smart patriotism.

    • 2


      “Those Mahinda-faithful who clamour for the restoration of the ‘Sinhale flag’ either do not know or deliberately forget that that flag belonged not to a unitary Sri Lanka but to a truncated city-state.”

      How will they know?
      You will habe ti tell them.


      The Sri Lankan Common Sense Pamphlet 2015 and the Dispossession of King “George Malinda”

    • 5

      What an excellent article by TG. This is what you call erudite writing unlike the crap that people like Dayan dump here.

      Btw, Dayan has turned into another racist like Dr. Nalin de Silva. I can see a few Nalin de Silva’s obedient servants here such as Jim Softy, Vibushana, Sach and so on believing every word/story that Nalin de Silva fabricated to discredit the Tamils.

      • 3

        LOL, I will follow a moderate progressive like Wiggie hereafter..k?

  • 24

    R Pemadasa had preached Bull$hit.

    In Hindia or Hindusthan where Hinduism is the major religion others are considered dalits. Every other country in the world is aligned with one religion which can be Christian, Catholic or Islam. There is no country in the world which does not support one major religion from the middle east.

    I can understand why TG does not like any Mahinda Rajapakse come back.

    TG, Mangala Samaraweera, Ranil Wickramasinghe and the UNP are for multi-every thing Sri lanka. They want to destroy buddhism in Sri lanka.

    I am pretty sure, Ranil wickramasinghe will not make a govt in Sri lanka. He is only in a care-take govt.

    • 14


      Nearly 500 years of colonial rule of Ceylon could not destroy Buddhism and why do you think that the present era with majority is in power will harm Buddhism? Please have some sense and talk sanely. India is secular and their archilogical dept has been unearthing many buddhist artefacts around South india; if as you claim that India consider other religions as Dalits, why do you think that they are endeavouring to preserve history that is not hindu?

      Please grow up mentally and see things around the world objectively then you will know that no one is against the Sinhala Buddhists; no one is conspiring against Sri Lankan Buddhists. Such fears are unfounded and pure fantasy and carry no currency. We the minorities in SL want you the majority to feel strong and responsible then only the country can prosper confidently.

      • 6

        Burning Issue:

        Why the western world is so insecure ?

        Why Tamils, 100 million, are badgering Sinhala people so much ?

      • 3

        whenever you open your mouth (or write which is the actual case) you show your ignorance.
        Buddhism prevailed in SL because of the dedication and commitment to preserve the religion and their traditions by the Sinhala Buddhists. Otherwise the colonials did everything to destroy the traditions. And Colonials did succeed to a certain extent, looking at the number of Sinhalese who are living in the colonial mindset and hate their identity.

        And India is secular? Please go and read a newspaper. SL is far far secular than India can ever imagine. The current PM of india is a Hindutva fanatic. After his appointment religious fanaticism has gone high in Ind. SL even in early history was a secular society. I understand you have greater difficulty in understanding what secularism is I dont think you will understand the point I make here.

        And India always has a Hindutva agenda.

        • 0


          Here you go again writing rubbish. Not only Buddhism but also Hinduism and Islam survived in Sri Lanka despite 500 year colonial rule! All what Anagariga Dharmapala did was to pervade unnecessary fear among the Sinhala. His endeavours to protect Buddhism was good but he did not confine it to Sri Lanka! What is unfathomable is that, since independence the Sinhala Buddhists constitute 70%, why then carry on with this fear mongering?

    • 4

      Jim softy

      “I can understand why TG does not like any Mahinda Rajapakse come back”

      Mahinda Rajapaksa is using Buddhism to his Own Advantage.Have the Family Dynasty,and rob and ruin the country. Mahinda is really a Caligula.

      The true Hero is Sarath Fonseka.

      Mahinda knows, among the Sinhala Buddhist, 70%, still many Modayas, who miss the boat in this fact on Mahinda. Why not join the JVP, to get the true story.

