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5th Anniversary Of May 2009: Blocked Transition To Sustainable Peace

By Dayan Jayatilleka –

Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka

Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka

I write from a particular standpoint (derivative and illustrative of a distinct worldview), best delineated by a critical observer rather than by myself. Izeth Hussein, literary critic and former Ambassador wrote in ‘After Geneva, What?’: “Between 1995 and 2000, and even more during the years of the peace process, the widespread assumption was that the LTTE could never be defeated militarily. There were very few dissentient voices against that conventional wisdom outside the armed forces and those identifiable as Sinhala Buddhist chauvinists. One dissentient voice was that of Dayan Jayatilleka, who consistently maintained that there was no reason at all why the LTTE could not be defeated militarily.” (‘After Geneva, What?’ Izeth Hussein, Colombo Telegraph, 29 March 2014)

In the extreme situation that prevailed in Sri Lanka and the existential threat that confronted the State and society over a protracted period, the decision to wage all out war to defeat the Tigers was the right one, albeit long delayed, and the historical legitimacy of the victory (or double-barrelled victories, military and diplomatic) of May 2009 must be recognised and endorsed. The loss of the moral high ground by the Sri Lankan State was not during or because of the war, but after it. During the last war, including its last days, the State occupied the moral high ground if only in contrast to its fascistic opponent.

Convergence of four negative phenomena

Almost five years after the war was won, things are going badly for Sri Lanka, and that’s mainly because things are going badly in Sri Lanka. Everyone has their own favourite explanations of why. This is mine, and it focuses only on what I consider the single most important negative factor.

This factor is the convergence for the first time, of four negative phenomena which have been around long before the Rajapaksa administration. The convergence and concatenation however, took place in the post-war period and more specifically in the second term of President Rajapaksa, resulting in a crisis which is threatening the reunified post-war state (and of course his own political future).

1. The first is family or clan based rule. The Senanayakes and the Bandaranaikes (or more correctly, the Ratwatte-Bandaranaikes) dominated the two major political parties, the UNP and the SLFP. While the Senanayakes never dominated the State apparatus or sought to do so, the Bandaranaikes did in the 1970s, resulting in a quasi-oligarchic form of rule compounded by the statist character of the economy and the relative absence of competitive pluralism in the mass media.

2. The second is Sinhala-Buddhist hard-line caucuses and pressure groups which have stood for policies of majoritarian ethno-lingual and ethno-religious domination. These groups have existed throughout our post-independence political history. Howard Wriggins’ ‘Dilemmas of a New Nation’ notes the displeasure of such groups about the policies of D.S. Senanayake. In September 1963, the Governor General William Gopallawa appointed a three-person Press Commission headed by a retired Supreme Court Judge K.D. de Silva, on the advice of Prime Minister Sirimavo Bandaranaike who in turn acted at the behest of Sinhala Buddhist caucuses. The Press Commission’s report was issued in September 1964. The Commission sat on 107 days, investigating the English language newspapers of the privately owned Lake House and the Times Group. Among the “…charges [were] that our newspapers have conducted themselves in a manner hostile to the interests of the country and Buddhism, the religion professed by the vast majority of the permanent population.” (Press Commission Report para 18, page 12). Public sittings were held; 15 associations and 59 individuals testified while 75 memoranda were received. Journalists were classified in a Nazi-like act of religious apartheid (my father, Mervyn de Silva was named in the Report as “a Buddhist, Third Class-wife is a Catholic and son attends a Catholic school”).

3. The third phenomenon is identifiable as centres of authoritarianism or an ‘authoritarian persona’: authoritarian personalities and centres of power, whose power base is almost always the security apparatuses. The mildest, earliest and most humorous figure was Sir Oliver Goonetilleke, but the trend grew far more serious and dangerous with J.R. Jayewardene (as Minister of State in the Dudley Senanayaka administration), Felix Dias Bandaranaike, Lalith Athulathmudali, Ranjan Wijeratne and Anuruddha Ratwatte.

4. The fourth and more recent trend has been the infatuation with Israel as a model for the Sri Lankan State, especially in the realm of security but also as a way of being in the world. This infatuation dates back at least to Lalith Athulathmudali and Ravi Jayewardene. Given that Israel is perhaps the world’s most negative example of post-war policies, peace building and a negotiated solution to political conflict, this ‘conversion’ to the Tel Aviv doctrine has the most pernicious consequences imaginable.

