20 May, 2024


Abducting Swiss Embassy Employee: Official Statement By The Embassy Of Switzerland

On 25 November 2019, a serious security incident involving a local employee of the Embassy of Switzerland in Colombo occurred. The employee was detained against their will in the street, forced to get into a car, seriously threatened at length by unidentified men and forced in order to disclose embassy-related information.

Several false pieces of information are circulating in the reporting of this incident. The Swiss Embassy in Colombo is issuing the following clarifications:

1. The Swiss Embassy immediately lodged a formal complaint and is fully cooperating with the Sri Lanka authorities in order to support police investigation and initiate an inquiry over the case, while duly considering the health condition of the victim and their relatives.

2. Due to a deteriorating health condition, the victim is currently not in a state to testify.

3. It has been alleged that the Swiss government rejected a request for the extradition of an employee of the Sri Lankan Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and his family. No such request has been submitted.

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    Oh God! Why did you fail to establish a Sweet Embassy near Nanthikadal in 2009. Had U had one, it could have issued a similar communique to save a lot of the lot that vanished in vain behind the muddy lagoon.
    What a colossus mistake! Dear God! Are you a Sri Lankan? You always seem to close the stable like a Sri Lankan (a little bit later).
    Before the election, we had the US embassy and the related mega-story was Gota’s US citizenship. Sri Lankans loved to have a US citizen as the President; they had been apparently fed up with the traditional lot. Otherwise how could Gota win with such an unbridgeable margin of 1.33 million votes. Amazing! Isn’t it? In that sense, Sri Lankans are the most democratic and neo-liberal in the current world.
    Now that the US embassy thing was over, we have a new drama staged by the Sweet embassy. It looks like this particular employee needs Sweetland’s immediate medical attention and should be flown to the Mount Alps vet hospital in the Alps (Vet surgeons treat patients that cannot speak. IT could recover in the balmy weather of the European winter! Luckily the winter has just begun! C’est l’hiver la, messieurs et mesdames!
    We still don’t know whether this Sweet employee is he or she. That’s why would like the patient be treated by a professional Vet surgeon! We don’t know its name either! It cannot speak as the embassy officials says! Sin no?
    God bless the vic-tim!
    (I have a Canadian Ayurvedic idea! Give it a Tim Horton double double with an extra creme and sucre! (I don’t mean that dirty Sanskrit word for seamen; I meant sugar in French! The patient will speak up and tell the hole story! It will tell its gender too)! Then, we can catch the Rajapaksas by their passa (rear)!

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      The elections in the GOVIGAMA RULING ELITE Mafia controlled system is a scam. In this scam, the UNP hierarchy is a partner group that serve the agenda by providing necessary support and facilitation services. Let us take you to the suspicious events that led to the fraudulent win of Gota the Super Goon. The plan to bring back the criminal sluts Rajapakses are older than 5 years from now. Soon after the Presidential win in 2015 by the UNP led alliance, Ranil had some irrevocable rules pertaining to the victory and its aftermath in the governing roles. Gota and Rajapakse families will be protected from anything and everything. Especially those that are facing the lawsuits in criminal and financial crimes committed by them. Ranil openly declared that no one should take these evil scums arrested. Then, soon after the defeat Rajapakse clan was in stun mood not knowing what will happen to them as the Deep State which running the show from behind scenes, did not give any clear idea about whats next for them. Gota was shivering at that moment as he was not clear about his fate. But, slowly and surely, the Govigama Mafia controllers gave them confident in a come back. Sira slowly allowed them to re-start their Islamophobia campaign. —- see part 2—

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      Part 2— The Rajapakse return was actually guaranteed by Ranil’s TOP UNP old guard member leadership. They simply allowed the Rajapakses to make a come back as a third force and this is a well laid and a well planned project. The criminal sluts are guided by some foreign force. Surely the Indian, US, Israeli combined intelligence brain power have to had drawn the blue print for this. The petty thief minded Rajapakses cannot lay such a plan. For this kind of criminal idea to succeed they need the fullest backing of the GOVIGAMA RULING ELITE Mafia families and corporate big wigs help and support, obviously. Sirisena as the President backing them is a big boon for the bandits. Ranil simply backed Sira to turn the election pledges of 2015 campaign and even the constitution and the law into a facilitation for their evil plans. Thus, Mahinda was being allowed to form a new party (SLPP) while being in the SLFP membership. The Sira played double, triple game with the conscience of the people who voted for him. The SLPP was given an opportunity to enter an election in the Provincial council contest in which the SLPP was allowed to win by crooked means. The state machinery and the system is under the control of the GOVI criminals. So, they could do anything for their common goal in the GOVI Hegemony.