      Mahinda’s wife is Catholic. He Incited the Pope to Sri Lanka. Did Mahinda promise the Pope to Turn Sri Lanka Catholic, just like Donna Catharina did 500 years ago?

      Jim, use comm,on sense. Read the Common Sense Phamplet.

    • 3

      Jim – We are twin souls – like HLDM (which will make us triplets). There are quite a few of us among the CT commenters, all due to our hero HLDM.

  • 8

    Queen of England is married to a Greek, Prince of Greece and Denmark. When a suitable partner is not available locally they look overseas in other Royal houses.

    The Royal houses between nations frequently intermarried. This was done in order to preserve the prestige the Royal lineage. The throne or the sovereign belongs to the English even though the Royal is foreign.

    Similarly, Telegu Nayakar was invited here to take over the Sinhala Throne. That does not mean Nayakar or Tamil culture is indigenous to Ceylon! Nayakar was himself a Hindu. But he continued with the traditional Royal patronage to Buddhihsm as Price Philip does to Church of England.

    The island is the citadel of Sinhala civilisation first and a protectorate of Buddhism second. This is not an invention! This is how the entire world identified the island. Ceylon/Ceielo and Ceylan is a corruption of the word Sinhale. Serendib is a corruption of the word Sinhala Dweepa. Taprobane is a corruption of Thambananni of the legend of Vijaya.

    The [Edited out] Demala who have been brought here as slaves want to be “Equal” to Sinhala? Even if we agree the nature will not allow for it to happen. When its blatantly clear where the problem lies, Thisranee [Edited out]

    • 23

      Imbecile Vibhushana,

      I am truly flabbagsted as to the level to which you have been radicalised with inculcated rubbish! The Sinhala Buddhist chauvinists like you connived and executed your despicable attempt to erase the Tamil history of Sri lanka. Systematic removals of many information the web and destroying colonial archives relevance to the Tamil dominated territories and to finally setting light to the Jaffna library that held nemorous artefacts pertinent to tamil history.

      You know what I feel deeply sorry for you. Bigotry is a heinous disease that will keep you awake at nights! You are right on one thing that no sane tamil or sinhala for that matter would want to be equal to you; you should be ranked lowest of low of the human race!

      • 7

        Tamil history kept in a library? It should have been preserved in a Museum somewhere if it was important. There would also be records.

        The Jaffna library contained a private collection of Alfred Duruiappah. Thats probably why Prarakaran burnt it down.

        It would have been a private collection of brick-a-bracks and stuff you typically find a car boot sale.

        I am only speculating just like you.

        • 8

          Unlike the history of the Sinhalese which is carved in stone (in many cases quite literally), the entirity of We Thamizh history in Sri Lanka was recorded on a palmyrah leaf and two ruled exercise books in Jaffna Library. We Thamizh have been hard at work over the past few years to reconstruct these lost archives on sites like Tamilnet and psychoeelamnutjobspersonalblog#1564.blogspot.com :D

          • 7

            WeeThamihz senior journalist D: Siva Sankaran Sarma Menon

            “Unlike the history of the Sinhalese which is carved in stone (in many cases quite literally)”

            I am told the entire collection of Pali Chronicles such as Dipavamsa, Mahavamsa, Thupavamsa, Culavamsa and the latest Rajapaksawamsa have been saved on photonic chips and implanted inside every Sinhala/Buddhists’ brain(?) since Aryan Sinahala/Buddhists were discovered by Anagarika Dharmapala (the homeless one) some 100 years ago.

            I am going to go after the Sinhala/Buddhist who misled me.

            In the mean time could you direct me to the place where I can read the entire Pali work on stone.

      • 2

        So please give me a source to this ‘Tamil History’? This is for the nth time I am asking you…

    • 6


      You have outlived your welcome in this world.

      [Edited out]

    • 3


      “The island is the citadel of Sinhala civilisation first and a protectorate of Buddhism second.”

      “The [Edited out] Demala who have been brought here as slaves want to be “Equal” to Sinhala?”