The resultant condensation or synthesis

The Sri Lankan State and society were relatively safe because these four trends hardly ever overlapped, and when they did it was not a neat overlay. (Felix Dias Bandaranaike was far too intelligent to regard Israeli policies and practices as any kind of model while Oxford educated Lalith Athulathmudali wouldn’t take his cue from the Buddhist clergy.)

What is new today is that for the first time in our history as an independent nation there has been a drawing together, a convergence and a resultant condensation or synthesis of these four profoundly negative phenomena.

It did not begin with Gotabaya Rajapaksa, but with Gen. Sarath Fonseka, though the centre of gravity of this convergence is now clearly the top defence bureaucracy — the Secretary and the Securocracy— rather than the armed forces proper. It is a more complete convergence because Gotabaya unlike Fonseka is a member of the ruling clan and its top troika — a troika that functions increasingly like a duumvirate.

It is the convergence of these four negative trends as well as the location of this fusion at the hard drive of the State machine, which has shifted the content and pathway of State policy in the post-war period and even (re)drawn the roadmap. It is as if a signals tower at a railway intersection or the control tower of an airport has been taken over by a new crew which has decided views.

The open endorsement by the country’s most powerful official, the Secretary to the Ministry of Defence, certainly one of the two most powerful persons on the island, of the candidate of the Sinhala Buddhist hard-line party the JHU — rather than those of his brothers’ party the moderate SLFP — at the Western Provincial Council election of March 2014; his remarks at the opening of the political academy of the Islamophobic Sinhala Buddhist extremist formation the Bodu Bala Sena; his presence at the annual convention of the JHU some years earlier, are manifestations — and one may say, merely the visible manifestations— of this unprecedented convergence and fusion of the four negative factors.

This fusion has given the Sinhala hardliners and their views unique access to the ‘ideological structures’ (Gramsci), the ‘ideological state apparatuses’ (Althusser). Thus the State is encased in a national security straitjacket and the dominant ethos of the regime is not that of the centrist SLFP, or even the pragmatic and protean ‘Mahinda Chinthana’ (the discourse, not the manifesto), but a harsher compound of Sinhala Buddhist fundamentalism and state security fundamentalism.

It is not merely a militarisation or hyper-securitisation that we see — which future historians may or may not see as a creeping coup, a policy putsch as process rather than event — but also a hyper-securitisation driven by or intertwined with a fanatical Sinhala Buddhist ‘Zionism’. It is not by any means a purely professional, secular concept or process of securitisation.

Who runs the country?

Who then runs the country? If the answer is The (Buddhist) Brotherhood and its courtiers — a close knit group of unelected officials who are not accountable to Parliament —  a significant distortion and deformation have taken place in the functioning and perhaps even the structure of the Sri Lankan State.

The amalgam of the four trends has changed the configuration and discourse of the Sri Lankan State. It has caused a mutation within and of the Sri Lankan State itself. It now appears before the world in disguise — wearing the genially smiling mask of Mahinda Rajapaksa. Ironically, it is Mahinda Rajapaksa who is now a human shield.

It doesn’t work internationally or outside the Sinhala cultural zone, because outside that zone the Sri Lankan State now looks and speaks like Darth Vader or General Zod rather than Mahinda Rajapaksa. This is why world opinion is moving increasingly away from Sri Lanka. This is why it was so easy for the Tamil diaspora activist networks to target Sri Lanka and successfully lobby Western politicians.

If there was anything that post-war Sri Lanka required, and now requires still more (as antidote to the poison arrow of the Geneva-mandated international inquiry), it was reform. Instead, the new centre of gravity of the regime and State is a bulwark of neoconservative Counter-reformation. It is the dominant ethos of counterreformation and the doctrine of ‘roll back’ that has frozen the Northern Provincial Council, despite the bold step taken by Mahinda Rajapaksa to hold the election to the NPC.

The attempt by the political proxies of the Securocracy to cut down the powers of the 13th Amendment before holding the northern election was successfully resisted by the progressives within the Government and more importantly by the diplomatic pressure of the neighbouring power.

Contrary to the lurid propaganda of the regime’s critics, Sri Lanka in 2014 bears only the faintest resemblance to an Orwellian ‘1984’ society. Here, Big Brother is not watching. But Little Brother may be listening.

*This is a revised version of an extract from a 7,500 word essay entitled ‘Plato’s Cave in the Indian Ocean: Elite Failure in Sri Lanka,’ a contribution to the special edition of Groundviews on ‘Five Years After the War’

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Latest comments

  • 8

    ” Big Brother is not watching” – Tamils are living in open prison.