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      The GOOD NEWS is that the dumb Sinhala Racists have chosen their ULTIMATE stupidity, the Waterloo of Sinhala Supremacism, that in the most dangerous period in the human history, the impending World War Three will be played along with Sri Lanka after the pawning the territory to the Sinking Empire of the Zionist corporate Mafia-The US. The Israeli mIlitary have already begun showing its stupidity making war against IRAN by assassinating IRANIAN military figures in the Turkey and Syria. The chess game has begun. The US (the backer of Israel) have already netted the DUMB SINHALA Racist sluts in their trap and the drawing up of sketches for the greater WAR is already done.. Foolishly, the Rajapakses and the Govi masters fell in the TRAP that they laid for others-the fake labelling of patriotism. Already China is angered by the Indian moves, India is eagerly waiting for kicking out of China from the SL territory, US wants to establish the military bases in the SL soil to prepare for the Greater War, the destruction of Iran and Pakistan. Pakistan, Turkey & Malaysia have joined hands to fight ISLAMOPHOBIA and RUSSIA/ China alliance have jointly developing the pipelines for Gas exports. SL’s economy is sinking in huge debts and the Sinhala Racists want to fight ISLAM on this hour, of whose adherents are helping the SL economy for the last 35-40 years in continuity. GOTA is expected to bite the hands that fed the deadly Cobras (Sinhala Racists). Treachery has its own effects. its going to be bloody. So, be it.

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      RE: Rajapaksa Waffen SS

      Following the Daily Mirror’s exclusive report yesterday. , stating that the alleged victim of the Swiss Embassy detention case had been slapped with an ‘unofficial travel ban’, this ban has now been formalised by the Colombo Chief Magistrate who yesterday temporarily barred her from leaving the country till Dec.9.

      The Colombo Chief Magistrate issued an order imposing a travel ban on the alleged victim until a statement is recorded from her. The ban will remain in effect until next Monday. The Daily Mirror exclusively reported on Tuesday that an unofficial alert had been issued at the airport to prevent the alleged victim from leaving the country till the end of the investigations. A top government source said attempts were underway to fly the alleged victim out of the country due to claims of her ailing health.

      However, the CID is yet to gain access to the alleged victim to record her statement. A statement issued by the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA), yesterday said that Switzerland would support Sri Lanka in all measures to investigate and resolve the Swiss Embassy employee matter by due process of law but the concerned employee still cannot be questioned on health grounds.

      Swiss State Secretary Pascale Baeriswyl, who summoned Ambassador Karunasena Hettiarachchi in Bern, has emphasized that the FDFA would support all measures to investigate and resolve this matter by due process of law. Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa, meanwhile when questioned by the media about an update on the incident, reiterated that an investigation into the allegation was underway, and added that CCTV visuals from the area where the alleged incident had happened had been scanned. He said the only visuals which needed to be scanned was the CCTV footage from the Japanese Embassy which is in close proximity and only after this can investigators conclude if this is true or false

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    If that woman is not well then let the doctors come and check her up and give medical treatments. Embassy can not say SL has no medical facilities. SL has got highly skilled medical practitioners. This looks like to tarnish name of new government. The president should ask Ambassador to see him and if ambassador can’t give proper answer then expel him.

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    I served Sri Lankan Embassies for 20 years Swwiss Ambassador you idiot don’t you know local recruits in missions are part of diplomaticcorps only inside the walls of Embassy outside the security Post and on a public road such a person is only a private citizen even if this woman was Ambassadors keepmeans nothing only if Amassador was holding her hand and escorting her her husband dragged away it is breach of their freedom. I am personally aware Swiss Ambassadors are great womanizers When in Havana I visited Havana swim club I met an old man with two cute girls on his lap after about two weeks I received official invitation from swiss interest section for reception I was shocked to see that old man was the host I was the acting Head of Srilanka mission at the time

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      Only the diplomats at the foreign embassies have immunity (Ambassador, counsellor, 1st secretary etc). Foreign lower grade employees such as visa officers, clerks, security guards etc do not have diplomatic immunity and can be produced before courts of host country. local employees have no immunity and have to answer to local courts. this local lady should make a statement at the police station on what happened. Some years ago a friend of mine whose passport was stolen within the premises of the french embassy when he applied for a visa made a police entry at the cinnamon gardens police station, and the visa officer of the embassy had to made a statement at the police station. Nothing wrong with the request. it is just routine

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      This Bhumiputra Bandara’s writing style does not merit him to be even a sweeper in any diplomatic mission. Real Srilankan bhumiputra idiot he is……….

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