      The Para-Sinhala and Para-Demala are Paras, Para-deshis, Dravidian Para-Deshis from South and East India. Just test and compare their DNA. Even their languages, have Dravidian Roots, notwithstanding the Pali words thrown in, just like in Malayalam.

      This is the Land of Native Veddah Aethho, notwithstanding the the Claims by Para-Sinhala and Para-Demala.

      The Vedda Tribe.


  • 19

    This is a MUST read for the likes of Dayan Jayatilleke, Dinesh. D. Dodomgoda and their followers to get at least a little enlightened!

    Sengodan. M

  • 13

    It costed the Sri Lanka’s national treasury conservatively estimated at USD 14 Billion to get rid of the former ruling family and his cronies. A huge price to pay for a poor country however it is a small price to human sufferings. The present government’s moral duty to bury these undesirables and recover the loot to benefit the country’s economy.

  • 18

    Tissaranee is so right. There were successive waves of migrants even among the Sinhalese. Most of their castes like the cinnamon peelers and others are recent workers brought to Sri Lanka by the Europeans. Their GE names as well as surnames are revealing of their ancestry. The salagama caste for example has origin stories that trace their beginnings to India as do the karava people. So, why this exclusiveness as the basis for so much of bloodshed in the country. In the major states of the world, devolution of power is coming to be an accepted solution. Modi is not alone in saying this. It is best to leave behind the hate-filled past and move forwards so that no new generation is befuddled with the hatreds of the past. The young should ensure that Mahinda does not raise his ugly head again.

    • 2

      Give the Veddahs a good Education, and let them regain their rightful position, as the original inhabitants of this Land!

      • 2


        “Give the Veddahs a good Education, and let them regain their rightful position, as the original inhabitants of this Land!”

        Thanks for you kind advice:

        “Another Brick In The Wall (Part II)”

        We don’t need no education
        We don’t need no thought control
        No dark sarcasm in the classroom
        Teachers leave them kids alone
        Hey teacher leave them kids alone
        All in all it’s just another brick in the wall
        All in all you’re just another brick in the wall


  • 15

    Excellent analysis. Real patriot, political analyst and journalist Tisaranee has done a good diagnosis and given her prescription.

    The medicine prescribed is the best antidote to the venom that are being spit by the so called smart patriot (DJ ) and his Australian and other buddies who want MR to come back at any cost to Mother Lanka.

    May Triple Gem Bless Tisaranee and the like minded Srilankans.

  • 28

    Even the old British Governors’ imported scholars couldn’t have done a better job on our History…

    Ms T boasts that Ranil and the My three coalition have electorally defeated and politically marginalized the Southern Sinhala Extremists..

    Never knew that 5.8 Million of the Voting age population are Sinhala Extremists..

    Jathika Hela Urumaya must have done a fabulous job..

    Or did the Sinhala Extremists frightened the crap out them. that the JHU had to join the Elite , Anglicans, Vellalas and even the SLMC, Bathdeen and Assath ally to give Good Governance to the Inhabitants.

    • 20

      Sumane, where did the lion that buggered Kuveni come from?

      • 1

        Ponkoh Sivakumaran

        Sorry lion didn’t bugger Kuveni – according to Mahawansa.

    • 1

      Well said by my clone.

  • 11

    Thisaranee, an excellent analysis. But they must have eyes to see, ears to hear and a heart to perceive. This may sound “Christian”, and it is so. They worship ‘gods’ who have no eyes, ears or heart so what can they sense?! Only what they want to believe and like to see.

  • 23

    TISSARANEE. I am a regular reader of your articles. This, I say, is the most brilliant of them all. Your snapshot survey of our modern history is on the spot. The fact is that before the Europeans came, Sri Lanka was a mere geographical entity of basically regional governments or, as you state, even city states, independent of each other.It were the British that put the pieces together with the intention of creating a nation. That could not be achieved by a population that did not know how to live together in harmony. The primary responsibility to create a nation lay with the Sinhala majority;but the latter failed.
    The other points you make are also most insightful and should be read carefully by all Sri Lankans

    • 7

      Before European arrival Ceylon as well as India were divided along feudal Royal houses.

