2 December, 2023


A Major Breakthrough In Bloemendhal Shooting Investigation

Making a major breakthrough in the investigation related to the shooting incident at Bloemendhal Road, Police today said that they have identified the car which was used by gunmen and also had arrested one of the shooters involved in the July 31 incident, which claimed the lives of two persons and injured 11 others.

blumendle_carThe vehicle used by shooters has been identified as a black hybrid car bearing the numbers KX 3149.

Also a 28 year old gym instructor named Widanagamage Amila has been arrested near Hulftsdorp Court Complex, Colombo in connection with the shooting.

According to Police the arrested suspect is being interrogated to identify the other suspects involved in the shooting and to recover the weapons used in it.

The arrested person is linked to an underworld gang, according to the Police.

Siththy Nasima (42), a resident of Madampapitiya in Kotahena, died while 11 others were wounded in the shooting targeting a group of UNP supporters engaged in canvassing for Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake on July 31.

One of the wounded persons, B. Niroshan Sampath (30), also succumbed to injuries 3 days later.

The United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) and even some UNP politicians have claimed that the shooting was the result of a clash between two underworld gangs. The UPFA has accused Karunanayake of using underworld gangsters in election related work.

While rejecting such allegations Karunanyake has said that elements connected to the UPFA, especially former President Rajapaksa is behind the shooting.

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  • 7

    Well well well.

    Is it true is it not true or both.
    Fabrication goes on and on and on and the innocent gets penalised. That’s the way it goes with the honourable Po…….Sevice of Srilanka. Who to believe ?? All the innocent men and women are banged up in Prison while the culprits walk free.

    Superb detective services that we should be proud of and be the envy of the world .
    Great. What happened to the rape and murder of the school girl in the North??
    All hushed up??
    Well things happens if you find your self at the wrong place at the wrong time even when you’re innocent.

  • 7

    Aha .. Very good that you arrested the suspects. Now go arrest the suspects in the Thajudeen case also. Can’t noh !!

    • 0

      Paddy – Hope the police will not take donkeys ages to reveal whether
      Thajudeen was actually, brutally murdered or died due to an accident.
      People are thankful to the govt. and the police for reinvestigating
      the suspicious murders done in the past but people are disappointed
      that it takes so much of time on the investigations, which is disa-
      ppointing. Lasantha’s and Bharatha Premachandra’s murder investiga-tion has taken more than seven months and no results yet. Attempts
      are still made to hush up Jaffna MP’s and Pungududeevu (NP) school
      girl murder cases and it is surprising that anti govt. forces are
      still active in thwarting Govt.’s attempts in bringing perpetrators
      to justice. All what we hear is that the culprits are arrested,
      investigated and released on bail and none indicted as far as we
      know, thus putting the Govt. in an embarrassing position and accused
      of lying

      We understand that investigations need time but Police should speed
      up the investigations of high profile cases by adding more men to
      the team of investigators and if necessary, call for foreign help
      as political murders & intimidation should stop, forth with.

  • 1

    This Amila is also the culprit who aid Duminda Silva in assassination of Bharatha Lakshman, Now over to you UPFA?

  • 1

    /This Amila is also the culprit who aid Duminda Silva in assassination of Bharatha Lakshman, Now over to you UPFA? /

    Did you mean to say, “Now you are over, UPFA”?

    • 1

      That is correct Rohan, UPFA Duminda has used many of the ex soldiers to do his body guard work and to full fill violence against other parties.
      Amila is a ex VIR deserter after the war, and gathering man power to commit violence directly under DS

  • 3

    Dear Ravi,
    Why are you identified with so many nefarious activities and so called Mr Clean Batalanda keep you close to him in spite of allegations.
    Most of this is due to party politics. Many allege that even President Sirisena’s campaign of 8 January was tainted with KUDU money.

    AK Dissanayake(JVP)has an incomplete file about that and you and Duminda it seems.Anura has 92 files…be careful. The more you talk and mention MR’s name more you get exposed.Psychoanalysts like subjects like you Sir.That day, when Journalists were questioning you one after the other re Kotahena incident , you defended yourself so much and tried to put the ball in MR’s court, did not you see that they were not convinced.Be more sharp and talk less.

  • 1

    Hey Kautilya , slow down and let the police complete their investigation. Otherwise know what will happen, you will show your stupidity to the whole world. Two innocent are people dead and so many innocent people are severely injured. So slown down man.

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