19 July, 2024


33 Years Ago Today; Sri Lanka’s Black July: Borella, 24th Evening

Most people hate to see themselves as murderers. This influences the manner in which they perceive public and private tragedies, and memory often rejects the unpleasant and sanitises the true nature of the event. So it happened with Tamils in the way they sanitised and rationalised instances of Tamil violence against Sinhalese and Muslims. Several of these have been described in our reports over the years. The Sri Lankan State with its ideology is an institution, which most Sinhalese actively or passively empathised with. The fact that there was no investigation into the violence of July 1983, made it easy for Sinhalese in general to opt for versions that distanced their government and hence themselves from the holocaust. Likewise the Tamils, with the subsequent communal attacks by their militant groups.

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    Many FDI industries were mobbed burnt and even Buddhist ASEA, SARC national investors fled the island barely with their clothes. Their kids grown up professionals living in the west still talk about how their parents escaped.

    The northern and eastern tamils hijacked event only they knew so well.
    While the Sinhala/Muslim public deflected the carnage they alone perpetrated.
    Finally all successive governments have used the event to beg for more and loot like the nigerians or Afghans.

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      Shame on us and our fathers.. For not coming out and fight against this injustice non-violently. What we did, just hid inside our homes like selfish lambs.

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      July 1983 is not a Race riot but a Genocide against the Tamil Minority well planned by JR – Cyril Mathew – Gamini Dissanayake and Buddhist Monks. Over 4000 innocent Tamils been hacked and burnt to death and these included children. Shame on the Sinhalese for killing these innocent unarmed Tamil for Killing of 23 Armed soldiers by the LTTE. I was able to save Four Tamil families from the marauding Sinhalese Thugs.

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        I salute your humane actions.

        13 soldeirs, actually.

        But, the attacking gangs had voters lists to identify and attack Tamil houses and properties.

        The gangs were brought from far off places in trains.

        This was not a spontaneous reaction, but an organised attack!

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      RE:33 Years Ago Today; Sri Lanka’s Black July: Borella, 24th Evening

      Somebody need to call it correctly, and make the link:

      Para-Sinhala, Para Sinhala “Buddhist” Day-Black July 1983, Buddhist Calendar 2523.

      What did the “Sinhala ” Monks and Laymen do? Follow Sinhala “Buddhism”!

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    Everybody speaks of the 83 riots but the defining moment of Sri Lanka’s future was the 1977 riots. Schemed and plotted by J. R Jayawardene and executed by Gamini Dissanayake and Cyril Mathew. J. R’s own words in his radio address was “if the Tamils want war I will give them war , if they want peace, I will give them peace”. The LTTE was a creation of such speeches but this no justification whatsoever for the ruthless force they came to being. The LTTE had a beginning and it was by Politicians on both sides of the devide that created and stoked it to the heights it reached.

    Today MR, Wimal, Gota , The BBS and The Joint Opposition are trying to take the same route to SELF SERVE their own private interests. The country’s future IS NOT their focus. The minorities are not a threat to the future of this country but the MR clan is. If they are not managed they will push this country back into the dark days creating a cycle of blood shed where they will thrive and be seen as heros.

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      “”Everybody speaks of the 83 riots but the defining moment of Sri Lanka’s future was the 1977 riots”

      Not true its your 2nd hand or twisted info to suit your type of life.

      The day the jobless JVP unleashed the “One Nation One People” was the day of carnage.(just like Mao revolution)

      83 you attacked foreigners investors too and subsequently the army has shot some foreigners too. The foreigners I mention are not Indian.

      Look at yourself and the people around you living in the Island but not been living during the above incidents at Colombo 7 which was never touched but where the authentic info flowed through.

      With the murder of Premadasa the islands people are treading into that extreme left mentality of swelled minds and minting money with spin. Brainwashed buffoons.

      Shape shape shape Lanka The Liar!

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      In Colombo, Sinhalese thugs armed with electoral lists and led by Buddhist monks in yellow robes burnt and looted Tamil homes, business and industrial establishments under the very nose of the police and armed forces. Innocent Tamil civilians were hunted down like dogs and killed. Children were thrown into burning cauldron of tar barrels. Clouds of smoke from burning Tamil homes blackened Colombo skies and soon the violence spread to other cities and towns. The orgy of violence continued till August 03, 1983.

      The Government claimed that the attack on Tamil civilians was a spontaneous backlash by ordinary Sinhalese, but the scale and intensity of the killing sprees belied that claim. A very few Sinhalese saved their Tamil neighbours and friends from the marauding Sinhalese mobs, but the overwhelming majority did not.

