21 May, 2024


A Post Script: Easter Sunday Bombing – More Questions To Minister & Ministry Of Defence, Law & Order

By Arun Kumaresan

Arun Kumaresan – Air Vice Marshal (Ret’d)

The tragedy has taken a great toll on the nation. But, President shamelessly addressed the nation yesterday with his usual “Swan Song” of – ‘I was not aware of the intelligence reports’. To start with, he should tell the nation why he failed to enplane on the fist available flight from Singapore and return to the nation. After all according to him; he was the only leader who fearlessly remained in Sri Lanka in the final phase of the war amidst LTTE air raids. 

Besides that, in the absence of the President, as per our constitution & norm, PM has the functional control of the government. It is relevant to evaluate the actions by the PM.

He immediately returns from down South on hearing about the blasts and summons the “National Security Council” (NSC) to assemble at Temple Trees to react & respond.  However, Secretary Defense & Service Chiefs/IGP without rushing to handle the unfolding emergency contacts the President in Singapore. It took an hour plus for them to inform PM that the said location is unsafe due to the emerging situation and they will not be attending. Was it an excuse to avoid and scuttle the PM chairing the NSC??? This suspicion is further confounded, as they have failed to give an alternate location (a serious omission). PM then on his own initiative has informed to arrange the said meeting at the Ministry of Defense (MOD) the usual place for such meetings and proceeds to MOD. It took further half an hour as the participants’ on being cornered (or foxed) by the PM without rushing await further clearance from the President. Apparently the President had cleared with specific orders for them not to carry out any instructions given by the PM without his approval.

 This was the state of affairs of our prime committee tasked with the Higher Defense Management on that horrific day. President has once again violated the constitution ( breaching  the solemn oath to protect the nation & its people from any forms of aggression ) by not only disregarding the intelligence report leading to mass casualties and also by obstructing the convening the highest defense body at a critical hour to react to an unfolding emergency. 

Those members of the National Security Council who failed to rush to Temple Trees on summoned; too have violated by acting insubordinate to the constitutionally recognized office of the Prime Minister

May the Legislature take a serious note off above

Note to the reader:

Reinforces the contents on the earlier article on Colombo Telegraph on the conduct of Higher Defense Management under the President; TitledEaster Sunday Bombing: Questions to Minister Of Defense, Law & Order Of Sri Lanka

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Latest comments

  • 26

    Most (not all).Sri.lankans lack intellect.
    They are champions in creating groups in fb and WhatsApp.and spread false rumours and have fun , but it never enters the dumb minds to create groups of vigilance to crack down terrorism or crime .

    If The government is clever it’s very simple, get an Interpol approval and go into all the Sri Lankan WhatsApp ,FB and other social.media including all that is achieved and you will be able to arrest hundreds of thousands linked to Teroror ,Crime and extremism ,Racism and bigotry.

    Useless blocking social.medias , you should work with these platforms to allow you to prosecute those who abuse the platforms for Crime, hate racism.,bigotry ,terror and crime.
    So open up and let them engage and then arrest them and put them behind bars for least 20 years with a maximum fine.

    Does Singapore run and block platforms ? No .. they know how to deal with those who abuse such platforms ,,get their expertise

    • 17

      Desperate Citizen,

      Sri Lankan mean IQ is 79. For Singapore it is 108. This was measured.

      Besides, in Sri Lanka, Stupidity is a Virtue.

      A Land like no other.

      • 0

        Since 76% of Singaporeans are Chinese, perhaps you could advocate making Sri Lanka more Chinese in order to increase the IQ level ?
        What do you think ?

        Guessing your IQ is also around the 79% mark ? I’m sure mine is

    • 0

      “Does Singapore run and block platforms ?”

      Yes they do.. and then some:


      And they fine you for chewing gum and spitting also

  • 17

    That’s the end of ‘war crimes’ investigations. The US is not going to harm their new ally in the battle against IS.

    • 5

      On the other hand, Saudi Arabia finances ISIS, and Israel gives the wounded ISIS soldiers love and attention when they are wounded.
      Both strong US allies, now even more under Trump.