      The underlying ethnic nations emerged after the Royal houses were dismantled. In India the ethnic nations were combined to frame modern India,

      The underlying ethnic nation of Sinhale was framed to form Ceylon. There were no Tamil regions in Ceylon. It was all Sinhala.


      The Tamils were left behind just like in South Africa, Malaysia etc. Its the British who made demographic changes in Ceylon bringing in thousands of Tamils.

      • 8

        Talking of ancestry, you Vibhushana is ideally qualified by that criterion as a lavatory cleaner for the Royal Rajapaksas.

      • 14

        G is good at at arguing to prove her point and only to get her way. I think, TG [Edited out]
        It is local kings who goverened Sri lanka. Kande udarata king had more power because he had the too th of relic in his pocession. Majority people in Sri lanka was sinhala buddhists. Tamils in the north were migrating fisher men who changed their place of living to South India to Northern Sri lanka. They were migrating fishermen.

    • 1


      You reckon it is a Pulitzer ….

  • 14

    Now, at last we see the light at the end of the dark Sinhala supremacist tunnel!

  • 11

    It is good to read the refreshing and liberal thoughts of Tisaranee G –
    after a while. You did so much during the pre-Jan 08 period to educate
    readers exposing the blatant misrule of the venal and despotic Rajapakse familial rule. But danger to democracy and the good of the people still looms in the horizon. The Rajapakses retain their last and only card – to inflict racial-religious tension, or even internal war, to get back to power with the aid of Sinhala supremacists and powerful sections of the Buddhist clergy – their only source of extravagant living they have got accustomed to in the past decade. They now seek to poison the gullible Sinhala mass it was the 20% minority votes that voted them out. What rubbish. Sirisena polled over 55% – that is not counting the millions of votes the Rajapakse election machinery secured by their inherent skullduggery. It was, therefore, more of the Sinhala Buddhist votes that threw out this fascist racial-religious bigot. We salute this section of the Southern electorate for saving democracy in the country for all of us.

    But, good lady, please spare us your oft references to the late Premadasa – a diabolical political moron who would himself resort to any extremism to stay in power. Those who lived through those dark days of July 1983 know how he gained by the misery inflicted on thousands of the richer Tamils in Colombo – many Pettah merchants and harming their places of livelihood. It required a warning from Indira Gandhi, who deputed PV Narasimha Rao, to warn JRJ to harness Premadasa and his goons – all out to attack and pillage the very rich gold-market in Sea Street that week.


  • 6

    Thank you, Tisaranee. It is very istructive and stimulating to read it. By eschewing all sides to varying degrees, and higlighting the principles and historical trends which would call for a rethinking and a right approach to solving our problems and to charting our motherland to where it should be rightfully in the present age, you have asopted a middlepath, which is full of reason and probity. Congrats!

  • 3

    If Mahinda Chintanaya is a foreseeable danger to a Democratic Sri Lanka, as a stepping the only way to stop it is to ensure that MR does not rise; as sure as the sun! He has some support in ventures like Prime Ministerial post supported by the likes of DJ etc.
    Even Doc. Meryn thinks that it is time for MR to retire (See Interview: http://www.thesundayleader.lk/2015/03/15/i-will-contest-i-have-nothing-to-hide-mervyn-silva/ )

    My repeated challenge is for these humbug SL journalist (who have no way to replace their Laptops now and a monthly Hopper brunch) to publish Mahendra Percy Rajapakes last PE Declaration of Assets Form. This will put to end to return-to-power speculations and Mangalas “we have traced his funds” which will be known in 3 yrs. time? The earlier this is done the better as The “Royal” family longevity is in the sixties, as per
    MR Biographer.