      Nothing was heard from President JR Jayewardene for 5 days into the pogrom and when he appeared on television he rubbed salt into the wounds. There was no apology to the victims of the violence from the head of state. Jayewardene brazenly justified the orgy of violence by declaring that the attacks were ‘not a product of urban mobs but a mass movement of the generality of the Sinhalese people? And that ‘the time had come to accede to the clamour and the national respect of the Sinhalese people.’

      Black July 83 saw the parting of the ways irrevocably of the Sinhalese and the Tamils politically and psychologically. Since then, the relationship between the Tamils and the Sinhalese has remained antagonistic and the divide between them have widened and not diminished. The one positive outcomes of the Black July pogrom is the internationalisation of the SL Tamil issue and the creation of a powerful Tamil Diaspora in the West.

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        In Colombo, Sinhalese armed with food and clothes and led by Buddhist monks in yellow robes took the Tamils into their homes and temples under the very noses of the police and armed forces.

        Remember? Why do you people enjoy your annual hate-fest?

        ‘Too often, we judge other groups by their worst examples while judging ourselves by our best intentions’ – as quoted by Mano Ratwatte

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          You idiotic brain that swells with pride in trying to seek absolvement for people like yourself after condoning your leaders to politically motivate a section of the lumpen Sinhalese elements led by shaven headed yellow robed criminals to commit a heinous crime of genocidical proportions on fellow citizens and then try to justify that by saying that Sinhalese and Buddhist monks with food parcels and clothes saved Tamils is a pathetic submission of your own guilt. You have no capacity to realise that.

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        There were no Buddhist monks involved in the ’83 riots, it was the government sponsored thugs who went on a rampage, the government did not declare curfew until 2pm. and by that time the damage was done, In Colombo many many Sinhalese families in Colombo sheltered Tamil families, not just that day but for weeks afterwards, many Tamil families left their valuables for months and months with their Sinhalese neighbors and friends, facts are facts!

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          At that time only the rich had cameras. I met with several sevura peragana monks and we have their pictures and they were lodged in the west. Maggie thatcher opened the doors of the world to the tamils of urban colombo on 27th July.

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          In July83, it was a Sunday, full moon poya day, the Sinhala Buddhists were gathered at the Buddhist temples, they took pun sil, and while listening to the bana, the Buddhist Priests in several temple were told about the attack on the 13 soldiers.
          Immediately the tune of the bana changed to Buddha’s ahimsa to Dutugemunu’s war against the Tamils, the Buddhist temples changed into anti-Tamil war schools, the Buddhist priests gave all the necessary instructions to the Sinhala Buddhists on how to retaliate by attacking the innocent Tamils in the South. It was past mid night, early Monday morning, the Sinhala Buddhists came out of the Buddhist temples charging like wild buffalos and a went on a rampage killing the innocent Tamils, burning them alive, raping their women and looted all their belongings. (they took Sil on Sunday and killed innocent Tamils on Monday).

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            Sunday SIL and Monday Kill AND RAPE the TAMILS. Lord Buddha Preached non-violence but Sri Lankan Buddhist Monks preached violence against the Tamils.

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    Why it is 1983 ? It started some where in 1976.

    Why Tamils Killed 13 soldiers pre-planned and some retired Tamils from the army had helped it.

    Since then for 30 years until 2009 Tamils destroyed sri lanka.

    Tamils Attacked Kandy Temple of Tooth, Killed 147 people inside Anuradhapura Temple, Killed 46 monks in Aravanthalawa, Central bank attack, air port attacks.

    Why only 1983 has to be investigated ?

    Now, Tamils celebrated 1983, by attacking Sinhala students in the Yapapatuna university.

    • 11

      Jim Softy, you filthy stinking mongrel you mean the Tamil civilians went out and killed the 13 soldiers? You are a racist pariah and a goon. [Edited out]

    • 10

      Jim Softy Coward! If this is what you really want to say, and are proud of your views, please come out with your real name.


    • 5

      Jim Shitty, we all know what a 3rd rate coward you are. You sent the young sons of poor Sinhala women to the north to fight for your dream. You dirty rascal, these poor Sinhala women are still crying for their dead sons. The poor Tamil women are still crying for their young sons who were taken away by the northern rascal VP to satisfy his dreams.

      What is the temple of tooth? When did Buddha become God? What Godly powers did this good man have? He was a Prince who gave up his royal privileges to be with the people and you made him God? Dumb arse go and tell your sob stories to someone else. Clown I will bet you any money your Tamil master beats you everyday and you come and take your frustration out on innocent Tamils on CT. Keep dreaming of your Sinhala racist land in your wet dreams. All decent Sri Lankan are watching and we will never allow racists like you to pop your head again. You open your mouth we will shut it down.