    • 6

      A genuine Peace and Reconciliation is only possible after Justice is served.

      “Post-war development has indicated that there is no will from the government to create a conducive atmosphere for accountability and a genuine reconciliation process. Notably, root causes of the conflict have not yet been addressed either. Consecutive governments have used internal inquiries or presidential commissions to mitigate international pressure with repeated empty promises instead of genuine attempts or willingness to solve the underlying problems. The very same governments have also failed to establish mechanisms to combat impunity.” – http://tamilsforum.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/Need-for-an-International-Independent-Investigation-in-Sri-Lanka.pdf

      • 9


        Do you still have the patience to read this self confessed war monger’s garbage?

        A quick perusal of his recycled garbage tells you about the man than his message. Read here what he said above:

        “The loss of the moral high ground by the Sri Lankan State was not during or because of the war, but after it.”

        I was forced to read the first few paragraphs of his thrash because of your comment. You too should be charged for inflicting mental cruelty to fellow forum sharers for persuading us to read the article. In essence you are aiding and abetting this man’s criminal enterprise, denying war crimes.

        We shouldn’t be listening to a war monger, war crime denier, who was behind the Premadasa and Rajabakse regimes while the most war crimes were being committed against all people and above all he was Eelamist Separatist before LTTE took the mantle.

        • 3

          Thank you. To tell you the truth I do not read the whole article – just skim through to find anything useful.

          There are few who supported eelam idea, then supported Rajapkse , now complains about his governance.

      • 5

        Dayanage is slowly realizing that the end is near for his master and mentor of Mahavamsa chinthanaya famed Maharajapakse.

        Evil cannot triumph in the world, so they say: Sri Lanka is a node in the axis of evil today.

        Lies of the Sri Lankan regime and the state before the war, during the war and afterwards only antagonizes the world: The more they lie the more the world is astonished.

        Nobody like to be taken for a fool for ever.

        • 1

          Sixty six years didn’t bring about any nation building: It has brought about the most racist regime since independence and thuggery masquerading as government: Tamils, Hindus, Muslims and Christians are alienated.

          Sinhala Buddhist violence and yellow robed terrorism is rising.

          War victory celebrations year after year remind us that there is no one nation to talk about: In fact these celebrations confirm that there are two nations in the island.

          The notorious Sri Lankan regime can learn a valuable lesson from Ukraine’s plight today: But I doubt, they will.

      • 1

        You may be right.

        Not only in nothern soils, but also across the country, no justice related issues are safeguarded. Nothing like strategies are framed by govt yet about how they would solve the situation – as seen sofar, no vision about the improvement of injustice related issues, though president himself goes on prevaricating about all these alarming issues.

        See, as we all noticed it – after UNP MPs were lately manhandled by an contract of UPFA in order to block the scheduled fact finding mission of the visiting UNP members.

    • 8

      Dear DJ,

      “The amalgam of the four trends has changed the configuration and discourse of the Sri Lankan State. It has caused a mutation within and of the Sri Lankan State itself. It now appears before the world in disguise — wearing the genially smiling mask of Mahinda Rajapaksa. Ironically, it is Mahinda Rajapaksa who is now a human shield.”

      Can you please be very honest and respond me the following ?

      If the genially smiling mask of MR is honest to future of the nation, why cant he fail yet to re enforce the rule of law and order ?
      And do you think that the majority of the country would go against him introducing amendments to the prevailing law of the country ?

    • 2

      5th Anniversary Of May 2009: Blocked Transition To Sustainable Peace

      Sri Lanka in Chinese debt trap SUSTAINABLE DEATH TRAP
      SATURDAY, 10 MAY 2014 09:46 2 COMMENTS

      “Almost five years after the war was won, things are going badly for Sri Lanka, and that’s mainly because things are going badly in Sri Lanka. Everyone has their own favourite explanations of why. This is mine, and it focuses only on what I consider the single most important negative factor.”

      There are more things that are going wrong.


      The amount of loans China has made available to Sri Lanka during the last four years has exceeded US$3836. Sri Lanka has to settle this colossal debt during the next 14 to 20 years with an interest of 1.53% to 6.5%.

      Before Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa came to power the economic relations between China and Sri Lanka were not harmful to Sri Lanka. An example is the ‘Rubber – Rice’ agreement between Sri Lanka and China.

      However, the present government has signed various agreements with China to obtain colossal amounts in loans entrapping Sri Lanka in a debt trap.