    • 1


      “If Mahinda Chintanaya is a foreseeable danger to a Democratic Sri Lanka, as a stepping the only way to stop it is to ensure that MR does not rise; as sure as the sun! He has some support in ventures like Prime Ministerial post supported by the likes of DJ etc.”

      Exposimg Mahinda rajapaksa, by whatever means, Common sense pamphlet or otherwise is needed, so that every Sri lankan know what is agenda is.

  • 6


    So,Prabaharan burnt the Jaffna library consisting of the books of Alfred Duraippah?

    Very interesting.Did VP confide in you? Alfred Duraiappah was a pettyfogging Proctor whose reading habits would have been confined only to the Tamil Newspapers!

    Gamini Dissanayake must have been looking out for the works of T.S.Eliot in the Jaffna Library.He got bloody wild when he did not find it.

    Gamini D.was essentially an illiterate fellow; An illiteracy that was dangerous in itself in the sense that he did not know his own illiteracy!

    • 3

      [Edited out]

  • 7

    Once again TG has come out with a sane analysis with hard facts. Unfortunately our nation has bred two generations of children fed on hateful racist theories of alienation. It is even worse for our future development in the modern era of globalism.
    My hope that some of our brethren will become educated and more informed by reading this article is fast thinning out when I glance through some of the diatribe that is spewed out in the columns above.

  • 17

    Even our Mahanayakas – pre 1815, approved the import of Regal Nayakkars from South Baratha to rule the the Dalits in Srilanka , because the Sinhalese were not up to speed to rule themselves..according to Ms T’s Mahavamsa.

    Th last one, Wickremasingham Nayakkar even was an import from Tamil Nadu who introduced fusion Religion to our Southern Buddhist Dalits. whom Ms T now calls Southern Extremists.

    Ms T goes even further to declare that the e Southern Dalits are now Kaput because, they were Politically annihilated and Electorally marginalized on the 9th Jan 2015.

    What a remarkable gift to the 67 % inhabitant population from the West and their agents in Colombo to celebrate the 200 year anniversary of the British Invasion..

    Perhaps our Podiyen Nayakas, Ven Rathne and Sobotha decided to follow the pre 1815 Mahanayakas.

    Obviously they couldn’t import one from Tamil Nadu, yet.

    So they decided for the next best, the Royal credentials ( I mean Radala descent ) and made Ranil the PM, although he hadn’t scored in two decades.

    Did someone say History Repeats..

    • 2

      K.A Sumanasekera

      “Did someone say History Repeats..”

      It is unfortunate that day in day out we are forced to tolerate your rambling. For us its history repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.

      You were history and your mate Weerawansa is the farce.

  • 12

    “Adolf Hitler inadvertently helped the cause of Zionism. Without the Holocaust, there may not have been a state of Israel, certainly not in its current form. Without the invasion of Iraq, there would not have been an ISIS.”

    It sounds like Tisaranee is placing Adolf Hitler and United States at the same level of extremism; and that the independent Jewish State that was created in response to the most horrible stain in the “human” history (Holocaust) at the same level as a group of crazies trying to create a state in the name of Islam. When one cherry picks history to service one’s agenda of propaganda one has to be careful at least to adhere to simple logic.
    And speaking of simple logic the Kandyan Flag that Tisaranee refers to was actually the flag of Kirthi Sri Rajasinghe which TG claims to be one of the “greatest kings”. So TG is neither an intellectual nor an erudite but a tool to further mislead cruisers of the Parallel Universe of CT

  • 1

    Are the Nayakes..Bandaranayake and Senanayake are the descendants of Nayaka family? Does that means they were Tamil at one point.

    • 2


      All Sinhalese share Tamil Nadu Tamil gene.

    • 3

      Randy, Buddy Pal – Dem all’s Tamils. Take my word. Do some research on the Neelaperumal Pandara Nayagam history (about 400 years old)
      Brendon Gunaratna’s wife and Kumari Jayawardena have written on this
      after careful research. Avoid the page on JRJ’s crowd. Dem’s all Moslem from present Tamilnadu. Tambimudalige, for the record. Most today’s extreme Sinhala politicos are in disguise.