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    Most disgraceful incident in my lifetime. The curse was the war when a ragtag band of LTTErs became seen as protectors. The government of the day must be held responsible. They mishandled the funeral of the 13 soldiers and that led to rumor mongering.

    This was a result of Hon. JRJ and all powerful government doing nothing to stop them for 4 days. Even in elite Colombo 7 places innocent people were attacked and it shocked even the English speaking upper class Tamil people. I know my uncle’s friend down Park Road had his house attacked. His wife was Sinhalese and he was an amazing successful businessman. I wish the UNP had leaders apologized for Black July and had a committee to investigate it.

    CBK’s flaws as people point out are many but she apologized even if her regime had nothing to do with it. I really wish the current unity government gave a pledge saying it will not tolerate racial attacks against any group. I will never forget that night because I was on the roads and people were being checked for their identities. I wrote in response to Prof Hoole’s article on that. It is sad. THEY DID NOTHING to deploy the police or enact a curfew until it was too late. What was the price? LTTE and India even making matters worse for SL and political pressures and SL becoming like a Rwanda in the eyes of the world.

    If people are good Buddhists, good Hindus, good Christians and good Muslims or good agnostics and good atheists, they should always make sure no hatred will result in mob violence. We cannot change people’s inherent biases or prejudices be it race or caste or faith because that is what is going on in the USA as well. Those are biases inherent in how we always think the better of our own subgroup or tribe and think the worst of the other subgroups. Hatred begets hatred.(paraphrasing Bush)

    George W Bush said the following

    ‘Too often, we judge other groups by their worst examples while judging ourselves by our best intentions’

    No man is born superior to another by virtue of birth; no man is born inferior to another by virtue of birth. It is our ACTIONS and only our actions that will determine if we are superior or inferior beings- The Buddha.

    • 2

      if people are good Buddhists, good Hindus, good Christians and good Muslims or good agnostics and good atheists, they should always make sure no hatred will result in mob violence.

      LTTE started killing Tamils and Sinhala Alike including 13 soldiers.

      that is all because of Hindus, buddhists, Muslims, Christians.

      What B.S.

    • 21

      The curse on the island.!
      The day the racist (he was not an islander before the dutch but ….) Banda and family came back from Oxford and unleashed Mao propaganda practice- One Nation One People.
      After Premadasa the mantel is carried out by Viper nona who is qualified to look at face and deny like Hillary.
      Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan was laughing at her as when MR1 went to an African dictator recently.

    • 14

      “”Most disgraceful incident in my lifetime.””

      Unuth Ekai, Munuth Ekai children of the Beast.

      Can’t run a civilised state. Yet clinging on to it.

    • 5

      The whole Black July thing just exposes the savage nature in us, the Sinhalese people.

      Despite the majority of Sinhalese people being Buddhist, they had acted like barbarians, sadly with the participation of the monks as well.

      Its not only against Tamils, this is how Sinhalese people behave in general. Even a simple argument could end up in murder in cold blood.
      How the Sinhalese have brutalized the JVP on many past occasions, and how they were getting ready to ruffle up the Muslims must not be forgotten.

      It is my view that we are a very brutal and sadistic set of people. We need some kind of misery, either our own or someone elses to go on with life.

      If we cant realize the mistakes we have made in the past and learn from them and become better people, the meaning of 2,500 years of history is utter rubbish. It means we are actually going backwards.

      Some Sinhalese people are trying to Justify the shameful Black July event. I feel sorry for your types, you will never be able to escape samsara and shall continue to toil in your ignorance.
      Suffering everyday of your miserable, pathetic, meaningless lives.

      • 1

        @ Luke s and Lasith

        Well said !! Better Said Now than Never .
        At least you will gain Samsara by Expressing your sorrow of watching the Brutality over the years.



  • 17

    33 years ago, but it happens everyday in Northern Syria, or wherever else ISIS and other radical Islamic groups happen to reside. Those who carried out the atrocities of July 1983 were from the lowest strata of society. But who is funding ISIS and Al Qaeda? Very wealthy Muslims, who see it as a religious duty. The point to make is that 1983 had nothing to do with “Sinhala Buddhism.” No one read a holy book and started crucifying people or opening a market to sell women. It is a dark chapter in Sri Lankan history, but if there was a motivation, it was socio-economic more than anything else.