  • 49

    Sirisena is lying. Not only did he know about what was to happen he told the media to anticipate it before leaving. Not only did he know it the defense secretary also knew it. You can see that he knew by his own statement about not knowing it will be this big. In other words they all knew but thought it will be little small scale explosions they can use to cause maximum damage to the UNP government. Then try to use it to overthrow the government again. This was also not directed by IS. IS of course claimed it after the fact which is what they will do. A single family seems to be behind it. The funding seems to have come from somewhere. Time will tell the story. But one thing is clear the president must go. Please stop deluding your selves about this scoundrel. You cannot expect him to take any meaning full action after what he has already done. The chief intelligence officer who knew and reported to the president and the IGP can only take action of so directed by the president. They are not to blame for what happened. Again the president lies and tries to pass the buck. DO not be fooled. The other party who seems to be very pleased by what happened is of course Gotler. This whole thing reeks of very craftily hidden motives.

    • 20


      “Sirisena is lying”

      That is not news. He had always lied.

      He has earned the Titles of Liar,Traitor, Pachaya, Sevalya, Mala-Pereyhaya and several other titles from the citizens.

  • 36

    Sirisena is a very incompetent person who always shift responsibility. He never should have become President even an MP. He became President for all the wrong reasons when people voted him to power not on his liking but due to the dislike for his competitor Rajapakse.
    People are definitely suffering as people made a mistake to elect the most suitable man.

    • 15

      Shrikaran, absolutely yes. Sira is a scumbag. As you say, the people did not have any choice but to vote for this utter useless and a born traitor whose stupidy costed many peoples lives that are far more valuable than this skunk’s. Sira has lived his life through an easy life as MP and now the President. The Danish Billionaire who lost his entire family must be thinking what a mistake he made by taking the decision to go to Sri Lanka entrusting the lives of his family to be in the hands of totally incapable wild boars who are talented only in stealing, fooling the Sinhala masses, and banking on racism to secure their place in the power politics. For 70+ years, the Govigama Ruling Elite Mafia, all they did rightly was dividing the people on the basis of their race and religion which they got from the Racist Super Hero of the Sinhala Buddhism – Anagarika aDharmapala ( and his racist ideology). The reason we cannot bring in new blood into the leadership is due to the phenomena of Govigama Ruling Elite controls. Thats why elections after elections only they stand for the leadeship. These guys cannot rule due to them being PSYCHOPATHIC. Rajapakses are the ultimate danger lurking this nation which the majority dumbos do not realize.

  • 2

    Why doesn’t this Dude ask any Questions from Dr Ranil?..
    As I understand Dr Ranil is the Almighty PM who jailed the entire intelligence Unit to please the UN , and the TNA.
    And appointed the UNP IGP who sent that “Attack” Intelligence Report to only the VVIPs who are allied with Dr Ranil..

  • 7

    Todays’ Island is worth reading, a list of 160 terrorists but no arrests. Apparently the Police had not received orders from above. That translates as ‘an interested politician has prevented arrests’.

    • 8


      The state should have followed up tip off from Hindians and done whatever is/was necessary to prevent carnage.
      Now the torture king Mendis has a lot of torturing to do. Top suspects never get caught it is usually the innocent bystanders who are at the wrong place at wrong time seen by wrong persons get arrested and unable to pay the usual ransom or pull strings, ……….. pay a heavy price, physically, emotionally and financially.

      • 5

        Native, you are right but these incompetent and self-serving bastards never did anything other than look after themselves. As you say it is the poor of all communities who suffer most. No Muslim ministers at the scene, Sirisena lying through his teeth, Ranil…….well what can I say, being Ranil, less than useless.
        I was going to say back to the dark ages but on reflection we have been in the dark ages since 1948.

    • 0

      This began in 2016. Even Politicians were connected to have so-Called ISIS connections. Now, they want to replace IGP to cover their faults. Every occasion because of political connections, those were not acted upon.
      This si why Abolishing Executive PResidency would Destroy Srilanka. This is why Ranil wanted some DEFENCE ministry powers too. This is why Mangala went and bullied the Army Officer Ranil jailed the others including Intelligence people.
      Sri lanka doe snot have a proepr beaurocracy. It is the politicians who runs the system.
      that is why 51 day debacle ruined finance, health and everything.

