27 June, 2022


Accusations, Intimidation And Violence Against Christians Are Biased And Illegal – NCFSL

By Colombo Telegraph

While condemning the attacks on the Buddhist clergy in Chennai, India, the National Christian Fellowship Sri Lanka says; “ As Sri Lankans, we are also concerned about the wrongful and distorted bias reporting of some of the electronic as well as print media concerning such attacks. We have documented cases of intimidation, threats, violence and arson, all this in the cause of religious intolerance. “

Attacks on Christian churchesin Sri Lanka/ File Photo/ AFP

Issuing a press statement NCFSL says; the NCFSL believes that the attacks are attempted in order to justify the so called ‘unethical conversion’.

We publish below the statement in full;


The National Christian Fellowship Sri Lanka (NCFSL) which represents over 200 indigenous Churches in Sri Lanka, view with serious concern the sudden escalation of violence directed towards Pastors, Christian Workers and religious places of Worship all over Sri Lanka during the recent months. The NCFSL confirms that 23 such incidents have been reported for the year 2013.

“ As Sri Lankans, we are also concerned about the wrongful and distorted bias reporting of some of the electronic as well as print media concerning such attacks. We have documented cases of intimidation, threats, violence and arson, all this in the cause of religious intolerance. “ says Rev Rohan Ekanayake General Secretary of the NCFSL.

“ We note that Sri  Lanka has suffered greatly through two major insurgencies and a thirty year war which tore at the nation’s heart and caused us all great grief. Not to mention the cost of lives as well the damage caused to the economy. As a nation, we need to ask ourselves whether we need yet another ethnic or religious conflict at this moment of time.”

The NCFSL maintains that the laws of natural justice and the Constitution of Sri Lanka in Articles 10 and 14 (1)( e) recognize  the individual’s right to adopt and practice the religion of his choice. “We categorically state that communication of the Gospel is an inseparable part of the practice of our faith.  Correspondingly, we recognize the right to every other religion to proclaim its beliefs. Those who recognize this right may also agree that it is unethical to interfere with the expression of the individual‘s freedom to choose. “

The NCFSL believes that the attacks are attempted in order to justify the so called ‘unethical conversion’. “To the Christian, helping the needy is a necessary part of the practice of their religion. The expression of Christian love and concern includes dealing with both the spiritual and the physical need of the person. While asserting the right to do so and the responsibility of Christians to care for the needy, we condemn the use of charity and care for the needy as an inducement to religious proselytization. If there are any offers of material inducements for the purpose of proselytization, we condemn such their methods as abhorrent to Christianity. “ says Rev Money Ratnam of the NCFSL.

The NCFSL says that the accusations, intimidation and violence against Christians are biased and illegal and should not be tolerated in a democratic society such as ours; in essence,  it is a denial of the fundamental human rights of its citizens.

We uphold the integrity of a united Sri Lanka.  We condemn the attacks on the Buddhist clergy in Chennai, India.  The use of violence as a means of achieving any end is against the teachings of Christ and cannot be condoned. We assert the need for peace and good will on the basis of mutual recognition, honor and respect for all communities in our multi-ethnic and multi-religious society. We call upon the State to uphold the rule of law and to treat all its citizens equally .

We call upon all Christians to unite and to participate in a day of fasting and prayer for the Nation and for the persecuted Church on 8th of April 2013 at Holy Trinity Auditorium, No.784 Prince of Wales Avenue, Colombo 14 at 10.00 a.m.

We also call upon the authorities to enable justice to be meted out to all Sri Lankans in this connection including the affected Christian clergy and workers.

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    I am sure this country is going to be devastated in future as they continue to be hatred towards other religion and minorities. first Tamils, then muslims, then Chrsitian, Atleast don’t they know what these three regilion comprise of in world? Are srilankan were taught to think SL is the only country in world.