    • 2

      ‘Those who carried out the atrocities of July 1983 were from the lowest strata of society”?. You mean JR, Cyril Matt all from lowest strata of society. Read Mano’s comment above that targets people like you- I essence not that the birth defines the strata of society but one’s action. Judge yourselves if you pass through her sieve. Even after reading this article, your endeavor to provide a philosophical explanation as to what happened in 1983, only shows your bigot mindset. I saw some majorities who haven’t born even in 1983, feel remorse for what had happened to a the minority in the capital city of a sovereign nation, I mean it didn’t happen in a pocket or isle where something has happened before reinforcement of force was mobilized or and the like.

      It is a giant step for SL forces, not being able to control a group of thugs in Colombo while they kill Tamils in day light in front of their eyes, and then in 26 years, transform them into a sacred rescue squared with Human right charter on one hand and safe Tamils from LTTE in an isolated pocket called No Fire Zone, barring any presence of free media. You believe?. Slight twist in the way the end result being achieved but the result is same, one is UNP style and the other SLFP brand.

      As for me, the real murderers are the politicians who engage in this type of instigation as they cannot win voters articulating any positive things, as for those thugs who commit murders, I guess they would not see much difference slaughtering a herd of goats or a group of infants, of course if they are Tamils, would not make much difference. Our politicians are not going and stab or shoot the target but do everything else thinking there was no sin in their part, see murders like Thajudeen and Lasantha. The sin is washed away when the same commits war crimes, somewhat convoluted logic but appeals the majority of the majorities… you kill Tamils, your past or concurrent crimes killing others be it a Sinhalese or a Muslim can be written off.

      Lester has now decided it seems that no point going after Tamils, his second project seems to be Muslim, yes we all condemn what has been happening Syria, Iraq, etc. but don’t use that to stage a 1983 putting Muslims for Tamils this time. BBS made a start in Aluthgama, couldn’t go with it but I can see the embers still burning.

  • 22

    The blackest day. I was a 4 year old Sinhala-Buddhist kid when I witnessed the horrors committed. I was on my way home from Montessori. People being burnt alive. Inhumans stopping our car asking for petrol. I remember my mother crying. My father trying to comfort me. I was in shock. To this day the images haunt me. I cannot even begin to imagine the pain suffered by the Tamil community. Maybe thats why I always had a different view towards the Eelam war compared to those self-proclaimed Sinhala-Buddhists patriots. Have some empathy, compassion towards your fellow Tamil Sri Lankans who have been marginalized since 1956 and butchered since 1983. This is why the LTTE was born in the 1st place. All conflicts have root causes. Question is, will Sri Lanka ever recover, will she ever learn her lessons?

    • 14

      I can feel your pain as your described your version of witnessing the Horrors of ‘ 83
      Now you’re a 37 year old young man . Have you done anything about the Tamils sufferings.
      I know the dictators and the Whitevan Murderers had put a stop for any sentiments. Poor you suffered all these years with those horrors.
      At least you were able to speak up now , that is a kind of democracy. Hopefully peace will prevail in our land in future.

      • 10

        I was always the lone voice. I was the unpatriotic one. When I was 10 I was going to give a speech at school named “We Need Peace”. My parents were supportive and helped me with it. Guess what? At school I was censured and the speech was given to someone else. I found it almost impossible to have dialogue at school, uni, etc. When there were over 300,000 IDPs in camps many of us were hoping to help those people like during the Tsunami and the recent floods. But guess what? We were not allowed to. I always wanted a strong trilingual national policy or at least a multilingual national policy like in Singapore. But, guess what never happened in SL. In Singapore there are only 9% Tamils speakers yet it has equal official status like all other languages. Every department has at least 2 interpreters and list goes on. Even under this “Yahapalanaya” govt I have yet to see any concrete steps towards a national language policy let alone a comprehensive solution to the aspirations of the Tamils. Hell I still get booed when I talk about it by our patriots. I am not Sinhala, I am not Buddhist according to them.


        One of the saddest things I heard was, when one of my Tamil friends said, that I was the only Sinhalese he knew that did not hate Tamils. Now that was depressing. He left SL few years ago.

      • 2

        What do you want Thanos to do? Going on revenge attacks? People in the South believed in change. They made choices, good and bad for that 37 years. Yet some communities were deprived of choice continued to suffer worst that whatever happened in 83. Ideological wars don’t really settle anything but brings suffering.

        • 5

          the Racist
          “what do you want Thanos do?”

          From your comment I sense that you too regret the ’83 Pogrom .
          The Minorities too call SL their Country as same as you call SL your Country.
          All these Minorities lived and made SLanka a Better Country until The First Stupid Racist Politician called SWRD started the First POGROM IN 1958.

          You and your parents too might have thought OH by Killing the Main Minorities (Tamils) will Pave Better Future for your future generation.
          Look what happened??? Over 60 Years of Pogrom Had it made you and your generation live Happily and Prosperous Within the global community??