  • 2

    People, another bomb found in a hotel ,welcome back to bomb days

  • 8

    These are the fact. due to this incident
    1) many innocent lives lost and also injured a lot.
    2) worshipers died at their churches
    3) people died while having or about to have breakfast.
    4) killed people are Tamil Christian and foreign tourist
    5) This killing is being carried out by Muslim extremist
    6) very coordinated attack
    7) but historically or recently, Muslim and Christian especially tamil Christian has no issue in Sri lanka
    8) but Muslim and Buddhist has always fight.
    9) even though multiple time foreign intelligent informed about a possible attack at church, non of the intelligent community or police take any sensible action. even never reveal to media
    10) a minister say that he knows about the possible attack

    1) why did they kill innocent Christian mainly Tamil in Easter day at the church.(they never target Dehiwala church or other churches or Buddhist temples)
    2) why did they target the breakfast time (mainly tourist )
    3) why did the intelligence community or law enforcement people never act based on the foreign intelligent report.
    4) why so far nobody in the government or intelligent or law enforcement take any responsibility. but president appointed a commission to enquire this event. the government said that the president never allows the government to act on law enforcement. what is the present condition?
    5) if there is no good leadership in defense, how to ensure innocent people are safe even at home.

    1) whole intelligent or law enforcement system is failed in sri lanka
    2) Muslim extremist may be very active in sri lanka.
    3) foreign Muslim extremist group may have made the sri lanka as their playground
    4) opposition politician or their supporter may have used Muslim extremist to destabilize the country and get power.
    5) singhala extremist/opposition may have supported to muslim extremist in order to get sympathy and get support from foreign countries and clear their name from a war crime. (now getting sympathy form foreigner when innocent tamil Christian die )

    The country politician and law enforcement authority need to be genuine

    • 10


      Very good questions.

      Circumstantial evidence for any of the scenarios?

      They used a Tamil Driver? Some of the arrested were Pakistanis. Who trained the suicide bombers? Who supplied the explosives and the detonators?

      Who stands to gain?

    • 5

      Ashok –
      I might answer one of these questions here – the President and his
      ranks in the Intelligence Service do not read English or their understanding of whatever, if read, is most dismal. No homework in
      English without tuition is the norm!

      MY3 has only one thing in mind – 2nd term, well encouraged by his
      near Consultants for their bread, BUT will loose very very heavily.

    • 7

      Nearly 95% of people who were killed in negambo are sinhalese.
      I am from that area.

  • 4

    Arun Kumaresan’s angst over the Easter Sunday Bombing is understandable but the “More Questions To Minister & Ministry Of Defence, Law & Order” are vertical thoughts.
    In our context, political leaders thrive on “I said so”. It will be prohibitively expensive if all the “I say so” are taken seriously.
    The layLankans must not be afraid to report suspicious activities. Possible only if Law & Order prevails.
    Voter must give signals that extreme positions are not in the nation’s interest.
    PS: Paragraph 3 “He (RW) immediately returns from down South………….” shows that everything is politically controlled.

  • 7

    The state has an unalienable duty to protect its citizens. If this is breached by gross negligence or deliberate inaction, the people responsible are culpable of suppressing vital information in the nation’s interest, and guilty of aiding and abetting an act of mass murder. All those people thus indicted, from the president downwards, should face the full force of the law and be punished equally as all arrested in the actual bombing. No one can act above the law and hope to escape punishment.

  • 1

    so the prez has passed the buck by calling for resignations of two officials but he must realise as prez harry truman said the buck stops here

  • 6

    Nobody understands the real problem. The problem of accountability started long time back. The law & order and justice system are politicised, religionised and corrupted from top to bottom. In the early days of Independence the country had well educated, service oriented, true patriotic, corruption free Tamil, Sinhala and Muslim officials in all institutions including defense, justice and law & order. Unfortunately, Politicians took short cut to come to power with the help of Buddhist Sinhala Fundamentalism and every institutions converted opportunistic, corrupted, racialised, sinhalised, Religionised(Buddisised). With these changes country started to collapase and now it is almost collapsed. For example at the end of the war, large number of LTTE senior members were able to leave the country afater paying big lumpsum to the top political leaders at that time. We gave ministerial post to those who attacked Daladha Maligawa, and allowed the international arms dealer to free without any investigation or any charge. Our president and former President both together violated the constitution, misused their power and plotted a coup and bribed openly and still they are in power. Do you expect that the law is fully enforced and to punish by these power hungry politicians?