      Political analysts point out such a situation is a threat to regional politics.

    • 3

      5th Anniversary Of May 2009: Blocked Transition To Sustainable Peace

      land of native Vedda, the Dhamma depaya, liberated from LTTE Terrorism, but Rapists and Buddhist Monks are running Amok…/…

      [Edited out]

  • 11

    The real problem today is, no one believes anymore what MaRa says, even if it’s true.


  • 10

    All this pontification means that there is no truly democratic government in sri lanka.
    Though LTTE was decimated and buried in 2009,there are efforts to “resurrect” it in the minds of sri lankans,to continue denial of basic freedoms to the populace as this will cause the downfall of the regime of Mahinda Rajapakse.

  • 2

    I think Dayn J’s analysis has a lot of partial truths, but taking them as whole truths leads to serious problems.
    Compare Sri Lanka’s leadership with that of early Singapore (Lee-KY) or Mahathir-M in Malaysia. In Singapore, there was little ‘democracy” as understood by the HR lobby. Even urban policy required that one ethnic group could not concentrate in any municipal neighbourhood – so no purely Chinese or or purely other-ethnicity neighbourhoods – no majority-Tamil Wellawatte or Sinhala Nugegoda, leave aside “exclusive Tamil homelands”.

    Was direct political opposition to Lee-KY possible? – No.
    We all know of the “Bhoomi-puthra” doctrines of mahathir-M. Does Dayan recognize the same characteristic in the Sinhala-Buddhist claims, or in Narendra Modi?
    MahindaR’s regime has been much more democratic than either the Mahathir-M or L-KY regimes which did not inherit a civil war, and lasted several laps of “re-election” as MR also has. So where did MR’s Lanka go wrong, (as it has done, in a number of issues) ?

    It has indeed failed to be the darling of the West because (in addition to the “prison-notebook” reasons given by Dayan) it did not open its markets to the global investors from the west, as JRJ or RanilW would have. Instead it opened itself to the Chinese and they are the biggest investors of post-2009 Lanka. Thus Dayan J, always looking at political events via the pothe-guras Gramasci and Althusser (and why not Rohan Wijeweera or EMS Namboodiripad’s -not rooted in western-intellectualism sufficiently?), fails to see how the MR-regime has antagonized the Western Global investor lobby that was hoping to profit from the post-war disaster situation in Sri Lanka. It did that in South Africa, neutralized and apotheosized Mandela.

    If Sri Lanka were to invite Halliburton to explore for oil in its seabed, and if it would sign a defence fact with the US-NATO countries allowing for the US to use Sri lanka for some of its south Asia operations (now that Diago Gracia is lapsing) , the whole picture will change. Sri Lanka in the eyes of the West will indeed become the darling of the West, just like Israel. Lanka’s Israel-like policy lacks the acquiescence to the western military objectives and that is why it has not worked.

    However, on the other hand, even if Sri Lanka conducted itself with immensely high moral standards, it would still be criticized by the Pakiyasoothy Saravanamuttus, Basil Fernandos, Ruki Fs and other NGO mullahs until and unless Eelam is granted to the North, opening the door to Global capital via the portals of Eelam. “Self-determination” as Eelam is the only answer acceptable to the hard-Diaspora and to the Ideological Leninist who has his standard text to quote. Basically, whatever the MR regime does is not good enough for the Diaspora apologists who are paid to run Groundviews.

    DayanJ’s intervention in GroundViews helps to buttress their political advocacy viewpoint even further, irrespective of the details of what DJ has to say. Furthermore, DayanJ does not offer a solution out of the MR-centered juggernaut that DayanJ claims Sri Lanka is in. Ergo , we need external intervention for regime change – a program advocated by those GroundViews activists who turned up in Geneva recently to canvass for foreign intervention.

    That is the basic, if unwitting, message of Dayan J?

    So, Dayan J’s analysis covers a set of partial truths, but neglects the core issues because he already has an ideological expectation of what the “truth” is, and has formulated an answer to fit his ideology by selecting some facts and ignoring other glaring facts.

  • 7

    Has Sri Lanka experienced a quite military coup? Have the Rajapakse brothers taking the powers away from the Parliament and resting them with the armed forces, in effect,t they have completed a silent military coup. Even the areas which come under the police is now handled by the armed forces and its the spokes person of the military who gives statements to the public. Are we all so stupid to accept this situation?