          Ok! Lucky ones who went to a Bilingual schools prospered and were able seek jobs and communicate better
          Poor villagers who were trodden by the Rulers still DOING BADLY.

          WHY YOUR LEADERS HAVE TO DEPEND ON FOREIGN AID ?? Going round with begging bowls even today??
          There’s no Respect for Srilankan Leaders worldwide!!
          Twice a Year they are HAULED IN FRONT OF UNHCR FOR WAR CRIMES!!

          These are Shamefull Acts Created by your Leaders whom you Worship!!

          We could have stood equally or even better Economically and Educationally Among the South Eastern
          Nations. ONLY IF THE COUNTRY HAD WORKED TOGETHER PEACEFULLY WITH ONE AND ONLY GOAL ! Just for the country and the people of all Races and Religions.

          No no The Racists Elements living mainly ABROAD (. They’re ok ! Jack). Fanning Racism since these OK JACKS LEFT THE SHORES OF SL.
          LIKES OF HDLM TO NAME FEW living in Aus/ U S / Canada/ etc Fans Racism.
          Stupid Politicians Dance to the tunes of the Sinhala Diaspora Racists.

          Why ” Thanos ” had to suppress his/ her feelings by people like you or state sponsored suppression??

          Tell me who swindled the state wealth To this day. ?? Your IDOLS OF COURSE FOR THEIR PERSONNEL
          Why you and others are crying out for the increase of VAT ON NON ESSENTIALS??

          Is it not necessary to collect Funds to RUN THE STATE??

          Grow up to be able to love your country and all who live in it.

          Make the country to be a nation. Not the Third world Banana Republic

        • 4


          Do you know how many Millionaires and Billionaires Srilankan Origins have One Foot in SL and the other Foot Abroad Stashed away Srilankan stolen Wealth hidden in Panama too without Paying tax to SLankan tax.
          What about their Keith’s and kins ? can they not pay few Rupees extra to the tax man through VAT FOR NON ESSENTIALS TO Build the country back with a little tax collected.
          Why the Rich are shouting for increased VAT ?? Selfish Arrogance will never let the country prosper or let the POOR Live Happily.

          These taxes are needed for Free Education, Free Hospital treatments etc etc etc.
          These are facts not fictions Nuwan??

          • 2

            Error by computer glitch

            Pl read above Kiths and Kins.

    • 3

      @Thanos, if you were close by I will jump and hug you man. You will be a great leader for this country. As a 4 year child what you remember, felt and understood, a grown racist like this Jim Softy cannot understand. In 1983 July, we saw droves of cars from the south flying by our home with little tied to their roof of their cars. My blood boiled as a teenager. I wanted to join the LTTE and teach the racists a lesson but I also knew that I might be forced to carry out injustices on my Sinhala brothers and sisters on behalf of the LTTE one day. I knew one day LTTE will shift in that direction and I did not want to be part of that. I knew the very same movement I supported will turn against me as I was very strong in my views of the present and future at that time. You are a decent man, thanks friend!!!!!!!!

  • 7

    RE:33 Years Ago Today; Sri Lanka’s Black July: Borella, 24th Evening

    This is Para-Sinhala, Para-Sinhala “Buddhists” showing off their Para-Sinhala “Buddhism” in the occupied Land of Native Veddah Aethho.

    This is quite different from the Buddhism as preached by Buddha.

    Para-Sinhala “Buddhism” is Sunday Night Pirith and Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday Nights Kill.

  • 8

    Click and look at the full article. It was the JRJ era. There is a photo of a naked youth cowering under threats by a mob. The victim is Tamil and his fault is be Tamil. The aggressors are obviously Sinhalese goons. (The victim was set on fire). JRJ or Cyril Mathew or Gamini Dissanayake barely murmured. Over the past 33 years how many non-Tamil leaders have commented/condemned?

    Last week Colombo Telegraph covered the University of Jaffna under-graduate stoush. There was this photograph of a youth holding a tree branch. Condemnations were aplenty – quite justified.

  • 4

    Poor people turning on other poor people in the midst of capitalistic glitch, is what Black July was about. May a fountain with pouring water be erected to commemorate man’s inhumanity caused by Elite disregarding Buddhist Egalitarian precepts.

  • 5

    Don’t tell me Rajapakasas and the UPFA did this tooo…….

    • 5

      KAS, I think you did this. From your writings it is evident that you are one of the likely persons in this pogrom.

    • 7

      Sumane, because you are dumb as a bat does not mean others are like you.

      • 3

        Vellala from Scarborough,

        So you got a walloping too..