    • 1


      ‘In the early days of Independence the country had ……….true patriotic, corruption free Tamil, Sinhala and Muslim officials in all institutions including defense, justice and law & order.’

      Look at the facts. Well after independence there was blatant discrimination against Sinhalese Buddhists. It was only a matter of time before the pendulum swung the other way.

      Appointments to the Government Accountant’s Service 1946-1960
      Tamils 63, Sinhalese 36, Other 1

      Appointments to the Government Audit Service 1948-1960
      Tamils 63, Sinhalese 30, Other 7

      Gazetted Police Officers 1957
      Christian 64, Buddhist 25, Hindu 6, Other 6

      Commissioned Officers Ceylon Light Infantry 1949-1951
      Christian 59, Buddhist 34, Hindu 0, Muslim 7

      Commissioned Officers Ceylon Artillery 1949-1960
      Christian 52, Buddhist 38, Hindu 10, Muslim 0

      • 2


        Thanks for the information.
        Could you cite the source.

        According to 1881 census there estimates includes about 12,000 people being Tamil Speaking Buddhists.
        Christians include Sinhala speaking people as well as Tamil speakers and Burghers.
        Therefore the above statistics do not provide clear picture.

        “It was only a matter of time before the pendulum swung the other way.”

        Pendulum was dragged to extreme and you see the consequences in terms of efficiency, level of development, quality of life, …..

        I hope we do not engage in the same kind of discussion in about 25 years.


        • 0

          Native, the sources are
          Glimpses of the Public Services of Ceylon During a Period of Transition 1927-1962 A.H.E. Sanderatne (Colombo, 1975)

          Ceylon Civil List 1957 (Government Press 1958)

          The Ceylon Light Infantry: History of the First Battalion 1949-1975 (Panagoda, 1975)

          • 2


            I have access to
            Glimpses of the Public Services of Ceylon During a Period of Transition 1927-1962 A.H.E. Sanderatne (Colombo, 1975)

            not the other two.

  • 2

    The murderous government has called for an inter-party conference.
    Who will attend?
    Those politicians who will attend are the same people who were forewarned of suicide attacks and who did not take any action to stop it.
    There will be an inter-religious conference too.
    For what?
    After the murderous government let suicide bombers to explode in churches on Easter Sunday, why do they want to meet with religious leaders now?
    As I said in my very first comments, Thawheeth Jamaath was undoubtedly trained by foreign elements, but not by ISIS, who are butchers. How could I be that sure?
    One suicide bomber, while walking towards the church with explosives in his bag, has touched the head of a passerby child with affection.
    Such tenderness towards children is very Sri Lankan.
    He was about to explode a bomb to kill people, but his instinctual action shows natural gentleness towards children.
    If they were trained by ISIS, their mindset would be barbarian, not like this.
    It is not the ISIS who should take the responsibility for the carnage, it is the murderous government which should take the responsibility.

    • 2


      “The murderous government has called for an inter-party conference.”

      In the past 71 years of the existence of this country the state and the various governments have been murderous.
      What are you moaning about it?

      Ask your pimp he knows lot about it.

      • 2

        Native Vedda,
        Out of that 71 years, Demalu murdered Sinhalayo over a period of 37 years.

        • 2

          Eagle Blind Eye

          “Out of that 71 years, Demalu murdered Sinhalayo over a period of 37 years.”

          Will you now tell us how many Sinhalese and Buddhists have been killed by the Sinhalayo (Sinhala/Buddhist Fascists) murderers in the past 71 years?

  • 4

    Mr President you just cannot getaway calling for resignations of Defense secretary and IGP You are the Minister of defense and Minister of Law and order and you are heading the security council meeting so you are to be blame for this attack . We want to know did you discussed in the security council meeting the intelligence report received from foreign intelligence agent this is your job you cannot just say you didn’t no nobody will believe you.