    • 2

      Silent military coup????
      If SL voters defeat MR in next election… then open military coup is inevitable. Gotabhaya can’t accept it. If MR defeated, Gota can’t live in SL, Gota can’t go to US, perhaps killed within SL, or to face International Criminal courts….. Gota knows all this..
      So my conclusion is, if you defeat MR in the next election, SL will be in the biggest mess in the history…. Gota will (have to) take control!!!

      • 3

        Park and AVB, The military cordon around the Cinnamon Lakeside Hotel where Gen Sarath Fonseka was based, at the last Presidential election, was in fact a move in preparation for a coup d’etat, since the expectation was a victory for the General. Once the results were known the whole sordid affair was blamed on Fonseka in a classic ‘False Flag’ operation.

        A silent coup has indeed taken place. The remark on a real coup taking place is quite valid. In fact we may be in for a surprise. We may not have elections at all.

        • 3


          “A silent coup has indeed taken place.”

          Was it a Christian coup?

          Was it a Hindu coup?

          Was it a Muslim coup?

          Was it a Sinhala/Buddhists coup?

          The coup which failed miserably in the 1960s was variously known as Christian coup.

          • 1

            A shadowy silent military coup is already taking place.

            Militarization of the Urban development ministry while dismentling all shanties around Colombo and building apartments, acquiring lands and using military in Construction, engineering and maintenance of Hotels,Apartment complexes, Parks, farming,Retail business, catering,military hospitals, military training for school heads, administration of North and east , Rakna Lanka security service and intelligence gathering etc.etc.

            Meanwhile evasdropping and wiretapping all phone calls employing over 800 personnel are carried out.

            Constant arrival of Chinese and Pakistani military heads are telling a story.

            Using BBS Buddhist extremists power source to maintain the extrimist ideology while using them as civilian buffer is visible.(Good example how the demonstration in Aluthgama carried out just before the Muslim shop was burnt down)

            How Rajapakses showed their power through UPFA May day rally to show strength.

            Therefore MR/ Gota using a three proged combination of Military, BBS Buddhist extrimists and civilian force as their frontline state of a silent coup taking place is visible.

            Sri lanka could be heading for a Rajapakse/ BBS buddhist extrimist dictatorship using 18th Amendment is visible.

            Rajapakses will take the whole Sri Lanka down before they surrender to UNHRC investigations and the revival of LTTE is the beginning of the legitimacy they seek.

    • 4


      A soft military coup has indeed taken place.

      Further solidified by the trecherous 18th amendment. Darkest moment in Sri Lanka’s modern history.

      However, there is no question of the Hambantota Clan losing an election. They will not. They have no shame. They have gone too far. Too many crimes to hide.

      Therefore Presidential elelction will indeed be corrupted to the max. To acheive the desirable result. They will “win”.

      It is a Junta that is runing Sri Lanka already.


  • 6

    5th Anniversary of May 2009 – what Ban ki Moon said about that?

    “The end of the civil war in Sri Lanka in 2009 led to tens of thousands of deaths and a systemic failure by the United Nations to speak up and act,”

    In detail – http://www.thesundayleader.lk/2014/04/13/ban-reiterates-un-failure-in-lanka/

    “UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has once again reiterated the failure of the United Nations to prevent the death of thousands of people in Sri Lanka during the final stages of the war.

    He noted this in a column appearing in The Hindu newspaper to mark the 20th anniversary of the genocide in Rwanda which was commemorated last week.

    “The end of the civil war in Sri Lanka in 2009 led to tens of thousands of deaths and a systemic failure by the United Nations to speak up and act,” the UN Secretary General said in the column.

    Ban Ki-moon noted that in conflict situations the world needs to overcome moral blind spots. He says UN Member States may have rival definitions of national interest, or be unwilling to take on new financial or military commitments. They may be daunted by complexity and risk, or concerned that discussions about an imminent crisis in other countries might one day focus on their own situations.

    “But the results of this indifference and indecisiveness are clear: the bloodshed of innocents, shattered societies, and leaders left to utter the words “never again,” again and again – in itself, a sign of continuing failure,” the UN Chief said.

    Ban also notes that the international community has endorsed the “responsibility to protect” and States can no longer claim that atrocity crimes are a domestic matter beyond the realm of international concern.”