        Was it from Btalanada Ranil’s uncle’s faction or Keselwatta Kid’s dad’s faction?…

        • 13

          “”Was it from Btalanada Ranil’s uncle’s faction or Keselwatta Kid’s dad’s faction?… “”

          they were nice to and let you suck off their mudal for dhal and fish without a queue – money a plenty. Then came the belch and fart socialist/communist buruvas and you are still in the loss of Keselwatta Pop for your jam.
          how can you survive without others money??

        • 2

          Sumane, while Ranil’s uncle was spreading racism in the country, your hero was scratching his balls thorough his vetti and picking his nose as street dweller. Bugger had no work, a loser who turned out to be the worst president the country has ever seen. So screw off dimwit.

    • 3


      Of course not! My god, even the thought of it!
      He is the salt of the earth don’t you know?
      That man can do no evil, engage in no corruption,
      commit no murder etc, etc…in your eyes of course.

      I wonder though….did he shed a tear, help a vulnerable
      Tamil,speak out against the rioting criminals, or actively
      take part in the crime?

  • 2

    You know I dont feel anything about this, I am not sad or i wont say sorry for this…

    • 4

      Don’t worry, nobody wants you to say sorry or feel anything.
      Don’t expect any humanity from you..

      • 1

        I am full of humanity for my murdered brothers and sisters in border villages and all over the island…i have no special regards for anyone

        • 7

          sachoooooooooooooooo the stupid,

          then go back to kanatta and do not return please.

  • 5

    Today in 1983 ,Sri Lanka’s history changed and a scar was left permanently by a few bigots damaging the good name of the majority peaceful people who had nothing to do with the crime ,it permanently divided friends , placed hatred in the hearts of many ,created permanent suspicion and brought disgrace upon a once respected nation by the whole world and unfortunately even today that few bigots remain in our society shamelessly continuing to bring upon the nation more shame with their bigotry under disguise of nationalism ,but thank God we have a large majority who have fearlessly endorsed and displayed in the past two elections that there will be no room or place for bigotry in this sacred land Sri Lanka where truly devoted men and women with their children salute and commit to the adherence of the brilliance of the Triple Gem and hold fast to The precepts of The Most Noble Enlightened one,( The Noble Buddha) and the rest who kneel ,bow, prostrate , and salute and worship in Temples, Churches and mosques to God . and I join them in devotion to pray that they will endorse the coming election with the same message ,changing Sri Lanka’s ugly past which was caused by a few bigots and racists to a new Sri Lanka ,where all can live with peace and hope and a Country that will be once again respected for its tolerance of diversity. May God bless Sri lanka,

  • 4

    Black July, the gravest, shameful deliberate criminal action ever committed on our land.

    Even now it’s not too late to hold an investigation.

    Many are still alive actively in politics who were part and parcel of JRJ’s government and the JVP who went underground in connection with it.

    • 2

      Far more grave crimes have been done by LTTE with full support of tamils. In gonagala sinhala pregnant women’s womb was cut open and the unborn babies were cut into pieces by LTTE who were supported by Tamils

      • 8

        Are you mad ??

        Do you know the difference between The State Sponsored Terrorism and Anti Government Lawlessness??
        The progressive Governments could have nipped it in the Bud by meeting the Grievances of the Minority.
        Your simple head only tells you to kill all the Tamils and make them Powerless forever.
        You’re wrong and you’re stupid .
        Hope you’ll rot in hell when the time comes , just like your master’ s and their circle forever.

        Your master never thought he will FALL FROM GRACE LIKE HE DID ON THE 5Th January 2015.

        • 1

          Anti government lawlessness? That is terrorism funded by tamils who supported LTTE intending ethnic cleansing.

          I dont care about any death in black july..only our sisters and brothers brutally murdered in villages.

          • 6

            sach the sc/st,

            I can see you are a mercenary as in any country. You have to be sent to the zoo and the key thrown away.
            Await the troika next Jan- Trump, Modi and Hindu Shalli.

          • 2

            Who cares what you think?

      • 2

        @Sach, LTTE is not a race or an ethnicity. LTTE is a subset of the Tamil population you dumb racist [Edited out]

  • 6

    The basic problem is the crap they teach as history in school.
    You get people caught up in fiction. JR was to blame, as he wanted to deflect his failure on the tamils. like MR wanted the muslims to take up arms. so he can be a hero. Even now its happening.
    The biggest threat for Sri Lanka is MR & Gang.