  • 2

    LAw enforcement did not act further on it because of political influence. They had first weapons in 2016 in Vanatha Willuwa. The suicide bombers were Wealthy people probably connected Drug money, and one was a factory owner. Ranil was fighting to share the Defence post.
    Some how this is like a “MAVIL ARU ANICUT was closed”. PResident has to become a dicttor. Ask Ranil and his henchmen to shut up. Ask NGOS who cry for NO to Post Surveilance Terrorism TO SHUT UP. – what ever the ACT.. Bring Draconian legislation. Disturb Wahabi’s Freedom and take action. Wahahbi mosques and Wahabis should be monitored. Middle Eastern clerics coming to open MADRASAS should be stopped. Govt is dependant on Wahabi money to become visionary leaders. Other than that, Most of the parliament knows what happened. BUT THEY DID NOT EXPECT THIS. There were other things happened. Their was a Srilankan who is an INGO for Srilankan NATIONAL SECURITY ANALYSIS – BOSS in one of those attacked HOTELS. Politicians are hiding the truth to the people. Other than that there are more than one side to what happened. They don’t care if a few 100 died. Probably, their money will renovate the buildings too.

  • 3

    Sri Lankan Buddhists are devided along party politics lines. they should gang up and vote one strong politicians and not the scum who says I WILL ASK IGP TO INVESTIGATE THIS FULLY AND TAKE EVERY ACTION POSSIBLE BUT NOTHING HAPPENED FOR for over three years. Because it is votes and political donations. buddhists were getting beatings from wahabis in their own country. This time they targatted Catholics. Next closest one. but, this is not without other foreign links. ISIS is MOSTLy hired killers and their target was Shiite Army in Syria. Catholics are cornered every where in the world. When POPE tried to visit England, they wanted to arrest him. Some how, they used some Stupid Wahabis. not the possibly disgruntled ones but wealthy wahabis. i heard they had plans like killing the 13 soldiers. that was one negligible item in their list. (GOD VISHNU)..

  • 2

    The best answer for Arun Kumarsen’s article has been given by the Mangala Samraweera’s article. Everything they are asking is needed in their plan. I think MS is not listening to MCC gang of politicians. that is the problem. In a properly working system, Ranil does not have to ask Triforces chiefs to come to the TEMPLE TREES when President is away. If everything goes as they plannaed as they wish, Srilanka becomes another DIEGO Garcia, another Thahiti, Puertorico, MAcau, HAvanna before the Cuban revolution.

  • 2

    It’s crystal clear that this government cannot provide security to it’s citizens. As such, the only alternative is for the people to arm themselves and take the fight onto the nearest Muslim ghetto.

    The army and other law enforcement agencies will understand this. They will understand that people must protect themselves at any cost.

    • 2

      Dear “Lt.” Retired

      Stay calm – you have led a life of following orders without question, no matter how idiotic and stupid they may be.

      Let the people who can think, do their work and then give you orders on what to do

      Don’t try to think by yourself – you might come up with some stupid ideas that will set fire to our country for another 30 years

      Or is that what you are secretly hoping for ?

    • 0

      Retired. This was not your song few days ago.What made you change?

  • 0

    [It’s crystal clear that this government cannot provide security to it’s citizens. As such, the only alternative is for the people to arm themselves and take the fight onto the nearest Muslim ghetto.

    The army and other law enforcement agencies will understand this. They will understand that people must protect themselves at any cost.]

    Retarded Reginald, what an idiotic, senseless, moron you are. Guys like you with your warped thinking only led this country to such a mess and total failure. How dare you could say that? So you agree that the forces will stand by you and support you for all the racist activities. So how forces instigated, provided petrol, support etc to sinhala goons during racial riots are true. You being a Retarded Military Officer, I am sure you will know this.

    Come on man, let us go into this at depth and see the underlying reasons and causes and take suitable and adequate steps. You cannot act like a barbarian attacking the innocent. What a shame you retard? This is the mind set since 1947 and that is why we are a total failure as a nation? By the way do you still live here or hiding in some developed country feeding on taxpayers money? Wake up man and stop your rubbish.

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