    • 0

      5th Anniversary of May 2009 – what Ban ki Moon said about that? “The end of the civil war in Sri Lanka in 2009 led to tens of thousands of deaths and a systemic failure by the United Nations to speak up and act,”

      Ban-KiMoon merely parrots what ever is fed to him. Look at the more detailed analysis by (i) Marga Institute (ii) Number’s game by SriLankana-Australian academic Michael Roberts, and “fog of war”
      (iii)analyses by Peradeniya academic Gerald Peiries:
      (iv)an analysis by the American Physical Soc., of Satellite data, which gives a figure of about 7000 people dying during the the stage of the war, INCLUSIVE of killed LTTE fighters. The UN also had released the figure of about 7000. A later report by Darusman, Sooka et al claimed that the number may be as high as 40,000, but provided no supporting data. (v) another discussion of the death-toll by a Canadian-SriLankan academic (Chandre Dharmawardana) at:

      All these academics, early report by UN and the Marga Institute put the death around 7000, of which perhaps 3000-4000 were LTTE fighters. Compare that with the death toll in Iraq even in a week.

      Yasmin Sooka of course is, and has been gunning against Sri lanka, and figures in the board of the “Campaign for Peace and Justice in Sri Lanka” that has a political agenda close to the Center for Policy Alternatives. She even claims that the IDPs in camps were actually nothing but “incarcerated inmates” in “concentration camps”who were sexually molested etc. This is nonsense or, at best, gross misrepresentation. To beat it all, Rayuppu Joseph has claimed a figure of 140,000 deaths! Once these numbers go around the Internet, they get entrenched as “facts”, while the real facts get buried by misinformation.

      • 6


        If you are so sure and convinced of the figures then frankly there should be no reluctance on the part of the regime to accede to an independent international investigation to ascertain the truth, and put all these hoo hah behind. Why that is not happening?

        • 0

          Bulner: If you are so sure and convinced of the figures then frankly there should be no reluctance on the part of the regime to accede to an independent international investigation to ascertain the truth”

          Who is going to hold this “independent investigation? The Darusman panel showed that it cannot do an independent investigation.
          The Eminent Persons investigation of Trincomalee and Muttur tragedies showed that they couldn’t hold an investigation because the judges were
          in fact NOT independent. We in Australia have had Royal commissions and UN investigations about the Aboriginal people in Australia being put in Jails in large Numbers and dying mysteriously (see John Pilger’s movie http://johnpilger.com/. Have those investigations succeeded, even in Australia where there is no situation.? No.

          The whole point it, the people who claimed that atrocities have been approved of anonymity for some fifty years or what ever, and so you cannot hold an investigation using phantom witnesses.

          However, the analyses of the Satellite data over the Vanni given by the scientists at the American Physics Association is as objective as it could be, and was commissioned by Huaman Rights Watch. So, there is very little to investigate. At least half the killing were done by the LTTE. The demand for investigation is simply tied to the call for Regime Change. We see it with these ‘arab spring” or Ukraine stuff as well. So far the West hasn’t succeeded in creating an “arab spring” against the MR government. So they are trying other tricks.

          As a Burgher who lived in Bambalapitiya before immigrating to Australia, I know the Sri Lankan case well. What Sri Lanka needs is ensuring that law and order is established, and the courts + the police operate properly. You can’t get that from investigations about the last war, conducted by outsiders, with phantom witnesses, without the Sri lankans themselves participating in it willingly and appreciating that there is a problem.

          The rather long commentary by Manoharan hits the nail regarding Tamils having to move on from that Prabhakaran era because the Tamils were as guilty (if not more) as the Singhalese when it comes to atrocities and terror.

          The MR regime, and the previous military operations under various Colombo governments are most likely to be guilty of state terror – but it was a war and not a parlour game. The guilt is also equally on the LTTE and the TNA leaders who were the mouth pieces of the LTTE. We know their heinous role in aiding and abetting the Tigers; Are you proposing to try them for their role in the war at the same time? What about all the LTTEers who have taken refugee status in Canada, UK, Europe and even in Australia? I am glad our Aussie government has become tough on bogus refugees. There are genuine refuges, but the LTTEers (and even some ex-JVPers) must be rounded up and brought to justice and this can be done in each country, without the need for an “international investigation”.

          • 0

            Bulner, Your analysis of the situation is closer to the truth than the biased views of many. I lived in Sri Lanka during the whole of this period and witnessed the cruelty from both sides of the conflict. The numbers of innocents killed as claimed ( from 40,000 to 140,000) is a lie and we who live here know it, for killings of such massive scale would not have escaped our attention despite censorship, a ‘war without witnesses’ etc. The foreign missions know it too. The core issue is the lack of justice and the equal treatment to all races which is why I assert that the fundamental flaw is the lack of individual rights. The first step to rectify this is a point you touched on, that is the re establishment of the Rule of Law. It is highly unlikely however that we will see any progress in that direction under Mahinda Rajapaksa.