  • 4

    It was an ordinary day to start with at school. We just started our AL classes. When we looked out from the windows of the school could see black smoke coming from various places. School was closed early and all the students were told to go home. There was a hush hush about the death of 13 soldiers and in return as an act of revenge Tamils are being attacked. I just got my bag and came down the corridor. I met a well dressed woman with a pottu coming up in the stairs looking for a Tamil medium class.I still remember the panic in her face.I directed her to the class and came out of the school with a friend of mine.
    There was panic everywhere .People were out and some were carrying clubs. Some were waiting as groups to go home and bus stops were full of people. Public transport was not to be seen anywhere. The thugs carrying clubs were stopping vehicles and checking for Tamils. There was no law and order and police was not to be seen at all. I walked from my School looking for a way to go home. Then a blue truck back open came and there were several people in it were seeing carrying clubs. They started ransack the Tamil store nearby and the occupants immediately got on to their vehicle and driven off. Their vehicle was near me and stones came and landed close by just missing them and me. I don’t know how far they went safely and their eventual fate.
    When I walked further I saw another mob surrounding a house in Rosemead place and throwing stones at it. The occupants were inside and moment they could see some hand or face from a window they used to throw stones at them. I don’t know their fate too as I moved from that place as soon as possible.
    When I came to ward place I was not allowed to go through as that strip of road was heavily controlled by Army. However the houses were attacked around them and none of them seem to be bothered about that. But no where I saw Army or any other forces were involved with this atrocity. I was looking for transport to go home but non existed. I my self and the friend who accompanied me started walking towards the direction of home hoping to catch some transport. The truck attacked the shop was seen roaming around and they were after their targets. They seemed to be knowing what they were doing. It did not look like an emotionally driven just spontaneous mob work.
    I personally did not see killing any one. However I speculate the people I saw inside the house who tried to come out would have perished eventually. I will never forget the memories of that shameful day. I could not grasp the severity of the incident that day as I was quite young and immature. However looking back after 33 year onwards, I know what damage it did to our country and its image. It created irreversible scars in many hearts. They will find it difficult to forget and forgive for what they went through. I wish I could have done something on that day ,but I was too scared and just wanted to go home. My good friend who was with me that day later joined army and succumbed to a Mortar at Elephant pass several years later. Many died since that day and the cruelty unfolded is unbelivable. No one would have thought on that day the peaceful country hitherto would be perished like the way it did with time to come.
    We are a wounded and battered nation. Scars are too deep to ignore. We need Nelson Mandelas from both sides to come forward to heal this ailing divided nation. As Sinhalese we owe an apology to Tamils and it is a mark of respect and decency. If we do not acknowledge our past mistakes it is difficult for reconciliation .I am truly and honestly sorry for the misery of that day.

    • 2


      The Tamils will accept your Apology with open mind and open heart.

      The saddest part of all this we read on this Web of all the sufferings of themselves and others described by Prasad and Thanos makes me feel humble that there were YOUNG PEOPLE WITH HEART FROM THE OPPOSITE NATIONALITY continued to suffer in Silence ,were unable to express or act against the INEQUALITY , THE MASSACRES AND SO ON IN FEAR ,OF RACIAL NATURE OF THE POLITICIANS AND THE YELLOW ROBED SO CALLED SACRED NON VIOLENT PREACHING RELIGION.


      Hope the time has come to say sorry , punish the war mongers who committed war crimes for the last 60 Plus years Raped the country in the name of Religion leaving the country to BEG AND BORROW while those who Robbed the wealth of the Nation live in the LAP OF LUXURY.


      GOD SAVE OUR LAND!! From these evils.

      • 6

        How do you believe thair-prasad fiction??
        Lankawe full of fiction writers So even MP RW is bemused.

        “It was an ordinary day to start with at school.”

        “”I personally did not see killing any one.”

        Mr. Basil Fernando is at present the Executive Director of the Hong Kong based Asian Human Rights Commission.

        The poem is reproduced here with courtesies to the author:

        Yet Another Incident in July 1983

        Burying the dead
        being an art well developed in our times
        (our psycho-analysts have helped us much
        to keep balanced minds–whatever
        that may mean–) there is no reason really
        for this matter to remain so vivid
        as if some rare occurrence. I assure you
        I am not sentimental, never having
        had a ‘break down’ as they say.
        I am as shy of my emotions
        as you are. And I attend to my daily
        tasks in a very matter of fact way.

        Being prudent too, when a government says “Forget”
        I act accordingly. My ability to forget
        has never been doubted, never
        having had any adverse comments.

