5 March, 2024


A Dodgy Police Complaint To Axe Frederica Jansz

By Colombo Telegraph

A police complaint made only on Monday September 17, was nevertheless published in the Island even before the complaint had been officially recorded by officers attached to the Criminal Investigations Department.

Sajin Vass Gunewardena | Photo Business Today

In a strange but revealing twist police sources confided to Colombo Telegraph that Sajin Vass Gunewardena the Coordinating Secretary to the President, Member of Parliament and Monitoring MP for the Ministry of External Affairs, who made a police complaint against the Sunday Leader and its recently sacked Editor Frederica Jansz alleging that a nutshell published in the newspaper last week could incite violence against President Mahinda Rajapaksa was published as a news item carrying Vass Gunewardena’s picture even before his statement had been recorded by police.

Vass Gunewardena’s statement was made to police only on Monday September 17.  However the English language daily the Island which went to print Sunday night published a news item saying as much and quoting police spokesman Ajith Rohana on Monday September 17, even before before Vass Gunewardena’s complaint had been recorded.

Police sources confided that the complaint was manipulated and instigated not out of any genuine concern for the security of the President.

Police confided that Gunewardena has signed a copy of the said newspaper in the column called “Nutshells” dating his signature as Monday September 17, 2012.  The day his statement was recorded by the CID.

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    Sajin Vas is a power hungry schemer and manipulator of the highest order and one of the Rajapakse cronies who is into MONEY POLITICS.

    It is now clear that the UNP and SLFP have traded places: The grand old party seems to be both financially and morally broke under Ranil Wickramasinghe – Lanka’s second dictator after MR.

    MONEY POLITICS is the principle mode of politics of the SLFP and its new rich acolytes who are taking over all free and independent media and following the Suharto model of military dictaroship.

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    After a member of the regime is contacted a back dated plaint will be issued by the police?
    I have evidence.

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    A sad day/event in the history of what was democratic Sri Lanka.
    The signs of Idi Amin’s antics – to be refined later by the other unrelenting despot Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe. Both destroyed the
    judicial process in their countries.


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    Vass Gunewardena’s statement!

    Don’t waste your time this type low caliber of indivuals.

    If one know this fellows biography they will not give any important to this low grade fellow.

    It is waste of time

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      I fully agree, do not waste time writing about these political stooges. Instead however, if the media can be used to highlight the GOOD and RESPONSIBLE work of the society these stooges will soon realize they are no longer in the lime light.

      Today most in society specially the younger Srilankans might get the feeling that the easiest way to be popular would be, to do the same these political stooges do.

      There is thought that there is no value to being a good and responsible person in the srilankan society anymore.

      Over to you Journalist please

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    Sri lanka! A land like no other…

    These sort of wheeler-dealers and stock market manipulators of advertising-agency fame, are basking in the spotlight whilst it lasts. Every dog has its’ day – pun intended!

    Sadly those of us who pay our taxes, end up bank rolling all their colossal waste/extravagances -daylight robbery really!


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