  • 2

    Thank you very much for the excellent article.

  • 2

    Change is coming soon. Tisaranee has analysed it correctly. Singala people are a minority and never ruled or existed in reality but are Tamil people really. All the proof is in Velvetiturai where our great leader Prabarakan was created by god to lead us like Shiva. Before white man came the entire Sri Lankan territory was dominated by Tamil hindu people. Singala were a minority and were imported to work in our estates by British. Those Singala people overran Tamil people in the hills and tea estates. Singala people will soon be overrun by Tamil hindus; who will rise up and create Hinduvta. We will worship Hanuma and Rama and Shiva. We will force the Singala peoples to work as our minions. We will forcibly convert Moslems and Christians to Hindu way of life as we now do in India. We will force women not to work outside the homes adn we will hand them over to Modi’s Dharga vahini to form women’s battalions to protect our Tamilian Hindu ways. Tamil Eelm shall rise again. We will make Tisaranee our Foreign minister.

    • 3

      PCCLE – Just made a call and told there is room both at Angoda and Mulleriyawa, not far from Colombo, to accommodate you. Grab the chance
      before you go beyond redemption.

      Ben O.T. Doubt

  • 0

    Tisaranee, I was wondering why you were not writing. CT was sort of dull for me without an article for a long time. welcome back.

  • 2

    Considering what MR did during the election camapign, a significant part of his popularity has been bought with his ill gotten money. Secondly, if one wants to analyze the voting patterns and say that MR is the legitimate winner because he got the majority of the Sinhala Buddhist vote, then perhaps we can say that the majority of young voters including the Sinhala Buddhists voted for MS. What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. Who should have more say? The old generation or us, the younger generation? Don’t forget that when you old guys are gone, it is us who will have to pay for the sins of MR.

    What can we do to defeat this jubilant, money motivated, stupidity driven movement of MR? The solution is something I was advocating against up to now. But in the face of this menace, I have changed my mind. Use the full force of law against the obvious corruption and bribery of MR and his team. Put him in jail together with the guilty however powerful they are. That should stop them.

  • 2

    Long time..no see Ms.Tissaranee G and it’s nice to see you again !

    Your unbiased narration of our country’s old history education is appreciated but why are we all worried about a past, very old, complicated, pointless and disputed history now ? Every one has their own version which are different.

    We should in fact stop wasting our precious time and do something useful to us and the country and grow up. I don’t think any other country citizen are wasting time with their old history and neglect the present and future achievements.
    Every one believe in some sort of unknown ‘history’, written or speculated and go on beating around the bush, bashing each other and fighting wars.
    This ‘histories’ have become a stumbling block for any cooperation between communities and development of the country. It has deteriorated to mass killing and all kinds of atrocities, UN intervention, investigation etc.,
    Even CBK has lamented in a Dubai interview about the UN investigation as “unacceptable”, due to the shame it has brought on Lanka.
    Nothing will get solved unless the country become secular and politicians get serious about good governance, rule of law and respect human values.We are just blindly traveling in a dark tunnel without any sign of light or an end in sight.

  • 1

    I like this author. she? is smart. Well versed with politics. Seriously understands all cultural things etc…

    I think we should listen to her and let this government continue another six months and see what she will have to write.

  • 2

    “The next step is a politically-charged religious commemoration in Katharagama, which Mahinda Rajapaksa is expected to attend.The aim of all these activities is to draw a comparison between the Kandyan Convention of 1815 and the Presidential Election of 2015. The plan is to befuddle Sinhala minds with minority phobia, create a wave of Sinhala-Buddhist supremacism and to ride that wave back to power.”

    There is one thing I fail to comprehend about MR. He stirs communal disharmony, attacks and ridicules the Tamils as the reason he lost the election and then runs to Tamil Hindu Gods for their blessings.

    MR nothing but a two faced trickster of the highest order. And all his supporters like Wimal and clan are all the same.

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