        On that score either. Yet I remember the way they stopped that car,

        the mob. There were four
        in that car, a girl, a boy
        (between four and five it seemed) and their
        parents–I guessed–the man and the woman.
        It was in the same way they stopped other cars.
        I did not notice any marked

        Difference. A few questions
        in gay mood, not to make a mistake
        I suppose, then they proceeded to
        action, by then routine. Pouring
        petrol and all that stuff.
        Then someone noticed something odd
        as it were, opened the two left side
        doors, took away the two children, crying and
        resisting as they were moved away from their parents.

        Children’s emotions have sometimes
        to be ignored for their own good, the guy must have
        thought. Someone practical
        was quick, lighting a match
        efficiently. An instant
        fire followed, adding one more
        to many around. Around
        the fire they chattered
        of some new adventure. A few

        scattered. What the two inside
        felt or thought was no matter.
        Peace loving people were hurrying
        towards homes as in a procession ….
        Then suddenly the man inside
        breaking open the door, was
        out, his shirt already on
        fire and hair too. Then bending,
        took his two children. Not even
        looking around as if executing a calculated
        decision, he resolutely
        re-entered the car.
        Once inside, he closed the door
        himself . . . I heard the noise

        Still the ruined car
        is there, by the road-side
        with other such things. Maybe
        the Municipality will remove it
        one of these days to the Capital’s
        garbage pit. The cleanliness of the Capital
        receives Authority’s top priority.

        The poem was initially published in New Ceylon Writing, Vol. 5

        The poem mainly features in an article ” The Agony and the Ecstasy of a Pogrom, Southern Lanka, July 1983″ by Michael Roberts, a Sri Lankan sociologist in Australia. The article and the poem were translated into Tamil by R. Cheran, in the July 2008 issue of Kaalachchuvadu, a magazine published from Tamil Nadu, India.

    • 2

      Your soothing words really will help heal some who caught up and survived this ordeal. As a kid you could not have done much young man but your view of the world is much encouraging than some fellow citizens are carrying on here, that is really sad, and I will not be surprised if such a pogrom recurs either. As you rightly pointed out if there is no remorse and an apology by leaders of the majority, not immediate aftermath, but with time passes, it is an indication of they respect the views of their constituency and didn’t want to do the right thing.

      • 8

        They behaved as naive as possible as they behaved as when Hambantota Hijacker of Alitalia Sepala Ekanayaka and ransom loot was lodged at the 5 star intercontinental hotel colombo with JR’s gleeful agreement. Then Colvin the socialist has him released as if nothing happened.
        Zero Casualty and so called anti-communist to lure Ronald Reagan (it was the trend) but heading North Korean life style from the 60’s Che Guevara and Sinhala Buddhist.

    • 9

      “”When I walked further I saw another mob surrounding a house in Rosemead place and throwing stones at it. The occupants were inside and moment they could see some hand or face from a window they used to throw stones at them. I don’t know their fate too as I moved from that place as soon as possible. “”

      You are a cocked up liar…liar… your story of A dream.

      None , ward place, barnes place, rosmead place, horton place, gregory’s road – it was all white navy and has never ever been touched.

  • 3

    Sach in Hindi and Urdu is truth , but for the pathetic lunatic using the Nick Sach , he believes the contrary , the bigoted racist MF believes lies are the truth.

    bigoted Racists should all die a miserable death .AMEN

  • 0

    can you or your army, navy, air force or your president stop the Indian Tamil fisherman fishing around in Sl waters even within a mile distance from the SL shores. Look what is going to happen.

  • 2

    How and why another Black July in 2016 was avoided???

    There were all the signs for a repeat !! In the presence of Army and the support of the Army ,
    Time and Time again
    all the Mischieves happened in the history of Jaffna Massacres , Disturbances , Violence ! Destruction and Murders of the Tamils took place with the blessings of the Army as Instigators.
    Burning of the Jaffna a Library etc all happened during the past 6 decades By those Instigators.

    How it never Happened this time in 2016 is not a Mystery. As below due to the Reasons::

    The world was watching ,
    The UNHRC on the back Foot, Begging Bowls needed to be filled by the International Aid Agencies, War crimes still need to be addressed , so while the Country is Shackled with all these factors !!
    It was obvious The Army and the Forces were Muffled and Shackled And ordered to stay indoors ,

    Our government too was Shackled by the International community , don’t you think??
    All because of the past 60 plus Years of Massacre of Minorities by the Racists and the Racist Regime.

    Now experience the effects of it.

    Firstly the Burghers were chased out of the country , they left without struggle.
    Then the Tamils and the Muslims were on their Firing Line.

    God what a warped nation and warped Religion Dressed in Yellow Robes and ask the devotees to go and DESTROY OTHER RELIGIONS.!!
    The Muppets without a Thought DID JUST THAT.

    God It’s Not on Anymore …Enough I think.

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