            • 0


              Never mind about the 40,000. What about the 70,000 who vanished during the 1970s? Is that a lie, too? Or do you belong to a society of misfits? You mean the foreign missions of Canada, USA and UK? Too bad, they still voted in favour of the UNHRC resolution. If you keep on creating one commission after another, one report after another, one select committee after, how do you expect the world to believe? The regime is synonymous to lies and deceit, that is, a cheat.

          • 2


            Your rather long winded “lecture” seems to suggest why we need the UN, UNHRC, etc. More so, why do we need the courts, legal systems as the Sanga is sacrosanct. History is tattered and peppered with justice and injustice. Despite the outcry after the Holocaust and of recent memory, the Rwandan genocide, the UN still looked the other way in the SL tragedy. Action or inaction in many cases should and would never be the reason to abandon or dream away or wish away the atrocities committed. In a seemingly open ended number of variables in the equation, to pin down to a realistic picture would only appear envious but this is to say to abandon life on the first day of our birth as it is a hard and inevitable truth that every living creature would meet its end eventually, and that is what life is all about.

            In the many struggles that we face, some bear results, some not in the way expected and some never. Does it really matter then whether any other investigation in any form or in any country and its failure or otherwise should be the barometer to institute current and future investigations? Manoharan is a fool. If he had been as sincere as he pretends to be, he would have persuaded the SL regime to win the peace. His lectures should have been rightfully directed at the regime. If the army is breathing on every aspect of civilian life, what and where to move on, I may ask? If his wife or mother or sisters have been brutally raped and murdered, would he bathe in the Ganges and declare that it is God’s will that they were to be subjected to rape and just move on with life? After all, Muttiah Muralidaran had never had any of his family members whose breasts have been mutilated, raped and dumped like as if they were nothing. If such people lack sensitivity, the least they can do is to simply shut their mouths. Dayan, of late, keeps on grumbling of his wasted efforts and now has tendered a communion of an imagined theory of four cornerstones coming to roost in unison.

            As much as you are citing “information”, there is an overwhelming of information countering the SL regime’s version of events. The fundamental difference with an independent international investigation is that both parties have been cited as committing atrocities. That is as close as one can get. As for the “independence” factor that you are craving for, I have no problem in you getting “GOD” to be the arbitrator, honestly. Of course, whose God again?

          • 1

            I don’t have time to do lengthy posts. People like Jansee make good arguments and I broadly endorse such. But there is something that sticks out in your post that shouldn’t go without a response:

            “…the Eminent Persons investigation of Trincomalee and Muttur tragedies showed that they couldn’t hold an investigation because the judges were in fact NOT independent.”

            That is an utter lie, and calls into question your credibility. The Trinco-5 and ACF-17 massacre probe by the IIGEP was thwarted by people like the late C.R. de Silva, Gomin Dayasri and S.L. Gunasekara. The former was responsible for blocking the investigation of Welikada prison massacres in 1983 as per the UTHR, and was close to Mahinda Rajapaksa. The latter two are well-known chauvinists. They all had the underhanded support of the Rajapaksa regime.

            The IIGEP couldn’t continue the investigations because the Rajapaksa regime had no will to punish the criminals, and the investigation might have unearthed the culpability of the Rajapaksa brothers themselves in these massacres. So they used every trick to thwart it.

  • 3

    .Much of Dayan’s analyses are valid and point that he is reacting to what is unfolding in Sri Lanka with greater acuity and sensibility. He is becoming bolder too.

    However, ‘ Big Brother’ should bear responsibility for the good, bad and the ugly, of course with the ugly the predominant . The ‘ Little Brothers, sons, nephews , nieces and other hangers on’ are where they are and doing what they do, because they are clinging to his sathakaya – the equivalent of Sirimavo’ s sari potha. He and he alone is responsible for everything happening in Sri Lanka.

    MR is the only shield , shielding all those responsible for destroying Sri Lanka from within. I would be reluctant to call the MR shield, human. The civilians used by VP- who proved he was an animal-man through many of his actions- as shields/sand bags were innocent ,helpless , compelled and pathetic humans. They were the victims of his bestiality. VP and his cadres were in the centre of the pathetic human shield he contrived.