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      Budhism is a nice reliegion Do you know there only prewnting from killing the lives eg Animals and other lives it is “sube saththa Bagawanthu —— that much there giving important to the lives but releigion follwers do not know which is the best lives in the world
      It is the humen the god created every things for humen .but the budhist monks do not know about that. so that is the reasont they are fiaring every places and making attack each places “hamadurunla inn one poojaneeya stanawala nathuwa para dige or parlimenthuwala nenwe.actually they would be a fire brigadure . not a fire gas

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    First they came for the Tamils, then for the Moslems and now the Christians. What on earth is happening to the most peaceful and gentle religion of Buddhism, now taken over by thugs and hooligans who are hell bent on destroying it? Oh my country, my people, we weep for thee…

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      This is a myth that Buddissm is the most peaceful religion in the world. All religions are peaceful and one is not more peaceful than the other.
      Most of the horrific atrocities and massacre were committed by Buddhist or previously Buddhist nations. The PoL Pot the Japs the Koreans the Sri Lankans even the Chinese all followed Buddhism. They are the countries which committed horrendous mass crimes in the world.
      The problem with the Sri Lankan Sinhalease is they thing they are the “only”. Only people, only religion, only culture,you too said only most peaceful. But they have brought upon on them self the Only great liars.

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    “Communication of the gospel” is usually directed at the needy.
    The rich are not targetted.
    The needy ‘appreciate’ cash&kind during the ‘communication’.
    Are these not inducement?

    • 0


      You were able to read in between the lines.

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      Although there may be the odd few who have wrong motives, this statement of yours is not accurate ‘justice’.

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    This do nothing, know nothing ever eating Pinguththarayas have nothing to do after eating endless Dana now sending their excess energy through these type of violent activities.

    These type of incidents never happened before, but only after Rajapakses came to power. They started feeding these homeless hicknellas with roast pork and roast Beef and made them fat pigs with endless DANAs, and now the Testosterones gone to Brain. Nothing could be done until Rajapakses leash them back and give strictly Vegetable and fruit diet only once a day until they recover and get back to normal life.

    I also predicted why Gotabaya Rajapakse formed BBS was for three reasons.

    1)To re-direct and re-focus peoples and International community’s attention away from Rajapakse robberies and towards this racist cult so that it give them a short and long term breathing space and to get relieve from public scrutiny.

    2)To save Rajapakses from any majority or minority Peoples uprising or as a cover from an armed coup.

    3) To seek cover behind BBS from International communities war crimes tribunal.

    Therefore BBS is Rajapakse Proxy cover-up army to save them from both local and foreign uprising.Whichever way, it is the ordinary citizen that going to suffer and suffer miserably.

    Rajapakses using this Radical BBS as proxy could backfire on them also similar to SWRD Bandaranaike.Every Business including Drug or Kasippu business deals end up in tragedy.

    Meanwhile all minority communities have to unite and talk with one voice to stop this crazy Fuc…..g BBS shit pigs and be vigilant and face this Mafia on a foreward but with a patient footing. Sending these video clips to international viewers is a necessity.

    May be MARA GOTA palying their last Tango. Let’s see how things are going to get unfold.

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    Do these BBS racists and the Jhu SR with the patronage of the MR clang Gota think that SRilanka belongs only to them.False accusations qnd then they storm places of worship whether it is a Christian Church a Kovil or a Mosque.
    Cannot the catholic first lady stop this destruction of the church?

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    The attack on Fashion Bug a Muslim enterprise shows that the Buddhist monks are carrying out the wishes of Sinhala Buddhist businessmen. Since 1956 a new class of Sinhalese businessmen have grown with the support of the SLFP. These people are now using the Buddhist monks to destroy the competition from the Muslims.
    As for the attacks on the Christians it is to re-affirm that this is a Sinhala Buddhist country, This ideology means that the minorities must live on sufferance. Every Sinhala Buddhist has this view of Sri Lanka. So it means that there cannot be a Sri Lankan identity unless it be the Sinhala Buddhist identity. But such a religio-ethnic identity only leads to similar ethnic and religion based identities among the minorities. The minorities lived with this identity since 1972 but now it seems to be backed by violence to coerce the minorities into submission. We only have to study the history of the Ottoman Turk Empire and the Austro-Humgarian Empire to realize that such an identity inevitably leads to the dismemberment of the country. Remember what happened to Tito’s Yugo-slavia and later to Bosnia-Herzegovina.

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