    MR is shielding the Devils and the near Devils. MR is like the mother hen providing cover for nasty chicks under his wings. The nasty chicks without the shelter his wings provide, would be neutered by the people. Can a person, who has acquired more power through various shady deals and actions than he was mandated by the people and has condoned, justified and seeded many an evil, be human in the sense our religions teach us to become?

    The worst crime MR has committed during his tenure was the manner in which he has blocked the transition to reconciliation and nation building, throwing to the winds the grand opportunity that came his way, after the rather nasty war. He deliberately sabotaged the path all the peoples of Sri Lanka were willing to take after being witnesses and victims of the tragedy that had unfolded around them over several decades. This was a grand betrayal of Sri Lanka. We are back on the brink of a greater tragedy, because of MR and he alone.

    Dr. Rajasingham Narendran

    • 3

      Not only Mahinda, as I said in another forum. Hitler alone did not build the Nazi empire but he was ably supported by many minions at various levels. The same thing applies here, including former ambassadors such as Dayan, he too should take the responsibility.

      • 6

        …… Dayan, too is responsible……..

        Yes, I agree.

        After, MP Joseph Pararajasingham was murdered, and many others abducted by ‘white van’, DJ wrote, ” terror must be met with terror”, he supported all those criminal acts by MaRa’s Team.


  • 8

    Few things display the chasm between the Sinhalese and Tamils like the anniversary of May 2009. In the minds of the Sinhalese it is the pinnacle of their achievement; the moment that they made sure that their nation state would also be an island state (not just a portion of an Island). For Tamils May 2009 marks the Nadir of their existence as a distinct group in the spectrum of humanity. For the Sinhalese state, May 2009 is “Victory” day. For Tamils it is a day of mourning, a day to commemorate genocide against their people and their nation.
    What’s amazing is that five years after the war, the world at large has well and truly embraced the Tamil narrative rather than the Sinhalese one. Does Dayan think that world leaders such as David Cameron and Barack Obama are more likely to send the state a congratulatory message on the occasion of May 2009, or send a message of condolence to the Tamil people as they stand in solidarity with them to mourn their loss? This was unthinkable in 2000 or even in 2005. Today it is the Tamil people who occupy the mainstream, and it is the Sinhalese State that is an outcast – a leper – a problem child – a headache that needs to be managed by the powers that be.

    • 4

      All because MR wants his name permanently enshrined in the Great Sinhala Chronicle Mahavamsa!

  • 8

    Without holding any brief for the LTTE, it is a matter of conjecture as to whether the LTTE could have been defeated by the Sri Lankan army without the help of India, Pakistan,UK and the USA and possibly Israel.
    Another reason why the LTTE was defeated was because Pirapharan instead of fighting a guerrilla war decided to fight a conventional war for which he was ill equipped and against the support SL army, navy and the airforce received from the countries referred to earlier.

  • 1

    Japan as late as last week said the Pillai resolution is neither helpful nor in the interest of Srilanka.

    Isn’t Japan part of the international community?

    Isn’t Dayan also now pandering to the Cameron, Harper, Pillai troika and towing their line?.

    Our Economy is heading for another 7 % plus growth next year.

    New Hotels already in business, the others coming up and the mushrooming multi storey luxury apartment blocks in Wellawatta alone which is the real Real Estate of Lanka Eelaam are mind boggling.

    Don’t tell me these are Buddhist chauvinist ventures with Buddhist Chauvinist Capital for the benefit of JHU , and BBS followers and members .

    Just imagine how much wealth has been created in Wellawatta alone in the 5 years since Nanthikadal..

    Although Cameron , Harper and Obama haven’t contributed anything for this phenomenal development , these projects will be exclusively for the benefit of their citizens, real and the adopted ones.

    Does that look like Gaza strip?

    Can Dayan take up Mr Sumanathiran’s challenge and tell us why the Vellala CM can or can’t be the next Common Candidate of the UNP or the Opposition..

    It will be more interesting reading…..

  • 1

    Best Article So far.

    Thankfully in this one, you are not advising Vigneswaran on behalf of the vast majority but still seen blowing your dumb trumpet, how in your smartness you succeeded in supporting the nation in its diplomatic efforts without being able to see 1), 2), 3) & 4)

    Please add the curse no 5) > spineless opportunist intellectuals like GL & you not knowing after 4) comes 5)

  • 0

    some lankans who live overseas miss their country so much they become confused,try to don “patriotic” I love lanka mantle…they go on the expressway from the airport and are sooo impressed with “development” we meet and know so many of this kind….whilst those stuck here know different,suffer a economy that is stagnant.

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